i only like her as oracle

You know whose Gen 2 character I’m most hyped to meet???? Laura Bailey 8D

Rangers in 5e are pretty notoriously garbage, to the point where they had to rebuild them in Unearthed Arcana. Poor Trinket ended up outclassed by endgame, and Vex had to take Rogue levels so she could get some useful skills and her damage would scale. She was never going to get the showstopping moments like Grog’s Brutal Critical or Vax’s frankly ludicrous Dagger-Dagger-Damage output or ninth-level Counterspells or turning into a planetar or whatever. Vex eventually got outstripped by pretty much everybody in terms of damage, skills, spells, and out-of-combat utility. Even her signature magic item, the flying broom, was cheapened because Kiki and Scanlan could always fly via polymorph or beast shape, Percy got spider-climb, and Pike and Vax ended up with wings.

And Laura STILL managed to make some of the most intelligent, creative, and effective combat decisions of anybody, even with her comparatively limited toolset. She combined Holy Arrows and Conjure Barrage way back in Ep 34 to rain death down on the Briarwoods; the plan to summon Yenk to fight Vorugal was largely her idea, as was the equally good idea of faking Raishan’s death to lure out Thordak (which unfortunately didn’t happen); rescuing Grog with the Raven’s Slumber Jewel basically won the Kevdak fight in Ep 52; and her grasping vine was like the ONLY thing that stopped the Vecna cultists from alerting the whole city in that Sphere of Annihilation + Wall of Force fight. Oh, and she was also the one who figured out the spinny death sphere using her Oracle Arrow, which was just fucking brilliant

What I’m saying here is that Laura is a goddamn underappreciated genius, and I am so so so so SO excited for her to play…basically anything that isn’t a ranger :’D somebody with spells, or neat movement abilities like a monk’s, or just \o/ anything!!!! \o/ IM HYPE

What Ardyn did wrong... and why everything was wrong with Noctis’ fate

Ardyn is the most interesting character in FFXV, indeed. Mysterious man of no consequences. Despite his horrible actions, a lot of people being sympathetic to him, because Trash Jesus is very charismatic person with aura of tragic, misunderstood hero, who was punished by terrible Gods for nothing.

But people simply ignore a big elephant in the room.

Ardyn didn’t cure Starscourge. 

He didn’t fullfill God’s task, he absorbed Starscourge within himself, but didn’t destroy the plague properly. 

But why? Why didn’t he sacrifice himself like Noctis? Why did once selfless and kind man choose the path of Accursed?

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Huntress in the Castle: Part One

This is a very special story to me I wanted to share with all of you. I’ve been working on it for a long time  and I’ve been too nervous to share it. I think now is the right time.

           Once upon a  time, my Granny told me my fate rested in the forest. It was where I would find an evil meant for me. Now, every family had a different story they told their wee ones on why they should never ever go into the forest. Unlike those tales though, my Granny’s story turned out to be true. My Granny, you see, was an oracle. She could see into the future. She could see the things that other people couldn’t.

           She told me, many a time, that I should never ever go into the woods, that was until I turned seventeen. She would tell me, “then, and only then will you be ready for what the forest holds. Because it is there, my precious child, that your destiny lies.” She smiled comfortingly, her gold tooth glinting in the light of the fire.

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Just a quick little blurbs that streamed from my head that need to get out, but no request will fill in the blanks.



It had been a little bit of time since you and your sweetheart got to actually hang out and be nerds within your shared apartment. Not with the upcoming meetings, speeches, and your wedding in a few weeks. Life had got pretty crazy fast and you both were one more meeting before being burned out.

 Yet this seemed to be something you both needed.

Noctis laid across your lap, as he played the latest game that he hadn’t had a chance to touch. When you suddenly notice the game paused, and the thousand-eyed stare of your love. 

“Noctis, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t remember what color our dog is.”

You didn’t know how to explain to him, that you both didn’t have a dog.



You had been in the bathroom getting ready, having the door closed due to if not you would be subject to a lot of embarrassing dancing pictures of your concerts.  Only to hear a knock.


“Yes, Pom?”

“It’s me.”

“I know.”

“Your boyfriend.”

“Knew that too.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You then heard him walk off, more than likely to get ready too. You really did love him.



You had been moving about the room for a while now, grabbing laundry, as the two of you always put it off until the last moment. When you stopped turning around to the bathroom, you heard a noise but the lights were off. You quirked an eyebrow, before pulling out your phone and texting your boyfriend. 

Are you in the bathroom with the lights off?

‘What do you care
I’m a grown man’

You couldn’t stop the giggles as you picked up a dirty shirt, to be put in the wash, seeing Gladiolus three imposing dots as he followed up with his retort of questioning him. Once making it to the laundry room, you finally heard you phone bing.

‘I’ll do what I want, don’t question me.’

‘I’m not.’

‘Stubborn ass woman
I love your ass btw’

You honestly didn’t understand why you two were texting, but you could understand that you did love this man to hell and back. 



This was perfection, absolute perfection. No more than 24 hours ago, you were wedded to the man of your dreams. You both knew that with his job, you wouldn’t be able to take a honeymoon of any kind, yet you did not mind. 

Every day was a honeymoon, now that you were Mrs. Ignis Scientia. 

He was given the next day off, with the promise that the others would refrain from setting anything on fire, each other include. 

“Is something on your mind, husband?” You giggled, laying across the bare chest of the man that owned your entire heart. Staring into those green eyes for once without his glasses to block them. 

Ignis smiled, running a hand down your nude back, his other resting behind his head, in a moment of relaxation, “If only I had known what a wonderful piece of my soul was waiting for me, I would have come to you as soon as I learned to walk, my wife.”

You couldn’t stop the coo as your husband moved you forward for a kiss. One of many for years to come. 



You were nervous, absolutely nervous, staring at the Oracle across the table from you. So perfect, so beautiful, you’d give up everything for her in a heartbeat. Nervously you placed down your salad fork, before leaning over to the man next to you.

“Can…can you ask if she likes me?”

The man next to you was none other than Ravus Nox Fluret, he sighed looking to his sister, then to you, “You’re married of course she is rather infatuated with you.”

“Ok, but like can you still ask her?”

Ravus groaned as he turned to his sister who had witnessed the entire situation, “Lunafreya, do you still like your wife?”

“Very much so, Ravus, I’m rather in love with her.” Lunafreya smiled.

Ravus turned to you, “Will that suffice?”

You nodded softly, before leaning back over to the man, “Okay, but like for real, though. I mean like-like?”

