i only like it when it snows a lot

I will say that Jon and Dany’s sex scene is actually one of the most tastefully done and “equal” sex scenes of the series. Like first she’s on top and leading, and then when he moves on top, she’s actually partially guiding him because she trusts him. And there’s a lot of tender touching and gazing lovingly and kissing.

If only they weren’t related… lol. I think the majority of us are just like silently agreeing that we are shipping it but not wanting to admit it.


Artist: Jaroo (@Jarujaroo)

Artist caption: “This is a little out of the blue but I thought of this during work…Aurora and Snow White meeting in the forest (super retcon!) They were drawn to each other by their singing

One of them’s been tricked her whole life only to have them try to take her forcefully away, and the other’s been used as a maid until she got kicked out and became a “mom”…it’s not like you’re gonna get the throne even when you go back to the kingdom, so just grab each other’s hand and leave~

I had a lot of thoughts while drawing this but now that I’m done…idk maybe I just wanted to see Disney femslash”

It’s interesting to see how heroes change (or don’t change) throughout the books, because the people these characters idolize does say a lot about them. Like with Jon, we find out in his very first chapter who he considers to be his hero:

“Daeron Targaryen was only fourteen when he conquered Dorne,” Jon said. The Young Dragon was one of his heroes. –Jon I, AGoT

Which is confirmed again in Jon’s memory of the game him and Robb would play where they pretended to be heroes of legend:

Every morning they had trained together, since they were big enough to walk; Snow and Stark, spinning and slashing about the wards of Winterfell, shouting and laughing, sometimes crying when there was no one else to see. They were not little boys when they fought, but knights and mighty heroes. “I’m Prince Aemon the Dragonknight,” Jon would call out, and Robb would shout back, “Well, I’m Florian the Fool.” Or Robb would say, “I’m the Young Dragon,” and Jon would reply, “I’m Ser Ryam Redwyne.” –Jon XII, ASoS

Except in this memory it’s Robb who claims the title of the Young Dragon, no doubt as a form of retrospective foreshadowing, since both Daeron and Robb took up the mantle of king while they were young teenagers and both died very young too. Regardless, it’s made clear that Jon adores these young heroes, these legends, these warriors, with his particular favorite being the Young Dragon. Even in ADWD, we see him bring him up again:

When Jon had been a boy at Winterfell, his hero had been the Young Dragon, the boy king who had conquered Dorne at the age of fourteen. Despite his bastard birth, or perhaps because of it, Jon Snow had dreamed of leading men to glory just as King Daeron had, of growing up to be a conqueror. Now he was a man grown and the Wall was his, yet all he had were doubts. He could not even seem to conquer those. –Jon VII, ADWD

Seeing Jon grow from “the Young Dragon was one of his heroes” to “he could not even seem to conquer [his doubts]” is such a poignant way of showing how much Jon had grown. Whatever confidence and naïveté he had before the Wall, disappeared with Jon’s post as Lord Commander. Despite the victories he’s had so far, he hesitates to compare himself to this hero, sees himself as only a shadow of conquerer that Daeron was. In other words, he’s grown up. Jon’s heroes are not his heroes anymore, they’re merely unattainable and reminders of how much he hasn’t done.

Another character who has the same sort of singular hero is Jaime Lannister. For him, it’s not a long dead king that’s his hero, but a knight he lived with and knew. His hero is Arthur Dayne, and he’s a man he brings up in his thoughts and conversations many times, particularly when he ponders knighthood and examines his own weaknesses as a knight. He states his worship of him rather clearly:

And me, that boy I was … when did he die, I wonder? When I donned the white cloak? When I opened Aerys’s throat? That boy had wanted to be Ser Arthur Dayne, but someplace along the way he had become the Smiling Knight instead. –Jaime VIII, ASoS

Like Jon, he wanted to be his hero, but unlike Jon, he walked in the complete opposite direction of the path he should have taken. Jaime did not become the chivalrous and well-loved knight that Arthur was. He became someone selfish, he spurned his vows, and he was reviled as a Kingslayer. Jaime does not delude himself into thinking that he can ever be Arthur Dayne, not even in AFFC when he starts to take his first steps towards changing himself:

“The Sword of the Morning slew the Smiling Knight, my lady. Ser Arthur Dayne, a better knight than me.” –Jaime IV, AFFC

He wondered what Ser Arthur Dayne would have to say of this lot. “How is it that the Kingsguard has fallen so low,” most like. “It was my doing,” I would have to answer. “I opened the door, and did nothing when the vermin began to crawl inside.” –Jaime VIII, ASoS

Arthur, the better knight, slew the Smiling Knight that Jaime feels he had become. While Arthur does remain as a paragon of knighthood in Jaime’s eyes, he also has a new hero in his heart, though he might never admit it to himself.

Jaime sat alone at the table while the shadows crept across the room. As dusk began to settle, he lit a candle and opened the White Book to his own page. Quill and ink he found in a drawer. Beneath the last line Ser Barristan had entered, he wrote in an awkward hand that might have done credit to a six-year-old being taught his first letters by a maester:

Defeated in the Whispering Wood by the Young Wolf Robb Stark during the War of the Five Kings. Held captive at Riverrun and ransomed for a promise unfuffilled. Captured again by the Brave Companions, and maimed at the word of Vargo Hoat their captain, losing his sword hand to the blade of Zollo the Fat. Returned safely to King’s Landing by Brienne, the Maid of Tarth. –Jaime IX, ASoS

Jaime disparages Brienne, calls her stubborn and a wench, and yet is mystified by her innocence, her commitment to duty, and her ability as a warrior. It is not until after Jaime’s travels with Brienne do we begin to see change in Jaime, whose very first chapter begins with thoughts of Cersei. It pushes him to defend her, to saved her from being raped, save her from being gored by a bear, defends her honor to Loras (who had still believed her to be Renly’s murderer), and strikes Ronnet Connington when he speaks ill of her:

“Why, I went to Tarth and saw her. I had six years on her, yet the wench could look me in the eye. She was a sow in silk, though most sows have bigger teats. When she tried to talk she almost choked on her own tongue. I gave her a rose and told her it was all that she would ever have from me.” Connington glanced into the pit. “The bear was less hairy than that freak, I'll—”

Jaime’s golden hand cracked him across the mouth so hard the other knight went stumbling down the steps. His lantern fell and smashed, and the oil spread out, burning. “You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne.”

