i only like the black ones

ok so i saw thor: ragnarok recently, and it was heckin good. but the only problem i had with it was that all of thor’s og asgardian squad were freaking murdered and no one said anything about it. like not even thor himself asked about them, let alone mourned them. it just makes me so angry that characters like this that were important in the first two films can just get killed and everyone moves on


If you guys saw tonight’s “Hey Arnold: Jungle Movie”, then a lot of you must have been surprised by the sheer amount of subtle racism in it. 

Just look at these examples. The first image of Arnold being cared as the “great white hope” towards the brown people, doesn’t that seem familiar to anything? You can also see Helga and Gerald being sluggishly left behind as a hint that women and minorities can never be treated equally as “the great white man”

Second image was most insulting as it shows Gerald trying to “play game” upon a child, why was this shown exactly? Gerald never behaved like this, it was quite off-character, especially since he’s with Phoebe now. Is this how the writers viewed most black men maybe? A walking stereotype that only thinks with their penis? I’ve seen this tiresome and ignorant trope over and over in Hollywood films. And the fact that they added Gerald saying “Why can’t I never be the chosen one”, which puts a slap to the face of Gerald and says “White men are always chosen and Blacks/other minorities are always second”

The third image presents Olga, the “pure white princess” forced to seduce a brown hispanic man that at first looked quite handsome, yet when he smiles the face is made to resemble of a chimp smiling with its bad teeth. The face is so similar towards that particular image, I believe it was used as a reference. So this “bad brown guy” becomes excited with another “bad brown guy” becoming upset and beating the crap out of him like an animal. This racist trope has been used throughout history as the “Holy white woman” being seen as “a goddess” where they cause “lesser” races of men to act barbaric.

I simply hated this film, which breaks my heart since I am a Hey Arnold fan but there was clearly a message being presented towards this movie and it’s “The white man comes to save the day towards the violent and worthless brown people” 

Craig Bartlett and his writers are pieces of shit for this.

Comic pickup day! It was a black Friday BOGO everything sale!

Also I did something maybe a little stupid. There were these huge cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle play-sets for $40 each. And I was like woah these are so neat I could get two for $40. So I did and just dropped them off in the comic store’s Toys for Tots bin. If you’re a little kid and you’re maybe only getting one gift, that’s a hella cool gift to get, I think.

All right, so just a heads-up to anyone who’s dumb like me and didn’t know this. I rarely print things, so several years ago (2013) when we needed a printer, we picked up a good Black Friday deal and paid $25 for an Epson All-in-One scanner/printer.

Well the ink finally ran out (because I rarely print things) so I went and bought a new black ink cartridge so I could print my things for the application for the new apartment. 

It won’t work.

Yells at me that the Magenta cartridge is completely out even though I’m only printing grayscale.

So I googled.

And guess what I found out: That Epson inkjet printers are designed so that they WILL NOT WORK unless ALL the ink cartridges are full. Like. Even just printing a single page in black and white with a full black ink cartridge isn’t possible if one of your other cartridges is out. I tried tricking it, I tried moving things around, but the design of the printer means that I can’t.

So just in case you’re in the market for a printer, don’t buy an Epson, no matter how good a deal it is. Because this is bullshit.

Re: Anders costume switch.

Hate it! Cheesiest fucking thing! Like, not only do we have the whole “he’s wearing black now that mean he’s Bad, guys” trope that’s right out of a fucking cartoon. Oh no. Guy has to go from having light colored feather pauldrons to pitch black ones. Real subtle symbolism there. I’m gonna kick the character designer for da2 straight in the ass.


So many people’s reason for not liking Lucas is because he was mean to El for most of season 1. For a while I felt the same. But now things have changed. Think about it this way:

You’re (seemingly) one of the only black boys in your school/town. You already get bullied for being black and you know because it’s Indiana 1983 most likely get a lot of crap we don’t even see just for being black. Just for fucking existing.