It took everything for Ravus not to slam his head into the table, you two were honestly the gross couple he’s ever had to be in the company of. He had much rather take it within the company of Pyrna. No wonder you too often had to be seated away from each other at meals.

reasons why a black actress should play Barbara Gordon in the DCEU:

  • still not enough women of color in leading roles!
  • DEFINITELY not enough disabled women of color in leading roles. at all. I can’t even really remember the last time I saw a disabled character who wasn’t white??
  • carry on the trend of casting black actors as characters who are white redheads in the comics (as established by Candice Patton, Kiersey Clemons, Keiynan Lonsdale, Mehcad Brooks, and Zendaya)
  • we all agree that the Lego Batman Movie is great right? right. well Babs is Afro-Latina in the Lego Batman Movie and I really think we should roll with that
  • a disabled black woman as one of the smartest and most influential people in a world full of superheroes yes please
  • there’s really no good reason for her not to be
  • let’s do this
  • thank you for your time  

If you think Luna only exists for Noctis and has no other purpose in her life, there is something you don’t understand. Of course, she loves him and wants him to succeed. But she also takes her duties as Oracle very seriously and she seems to care for her people deeply, just like Yuna does in FFX.

Yes, we will see more of that if we get a DLC about her, and I really hope we will. But stop pretending she is just a weak love interest who has no personality. She is one of the bravest character in FFXV and she is very strong. The game makes it clear.

shea-gardienne  asked:

Ahh if it's not an issue, can you explain what was going on with the illustration? SPOIL ME

So after Huang Hua and -boy you like- left Gardienne alone in the cave (because -boy you like- died), she started looking for the cause of all the Myconides’s and Balenvians’s problem. What was causing the poison to be out of control in the cave ?

She was guided by the Oracle, that she only could see, through the cave where i got lost ans wasted a lot of maanas

She finally found what was causing all of this : pieces of crystal. a lot of them. They were “corrupted” and when she tried to remove them she felt as if her hands were burning.

But still, she kept removing them one by one. Asking the Oracle to help her to get through this.

When she finally removed them all, a white light spread through the cave and the air, that was toxic before, became pure. The Myconides gained back their control on their spores.


< Part One >

* Annabeth didn’t know how to take it…

* She was fairly certain she did scream. Maybe at Lester, maybe at Percy. 

* Not like Percy could hear her

* His eyes weren’t suppose to be glassy white

* “Okay… go over it again…”

* Lester’s hands fidgeted nervously

* “I… remembered this old prophecy, the first one I ever heard. Phoebe whispered it to me as I took on the Oracle. I… I can’t remember it all, it had to deal with a demigod going insane.”

* Percy was sat crisscross on the floor, his eyes blank, his face looking up towards her

* “Is…. Isn’t the oracle female only?”

* Lester nodded. “I could take Delphi because I was a god, and I was supposed to be the one who took Delphi again… Percy’ll be lucky if he got out of this with a shred of sanity.”

* Annabeth remembered May. It was so long ago, it was barely a fragment, but she remembered. The frail woman and how shattered she had been. Annabeth could see it now - how Percy would never be the same again

* “Excuse… Excuse me, I need…”

* Grover nudged her away from the group fire, guiding her to the open woods. She was shivering, so was he.

* “Oh gods” She whispered. “Percy…”

* Grover held her while she cried. How was she supposed to handle this?

* A few minutes passed where neither of them said a word. They sat there, silent, remembering Percy and all their adventures with him.

* She can’t quite remember how she got in contact with Magnus. Did he call her? Did she call him? 

* She was aware of how broken she sounded, she didn’t like it but… she’s still human

* She heard Grover talking to Thalia through an Iris message, with Lester adding commentary. Meg, the poor girl, was trying to get Percy to eat.

* He wasn’t responsive other than mumbling a few lines under his breath and laughing

* When the call ended, she shuffled over to the Iris message, nearly walking through it

* “Hey Annabeth.” Thalia watched her friend. “How you handling this?”

* Annabeth shrugged. “I don’t know.”

* Thalia glanced behind Annabeth, before nodding. “I don’t think anyone knows how to handle this. I’m sending a few hunters your way, help you and Percy get back to camp. Maybe Rach could help.”

* Annabeth nodded, fumbling with the cuffs of her thin button down. Thalia slashed the mist, and Annabeth watched the water turn into a cloud of nothing.

* ‘Wisdom’s daughter…’ Percy mumbled, before falling quiet again.

* She swallowed a lump in her throat and sat down right where she was standing. She’ll wait right here.

The Fort


“But, Tim- “


“But why not?”

Tim sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. He counted to ten and tried to calm down, breathing in and out of his nose in time with his counting “Because” he started, turning around to face Jason who was leaning back on one of Bruce’s mahogany desks, his leather jacket rolled up to his elbows and his hair a black and white unruly mess. “I am not taking time out of my very important schedule- one you don’t have living as a full-time superhero in the woods with Roy and Kori - and I have very limited free time that I am not going to waste on you. So, Jason, the answer is no.”

“But why?”

“Jason, we are not building a pillow and blanket fort in the middle of Wayne Manor!”

“But it will be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to this crappy place!” Jason shouted as he raised his arms and pushed himself off of the desk to follow Tim out of the room. “It will be great! We can get everyone to pitch in! Cass, Harper, Dick, Steph, everyone!”


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Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Words: 1722

Plot: Libertus warned Nyx about Glauca being Drautos, so Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? 

Personal Comment: Since I really had a ton of unexpected encouragement, I decided to write this fic. This is only the first part as you can see and it’s also very short, but please let me know what do you think. thanks to the lovely @loveiscosmicsin for the collaboration. This fic will probably took me an eternity, guys, please be patient. Enjoy! <3

Lunafreya sat in a corner of the street, concealed by some dilapidated building. She really needed to catch her breath, it was that sole reason why the Oracle and the Glaive had stopped for a moment. She lifted her gaze from her hands, watching the sky beyond the smoke. 

 "Nyx Ulric … The wall is gone. Insomnia has fallen.“ She whispered with a sad look  of resignation. Nyx Ulric stood up right beside her and didn’t answer a thing. He was sad too though in a very different way. He was somehow angry and frustrated. Without the king’s magic, he was powerless to do anything else but stay by the princess, the last order he had been given. He took a deep breath and put the hands on her shoulders, trying to warm her up a bit while his eyes explored the area for possible dangers.

“We have to keep going, haven’t we?” She asked, shivering at the Glaive’s touch.

“Yeah. We must get out of the city before the Empire finds us. We’re almost there. Can you still move?“ 

Luna was slightly injured, but it was nothing compared to the uneasiness of her heart. Her hope was still there but with the death of King Regis - a dear friend who always had been present in her fondest memories of childhood- she really lost a father figure in which she used to trust. "Don’t worry,” she replied, touching the gunshot wound on her shoulder. “A scratch won’t stop me." 

"Let’s move then." 

