i only know how to love

Don’t let boys with beautiful eyes and persuasive mouths anywhere near your curious eyes or your delicate lips. I know these boys they make us curious and it makes us stay, but we mustn’t let them pull us in. So tempting it is to spill the galaxies of our minds and draw the constellations of our dreams for them, but we must keep such things to ourselves because they are not strong enough to hold them. I know how badly you want to give it all to him, but he is not enough. He is not enough because you are too much. You are too curious and you love too hard for boys like him. He only wants your body, he only wants the shell. But you are so much more and without him you are still so much more. You are more than the forlorn girl he creates of you. You are the endless dreams he suppresses and the loud and infatuating mind that he is too self-centered to appreciate. So don’t let him near your skin, don’t let him seep through, don’t let yourself seep out. Don’t let your loneliness convince you that you need him. Don’t let an empty day convince you that he is worth your time. He is not. Please make this time your own, use this time to make you your own, entirely your own. Stay strong and one day you will find someone who is worth every second of your time and you their’s. Please, please, please just wait because you will find him and you will be as beautiful to him at noon when your mind is wide open as you are at midnight when his hands explore every inch of the skin that dresses your soul.
—  you are too much and baby girl, he will never be enough


The mission was meant to be simple.

Lance and Hunk were just meant to go into the abandoned Galra base, check to see if there was any useful information then leave.

It was meant to be a quick easy mission.

Then they were jumped.

Lance pushed Hunk out of the way of a sentries blast as the trap was sprung.

The two managed to hold up in a side room with Hunk having a panic attack and Lance trying to contact the others.

“Urg I can’t get through.” Lance groaned holding his side looking down to see blood seeping through a crack in his armour.

“This is bad man, how are we gonna get out of here Lance?” Hunk wasn’t looking at the Blue Paladin and when he didn’t reply he finally turned round.


He turned just in time to see Lance collapse to the ground.

“Lance!” Hunk yelled as he ran to his best friends side.

The sight of blood made him want to throw up.

“H-Hunk… it hurts.” Lance looked too pale, he was losing blood too fast.

The realisation that their was nothing Hunk could do to stop the bleeding hit hard.

“It’s ok buddy, I’m… I’m sure the others will figure out somethings wrong. And and be here soon.” Hunk was trying hard not to cry, trying to keep Lance from seeing how terrified he was.

“Hunk… s-sing for me… p-please.”

Lance asked as he coughed spraying specks of red.

Hunk swallowed the lump in his throat and forced a smile.

“Sure buddy.”

He took a deep breath “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine.”

Lance held Hunk’s hands in a desperate grip.

“You make me happy, when skys are grey.”

Lance’s eyes slowly slid shut.

“Y-you’ll never know dear… dear”

Lance’s grip went slack.

“How much I l-love you.”

Hunks voice was shaking badly as tears fell freely down his face.

“So please… please… please don’t take my sunshine… away.”

Hunk sobbed holding Lance’s lifeless body.

He didn’t move until the others arrived only a minuet too late.

The Wayne Gala {Jason Todd x Reader}

warnings: none

a/n: ahhhhh i’m sorry that i haven’t posted in so long! i’ve been busy with school, but i hope to post more from now on :)

“You’re all going. No excuses,” Bruce announced, sitting at the end of the dining room table. Everyone groaned in unison, and Damian slammed his fork onto his plate.

“I am not going, you cannot force me to, father,” Damian complained.

“Oh, yes I can force you to. If you refuse to attend the Gala, then no katana practice for a month and no tv for two weeks.”

Damian shrunk back into his seat and folded his arms grumpily. Dick continued to eat his steak and Jason wouldn’t stop grunting and huffing childishly. 

“Oh come on Jason, it won’t be that bad. Get yourself a date and you’ll have a blast,” Dick said as he eyed you from across the table and took a bite of his steak. You wondered why he looked at you so strangely, but shrugged it off and asked Tim to pass the pepper. 

“You all need to dress formally and make yourselves look presentable, there will be some very important colleagues there, and i need to make a good impression on them,” Bruce said as he cut at his steak, “that means you absolutely can not get drunk and show up with no pants on.” Everyone turned their heads to look at Jason. 

“Oh come on! That was one time!” he groaned.