Then one of your best friends goes missing out of nowhere. Then you find a random creepy girl with a shaved head who barely talks the exact same place your friend went missing and she has fucking superpowers which you were pretty positive weren’t real until you met her. And then when you finally get a chance to maybe find your friend, the girl and her superpowers screws it up. I’d be fucking pissed too! And she barely ever even gave him a reason! And then because of her you almost fucking died!

Under these circumstances Lucas’s actions make COMPLETE AND TOTAL SENSE. I would behave the same way in his situation, and don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t also. We as audience members know that El isn’t dangerous and she isn’t responsible for Will’s disappearance, but Lucas doesn’t! All he knows is his best friend is missing, this weird girl with superpowers is messing up his chance at finding his friend, and his other best friend is too heart eyes and clueless to even consider it.

Another thing: HE COMES AROUND IN THE END!!!!!! Character fucking development! He changes because people change! I know a really strange phenonemnon right!!!

In the last two episodes he defends El alongside Mike and Dustin with no hesitation. And in S2 he shows no anger or resentment towards her in the slightest. And in general as a character, Lucas is funny, smart, loyal, kind, sweet and thoughtful. Lucas is awesome and the fact he is not getting the appreciation he deserves is as Nancy would say, “bullshit.”

And Caleb! He is also so smart and sweet and nice and talented and stylish and cool! That boy is a fashion icon! And he’s so cool in interviews and he’s so sweet meeting fans! Why are we ignoring him he’s amazing!!!!

And Mike Hanlon! He’s brilliant and brave and selfless and modest and sweet and kind and an amazing friend and deserves better than this! In the movie their treatment of his character and the fact they gave his librarian historian thing to Ben and made him more of a physical violent character is honestly just racist tbh. Also the movie spent way too much time on a stupid love triangle for the audience to actually get to know Mike as a character and like 85% of what I know about Mike is from tumblr. So let’s not make the movie writers/directors mistakes. Let’s give Mike the love and appreciation he deserves.

And Chosen Jacobs oh my lord!!!!! He’s literally got the voice of angels I’m not even exaggerating! And he’s so sweet and grateful and he’s also super funny and as well as Caleb a style icon and once again deserves better than this! Y'all are too invested in stupid ass drama with Jack’s girlfriend (which by the way, Jack’s personal life is none of your business, stay out of it. If he wants to date Ellie let him date Ellie! It’s his decision! He can make choices for himself! And stop hating on Ellie. Bullying sucks and the way I’ve seen people treating her is disgusting. I do not want to share a fandom with bullies.) to notice the gift that is Chosen Jacobs!

In conclusion:

Stop hating on these amazing characters and actors because they’re black. Because we all know that’s the truth. That’s the real reason why you haven’t been giving them the same love and attention you’ve been giving Finn or Jack. It’s because they’re they’re the only people of color in their groups. Once again, bullshit.

Warning: slightly ill-considered vaguely drunken exposition ahead:

So, at the age of 44 I have become used to being ignored a lot. Seriously, it’s like I don’t exist in certain circles. Which is annoying, though when negotiating the wider world, there are advantages to being invisible.  On the one hand, you have idiot women expressing utter disbelief that you could possibly be only 44 since you have grey hair, while they are 47 and have black hair.  Thanks girl. On the other hand, who wants to be catcalled? So getting older has its advantages and disadvantages.  

On a rather larger scale, it’s probably better to be 44 now, than 24. On the one hand, I totally failed to take advantage of the longest bull-run in real estate history (she says without even bothering to Google anything to see if that’s a complete fiction), and only bought my first property at the age of 43. Yeah I know, you all have it much worse and I shouldn’t be complaining about it. Still, woe is me. My boomer parents totally benefited from this - they bought their first house on a student nurse’s salary for fuck’s sake. But I could have got on that ladder in the trough of 1997 too and I didn’t. And then stuff just kept on going up, and up, and up, as I waited for it to top out. Joke’s on me. And, I realise, more so on anyone younger than me. 

