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A slightly tangential post to the rest of my Once Upon a Time convention stories… 

Tony Amendola was a little early (or everyone else was trying to get through a crowd at the end of a panel) so there were only a couple of us in the room at first and so I took the chance to tell him how much I loved him on the West Wing in a relatively small part in the season 4 debate episode “Game On”.  He played Qumari Ambassador Ali Nissir and had a number of intense scenes where he had to play off of John Spencer and Joanna Gleason.  I asked him what it was like to work with John Spencer.

Tony said that he was so excited and honored to work on the West Wing and to have been a part of that show.  Those scenes were filmed the day after Spencer had won the Emmy award and he said that John was nervous and a bit humbled and it took a couple of takes to get going that day which I just thought was charming.

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I don't understand the whole language thing where if a white person speaks a language, it's automatically better than if a native speaker speaks it. It's bizarre to me. I grew up in China even though I'm whiter than wonder bread so I speak fluent Mandarin. I've witnessed so many times where people compliment me on speaking Chinese and saying it's so 'cool' and 'awesome' but if someone actually Chinese speaks it, people say stuff like 'sweetie, we aren't in Asia.' What the fuck white people. Why?

Honestly it’s fucking ridiculous. But you know the best part? This only happens with POC spoken languages. I’ve never heard anyone say “go back to France” when a French person starts speaking their native tongue. I’ve never heard any white person (non-POC) criticize or shame another non-POC for speaking their language. This only seems to happen when it’s POC expressing themselves in their first language. And don’t even get me started on their attitude when a non-English speaking POC uses their language to express themselves.

White people love “exotic” languages, but only when it’s not the POC who was raised on that language who is speaking it.

Ok…ok I change a little bit about the comic cuz I can XD

When tumblr!sans and chrome!sans meet they are…… Kids! OwO
But they still met in the anitvoid xD so far I really like the comic qwq I’m like 42% done with it >.>
I’ll try to finished the comic really fast tho and I’ll see if I can post it in Wedesday or Thurday if I can v,v
Since u really want to see the comic really badly and I really want to finished this so bad I though maybe u can see the first part of it owo (I though more for the comic but I not goin to tell ya ewe)
And sorry if I did some mistake with Chrome!Sans… I’m too lazy to make it prefect qwq

—— Awww, he looks cute. The only thing I’d like to say is his head’s shape. x3 But except that, it looks so good. qvq Thankyuu.

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So I just finished reading your Saphael fics and uuuuungh I could keep reading those forever. The only way they'd be better is if each were a million pages long, because your writing is so fun and vivid and delightful to read and you made me love these two idiots without even watching the show first. Is it still ok to give prompts? I'd love to see something with Simon reacting to Raphael being hurt - like if the meeting with the old ones had gone wrong in the Left Hand fic.

hi! thank you so much ♥︎ this isn’t part of my your left hand man verse, but it is post s1, hurt!raphael fic, so i hope it fills your prompt and you enjoy it anyway.

when there’s no ground
shadowhunters. simon/raphael. pg-13. ~2.7k
“what do i do?” simon asks, and magnus nods like it’s the right question.

“you can stop playing shadowhunter and start being a vampire,” he says. “you can fix what you broke.”


OK Piper McLean fans, listen up

I’m Cherokee. I’m a Cherokee girl. I’m a major Piper fan because she’s a Cherokee woman like myself. There’s been some Discourse© about her hair. Sit down, buckle up, because you guys are about to some knowledge dropped on you. 

So the issue is about her hair; people keep drawing my girl with undercuts. I don’t think she would have one, and if she did there’s only one good reason. 

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every moment that can POSSIBLY be classified as pynch in trc part 1: the raven boys

alternatively titled: i have nothing to do with my life now that this series is over…. let me enjoy myself


Last week, he and Adam had taken turns dragging each other on a moving dolly behind the BMW, and they both still had the marks to show for it. (pg. 21)

this is the first mention of them of the interacting off-screen and it is so funny bc like…. don’t they hate each other??? don’t they only associate because of gansey??? what the fuck are they doing just dragging each other around for funsies??

Adam Parrish had been Gansey’s friend for eighteen months and he knew that certain things came along with that friendship. Namely, believing in the supernatural, tolerating Gansey’s troubled relationship with money, and co-existing with Gansey’s other friends. The former two were problematic only when it took time away from Aglionby, and the latter was only problematic when it was Ronan Lynch. (pg. 38)

this is my favorite thing… it has always been the best thing bc I’m….. it’s like adam…. this is your FIRST POV you have the opportunity to make it ALL ABOUT YOU! but he doesn’t lmao!!! he starts his first point of view talking about how he can’t stand ronan I’m living anyway we continue

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Female Korean-American Teenager

Hi, I’m Caroline, and as the title states, I’m a female Korean-American teen currently living in a town that’s 80% white. The majority of East Asians living here are Japanese, and over the years, there have been a few sprinklings of new Korean or Chinese families moving in. For the most part, however, my family was the only Korean family in town when we first came here. This heavily impacted my childhood - made me ashamed of my culture and ethnicity - and of course, the racism that I constantly faced from classmates, parents, teachers, and sometimes even friends, was exhausting. 

