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Some flowers die, while others bloom
Some gifts are only seen, not held

aaaaand with this the first part of the video for @underfart-snas AU is finished~ ^_^ it has 57 stills, so maybe like 60-70 more for the second part?

after this I won’t be posting as many stills though, because while the first part of the video follows @leviticusarts (amazing!!!) fic Overgrowth pretty closely (though I did take some artistic liberties lol) (and forgot that uf!sans has sharp teeth, whoops gotta go back and change that), the second part is solely my wishful thinking of what happens after~ :3c

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hey emily im thinking of doing a herbalism course, could you tell me what its like? and what to expect?

oh you definetely should! so idk what one you are thinking about doing, but I did mine through dominion herbal college. it’s only like $1200 or something for a 1 year online diploma, which is actually soooo cheap. it was all at your own pace which is really nice :) idk what other courses are like, but I’m going to tell you what mine was like: 

there are 3 parts to the course: the first part is learning about the human body and all the parts and functions and everything, and it’s pretty short. and then the second part takes the longest, and that is explaining all of the different herbs with a description of what they look like and where they are grown, along with it’s benefits and its medicinal uses and how to use them :) and then the third part is pretty short but it’s basically a bunch of recipes and extra information and stuff! 

it was super insightful and I learned sooo much about the different uses for different herbs and what herbs are best for different illnesses and sicknesses, and of course I don’t remember everything I learned about, but it doesn’t matter because I still have the textbooks to look back on whenever I want to look up a specific herb! overall it wasn’t hard and didn’t take up much time at all, all the assignments are done online and were open book so that was nice. and the exam was also online. I hope that helped a bit?? 

Chapter 00 - Hidden Secret (Stiles Stilinski fanfiction)

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Fan fiction prompt: Kathleen Montgomery might look like your average teenage girl, wearing make up, going to school, wearing a smile on her lips, but she’s not like that, she has never been like that in her whole existence. But everything seems to change for good when she ‘meets’ Stiles Stilinski, one of the kids on her new school, will she share her little secret? Or only a part of it?

Warnings: Smoking

Words: 1004

A/N: This is the first fanfic that I’ve ever posted on Tumblr, so I hope that you like it, ‘cause I’ve been spending a lot of my free time on it, and well this might not be an amazing one, but I think that it isn’t that bad. It’ll take me some time to publish the second chapter/part, because school it’s kinda killing me right now, so yeah sorry.

 By the way this is a Crossover between The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf.

Third Person’s POV

Alone, yet again, she had always been on her own, no one standing next to her or even close to keep an eye on her, no one, not even her siblings, at least not for a few years, not since she left them behind, she left her twin brother with her awful family, a family that didn’t seem to care about her or her brother, but anyways he was the one that didn’t want to leave with her, just because they had a family, and family sticks together “Forever and Always”, but that wasn’t meant for her, not anymore. She was broken, she was sad and they ignored it, and that made her want to run away, away from their misery, their rules, their repression and from the pain that they caused her.

She was sitting in the bathtub her knees up close to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs, the water was cascading down her back, her eyes were their normal shade of blue, but dark red surrounded the light color. She started to press her eyes with her hands, and she could feel her eyes changing from dark blue to a black, so when her hands collided with the water, tears were running down her face, a sob escaping her open mouth.

She got up and wrapped a towel around her naked torso then she started drying her hair a little bit so she could wrap another one around her head. She exited the bathroom, heading straight to her closet, and when she was there she grabbed a black sweater, some black skinny jeans, a pair of black combat boots and her favourite black leather jacket. As soon as she finished putting everything on she dried her hair and applied some black eyeliner and some mascara.

She returned to the bathroom staring at her reflection, her hands gripping the sink tightly, her knuckles turning white as she applied more strength, sighing she let go of it, and as she flexed her fingers she saw how the lights started to flicker the slightest bit, she started to breathe deeply, trying to relax. She left her bedroom going down the stairs and grabbing her backpack and the house’s keys.

