i only know what the writing for i love you looks like because you wrote that on my yearbook one

It was never about a TV show.

I’ve been in several TV fandoms over the years. Star Trek, Mork and Mindy, Beauty and the Beast, Moonlighting, Doogie Howser, 90210, Dark Angel, Ally McBeal, Doctor Who, House, Lie to Me, Burn Notice, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, The Office, HIMYM, White Collar, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Outlander, etc.

I’ve always loved watching TV shows with other people and analyzing the story, the characters, the ships, the writing…I get thinky and geek out. I love it. For almost a few decades, I’ve had my husband to do that with.

So, when my husband decided to stop watching OUAT with me after season four, I came here. Why? Because people out there think I’m weird when I talk spec, talk headcanons, multiship, get excited over a fictional wedding, or watch/read spoilers and talk about them. When I’m, y’know…me.

I’ve made some great friends who were simply fellow geeks. Why? Because you let me be me. You tell me it’s not only okay, but it’s awesome. Because you get the obsession, the excitement, the unabashed joy when a show or movie or book or comic series or game or thing is great. You get the disappointment, the sadness, the rage, the upset, the sick feeling in your stomach when something goes down and it means your favorite thing is about to change or go away.

When Star Trek: TNG went to movies and wasn’t my constant…

When my OTP finally got together on Moonlighting and then the writing went to shit…

When they cancelled Dark Angel just as the cops and the transgenics were at a standoff…

I rage quit Ally McBeal when RDJ went to prison and Larry left. That Sting solo is still my fave

FIREFLY. No explanation needed.

FUCKING DOOMSDAY. Pink and yellow papercut was my LOVE on Doctor Who.

(same show): When the Ponds got taken by Manhattan.

House and Cuddy. WTF.

When Matthew died on Downton Abbey, I didn’t watch for a whole season. I was in mourning.

Hydra Cap

And then Once Upon a Time killed Killian a handful of times, and killed Robin, and here we are.

I don’t know if I’ll watch season 7 of OUAT, if it happens. I might not like it. If I don’t, I don’t. I’ll figure things out. I get why Jennifer left, and that’s cool. She and I are the same age. I just made a huge life-change as well. It happens. It doesn’t mean I’m not worried about Emma, or Henry, or Hook, or the Charmings, or Regina, or Storybrooke.

But I’ve been here before, and I’ll be here again, I’m sure. So will you. The only constant is change.

So, I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine, no matter what show or movie or book comes next.

I’ll get sappy and personal under the cut:

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I would just like to make the decendants fandom aware that these photo’s exist.

Ok, so a few weeks ago I went to this bookfair, and look what I found…

It’s almost like a Disney decendants yearbook.And as soon I saw it I was anxiously rooting through it to find anything I could conserning my ship. (aka, Jaylos.) and this is what I found.

Chad, is a homophope. 

Now we can only assume that according to the weather and the end of the Isle of the Lost, our favorite Villian kids appeared in Aurodon half way through the school year meaning that this yearbook was published in their reality after mal stood up to her mom and Aurdrey decided to get along woth mal. 

However, Audrey comments, obviously tye into her feelings in the begining instead of at the end, which brings forth the quetion…what?

Like, was this just a sloopy mistake that nobody bothored to think about or was Audrey lying about her feelings concerning Mal and her friends?




Next on the list.

Chad is still a jerk face.

Jane on the other hand, is startingt o come out of her shell (at least in writting) and posseses a whole lot of sass. Go Jane!




Along with pics from the movie and strange comments, the book also includes biographies of the students, although in this cass, the Villian’s Kid’s Bios look more like something they pulled out from their records when they were originally deciding if they should bring the villian kids over

I mean, Carlos still sounds like he’s scared of dogs, (which wasn’t the case at the end of the movie, so we have to assume this was written BEFORE the contents of the movie. His Bio also outlins how much he spends with Jay to share personal informationwith as well as how abusive and terrible living with Crullea is.

Speakign of Crullea, may I piont out that in 101 Dalmations 2, It was canoon that Cruellea was mentally insane she was seeing a phyciotrist that cut her off from buying furs forcing Cruella to find another outlook of spots-Painting which laster lead to her kidnapping the puppies all over again. 

But serriously. The Isle of the lost,is the land of the leftovers, most kids over there go to bed hungrey and have never tasted sugar. Do you honestly belive that Aurodon would care about the mental stability of Cruella di Vil? NO. This means, that Carlos grew up with a mentally insane person OFF their medication, who grew more violent everyday. That’s harsh.