It means so much to me to see Korean-American characters - or any person of color, really - be represented in today’s books, TV shows, movies, etc. For once, I’d like to see fully-fleshed out, complex characters who are people of color - not just the 2D stereotypes that too many forms of media put them out to be. So if a few more writers out there become less ignorant due to this post, I’ll be forever grateful. 

So. Let’s do this thing!

Beauty Standards 

Most East Asians represented in today’s media have extremely straight, practically black hair. And while it’s true that straight, black hair is the most common trait regarding hair amongst Koreans, there are (*gasp*) a few of us with curly hair, too. (Moi.) To the Koreans I knew, anyways, my hair was always an object of envy. I’d frequently be asked if I got the perm, and whenever I said I had naturally curly hair, there’d be a lot of “oh, how lucky"s going around. That made me feel pretty special, only it’d last for a short while before the reality of living in a mostly-white neighborhood kicked in, where my curly hair was usually made fun of. (Usually saying that Asians don’t have curly hair. Whatever. On the whole scale of racist comments I’ve been sent, the one about my hair is the least bothersome. When I was a kid, it bothered me a lot, though, and I think to some extent, it still bothers me at least a teeny bit - I actually started to straighten my hair when I went into eighth grade. Yup, give me the Hypocrite of the Year Award. I still need some adjustments.) 

Amongst Koreans, there’s also a lot of emphasis on having a small face, long and skinny legs, a fairly short torso…essentially, Koreans thrive for the typical European figure. Koreans, however, have pretty round faces, short and stalky legs, and long torsos for the most part. (With the exception of a few - and of course, the option for plastic surgery is always out there. I shit you not, almost every Korean woman I know have at least either (a) known someone who went through plastic surgery or (b) have been in plastic surgery myself. It’s a big deal in South Korea. My grandma had surgery done to her eyes twice, my mom’s friend had surgery done to her nose and her eyes, and my aunt’s brother is actually a plastic surgeon who does operations a number of times a day.) 


Growing up, I wore the typical American clothing - except for on special occasions, like my first birthday or New Year’s. On those days, I’d wear a hanbok, which is a traditional Korean gown with lots of colors and embroidery. The men would wear traditional clothing as well, and it’s customary for Koreans to wear these especially on New Year’s. Now, since my brothers and I have outgrown our hanboks, we just stick to American clothes on New Year’s. 

Daily Struggles 

Though I tell all my white friends and classmates that my first language is English, my first language was actually Korean. I don’t say that my first language is Korean anymore because firstly, I don’t want people to think of me as someone who only speaks Korean and secondly, I don’t know how to speak Korean anymore. It’s sad, really, because I can understand Korean much better than my siblings and my cousins, and there are moments when I can almost remember a phrase, but as of now, speaking the language is an extreme difficulty and embarrassment to me, especially when I’m surrounded by elders. (And usually, the only things I can say to them are ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’.) It’s frustrating to speak to older Koreans and know exactly what they’re saying but only being able to respond in English. 

That being said, growing up, I often had to translate - more specifically, re-translate - for my mother, who didn’t know English at all when I was a child. She used to feel incredibly lonely for it, and often times, she’d feel frustrated and cry about how all of the white mothers acted like she was an idiot for not knowing English. As an extreme social butterfly, this really hurt my mother, and it hurt her even more when her own children were starting to distance themselves because of the language barrier. I remember having to sit with my mother on the couch and help her learn English - and it was, to be honest, one of the saddest experiences I’ve ever had to go through. She’d grow frustrated with herself, and she’d hate every bit of it, I could tell, but she kept going because she wanted to be there for her kids. (She eventually got her American citizenship, too, but by doing so, she had to give up her Korean citizenship. Most East Asian countries don’t allow dual citizenships.) And though I don’t speak Korean anymore, I actually continue to re-translate things for my mother - in other words, I just have to simplify the English a little bit to get her to understand what someone else is saying. (This method works for anyone else who is struggling with English. Simplify the words, that’s all - but don’t treat the person with disrespect.) 