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Okay what if, Lance goes on a solo mission, he sees an injured blades guy and rushes to save the day. So they end up hiding somewhere till the dude is better. Lance asks him if he knows Keith, to which the blades guy nods his head. Lance tells him that if he sees Keith to tell him that he misses him and he loves so much. Imagine Lance pouring out his feelings to this random dude, who pulls his hood off and BAM ITS KEITH.


let’s talk about aron.

because I’m in my emo mood, but let’s talk about aron.

i’ve been in this fandom for the 5th year now (i joined post hello era) and in some ways, i’ve felt like I’ve not only just watch these boys grew up, but grew up along them. so, let’s talk about aron. i was an aron stan before i truly knew it - i just liked how he seemed so fun-loving and derpy, how he can sing and rap and writes his own lyrics.

and what really sealed the deal for me was him on radio with music access. it’s not the most stellar of his records - we all knew about the past that haunt him till this date. but this post isn’t about that because it’s long over. for those that had never, ever heard music access, you wouldn’t know how much the radio meant to international fans. aron not only hosted the most successful radio show in arirang that he got an article written about him connecting international fans to kpop during his stint, he also helped to build this community known as music access family.

loves who tuned in from all over the world sort of knew each other, some closer to others as they’ve interacted. i kept to myself more, so i don’t really know others, but i remember hearing certain names from different regions, seeing certain ids over and over again. and aron does too, because he might not have seen our faces, but he remembered our stories if you write in to him enough. he remembered the time he name a pet or the time you’ve met a slump, he gave words of encouragement to people who felt like they’ve hit a wall, he made us laugh at some of the silliest things.

there were moments where you can tell that he’s not in the mood, that he’s sick and he’s tired, but aron is human and we know that. so we appreciate even more the effort he tries to keep focus on the show. and he has helped so. many. people in ways that people don’t seem to realise.

aron lost a ton of fans after his supposed controversy, and as an aron bias, this hurts a lot. it hurts a lot because we see how his apologies are buried over by sheer hate; we see how a man so confident and straightforward has changed for the better but ignored and dragged on for months, even now. it hurts because we know - he knows - that no matter what, this thing has stained his history and there’s no turning back.

and yet, at the same time, we have taken steps forward. aron’s changed a lot. but him appreciating fans a lot is not new. in many fancams you can see how aron interact with loves, and how he make his rounds during fanmeeting to shake as many hands as possible. someone i knew said that she missed out on a high touch with aron during a fanmeet, but aron rounded back on his way to the stage; personally, i’ve see them twice in real life going down the stage to greet fans and twice, aron has impressed me how thorough he is with high touch or greeting them.

it’s the reason im an aron bias, after all.

aron always had very little korean fans, and even lesser fansites. a lot of his old fansites ceased operations, not because they disliked him, but because real life has taken over. a fansite i knew stopped because they wanted to focus on their career. another left the country. and then…for what seemed like close to a year or two, we had to look at aron through previews of other members. on some days, it felt like aron wasn’t there - he’s cut away from the previews or only an arm’s showing in the next; his face was blurred and there were none of his personal photos.

it got to the point where other member fansites posted photos of aron because there was none if they didn’t, because they wanted to help their fellow friends and fansitemasters who weren’t able to make it to the event. and we cherished it, all aron-stans. for every preview we had, we cried in joy, hyping it in our social media and kakao chats. we’re glad to see a photo of his full outfit, because most of the time, an arm or a leg or part of the back of his head is all we got.

( and even then, we told ourselves that we were lucky, because at least we knew the color of the shirt he wore. )

and it hurts too, frankly speaking. i’ve shed tears over this because of how more aron seemed to be hidden away and invisible. i’ve pondered why my bias doesn’t seem likeable to others when i firmly believed otherwise. i wondered, worried, if aron actually knew?

and i think he does. because he tries.

