i only like it when it snows a lot


Artist: Jaroo (@Jarujaroo)

Artist caption: “This is a little out of the blue but I thought of this during work…Aurora and Snow White meeting in the forest (super retcon!) They were drawn to each other by their singing

One of them’s been tricked her whole life only to have them try to take her forcefully away, and the other’s been used as a maid until she got kicked out and became a “mom”…it’s not like you’re gonna get the throne even when you go back to the kingdom, so just grab each other’s hand and leave~

I had a lot of thoughts while drawing this but now that I’m done…idk maybe I just wanted to see Disney femslash”

A tip about cardio!

When I thought about cardio I really only thought about running, and man tbh I’m not a huge fan of running, never felt like I was “good” at running, and just never thought my body would look “good” while running. SO I wanna tell you first off although running is amazing for you, there are a lot of other cardio workouts you can do! But here is some tips of how I learned to start running, and feel more confident in running!

1. Fast walking on treadmill or outside!! Since where I live theres snow/ice everywhere I walked on the treadmill with an incline of 7.5-8.5 and did intervals of speed 2.8-3.0-3.5+ (switched speed every 4 minutes) and started with 20 mins! Then for a week I added 4 more mins! This kept my heart rate up and made me do a slight jog!

2. The elliptical!!! If you don’t feel “confident” running at the gym or outside yet an elliptical is a great start (and what I did!) It helped me increase my endurance and gave me a great workout! I always go on the intervals setting, and started w/ 20mins on the elliptical, then each day add 5mins till I go for 60mins every time now!

3. Now time for the treadmill! After doing each step for a week when I went on the treadmills and did intervals (running/fast walking) I felt a lot more confident, my endurance felt stronger, and I felt more stronger doing cardio! I do intervals for 25 minutes (which was a comfortable starting time) and now I increase every day +3!

Hope this helps!

Dreams, Rings & Other Things

Summary: Emma and Snow talk about the wish world and the secret Emma thinks Hook is hiding.

A/N: Written despite the fact that I should be working on my CSBB fic. Has some mild speculation for 6x12, and references to a certain ring saw in the 6b promo.

Read on Ao3!

Emma eyed the bottle of rum carefully before sitting it aside, deciding that the hot chocolate she was serving didn’t need to be spiked. She lifted both mugs and walked carefully back to the sofa, waiting as her mother finished putting her little brother in his crib. Her father had finally kissed her awake, and was sleeping peacefully – well, as peacefully as one can sleep while cursed – in bed. 

Snow White had been none too happy to learn just how long she had been asleep, and Emma could feel the tension radiating off her as she padded around the loft. Not that Emma could blame her. She would be livid if Killian had kept her under during a crisis, as well. 

Her mother’s anger was why Emma was still at the loft. Emma recognized that Snow needed a distraction of some sorts, and she was willing to provide it. Regina was acclimating Robin to Storybrooke, and Henry and Killian had gone off to do their own thing – “We’re bonding, Mom,” Henry had said with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes – leaving just Emma and Snow alone. Not that Emma minded. She enjoyed one-on-one time with her mother. With all the crises that occurred, it was all too rare. 

Finally, Neal was settled and Snow practically collapsed onto the sofa, gratefully taking the hot chocolate Emma offered. “I needed this. Is there anything chocolate can’t cure?”

Choosing not to answer her mother’s question, Emma instead asked, “So how are you doing?”

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It’s You

Summary: AU where Y/N is the speedster and Barry Allen is the first person you save.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 3150

A/N: Hi! So, this is something I wrote for a friend and I liked how it turned out so she let me post it here :) I hope you all like it too! (It’s also the longest thing I’ve ever written lol).


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southern will solace headcanons

i always get So Offended when people write southern will as this COWBOY so here is Southern Will Solace Headcanons by An Actual Southerner

  • will saying “bless their heart but” and immediately starts shit talking
  • will using “hun” sarcastically with the Glares of Death he learned from his boyfriend or with completely fake sympathy
    • “oh, hun” with a shake of the head. the fakest
  • will complaining about the cold always because what the fuck. anything below 70F is cold/chilly
    • that means it’s sweater and jeans time
  • him greeting someone really kindly and another person just “will!!! you’re so kind!!!” and he turns and replies “:)) i hated them” bc southern kindness doesnt mean they like you
  • “y’all” and “all y’all” and “y’all’ve” and “ain’t” slipping out sometimes
    • “i ain’t” “y’all’ve fucked UP”
  • his accent being more prominent when he’s pissed
  • he acknowledges EVERYONE. everyone gets a nod or a smile or a wave. everyone
  • bible belt billboard sign jokes
    • “he rises again!!” “who??” “he. our lord n savior jEEsus christ”
  • “where i’m from… we only have one season. fucking HOT”
    • seriously 100 degree temps with awful humidity based on were you are
    • “i’m not built for the cold”
  • will, pointing at a snowflake: whats that
    • depending on where in the south,, some places get a lot of snow??
    • “quick buy milk and bread”
  • chacos. he wears them
  • he gets really pissed over sweet tea in ny “nO i can’t just use the sugar packets at the TABLE!!!! IT HAS TO BE MIXED IN,”
  • always addresses every authority figure ever to be in the camp (even the other camp counselors) as “sir” or “ma’am” (and saying it really sweetly sometimes)
  • calling all soda coke and confusing anyone he’s talking to that isnt southern
    • “i want a coke” someone gets him a coke “nono not that–”
  • he begs for them to install a porch swing on the apollo cabin’s porch
    • he is always on the porch
  • someone: “do you know how to get to x place” him: “idk. what buildings are around it??”
    • also: “do you know x place??” “what buildings are around it??”
  • he is literally always so hyped about honeysuckle plants
  • never pronounces his g’s on -ing words
Headcanon about Kain and his sons