And, of course, there’s the very exhausting series of questions that come with being Korean. The most annoying and frustrating are (but not limited to) - 

  • “Oh, so are you South Korean or North Korean?” (Bruh. If I was North Korean, there’s a VERY slim chance I’d be in America right now. I’d still be stuck in North Korea, wouldn’t I?) 
  • “But what’s your nationality?” (American.) “No, I mean your REAL nationality.“ 
  • “What are you? Japanese? Chinese? Vietnamese?” (For some reason, NO ONE GUESSES KOREAN.) 
  • “Wow, your English is great!” (???) 
  • “English is your best subject? Wait, then what about math?” (…) 
  • “I bet you’re super smart!” (…I study hard, yeah, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m Korean.) 
  • “Oh, my God, Koreans are SO hot.” (Ew. Times a thousand.) 

Dating and Relationships 

My parents are pretty strict about my nonexistent love life. If my dad had it his way, I wouldn’t be allowed to date until I’m out of college. But for real talk, my mom’s actually the one who’s much pickier on who I date. She told me since I was a kid that it’d be best for me to date (and marry) another Korean-American. She means this out of the goodness of her heart - mostly that she wants me to marry someone who I can connect with culturally. (“Regular Koreans will be too grounded into Korea. You need someone with similar experiences.”) My dad just doesn’t want me to date anyone Japanese - and while I find this wrong, it’s mostly due to the bad blood between Korea and Japan. (World War II, the Korean War, comfort women, etc.) 

And because of this prejudice against Japanese people, my dad always found it difficult to accept that I had a few Japanese friends. He often wanted me to stray away from other Eastern-Asians in general, American or not. (Unless, of course, it was for dating/marrying.) This was because he didn’t want me to become a part of “THAT Asian group”, which, let me just say, is pretty sad, because when there’s a group of white kids hanging around, no one finds it strange. When there’s a big group of x friends of x race, it’s suddenly SUCH an odd sight. 


This is where I try to restrain myself for real. 

The most common foods you’ll find at a Korean dinner table are rice, kimchi (which is basically spicy pickled cabbage - lots of Koreans eat it, but I personally never did. And I still don’t. Oops), kim (pronounced keem - basically roasted and dried, slightly salted seaweed strips. Which are really good), along with a number of side-dishes and maybe one big, main dish. (Mostly meat.) 

Favorite Korean dishes include

  • seolleongtang, a lightly salted broth with oxtail meat, or sometimes some other kind of meat. There’s usually a sprinkling of scallions, and rice or noodles can be served inside. 
  • kalbi, the famous Korean BBQ. Just imagine meat being prepared directly in front of you served with veggies. Delicious, but be warned - your burps will stink - and I mean stink - afterwards. Its variant, kalbi jim, are slow-cooked short ribs served often with Korean-style steamed potatoes and carrots. Just as good. 
  • tangsuyuk, sweet and sour (mostly sweet, I think, anyways,) pork. The pork is covered with a batter that is fried and then typically dunked in sweet sauce. Some people like to have the sauce on the side so they can dip it in - and still save the crunch. It’s a personal preference. 
  • buchimgae, otherwise known as Kimchi Pancakes. Korean pancakes are not your typical breakfast pancakes. They’re made in a pan, like regular breakfast pancakes, but inside, there’s an assortment of seafood, veggies, and in this version, kimchi. (There are spicy and non-spicy versions). 
  • tteokbokki, spicy rice cakes. Very chewy and again, pretty spicy. 

Favorite Korean sweets/desserts/snacks include 

  • tteok, sweet rice cakes. There are many different kinds of rice cake, usually with flavors of classical red bean or green tea. The favorite of many children is the classical rainbow tteok, where the rice cakes are dyed with strips of green, pink, and yellow. The flavor of plain tteok is actually not too sweet, but it’s still a very classic, very traditional and cultural Korean dessert that cannot be skipped over. 
  • yakbap, a very special type of sweet rice cake all on its own. This is a favorite amongst many, and the rice is prepared in a way that it’s sticky and brown. Pine nuts, chestnuts, and jujubes as well as raisins are mixed in. 
  • patbingsu, a frozen dessert. Think of an evolved form of shave ice with toppings like red bean paste, nuts, and fruit. Extremely popular in South Korea, not to mention one of its most iconic desserts. 
  • saeoosnek, shrimp-flavored crackers. Again, a very popular snack that’s exactly what it sounds like. Crackers. With. Shrimp. Flavoring. 
  • choco pie, a popular chocolate-marshmallow cake that looks similar to America’s moon pie. Extremely popular amongst children. 


In my family, we never celebrated the direct Korean celebrations, but we always celebrated the Korean New Year the traditional way. Again, usually dressed in hanbok, children (and parents) would bow down to the oldest members of the family and pay their respects with a traditional phrase. They also have to perform a special bow three times while saying this phrase. (There are two different bows - one for men, one for women.) Once doing so, the elder usually gives a blessing to the family members and presents them with an envelope of money, very similar to the traditional Chinese red envelope they receive on their New Year’s celebration. 