“i’d work on my korean.” “thank you for coming” “i’d try to post in the fancafe more often” “thank you for cheering on me too”

you’ve heard him said the last sentence in their last fanmeeting as nuest w, but did you know he’s pretty much been saying it since forever?

but now…im glad. there are more and more aron fansites again, and ice tea nim even came back briefly. for all the slumps we’ve witness aron gone through, to seeing his tears on their first win, we’re truly, truly happy for him. because now people are loving him as a member of the group, and people are willing to learn about him.

and most importantly, they knew what he said and they acknowledged his apology, and they’re giving him a second chance like how they’re giving nu’est a second chance, and it’s in this that i cannot be more grateful about. because i don’t think aron - or the boys - are perfect, but they aren’t as mean or an asshole as some people make them out to be, and they learn and matured and poured in their hard work time and time again to be who they are today.

words just can’t describe how proud i am, and glad to know that they’re accepting aron as he is, his changed self and his derpy self, his smart caring self and his hardworking self.

so yes, let’s talk about aron, because he deserves to be loved as a member of nu’est too. and thank you, to every love out there, who may not like him (yet) but at least given him a chance.

as an aron stan, thank you, for giving him a reason not to regret staying for his dream, for his brothers and fellow loves. this boy gave up new york university and was apart from his family members, coming to seoul alone when he speak none of the language nor understand the culture and it would never have been easy. but now, i think, at least he wouldn’t leave with any regrets years down the road.

so, thank you. ; u ;

letjonsnownap  asked:

Can you write something where all the Targs are still alive and The Starks come to court, and Aerys is a total creep to Sansa, so Jon comforts her in the gardens later??

@letjonsnownap here’s your fic drabble that somehow turned into a 5k story!


Jon Targaryen was not meant for Sansa Stark.

Rhaegar had arranged for Lady Stark to travel to King’s Landing. She was to be presented as a candidate for betrothal to Aegon. Sansa’s mother and father would accompany her.

The castle’s hallways buzzed the day the Starks arrived. Jon stood next to Viserys and Aegon, the Iron Throne looming behind them.

Jon had grown accustomed to attractive girls appearing at court. Margaery Tyrell, the “Rose of Highgarden,” had shocked the throne room last month with her scandalous attire.

But Sansa Stark took Jon’s breath away when the crowd parted to give her passage.

Sansa was beautiful, poised, graceful in her lavender gown. She curtsied to the court. The lords and ladies looking down from the balcony murmured as she stood.

Rhaegar welcomed her. King Aerys had “fallen ill”, as he did more and more often these days before highborn families came to King’s Landing. Rhaegar had decided that a raving, drooling king did not inspire confidence in the realm, and had deftly sequestered Aerys in his rooms.

“It is an honor to meet you, Lady Sansa. You must dine with us tonight. We’ve prepared a feast in your honor.”

Jon bit back his frustration. The Starks had traveled far, but Rhaegar wouldn’t give them a single night to recover from their journey.  That was his father’s way. If Rhaegar was ready to drink and dance, the court would follow suit, and entertain him.


The great hall was transformed that evening. Candlelight illuminated the room. The dining tables were heaped with golden dishes. Musicians were stationed in the corners, making sure there would be a “merry mood,” as Jon’s father liked to say. The dance floor was polished to a shine.

Jon resisted the urge to scratch the black wool on his arm. The Targaryens at the high table were dressed in their most expensive black and red finery. Rhaegar had forbidden members of the court from wearing House Targaryen’s colors, so the royal family would stand out “like jewels in a setting.”

Jon rather thought they looked like a slightly ridiculous small army, especially because Daenerys and Rhaenys were visiting Dorne.

Aegon was the picture of courtesy when the evening began. He briefly lavished attention on Sansa, kissing her hand, telling her how lovely she looked. He danced with her only a few times, though, before he got well into his cups. Jon sighed. He’d seen this before, and he was sure he’d see it again. Aegon found the girl dull, and had dismissed her.

Sansa resumed her seat next to her father. She seemed withdrawn, thought you had to look closely to see it. Jon’s heart went out to her.

“Gods, stop mooning,” Viserys hissed into his ear. Jon could smell the wine on his breath. “Go talk to her. I’m sure Rhaegar won’t mind. You’re her cousin. Family bonds and all that.”

Jon glanced over at his father.

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This is an event to celebrate and appreciate the best leader, Kim Namjoon aka RM of BTS.

Because Namjoon is an amazing leader and artist, and without him there would be no BTS as we know and love, and it makes me sad that he gets so little appreciation compared to the rest of the members. Therefore I wanted to make this project for him.