Nyx pulled her up delicately and together they walked fast until they saw the frontier. A huge crowd was pulling from everywhere, trying to get out of Insomnia, the city condemned to destruction. Desperation, fear, and anxiety were painted on their faces. Nobody was expecting such a madness right in the same day in which the treaty had to be signed. Luna and Nyx looked at them, disturbed by the tense atmosphere. 

"Look, I chose this frontier because it shouldn’t be so very well guarded but a lot of people probably thought the same. Masses are unstable. We can take advantage of the confusion, but we also have to be more careful. Stay close to me, keep your eyes down, and trust me." 

"Magitek troops are in position, looking for us.” Luna squeezed her fist tightly, the Ring of the Lucii imprinting on her palm. If the Empire set up a checkpoint, they have no hope of passing inspections. “We can’t pass.”

“I knocked off hundreds of empties back in my military experience. They think like a hive together than apart. We can pass unnoticed or we can trick them.” Nyx gave her a thumbs up and a cocky grin. “I’ll manage somehow." 

"Without your powers?" 

"Thank you for reminding me of it every three minutes, princess.”

She tried to smile and then she decided to trust him. After all, he guarded her well until now, even without his magic. They acted very quickly: Nyx lead Luna holding her by her elbow right in the center of the crowd, pushing people aside so she could pass. Someone protested but he didn’t care. In five minutes, they found themselves face to face with some MTs, but they were strangely still. 

 "Maybe it’s our lucky day.”

"After all we went through, I highly doubt we can call it ‘lucky’." 

"Okay, let’s just say we had luck in this very specific occasion.” Nyx was still speaking when a Magitek suddenly opened his eyes and stared right at them. That was so terrifying that both Nyx and Luna boggled. An alarm started to sound in the air. “How the hell …?” Nyx took his kukri out and in the same time he pushed the princess ahead, barking a single order, “Run!”

Luna didn’t wait for the Glaive to repeat himself. She immediately ran ahead, ignoring her prior exhaustion and the shooting pain in her feet. Nyx slammed his fist in one of the MT’s face, ready to do the same with every one of the them if it was the case. He had to clear the way - which was enormously hard to do without his warp magic - and when he thought he almost did it, in that very moment a better armed soldier appeared in the distance, shooting at him. Nyx didn’t even feel the pain immediately, he only noticed his left arm bleeding under the sleeve. “Damn” he cursed, hating the sight of his own blood. That wouldn’t have happened if he still had his powers. 

“Nyx!” The princess stopped in the middle of the road as she saw him being hurt. 

“What are you doing? Keep running!" 

"More Magitek soldiers are coming!”

Nyx lift his head and he noticed that Luna was right. In the chaos of the fight, he didn’t hear the engines getting closer. This was bad and it could have get even worse if a black car wouldn’t have appeared in the distance. At first Nyx thought it was another imperial enemy, but as the car got closer, he started to feel hope again. 

A short man dressed in white came out of the car, speaking in a very evident accent from Tenebrae: "Princess, take this car and use it to escape!“ 

"Rufus!” Luna screamed in relief as she recognized her personal chauffeur. “What do you want to do?" 

"I’ll distract them somehow, but if we lose you we lose everything. You have to go!”

 Nyx immediately felt sorry for ignoring him two days before, when he met Lunafreya for the first time and took her away from him just to follow Drautos’ instructions. That short and showy man clearly was braver than Nyx gave him credit for. 

“Thank you, Rufus. I won’t forget this,” Luna said, as she stepped back, took Nyx’s good arm and pulled him to the car. 

“We can’t leave this poor man here to die” Nyx replied, seeing her intentions. He was pretty certain that Rufus would have been mortally wounded in 0.2 seconds if he stood alone against the empire. 

“Nyx, I need YOU to come with me.” The way she pronounced his name was ambiguous. Maybe it was a plea, maybe it was request, maybe it was a supplication. She seemed worried. She looked afraid. Yet, her voice was gentle, strong, and determined. “Can you drive me out of this city? Please?" 

Nyx didn’t even try to deny her something that was his duty anyway. Trying to stop the blood on his arm with a hand, he entered in the car and assured that the princess was safe in the backseat. He glanced at Rufus for a second before he pushed the clutch, gaining speed very fast. A Magitek ship shot at them, but the car resisted pretty well and the Empire wasn’t ready to see them leave on the wheels. 

 "Your chauffeur is a dead man now” Nyx mumbled after five minutes, looking straight ahead. His conscience didn’t settle with the idea of ‘we didn’t have a choice’. He would have regret abandoning him for ages. In fact, Luna didn’t seem feeling right about it either. She just sat in the backseat, hands covering her face, maybe hiding some silent tears. A deep hush went on for a long time. In the end, Nyx decided he had to say something. “Nobody is following us. I guess we took them by surprise, so that’s an advantage for us. Still, it’s just a matter of time before they start tracking us down again." 

"I have to heal your wound” she said out of nowhere, lowering her hands and showing her tired, pretty face. 

“You what …?” Nyx looked at her in the rearview mirror. “No, I’m fine.”

“I can heal your wound. Inside the crown city’s protocol I am the former princess of Tenebrae, but outside of it I am known as the Oracle. So healing people it’s my duty." 

"That’s not the problem. We just can’t stop now. When we will arrive at Hammerhead maybe… it should be safe there." 

"Hammerhead is two hours away from Insomnia and you will bleed to death in the meantime. Please, Nyx Ulric. I’m worried." 

Disarmed by her firm kindness, Nyx muttered something unclear and pulled over the car. ‘Please’, that magic word was literally everything she needed to say to make him obey like a little puppy. It happened before, it happened now, he feared that it will happen again in the future. 

"I hope you’re happy now, princess,” he commented, determined to complain as long as possible about Luna’s decision to stop in such a crucial moment. 

 "I will when your arm will stop bleeding.“ They both got out of the car. Luna moved in circle until she reached the Glaive’s side. Without saying another word she took off his jacket and examined the wound, causing him moaning in pain. "Oh, this could wait, right?” She asked in a very sarcastic tone. 

“In my defense I can say I didn’t think it was that bad." He replied cheekily.

Nyx was lucky, having the Oracle with him because no potion would have been enough with that bullet hole. Luna sighed. She covered the terrible wound with one gentle hand and with the other she cupped his cheek. Nyx stopped breathing for a moment: Luna seemed having in her daily routine the physical contact with her patients, but for him it was a brand new procedure. As she touched his forehead with hers, all he could think about was the warmth of her skin and the sweet smell of her breath. The operation took her a couple of minutes, in which she murmured prayers in foreign words that the Glaive couldn’t start to imagine their translation. Nyx didn’t move at all because he didn’t want to compromise her professionalism with some inappropriate comments. That was all she was. Professional. Nothing else. So his heart should have stopped beating so fast now. 

"How do you feel now?” she asked.

Nyx looked at the wound: there was a subtle scar where the hole used to be, but the pain was gone. 