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jadekat trolls-with-ancestor-wolves fic is off to beta!  I’m so glad, I haven’t finished a long-ish thing in a while.  (it’s only like 6k but whatever).  plus it’s the first part of a story that’s been kicking around in my head for several years so it’s like heck yeah.  BIRTH THIS SUCKER.

thanks to everyone who sent me prompt-bunnies for this year’s lupercalia!  I couldn’t settle on any concise little side stories I wanted to tell for the packstuck verse, and then asuka’s prompt was… basically the first part of the main story I have been putting off forever so I decided to just go for it. :33

“That Night” Theory

I think some of the girls may have done something to Alison “that night”, and they don’t remember it. I do NOT think they killed Alison, as 1. Alison is alive, and 2. it was revealed as Cece who hit her with the rock. But some of the girls may have had more to do with it when they think.

Who I think was involved:



-Possibly Hanna or Aria, but most likely not or if they did they didn’t play as big a part in it as Spencer and Emily did.


First, let’s discuss her motives. Why would Spencer hurt Ali:

-We know that Spencer was the only one of the four who ever challenged Ali, as Jason said that in season 1.

-Spencer and Ali never really got along, and we have seen flashbacks of them fighting, particularly “that night”.  

-Spencer and Ali both liked Ian, maybe Spencer attempted to get rid of Ali so she could have Ian all to herself. 

-Ali knew not one but two secrets about Spencer, maybe Spencer didn’t trust that she would keep them, and tried to shut her up.

-Ali commented that Spencer was leading the group in her absence. We know what a control freak Spencer is, maybe she wanted to takeover and become queen bee?

What I think happened:

This hallucination she had was not really a hallucination, but a memory. She and Ali had just had a big fight, and she was “so done with her” that she hit her with the shovel, and severely hurt her, but this was not the hit that “killed” her, that was when Cece/Charlotte hit her with a rock. So Spencer didn’t “kill” Ali, but she hurt her. Then, she went back to the barn and went to sleep. And we know Spencer sometimes blacks out and forget things, as she did in both the books and the show, so I think she completely forgot about doing this, and it became like a black hole in her mind. Either that or she had suppressed this memory. And then in season 4 when she was on withdrawal, the repressed memory came back, and being on withdrawal she mistook it for a hallucination.

And I know Ali said “it wasn’t you, Spencer.” because it wasn’t her who “killed” Ali, that was Cece. And also because I think Ali forgot this too. Why? Probably because when Spencer hit her with the shovel, she hit her head and was knocked unconscious, and when she woke up she had a concussion and didn’t remember anything that had happened. Then she started heading back to the barn, where Spencer had gone back to sleep, but on her way there she ran into Emily.


First, let’s discuss Emily’s motives. We all know Emily loved Ali, so you’re probably asking why she’d do it. Here’s why:

-Ali broke Emily’s heart, and maybe she resented that and decided that since Ali had hurt her feelings, she would hurt Ali too, but physically.

-Ali had also used Emily and played with her feelings

-And she had made jokes about her being gay

-Emily has always come off as shy, but we all know she was secretly the strong one

-Spencer had something to do with this, and maybe Emily was in on it too. Maybe Spencer had arranged for Emily to hurt Ali as well as a way of getting revenge.

On to how it was done:

Ali had broken Emily’s heart and played with her feelings, and Emily, although she loved Ali, was sick and tired of this. She was also under the orders of Spencer, who had instructed her to be there with a shovel when Ali came to.

When Ali woke up and started heading back to the barn, Emily blocked her path. She hit Ali with the shovel, driven by her own anger and also her instructions from Spencer. This time, however, Ali was not knocked out by the hit. She was injured, but that was it. She was concussed though, and she forgot this. Emily simply forgot because she had repressed the memory out of guilt, and when she was hypnotized that was the only time she remembered this, and she just assumed it was a dream. Ali then headed back to the barn, having completely forgotten that these two had hit her, and she saw everyone sleeping, then went home and this is when Cece hit her with the rock and Jessica buried her alive and all that stuff.