Another traditional Korean celebration my family - and many other Korean families, I’m sure - celebrate is the 100 Days birthday. 

A brief history lesson - back when Korea was suffering due to the economy failing, it was a rare occurrence to ever see a child live past one hundred days. Once one hundred days had passed, then the family would rejoice and throw a large celebration, inviting friends, extended family members. There’d be lots of food and laughter and different rituals all dedicated to the child. Now, of course, Korea’s economic situation is not the same as it was back then, but we still hold these celebrations for tradition and cultural reasons. 

One of the most important rituals in the 100 Days birthday is sitting the baby down in front of a variety of items - usually a coin, a pen, a length of twine, a book, food, and sometimes other variants of those items. If the child picks up a coin, then it is to be predicted that this child will live a wealthy life. If the child picks up a pen or a book, then it is to be predicted that this child will grow to become a scholar. If the child picks up food, then it is to be predicted that this child will never go hungry. If the child picks up the length of twine (or sometimes string or a spool of thread), then it is to be predicted that this child will live a long life. Some families believe in this, others don’t, but either way, this ritual is performed because hey, tradition! (And besides, it makes for pretty cute pictures.) 

Home/Family Life 

Korean families and Korean home-life, I feel, will always have a different atmosphere from white families. Most Korean parents are very reserved when it comes to public displays of affection for their children, though like all families, this can vary. Independence and learning how to grow an outer shell is very important to the Korean lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that Korean parents don’t love their children - of course they do, and again, all Korean families work differently. However, this pattern and discipline is a common thing to find in most Korean families. 

There’s a certain emphasis on studying - and no, not all Korean parents are super strict about grades and threaten to beat their children if they get a B on a report card. (At least, my parents didn’t.) However, education is still considered a top priority. Studying is encouraged, and most Korean parents want to see their children secure a good job (ie doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc). Most of the time, Korean parents just want to see their children live a secured life. That’s it. At least, with my parents, everything they ever taught me or told me had something to do with me learning to survive when I become older. I used to resent this when I was a kid, but now that I’ve grown more mature, I actually find myself appreciating everything my parents have ever taught me. 

Another note - when a Korean woman marries, she is cut off from her birth family and is considered to only be a part of her husband’s family. This limits her visits to her own birth family - and though this was a common thing before, I believe many Korean families don’t operate the same way anymore. (Some traditions last longer than others.) 

Elders are respected. Period. Even if s/he’s getting on your nerves, you ALWAYS RESPECT THE ELDERS. 

Shoes are taken off before entering a house. No exceptions to this rule. If you wanna impress your Korean friend, take off your damn shoes. This will be appreciated. 

Things I’d like to see less of. 

  • people thinking that “all Koreans get hot when they’re older”. (FETISHIZATION IS A BIG NO-NO.)
  • Koreans being seen as submissive and docile creatures. (Note how I said creatures and not humans. Because that’s how some people treat Koreans and other East Asians. Like we’re creatures, rather than actual human beings.) 
  • Koreans being seen as kickass ninjas. (It’s either docile creatures or kickass ninjas. There’s never a line between the two, and it’s exhausting.) 
  • “Koreans are so romantic!” (Sorry, that’s the K-drama binge talking. If anything, Koreans are pretty reserved when it comes to PDA and again, affection in general. Of course, I can’t speak for all Koreans, but at least with my family, PDA was always kept to a minimum. Usually a quick peck on the lips, kisses on the cheek, hand-holding, etc. Never an actual full kiss in public. Forget about make-out sessions.) 
  • Stone-cold Koreans. (Again, there’s either the romantic Korean or the Terminator Korean. Never an in-between. Yes, keep in mind that due to cultural reasons, Koreans don’t typically display affection. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE DON’T DISPLAY EMOTIONS.) 
  • Straight-A Koreans. Typically good at math and science. (While yes, many East Asian countries and families put emphasis on these subjects, not all Koreans happen to be extreme nerds who cry at a B on a report card. Example A - I happen to stink at math. And I know many other Asian-Americans who also stink at math. So.) 
  • Assuming Korean parents are abusive. (While there are many abusive Korean parents out there, people need to stop assuming that right off the bat. Stop. It’s extremely disrespectful, not to mention just wrong?!) 

Things i’d like to see more of. 

  • complex, well-rounded Korean characters. (Give me a Korean character who hates math but still tries to do well in class. Give me a Korean character who’s bisexual and surrounded by loving family members. Give me a Korean character who likes roller-skating and getting high in the bathroom stalls and sings Jackson 5 all day. Give me a Korean character who goes out to be homecoming queen and buffs her nails while fighting demons. Give me a Korean character who cries, laughs, talks, breathes, LIVES like an actual human being, and you’ll get the respect of hundreds - maybe thousands - of readers and viewers who’ve been waiting for so long to be properly represented.) 
Protect Tony 2k16

Tony Stark.
> He broke up with Pepper who is now the head of MIT so of course he’s broken-hearted.