I’m not certain on the kind of man Kain was, mostly because we’ve never seen or heard him talked about, but I have this head canon that he didn’t want much to do with Izana when he was born.
He didn’t see the point in interacting with a baby and was nearly completely absent in his early years. Haruto, who was forgotten by the king after the birth of the heir, moved to Wilant to raise the prince and be nearer to her family. There Izana was pushed to be friends with other noble boys like Touka and Makiri.
It wasn’t until Izana was six and all his tutors were reporting to Kain about how brilliant his son was that he ordered the queen to return to Wistal with the prince.
Izana was a naive kid and was excited to finally spend time with his father, but every interaction made him realize that Kain was more like a stranger than a father to him. But I think Kain, seeing his clever and well spoken son, was over come with pride for Izana and decided he wanted another kid. This time around, with Zen, he didn’t let Haruto return to the north and made it a point to spend time with his sons. He actually held Zen as a baby, and was very interested in his studies and swordplay, and sometimes he’d even let Zen ride on his horse with him during hunts.
He was proud of Izana, but tended to favor and dote on Zen. Izana always had to be the best to get attention, but Zen just had to be.
It also helped that Zen took well to the things Kain was interested in, while Izana seemed to be almost purposefully doing the opposite. Excelling at archery, focusing on strategy in battle rather that strength, and spent most of his free time alone with ladies than away on lavish hunting trips with other noblemen.
The differences in their treatment never made Izana resent Zen, but made him nervous about the sort of man he might become.

Even If It’s Just Pretend

A new chapter! Also, this is for Snowbaz Feda Day 3 (@snowbaz-feda ).

Description: Simon is broke, his foster father is an asshole, and he knows he has nowhere to go when summer break comes around. So when he sees an ad for a paid psychology experiment involving romantic couples, he’s quick to pretend he’s in a relationship…with his nemesis/roommate Baz.
AKA the faking dating trope that we know we all love.

Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3

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When I found out that 6x20 was going to be the musical/wedding episode, I decided to re-watch 1x20, since there have been a lot of elements of season 1 in this current season.

What I have noticed from it was that there are indeed a few elements that have already been paralleled in the show so far; and others that could be very telling of what might happen in the remaining episodes.

The elements already being paralleled:

First of all, the episode is titled “The Stranger”, and it tells us the story of Pinocchio; which has been brought back this season already.

Most precisely it shows us how Marco built the wardrobe, and how August got to our world. We have already seen this paralleled in Season 6, with wish realm August building the wardrobe to allow Emma and Regina to go back to Storybrooke.

What I found interesting is how the Blue Fairy kept saying that its magic was only powerful enough to transport 2 people, but then she wanted Snow (carrying Emma) and Charming to go through it. Does that mean that when Emma and Regina went through it this Season and brought back Robin was kind of the same thing it would’ve happened if the original plans had gone through? Is Robin “part of” either Regina or Emma, and that means only 2 people actually went through it? Or is it because Robin, as everyone else keeps reminding Regina, is not real?

Another thing was August telling Emma about where he was when she decided to stay in Storybrooke, and he does it in these terms:

August: You ever been to Phuket? It’s beautiful. Amazing Island. Full of pleasures. The perfect place to lose oneself. That’s where I was when you decided to stay in Storybrooke.

Amazing island. Full of pleasure = Pleasure Island? Which has been brought back up again in 6x12. And 6x11, if you take a look at what August is writing with his typewriter.

In both episodes (6x12 and 1x20) the pages August has added are mentioned. In 1x20 Henry notices that Pinocchio’s story isn’t completed, and then later on August tells Emma he was telling her how the story ended. But then in 6x12, he tells Charming that he was ashamed of that part of his story, that’s why he hasn’t included it in the book.

This has been told already, but I really think August represents Regina somehow.

In the episode of Season 1, they both tell the story of how they respectively found Emma and Charming. It’s interesting how August tells Emma he is going to tell her his story (the story of how he was the boy who found her in the newspaper) and the next scene we see Regina and David, and she tells him the story of how she found him.

August: “We’re going on a trip, Emma.” who has been going on road trips with Emma so far?

I also noticed another two parallels between the two (Regina and August)

When we see August and Emma at the forest home, we see August being yelled at by an adult for touching the toolbox. That immediately reminded me how in 5x19 Cora tells Regina not to touch the box containing the wand.

Both stories end with the redhead (August/Zelena) leaving Emma/Regina. Zelena, we know was Regina’s half sister, and in the foster home Emma might have as well been considered August’s “sister”.

Then at the beginning of the episode, Mary Margaret tells Regina this: “Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness if your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness.”

And at the end, August tells Marco this: “I just feel like fixing things.”

Which at first could be seen as a contrast, but if you see August/Regina as the same person, it looks more like a reaction.

As for what I think could happen in the next episodes:

Snowing vs the Evil Queen

Snow will come back from the curse the Evil Queen has put her and Charming under, just as in 1x20 Mary Margaret has just come back from jail. We even have this conversation between MM and Regina:

Regina: Ms. Blanchard. I see you’re back.

MM: Isn’t it wonderful? Everything worked out.

Which I would see as how Regina would react when the curse finally gets lifted.

I also see how the Evil Queen might react to it. This is another part of their conversation:

Regina: Are you insinuating something?

MM: Yes, I am. But I forgive you. Even if you can’t admit what you did, I forgive you anyway. Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness if your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness. It’s so sad, Mayor Mills, because despite what you think, it won’t make you happy. It’s only going to leave a giant hole in your heart.