While I don’t think Aria and Hanna physically hurt Ali, I do think they were in on this too. Aria was mad at Ali because she knew about the affair, and had threatened to expose it. And I think she may have known that she was blackmailing Byron even at this point. And Hanna was tired of being Hefty Hanna and the subject of Ali’s constant bullying, she wanted to take her place as Rosewood’s “It” girl.

I think maybe Hanna had stolen the bottle of tequila so they could all get drunk and forget this ever happened, or so they could fall asleep and seem like they had nothing to do with it. Spencer may have had them do other things too. They must have forgotten this, as they had been drinking, Ali had drugged them, and they had suppressed the memories.

In 4x24, Hanna and Emily were in a blanket, in 1x01 they were not. This probably means that when they were originally sleeping, they were in the blanket, then the four of them snuck out, all following Spencer’s orders, but all for different reasons, carried out their plan, then snuck back in and went to sleep, this time without the blanket, and Spencer, who had gone to make sure that Ali was dead, came and found them in the morning and told them Ali was gone, her signal that the plan had worked, but they were shocked as they didn’t remember any of this, and what Spencer didn’t know was that it was not her but Cece who had killed Ali, as she had not seen this, so she assumed the plan was successful.

Genos having more than just “respectful” feelings for Saitama is canon.

I, personally, take this to mean he has a lot more feelings for Saitama, yes romantic. And I do in fact think it is a fact, not just me in shipping goggles. I refuse to act like it’s just how I like to see things; I will stand from a fucking mountain and scream GENOSAI IS CANON. Because even if it is tinged with the dreaded ‘queerbaiting’ that means it is STILL THERE. Cause not only are they adding emotional/romantic scenes, they have a basis in Genos’s character. It’s not just thrown in as “fujoshi bait.” It’s literally a part of Genos’s character development.

When they first met he did not take Saitama seriously. Now, literally everyone says “Genos would do anything for Saitama.”

If One Punch Man was just about “action” and “being a parody” why would they waste so much time and money adding this stuff, making whole OVAs about nothing more than grocery shopping and showing how much these two care about each other on different levels? Wy wouldn’t they just… have them go on wonky adventures, with maybe a little emotional development?

So far, we have had three OVAs in which Genos has shown some intense emotion towards Saitama. The first, when he offered to give Saitamam a new suit shortly after hearing that Saitama considered his suit special since someone gave to him, there fore he considered that person special.

The second he fucking creeped on Sai for days, which is woah, chill uddy material and fucking broke me, but we know he has calmed down and learned not to be so cray. Also the whole point of that OVA was pretty much. “Saitama doesn’t remember people often, but he remembers Genos. Saitama wishes one person would notice him, and Genos does.”

Today’s episode was literally a fucking fanfiction pulled from AO3 Genosai hell, like I could imagine fucking reading that except there probably would have been a few “whoops! i slipped!” scenes in the tub lmao.

They have repetitively referenced that Genos feels such strong emotions towards this man who can hardly feel any emotions of his own

As I’ve stated before, the fucking meteor arc  is just a massive “Genos realizes how amazing Saitama is” and is played with SO MUCH EMPHASIS in both the anime and manga. It’s a full color spread in the manga, and the central episode in the anime, not to mention they rearranged scenes so that it seemed like Genos was fucking confessing under a pink sky that looked pretty damn romantic to me.

Speaking of romantic, the end theme, which can only be taken as Genos’s POV unless you really choose to believe they just made up and wasted money making a random song from a random person for a very hyped up anime that specifically says “The man I love is so strong it worries me” and “come home soon” and “I am feeling romantic right now,” in which it literally says “romantic” IN ENGLISH. 

Unless you choose just NOT to see it, obvious the “man i love is so strong” is Saitama, and “come home soon” who does he live with? Who is literally the only person who even fucking cares for Saitama at all? The cactus? Is the cactus singing?