Connington edged away from the spreading flames on his hands and knees. “Brienne. If it please my lord.” He spat a glob of blood at Jaime’s foot. “Brienne the Beauty.” –Jaime III, AFFC

Which one might consider the peak of irony because Jaime more often than not refers to Brienne as a wench, except for the day they part:

“There’s the stubborn stupid wench that I remember.”

She reddened. “My name is…”

“Brienne of Tarth.” Jaime sighed. “I have a gift for you.” He reached down under the Lord Commander’s chair and brought it out, wrapped in folds of crimson velvet. –Jaime IX, ASoS

Yet even when he calls her wench, it’s hardly out of hate. Jaime admires Brienne. The irreligious Jaime even gives her a sincere prayer:

Unbidden, his thoughts went to Brienne of Tarth. Stupid stubborn ugly wench. He wondered where she was. Father, give her strength. –Jaime I, AFFC

Watching Brienne become his modern-day heroine is just so satisfying. He moves away from worshipping only the dead, whether they be Arthur, or Gerold Hightower, or Rhaegar Targaryen, and finds someone amongst the living, a glimmer of hope, that inspires him. The dead are unattainable; the living are not. Jaime also gives Brienne a Valyrian Steel sword named Oathkeeper, which I can’t help but connect back to Arthur Dayne and Dawn. It seems to me that Jaime believes that every great hero has to have an incredible sword with a good name.

I’m sure there are others in the series that show this same sort of growth via their idols, but these two are the only two I can think of right now (and how fitting, because Jon and Jaime share some pretty interesting parallels IMO).

Dany is going to burn King’s Landing

I want to write about why I think the show is foreshadowing Dany burning King’s Landing next season. But I need to state some things first.

The fascinating thing about Daenerys is the fact she has immoral behavior, like almost every character in ASOIAF have, but the audience refuses to see her bad sides no matter what.
It’s great to see how you can tell a history and place a character as a hero no matter what but at the same time it’s kinda scary that the public can agree with such behavior.
She does a lot of terrible choices but people don’t think she has a big issue and shouldn’t be in a position of power, the massive reaction is just “hey, she has some minor flaws but nobody is perfect, okey? Leave her be”.

In the books Daenerys allows torture, which is a war crime. And at episode 5 Daenerys intentionally killed the Tarly’s, who were defeated in battle, were unarmed and were offering no resistance to the escort. The Tarly’s were in a  surrendering party resulted by a defeated in battle, and were intentionally killed by Daenerys. This is a war crime.  When Tyrion suggested to put them in cells, she declared “she would not put man in chains ” aka “not make prisoners” which is also a war crime. The offer she gave the remaining soldiers was “join me or die”. This is not a choice. This is a declaration that no quarter will be given and THIS IS  a war crime. When your enemies surrender you spare their lives and  take them as war prisoners you DO NOT execute them or demand them to fight against their remaining families and compatriotes cuz THIS IS NOT how a surrender works.
The show makes Daenerys commits war crimes intentionally even after people tell her it’s a bad idea. And the scary part is: the audience think is fine.
I’m pretty much convinced Daenerys is going to do a lot more than that in the future and the audience will buy it.

Since D&D have talked with GRRM about how the series is going to end, Daenerys tone in the series has changed a little bit. Since season 6, her “super badass” scenes turned into a “that’s nice but there’s something a little bit weird”. Her theme songs came from “I’m fighting to survive cuz I’m alone in the world and this is actually badass justice” to a more villain like kind of song, way darker and sinister. The camera angles and the points of view of her actions are different now, and the scenes that were exciting before became kinda sad and weird. If you rewatch the sack of Astapor at 3x4 and her battle against the Lannister army at 7x4 you will notice the huge difference of how they treated it.

So here’s where the tinfoil begins.

It’s about the Politics

I believe the Great War against the army of the dead will not be the final of GoT. GoT and ASOIAF are about the politics. The Night King wasn’t introduced till season 4 and he really became the major  treat only at season 5.. Daenerys’s dragons weren’t born till 10x1, they only had a real role at season 6 when Dany finally could control them and they were big enough to go to war. Many storylines still happen aside the whole magic. GoT is about the GAME OF THRONES. And that’s how the story will end. After the war is done, a political struggle will rise and things will get trick. The armies will be broken, Cersei will have the Golden Company at her back, Jon’s parentage will rise, the northerners will probably not fulfil Jon’s pledge to Daenerys, Dany may even lose one of her remaining dragons. Things will be very chaotic and chaos is a ladder.

The Great War is going to end at Winterfell.

Season 7 solved a large problem: how to destroy the army of the dead?
Conveniently if you kill the Night King, the wights die and the war is over. Simple as that.
Bran has been stated as a great threat to the Night King, almost as he’s the Night King true enemy. The Night King himself entered the cave to kill the last Three Eyed Raven and he seems to have a particular interest in Bran. The show has implied that Bran is waiting for him. And he’s waiting for him at Winterfell.
Daenerys is leading her army and remaining dragons to Winterfell and Jaime is much likely riding to Winterfell too.
Not only Sansa was featured preparing Winterfell for the war for the Dawn, but many characters have stated the importance of this castle.