Jay’s Bio for the most part reflects Carlos’s in the fact it appears he wrote very soon after he arrived at aurodon noting that he’s “drooling from all the fine swag to lift”

However, his list of stuff he’s stolen says otherwise. As I’m sure many of you know in the second descendents book Return to the Isle of the lost, the gang had to go back to the isle to search for their parents’s magical items of evil. Carlos’s mother’s object was her Emerald ring that represented her pride, wealthy and power and shamed others. 

Now, look back at Jay’s list…yep. he couldn’t have stolen the ring on the Isle becasue they wree hidden in the underground tunnels which means, he had to steal it from Carlos after the second book before they all decided to hand over their objects to the museam/council for safe keeping.

So, what was this? another mistake? an added piece of paper Jay inserted after the yearbok was publishe? Does anyone own their own year book or does everyone in the school just share one?




Moving on! Unforchunetly, as wonderfull as Jaylos is, I’m afraid I’m going to be breaking all you’re jaylos shipping hearts when I say this…Jaylos, is NOT going to be canon. EVER. Not in Descendants 2, not in another book, NEVER. and here’s why…

“Carlos is like a little brother to me.” -Jay

You read that right. Jay, is hitting us hard with the ‘I see you as a younger sibling’ cannon ball. Prepare to abandoned ship. 

HOwever! WE all know that carlos might have a small crush on jay as according to The first Book Isle of the lost when Carlos said thought “Jay laughed again ,which made Carlos feel good, though he couldn’t explain why, not even to himself.” So congrats if you stayed on board, you are hearby saillig bnthe S.S. unrequited love ship.

Ok,Ok,Ok, sirriouly thou. Here’s what I don’t get. you guys see the las tpicture where arlos writes how he wsa scared of dogs and then Jane asks “Who’s afraid of dogs?” Like…???? WHAT THE HEACK JANE?!? HE LITTLEALY WORTE  HIS NAME???? HOW ARE YOU CONFUSED???

 idk, but that’s that. we also have another page with thier bromance grcing the pages. (take THAT chad.)

YEA, They’re familly! Which also more serrious because they grew up without strong relationships with their familly. And right now, I’m going to exclude the girls. Jay’s dad wouldn’t even LOOK at him, really. he wouldn’t, nothing Jay ever stole was EVER good enough. And Cruella? Sometimes, I doubt she even knew her own son’s name to be honest. But I guess she showed a little amout of compassion by forcing him to have “henchman” They didn’t have ANY realtionship with their parents. they barley spoke to their parents at all. For them to claim to be familly, is supper important.

Now, wait a minuite. It looks like Audrey has made another appearence in the book, but this time, her attitude toward the two boys is deffenetly different. It’s way more freindly and sounds more like her personality from the end of the movie/ the wicked world serries.




Well, that’s the end of that. Thanks for reading this long post! 

Her Notebook

I wrote this a while ago on my fanfiction.net account but I decided to post it on Tumblr, too!

Pairing: Riley and Lucas

Word Count: 1,706

Summary: Five times Lucas sees Riley’s “Riley Loves Lucas 4EVER” notebook and the one time she sees his.

The first time he sees the notebook is a few weeks after their date on the subway.

The yellow front is doodled with hearts and it says “Riley loves Lucas 4EVER,” several times over, and he can’t help but smile. She’s sitting in the bay window, absentmindedly covering it in red hearts, and he knocks on the glass. Riley looks up at him and grins before throwing the notebook under a cushion. “Hey,” she says breathlessly. She expects him to just respond “hey” back; it’s what they had been doing ever since they kissed on the subway, and the awkwardness between them had only increased the longer they ignored the big elephant in the room.

Instead, he sits down in the seat next to her and leans over, sliding the notebook out from under the cushion. “New notebook?” He glides his thumb over the handwriting on the front, and Riley looks completely embarrassed.

“That’s Auggie’s,” she automatically protests, and Lucas grins at her in amusement.

Riley, however, is panicking, afraid that he thinks she’s a silly girl with a stupid crush, and she reaches for her notebook. “Give it back, Lucas, it’s silly,” she promises. He pulls away from her and is still staring at the cover of the notebook. Her cheeks heat up, flushed, and she feels a lump rise in her throat as his eyes are still glued to the cover. How stupid of her to openly doodle on a notebook like a silly sixth-grade girl when her friends could walk in on her at any moment!