Which is exactly what the Evil Queen has stated already, about wanting them to feel what she has felt: loneliness. And what Regina has told the Evil Queen: “You still have a hole in your heart, just like I did when I first came here.”

Maybe the Evil Queen will try, just as she did in 1x20 by trying to seduce David, to keep Snow and Charming apart; but ultimately she will have to realize what Henry tells her in “The Stranger” is true:

Henry: Go ahead and try. It won’t work. No matter what you do, Snow White will have her happy ending. She and Prince Charming will be together. The curse will end. Good will win.

And maybe the Evil Queen just needs her family’s “forgiveness”, to know that she is accepted as a whole, and not for just the “good parts”.

Emma and August:

At first August, as he is trying to convince Emma to go on a trip with him, he tells her this:

August: You need to look at the big picture. That’s the only way you’re gonna understand what you’re up against. That’s the only way you’ll know how to beat Regina.

We know that Emma now isn’t trying to beat Regina, but she is still not looking at the big picture. I kind of believe that August will have a part in Emma seeing all the lies H00k has told her so far. August might know some things that have happened that are missing from the book, just as he was about to tell her the rest of his story. He might know what really happened with Ariel for example.

In Season 1 August was supposed to make Emma believe she was the Savior, and needed to bring back everyone’s happy ending. This time, I think he will have to remind her that it is not her job to give H00k is own happy ending.

August: Your denial is more powerful than I thought. It’s preventing you from seeing the truth.

The denial can be both about her feelings for Regina, and her relationship with H00k. And the truth she is not seeing now is the fact that her relationship is built on a bunch of lies.

She literally can not see what’s in front of her.

Emma + Henry and Regina

At the beginning of the episode, we see Emma trying to build a case against Regina to get custody of Henry. And at the end, we see her trying to bring Henry out of town, stating they have to leave Storybrooke.

We know from what Regina tells Emma in the wish realm, that they kind of share custody of Henry now. Maybe they are working on the legal aspects of it?

I also think Emma didn’t leave Storybrooke in Season 1 because, just as in Season 3, there was a “piece” missing in their family: Regina.

Bonus, because I don’t know where to fit these:

1) Regina and David have this conversation just as they are about to enter her house:

Regina: Thank you for being my knight in shining armor.

David: Well, it’s more like flannel, but you’re welcome.

We perfectly know by now who has been Regina’s “knight in flannel armor”, if you need a reminder, here she is:

2) Mary Margaret at the beginning, when August installs a new lock on their door, says:

“As long as it keeps Regina and her skeleton keys out.”

But from Shady’s post here, we can see the key that opened MM’s door wasn’t a skeleton one.

3) Marco, as he wakes up on the shore after having being through a storm with Pinocchio: “Pinocchio? You saved me.”

Which as been said a lot between people who I think share TL - Snow/Charming - Emma/Henry - Emma/Regina. So, that made me think… maybe the TLK effect when getting out of the tree for both August and Emma only happened because the people who put them there (Marco and Charming) did it out of True Love? They were giving them their best chance, as the show likes to tell us.

So, the True Love colors showed as Emma got into the wardrobe and Regina getting out of the tree, are separated, but for now, because they haven’t been “united” yet? Both Emma and Regina are still in denial, and don’t realize the other feels the same.

4) After Pinocchio has turned into a real boy, the first scene we see of him and Marco at the workshop, shows us Jiminy Cricket (the conscience) being trapped into the clock. Which reminded me of how Gideon, of all things, broke the tower clock from the inside out. Is that a way to bring Emma back to her conscious? 

Creepypasta #1065: I Work As A Private Investigator. Here Are A Few Of My Strangest Cases (Part 2)

Length: Long

I don’t believe in the occult. I don’t believe in the paranormal or anything of that sort. The case I’m about to describe did not change this. You really have to put a lot of trust in your senses; what you’ve personally seen or heard as a PI, and bogging those very senses down with deductions spotlighting supernatural intervention is a pretty piss-poor decision if you wanna get anywhere. Y'see, I do, however, have my weird personal superstitions and idiosyncrasies. Wouldn’t really be human if I didn’t. I try and keep them separate from my job, but sometimes they pop up in the back of my mind regardless, picking and drilling at the gray matter in my skull in a desperate attempt to burrow their way back inside.

For example, I sometimes feel that reality stops functioning correctly in complete isolation. That, when things are left completely unobserved for a long amount of time, the unknown, unseen spaces cease to exist. Stuff that shouldn’t be able to physically happen is suddenly no more than child’s play and unwelcome things that have no right existing play their fickle little games with us.

I don’t try to think about it too much, and I most certainly don’t try to give the stupid little thought any power. Nonetheless, there’s always the occasional case in which the idea is particularly tempting to indulge.

It was the middle of summer and the cicadas were chirping in their monotonous choir, like a million audio tapes put on never-ending, ear-rending repeat. The summers are fairly cold up here, but at least there’s no snow. I was sitting in my office, finishing up one of my previous cases. Just general reports left; lots of paperwork. Boring stuff that seem to cause the world to drown in a cacophony of summer insects. The tedium was broken when my phone rang. I picked it up, only to hear the voice of one of my closer PI friends on the other end. We chatted casually for a few minutes, mostly just me trying to get my mind off of the writing pains in my wrist, but it was obvious that he’d called for a reason.

He explained that he’d been on a missing person case, a small boy around the age of four. His mother and father had divorced a few years ago, and his mother is currently holed up here, in my area. The boy had apparently been missing for quite a while now. The police had been contacted first, but they turned up with nothing.