Jon: “We can’t defend the north from the Walkers and the south from the Boltons. If we’re gonna survive we need Winterfell

Jon:“If they breach the Wall, the first two castle in their path [before Winterfell] is Last Hearth and Karhold”

Sansa:“Every direction the threat comes this [Winterfell] is the best place to be.”

Jaime: “If Winterfell falls, we [King’s Landing] fall. Three days.”

The bulk of the living forces in Westeros will be at Winterfell, if Winterfell falls, it would mean the entire army has fallen and basically all hope is lost. The Golden Company is Cersei’s hope but seriously? She’s not a military person. I trust way more Jaime’s opinions and he said their fate depend on Winterfell.
So I don’t think the WW will ever come near to King’s Landing because they will be defeated at Winterfell.

All The talking about King’s Landing and the Mad King’s Daughter

The safety of King’s Landing was a great concern to Daenerys and Cersei this season.
They’ve talked about how many people live there, how they should attack it, how they shouldn’t, how the city would fall easily, how they should defended it.
When they talk so much about an issue like this you can bet something will happen there. They talked a hundred times about the Wall, and the Wall fell. They talked 87439349 times Dany had THREE dragons, and she lost one. They’ve talked a million times how she can’t have children, so of course she’s gonna get pregnant next season. And they’ve talked a hundred times about King’s Landing. Something is going to happen there. Something bad.
Here are some of the most notable moments.

Dany: “If Viserys had three dragons, and an army at his back, he’d have invaded King’s Landing already

Yara: “We should hit King’s Landing now, hard, with everything we have”

and Dany’s response was:  “I will not attack King’s Landing. WE will not attack King’s Landing.”

Olenna said “Then how you mean to take the Iron Throne?”

And two episodes after she’s at rage because Tyrion’s plans have failed her and this was her visceral response:

“I have three large dragons.I’m gonna fly them to the Red Keep

Tyrion:“We’ve discussed this…”

My enemies are IN the Red Keep”.

And at the meeting at the Dragonpit she told Cersei:
“Your capital will be safe, until the north threat is dealt with

These are very interesting because we see Dany wants to take KL, but she haven’t done yet, because her advisors told her not to. But the thing is, Olenna told her not to listen to Tyrion and to be a dragon, and as the season goes she ignores him many times and even accuse him  of plotting against her more than once. The more Tyrion tries to make her listen more she ignores his advices.
Dany always had problems with that. Her very “black and white” vision sometimes led her to have bad ideas she just didn’t turn reality because she had  advisors who convinced her otherwise. But now she’s not  listening to her advisors anymore, and maybe the show told us her future through Varys”s words:

Tyrion:“Daenerys is not her father”

Varys :“And she never will be. With the right counsel. “

Daenerys is not her father is also another phrase they said a lot this season. They keep calling her “mad king’s daughter” and they even told us more than once what the Mad King did to Brandon and Rickard Stark. It’s almost like the show  is saying “Her father was mad. Don’t forget that”

Important characters have fled King’s Landing

They did a massive reunion at King’s Landing this season. Tyrion and Davos visited King’s Landing in a rush. They showed the Dragonpit, the place where Balerion’s skull is kept and winter upon King’s Landing. It’s almost like the show is saying  “let’s make a scene there because this is our last chance”. Bye bye King’s Landing. And now aside from Cersei all the remaining characters we care left KL. Jaime fucking Lannister and even Gendry we didn’t know was alive left King’s Landing.
The only important character left there is Cersei. Daenerys’ ultimate enemy.
They quoted more than once the amount of people living in King’s Landing at episode 7x7. Why would they do that if it wasn’t important? The time is short this seasons and the lines mean something.

Dany’s Visions

One thing that really upsets me in the show is the visions Dany had at the House of the Undying. In the book she sees lots of things important as fuck but in the show she has three visions. THREE FUCKING MISERABLE VISIONS. But if you look at them now you’ll see they are important as fuck too. And it’s the first one I want to talk about.
She enters at the Throne Room and there’s snow on the floor but the snow only starts to fall heavily when she looks up. And when she looks up and TA DAAAAAA, there’s no ceiling.
The Throne Room is destroyed like something came from the sky and destroyed the whole thing. Like I said I don’t think the Night King will ever come close to King’s Landing because the battle for the Dawn will most likely to end at Winterfell so what or who could came from the sky and destroy the Red Keep like this?

In the books it’s clear to me she see things that matter to her, her visions in the House of the Undying are about her life and important events that could have, that have or will happen to her. Things that relate to her somehow. The visions are not meaningless. So why would she see the Throne Room but not the Night King destroying it? Probably because she was the one who destroyed the place. She sees the destruction she made.

Bran’s vision

Bran’s visions were actually the very first trigger to me. At episode 6x6, after Hodor’s death Bran is running with Meera and uploading the visions from the - RIP older -Three Eyed Raven. D&D said they spend hours to choose which scene would be there cuz they were fucking important. PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE. It’s was the first time we saw the Mad King,  there were some old scenes from the past seasons BUT there were some new ones that I don’t recall to see before..  

This one that features a single dragon in the sky.

And also this one that features a shadow of a single dragon over King’s Landing and there’s smoke in some places.

The tricky thing here is that these two scenes along with the scene where the Night King turns the Craster’s baby into a WW repeat 5 or 6 times. Only this three scenes repeat so much. 