Still, this post was actually supposed to be about me counting my blessings. So here’s the important bit. Selling my soul to the corporate devil for a decade, and having the education and opportunity to do so, has meant that I could still buy my relatively spacious one-bed apartment in the middle of a big city. These days I don’t earn anything like that money, and never will again, and I really ought to re-educate my brain to remember than in my spending habits. Relative ‘wealth’ is apparently a hard concept for me, and would be harder still if I lived near any of my old ‘rich’ friends. But I do earn a relatively decent wage for the work I do, in a pretty stress-free and bullshit-free environment. And for that I am truly thankful.  (Honestly, when I started this post it was meant to be a positive thing, but somehow I ended up whining my way through it all, ffs)

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Chuuya with M for the minific thing? ^^

omg so i really wanted a cute Chuu winter fic and this is like Sugar Plum Fairy eats an entire candy cane factory. 

[Chuuya Nakahara/SO] [Established Relationship] [Fluff]

[Letter Ficlet Prompt]

‘M’ - When it rains/snows/storms - Chuuya

Gray boots slipped across the hidden black ice, the heel of one digging into a chip being the only thing stopping your entire body sliding into the speckled marble of the building’s front. Arms draped in a thick black coat flailed as white gloved fingers splayed to catch and slide down the smooth stone. Only luck saved you from falling that evening as snow fell in thick layers that stuck to your hair and eyelashes. You released a held breath, the air in front turning to frozen smoke before you righted yourself to walk inside your boyfriend’s apartment building. After the guard dressed in black pressed the button inside the elevator for the penthouse floor and the metal doors closed did you begin to check your appearance. Teeth bit the fingertips of your gloves to remove one of the garments as your other hand checked the security of the package you had tucked beneath your elbow. The thin blanket you hand wrapped around the glass bottle more like one would a baby kept the contents safe and warm. Your eyes drifted to your reflection as you removed the second glove to see snow still glistening in the strands of your hair. You wanted to try and shake the flakes but the doors opened, disrupting the image and you only had a couple of seconds to leave the elevator before the doors closed and you would be trapped all the way back to the first floor. The heels of your boots clicked a couple of times in the short distance between the elevator and the executive’s front door.

“I’m-SHIT! It’s fine!” was shouted from behind the oddly ordinary door after a couple of raps of your knuckles. The door flew open a few seconds later, harsh enough to almost disconnect from the hinges to reveal the owner slightly frazzled but still handsome.

“Hi babe,” you smiled sweetly before walking into a waiting arm open. You kissed your boyfriend’s lips softly as you kicked the door shut behind you gently.

“Hmmm,” Chuuya hummed beneath your lips. His fingers tightened around your waist sharply before letting you go. Blue eyes like sapphires nearly shimmered in the soft glow of Christmas lights hung throughout the penthouse apartment.

The first time you had come over to Nakahara Chuuya’s penthouse, it was magnificent yet unlived. The furniture hardly showed signs of use except for one cushion on the sofa and the wine rack that was filled to the brim with various, and expensive, red wines from across the globe. Even the bedroom, which you both had been more interested in at the time, seemed stale and the sheets, while soft, felt stiff beneath your bare back. It wasn’t until he had actually invited you over for dinner did you ask about the newness of the apartment. ‘I’m never home and no one else cares’ he had said. You had smirked at the answer but your heart went out to the overworked Mafia Executive. He gave so much to his job and that life that he didn’t really have a home. You had decided then you would help him make it one, and the first way you had in mind was to at least christen all the various sofas, chairs, and counters in the penthouse. Chuuya had no complaints about that, and after some time of making sure every piece had been the subject of one if not both of your bare asses did he begin to liven up the place. Pieces of your clothing made their way into his closet. Some of your favorite white wines took the spots of some of his reds. Two cushions on the couch began to look more worn than a single one. And the sheets felt soft beneath your breasts and smelled of his shampoo and detergent.

“Do you like them?” Chuuya’s question brought your from your reverie as his hands, free from his usual black gloves, slid across your shoulders to remove your coat. The pale white and purple lights strung around the penthouse gave the place a softer glow than the usual lighting which he had turned off. It seemed to highlight all the places the two of you had lived in the place.