“Much… better. Thank you, princess.” Luna sighed in relief this time and only then Nyx noticed the bead of sweat trailing down her neck. She suddenly looked so tired. “What about you?" 

 "I am fine. Healing other people cause me some discomfort, but nothing to worry about. I just need some rest.” She stood unsteadily on her feet and took a deep breath. “I’m sure I have some clean clothes in the luggage van. I’ll change and then we can leave. Hammerhead?" 

 Nyx looked at her. It was his turn to be worried. "Hammerhead.”

mienuxbleu  asked:

Luna+Prompto and dog pics.

Author’s Note: What a cute prompt! I had so much fun with this one. Thank you! :D


An Evening Visit


It’s 7 on a school night, and Prompto’s standing at the kitchen sink, washing lettuce.

It’s the glossy green kind that’s not too bitter, and the tomatoes are pretty ripe today. He got a couple of mushrooms, too, the last time he went to the store, to try and make his salads more exciting.

When it’s all shoved into a bowl, it’s still not very inspiring.

But between the diet and the exercise, he’s lost ten pounds already. He’s nowhere near brave enough to talk to the prince again, but someday, he will be.

He just has to keep it up. Lady Lunafreya’s counting on him. Prince Noctis is counting on him.

With that thought to cheer him, Prompto chokes down the rest of the lettuce. Then he scoops up the bowl and goes to do the dishes: a drizzle of dish soap, three good scrubs with the sponge, a swipe with the towel, and the step stool to help him reach the cabinet shelf where the dishes go.

He’s just stepping down again when the doorbell rings.

Prompto pauses, head cocked to one side as he runs through the list of who it might be.

His parents aren’t due back for two weeks; he’s twelve years old now, practically an adult, and they’ve been trusting him on his own since he was nine. They could’ve had a change in schedule and forgot to say, but it’s pretty unlikely that they’re back early and also lost their keys.

It could be the mailman. He comes to the door directly, sometimes, to drop letters off and chat for a bit. Prompto likes the mailman; sometimes he asks what Prompto’s been doing in school, and once Prompto showed him a test that he was particularly proud of. It’s kind of late for mail, though.

It could be someone from the pizza shop down the street. Sometimes they get the address wrong and stop by with pizza for someone else. Last month, Prompto had to direct them over to the neighbors’ house three times.

It’s probably the last one. Prompto’s getting ready to say that, yeah, apartment C is pretty hard to spot. It hides behind that hedge, there on the corner.

Then he opens the door, and the people standing there are none of the people he expected them to be. There’s a girl a few years older than he is, prim and proper and pretty in a pressed white dress. Behind her stands an older woman with long, thick black hair and a mysterious smile.

“Um,” says Prompto. “Hi.”  He’s pretty sure he doesn’t know them, but he wracks his memory anyway, trying to come up with a match. Does the girl go to his school? Maybe the lady is her mother, though they don’t look very much alike.

The girl presses her hands together. She wrings at one wrist, delicately, as though stricken with a sudden fit of uncertainty. “Prompto?” she says.

He doesn’t want to be rude. He doesn’t want to admit that he doesn’t know her name in return. The more he thinks about it, the more he’s sure that she doesn’t go to his school, after all. He thinks he’d remember a girl like her.

“That’s me,” says Prompto, awkwardly.

He doesn’t know what to expect. It certainly isn’t for the girl to break into a warm smile and reach out to clasp his hand in both of hers. “Oh, thank goodness. I was afraid we’d be searching the whole night. Please don’t be cross that we’ve stopped by; I didn’t know when I’d have another opportunity.”

Her hands are very warm. Her face is very earnest.

Prompto says, “I’m sorry, I don’t. Wh-who are you?”

“Oh!” says the girl. “Forgive me. You must be dreadfully confused.” She smiles, kindly, and gives his hand a squeeze. “I’m Lunafreya. You rescued my dog.”

It’s not the sort of thing he ever expected: the Oracle, standing at his door, greeting him like an old friend and introducing herself as though the most important thing she’s ever done is own a dog.

Prompto’s staring. He thinks his eyes must be as big as dinner plates. He says, “You’re – Y-you’re –”

“I’m terribly sorry,” says Lady Lunafreya. “I would have let you know I was coming, only it was a bit of a spur of the moment decision.” She smiles, tentatively. “I just wanted to say thank you in person.”

She’s still got her hands clasped around his. His brain provides absolutely nothing decent by way of reply. The Oracle is standing in his doorway, and he’s staring with his mouth open, gaping like a fish.

Say something, Prompto’s brain screams, panicking. So Prompto says, “No! No, it’s fine! Thank you for – I don’t. I mean, come in!”

He’s so quick to scuttle out of their way that he jerks his hand free, without thinking, and then kicks himself for being so rude.

Lady Lunafreya smiles like he’s just executed a perfect courtly bow. She inclines her head, and she says, “I’d be delighted,” and she steps inside.

The tall woman – her lady in waiting? Does the Oracle have ladies in waiting? – follows her in with stately, graceful steps. Prompto’s hands are sweating as he closes up the door behind them.

“Please,” says Prompto. “Come sit down.”

He doesn’t so much guide them to the kitchen as flutter about helplessly in the direction of the table and chairs, but when he indicates the spot, Lunafreya and the woman both take a seat.

“Would you like some,” says Prompto, trying for hospitality, and then his brain turns over in his head, sputtering, offering nothing helpful.

He has tomatoes. He has lettuce. He has three bananas that have gone mostly brown. The thought of putting any of those things in front of Lady Lunafreya makes his insides squirm.

Tea, his mind insists desperately. You have tea!

“I have tea!” Prompto blurts.

Lady Lunafreya smiles again. She says, “That would be lovely.”

Prompto goes into the kitchen. He puts a pot on the stove and runs tap water into it, and sets it to boil. He sticks some tea bags in three cups – discount breakfast tea – and hopes it’s a kind Lady Lunafreya will like.

While he stares desperately at the water, waiting for it to boil, Lady Lunafreya says, “Aren’t your parents at home? I would be delighted to meet them.”

Prompto turns around and gives her a smile that he hopes doesn’t look as strained as it feels. “Sorry,” he says. “They’re out right now.”

“Oh,” says Lady Lunafreya, softly. Her hands are folded in her lap, but she’s fidgeting with the fold on her skirt. “Was this a bad time?”

“No,” says Prompto, a little too fast. “This was the best time. This was – I can’t believe you’re here.”

“I couldn’t possibly have passed through the area and said nothing at all,” says Lady Lunafreya. “Pryna owes you her life. She’s very precious to me.”

Prompto feels himself smiling – that helpless, enamored thing that creeps onto his face whenever he’s confronted with something fluffy and four-legged. “Yeah, I bet. I only had her a couple days, and I kind of fell in love. I must’ve took three hundred pictures.”