“What’s on the back?” Lucas abruptly asks, and Riley is snapped out of her thoughts. He flips it over. The back is less enthusiastic than the cover, and he mumbles the words aloud. “Riley and Lucas: we’re just friends.” He seems worried as he glances over at her, and her humiliation simmers down a little bit.

They both sit in silence before he speaks again. “I like the front a lot better.” His green eyes sparkle and he seems sincere as he says it.

“Better?” Riley confirms surprised. She surely thought that he would run away in embarrassment, but here he is, doing the exact opposite.

“Yeah,” he smiles softly, and her heart clenches at the fact that it’s the first real conversation they’ve had in weeks that didn’t consist of repetitive “hey’s”

The second time he sees the notebook, it’s after the drama of his past dies down a little. He grins as he sees the familiar cover of the notebook and the pretty smile of the brunette next to him. “Still writing in the front?”

“Of course,” she smiles, pausing to look at him. “I knew you were worth it.”

Something flutters in Lucas’s chest, something he’s always and only felt for her, and he sits down. “What do you write in there, anyways?” His tone is curious. He’s always kind of wondered.

“I might tell you,” she decides, “someday.”

He knows at that moment that ‘someday’ would be a long time from then.

He doesn’t care. As long as she keeps writing in the front of that notebook, he could wait forever.

The third time he sees the notebook is after the semi-formal. Things with him and Riley are still weird; the miscommunication between them is still puzzling Riley and Lucas a week after the dance. They aren’t exactly mad at each other, but things aren’t normal, they haven’t been since the yearbook, and he’s still upset that Charlie Gardener saw the notebook.

One evening after school, he finds her in the library. He sits down next to her, and she looks up at him startled. She’s not doodling in her Riley and Lucas notebook, in fact it’s a completely different notebook with a question mark on it.  This doesn’t sit well with him for a very valid reason, and he knows it’s because of that dance and how he stupidly didn’t ask Riley to go. “I’m sorry I didn’t ask you to the dance,” he says softly. She averts his gaze, and he wants nothing more than to look up into her big brown doe eyes.

“I shouldn’t have expected you to ask,” she responds, turning her focus back to her stupid question-mark notebook.

“Riley,” he says more urgently. “I’m sorry.”

She gives him a confused smile. “Me too.”

The fourth time he sees the notebook is far too long since the last time, and when he does, he wishes that the encounter had never happened: he sees her writing in the back of the notebook.

It’s a day he’s been dreading since she told him he was her brother, and he’s been expecting it for a while now. They work on their project for Mr. Matthews in silence, sitting at the counter at the bakery. She taps her pencil against her paper in thought, and they talk about Thomas Jefferson, but he can barely focus when she’s writing in the “Riley and Lucas: we’re just friends” section of her notebook. When did she stop liking him? It makes no sense, but their relationship has been downward spiraling ever since that stupid yearbook came out. He is confused about the whole Maya situation, and he wishes that they could go back and fix the yearbook. None of this would have happened if they hadn’t been voted Cutest Couple, he’s convinced.

She writes something down in her notebook as they sit at the counter, and he finds himself asking what it is. She seems startled at the question. “Just notes for the project,” is all she says, and it’s more than she usually says anymore. He senses that it’s a lie, but doesn’t say anything. After all, it’s not like he can talk to her like that anymore. She only claims sibling feelings for him, and he should respect her feelings.

Even if it leaves him with a sinking feeling in his chest.

The fifth time he sees the notebook, it’s during the puzzling triangle between him and two of his best friends at the beginning of their freshman year. It’s in the only class he shares with her alone: Animal Science. She claims to want to learn more about the farm animals from her favorite movie, but he suspects a bigger reason behind her actions. The funny thing about it is that she had known he was taking the class before he had even told her; she seems to do that a lot.

They both decide to pair up for a class project, and they scoot their desks closer together. Both of them are already sitting up in the two front seats, and they have some free time at the end of the period. She grabs her notebook from her stuff and opens it to the front pages, and his heart feels like it’s soaring. It’s the first time he’s seen her write in the front of the notebook for about a year now. She flits to an empty page and starts drawing in the margins, and he reaches over and scrawls one word in the corner of the notebook: “hi.” She gives him a small smile before responding with a greeting of her own, and his smile grows wider. Maybe it’s only a few words, but it feels like it’s the first time they’ve talked in awhile, even it’s on a sheet of paper.

Either way, he doesn’t care: he knows it’s always been her, not her best friend.

And all he wants to do is know what’s in that notebook.