“They’re beautiful,” you said. Your eyes followed the strings of lights around the living room to see them twine down to a small stack of presents underneath a tree in the corner. You smiled when you saw the lights flicker off the sparkling cat paper you had chosen to wrap his gifts in, and how they were front and center of the pile versus in the back where you had hidden them when you snuck by earlier in the week.

“I don’t know where you got that paper, but it’s hideous,” Chuuya said. He kissed you on the cheek before grabbing the baby-wrapped bottle of Petris you had ‘acquired’ earlier. The blanket still hid the label and Chuuya chuckled at your care in wrapping it.

“I thought it was cute, like you!” you joked, following your boyfriend into the kitchen.

“Eh!? Are you calling me a cat?!”

“You sleep like one!” You hopped up on the counter to watch as Chuuya slowly opened his surprise.

“I don’t—how?” Chuuya’s eyes widened as the blanket finally fell away to reveal the ridiculously expensive and extremely hard to get wine.

You shrugged and smirked. “I’m a thief, do you really want the details?”

Chuuya spun on the balls of his feet to reach for you, one hand tight around the neck of the bottle of wine and the other squeezing your thigh. His lips crashed into yours, cause you to take a deep breath through your nose as your hands tangled in the red hair framing his face. You giggled as you felt his tongue sweep across your bottom lip, letting him have entrance just a little before pushing his shoulders enough to pull him away. You smiled and kissed his forehead.

“Snow storms are the best time to get rare merchandise, so I’m sorry I’m late but,” you trailed fingers through some of the strands of his hair and turned to get two wine glasses from the cabinet next to you. “I hope my surprise makes up for it.”

Chuuya smiled, white teeth peeking through his kiss-plumped lips as he popped the cork from the bottle using his ability. The red glow of For the Tainted Sorrow faded after a low pop echoed and he filled each of the glasses half way. He returned the cork to the bottle and placed it delicately on the counter next to you. He extended his hand and bowed a little to help you off the counter, eyes drifting up and down your form in both reverence and slight worry. You hopped down delicately, feet silent in the landing and careful not the slosh your wine glass. The hand once gentle yet firm in its hold on your hand followed your curves and wrapped around your waist once more to pull you tight to Chuuya’s body. Sapphire eyes bore deep into your heart and you couldn’t hide the smile that filled your features nor the light drops of melted snow on your cheeks falling from your lashes.

A tiny clink of wine glasses was the only sound that reached the two of you, as the storm outside turned from raging sleet and ice to steady snowfall. It wasn’t often you got to have moments like these, domesticated and so in contrast to either of your lives. But in that moment, you weren’t a thief from across the ocean and he wasn’t a Mafia Executive.

“I love you,” Chuuya said.

“Are you saying that to me or the wine?” you quipped, glass raised to your lips for a second sip of the delicious wine.

“What’s wrong with both!?”

“Hmm, you’re right. I should have gotten cute dog paper since you apparently love everything.”


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I saw you reply with a redheaded butler. You a fan of that anime? If so ill give you a complement without anon on so we can talk anime if you like.

Ahh, yes, Black Bulter. Last time I watched it only the second season was out. Grell was always my favourite

I’m slowly getting back into anime. A lot of anime I find samey/boring, but I found that I just wasn’t watching the right kinda anime. Now I like ones like ‘New Game!’ and ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ and ‘Lightening and Sweetness’, oh, and of course ‘Mrs Kobiashi’s Maid Dragon’, basically more social based rather than action

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One time I was at a friends house and it was like 12 at night and we wanted a soda and so we walked in the pitch black about 75ft to this soda machine that only costs 60¢ and on the way back she took the flashlight and ran ahead of me and she was planning to scare me bc she turned it off and was waiting in the dark but a leaf fell on her head and all I heard was a scream and she started running home and turns out she thought is was a snake and peed herself.