The only thing you have to do to participate is to make some kind of content following the daily theme and tag it with #namjoonappreciationweek. It can be literally anything; edits, gifs, gfx, videos, text post, poems or even fanfiction if you can find a way to fit that into the day’s theme. Note that you don’t have to do something for every day in order to participate, it’s fine if you only post for 1 or 2 days.

From the 13th of November to the 19th of November 2017.

Interested in participating? Check under the read more for details and please reblog this post to spread the word ♥

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A Cry for Help

Author’s note- Holy wow, so much angst, so much just wow. I enjoyed writing this. thank you  901seconds for the request!

Pairing- Bucky x Reader

Summary- Request- Prompt 30: “What? You think you’re the only one suffering” “hey can you do number 30 where the reader have a dark past and she have some self-destructive ways of going through her past and bucky finds out (also she’s an avenger). Idk if i could ask how i wanted the story to be but let me know, lots of love” 901seconds

Warning- loads of angst, self-destructive reader, fluff, language,

Word count: 1,146

Request: Yes

I guess you could say I was self-destructive, I have tendency not to care if I live or die. It’s come in handy working for the Avengers, being in the field risking your life for the better of the world.  I’m pretty sure it’s why Tony even considered me. I risk my life, at least if I die it could be saving millions of people.

But it doesn’t work when you have James fucking Barnes in your life.

Bucky and I weren’t the best of friends for a while. We are a lot alike. We were a lot alike I guess.  He changed, he had Steve to help him.

I started to get close to him, to let my guard down. But then my defenses came right back up when I realized what I was doing, I couldn’t let him see me weak and vulnerable. No one gets the satisfaction of seeing me that way anymore.

Now, he tries to dig me out of the holes I dig myself.

Like right now, here we are ending a mission with him yelling at me about the way I just managed to save almost 20,000 people.

“It was reckless Y/N and you could’ve gotten yourself killed!”  He yelled as we boarded the Quinjet. I walked ahead with him trailing behind a bit.

Everyone sat silently, I know they were just happy no one was killed. They probably didn’t care much for me, I wasn’t family to anyone.

“I’m fine, aren’t I? I just saved thousands of people!” I yelled back.

He looked bewildered, “Are you kidding? We had a handle on it!”

“Look,” I stood completely facing him, “I don’t need you yelling at me. No one else is complaining. Just save it, Barnes, I don’t want to hear this bullshit. I’m here. I didn’t die. Just drop it!”

I couldn’t stop myself from shoving past him to the farthest seat from the rest of them.

The ride home was painfully quiet, beside whispered conversation among Steve and Bucky. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but I’m sure it was about me.

I went straight to my room when we landed.

I dumped my things on to the bed and locked the door. I stripped and walked to the shower.

I was never comfortable naked, memories of my past littered my body.

I traced the circular burn scar from my step father cigarettes, just one, but it left so much pain. I brought my right hand up to my left bicep and traced the long bulging scar from my shoulder to my elbow, again, my step father.

I had other small scars that sprinkled over my body from falling in the left behind glass shards of a broken beer bottle.

I shook my head and showered quickly.

I dressed in a sweater and leggings, I never showed much of my body. No one on the team knows about my past, not even Tony, that I know of at least.

I decided to go to the library and lose myself in a book.  

After an hour I was so lost in a book I didn’t even hear the library door open, or feel someone sit on the couch next to me.

“What’re you reading?” I jumped at the sound of Bucky’s voice so close to me.

I looked at him and put the book down, “Nothing, I’m going to bed.”

I stood to leave, but he caught my arm. I ripped my arm away from him.

“Don’t touch me.” I tried to sound calm.

He held up his hands in defense, “Okay, I’m sorry.”

I did my best to stand tall and not sink into myself.

We stood there, in silence for a second before he spoke again.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Barnes I already told y-”

“No, Y/N, I don’t mean the mission, I mean mentally.” He interrupted me.

No. “Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”

He hesitated, “I just… We were doing so well, making friends, you used to laugh and smile around me and now… now I don’t even recognize the person standing in front of me.”

I scoffed and crossed my arms, “I’ve always been this way, Barnes.”

He flinched, “Stop calling me that, you know I don’t like it when you do that.”

“Well, Barnes,” I mocked, “I don’t do well with people telling me what to do.”

He sighed, “Look, I miss you. I’ve been going through a lot. I need someone, Steve is great he just… doesn’t get it.”