After a week passed with no sign of a missing person, you kind of have to start assuming the worst. Nevertheless, we’re usually the last resort for these cases. So my buddy went asking around, and apparently he managed to dig up a couple of accounts saying that the kid was seen boarding an olive green SUV with a woman looking to be in her early thirties just hours before his disappearance was reported. Nobody thought to note the license plate. 

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Sheltered pt. 1

Sheltered  – Engraved
<– Engraved 11 | <– Crowned 2 | Engraved 12 –>
| Sheltered 2 –>

Short: Law student and intern Kim Jongin uses his charms for a dangerous pastime behind the screens, but he falls for the most normal girl.
Words: 3080
Type: Angst/Fluff
Pairing: Kai x Miyong (oc)
Warnings: mentioning of an accident
A/N: This will run chronologically with Engraved, but it’s not needed to read this to understand Engraved, but the parts posted for Engraved after this will contain spoilers. It is also not necessary to read Engraved to understand what is happening here. But it will make things more clear.

AFF link Engraved line
AFF link Sheltered only

Kai pov

The office was in it’s usual bustling state of busy. Sounds of rustling paper, the copy machines, nails on keyboard filling his ears while he was going over his merger case. The two companies had a lot in common but their client was trying to get more out of the deal. He was searching through databases and e-mailing people to try and get the information he needed to let everything go as smoothly as possible.
His booth was at the far corner of the room, and he had the wall on his left and the rest of the room on his right. He liked it, this way he could see everything. It wasn’t too big of a room, there were about 10 paralegals and interns in here. Everyone knew each other by now, much to his tries of keeping to himself. The people were nice and it was nice to be around them, sometimes they went out for a drink after work, or all got lunch together.
The girl beside him leant over the booth, her head on her hands on the small wall. “What are you working on?” she asked, warm caramel curls falling over the edge and framing her face.

Originally posted by kaibility

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anonymous asked:

what if hux & kylo only make the connection between flowers & wounds during starkiller? hux is anxiously commanding during the attack when suddenly his side sears and he screams, falling to his knees as an explosion rocks the base. it's only after a medic is seeing him on account of flowers appearing on his skin that he looks over at ren and sees a mirror of his flowers

(in reference to this au)

i feel like this would make a lot of sense though! both boys are constantly covered up in front of each other–Hux in his uniform and Kylo in his robes–so the other would never see the wound/flowers on their bodies

so it’s only when hux is running through the snow, ignoring the vine of cherry blossoms that have appeared on his skin, and he sees a massive gash across Kylo’s face in the same place does Hux realise

it’s Ren

Kylo is his soulmate, and he’s dying in the snow, and Hux is bothered about the flowers on his face

he gains a little perspective in that moment & it changes him for good

kandreil holiday exchange for @wesawbears

day two: snow

 Andrew should have known Neil would be like this. 

Palmetto received minimal snow, in the winters, but this year, Andrew, Neil and Kevin were driving up to a cottage Kevin had rented for the weekend. Neil said they should stay longer, but Kevin couldn’t handle leaving the court for too long. 

It was as Andrew drove further North on their trip, with Kevin snoring and sprawled across the back seats, that the snow really started coming down. Andrew watched carefully as Neil’s eyes lit up as they followed the snow falling from the sky. The other man’s posture straightened, and his face eased into a calm smile. 

“You look happy, for someone who’s about to freeze their ass off,” Andrew commented dryly. 

Neil shrugged. “It’ll be fine." 

Andrew’s foot landed a bit harder on the pedal as that phrase fell from Neil’s lips, lurching the car forward, and drawing a louder snore out of Kevin. Neil placed his hand over Andrew’s on the shift in a silent apology.

It was once they actually reached their cottage did Andrew realize how truly cold their weekend was going to be. He and Kevin got a fire going, while Neil tossed their stuff upstairs. 

"We’re going to freeze,” Andrew told Kevin. 

“At least we’ll freeze together,” Kevin said with a grin. 

Andrew stared back at him. “Don’t say stupid shit like that, or I’ll dump you in a snow bank, and leave you there." 

Kevin grinned, and opened his mouth to say something when Neil stomped down the stairs, wrapped in a jacket, hat, gloves, and a scarf. "I’m going outside,” was all Neil said before stuffing his feet into his clunky boots and marching his way outside.

He always knew Neil was inhuman, but Andrew never really considered that he might be also be crazy. 

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“It’s so cold. Come cuddle with me?” “Guess we gotta share…”// Sodapop Curtis

Requested by @ponygirlcurtis11

I was walking home from school. There was an early release because of snow, and I had no car, so I had to walk home in the freezing snow because I had on only a leather jacket and skinny jeans. I cursed myself for not being more prepared. I was going to my boyfriend, Soda’s, house to spend the night there. I guess we might get snowed in for another day.
I walked into the house, soaking wet and freezing. He already had the fireplace blazing, and it was so warm and cozy in the house. Soda was sitting on the couch, buried in blankets. I noticed Darry and Pony weren’t home, which made things a lot better for us. They usually didn’t like to hang around us too awful much when I came over to spend the night.
“Oh, y/n, It’s so cold. Cuddle with me?” He said, making a place for me beside him. I couldn’t have been happier to accept his invitation.
“Soda, you realize there’s only one blanket, right?” I laughed, seeing that in the huge pile of pillows he had assembled, there was actually only one small blanket.
“Guess we’ll have to share,” he smirked at me.
I stayed snuggled up real close to him for the remaining part of the night. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be cold and lonely after all.