For 3 times these scenes with the single dragon are followed by the scene of Daenerys with Drogon on her shoulder. No other dragon appears on Bran’s visions, only Drogon. There’s no other vision of Daenerys, only this one that always appears after the vision of KL burning.

If you ask me, the visions show King’s Landing burning by dragon fire and then who is responsible for that: Daenerys and Drogon.

Daenerys’s dragons are her advantage at war. In ADWD she even thinks she could never conquer the Seven Kingdoms without them. She already lost one to the Night King. What if she loses one more? She’d probably be desperate and hopeless. With only one dragon left she’d see herself with no better option to take the Iron Throne than to do what she already wants to do: attack King’s Landing.
That’s why Bran saw this in his visions. He saw the Mad King wanting to destroy the capital, and he saw Dany fulfilling her father’s vision.

Bran sees Jaime but not Cersei. Jaime already tried to kill Daenerys this season, will he try again at season 8 after Daenerys attack all the people he lost his honor to protect?

Daenerys burning King’s Landing on rampage is something I can see happening. It would fulfil the “Mad Queen/Daenerys villain theory” and part of the  audience would even agree with her actions, and say she’s not mad, she’s just at war and that’s the only option she had left. Only Cersei is left at KL so people would not feel sorry how we felt when Tyrell’s died in the sept. Cersei has yet to lose everything to a more beautiful and younger queen. Her family is gone, all she has left is the throne, and Daenerys is coming to take it.
When Cersei had lost everything then and only then the valonqar will kill her. She’ll probably flee KL during the fires just to be killed right after.

Daenerys have been accused of being a foreign invader by many people  this season, the Westerosi don’t trust her and burning King’s Landing would give the remaining Lords of Westeros more than enough reasons to rebel against her. I can think many ways this could lead to a Sansa x Daenerys struggle but this post is huge already so maybe another time.

did anyone else get kinda frustrated when the stark children reunited and didn’t share their stories on screen and either made excuses or closed the conversation off with “it’s been a long road for all of us” and stuff like that???? i want to see their reactions!! i want to know what sansa has to say about arya being able to change faces or killing walderfrey and his men or what arya thinks about how sansa killed ramsay and escaped from him or the questions they both have about all the shit bran learned and saw along the road! i’m not satisfied with a cold hug and small talk i want them to Share and Learn and Support each other!!!

this isn’t even exclusive to the newest episode, because also we haven’t seen sansa and jon talk much (even though both went through so much shit) like you’d expect someone to have lots to say when they find out their brother rose from the dead. and the only thing that happened with sansa and bran was that he creepily brought up the night of her rape but that’s it

Lost Soul (Jon Snow)

word count: 3, 819

request: Hey! Could I request a Jon Snow one shot? Maybe where the reader was Ramsay Bolton’s prisoner and Jon saves her and it’s all fluffy? I love your writing btw! Much love ❤️

requested by: anon

warnings: ramsay, suicidal thoughts, rape, violence against a woman

a/n: I can never back a short one-shot when writing game of thrones fanfics. Like, I go all in. I’m extra af. There’s a lot of build up, I am so sorry. Part Two of Queen in the North will come out soon, and then Part Two of Loyalty.

Originally posted by tywinlannister

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Re: The Future of Poppy

Copy-pasted from the site blog:

The next update will be up on Friday, I’m taking my time finishing it up after being burnt out by a long flight and a lot of consideration regarding future life choices.

A very real issue that must be confronted is my declining motivation regarding working on Poppy as a comic and, in general, doing art as a career. Drawing comics was, frankly, never really my passion. I had never once, before Poppy, drawn more than a page or two of a comic for myself before giving up out of disinterest. I do enjoy storytelling. I enjoy writing. But I don’t actually care for art all that much outside of the character designing process. Over the past few years, Poppy has gone from a fun project I started to push myself to improve, to an obligation that I sort of resent but keep doing because it covers my bills. You know. A job. Except jobs don’t usually entail people on the internet sending you death threats or making up rumors about you because your work ethic’s bad or they don’t like which one of your characters is kissing another. The last time I felt really passionate about working on Poppy was when I was writing the Snow Thanks story last December, because I didn’t have to draw most of it. I’d like to do more of that.

What I’m getting at is that I’m going to continue doing Poppy as a comic for now. I’m most certainly going to see this story to the end, if only for myself. But don’t be too surprised if at some point, I switch to an illustrated writing format, releasing short chapters at a time with art to introduce characters and show pivotal moments. And yeah, I know that’s going to kill a lot of people’s interest in the series. I’ve considered the possibility in the past, and each time, people have essentially told me to “shut up and just keep doing the comic”. But Poppy is time-consuming, and I have other things I want to do. Other stories I want to tell. Other careers I want to go into schooling for. So, I’m gonna finish up this chapter, and then decide where I want to go from there.

There’s two more chapters in Part 1 of Poppy after this one. Long ones. At the current rate, it’ll be 2019 by the time I finish it, and then we’re still only 25% through the story. Writing with illustrations, though, I could wrap this part up by the end of the year. Just something to consider.