Also, ONE wrote the OVAs. If he didn’t want things to be taken this way he wouldn’t write them this way. And you could say “haha its for the money” but?? He does OPM for free originally and wont up his output just to please people? The shipping stuff never gets made into merch so it doesnt make extra money?? SInce everyone seems to think shippers are “trash” why would the studio add so much to it if it wasnt an important theme to Genos’s character?

If One Punch Man is supposed to be “action/parody? why have NONE of the OVAs been about action or fighting, or even very comedic? Honstly, today’s OVA is domestic as fuck, as are A LOT of OPM scenes. Removes the monsters and Hero Work and you have… two dudes living together, making food.

Like. Genos tells Saitama he will follow him no matter what the world thinks. He cares about him for so much more than just his strength. I know a lot of people say that taking Genos’s attentions as romantic writes off his character, but i think taking him and saying “he only does this cause he desires Saitama’s power” is what writes off Genos’s character. 

Genos is VERY emotional. He has INTENSE emotions that he doesn’t know how to properly express. I don’t see why he can’t respect, admire, revere and even love Saitama, none of these things detract from the other.

He says “words come from the heart,” this line stuck with me more than the family thing, cause this explains WHY GENOS CANNOT SHUT UP. He is speaking passionately all the time about mundane things. He rambles to STRANGERS about taking a bath with Saitama because he cannot stop himself. I have so many screen shots of Genos just worrying about/caring for Saitama even though he knows Saitama can take care of himself, and many of them are from the webcomic and not just “fujoshi bait” from the anime.

I’m not saying his feelings will ever be spoken on or returned. 


Genosai is canon.

Fucking fight me.

some thoughts:

  • I think a lot of jedi are probably gay, for the same reason that monastic lifestyles have historically appealed to gay people in real life: it’s a culturally acceptable route out of compulsory heterosexuality, and religious asceticism appeals to people who have been taught to view their desires as inherently evil.
  • obi wan kenobi’s defining characteristic is his extreme dedication to the jedi code. even when we first see him, as a teenager, he is very serious and conscientious, not at all like the rebellious teenage anakin. and I think that discipline is rooted in self-hatred, in a need to control  the parts of himself that he thinks are evil (so, his gay feelings) and channel them toward a productive end.
  • obi-wan is just a kid when qui-gon jinn dies; he’s not really ready to become a jedi master, much less to train someone not much younger than himself. dealing with the twin burdens of loss and responsibility only makes obi-wan hold himself to higher standards of emotional discipline, and punish himself more harshly when those standards aren’t met.
  • because of their closeness in age, his relationship with anakin is always in danger of slipping into a friendship, which is part of why he he is so outwardly strict and disciplined with him.
  • so, as @finndamerons suggested, when obi-wan finally tells anakin that he loves him, he’s admitting to a personal failure. not only has he failed to make his padawan a good man, he has broken the extremely rigid code by which he lives. he has fallen in love.
  • (anakin doesn’t feel the same way–compare anakin’s “you’re the closest thing I have to a father” to obi-wan’s “you were my brother, anakin.” obi-wan knows this, and it only confirms his belief that he is fundamentally unloveable) 
  • the only way to make up for this double failure is to devote the rest of his life to the protection of anakin’s son.
  • and when luke turns out to be gay, obi-wan knows that the only way to protect him is to get him away from tatooine and into a place where he can find other people like him. this is why he decides to train luke as a jedi.
  • and once he is assured that he has done his penance, and that luke has friends and is going to be okay in a way that he never was, obi-wan is content to die at the hands of the man who used to love.
  • obi-wan kenobi is a literal and figurative ghost at the edges of this family saga, invested but never involved, part of the story and excluded from it. he can’t be a skywalker, but without his love and devotion the skywalkers would not exist.

(first part)

GOSH ! This took me forever to complete and it’s only the second part of the comic … well the third one will be shorter … I think. 

I hope you like it even though my backgrounds look really weird, hey those are ny first backgrounds so I wasn’t expecting to be very skilled at that XD 

It’s still based on @genothecreeper ‘s lyrics to @skelebros-covers-nobody-wanted ‘s cover of “I can’t decide”.