Snowball Fight With A Stranger- Shadowhunters (Alec Lightwood)

Pairing: Alec x Reader(no gender)

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  If you’re still taking requests, could you do an alec/reader one based on this first meeting prompt “i meant for that snowball to hit my friend but you came around the corner at the last second and now we’re having a snowball fight”

Warning(s): Fluff

A/N: Sorry for the wait, darling! and remember to be careful during snowball fights people, the snow shouldn’t have any stones or ice in them, or else they can do a lot of damage! I hope you like it^^ ENJOY! 

Originally posted by orchid-bud

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*gifs not mine* 

Snow had finally fallen in New York, and I couldn’t be happier. I was on my way home from work at the bookstore a few blocks down, when I spotted some very familiar figures hiding behind a bench, chuckling among themselves. 

 Slowly I snuck up on them, their attention obviously elsewhere, but just as I was only a couple of meters away from them, something hit me in my shoulder. Quickly looking down I noticed snow sticking to my jacket. 

 «Ha! I got you.» Yet another one of my friends shouted from another bench not far away. 

 «Snowball fight?» I shouted at them, to which they eagerly nodded. 

 «Well, count me in!» I shouted back at them as I swiftly scooped up a handful of snow, forming it into a ball. 

«You’re on my team, Y/n.» I nodded and jogged over to my team, throwing my bag together with the others. 


We had somehow moved away from the benches and towards one of the buildings during our fight, in which I had gotten some solid hits in if I could say so myself. Not that they hadn’t either. 

 When one of my friends on the other team had hit me in the neck not long ago, some of the snow had slipped down into my jacket, distracting me enough for them to get another hit in.

 I took another pre made snowball into my hands, getting ready to throw it at my friend who was standing by the corner of the building, a snowball in the making in his hands. With as much power I could muster I threw the snowball at him, but just to my luck he saw it coming and ducked, only for my snowball to hit a guy coming around the corner.

 The guy I had hit slowly turned his head to look at me, a murderous look on his face. Slowly he crouched down to the ground, picket up some snow, all the while keeping eye contact with me. 

 My friends around me had gotten awfully silent. Without me noticing it, the guy had made a snowball and before I could react the snowball came hurdling towards with an amazing speed, hitting me in the head. 

Luckily it was a soft one.   

The guy I had hit started laughing, his eyes twinkling in joy. Soon he was playing with us, throwing ball after ball without a miss. We were all having a lot of fun, and the snowball fight which had started out as long distance, turned into close combat.

 We had started with proper snowballs what we now threw was more just whatever snow we got up from the ground in whatever shape we managed to shape it in before we had to throw them. 

 All of a sudden without me managing to react one of my friends collided with the new guy, who had at one point said his name was Alec, and Alec stumbled into me, making me fall to the ground, with him on top of me. Both of us started wide eyed at each other were we lay with our faces inches apart, the «snowball» fight still going on around us. 

 Our noses brushed against each other when Alec moved slightly above me so he wouldn’t crush me below him. 

We both chuckled, both trying to get up at the same time. 

That was until one of my friends yet again managed to bump into a half sitting slash laying on top of me Alec with little balance, making him yet again fall on top of me, only this time it wasn’t just our noses that bumped; it was our lips.

Hoshidan Festival: Azura and Kiragi Parent-Child Convo

??? That’s odd, I could have sworn that we did this one before… Am I remembering wrong? 

So this conversation is rather odd because it negates Kiragi and Shigure’s whole sibling conversation. Turns out that Kiragi has the Snow White power too! Only that he uses it for more bloodthirsty purposes… 

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Dating Caitlin Snow would include

*I have only watched season 1 so far*

-Working for a different department at StarLabs before the flash

-Being one of the only people who stayed after the explosion

-Growing really close to the Caitlin and Cisco

-You and Caitlin comfort each other when you think of all the people who got hurt or died in the explosion

-Every now and then you find yourself dumbfounded by how smart she is

-Both of you being too embarrassed to ask the other out

-Cisco keeps mentioning that you act a lot like a couple until eventually you break and ask her out

-Helping her study Berry while he is in a coma

-Using your specialty to help the team

-Most dates are at Jitters, you meet there in the mornings and often go there after work or for trivia night

-Her pulling you into drunk karaoke whenever the team ends up in a bar

-Celebrating with the team whenever The Flash has a success

-Hugging each other comfortingly whenever something bad is happening

-Neither of you are the big or little spoon, you just hold each other in you sleep

-Though eventually she would spread out and take up the entire bed, either you pushed to the edge or you accept she’s going to sleep on top of you

-Smiling in the middle of your kisses

-Hardcore shipping Barry and Iris

-One of you would talk to Barry and the other would talk to Iris and give them advice

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-Doing everything you can to make sure Caitlin is okay when things get dangerous

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Carry On Countdown Day 3: Opposite Day

And one will come to end us,
And one will bring his fall.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the Chosen One at all.

It seems like Snow would be better suited for it.

After all, he’s from this rich, posh background- his family has been one of the most powerful wizarding families around for centuries. He’s always outfitted in fancy suits and his elocution is flawless and he’s smart as a whip. He’s acing every class, and I can’t even get my fucking wand to work. He’s got so much emotion in him, so much care- I wonder how someone can care that much about everything without imploding. He never tries to put up a front about who he is- Simon Snow is an open book.

Simon Snow is an open book, and on the pages are written every way possible to hate my guts.

It’s not like I ever did anything to him (well, I did push him down the stairs once- but that was an accident). (I only meant to get in a good punch).

He walks into our room with a plate full of scones and tosses one at me. “Eat something, Basil. If you waste away to nothing, my day will be significantly less annoying, and we couldn’t have that.”

“Don’t be such an insufferable prat,” I snap, but I take the scone because let’s face it, the scones here are fantastic, and also I haven’t left the room in two days. The last time I went off, I destroyed the entire Politickal Science room, and the Mage suggested (ordered) that I take a few days off.