“You’re a photographer?” says Lady Lunafreya, face lighting up. “That’s splendid.”

Prompto shuffles his feet. He says, “I’m not very good. But Tiny – Pryna. She’s cute no matter how much I mess up the shot, you know?” He means to stop there. But his mouth, somehow, doesn’t get the memo, and before he can stop it, it rushes on to add, “I could show you, if you want.”

“I’d love to see,” says Lady Lunafreya, and Prompto almost trips over his own feet on the way to his room to get the camera.

He sits down at the table with the Oracle and her lady-in-waiting. He passes around his second-hand camera, full of shots of Tiny in her little bed, and Tiny wet from the bath, and Tiny newly brushed, and Tiny eating dinner.

The boiling water, forgotten, evaporates from sitting on the stove for so long, and the burning smell makes Prompto yelp and run into the kitchen to add more water. This time, he stays and waits for it to boil. This time, he brings back tea, and Lady Lunafreya drinks it from the cracked teal mug that his father brought home from a trip to Altissia when Prompto was only five years old.

By the time Lady Lunafreya stands and thanks him for his hospitality, it’s nearly 9 o'clock.

Prompto sees her to the door, and he holds it open. He says, “I’m so glad I got to meet you.”

“I’m afraid I may not return to Lucis for quite a while,” says Lady Lunafreya. “But if you ever visit Tenebrae, stop by and say hello. I’ll make tea for you, next time.”

“Yeah,” says Prompto. “Okay. I’d like that.”

She clasps his hand between both of hers again, and she gives it a squeeze. Then she turns and walks down the path from Prompto’s house, lady in waiting trailing behind like a shadow.

Prompto stands in the doorway, looking after them. He watches for a long time, until they turn the corner and disappear from view.

Batgirl Vol 1 25

The time has come, folks. One year has passed in comic time since Shiva defeated Cass. We start with Shiva kicking ass, before switching to Cass, who is recording a heartbreaking message to Oracle, only to delete it again and record one for Batman, thanking him and telling him not to blame Shiva. I swear, Cass is tearing my heart out with every word and we are not even five pages into this. ;_;
Batmom: 23
Batdad: 18
Living Emoji: 53

Next, Cass goes to a viewing platform and keeps a man from jumping to his death. He is so freaked out by her ability to read him that he promptly runs off. Given that, just a year ago, Cass was someone who had no interest in things like pretty views, the fact that she chooses to come to this place is pretty heartbreaking. She then returns to Oracle who shows her the video of Cass’ first kill. Cass tries to stop her younger self, but can’t, and Barb tries to talk her out of fighting Shiva one last time by pointing out that Cass was only eight and did not know what she was doing when she killed, but Cass merely apologizes and then temporarily paralyzes Oracle so she won’t follow her. ;_; ;____;
Batmom: 24
Better Off Dead: 11
Ghost Of Failures Past: 9
Living Emoji: 54

Cass then meets with Shiva. Few words are spoken, but the fight itself is poetry in motion. Sadly, Cass loses. Shiva comforts her as she dies… and then promptly resurrects her.
Little Lady Of War: 23

I have to say: the balls on this lady! She has barely brought Cass back to life, then sits her down for a questioning. Understandably, Cass doesn’t remember what being dead is like, but she can tell Shiva why she wanted to die: because she killed a man. When Shiva shows amusement that she is that shaken up after killing just one man, Cass explains why: she read his body language as he died – first terror, then nothing. However, now that she has paid her price, she feels a good kind of different. I love how every single emotion of Cass – from her annoyance to her shame to her new hope and joy is just so evident in her face. ;___;
Living Emoji: 55
Better Off Dead: 12
Ghost Of Failures Past: 10

Cass asks where they are and Shiva explains that there is an entire cult that worships her and keeps pictures of her toughest kills as a kind of trophy. When Cass finds out that Shiva killed the man who put up the trophy wall, she asks her to bring him back, but Shiva explains that it took her a year of preparation to bring back Cass and she can only do it once. Shiva challenges her again and Cass finally understands that Shiva has just as much of a death wish as Cass herself did. They fight once more and for a while it looks like a re-run of their first match, but eventually Cass manages to turn the tables. The match ends with both of them knocked to the ground, making Cass the first person in a long, long time to survive a match with Earth’s deadliest martial artist. And she even manages to snark about it. What do we say to the god of death? Not tonight. You go, girl! ;_;
Little Lady Of War: 24
Cass Sass: 6

I really don’t like the fact that people say everyone who criticizes Luna are haters and only speak poorly of her purely because “she cries too much” and “she’s a woman”. What the hell, no. That is not okay. There is legitimate bad writing with her character in the game. And some of us are calling out that fact because we want to see actual character development for her, we want to know more about her as a individual person outside her love for Noctis and duty as an oracle. She is difficult to know or connect with because we know next to nothing about her. If she was a side character, this would be acceptable. But she’s not. She’s the main heroine of the game.

K the Bunny Shifter

Pronouns - She/Her

Age - 22

Appearance - In her human form, K looks like an average 22 year old young woman would. She stands at 5′6 with a dirty blonde hair color. Her eyes are a light blue to a darker grey color. Her hair falls past her shoulders, which she hardly brushes and likes to keep wild and fluffy. Her figure is slight, but filled out well for its shape. Her face is a bit on the rounder side, but angular, whereas her nose is straight. 
As a bunny, her form is that of almost a newborn bunny. She is a bit on the small side, and thin. (Though I assure you she is full grown.) She has short fur that matches the color of her hair, as the same can be said for her eye color. Her ears as well, are on the long side, but are droopy. She thumps with her back legs when she wants to communicate something, so she is usually perched on them, at the ready. (For her species of Bunny Shifter, it is common for the animalistic side to fall on the smaller side.) 

Personality - K is extremely soft spoke, if she comes to speaking at all. She is mild mannered, and is never an issue to be around. She spends most of her time just laying beside you comfortably, or in your lap, if not by herself in a chair or a corner. She is a darling to be around. Occasionally, she will have a fit, but most of the time she resolves it my thumping or stomping her foot, if she is in her human form. Besides that, she doesn’t speak much, but never has an issue. She does have a few interests she is on the shyer side of. But she usually perks right up when she is interested in something, or an interest of hers is spoken of, turning her completely excitable. She does act childish for her age, but only in a way that makes you want to protect her. She has a sort of childish curiosity which is the most precious thing I have ever seen. 

Magic - Glamour and soothing/calming energy source

Alignment - Light

Beginner Friendly

Communication - K doesn’t exactly communicate often. She is silence more often than not, but she can communicate at will through telepathy, pendulum and oracle cards. Besides that, she uses energy to get her point across.