> from said MIT, he was blamed for the death of civilian’s son (sarreh I forgot yer name) and said that he only fights for himself

> In the first fight scene my heart got bumped by a ten wheeler truck

> “He was my friend. So Was I” part I felt like a fucking jumbo jet airplane made my heart its runway.

> Cap was still his bestfriend so he went alone to the hideout to help him even though he was hurt only to find out…

> that his parents were killed by Mind-controlled Bucky and his bestfriend knew.

> And Cap chose said “involuntary” murderer and beat him to a pulp together instead of just making drama that revenge isn’t gonna change anything or smth like that

> His mask was pulled off and he really thought that Cap was going to hit his face with his shield…

> But pushed the shield to his arc reactor instead which is kinda his heart so either way is worse

> And Tony said that his father made the Cap shield and he doesn’t deserve it and it was only thrown away what the hell really

> Then Cap said sorry and “ I’m here if you need me” in a fucking letter? Dude that’s just like breaking up with your boyfriend via text

I just…Tony is not just genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He “was” a self-centered jerk at one point but when Avengers came he was the soul of it. He loved the Avengers initiative where he finally felt a part of a team. If he was a selfish bastard he wouldn’t replace his Stark building with an A on it. He wouldn’t fund the Avengers base and everything. He definitely won’t go to the enemy hideout to save his bestfriend who chose someone else. And he definitely won’t have that hurt look in his eyes everytime he was talking or fighting with Steve.

Tony is a genius, billionaire ex playboy, philanthropist who has a pure-hearted soul. He loved his mom and he was lonely without her. He was lonely without having any real friends before Avengers and before Steve. He cares for his friends more than anything and the whole Civil War hurts.

Especially the “I’m here if you need me” letter. It’s just that Tony needed Steve at that very moment. That crucial moment of choosing him over Bucky. And it was a huge slap to his face that he was beaten to a pulp , the shield returned back and Steve helped Bucky and walked away.

But I still love the Stony I know and not this version it fucking hurts man. Steve x Tony are the only superhusbands for me.

Whooo so that’s my opinion please don’t bash me I didn’t even put this in the Stucky tag. Tony needs a hug. Protect Tony 2k16


| 300 followers gift: Infinite Time Clocks - 18 prints |

YES, finally! After waiting and waiting for my new computer, it finally arrived so I could continue the project I was working on when my old laptop broke down. 

This is Part One of my 300 followers gift, there will be a second part, which I am working on right now. For this first part, I created a new clock mesh. It’s deco only, but it looks like a clock and that’s what matters. :p For a close-up of all prints, see below

  • comes in 18 different prints
  • mesh by me, if you wish to recolor, please don’t include mesh
  • has a custom thumbnail

Download: | Sim File Share |


He might. But we know he likes you. 

#of couuuuurse riley fell for the concept of lucas. #ugh. #you can’t take canon feelings and act as if they don’t exist.#pretend all you want but i feel like it’s never been a big question about how they feel for each other. #stop saying riley only fell for a concept because in the end of all of this she fell for so much more. #she lied for her friend #this is just my opinion really but it makes me mad when people just don’t acknowledge what’s canon and try to reduce riley’s feelings to just a crush #or people still bring up the brother and sister thing and that was crushed centuries ago

New Finn Scenes from the TFA Junior Novel 

The TFA Junior Novel opens with scenes focusing on Finn and his time in the First Order. These scenes are different from the ones in the movie, the TFA novelization, the TFA script, and from the stuff in Before the Awakening. 


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Let’s talk about proper editing

Editing is one of the major parts of writing and therefore inherently is one of the most difficult. Not only does it usually take longer than writing the first draft, It is something that requires so much attention to detail that writers often get stumped on how to start editing. In this post i will go over some things that will help you structure the editing process and hopefully it will help some of you out there. So without further ado, here we go!

Focus on one subject at a time 

Often writers will feel like their work has a lot of mistakes when you finish it for the first time, and they are probably right. But because a first draft is just for getting your ideas, and a basic outline, on paper those mistakes do not really matter. But when they come around to editing their piece, writers often want to correct to many mistakes at once and end up skipping around between editing subjects to much. This often causes them to accidentally miss some mistakes that they normally would have edited out.  And more often than not this leads to writers getting discouraged because their work doesn’t seem to really improve and leads them to just abandon that story to start another one. Therefore it is wiser to focus on one subject at a time, be it searching for plot holes, adding and deleting scenes or correcting your grammar. Doing this will help you edit out more mistakes of a single type in one session and you will see progress in no time!