“Then don’t be such a hermit. Merlin knows that you’d have starved by now if it wasn’t for me.” With that, he takes to stuffing his face over his desk. It’s almost impressive, how quickly he finishes six scones. Mesmerizing.

“You’re staring, Pitch.”

I turn away. I can feel the heat rise to my cheeks, but I’m hoping it’s not noticeable- it rarely is, with my dark skin, but the light is pretty bright and he’s looking right at me with a white-hot gaze.

“It’s not my fault you eat like a wild dog. One would think your manners would be better, for someone of such high status.”

Simon snorts. “And one would think you’d be less miserable, for someone everyone adores. ‘Baz Pitch, the Chosen One, the greatest Mage in ten generations, he has such pretty eyes, oh, he’s such a gentleman-’.” He stops, his face contorted in disgust. “They talk about you like you’re the bloody queen.”

I flip through my book, trying to ignore him, but the tension is rolling between us like waves. “At least they talk about me. No one here gives a rat’s ass about you, and you know it. You’re the kind of person only a mother could love- except oops, I forgot. You don’t have one of those anymore.” I can feel the atmosphere change, and I know it was a low blow. As it comes out of my mouth, I know it’s a step too far, more than toeing the line- I’m jumping across it. But I can’t back down now. Simon’s cheeks color quicker than I’ve ever seen, a sharp contrast against his greyish skin. He sweeps the desk clear in a sudden gesture, and when the plate clatters to the floor and smashes, I jump backwards. He stalks towards me, murder in his eyes.

“If it wasn’t for the anathema,” he growls, teeth bared, “I would rip you open and put your innards on display in the dining hall.” I don’t doubt the truth in his statement one bit. For a second I’m afraid, though I’d never admit it. I focus on keeping my carefully-practiced mask of indifference.

“I’d like to see you try,” I say back in a measured tone. Simon whirls away from me and towards the door.

“Don’t you ever. Ever. Talk about my mother again.” And he leaves, slamming the door behind him.

It’s been dark for two hours before I start worrying. Simon is usually back by now, to feign sleep at the very least before sneaking out and draining rats in the catacombs (though Penny insists he’s just visiting the graves down there). (I don’t believe it for a second. The boy’s a vampire. It’s plain to see). I pull on a jacket and sneak down the stairs and past the other rooms.

The cold air hits me like a smack to the face the second I open the door. It’s a windy night, and though it’s dark the moon is shining bright, giving everything a blue-white glow that makes me uneasy. A little voice in the pit of my stomach called guilt is screaming at me. If Simon isn’t okay, then it’s all my fault for pissing him off in the first place.

Though no one can hear me, I make my footsteps quiet anyway. It’s creepy on the Watford grounds at night. I summon my sword in a whispered voice and keep it down by my waist. Just in case.

I’m relieved when I see the catacombs. Something about being underground is less frightening, even though I can hear the echo of every creature scurrying in the dark. I don’t dare summon a flame- I’d probably blow the whole place up, knowing my luck.

After a few minutes of walking, Simon’s figure comes into view. He’s sitting with his back against the stone, head lolled over. I’ve never seen him like this. Usually when I watch him in the catacombs, he’s in and out as quickly as possible, with lithe, agile movements that I can barely follow. He seems to have his guard down now, and the wrinkle between his eyebrows is gone, which only happens in his sleep.

He looks innocent. Without the layers of cunning and plotting, Simon Snow is almost… Pretty.

I don’t even remember when I started moving, but soon I’m a lot closer to him than I’ve ever been in the catacombs. There’s something about the way he looks when he’s asleep that makes me feel like it’s safe to approach (a stupid thought, of course- he’s a fucking vampire). But still I inch forward, until I’m a mere three or four feet from him. He doesn’t stir.

I can’t see him too clearly. There are magical lanterns scattered through the catacombs, the kind that never go out, but there are none right here. A soft yellow glow lights the space, with just enough to make out Snow’s general appearance. I’ve been too fixated on his face, on the soft lines of it, that it takes me a minute to notice the blood.

It’s smeared all down the front of his shirt and his mouth, which hangs agape. Two gleaming white fangs poke out from his plump lips, normally so grey, dyed red from the blood that covers him.

I should be afraid. I should be running. I should be telling the Mage. But all I can think is the dumbest thought that’s ever crossed my mind- He’s always been a messy eater.

I make a small sound, something like a gasp, but it’s enough. Simon pops one eye open, then flinches backwards when he recognizes me. He tries in vain to wipe up some of the blood on his face with his hands, but only manages to smear it. I stand, stalk-still, shocked, while he frantically backs away, scurries like a spider. I hold up my hands in what I hope looks like a gesture of peace, but his eyes only widen in fear, and that’s when I realize- my sword. I have my sword draw. Snow thinks I’m about to kill him!

Muttering the incantation to get rid of the sword, I try to look encouraging. It dissipates into thin air. He looks less unnerved, but still confused.

“W-why…” It’s not the first time I’ve heard him stutter, he does it often when he’s overwhelmed. “Why don’t you just kill me? You’ve gotten what you wanted, haven’t you? All the reason in the world to rid the world of me, and still be a goddamn hero.“

It’s true. This is the moment. We’ve always known that one of us would be the death of the other. It’s been an inevitable thing, like snowfall in the winter. But something here is wrong. Something in Simon’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard- he’s practically begging for it, whining like a dog.

“Do it. End this. Have your golden life.” He sticks his neck out like an animal ready for slaughter, and the pleading in his voice sounds so genuine I want to be sick.