Who else feels like J0nsa shippers know the least about Jon’s character? Because I’ve been seeing a lot post about how Jon is just manipulating Daenerys. Jon’s my favorite so when I see J0nsa fans say things like

“Jon is using Dany for her dragons”

“Jon will pimp himself out to help his family”

“When Jon has sex with Dany but he’ll be thinking about Sansa”

“Jon is only having sex with Daenerys so he can use the dragons”

These type of comments really piss me off because like do they really think so little of Jon?. Like are you telling me the honor bound Jon Snow would ever be ok with using a woman for her body???? Like really???. Another thing that gets on my nerves when it comes to the J0nsa fandom is how quick they are to hate on Jon. Like if he does anything that interferes with their ship they turn their back on him like weren’t you the same people who were cheering him on when he told Daenerys that he was a king and didn’t need her permission? But oh god forbid he takes her side after she just rescued his friends and lost a child. So yea I really really hate the J0nsa fandom but not just for the total disregard for Jon’s character but how they make jokes about Daenerys “raping” Jon like how sick are you to make jokes like that? Because I remember y'all getting all snipy when Daenerys told Jon she was raped and y'all we’re all like “So was Sansa! She was raped but you don’t hear her bragging about it” now that was the first step to hating the J0nsa fandom. Because how can y'all stand there and get mad at Daenerys for saying she was raped then make jokes about her raping Jon?????. Ugh I’ve lost respect for most of the J0nsa fandom now there are some who are respectful and are actually really nice but sadly are over shadowed by the bad apple of the their fandom.

I feel like, maybe for right now, the only person besides Joe and Wally who truly cares about Caitlin is Cisco. I do believe Barry has been through a lot of shit. I was having a thought that maybe, once he realizes his priorities are out of whack when comes to his infatuation with Iris, that he will finally care about Caitlin more. Because she’s his best friend, the doctor that never gave up on him even when he was stupid and careless with his speed from the beginning. I have a feeling Snowbarry may happen, it’s only a possibility.
—  Anonymous
southern will solace headcanons

i always get So Offended when people write southern will as this COWBOY so here is Southern Will Solace Headcanons by An Actual Southerner

  • will saying “bless their heart but” and immediately starts shit talking
  • will using “hun” sarcastically with the Glares of Death he learned from his boyfriend or with completely fake sympathy
    • “oh, hun” with a shake of the head. the fakest
  • will complaining about the cold always because what the fuck. anything below 70F is cold/chilly
    • that means it’s sweater and jeans time
  • him greeting someone really kindly and another person just “will!!! you’re so kind!!!” and he turns and replies “:)) i hated them” bc southern kindness doesnt mean they like you
  • “y’all” and “all y’all” and “y’all’ve” and “ain’t” slipping out sometimes
    • “i ain’t” “y’all’ve fucked UP”
  • his accent being more prominent when he’s pissed
  • he acknowledges EVERYONE. everyone gets a nod or a smile or a wave. everyone
  • bible belt billboard sign jokes
    • “he rises again!!” “who??” “he. our lord n savior jEEsus christ”
  • “where i’m from… we only have one season. fucking HOT”
    • seriously 100 degree temps with awful humidity based on were you are
    • “i’m not built for the cold”
  • will, pointing at a snowflake: whats that
    • depending on where in the south,, some places get a lot of snow??
    • “quick buy milk and bread”
  • chacos. he wears them
  • he gets really pissed over sweet tea in ny “nO i can’t just use the sugar packets at the TABLE!!!! IT HAS TO BE MIXED IN,”
  • always addresses every authority figure ever to be in the camp (even the other camp counselors) as “sir” or “ma’am” (and saying it really sweetly sometimes)
  • calling all soda coke and confusing anyone he’s talking to that isnt southern
    • “i want a coke” someone gets him a coke “nono not that–”
  • he begs for them to install a porch swing on the apollo cabin’s porch
    • he is always on the porch
  • someone: “do you know how to get to x place” him: “idk. what buildings are around it??”
    • also: “do you know x place??” “what buildings are around it??”
  • he is literally always so hyped about honeysuckle plants
  • never pronounces his g’s on -ing words
It’s You

Summary: AU where Y/N is the speedster and Barry Allen is the first person you save.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 3150

A/N: Hi! So, this is something I wrote for a friend and I liked how it turned out so she let me post it here :) I hope you all like it too! (It’s also the longest thing I’ve ever written lol).


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A tip about cardio!

When I thought about cardio I really only thought about running, and man tbh I’m not a huge fan of running, never felt like I was “good” at running, and just never thought my body would look “good” while running. SO I wanna tell you first off although running is amazing for you, there are a lot of other cardio workouts you can do! But here is some tips of how I learned to start running, and feel more confident in running!

1. Fast walking on treadmill or outside!! Since where I live theres snow/ice everywhere I walked on the treadmill with an incline of 7.5-8.5 and did intervals of speed 2.8-3.0-3.5+ (switched speed every 4 minutes) and started with 20 mins! Then for a week I added 4 more mins! This kept my heart rate up and made me do a slight jog!

2. The elliptical!!! If you don’t feel “confident” running at the gym or outside yet an elliptical is a great start (and what I did!) It helped me increase my endurance and gave me a great workout! I always go on the intervals setting, and started w/ 20mins on the elliptical, then each day add 5mins till I go for 60mins every time now!

3. Now time for the treadmill! After doing each step for a week when I went on the treadmills and did intervals (running/fast walking) I felt a lot more confident, my endurance felt stronger, and I felt more stronger doing cardio! I do intervals for 25 minutes (which was a comfortable starting time) and now I increase every day +3!

Hope this helps!

Dreams, Rings & Other Things

Summary: Emma and Snow talk about the wish world and the secret Emma thinks Hook is hiding.

A/N: Written despite the fact that I should be working on my CSBB fic. Has some mild speculation for 6x12, and references to a certain ring saw in the 6b promo.

Read on Ao3!

Emma eyed the bottle of rum carefully before sitting it aside, deciding that the hot chocolate she was serving didn’t need to be spiked. She lifted both mugs and walked carefully back to the sofa, waiting as her mother finished putting her little brother in his crib. Her father had finally kissed her awake, and was sleeping peacefully – well, as peacefully as one can sleep while cursed – in bed. 