The next time he sees the notebook is his favorite memory of seeing it. He’s chosen her, and the triangle’s over. And the best part? She chose him right back. He smiles fondly as he looks at her; they’re sitting in the bay window similarly to the first time he’d seen the notebook. She’s writing in it again, and his curiosity gets the best of him. “What do you write in there, anyways?” he asks her the way he had the first time, and she smiles as she drops her pencil. “Is it someday yet?” Lucas continues, hoping he can finally see the contents of the mysterious notebook she’s been carrying around with her for two years. She moves to hand him the notebook, but he stops her and pulls out something of his own from his backpack.

It’s a notebook similar to hers, but his is blue instead of yellow, and doodled on the front is “Lucas loves Riley 4EVER” with hearts adorning the words. “So I started my own notebook,” he smiles, “and it’s not much so far, but I hope that I get to fill it up with all of my favorite memories of you.”

Riley beams and flips to the back, and she’s surprised to see that it’s decorated with “Lucas still loves Riley 4EVER” rather than “Riley and Lucas: we’re just friends.” She can feel her heart flutter at the sweet gesture and she flips it back to the front, opening the front cover.

Only the first line was filled so far, but what it said held more meaning than anything else he could’ve written would. “I love you,” was scrawled on the first line in his handwriting, and she felt tears well in her eyes.

Riley thrusts her notebook into his lap, and he smiles as he flicks through the pages, his grin brightening as he continues to read the pages. She leans her head on his shoulder as he reads. Each page is an account of their adventures together over the years, and when he finishes, he flips to the back of the notebook. All of a sudden, he wonders if maybe what she wrote for their project back in the eighth grade is still there….

He folds back the thin cardboard of the notebook and only two sentences are written there. “We’re not just friends,” is scrawled on the first line. Underneath, the words “I love you” are written.

He stares at her in disbelief, and they both embrace in a loving kiss at the new milestone in their relationship.

All Lucas knows is that he is sure that he has never appreciated notebooks as much as he does in that moment.

Lemony Snicket speaks out about Netflix’s Series of Unfortunate Events

More than 10 terrible years after the Baudelaire orphans reached the happy end of their unfortunate journey, they have to do it all over again — on television.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is Netflix’s newest all-ages series drop, culling an eight-episode first season from the first four books in Snicket’s best-selling 1999-2006 children’s novel series.

Snicket—real name, Daniel Handler—has seen his woeful world imagined onscreen before, but never so binge-ably. Nickelodeon/Paramount/DreamWorks adapted the first three books into a promising film in 2004 (starring Jim Carrey and Meryl Streep, among others), but plans for future films in the would-be franchise went dormant. In 2014, Netflix approached Handler to once again try to adapt the series, and with season 2 already underway, it appears as if all 13 books may finally see the dismal light of day this time.

ASOUE’s general somber story follows the three Baudelaire children — Violet, Klaus, and Sunny — after they receive distressing news about the untimely death of their parents. Until Violet, the eldest, turns 18 and inherits her family’s great fortune, the trio is handed off from negligent guardian to negligent guardian, forcing the kids to not only look out for themselves but also try to outwit and outsmart the persistent threat of Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris), a distant and oft-disguised relative who stalks the Baudelaires to every foster home and schemes to get his hands on their wealth.

On the eve of the perfectly-timed Friday the 13th premiere of the series, Handler/Snicket chatted with EW about the adaptation in all its anguish and agony.

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so many AUs, i'm not sure what to do with them all