Relationship and Family - In her words, she would like a friend. A cuddle buddy that she can just be around and enjoy the presence of. She cuddles with her friends and with her loved ones, and she would like to have a place to go where she could do that with everyone in the family, not just the human companion. As for size, she would prefer it to not cross over 13, including herself.

K doesn’t have any age restrictions.

K’s full name, possible manifestations and offerings will be sent to her companion upon her choosing. Everyone else will be messaged to be informed that they haven’t been chosen as well.

(17-10-2017) Lily

anonymous asked:

everyone in the batfam is both a detective and a fighter but which one from the of batfamily do you think is better at one of them than the other?

This is actually really interesting, but lets be fair you need both of these things to roll with them and I don’t think anyone of them could be classified as a bad fighter or a bad detective however everyone has their strong point and their weak point so this is what I think:

The Batboys:

Bruce Wayne: a perfect mixture of a fighter & a detective since he obviously dedicate his life for vigilantism and you need both of those things for that

Dick Grayson: Since after Bruce he spent the most time as a vigilant out of all the family I will have to say that he too is an even mix between those two things (it might not have always been this way but it is now)

Jason Todd: is a better fighter than a detective (doesn’t mean he isn’t a good detective though)

Tim Drake: is a better detective than fighter (doesn’t mean he isn’t a good fighter though)

Damian Wayne: When he first arrived to them he was a better fighter than a detective but after spending time as Robin his detective skills started catching up to his fighting skills (but I still say he’s a better fighter than a detective)

Duke Thomas: because he’s the newest member we have yet to see him grow into his own character and find his own style so at the moment its still hard to tell just yet 

The Batgirls:

Kate Kane: I admit I may not now as much about her as the other Batgirls but from but I have seen she seems to have had a similar motive and desire for vigilantism to that of Bruce and the same training/preparation too, so I’ll have to say she’s also an even mix.

Barbara: With her I feel like she had gone through changes of styles, when she first started as Batgirl she was a better fighter than a detective but during her time as Oracle she had to learn to hone her detective skills because that was the only thing she could use so she became a better detective than a fighter now that she has been un-paralyzed I think she can use her experience of both her time as Batgirl and Oracle to also be an even mix.

Stephanie Brown: Like her boo she’s a better detective than a fighter (doesn’t mean she isn’t a good fighter though)

Cassandra Cain: is a better fighter than a detective but similar to Damian her detective skills has gotten better since she joined the Batfamliy.

A Deafening Case // Part One

wow another series when you arent consistent with the first one? listen i just got a good idea and wanted to make a series out of it. thanks for reading my stuff guys, it means a lot. 

prompt: basically the team is going on the case that needs an ASL translator so, that translator is you.

(im not an expert at ASL or anything, so if i get anything wrong i do apologize, just message me and i will correct it) 

His desk was covered in multiple neat paper stacks . Several framed photos of a young boy were perched on his desk. At least ten certificates, plaques, and credentials lined his wall.

The name plate on his desk read ’Aaron Hotchner’. He was a very sophisticated man, probably the most sophisticated man you’ve ever met.

“You’ve been a translator for eleven years, but only began working for the FBI four years ago.” He read, mostly to himself.

“You were working for an Irish mobster as a translator, until we arrested him.” He continued. 

“You can translate American, French, and Japanese Sign Language.” He added.

A couple more moments of silence, and then he closed your file, placing it in a drawer of his desk.

“Agent (Y/L/N), you will be joining me and my team on this case.” He explained, slipping a case file your way.

“No need to read over it. My team is waiting for us in the briefing room.” He explained. You both stood from your seats and walked out of his office.

Once another door opened, you were met by six pairs of unfamiliar eyes.

“This is agent (Y/L/N), she will be our translator for this case.” Hotch explained, and then he escorted you towards an empty chair.

“You will make acquaintance on the plane, but for now this case take priority.” Aaron added, taking a seat beside you.

“Alright my confused amigos, hold onto your breakfast or late night snack because this one is a doozie.” A woman explained, her bubbly personality prevalent in her voice.

“Meet Wallace Wilson and Gilbert Wise both aged 37.” She explained, pressing a button and two pictures appearing on the screen. Both showed a smiling men, both had similar features and body types.

“Wilson worked as an emergency dispatcher and Wise was a photographer.” She added, clicking a button once more and a few more pictures appeared.

The photos were gruesome, violent, and brutal. A dead man, mangled limbs, and blood splatter everywhere.

You felt your stomach churn and you looked away quickly, covering your mouth with your hand.

“Don’t worry, girl. I’ve been doing this for over ten years and I still can’t stomach it sometimes.” The bubbly woman reassured me.

“Are you alright?” Another woman asked, the one sitting on the opposite side of you.

She was very beautiful, she had blonde hair, a similar shade to the woman explaining the case.

“My name is Jennifer Jareau, but you can call me JJ. It’s very nice to me you.” He whispered, shooting me a quick smile.

You took her term of endearment and you smiled towards her weakly. You took a few moments to collect yourself, not wanting to distract from the case.

“Wilson’s body hasn’t been found, but Wise was found unconscious in Central Park.” The woman further explained.

“That’s not all, my perfect pretties.” She said through her teeth, her eyes avoiding the screen.

More photos flashed on screen and you could feel the late night snack rising into your throat.

“Our unsub sewed someone else’s ears onto Gilbert.” Someone said, he had shorter hair, but with curly ends. He looked quite too young to be here, but you had no right to say that. You were considered too young to be here as well. But here you both sat, sitting at a round table looking at gruesome crime photos.

“That ‘someone else’s’ ears are Wallace Wilson’s ears.” She corrected, flashing pictures that were closer up than before.

You heard JJ suck in a quick breath, and look down for a few moments.

“But sadly my pretty people, We have another Folie à deux,” She said, another pair of pictures flashing on the screen. This time though, there was no sugar coding, and straight to the real gory stuff.

“Shelley Simon and Tanya Terry.” You assumed those were the two women on the screen.

“So, this unsub, crosses gender and socio-economic lines.” Hotch said.

“He started with two middle aged men, low-risk victims, and higher economic statuses.” The same short haired man said.

“Then followed by two females in their early to mid-twenties, who were high-risk college students.” The man beside him said, he was an older gentleman, very familiar, but you couldn’t tell where he was from.

“Simon’s was found by a lamppost on 143rd Street.” The woman in front of the screen said, before taking a seat.

“So, this unsub abducts two people simultaneously, kills one proceeds to cut off their ears, and then reattaches them to the other person.” A black haired woman summed up.

“Speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil fascination?” An intimidating man said, leaning back in his chair.

“But only with the 'hear no evil’?” JJ asked, placing a pen between her teeth.

“The hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil phenomenon began in a Japanese folk tale called, Koshin.” The younger man said, not missing a beat.

“It’s not likely, but don’t rule it out.” Hotchner said.

He was about to add something to the conversation, but was cut off by the buzzing of his phone.