Snow White had been none too happy to learn just how long she had been asleep, and Emma could feel the tension radiating off her as she padded around the loft. Not that Emma could blame her. She would be livid if Killian had kept her under during a crisis, as well. 

Her mother’s anger was why Emma was still at the loft. Emma recognized that Snow needed a distraction of some sorts, and she was willing to provide it. Regina was acclimating Robin to Storybrooke, and Henry and Killian had gone off to do their own thing – “We’re bonding, Mom,” Henry had said with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes – leaving just Emma and Snow alone. Not that Emma minded. She enjoyed one-on-one time with her mother. With all the crises that occurred, it was all too rare. 

Finally, Neal was settled and Snow practically collapsed onto the sofa, gratefully taking the hot chocolate Emma offered. “I needed this. Is there anything chocolate can’t cure?”

Choosing not to answer her mother’s question, Emma instead asked, “So how are you doing?”

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Even If It’s Just Pretend

A new chapter! Also, this is for Snowbaz Feda Day 3 (@snowbaz-feda ).

Description: Simon is broke, his foster father is an asshole, and he knows he has nowhere to go when summer break comes around. So when he sees an ad for a paid psychology experiment involving romantic couples, he’s quick to pretend he’s in a relationship…with his nemesis/roommate Baz.
AKA the faking dating trope that we know we all love.

Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3

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anonymous asked:

lmao my family does short term rentals, we live in wi. I swear to god if another fucking southerner jokes about how cold the north is compared to the south this winter I'm just. Gonna die?? You're not funny or original, I know how the fucking weather works,

Story time. I lived in NY “most” of my life(we moved a lot, so it wasn’t a LOT, but the majority). When I moved out I went immediately to FL to escape small town shit life(not the weather, just my town). When I got down there and got a job I dealt with “snow birds” for the first time, even though I pretty much grew up among them my whole life. It was always obvious which were the migratory old people that came down because winter was coming. They were always the most annoying. They couldn’t shut up about the weather and how they come there every fall. When less than mild weather hit, the snow birds would be lecturing everyone about what “real cold” was. Mostly it just sounded like a whole lot of bragging on their part that really just fell on deaf ears because the only people that would be envious would be people that are still freezing their asses off up in the north. Meanwhile no one gives a shit about your retirement winter home in Boca Raton. If you must go south to escape the cold, then fine, but no one needs to fucking hear about it EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU VISIT A STORE! Most likely that cashier you’re holding captive has heard about it a dozen times since you got there two weeks ago! -Abby

Moving on #12

Originally posted by loeychateau

Word count: 1982 // I made it extra long for you ♥

Warnings: Angst I guess

Author’s note: Like I said I’m going to take a break from writing the Ordinary series and do some of the left over drabble requests :)

Special thanks to @byunshim​ for requesting this and I am very very sorry that it took me so long! I hope this are the right numbers you chose and that you still like it♥

Please enjoy and have a nice and safe day/night ♥

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Request: Annyeongie! I’d like to request 7 and 8 for the drabble game… where Baek Hyun eventually gets jealous seeing her with someone else, because he realizes that he does love her. he has a gf btw, that’s why he couldn’t accept her confession at first. Please and THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Oh and ANGST.. like crazy.          

7:“Please just be my best friend again and not the guy I just confessed to ”

8: “You can’t keep pretending like it didn’t happen! Because it fucking did!”

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Sheltered pt. 1

Sheltered  – Engraved
<– Engraved 11 | <– Crowned 2 | Engraved 12 –>
| Sheltered 2 –>

Short: Law student and intern Kim Jongin uses his charms for a dangerous pastime behind the screens, but he falls for the most normal girl.
Words: 3080
Type: Angst/Fluff
Pairing: Kai x Miyong (oc)
Warnings: mentioning of an accident
A/N: This will run chronologically with Engraved, but it’s not needed to read this to understand Engraved, but the parts posted for Engraved after this will contain spoilers. It is also not necessary to read Engraved to understand what is happening here. But it will make things more clear.

AFF link Engraved line
AFF link Sheltered only

Kai pov

The office was in it’s usual bustling state of busy. Sounds of rustling paper, the copy machines, nails on keyboard filling his ears while he was going over his merger case. The two companies had a lot in common but their client was trying to get more out of the deal. He was searching through databases and e-mailing people to try and get the information he needed to let everything go as smoothly as possible.
His booth was at the far corner of the room, and he had the wall on his left and the rest of the room on his right. He liked it, this way he could see everything. It wasn’t too big of a room, there were about 10 paralegals and interns in here. Everyone knew each other by now, much to his tries of keeping to himself. The people were nice and it was nice to be around them, sometimes they went out for a drink after work, or all got lunch together.
The girl beside him leant over the booth, her head on her hands on the small wall. “What are you working on?” she asked, warm caramel curls falling over the edge and framing her face.

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Y'all know those straight ships? Like those ships that when u hear them ur brain is like “wow that’s some heterosexual content right there only consumed by the straights”?? Y'all know those ships I’m talking about???

Cabin in the Woods | Hoseok Drabble

Anonymous said:

“Can I request a dabble with Hoseok? like him and his s/o goes to a cabin while its snowing? make it fluff and angst? please? thank you <3”

Warning: Uh…some making out

You threw your suitcase into the trunk of the car with a huff before stomping to the passenger door like a child. You and Hoseok had been fighting a lot lately. Seemed the only communication you’ve been having with eachother was when you were shouting. In order to ‘remember why we love eachother’ - as Hoseok had said - he planned a romantic weekend at a cabin. You told him it would be snowing hard that weekend, but he insisted, insighting yet another argument. He slammed into the driver’s seat and you two set off, neither of you saying a word.