Tag Games - FanFiction

I was tagged by the lovely @fortisfiliae Thank you so much! <3



Writer: @siriusblackfoot  (Cait)

Title: Your Father’s Son

Type of fanfic: Oneshot

Genre: Angst & Godfather/Godson bonding

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Sirius Black x Harry Potter

Sum the fanfic up into two sentences: An amazing Sirius and Harry bonding fic that should have been included in the series. It’s so in character and heart-wrenching and the ending is so incredibly sweet - It’s a must read!


Why did you choose this fanfic in particular? This is the only fic I’ve read that has made me shed a few tears. It’s one of my favourite fics that I always go back to.

What do you like best about the fanfic? I’ve always wished that Sirius and Harry had the opportunity to get to know one another more and really bond like a Godfather and Godson should. The way Cait has written this fic is honestly amazingly perfect. It’s got the JK Rowling feel to it so when I read it, I feel like I’m reading straight out of the book, which is brilliant (until I remember this didn’t actually happen and then I cry some more).


What other works of the other would you recommend? (Name 2): More Than Just My Wife (Jily fic)  and I Almost Lost You (Jily fic)

Is there something you would like to tell the writer but never got around to? Every single piece you write is a masterpiece, I admire your work so much! I especially love reading your Jily fics because you have such a firm understanding of their characters and their relationship, so every Jily fic you write, I consider canon. 

I tag @marauder–harder  @siriusblackfoot  @seriouslyblacklikemysoul @notanotherausten  @alohomagines 

Rules: Answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people. Thank you @everythingisincorrect for tagging me!


1. Drink: Coke

2. Phone Call: My friend

3. Text: My sister

4. Song I Listened to: Two Is Better Than One - Boys Likes Girl Ft. Taylor Swift

5. Time I Cried: A couple hours ago

Have You:

6. Dated Someone twice: Never dated. 

7. Kissed Someone and Regretted It: Never kissed. 

8. Been Cheated On: Never dated. 

9. Lost Someone Special: Thankfully no

10. Been Depressed: Sometimes

11. Gotten Drunk and Thrown Up: Drunk yes, thrown up no

List 3 Favorite Color: 

12. Blue

13. Black

14. Purple

In The Last Year Have You:

15. Made New Friends: No

16. Fallen Out of Love: I’ve only had small crushes so I never fell in love with anyone. 

17. Laughed Till I Cried: Yes, multiple times

18. Found Out Someone Was Talking About Me: Yes and cut ties with her.

19. Found Out Who Your Friends Are: Yes and again, cut ties with her.

20. Kissed Someone on Your Facebook List: No


21. How Many of My Facebook Friends Do I Know in Real Life: My friend lists consists only my friends and family

22. Do I Have Any Pets: 5 dogs, three cats

23. Do I Want To Change My Name: No

24. What Did I Do For My Last Birthday: My family held a birthday party for me with some of their friends

25. What Time Do I Wake Up: 11 or 12

26. What Was I Doing at Midnight Last Night: Sleeping

27. Name Something I Can’t Wait For: Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie

28. When The Last Time I Saw My Mom: yesterday

29. What Is One Thing In My Life I Wish I Could Change: I wished my dad never got cancer that’s one

30. What Was I Listening To Right Now: Sakura Nagashi by Utada Hikaru

31. Have I Ever Talked To a Person Named Tom: No

32. Something That is Getting on My Nerves: My Hair

33. Most Visited Website: Archive of Our Own, Fanfiction, Tumblr, and YouTube

34. Moles: One on my shoulder and the other on my armpit

35. Marks: One on my pinkie on my right hand. When I was little a boy dumped into me during P.E. I fell real hard and scraped my hand. 