“Excuse me.” He apologized, quickly removing himself from the room.

Once the door shut, everyone looked your way. You could feel your nerves buzzing inside you.

They were profiling you, probably determining that you ate last night, how many partners you’d previously had, hell, maybe they were trying to figure out if your cycle has started.

“While we have a couple minutes, I will take this time to introduce you to everyone.” The colorful woman said.

“My name is Penelope Garcia, the oracle of Quantico, but to others I’m known as the Technical Analysts.” She smiled, the nickname made you happy.

You honestly expected everyone here to be like Hotchner.

“Beside you is our one and only Jennifer Jareau. She’s our beautiful communications liaison, who’s also obsessed with cheetos.” She gushed, gesturing to the other blonde woman.

“Next to her is our lovely, Emily Prentiss. Not only a badass, but also a super sweetheart.” Penelope explained.

“Beside her is my Chocolate Thunder, Derek Morgan.” She winked, and he returned it soon after.

“You know it, babygirl.” He chuckled, sipping his coffee.

“Then we have the infamous David Rossi. He’s a writer, chef, and possibly a former mobster.” She joked. He simply shrugged it off and gave you a small wave.

You had heard of him, well almost everyone in his building had, and for obvious reasons.

“Last but not least, our one and only personal library, Dr Spencer Reid.” Once she said that, you finally took a few moments to study him.

A doctor, and in the BAU? Talk about an overachiever. 

“It’s nice to meet you guys. I’ve heard a lot about you guys.” You admitted.

“Yeah, we get that a lot.” Derek shrugged. That made you feel a little uneasy, like you shouldn’t have said that. 

The door was ripped open before anyone could say another word.

“We have two more bodies. Wheels up in five.” Hotchner said, hanging up his phone quickly.

with all the blessings a heart can give

a promptis ficlet - part one | part two | part three

By the time the press conference starts, Prompto has created a nest for himself in Noct’s living room. He’s dragged the blankets from the bedroom and gathered pillows around him, and even prepared a cup noodle for himself. He huddles on the cushions and watches the commercial break cut back to the news program, chewing on the corner of his lip.

Noctis looks good. Of course he does. He sits beside his father, and even through the screen and under the flashing camera lights, Prompto can tell from the way his lips are pressed together, his eyes slightly narrowed, his chin tilted just a few degrees higher than usual, that Noctis is putting on his best public face. Luna sits next to him, as beautiful as ever.

Prompto swallows his mouthful of noodles, and tries to pretend it tastes like more than cardboard. 

His eyes are on the screen, but he’s barely listening. All he can do is stare at Noctis, grainy and small from the various camera angles, and ultimately too far away.

As of yesterday,” King Regis is saying, “the treaty has been signed. We are in a ceasefire with the Empire, and we hope to continue working together to further better our relations.

“There will not be an engagement between Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and Lady Lunafreya, the Oracle, any time soon.”

Prompto nearly drops his half-finished cup noodle. He turns up the volume.

“Could you clarify that statement, Your Majesty?”

“Wasn’t the engagement one of the treaty terms?”

Prompto frowns. That was classified information. He isn’t sure how the reporters managed to get their hands on that tidbit, but it likely isn’t anything good. The only reason he knew was because Noct refused to be anything but honest with him.

“There are no further information to disclose on that subject,” King Regis says firmly, “We have negotiated a peace treaty with Niflheim, that is for certain.”

“How do Your Highnesses feel about this?”

Lady Lunafreya leans forward towards the microphone, smiling serenely all the while. “While I am certain Noct would have made a wonderful husband, I will take this turn of events as an opportunity to further expand my horizons, as an Oracle to the people. I am still a capable princess whether or not I am married, after all. It brings me joy to know that my friendship with the Prince of Lucis can only grow from here. I’m sure Noct feels the same.”

Noctis smiles back at her. It’s a genuine smile, Prompto notes, and he’s glad that even if Noctis has to suffer under the flashing lights and cameras, he has a friend by his side. “I’m also content with my current relationship with Lunafreya,” he says, “Like my father said, we are in the process of repairing and improving relations with the Empire. I can assure you that when I do get engaged in the future, it will have nothing to do with any treaty.”

Prompto gapes at the screen. He has no idea how to react to all of this. Noctis never mentioned anything. Granted, Prompto had been pretty determined not to talk about any of this, hellbent on holding onto every second of Noctis’ time and attention that he can before he has to give it all away—but Noctis. Noctis hadn’t mentioned anything and Prompto doesn’t know what that means.

He wasn’t the only that latched onto Noctis’ words. The reporters are immediately pressing on with questions about the prince’s use of when and not if.

“Are you and Lady Lunafreya in a relationship, then? Will we be hearing about your engagement in the near future again?”

The Glaive are already doing crowd control, the royal publicist stepping forwards to redirect the questions. Prompto blinks at the tv, not hearing a single word of the speech the king is presenting. He stares at his best friend on the screen, looking flawless in that royal black suit, sitting tall next to his childhood friend. The Noct in the tv doesn’t give him any more answers.

Prompto sets down the cup noodle, small appetite diminished to none. He wants to go home, but there’s no one waiting there. He wants to go for a run, maybe, clear his head, but Noctis asked him to stay. 

So, curling up between the blankets and trying to quiet the confused buzzing in his mind, Prompto stays.

Elemental Adulation - Chapter 1

https://shutupkook.tumblr.com/post/157011380819/elemental-adulation-prologue    ^^ Prologue :)))))

A/N: hi again this is chapter one of this supernatural trash thing I’m trying to write, the prologue is on my blog so pls read that! :) I don’t expect anyone to actually read this but if you do apologies for any mistakes. if you read this thanks & ily xxx

Originally posted by beagletae

Arbitrium Day was supposed to be the most monumental day in our lives, so naturally nerves were relentlessly shaken. The school was hushed, almost as if everyone knew the fifth class was undoubtedly apprehensive as to how the events of today’s ceremony would unfold. The tension in the air was undeniable, laughter was exchanged for quick side-glances, loud gossip and chatter exchanged for whispers.

Younger classes began betting; who would be paired with who. Namjoon and Jinri. Jungkook and Juri. Seokjin and Mina. Taehyung and Somi. 

However no one could be certain, no one could ever guess. The oracle had a mind of its own, and once it has made its decision; there was no turning back. It was the first written rule at the Academy; the Oracle’s word is and always will be final

So as expected, the students of fifth class were mortified, just as past students had been and future students would be, to finally discover who their Socius would be. Normally, the Oracle would pair students who were natural born allies together, that or those who shared the same imperium elementorum (elemental control). It was less frequent for students who were natural born neutrals to be paired together, however not unlikely. It was still unheard of for natural born opposed to be paired together. This pairing was infinite, meant to last a lifetime, as its purpose was to ‘expand the power of the elemental in order to protect the world.’ The pairs were then forced to live together in a shared apartment, had to do all school activities together, and must attend classes together.