+air conditioner repairman [v sweaty job]
+street racers
+Christmas light neighbor competition
+guitar teacher
+little kids with a lemonade stand or kissing booth
+motherFUCK there’s smoothie on the ceiling
+someone’s cat is in a tree
+“how do I say fuck in [language]”
 -[I love you]
 - “cool thanks”
+I broke into your apartment cause it smelled like something was on fire but I don’t think we can salvage your cookies
+try my chili!
 -here use my mouth to calm the heat
+I saw the dude/chick who manscapes/waxes me
+minor car accident
+frat houses across the street
+competing mattress salesmen
+teddy bear doctors
+we both picked the same weird place to watch fireworks
+someone needs a car jumpstart
+gym class soccer
+college tour
+school trip to europe
+I wrote an ode to your butt in 10th grade and you somehow found it at the end of senior year
+i accidentally spilled beer on you at a bar and you thought I wanted to fight
+21 jump street au
+i licked a pole when it was 2 degrees outside please help me kind stranger
+high school intern for senior pictures [I’m literally just here to hold this reflecty thing and make you look hotter than usual]
+you heard me singing in the shower, recorded it, and put it on YouTube and now I’m Internet famous and I’m not sure whether I want to kill you or marry you
+someone found our office game of fuck marry kill and you’re my fuck
+there’s a dorm wii + mariokart in the lounge and we’re now on best out of 39
+I drew a picture of you and put it on tumblr and you found it
+I wrote a fanfic and the au was how we met and you got suspicious
+you’re a really shitty tutor
+you needed to borrow sugar to bake a cherry pie
+all you wrote in my yearbook last year was your number and now I have no clue who did it
+I got locked out of my dressing room wearing only my underwear and now we’re both waiting for an attendant
+I accidentally dropped a water balloon on you instead of my friend
+you write nice comments on all the angsty poems I post online
+we’ve been arguing over the proper use of the subjunctive mood in spanish for 2 hours and neither of us has taken it since high school
+you’re the monster under my bed
+I 100000% did not mean to send you that nude on snapchat oh my god
+I had to explain what dtf is to you
+you tried to perform cpr and iM TOTALLY FINE
+you’re asking me for self defense lessons because you saw that one time I tripped and accidentally took out a guy making off with someone’s belongings
+the secret life of walter mitty au
+bones au
+someone’s cursed to live like they’re in a musical
+book illustrator & writer
+you work at a shoe store and you just laced that shoe up and put it on my foot and I’m having an actual cinderella moment
+you caught me trying to sneak a hamburger off your grill as I was running by
+naked and afraid au
+you’re an expert survivalist and one time I cried because I stepped on a worm
+look I know my window’s really big but that doesn’t mean you had to watch my entire re-enactment of “it’s raining men” from magic mike okay
+our kite strings got tangled up
+you accidentally hit me in the face when you scored that homerun
+there is a very good chance I took your shoes instead of mine when I left that party wasted last night
+i put a gopro on my dog to figure out where she was going and it’s to your house

anonymous asked:

Hi can you do a scenario where he is trying to ask you out but he keeps stuttering

When He Nervously Asks You Out

In exactly three minutes and five seconds, you were going to be out of high school. Everybody was buzzing with excitement and there were even some tears being shed. Most of your friends were relieved that they were stepping onto a new milestone in their lives. You, on the other hand, wished that time would stop and the dismissal bell would never ring.

Because in—now three minutes and two seconds—you were going to go up to your crush of two years, give or take a few months, and ask him to be your boyfriend. Spend a romantic summer with you. Watch the stars in the warm summer nights. Share kisses on the trampoline in the backyard by the light of fireflies.

Okay, you were just going to ask him to grab ice cream with you.

But it felt like you were asking him to marry you. And you could feel the humiliation already seeping into your bones if he rejected you. If he really did, the embarrassment that your crush had rejected you on the last day of school would be a heavy weight on your shoulders for a while, no doubt. You weren’t one to be shamed by much, but only because you didn’t pursue much.

You protected yourself well, and asking one of the most well-liked boys in your grade to go on a date was out of character for you. But this was the last day of school. What did you have to lose?

Well…it was the last day of school, you thought as you chewed on your bottom lip. He probably already had plans. Maybe you wouldn’t even be able to find him before he left to hang out with his friends.

But it was the last day of school. You might never see him again, his adorable smile, his strong jawline, his—

“Here you go!” Your own yearbook was shoved at your face and you straightened from your stupor. “Can you sign mine next?” The classmate asked.

You nodded, realizing you’d forgotten to keep an eye on your own yearbook for a while. It must’ve been passed around the class. In your classmate’s yearbook, you wrote something mundane like Have a great summer! because you weren’t very close to her anyway. When you returned the book to her and she hopped over to the next person, you saw your friend staring at you with very wide, amused eyes.

She was across the room but her eyebrows were waggling crazily while she cast side-long glances at the door. You followed her gaze and nearly choked on your own nervousness before spinning away.

How could he just appear like that? You still had another two minutes at least to gather all your courage, but now you were caught off guard and failure seemed inevitable.

What were you thinking, hoping to ask him out on a date with you? He was likely going to attend that year-end graduation party at the hotel owned by the mother of one of his classmates. And you, on the other hand, would be spending tonight alone because you had turned down your friend’s invitation for a graduation dinner in hopes that you could eat a little ice cream with the boy you had a little crush on.

Stupid, stupid, stu—

“Hey,” a smooth voice whispered above your right ear and you stiffened in your seat. All you had to do was act natural. It couldn’t be that hard.