Something in me burst when he said that.

A humorless laugh broke through my lips.

“You’ve been going through something?” I stepped toward him, “What? You think you’re the only one suffering?”

He tried to speak but I stopped him.

“No, you know what fuck you! You ‘need someone’, I haven’t had anyone! Hell! Even my own mother sat back and watched me be abused, for years!” I was screaming at this point.

Tears threatened to spill and my voice shook, “And my whole life I’ve been used, by everyone. I was a punching bag for my stepfather, a doormat for my friends, and for men?” A dry laugh through tears now pouring down my face, “For men, I was just a hole for them to fuck till they didn’t want me anymore. I’m just the self-destructive chick who will throw herself in front of a train for anyone. I’m nothing, Bucky, nothing.”

My voice was a broken whisper by the end.

Bucky stood there, speechless, a mixture of shock, hurt and anger on his face.

I broke, I was sobbing and I launched myself at him.

It seemed to knock him out of his trance. He cradled me in his arms, whispering comforts into my ear while stroking my hair.

“Sh, I’ve got you.”

“It’ll be okay, I’m here now. You aren’t alone anymore.”

He sat back down on the couch with me still in his arms, rocking slightly.

Eventually, my sobs died down.

Still cradling me, he spoke, “I didn’t know about any of that.”

I sniffled, “No, one does.”

He held me tighter to his chest with one arm and the other was used to lift my face to his.

“I will never leave you. You aren’t nothing, Y/N. You mean the world to me. Those weeks when we were getting close… all I could think about was your smile. I anticipated hearing you laugh, the sound made me feel things, good things, I’ve never felt before.”

I was a whole new mess of tears now, I wrapped my arms around is neck buried my face into his chest.

“Thank you for not giving up on me.” I whispered.

“I will never give up on you, Y/N, I’m here as long as you need me.”

I pulled back to look into his eyes.


He grinned down at me, “Promise.”

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Fashion Fantasy XV -- FFXV x Fashion Industry Headcanons (Part 2)

Because why not have some more self-indulgent Fashion Industry AU headcanons? C: Especially after talking with @birdsandivory about the universe more and shaping it up. Aaaaah~ I really love this AU, yo.


Cor Leonis

  • A fashion legend known as Cor the Immortal.
  • He’s been modeling for InsomniaC for who knows how long?
  • Trained under alot of people, but their careers are unfortunately dead. The only one with his career left is him.
  • Probably because he was modeling around the time the famous model, Gilgamesh, was during his reign on stage.
  • You think that Cor’s called the Immortal because he’s been doing his job for thirty years, right?
  • Not really.
  • He’s called the Immortal because this nerd keeps falling off the goddamn stage.
  • Does he not look where he’s going? Are the heels he keeps insisting on wearing on his shoes too much? Nobody knows.
  • So he’s called the Immortal because he once fell off a ten foot stage and was totally okay afterwards.
  • Has a self-proclaimed rival in the industry, but his rival’s just a peanut, so Cor doesn’t worry much about him.

Aranea Highwind

  • You figured she’d be a model, but bitch, she knows she’s model material. She just doesn’t have the patience to deal with people telling her what to do.
  • Decide that she’d rather do people’s hair instead of model for them.
  • Will style you hair however the hell she damn-well pleases to. You get no say.
  • If she thinks that curls will look cute, you’re getting curls. If you’d look better with blond-hair? Guess what, you’re a blond now.
  • Almost as scary as the editor, Ardyn, perhaps even scarier because even Ardyn won’t tell her no.
  • So poor Gladiolus once ended up with bows in his hair for a military clothing photoshoot, just because Aranea thought it’d be fun that day.
  • It was a remarkably successful shoot, with the campaign for the line being that ‘anyone can look tough.’
  • Gladiolus got alot of shit for it, but he had to admit, the barrettes kept the hair out of his eyes.
  • See? She knows what she’s doing!
  • Works closely with Hammerhead Studios and their make-up artist, mostly because they pay her well and she thinks the artist is really cute.