 Start broad and get more narrow as you go

This is something that most of you know already but it is still worth mentioning. When you first start editing it isn’t really useful to start correcting the little things before you tackled the big ones. Start with the big things such as: adding and deleting scenes, reworking character arcs, looking for plot holes, reorganizing your chapters,… and get more nit picky as you go along by tackling things like: grammar, item descriptions and dialogue edits more towards the end. This will ensure that you don’t have to do the same editing step twice which would make you waste your invaluable time as a writer that you could have spend on a new project. And that’s something i think all of us writers will want to avoid.

Check for spelling mistakes and grammar last

Since spelling mistakes grammar are two of the more annoying little tasks that you need to cross off of your editing list it makes sense to keep these two for last. Don’t get me wrong, if you spot an easily corrected spelling mistake in a previous draft then i am not stopping you from correcting it. But since publishers hate it when manuscripts hit their desks with nothing but spelling and grammatical errors in them, it becomes logical that the last thing you should do before you send yours to them is checking for just that. I even recommend doing multiple drafts of you just checking for spelling mistakes, or have one or two beta readers who are good at finding these mistakes look for them to ensure that you get as much of them out of your manuscript before you send it in. This especially is important if you plan on self publishing because nothing bothers a reader more than bad grammar and spelling. Which is something that would certainly discourage your readers to buy your next novel. So make sure you spend enough time checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes to avoid this problem. 

The readers perspective

If you ever wonder whether a certain scene should be in your story, or if you are scared that you are constantly ‘info dumping’ on your readers, than put yourself in your readers shoes. Imagine what you would say in a situation where you came across such a scene and ask yourself: would i like it like this if somebody else wrote it? Would my readers like it and what does my audience expect to see here? Does the reader really need this much information? By removing yourself from the editor/writer perspective and putting yourself into a reader perspective you will be able to look at your story in a different way, one which can give you some new insight on your story. One which can help you make decisions which you have been stuck on for a while.

Don’t work yourself to hard

This may seem counter intuitive because editing is really a lot of hard work. But if you ever become tired while editing, or are just not in the mood to do it,then don’t be scared to take a step back and relax for a while. Otherwise you will unconsciously start to miss things that you normally would have edited and finding those mistakes afterward will take a lot more time than the half an hour rest that you could have taken to prevent missing that mistake. So take your time and don’t push yourself to hard, you will get it done eventually. And better to have it done decently but slow that having to do it all over again.

When do you stop editing?

A lot of my followers ask me this question and i can never give them a strait forward to answer it. The reason why i cannot answer it is because every situation and every story is different. What i do tell them is that it is all a matter of weighing your options against one another. For example: does my story need this extra scene to work properly or does it stretch out my story? If i describe what happened at a certain point in the past, will it help my reader understand the premise better, or is it clear by itself? Will i be wasting my time by checking for spelling mistakes for a third time or did i remove enough mistakes in my previous drafts? And you do this for every aspect of editing to get an idea where you are in the editing process. Eventually you will come to a point where most of the options you weigh against each other will lean more towards you not changing anything anymore, and that in my eyes is the best point to stop editing because then everything you change will affect your story in a negative way. And that is something you don’t want.

Since the editing process is the tool that will make your story ready for publishing, it is one of the most important steps in the writing process. So be methodical about it and organize your work in order to be as efficient as possible. I hope these tips got you thinking about your approach and help you guys out a bit. As always if you have any suggestions on what to cover next send me a message!

Dorne Season 5: New and Improved

So, although I said I wasn’t going to watch this season - and I still haven’t watched the first ep - a friend of mine (show-only person, FWIW) decided to recap episode 1 for me. Well, he got to the moment Doran was murdered by Ellaria/the Sand Snakes … and I honestly thought he was joking. It sounded so, incredibly, obnoxiously stupid that I couldn’t believe this was a real recap. Even people who liked Season 5 were, at best, tepid about the Sand Snakes, and most everyone I saw praised Alexander Siddig in his (admittedly brief) portrayal of Doran. Why would eliminating one of the few largely uncontestably good parts of Season 5’s Dorne subplot and increasing the role of characters hardly well-received by fans make any sense? Why bring Doran back at all?

Here’s the real problem I have. Dorne in the show is pointless. It doesn’t simply have a bad story; it lacks any cohesive narrative. Doran is reduced from a thoughtful, tragic, overly cautious prince into a barely noteworthy side character without purpose or drive. The Sand Snakes and Ellaria’s motivations are wildly unclear: what do they gain from killing the Prince of Dorne and his heir? The bastard daughters of Oberyn can’t inherit even in permissive Dorne, and nothing demonstrated in the show suggests they represent a larger movement of Dornish restlessness and anti-crown nationalism. They represent only personal vengeance - but, for some reason, decided to wait the entirety of Season 5 to claim that vengeance against Doran (whose antagonism toward them was limited to briefly jailing them for attempting to kidnap and/or kill the princess betrothed to his son - a justified reaction, I think). I’m not saying the Sand Snakes in the book are great characters - but at least they are characters whose motivations are rational, if simple.