“H-hey,” your voice cracked. A scowl nearly crept into your expression before you fixed on a smile and looked up at him. “What’s up?”

His grin was easy, as always, and it made all your previous intentions fly out of your mind. What were you planning to ask him? You couldn’t remember as he handed you his yearbook. “Could you sign this for me?”

Not knowing what else to do, you nodded and was too tongue-tied to ask him to sign yours. Your fingers fumbled with the cap of the pen because while you were burdened by all the jitters of asking him out, you had forgotten to think of an appropriate yearbook message.

You licked your lips as you stared at the nearly-full page. What were you supposed to write?

I hope you will go on a date with me! Have a great summer!

I’m glad you got accepted to your dream university, but will you please accept my invitation to an ice cream date?


You nearly groaned out loud but then you saw him shifting his weight impatiently. That made you gulp down your apprehension and scribble nonsense onto a small empty spot on the page. Then you snapped the yearbook closed with a mental grimace and handed it back to him.

“Thanks,” he said, holding the yearbook at his side. His hand came up to rub the back of his neck and he looked left and right even though the two of you were relatively secluded in the corner of the classroom. If you didn’t know better, you would’ve thought he was nervous.

You realized then that you were supposed to ask him to sign your yearbook.

“So,” he started and tapped your yearbook with his knuckle. “Did you see what I wrote in your yearbook yet?”

You tilted your head to the side. “No, not yet.” You hadn’t even known he had signed it yet.

“Ah, that’s…that’s good for me, I guess.”

You reached for your book and lifted the cover. “Why?”

He pushed the cover back down so you couldn’t look for his message. “It’s just that…well, I wrote something in there that I should’ve said in person instead.”

You let out a breath of a laugh. “You don’t need to tell me to have a good summer in person.” But if you accept my offer of going on a date, then I would definitely have a good summer. You suddenly remembered your plan to ask him out.

“That’s not what I was planning to say.” He licked his lips and opened his mouth but the dismissal bell rang just then. His lips pinched together tightly until you could see a dimple forming on his cheek.

The sight nearly made you forget your goal yet again. You cleared your throat and waited for the bell to stop, which felt like an eternity. But then he opened his mouth before you had time to say what you wanted.

You blinked. “What?” He had spoken so fast and in such a hushed tone that you couldn’t hear him at all over the parade of people rushing to get out the door. In your peripheral, you could see your friend giving you a sly thumbs up before running out the door as well.

“Sorry, I, uh,” he blew out a sigh. “I just wanted to know if you, you know…if you want to go to that new place down the street with me. That ice cream place.”

Your eyebrows rose.

He shrugged and picked at the corner of your yearbook, avoiding your eyes. “I heard it has a killer waffle cone or…or something. And it’s not that expensive either so I’ll pay for everything if you want to come with me.” He suddenly met your gaze, alarmed. “Not that I wouldn’t pay even if we went to a more expensive place. And you don’t have to come if you don’t want to. I understand if, uh, you have other plans. I know lots of my friends are going to that hotel party but, I don’t know, I didn’t think you’d want to go there.”

You were trying to speak, but your smile kept growing.

“If you have plans with your friends already,” he continued, “it’s no big deal if you go with them. I’m just asking right now since, you know, it’s the summer and, uh, we’ll have lots of free time, right?” He gulped and gave a tight smile. “I-I guess I’ll go now, but if you ever want to go grab some ice cream with me, I’ll be free. I mean,” he cleared his throat. “It’s not that I’ll be waiting or anything, but I’d like to go with you. A lot. Yeah.”

He turned to go and it wasn’t until then that you realized his cheeks had turned red. He looked like a tomato, the cutest tomato you had ever seen in your entire life.

You took his hand before he could walk away and then stood up. When he turned, you went up on the tips of your toes and kissed his cheek. If he had the courage to ask you out, you had the courage to kiss him first. You were sure though, that your cheeks were as red as his, if not redder.

“I’d love to,” you said. And when he only stared at you, stunned, you chewed your lip and explained yourself. “To ice cream, I mean. I’d love to go grab ice cream with you.” And, if possible, spend at least this summer with you.


I haven’t written a scenario in nearly a year because I didn’t have the motivation for it, but I made myself write one today ;u; I haven’t written much at all but I hope you guys liked it nonetheless <3

PS: I still have all your scenarios in my inbox, but I don’t know if I’ll tackle every single one of them so please forgive me if I don’t T__T