A few hours later you were a few miles away from the turnoff when it started snowing - like you told him it would - and the snow just kept coming, falling harder and harder. The roads were icy and now you could barely see five feet ahead of you. You were getting really nervous, clutching at the handle overhead, occasionally squeezing your eyes shut when he would turn a corner.

It was one of those times you had your eyes shut that you heard him scream. You jolted forward as he slammed on the brakes, the tires spinning and sliding on the ice, throwing you around. The whole time you were silent, paralyzed in fear. Finally, the car came to a stop, only because it had spun off the road and was now stuck in a mountain of snow.

“Great,” you exhaled. “Now we’re stuck. You can’t even get out of a hydroplane.”

“God! Can you stop blaming everything on me?” He shouted. You weren’t even surprised at his outbursts anymore.

“I’ll stop blaming you when you stop making mistakes and being at fault!”

He let out something very close to a growl before he shut the car down and opened his door.

“Where are you going?”

“The car isn’t going anywhere and we’re almost out of gas. No gas means no heater. So I’m walking to the cabin.”

“But the cabin’s like a mile away!” You call out, scrambling out of the car and rushing to catch up. You’re not about to be caught alone out in the woods.

You trudge through the knee-high snow for what seems like hours, before you come upon the cabin.

You two stepped into the dark cabin, the moonlight filtering through the lace curtains to show a clean, cozy living room. The air smelled of furniture polish and lemons, letting you know the owners had lovingly prepared it for their guests’ arrival. Hoseok walked straight to the fireplace to light it as you stood to the side, shivering from the cold and damp.

You watched as he stoked the fire to life; the silence between you was deafening. You didn’t expect him to come to you once he was done and draw you to the warm flames. You struggled to unbutton your coat with your numb fingers but Hoseok pushed your hands aside and did it himself, ignoring his own soaked clothes. You stood there passively as he removed your coat then moved to unfasten your pants.

“What are you doing?” You questioned as you took hold of his hands.

“Your pants are wet and you’re shivering,” he stated with a raised eyebrow. “It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before.”

You hesitantly release his hands, your eyebrows scrunched together. You hadn’t been intimate for a while; it seemed he had lost interest in you. You figured that was why you were always picking a fight, bitter and insecure from his disinterest. As he slipped your jeans down, the wet denim suctioning to your flesh, his fingers grazed the sensitive skin of your thighs. You felt a tear slip from your eye. You covered yourself with your hands as he had you step out of your jeans. He looked up at you in confusion at your sudden modesty. When he saw your tears the look on his face softened. He softly kissed your inner thigh, lingering as you shivered in a combination pleasure, nerves, and cold. He stood, pulling your hands away as he did.

“Why are you hiding yourself?” His voice was gentle, curious.

You shrug as you look away, avoiding his gaze.

“Baby,” he murmured. He nuzzled against one of your cheeks, his hand drifted up to the other one, stroking the skin with a finger. You choked on more tears; he hadn’t called you that in a while.

“I’m not attractive to you anymore,” you whimpered. You struggled to fight back your tears, your throat aching from the effort.

“That’s not true,” His bafflement came through his voice as he leaned back to look at you. “Why would you think that?”

“You stopped touching me. Stopped being affectionate. You just…stopped.”

“You made me feel like I was smothering you.”

“How did I make you feel that?”

“You said ‘Hobi, stop smothering me’.“ He looked at you with hurt in his eyes, the memory still fresh in his mind "So I stopped and waited for you to initiate something. I didn’t want to bother you.”

You let out a watery laugh, amazed at how dumb you two were being. “We’re indiots.”

“Yeah.” He drew you to him until you were flush against his body, his soaked pants shocking a gasp from you. He took that opportunity to kiss you, his tongue slipping into your mouth in a slow, passionate kiss.

He was so gentle as he let out a groan. You gripped his coat, pulling him ever closer and heating up the kiss. Not being with him for a while, you were desperate. You ripped your mouth from his, gasping for air and tearing at his clothes. “We need to get you out of these wet clothes.”

“God, yes.”

When I found out that 6x20 was going to be the musical/wedding episode, I decided to re-watch 1x20, since there have been a lot of elements of season 1 in this current season.

What I have noticed from it was that there are indeed a few elements that have already been paralleled in the show so far; and others that could be very telling of what might happen in the remaining episodes.

The elements already being paralleled:

First of all, the episode is titled “The Stranger”, and it tells us the story of Pinocchio; which has been brought back this season already.

Most precisely it shows us how Marco built the wardrobe, and how August got to our world. We have already seen this paralleled in Season 6, with wish realm August building the wardrobe to allow Emma and Regina to go back to Storybrooke.

What I found interesting is how the Blue Fairy kept saying that its magic was only powerful enough to transport 2 people, but then she wanted Snow (carrying Emma) and Charming to go through it. Does that mean that when Emma and Regina went through it this Season and brought back Robin was kind of the same thing it would’ve happened if the original plans had gone through? Is Robin “part of” either Regina or Emma, and that means only 2 people actually went through it? Or is it because Robin, as everyone else keeps reminding Regina, is not real?

Another thing was August telling Emma about where he was when she decided to stay in Storybrooke, and he does it in these terms:

August: You ever been to Phuket? It’s beautiful. Amazing Island. Full of pleasures. The perfect place to lose oneself. That’s where I was when you decided to stay in Storybrooke.

Amazing island. Full of pleasure = Pleasure Island? Which has been brought back up again in 6x12. And 6x11, if you take a look at what August is writing with his typewriter.