Cindy Aurum

  • The best make-up artist as Hammerhead Studios, often contracted by InsomaniC to come do the models’ make-up.
  • She actually is a monster movie make-up artist and specializes in fabrication and building crazy make-up prosthetics, but she’s really good at doing beauty make-up too.
  • Can look at you and immediately know how to make you look beautiful.
  • And feel beautiful too. She’ll shower the models with compliments left and right.
  • Will always end up with make-up and stuff on her face too. How? No idea.
  • Will always show up to work wearing brightly colored pantsuits.
  • Because the first time she showed up, she was in a crop-top and booty shorts, and everyone was getting on her case about it.
  • Pantsuits are okay though, even if she still wears just her bra underneath her coat.
  • Her boobs will be in your face as she’s doing your make-up.
  • Not that anyone really complains though.

Dino Ghiranze

  • A writer for InsomaniC, and probably the one who hates his job the most.
  • He’d rather be designing his own line of accessories, but noooooo.
  • He’s gotta write if he wants to pay his bills. And mostly because the editor’s too scary to give his two-weeks notice to.
  • Last time he tries to, the editor burned it in front of Dino and told him to get back to work.
  • Is that even legal???
  • He also likes to hit on people more than he likes to work.
  • Will probably hit on anything that moves: guys, girls, one time called Ravus’s dog a beauty.
  • But all dogs are beautiful, so that didn’t count.
  • Has a very well-known hand fetish.
  • He creeps Ravus out in particular because of that prosthetic hand of his. Please stay away from it, Dino.

Nyx Ulric

  • Is a model, but only really models because it pays the bills.
  • Started as a bodyguard for the company before being asked specifically by the CEO to model for a shoot.
  • He wasn’t really too happy about it, but he got to keep the clothes he modeled in.
  • He cried a bit to himself because holy shit, he could actually get nice clothing now. 
  • Literally lives in a box full of beer bottles and dust. So modeling gives him nice things for the box.
  • Comes close with Gladiolus as the sexiest man in the industry. But since he’s a newbie at modeling, he’s not acknowledged much.
  • That’s okay though. He’d rather just stick to being a bodyguard.
  • Especially since the stalking issue happened with Ignis.
  • He does model from time to time, but only for his friend’s line of clothing.
  • Because he knows they’ll be comfortable, and he won’t have to wear another suit with pants that ride-up his butt.


  • One of the Six people known as InsomniaC’s Old Fashion Dynasty. One of two still active in terms of modeling too.
  • She’s an older woman, but she doesn’t look a day over thirty.
  • Ardyn’s jealous of it and makes it his point to always point out just how old she is.
  • She ignores him though because he wishes he looked as good as she did.
  • Trained in France initially, and uses her first name only as her stage-name. Screw the last name.
  • Will whoo all of the ladies with her Frenchiana skills.
  • Especially Lunafreya, even if it always goes over her head.
  • Takes Lunafreya out on ‘dates’ alot, but Luna only sees it as friendly outings.
  • Gentiana cries a little inside.
  • Is in a relationship with a guy named Indra Agni Ifrit. Mostly to hide the fact that both of them are pretty gay.

Indra Agni Ifrit

  • Another one of people from the Old Fashion Dynasty. He’s the only other person who still models actively with Gentiana.
  • He does alot of model work with Gentiana, especially for those fancy perfume commercials.
  • Is flaming gay. (Aaaaaye!)
  • He supposedly hides it in the public eye, mostly so the advertisements he models for isn’t as weird, but he’s pretty open about it to others in the company.
  • Ardyn has a serious thing for Ifrit, and so the two have flings alot, but Ifrit only does it so he won’t lose his job or his reputation.
  • Often has shoots oriented around the themes of fire and flame, which got him the reputation as Ifrit, the Fire God.
  • Is temperamental as hell, and is often seen screaming to his manager, Ramuh, about the dumbest things.
  • Is really shorter than he looks in his pictures, mostly because he’s standing on boxes or has lifts in his shoes.
  • “That just means I’m closer to hell, where I belong~”
  • Has an unrequited love for E.J. Bahamut, so much so that he even became Bahamut’s model exclusively until Ardyn butt into his business.