I hugged my parents for what felt like the eightieth time today, and headed for the entrance of the Great Hall. The atmosphere was everything I had expected; dejected and anxious. 

I found my place one the left side of the hall, next to Na-Eun, a Light elemental, and also my best friend. Eun was confident and bright, her personality regularly shining above the rest, which gained her like-ability and popularity. She gave me a dismal smile, gripping my hand in hers and squeezing it tightly. 

As fast as I had entered the hall and was seated, the Arbitrium Ceremony had begun. My heart began to clobber in irregular patterns as I watched the Academy Headmaster, Professor Rhee, begin to speak. 

His words were melodramatic and he mentioned that, if we were lucky, our Socius might be our ‘soul mate’. After his incessant speech, he signalled for the Oracle to begin. 

The Oracle was, put simply, a white goblet. It burned only when it was needed (basically never) and could not be lit by anyone other than the Headmaster. All it did was spit names on pieces of parchment out of its rioting black flames. It’s magic had survived since before the Academy, and as we were told frequently, it’s word was definite, it had never made a mistake.

The first name to come from the Oracle was Mihi, whose elemental was metal. She rose from her seat, as per tradition, awaiting the Oracles next words. 

“Seokjin of Earth.“ 

A wave of relief rushed over me, and quiet evidently Mihi too. Seokjin was probably the nicest elemental at the Academy, and Cindy really deserved someone like that for her Socius. Both stood and bowed to the Headmaster and the Oracle, a tradition to signal their thanks. Bullshit. 

Next was Juri of Fire. She looked calm and collected, as always. It was expected among students for Juri to be paired with Namjoon of Metal, and as predicted, Namjoon was the next called by the Oracle. 

I crossed one leg over the other, still gripping Eun’s hand in mine as I absentmindedly began to bounce my leg. 

I hope it’s that easy for me. I hope I’m paired with my predicted. 

Ji-Won and Jimin were paired together, both of Electricity. Although they shared the same imperium elementorum, the pairing was somewhat surprising, considering the two had never gotten along very well. 

The next name called was Jinri of Earth. Junri was sweet and kind to everyone she met, even her opposed. Her Socious was called, Hoseok of Lux. I felt guilty as an alleviated sigh left my mouth, thank god. There was always one odd pairing for every group, and Junri and Hoseok were neutrals. This meant that there probably wouldn’t be any more strange pairings, and that I would end up with someone I didn’t absolutely hate. 

Na-Eun’s name was called next, and I gave her a sympathetic smile as she stood from her chair. My eyes trailed down to the floor as I became distracted by the persistent bouncing of my foot.

“Taehyung of Water.“ 

My heart surely combusted then and there, either that or it simply fell straight out of my ass. I couldn’t even look up to make sure I wasn’t in some kind of dreadful nightmare, too scared to think or breathe. 

The only two that were left were Yoongi of Air, my neutral, or Jungkook of fucking Fire, my opposed. Once I gathered my thoughts and realised that no one was ever paired with their opposed, I began to regain a normal heart rate and could let myself breathe freely. 

Yoongi wasn’t that bad, I actually liked him as a person. Jungkook, on the other hand, I despised. So I was thankful that I wouldn’t be paired with him and have to be tormented day in day out; living with that boy would drive me insane. Even if Jungkook and I were not naturally opposed, even if we did not have any kind of elemental control, I would still hate him.

“Jina of Air,” Jina stood slowly from her chair.

“Yoongi of Air.”

This time, I was absolutely certain that my heart was working in overdrive and I was going to faint.

No way was this happening to me. No fucking way.

“Somi of Water,” Eun nudged my arm softly in encouragement, although a quick side-glance at her face revealed as much fear and worry as mine did.

I stood from the chair, intertwining my own fingers together to prevent showcasing how rapidly my hands were shaking. 

“Jungkook of Ignis.” Even the Headmaster sounded confused.

Why the fuck did that stupid Oracle pair two people who are naturally born to oppose together? What the fuck?

I regretfully bowed, not daring to look to the left of the room where the boys were seated, and where Jungkook was now also probably confusedly bowing out of respect.  

The ceremony quickly came to a finish and the students were gestured to move towards the smaller room adjoining to the left of the Great Hall. My feet struggled to move from their place, and Eun placed her hand comfortingly on my back in support, slowly pushing me along with her.

“Eun, what the fuck just happened?” I whispered as we entered the small room.

“I don’t know, Somi. But you’re going to be fine, everything will work out.”

“Yeah Somi, everything will be just fine.” I didn’t need to look up to know who was talking, or to know that I was ready to punch him right in the eye.

“Don’t talk to me,” I growled through gritted teeth, turning on my heal to face the opposite direction.

“Impossible, Somi. You’re just too irresistible.” Jungkook chuckled, circling around me.

“How are you not worried about this? You’re fire, I’m water; we are literally useless together.” I folded my arms against my chest, propping my hip out.

“Now, now. You don’t know that, Somi. We haven’t even slept together yet.”

I wasn’t sure how the commotion started, or why Jungkook was clutching his bleeding nose with a tissue, or why Professor Rhee was scolding me for punching Jungkook in the face.

“Sorry, Professor. I guess I just lost control of my fist.”

more Sonic Skyline designs!

for blaze and for silver i still have no bio … but yes a sort of stereotype…

Blaze the cat: isnpired on Curry :D hhaha she looks so adorable.. but..heh.. do not dare to get close to her.. she might burn you into ashes XD

kinda inspired on one of her concepts..  plus kinda Hindu clothes.. i love that culture ^_^  

also.. i assigned her Artemisa as greek godess… because she was kinda similar to blaze.. she never allowed anyman touched her.. she was a warrior godess and she was very friend with Apollo..(Silver here ;D )

Silver the hedgehog: Inspired on one of his early designs plus Master Ix design (Sonic chronicles) ..

he represents Apollo.. i find Silver it has many things from him..  he made the man take conscience of his sins ans stuff.. also being the god of the reasoning..

plus he was good brother of Artemis.. they fought together with other greek gods.. XD

Sticks the badger: I tried to make her similar to the boom one.. but tiny and kinda likes to hide her body with that poncho..

she is one of those persons who acumulate old items.. that can’t fall on wrong hands.. she knows about prophesys… and she thinks the Sky will fall someday..

but only thanks to some visions she receives..

(like a sort of Oracle ^_^ )

Sonic will teach her that she can’t live with fear.. she barely gets out of her house.. so Sonic and Tails told her all the things she is missing for being incaged like that..

that even if the world ends tomorrow..she could not had the chance to see the beautiful of it before the end comes…

no god asigned to her.. (i guess… XD )

hope u like it