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do you think Troye fell in love with the fuckboy Connor?? cause connor wasn't himself back when he met troye. so Troye must've fallen for his Fuckboy attitude?? I really dunno.

Okay two things. First of all, Connor wasn’t really a fuckboy back then. The misconception has become too common and it doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve watched Connor since 2012, and I never thought he was an actual douchey guy. He dressed the part, but he was still artsy and sensitive and never liked the crude things his friends would say. The only fuckboy-like things he did were post ab photos and like gangster music, which are normal for nice guys to do too.

Secondly, the Connor of 2013 was Troye’s type in 2013.  Back then, Troye seemed into the popular jocks who could make you laugh (that’s why people thought he’d be into dating Tyler). So it made sense for Troye to have a crush on Connor. As they entered 2014, they both started to grow as people fairly rapidly. By the time they were (or appeared to be ;)) a steady couple, both resembled completely different and more mature people. They weren’t each other’s types ANYMORE but suddenly they worked well together. Troye himself has confirmed that he didn’t know what his type was until it took him by surprise. His advice in December 2014 was that “maybe someday someone’s gonna blindside you and not at all be what you expected but they’ll be the exact person that you were looking for without even knowing that you were looking for them”


I worked on this Laputian guardian earlier this week, and finally got enough light to capture some photos yesterday (woot) :) Laputa was the first Studio Ghibli film I ever watched (unknowingly at the time since I was 8…), but because of that and because of how beautiful the whole story is, it’s remained in a special place in my heart. 

The whole process is super finicky since each part of its body is made separately and then joint together… so there have been a few casualties. If you would like to check it out in more detail or take it home with you, the listing is here. There are currently only 2, but I might make more in a month or two if there’s demand for ‘em.

Happy Friday!

Today my classmates had a religious experience. The teacher put a pentatonix video on and was saying how they only used theyre voices and no instruments at all and then i said “wanna see real talent?” And i played that little mix how ya doin acapella vid (u know the one) and at first he said it wasnt that especial but tHEN the “lets break it down” part started and everyone dead silent. No one said shit. My friend got chill and he was speachless. And i fell so fucking cocky, like YASS THOSE ARE MY BABYS BITCH YASS THEYRE AMAZING BITCH!!!

Camus Headcannons!!

This was made specifically for the Count as a Happy Birthday from me to him since I don’t have any Camus requests.


Because he doesn’t accept failure, dates are VERY carefully planned out. Spontaneous adventures aren’t all that spontaneous. He does NOT go with the flow.

He loves to go ice skating and will patiently teach them how to grace the ices just as he does. Consider it a part of a bonding experience.

He only kisses on the first date if he REALLY likes the person, but even then it’s only a gentle kiss on their hand. He wouldn’t kiss them until maybe the third date, unless for some reason, he has an overflowing desire so kiss them. But he has pretty good self-control, so that’d almost never happen.


When Camus is in a relationship he is wholeheartedly devoted to that person. He enjoys spoiling his lover and treats them like they are his King/Queen.

He would fall in love with his s/o again if they show interest in his country’s culture and would stop at nothing to take them for a visit if they want.

If he has an open day or two in his schedule, he carefully plans out the days filled with things he things his partner could enjoy.

He can get pretty jealous. It may sometimes lead to petty arguments because he doesn't know how to just admit that he’s jealous.

He isn’t too shy to hold his lover’s hand or kiss them in public. BUT, he was rules for PDA. He’d never grope/touch his s/o suggestively while in public or give them any more than a quick peek on the lips. 


If his partner is sitting close enough to him, he will almost always wrap his arms around their shoulder.

He prefers cuddling in bed because it’s the most comfortable. 

He is ALWAYS the big spoon!

Though, one way to get him to loosen up after an argument is to hug HIM from behind. It throws him off but he secretly likes it.


His favorite place to kiss his s/o is their forehead.

He actually enjoys a series of pecks over tongue kissing. 