Eleazar James Bahamut

  • A retired model from the Old Fashion Dynasty, and one of the most successful models in InsomniaC’s history.
  • Was the reigning champion for the title of the industry’s Sexiest Man.
  • He had to let go of the title because he was okay with winning it for five years running.
  • After his retirement, he began to dedicate himself to designing clothing.
  • Would rather admire those in his works than to actually model them himself.
  • A goddamn behemoth of a man, almost as tall as Gladio and as skinny as Ravus.
  • Is in a grudge war with Ardyn, because it was Ardyn who was supposed to be InsomniaC’s best model, not Bahamut.
  • Is never seen wearing something that isn’t a suit. Even when he’s trying to be casual.
  • Very rarely models anymore, but sometimes makes a comeback when modeling to promote his Astral line of clothing.
  • Has an unrequited love for Ifrit, but refused to tell him even after having had a one-night stand with him. He’s too busy for love, unfortunately.

anonymous asked:

hi!! i’m kind of new to kpop and i’ve only ever really listened to bts, but i really want to get into some other kpop bands, i just don’t know how to go about it. do you think you could recommend some songs for me to listen to? ^^


Pentagon: Critical Beauty, Like This

B1A4: Solo Day, Sweet Girl, Lonely, A Lie

NU’EST: Love Paint

NU’EST W: Where you at

Boyfriend: Bounce

Monsta X: Hero, All In, Beautiful 

Red Velvet: Red Flavor, Russian Roulette

 Shinee: 1of1, View, Married To The Music

Btob: Movie, Wow

Day6: I loved you, I wait

Seventeen: Don’t Wanna Cry, Boom Boom. Very Nice

Exid: Hot Pink, Ah Yeah

These are just some of my favorite groups but there are so many more I could suggest :)


So, let’s break this down.

To start with, he did have the option to post him and LR as Lice. When he has his Insta tags off this week, there was a Lice photo very similar to this:

So…he chose KJ and him cause he wanted to. 

Next piece.

That’s the Instagram post the photo was taken from. He loved it so much he posted the Tweet only 15 minutes after the original post.

Finally, the words. 

As I’ve said many many times before, CS’ Twitter is extremely honest through humor. 

So there are a few parts to this. First of all, the idea of “now.” I’ve discussed before how CS was pretty screwed over by his ex, so the idea that he sees his relationship with KJ as fluid, not knowing if they will be together forever makes a lot of sense. 

Secondly, it’s not just “now we can be together,” suggesting that they already are together, this photo just adds the forever part. 

I love CS. I love how much he loves KJ. And how much he refuses to be involved in the PR as much as he possibly can. 

And the saga continues:

Supporting you always,

Heteronormativity’s Nightmare

[ continued from here ], also: 

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whats your family like quill?




“Oh! Oh my! I spaced out. I am sorry. Yes, yes! Fascinating! How colorful … hmm …

my family, you say? I suppose I can tell you a bit about them, yes! Though … I can only tell you much about the ones on the side of my father. I know so very little about the family of my mother.” Quill prepared himself for what felt like a lot of aimless rambling.

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I wanna self-teach myself French, but I don’t know where to begin! Any tips for your gal? Like how many hours should I put in a day? Love you

hello!! there’s really no right amount of time to put in per day - some people take longer to learn things than others so what might be the right amount of time for me might be different for you. at the very least though i recommend you to review at least 1 lesson worth of grammar and/or vocab a day, which if you have memrise, takes like 5 minutes ✨ fyi though memrise only teaches vocab so you’ll need another resource to learn grammar from - i have lots of different resources under my “l” tag that might be of use to you 💕 best of luck with your french studies!!

Bias list?

I’ve decided imma do a bias list of all my bias’ to show some love.

Park Chanyeol

My ult bias. Everything about him makes my heart swell. His smile

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good god, that smile could make the worst day ever into the best.

he’s so talented. like get you a mans that can do it all

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he’s the biggest goofball :) like??? protect him???

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Chanyeol is my everything. He is someone I have grown to really love. We all know that feeling for their ult bias. How they make you feel all tingly and weird? Is that just me? Okay. Whatever. You’re lying to yourself if you don’t know what I’m talking about. 

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Jackson Wang

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Jackson is someone that is talented and humble. He loves his members more than any other idol I’ve ever seen. He cares not only for his fans but for just about anyone he meets. We don’t deserve Jackson Wang in our life. He’s too pure for this cruel world

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Me too Yugyeom. Me too. 

Kim Mingyu

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How is he so bad boy one second then all fluff ball the next? I don’t get it? 

