i only like tumblr

anonymous asked:

are you okay with people tagging you on posts that they think you would like, or would you rather not have random people tagging you in things?

yeah sure go ahead - the tumblr search/tagging system is kinda broken for me tho and only shows me like 3 posts in a tag 

I’d just like to say the real lawblr community is 1000x better than the horseblr community. I mean yeah we’re all still bitter assholes but at least we’re bitter assholes TOGETHER

That having been accomplished, anyone who wants a (not quite as wobbly) Wobbly Scarf or Blanket made with my own two hands, please email me at anomalagous AT writh DOT net with your preferred colors and address and whatnot and I will probably get to it eventually.

The Paladins as Things Tumblr Users Do


Shiro: passive :) aggressive :) smiley faces :))

Keith: using,,,,,commas as ellipses,,,,,,

Hunk: lots of question marks???? after things that aren’t necessarily questions???

Pidge: when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about and end up never using punctuation ever not even one comma so before you know it you have a whole run on paragraph and don’t stop until you’re forced to


so my friend and I stumbled across this guy’s amazing metal cover of “Shiny” so we muted the video and watched with his version of the song, and it was amazing. So I put this thing together so you could watch it too

more obvious link to the awesome cover by Jonathan Young: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knlw6kFP_RU



Every Harry Potter fanfiction I’ve read and loved


9 times Harry kissed Draco and the 1 time Draco kissed Harry

Action Figures

Animus Nexus

Best Laid Plans

Beyond the Mirror’s Edge

Chase the Wind

Collecting Kisses


Draco Malfoy and the Sleepwalking Saviour

Draco Malfoy’s Harry Potter Pickup Lines

Drarry 30 Day OTP Challenge


For Every Action

Get Some

Heart in a Blender

How I Met Your Father

If He Ever Becomes My Boyfriend

Kiss Me, Cure Me

Kiss the Joy (Until the Sunrise)

Marginal Notes


Seeker, Chaser, Keeper

So Worth the Yearning For…

Spin the Wand

State of Mind

The Incredible Race

The LipLock Jinx

The Ministry Olympics

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight

The One Where Harry Proposes

The Proposal

Things I am Not Allowed to do at Hogwarts

Unexpected Consequences

Working it Out Like Adults

You’re Not Dead!

Zero to Hero


A Lone Wolf


Dating Remus Lupin

Five Stories Over Four Years- The Jam Instances


In the Middle

James Potter Proposes Excellent Bets

Our Blood, Still Young

Punk Rock Suburban


Revelations In The Snow

Rumors and Patronuses

Stupid Cupid

Subtlety, Thy Name is Sirius Black

The Fire Whisky Interrogation

The Perfect Kiss

The stars in your eyes and the moon in mine

The Voice In His Head

The Voice, Louder

To Kiss a Bloke


Hiding Scrawl, Licking Freckles, and Other Average Wizard Things

Staring in the Great Hall

Tell me if any of the links aren’t working. Happy reading!