When he is tonging down his partner, he likes to firmly grip their waist or have a handful of their hair.

His kisses can range from slow and passionate to greedy yet steamy.

In a more intimate setting, Camus enjoys placing kisses down his lover’s back. Just watching their back arch as he places his lips against their warm skin turns him on.


After he gets used to the warmth, it can get a little difficult for him to sleep without his lover in his arms. (ex: If he’s on tour.)

He likes to sometimes rest his head on his lover’s chest so that they can play in his hair. It soothes him and can instantly put him to sleep.

He never hogs the covers because his lover’s comfort is more important than his own. Besides, the cold never bothered him anyway~

Wild Card

He turns into a big baby when he catches a cold. When he’s in a relationship, he will rely heavily on his s/o to take care of him… Leave it to him and he’ll swear he’s dying.

Click here for NSFW headcannons.

(I made an Elsa joke in there somewhere. Good job if you spotted it.)

Suga X Reader Imagine

Hi! So this is my first fanfiction and I wanted to see if my writing could get any recognition. I’m just having fun with it and Suga is my bias so.. yeah, I hope you like it! There will also be a PART TWO - i hope

You can also read this on my wattpad account: lioness2018 - its under my book THINK BANGTAN

Summary: A gang of delinquents go to your school. Since your first encounter, things have been a crazy ride.

Word count: 1650+

Warning: Swearing.

Monday mornings were your biggest pet peeve. The feeling of having to wake up after a relaxing weekend, only to have to go to school the next day irritated you to no end. Nevertheless, you dragged yourself out the front door and started walking to the hell hole you visited every day.

As you walked with your earphones plugged in your ears, you blocked out the world, thinking to yourself. You didn’t want to admit it, but the day was beautiful, filled with fresh morning air and a cloudless sky. You really loved Summer and you used that excuse to walk with a smile on your face.

Your school came into view and you paced more quickly so as not to be late again. You began crossing the road, when out of nowhere, a car came screeching towards you.

What the fuck?

Already halfway across the street, you made a run for it to the other side, reaching the curb just in time. The car went past at incredible speed and you look ahead to see that it belonged to one of your school’s delinquents, Namjoon. He and his gang of badass friends were shouting out profanities while blasting rap music through the car speakers.


Although you weren’t strict on rules, their group of friends bothered you just like the rest of the school. Everyone stayed clear of their seven-member possy, mostly because they were afraid of them. They caused a lot of ruckus everyday and there were countless rumours about them. Anyone else who associated themselves with them was a dead man.

“Watch where you’re going, dickheads!” You shouted after them as they made a sharp right into the school parking lot. Of course, they couldn’t hear you cussing at them.

So annoying.

You wished they didn’t go to your school, but at the same time it made the boring prison, or so-called school, a bit more interesting. Everyone at your school was against their acts completely. However, the pranks they pulled and the teachers they baffled became hot gossip topics that the school fed on, which was entertaining for you.

Still, you needed to study, so at times, you despised them. Thankfully, only two members of their group shared classes with you, Yoongi and Namjoon. You had never conversed with them. You were thankful for that as you were a bit awkward talking to people. Namjoon was also a leader to their group in some type of way, so he was the most scary out of all of them. On the other hand, Yoongi was the quiet type and always had an expressionless mask on.

That didn’t mean you didn’t have friends. If there was anything else that made you come to school everyday, besides having to actually learn and study, it was your best friend, Hye. She was more fun than anyone else in your class, yet still grounded and polite. Knowing each other since you were ten years old, the both of you had grown very close. She sported dyed red hair which made her stand out to you when you first met since you had never anyone that age with dyed hair. She liked your awkward yet sassy attitude, and together you two made the perfect pair.

You made your way into the building from the side entrance since it was closer to the lockers. You realised you were getting late, so you quickly signed in just incase the teacher decided to be tight with the bell today. You grabbed your books and ran to class. As you walked, you caught two people from the corner of your eye.

Well, what do you know?