“I can’t. I won’t. I would never.” The words tumbling out of my mouth don’t make any sense, not even to me. Of course I can, of course I would! That’s how this has to end, after all.

But Simon deserves better.

Simon deserves better than a bloody death in a quiet cave, where rats will eat his body before I tell anyone what befell him. He deserves better than a private end, where he’ll have no chance to be saved. He deserves people to be able to look upon him as he falls and see what is right and what is wrong- he doesn’t deserve this place, with the dark and the cold, to keep all my dirty secrets.

He doesn’t deserve to value himself so little that he begs me to end his life.

Simon’s head sags to his chest in defeat. “I can’t do this anymore, Baz,” he whispers, and he sounds like a little child. Like he’s on the brink of tears. I can’t see his eyes, and I’m glad I can’t, because that kind of sentiment from someone like Simon, who never gives up, comes with sorrow that could kill you just to witness. “I’m done hiding from myself.”

“What are you hiding?” The voice I hear when I speak is not my own, at least not when I’m talking to Simon. It’s softer and it sounds- it sounds like someone who cares.

I do care. I shouldn’t, but I do.

“What am I not?” It’s a sentence that could be angry, but Simon just sounds tired. Tired and done. “I’m ready now. I’ve been ready for a while.” He sniffles. “I’d rather it was you than me.”

“Simon…” The word is foreign on my lips, but ‘Snow’ just feels so wrong here. So impersonal. “I…”

“If you don’t kill me now, then I’ll set this place on fire and I’ll take us both out. The world doesn’t want that, Baz. The world can’t stand to lose you. No one needs me. You said it yourself. You’ve got your proof- I’m a vampire. I’m a monster. Now, what are you going to do about it?”

And I just want him to stop. I just want him safe in our room being a git, shoving his face full of scones and yelling at me for taking too long in the bathroom fixing my hair and opening the window when I’m not paying attention. I don’t know what I want, but it isn’t this. I don’t know anything anymore. Everything feels cold and hot at the same time, and Simon is down on his knees and it’s wrong, it’s wrong for someone this proud to be this broken.

I don’t know who initiated it, or how I got close enough, but suddenly, Simon’s ice-cold, blood soaked lips are on mine and it’s not a bad feeling. It’s slippery and it tastes like sucking on a penny, and my hands are in his curls and his are crawling their way up the hem of my shirt and I’m crying, he’s crying, we’re both crying-

“I love you, Basil,” he mutters against my lips, and I have a half second to be grossed out by the fact that I’m practically licking rat blood from the inside of his mouth before he pulls me back into the kiss. His arms are strong, stronger than they should be even with his broad shoulders (which I’ve always been rather envious of, in truth) and I know that even if I wanted to get away, I couldn’t.

Strangely, I don’t. Strangely, there’s no place I would rather be right now.

Even stranger- Snow is the one who breaks the kiss first.

“You kissed me,” I breathe in wonder. I feel as though my eyes have glazed over, like I’m drunk or high or floating… Or something.

“No, you kissed me,” Simon replies, the furrow replacing itself in between his brows. I reach over and press the tip of my pinky finger into it, smoothing it out.

“You look prettier without that wrinkle,” I murmur, not sure what I’m saying, and lean in so our noses and foreheads are touching.

“You look prettier when you aren’t being an asshole,” he retorts, and gives me a light peck on the lips. It doesn’t match the statement, being as gentle as it is. I laugh a bit.

“Let’s get you home and cleaned up,” I say, standing (much to Simon’s dismay) and pulling him to his feet. He slings his arm around my waist and I put mine around his shoulders. After a moment of hesitation, I continue. “You love me?” Simon considers, then nods.

"You love me,” he says, not a question. I nod anyway, to prove it to myself.

“This doesn’t mean I forgive you for pushing me down the stairs,” he says after a long while, and I laugh.

“It also doesn’t mean I forgive you for getting blood all over my favorite pajama shirt.”

“Didn’t figure.” He sounds exhausted. The bags under his eyes speak for him.

I kiss the top of his head on a whim, and he seems surprised by the tenderness of the gesture (I kind of am, too).

“This feels like a beginning,” he whispers, so quiet I almost miss it.

“I hope so.”

You know, there are a lot of Japanese tropes in hetalia (despite it supposed to be about the world). Veniziano is obviously a Hetare (the entire basis of the series). But besides that you have the tsundere

Your girl in pigtails 

Tsundere girl in pigtails

Classic girl with big boobs

Neko people 

And many many more. However, recently there has been a certain character trope that has become VERY popular in the media that I would like to talk about. This craze is mostly due to this game:

That’s right folks. Today we will talk about yanderes. 

First of all, what is a yandere? A yandere is “a person who is initially very loving and gentle to someone (or at least innocent) before their devotion becomes destructive in nature, often through violence and/or brutality.”  

In hetalia we do have one yandere who is often never thought of as one because we don’t really see them as dangerous. We have some characters who are often mistaken to be yanderes or yangires. 

The character most commonly mistaken for a yandere is Russia. I have heard so many people say he is a yandere. he is NOT a yandere. The biggest reason is because he isn’t dedicated to someone or something and has never really tried to brutally murder someone. He shows no signs of antisocial personality disorder. He shows a lot of true emotion. He is very kind to animals and tries to be nice to and not scare people when he can (key word being tries).

Also this is not a face a yandere would make. Yanderes aren’t really afraid of anything (much less a chibi prussia). And when he harms others he isn’t aware that they don’t like it. Hima himself describes him as “childishly cruel”. Sure he says creepy things but that’s part of Russia. And many countries in the real world are terrified of Russia. Russia is supposed to be intimidating. 