36. Childhood Dream: Actress/Voice actress

37. Hair Color: Dark Brown

38. Long Hair or Short Hair: Long Hair

39. Do I Have a Crush on Anyone: No

40. What Do I Like About Myself: Nothing

41. Piercings: None

42. Blood Type: Don’t know it

43. Nicknames: Crystalbell, Kristie, Chris

44. Relationship Status: Single

45. Zodiac: Aries

46. Pronouns: She/Her

47. Favorite TV Shows: Orange is The New Black

48: Left or Right Handed: Right

49. Surgery: Never 

50. Hair Dyed: Never 

51. Sport: Not interested in sports but I like ice skating

52. Vacation: Haven’t gone in one since 2015

53. Pair of Trainers: No?

More General:

54. Eating: Mcribs with fries

55. Drinking Tea: I don’t drink tea

56. I’m About To: read fanfiction

57. Want: To finish some of my own fanfiction and get some sleep

58. Get Married: Someday in the future

59. Career: I want to be in film

60. Hugs or Kisses: Kisses are great I guess but I REALLY love hugs ^^

61. Lips or Eyes: I like eyes

62. Shorter or Taller: I’m short, about the same size as my mom and dad. Unless the question is asking whether I prefer tall or short, it doesn’t matter

63. Older or younger: The oldest of four kids. But I don’t look older according to some people ^///^

64. Nice Arms or Nice stomach: I…don’t…know?

65. Sensitive or Loud: Loud

66. Hookup or Relationship: I prefer relationships thank you very much 

67. Troublemaker or Hesitant: It depends 

Have I Ever

68. Kissed a Stranger: No

69. Drank Hard Liquor: Yes. My uncle made me drink one during New Years and I did not like it one bit. 

70. Lost Glasses/Contact Lenses: I’ve lost my glasses when I was in elementary school

71. Turned Someone Down: Yes and he was a total dick about it

72. Sex on First Date: No

73. Broken Someone’s Heart: I don’t think so but i highly doubt it

74. Had Your Heart Broken: No

75. Been Arrested: No

76. Cried When Someone Died: On TV? Yes. 

77. Fallen For a Friend: Yes.

Do I Believe In:

78. Yourself: Rarely

79. Miracles: Yes

80. Love at First Sight: It sounds so silly realistically but yes I do

81. Santa Claus: When I was little yes but as an adult, eh, not really.

82. Kiss on First Date: No


83. Current Best Friend: Kathy and Faith

84. Eye Color: Brown

85. Favorite Movie: I don’t know man, I have a lot. 

I tag:

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You don’t have to do this if you guys don’t want to and @everythingisincorrect I am SO SORRY I took forever to do this!

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Am I the only one who get the "Not Found" error when trying to download Tali?

No, it’s meant to be like that :o. Technically Tali’s not available for download atm. Any character in black and white/monotone isn’t actually available for download – just the characters in color. They’re only on the list because they’re being actively worked on (or are actually are somewhat made, but not ready/hasn’t been released).

And as per my FAQ, no I don’t have any ETAs. They’re just done when they’re done ;)

Cheers to my bf for the idea.


“No mourners, no funerals. Another way of saying good luck. But it was something more. A dark wink to the fact that there would be no expensive burials for people like them, no marble markers to remember their names, no wreaths of myrtle and rose.”

guys. pals. fellas. can we give this ship a name already. im dying. my crops are wilting.

(don’t tag as kin/me)

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I have this neat plant that grows around my house in the summer. It has green pods that spit seeds out if you touch them???? The insides of the pods are kinda yellow or orange flowery things. I've only ever heard of them as being called 'touch me not' but I have never been able to determine if that is its actual name as it doesn't look like anything that pops up when I google that name. Its a really cute little man and I wanna know what his name is if you can help that would be great! :3c


these babs are called Ecballium elaterium and they basically spread their seed by building up pressure in their (developed) ovaries until they explode and shoot seed and fluid out the top. honestly for an exploding plant theres surprisingly little to say about it like. o there goes helen again with her baby canon

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what are your top 5 cc tops?


1). Off The Shoulder Shirt - @theslyd

2). Svanen Top - @lumy-sims

3). Lorena Top - @toksik

4). Half Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater - @rusty-sims

5). Cherry Sweater - @serenity-cc


1). Casual Class - @lumialoversims

2). Mirage Henley Shirt - @simsontherope

3). Ribbed Muscle Tank - @synthsims

4). Urban Cardigan - @simsontherope

5). Rocket Shirt - @sevensims