You turned your eyes to Namjoon, who was talking with a low voice to Yoongi.  They looked serious and pissed off, to say the least.

Someone seems to be having an ugly Monday morning too.Before you could move away, Namjoon caught you staring and abruptly stopped talking.

“What’s your problem? Keep walking,” he said with an annoyed tone. You didn’t want to argue, but another part of you was still mad about what happened on the road.

“How about you start having some respect? It would cause a lot less problems,” you said, equally annoyed. Bad move.You have a death wish, Y/N.

His demeanor suddenly changed and he looked at you with a glare. He pushed himself off the wall and made his way over to you. You held your ground, glaring back at him.

“Listen here, girly. You don’t talk with that attitu-”

“Aish, leave her alone. She’s just a stupid girl who doesn’t understand anything,” a voice behind Namjoon spoke. You tilted your eyes to Yoongi, who stood carelessly against the wall. 

You had to admit, he looked attractive standing like that. His brown eyes giving off a lazy gaze, covered by the tips of his mint green hair and his sharp jawline made you stare. With his hands tucked in his jacket pockets, he raised his eyebrows at you and gave a small smirk, challenging you. You narrowed your eyes.

Before you could muster out a reply, the door to the classroom burst open and your teacher stood, darting his eyes between the three of you.

“What do you think you’re doing out here? Chatting when class has started!”

You hurried your way over, for once thankful the teacher had caught you.

“You two, aren’t you a part of this class? Get in before I give you detention!” Your teacher didn’t hold back with the yelling because he knew there was no point going easy on them.

You sat down in your seat which was angled so you could see down the corridor. You could see Namjoon with an irritated look on his face while Yoongi just looked bored, not giving a damn. They were clearly used to this.

They made their way into the classroom, walking past you. You looked up at Yoongi as he came closer. You made eye contact as his hand raised up to flicked you hair off your shoulder.

What the hell just happened?

They took their seats at the back of the room. You were thankful they didn’t sit near you in the middle. The rest of the class was silent, watching them.You could feel eyes on you, and by reflex, turned around. You caught Yoongi staring at you. He was judging your appearance for what felt like forever, but was only a second. He ruffled his the back of hair while leaning back and went to whisper something to Namjoon. Namjoon, in response, looked up at you with no emotion across his face. You looked closely to see a hint of angry behind those dark eyes.

Crap. My already shitty Monday is getting more and more shitty.

You turned around and could feel your heart racing and the palms of your hands sweating.You looked up, eyes scanning the room. A few people you saw were giving you stares. Confused, curious, envious stares. Suddenly, feeling ten times more awkward, you blushed and put your head down, trying to find something to divert your attention.

“Psst,” a voice hissed from your left. You saw that it was Hye. You totally forgot to greet and acknowledge her.

“What’s going on?” She whispered.“Hye, quiet!” The teacher shouted. You quickly acted natural, looking at the board. After a couple of minutes, you waited for the teacher to turn around before you replied, “Tell you later.”

You snuck a glance at Namjoon, who was in your line of sight. He was twirling a pen in his fingers but didn’t have any writing material on his desk. He looked up, sensing your stare, so you quickly looked away.

You spent the rest of the class facing forward, thinking about your first encounter with the school’s delinquents and a certain pair of brown eyes that intrigued and pissed you off to no end.

The shrill sound of the bell woke you out of your daydream. The class quickly dispersed out the door, clearly eager to ditch the two hour long Maths class. You waited for a bit, letting the class empty before squeezing out of your chair, clutching your books at your side. Before you could walk out the door, a deep voice called.


Your shoulders stiffened and you turned around slowly. Shit.

“What’s your name, girly?” Namjoon asked.

Wow, dickhead. I’ve been in your class this entire year and you don’t even know my name.

What were you supposed to say? You didn’t want to give them your name.

“Speak up.”

Okay, Y/N. Time to be the smart ass that you are.

“None of your business, dickhead.”

Oh, FUCK. I let that last part slip.