In both episodes (6x12 and 1x20) the pages August has added are mentioned. In 1x20 Henry notices that Pinocchio’s story isn’t completed, and then later on August tells Emma he was telling her how the story ended. But then in 6x12, he tells Charming that he was ashamed of that part of his story, that’s why he hasn’t included it in the book.

This has been told already, but I really think August represents Regina somehow.

In the episode of Season 1, they both tell the story of how they respectively found Emma and Charming. It’s interesting how August tells Emma he is going to tell her his story (the story of how he was the boy who found her in the newspaper) and the next scene we see Regina and David, and she tells him the story of how she found him.

August: “We’re going on a trip, Emma.” who has been going on road trips with Emma so far?

I also noticed another two parallels between the two (Regina and August)

When we see August and Emma at the forest home, we see August being yelled at by an adult for touching the toolbox. That immediately reminded me how in 5x19 Cora tells Regina not to touch the box containing the wand.

Both stories end with the redhead (August/Zelena) leaving Emma/Regina. Zelena, we know was Regina’s half sister, and in the foster home Emma might have as well been considered August’s “sister”.

Then at the beginning of the episode, Mary Margaret tells Regina this: “Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness if your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness.”

And at the end, August tells Marco this: “I just feel like fixing things.”

Which at first could be seen as a contrast, but if you see August/Regina as the same person, it looks more like a reaction.

As for what I think could happen in the next episodes:

Snowing vs the Evil Queen

Snow will come back from the curse the Evil Queen has put her and Charming under, just as in 1x20 Mary Margaret has just come back from jail. We even have this conversation between MM and Regina:

Regina: Ms. Blanchard. I see you’re back.

MM: Isn’t it wonderful? Everything worked out.

Which I would see as how Regina would react when the curse finally gets lifted.

I also see how the Evil Queen might react to it. This is another part of their conversation:

Regina: Are you insinuating something?

MM: Yes, I am. But I forgive you. Even if you can’t admit what you did, I forgive you anyway. Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness if your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness. It’s so sad, Mayor Mills, because despite what you think, it won’t make you happy. It’s only going to leave a giant hole in your heart.

Which is exactly what the Evil Queen has stated already, about wanting them to feel what she has felt: loneliness. And what Regina has told the Evil Queen: “You still have a hole in your heart, just like I did when I first came here.”

Maybe the Evil Queen will try, just as she did in 1x20 by trying to seduce David, to keep Snow and Charming apart; but ultimately she will have to realize what Henry tells her in “The Stranger” is true:

Henry: Go ahead and try. It won’t work. No matter what you do, Snow White will have her happy ending. She and Prince Charming will be together. The curse will end. Good will win.

And maybe the Evil Queen just needs her family’s “forgiveness”, to know that she is accepted as a whole, and not for just the “good parts”.

Emma and August:

At first August, as he is trying to convince Emma to go on a trip with him, he tells her this:

August: You need to look at the big picture. That’s the only way you’re gonna understand what you’re up against. That’s the only way you’ll know how to beat Regina.

We know that Emma now isn’t trying to beat Regina, but she is still not looking at the big picture. I kind of believe that August will have a part in Emma seeing all the lies H00k has told her so far. August might know some things that have happened that are missing from the book, just as he was about to tell her the rest of his story. He might know what really happened with Ariel for example.

In Season 1 August was supposed to make Emma believe she was the Savior, and needed to bring back everyone’s happy ending. This time, I think he will have to remind her that it is not her job to give H00k is own happy ending.

August: Your denial is more powerful than I thought. It’s preventing you from seeing the truth.

The denial can be both about her feelings for Regina, and her relationship with H00k. And the truth she is not seeing now is the fact that her relationship is built on a bunch of lies.

She literally can not see what’s in front of her.

Emma + Henry and Regina

At the beginning of the episode, we see Emma trying to build a case against Regina to get custody of Henry. And at the end, we see her trying to bring Henry out of town, stating they have to leave Storybrooke.

We know from what Regina tells Emma in the wish realm, that they kind of share custody of Henry now. Maybe they are working on the legal aspects of it?

I also think Emma didn’t leave Storybrooke in Season 1 because, just as in Season 3, there was a “piece” missing in their family: Regina.

Bonus, because I don’t know where to fit these:

1) Regina and David have this conversation just as they are about to enter her house:

Regina: Thank you for being my knight in shining armor.

David: Well, it’s more like flannel, but you’re welcome.

We perfectly know by now who has been Regina’s “knight in flannel armor”, if you need a reminder, here she is:

2) Mary Margaret at the beginning, when August installs a new lock on their door, says:

“As long as it keeps Regina and her skeleton keys out.”

But from Shady’s post here, we can see the key that opened MM’s door wasn’t a skeleton one.

3) Marco, as he wakes up on the shore after having being through a storm with Pinocchio: “Pinocchio? You saved me.”

Which as been said a lot between people who I think share TL - Snow/Charming - Emma/Henry - Emma/Regina. So, that made me think… maybe the TLK effect when getting out of the tree for both August and Emma only happened because the people who put them there (Marco and Charming) did it out of True Love? They were giving them their best chance, as the show likes to tell us.

So, the True Love colors showed as Emma got into the wardrobe and Regina getting out of the tree, are separated, but for now, because they haven’t been “united” yet? Both Emma and Regina are still in denial, and don’t realize the other feels the same.

4) After Pinocchio has turned into a real boy, the first scene we see of him and Marco at the workshop, shows us Jiminy Cricket (the conscience) being trapped into the clock. Which reminded me of how Gideon, of all things, broke the tower clock from the inside out. Is that a way to bring Emma back to her conscious?