While he is not a yandere, he could have the potential of becoming a yangire. Yangires are “normal people who suddenly become violent, sometimes due to a past trauma. Yangires are very similar to Yanderes, both are people who suffer from personality disorder and can easily become violent and extreme”. If you want an example of a yangire, look at rena from higurashi no naku koro ni (NOTE: this anime is NOT for kids. very gory and sad). Russia still doesn’t fit this description. He doesn’t just randomly snap and try to kill people. If he’s cruel to someone, he doesn’t try to KILL them (at least not on purpose). Hell even JAPAN is closer to this definition than Russia. Conclusion: Russia is not a yandere or yangire. 

Now that we talked about who Isn’t a yandere, let’s talk about who is. You probably all saw this coming because i pick on this character a lot (as well as her country).

Oh Belarus. You appear in so many of my posts. And you always bring me a shit ton of notes. 
It turns out Belarus has even MORE character depth. This was probably really obvious, but you never really step back and think about it. What does it really mean? When she bursts down her brother’s door, we normally laugh or think it’s cute. 
Let’s get this straight: Yanderes are not cute. Or at least their actions aren’t (imo Belarus will always be hot). By the end of this post, you may feel a bit uneasy around this character.

She fits the definition perfectly. She has been shown to be willing to harm or kill people in the sake of her dear sweet onii-chan. She states over and over how much she wants to marry him. She stalks him. She steals his toothbrush. She steals his underwear, smells it, and wears it as a hat. She has suggestive photos of him as well. She commits violent acts against people she sees as a threat to their relation ship. And how about a yandere face?

There it is.

But the scary thing is what a yandere’s state of mind is like. Yanderes almost always have Anti Social Personality Disorder or what is commonly referred to as sociopathy. This disorder is commonly found in serial killers. To sum it up, these people are incapable of feeling empathy, regret, or remorse for others. They have not regret for their actions and normally don’t feel emotions to the extent that we do. They still feel emotions, of course, they’re just not as strong. They may mimic emotions to make others believe that they are normal. Of course there are MANY people with ASPD who have become functional members of everyday society. It all depends on how you grow up. But for those who succumb to alienation and are raised in isolation, their future is much more likely to go down a darker path. Belarus, growing up with only her siblings, who themselves are very dysfunctional, you can see where this is going. And we see this emotionlessness in Belarus. A LOT. 

even as a child she is indifferent to the problems being discussed by her siblings. She’s not even happy building her snow tits. In the Good Night with Sheep character CD, we hear this somewhat flat tone of voice when not talking to Russia and her indifference towards her siblings when she does something that bothers them (like hurting Russia’s arm). I mean jeez Belarus, if you’re going to be a yandere at least ACT like a normal person so people don’t suspect you when someone goes missing. That’s like yandere rule #1! Oh wait, it’s too late for that… 

Even though she hasn’t really murdered anyone (that we know), she is certainly not afraid to do it. It was there from the beginning:

In case you can’t see, that’s a KNIFE that she is holding against Latvia’s back. 

 (In the second pic she’s breaking Liet’s fingers if you can’t see). 

And let’s not forget she went on a total rampage in this character CD. (flip to 7:40 to hear it and RIP Urara Takano’s vocal chords). You can hear her destroying shops and merchandise. 
She even looks like a yandere. Frilly old dress, innocent white bow…she looks like the vocaloid Mayu. Ironically Mayu is also supposed to be a yandere. 

With the potential to be a sociopath, Belarus’s aura of terror gets darker. Still not afraid? It has been confirmed Belarus thinks humans are “a series of misfortunes and hardships" and has shown disliking towards them. Scared now? 
Again, I love how deep this character is and how well it represents the actual country. The real country is kind of like a yandere, actually. “WHAT?! You don’t like Lukashenko-senpai’s views. Okay then. Let’s send the KGB to make you ‘mysteriously disappear’”. It appears to be just your average hockey loving country. But within the civilization, they have little to no human rights and mass corruption. Belarus is a scary country. What better to represent it than a scary character?

But one thing is for sure.

Lithuania you are into some extremely kinky shit.

Mitch Marner #8

Requested by Anon:  Mitch Marner imagine? Reader being really close friends with Auston which makes Mitch jealous sometimes and now it goes really bad but reader does something romantic to prove he’s the only one for them and lots of cuteness… your blog gives me life

*Thank you so so much! I hope you like this one, I had so fun thinking about ideas for this. Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 943

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When you’re in a car, looking out the window while it was snowing outside, the radio playing some 90s emotional ballad, everything just seems so dramatic, isn’t it? It even adds to the effect when the person who’s driving, also coincidentally your boyfriend, is not speaking to you.

As Michael Bolton continued to sing about going the distance, Mitch continued to ignore you.

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I’m crying over my old car.

I hate the thought of selling it for parts. It feels like getting rid of a pet just because it’s gotten too old to run around and play. Everyone keeps saying “Oh good, you’re finally getting rid of that old thing” and mom commented that she was happy because the old car was “ugly” but… I’ve had this car for 8-9 years, I learned to drive in it. Despite a few scary incidents, we were never in a single wreck. I feel like I’m betraying and old friend. He looked out for me when I was still learning, got us to Tennessee and back to visit friends so many times. When they plowed the school parking lot and the only open spaces were filled with giant piles of snow, Sunny climbed that snow like a boss! He was old when we got him, sporting windows that still had to be “rolled” down, manual pretty much everything. Had to explain to someone once that I had to park the car and get out to open the trunk so he could get his stuff. “Just pop the trunk!” “It doesn’t pop!”

Everyone else may be happy to throw him out like a piece of trash, but this car feels like family to me. I feel like I’m the piece of trash…