i only know love btob back again

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song recs please


Male groups:

  • BIGBANG: Fantastic Baby (x), Blue (x), Monster (x), Bad Boy (x), Bae Bae (x), We Like 2 Party (x), BANG BANG BANG (x), Loser (x), Haru Haru (x)
  • SHINee: Sherlock (x), Hello (x), Dream Girl (x), Why So Serious? (x), View (x), Lucifer (x), Ring Ding Dong (x)
  • BTS: Danger (x), War of Hormone (x), N.O (x), We Are Bulletproof (x), No More Dream (x), Boys In Luv (x)
  • EXO: MAMA (x), History (x), What is Love? (x), Overdose (x), Growl (x), Call me baby (x), Love Me Right (x)
  • Super Junior: Mamacita (x), Mr Simple (x), Swing (x), Bonamana (x), Sexy Free & Single (x)
  • Infinite: Last Romeo (x), Be Mine (x), The Chaser (x), Destiny (x)
  • Block B: Nilili Mambo (x), Her (x), Be the Light (x), Very Good (x), Jackpot (x), Nalina (x)
  • B.A.P: One Shot (x), Warrior (x), Power (x), Rain Sound (x), 1004 (x)
  • TVXQ: Catch Me (x), Mirotic (x), Something (x), Spellbound (x), Keep Your Head Down (x)
  • 2PM: Hands Up (x), A.D.T.O.Y (x), Go Crazy (x), Come Back When You Hear This Song (x), Again and Again (x), I’ll Be Back (x)
  • BTOB: WOW (x), You’re So Fly (x), Beep Beep (x), Why (x), Insane (x), I Only Know Love (x), Thriller (x)
  • C-CLOWN: Let’s Love (x), Far Away (x), Shaking Heart (x)
  • U-KISS: Stop Girl (x), Believe (x), Don’t Flirt (x), Doradora (x)
  • BEAST: Good Luck (x), Beautiful Night (x), Midnight (x)
  • CNBlue: I’m Sorry (x), Intuition (x), Can’t Stop (x)
  • B1A4: Tried to Walk (x), What’s Going On? (x),
  • MBLAQ: Be a Man (x), Mona Lisa (x), Smoky Girl (x), It’s War (x)
  • NU’EST: Face (x), Action (x), Sleep Talking (x)

Female Groups:

  • SNSD/Girls’ Generation: I Got a Boy (x), Gee (x), Mr Mr (x), Oh! (x), Run Devil Run (x), Mr Taxi (x), Paparazzi (x)
  • 2NE1: I Am the Best (x), I Love You (x), Come Back Home (x), Falling in Love (x), Gotta Be You (x), Lonely (x), Ugly (x)
  • 4MINUTE: Crazy (x), What’s Your Name? (x), Volume Up (x), Mirror Mirror (x), HUH (x)
  • Sistar: Touch Ma Body (x), Give it to Me (x), Alone (x), Loving U (x),
  • T-ARA: Number Nine (x), Sexy Love (x), Roly Poly (x), Lovey Dovey (x)
  • 9MUSES: Ticket (x), Drama (x), Wild (x), Dolls (x), Glue (x)
  • TTS: Twinkle (x), Holler (x), Adrenaline (x)
  • Wonder Girls: Be My Baby (x), Like This (x)

Solo Artists:

  • G-Dragon: Crayon (x), Crooked (x), A Boy (x), One of a Kind (x), That XX (x), MichiGO (x), Good Boy (x)
  • Taeyang: Wedding Dress (x), Eyes, Nose, Lips (x), Ringa Linga (x), 1AM (x)
  • Ailee: I Will Show You (x), U&I (x), Don’t Touch Me (x)
  • BoA: Only One (x), Eat You Up (x), Kiss My Lips (x),
  • XIA: Tarantallegra (x), Incredible (x), Flower (x)
  • Jaejoong: Just Another Girl (x), Mine (x)
  • K.Will: Please Don’t (x), I Need You (x)
  • Se7en: Going Crazy (x), Somebody Else (x)
  • John Park: U (x)
  • Kim Sung Kyu: 60 Seconds (x)

Here’s your kpop starter list anon; I listen to more boy groups in general which is why there is significantly more for them haha. There’s obviously many more good songs but all of these aside from I think 2 are music videos. I spent a good two hours putting this together to enjoy!