“Excuse me?” He chuckled darkly, smirking. “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

He’s laughing. Oh my, you’re a dead man, Y/N.

“You seem to think I do. But I really don’t care. If you’ll excuse me?”

You tried to play it cool. Your heart was thumping in your chest, ringing in your ears. You flicked your eyes over to Yoongi, who once again had an expressionless look on his face.

“Y/N, isn’t it?” He said in a deep, monotone voice.

Well, shit. I don’t know if I should be freaked out that he knows my name or impressed that he pays attention.

Before you could answer, a phone went off. Yoongi reached into his pants pocket and answered.

“Yah, Jimin?“You took this as your cue to leave, taking advantage of them being distracted. As soon as you were out the door, you made a run for it.

You ran hard and fast. Run, run, run.

But today was Monday, and Mondays were bad.

You ran. You collided. You fell.

I really hate Mondays.

Too Many Run In’s (Lucifer Morningstar)

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Character: Lucifer Morningstar

Word Count: 1037

Warnings: None that I can think of.

A/N: I already love the first episode so I decided to write this for you all lovely folks~! Now since there is only one episode, it super hard to write things correctly, so please excuse the mistakes


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A Passion for the Little Things

An interest in a major group of invertebrates means that you can easily develop a fulfilling, life-long-learning-filled, passion. You might even discover new species. In many parts of the world invertebrate faunas are so poorly known that thousands (tens-hundreds of thousands) of species remain to be discovered. Certainly most have never been photographed except for a relatively small number of common or conspicuous species.

I’m sometimes reminded of this when a colleague says something like ‘where’d you find such-and-such? Its only ever been collected twice and your image is the first one of the genus alive’. You’d be hard pushed to do the same for a mammal or a bird. To do it frequently you’d have to be dealing with little things!

Little things rock.


SouRin week Day 2 - Paper: Historical/Traditional clothing

“The red-haired geisha”

My first entry for the new SouRin week yvy I wanted so bad to take parte in this event, I regretted drawing just one fanart for last year >_< 
Story behind this: I just wanted to draw Rin in geisha fashion, so I turned him into an onnagata (a male kabuki actor who is specialized in feminine roles). You can imagine wichever story you like, I didn’t actually thought about a plot for this. Maybe Sousuke falls in love at first sight, seeing him dancing at a party. Maybe some of his friends bought Rin’s services for Sousuke and then the love began. I don’tknow. The only thing I know is that I have a shitty handwriting, but I tried my best with those kanji. They say “Daisuki da”.
Ugh Sosuke.

lilo baby fic inspired by freddie bc the world needed it and ppl delivered

everything i need i get from you ~3.4k 

This tiny human against his chest has completely enamored him and the only one who has ever done that so quickly was the boy sitting in front of him. But just like the boy in front of him, Liam knows he’d do anything for this baby, would die for him, kill for him, go to the moon a few times over for him.

only one ~2.2k (part 2 on tumblr)

i’m a dad.

Liam blinked at his phone.

payno, i’m a dad.

he’s so tiny, fuck.

i’m going to break him.

Or, Louis becomes a father, and of course Liam is the first person he tells about it.

a hiding place you can go ~3k

Liam comes back to L.A. to meet the baby.

to be a king beside you ~5.2k

“I’d be there, if you really wanted. If you asked me. You know I would,” he replies softly. Liam would do anything for Louis; it’s about time Louis does something about it.

Finally, Louis responds, “What if I’m asking.” He pauses, clears his throat. “This is me asking.”

Or: Liam goes to LA for Louis and his baby.

anonymous asked:

So I noticed in the first panel of the part 40 Gannondorf was using only two fingers to turn the door knob (like most people opening a combination lock or some other small or delicate knob). How many doors/knobs has he broken during his stay so far? The local lock smith must be please with the sudden upturn in business

LOL, I love how many people noticed this! XD Yes, I think he’s broken a lot of doors on accident in the castle and wants to be VERY careful with the door to his bedroom. I mean, I think most people would go out of their way to preserve their bedroom privacy.