I think the show made a gross error in focusing on these three Sand Snakes and Ellaria over Arianne. With Arianne, you get both the sensuality that, let’s face it, people in part expect from GoT, while at the same time having a politically active, politically meaningful character. Arianne is the heiress of Dorne; she will inherit when Doran dies. Arianne is a real means of change: Doran knows that she will be a more aggressive Princess of Dorne than he has been a Prince, and Dornishmen can reasonably rally and look to her as someone who could fulfill their nationalist desires and feelings of vengeance.

So I’m suggesting what I think would have made a more sensible Season 5 plot for Dorne - making something that works for show-watchers while accurately (or at least more accurately) conveying the spirit of Dorne in AFFC/ADWD.

Scene 1: Arianne seduces Arys Oakheart - introduces Arianne as the heiress of Dorne, gets Dornish history exposition, shows Arianne as both sexual and politically ambitious, sets up eventual Queenmaker plot.

Scene 2: Doran watches Trystane teach Myrcella how to play cyvasse. Nice appeal to book readers, demonstrates that Myrcella is both keenly intelligent and a potential player, shows Doran as someone who watches politics rather than engages in it. It would be cute if, at the end of the scene, Myrcella surprisingly beats Trystane - makes her eventual willingness to be crowned Queen a little more sensible if she’s shown to have ambitions of her own.

Scene 3: Jaime, the envoy from the Iron Throne (taking the Balon Swann role), brings the skull of Gregor Clegane (or, if that’s confusing, Oberyn’s bones). Arianne takes the Tyene/Nymeria role - saying he didn’t die hard enough, seeking vengeance for Oberyn. Doran is more cautious, says this will bring a lasting peace.

Scene 4: Doran and Arianne. Arianne airs her concerns that Jaime will attempt to break the Trystane-Myrcella betrothal and that the Iron Throne will turn antagonistic toward them in the wake of Oberyn’s death. Doran chides her for being too eager to start war. Arianne reminds him that all Dorne is eager for war since they’ve kept out of the War of the Five Kings. No real resolution here, but shows the tugging political divide: Doran knows that Dorne doesn’t have the strength to stand against the weight of the Seven Kingdoms, but Arianne represents the bloodthirsty vengeance made so popular in Oberyn.

Scene 5: Myrcella is brought by Arys Oakheart to Arianne, somewhere not the Water Gardens/Sunspear. Myrcella asks what’s happening. Arianne tells her that her rights are being usurped by Tommen - that in Dorne, the eldest rules whether male or female, and that as the middle child of Robert and Cersei she should now be queen. She, Arianne, offers to make her the queen she is by rights and wed her to Trystane. Myrcella agrees, and the season ends with Arianne placing a crown on her head.

This isn’t perfect, obviously, but it is better, IMO, than what we got. Then you could have a real war of the queens: Sansa in the North, Cersei and Margaery in King’s Landing, and Myrcella and Arianne in Dorne. And wouldn’t it be amusing for Cersei that, teased as she was by the “younger more beautiful queen”, she now faces her own daughter usurping her?

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Let’s talk about the Creatures.

I honestly feel sorry for them. I mean, they’ve really been through some shit. But everything that happens to them is blown greatly out of proportion by this fandom. Or at least the part of the fandom that is always so quick to voice their negative opinions. 

I’m in no way saying you have to like everything they do/say. I’m not saying you have to approve of everything and pretend like nothing is ever wrong. But the majority of posts I’m seeing today, and even since the Creatures joined with Rooster Teeth are not only negative, but excessively hateful toward the Creatures.

I started watching the Creatures way back in the day, even before the first Creature house. If it weren’t for them, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into Rooster Teeth, at least not for a few years. The Creatures have always had big dreams, and I’ve always heard that they wanted to turn into a business. A business similar to Rooster Teeth. No, not copying Rooster Teeth’s productions, shut the fuck up. But they’ve always looked up to Rooster Teeth in the business aspect because obviously RT is very good at business. They’re an internet company that started before the internet was even a huge thing, and they’re still thriving today. 

Now, of course, there are people that will say that the Creatures getting more “business-like” will ruin what they used to be. But honestly, they don’t want to be what they used to be. They obviously still want to entertain people and make people laugh, but they no longer want to be this exclusive Creature club. It’s never worked out great for when someone leaves. With a more business-like model, that person would either quit or get fired. And sure, fans would still have questions and all that, but it would be much easier to explain than when one of the “exclusive Creatures” leaves. Now they say everyone that works with them is considered a Creature, even the interns, and personally I think that’s a good decision. It doesn’t make any of the main/original Creatures any less of a Creature. It just establishes that they aren’t a little club anymore, they’re a growing business. 

As for them joining Rooster Teeth, I couldn’t be happier about it. I know I’m biased because I love Rooster Teeth and I just feel like my families are joining lol. But there are so many people saying “RIP Creatures,” “Sell outs,” etc. Okay first of all, shut tf up please. Now listen. Rooster Teeth will in no way assume control over the Creature’s content. I’ve been here long before Funhaus existed and I got to watch the whole process. I’ve heard multiple times by multiple people that Rooster Teeth does not control the content of it’s partner channels. Rooster Teeth honestly does not have the fucking time. Have you seen the amount of content they produce? 

So the Creatures still have full control over their content. Joining with Rooster Teeth will only give them opportunities to create more content, maybe even some content you haven’t seen before. “But waahh, I hate change and I just pooped my diaper!” THIS DOES NOT MEAN ALL OF THEIR CONTENT IS CHANGING. PLEASE USE YOUR BRAIN. 

Now, after all that, I am not saying they’re perfect. I’m just saying that they don’t make decisions by playing freaking eeny meeny miny moe. They put a lot of thought into everything and yes, they still make mistakes. Jordan said today in his reddit post that they don’t always handle things perfectly, but they’re learning. That’s the fucking important part.

I don’t care if you unsubscribe from the Creatures. I’m just saying that if you do, I hope it’s not actually because of them joining with Rooster Teeth or the video Dex made. Just a few weeks ago, most of the posts I saw about Dex were just about how “he’s a horrible person.” And now people are taking his personal experience as a reason to completely shit on the Creatures. And he even ended his video on a positive note saying they’re still friends and all that, he just didn’t like working for them. 

Jordan addressed this and admitted that they could’ve handled the whole situation better and he took the brunt of the blame. But people are still so pissed. People are even accusing Jordan of lying because he said he was sure they’d still remain friends with Dex. People are saying the Creatures completely cease communication with someone as soon as they leave the group. Now let me make two points here. First, you are not any of them, so you do not know who they do and do not talk to. People don’t just communicates by publicly-visible tweets. People have these things called phone numbers. And second, have you ever had a friend that you were really close to, but you eventually moved away from each other? More often than not, you slowly but surely talk less and less until you really don’t know each other that well. It happens all the time. People grow apart and distance makes relationships hard to maintain. This does not mean the Creatures hate any of their former members, they just don’t have a fucking list of “ex-Creatures” that they have to maintain and stay in contact with just to please the fans. That’s ridiculous.

I’m sorry this is so long, but I’m just so tired of this immature ass, jumping-to-conclusion ass, over-dramatic ass fandom. So many of their “fans” have forgotten that they are human.fucking.beings. Goodnight.


I’m so excited to say that I will be attending BROWN UNIVERSITY (!!!!!!) in the fall! It still feels like a dream to have been accepted to this amazing school. At first I was on the fence about coming here but after visiting, I’m completely smitten and can’t imagine anywhere else I’d want to spend my undergraduate years ❤️ 🐻 #gobears (the only sad part is that my boyfriend is going to be 4 hours away at Princeton :((((( )

First of all it’s hard to compare Yrel, a character who’s only been around 1 expansion, to characters like Malfurion/ Rhonin/ Khadgar/ Maraad/ Grommash/ Varian/ Illidan/ Arthas/ Thrall who’ve had SEVERAL YEARS of development and multiple outside resources to develop from.  

Second of all, despite this, most of those characters remain terribly written and poorly executed ESPECIALLY from an in-game standpoint!  

That doesn’t mean it’s bad to like them, hell I think we can all agree that’s part of their charm at this point, but yeah the best development these characters get is from outside the game. Yrel hasn’t been around long enough to get that kind of outside attention, and I doubt she ever will because she isn’t a male power fantasy (hence the mary sue title).  

I’m not a big Alliance fan but I will fight everyone on Yrel’s relevance and strengths as a character within the Blizzard universe.  I’ll also continue to be salty about her exclusion from Legion after she was built up to be some important Alliance figure going forward. 

She deserves to be in the paladin class hall at least. :/


Today I’m starting a set of dyed Amanita muscaria fiber sculptures. The “caps” are the only part I’ll be dyeing so I did one cotton dye bath with a peachy orange for a base coat (first picture), cut round shapes from from that and started a low-water scarlet dye for the center (the second picture). Hopefully after it’s rinsed and dried I can add some cool/fuschia tones to the center…

When I’m done with all this, I want be surrounded by my fiber amanitas & looking like the last picture


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not to get all sentimental but all the people i’ve met on here are a big part of why im here today so i love you all infinitely and i can never say thank you enough 

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