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He’s honestly so handsome. I cry myself to sleep at night just knowing that Mingyu is alive and is perfect and is ruining my expectations for all men out there. If you’re not Kim Mingyu, please don’t talk to me :)

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god is testing me. 

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Lee Taemin

Do I really need to explain this? 

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Don’t @ me on this but like he’s THE king. THE KING. Notice how I said THE KING. 

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Catch me crying in da club at this comeback. Cya. 

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how is he so cute? like? i need him to stop. 

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don’t touch me. Taemin makes me emotional. 

that’s it. I’ve really done it now. why did i do this to myself bye. 

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The only place I see you is in my dreams

Only for a few hours, I talk to you. I tell you what is on my mind.

And you smile, oh your beautiful smile, like beautiful white shiny pearls.

You make me feel a way that I never felt before

In love

You let me be myself, you accept me

But in real life, I don’t know how to speak

I trip I fall I mumble

And all of sudden, I feel unwanted.

Like you don’t want me

But I want you

I want you more than you’ve ever thought

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Ok this message will be mess but I'm a mess too so forgive me. I just finished "Undone, Unwritten, Unafraid" AND JFC I HAVEN'T READ SUCH A GOOD FIC IN A LOOOONG TIME!!!It was absolutely fantastic I have no words to express how much! Not only my personal fav Zen was in there but you also explored an area I was always curious about. How Hyun would be like if he just submitted to his mother demands (ANGSTY AS FUCK I LOVED IT BUT I ALSO WANTED TO CRY AND HUG HIM HE DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER) -->

Hi there my lovely Nonny Chan! 

I’m so thrilled that people are enjoying this version of Zen. I don’t know what it was about @zenscrotch work that made me ask those questions but I’m so thankful that they did! THANK YOU CROTCHY! 

You’re far too kind to me but I thank you nonetheless! I wanted to explore into it much more in depth but my god that would be a slow SLOW burn story and… I didn’t have the time to make it. So you got this very clipped version of it instead haha. 

I always hc’s it was because of the reason I stated and hence why we’ve never been told why he changed it canonically hahah- it would bump up the rating of the game ;) 

You’ve given me the biggest smile my darling and I am positively glowing- your kind words helped me get through a rather horrible shift at work so I am just as thankful and grateful to you honey! 


Please feel free to “ramble” as much as you want honey, you’re doing nothing but stroking my already far too large ego but- your kindness makes me smile and feel all fuzzy hahah. Hopefully you can something else of mine in the future my dear. Hope you have a lovely week ahead sweetie!!!

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type of dads in p5

Sojiro Dad: The new into fatherhood dad, is trying his best but doesn’t know how to connect yet, ends up feeling kinda distant but in the end love prevails

Iwai Dad: The “I have only had this baby for a day and if anything happens to my son I will kill everyone in this room and then myself” dad. Intense but caring.

Yoshidad: The experienced dad, always believe in the best of his children without dismissing their bad habits.

Shitdo Dad: The kind of dad that seems to only exist in daytime drama but is a very real villain in everyday’s life.


Joker’s Dad: THE WHOMST?

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So I just read "The River's Curse" and I'm in love! Worried Keith is my child, and I can get behind poisoned Lance whump! I wonder how you're going to include other characters from the series.... I wonder if the Blade of Marmora will be like the hunters of Artemis? Only they have guys so.... Who knows √('_')✓ xD

Aww, thank you!! A new chapter is going to be up later today as part of my celebration for Keith’s birthday!

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What do you think about possible inclusion of Chari as a BD GBF bonus similar to Nina and Rita, from a business perspective? I thought putting Azazel in GBF was a sound decision considering his popularity with the customers of cygames' other properties (although I'd love to hear your thoughts on this), but Chari? Dunno whom they'd be trying to appeal with him but knowing certain cygames executives love for him, I'm scared they'd not only force him in also but make him ridiculously overpowered.

this reminds me:

back when nina was just released in gbf, someone said how they do not want chari to be in gbf too bcs then he’d try subjugating non-human race like draphs, erunes, harvins and primals lol

…and they’re right, too. srsly, his whole arc (if we can even call it that) is about proving human is the superior race and this attitude won’t fly in gbf.

also keep in mind my sources is mostly 2ch (who are mostly guys) and twitter, so uh. idk about business perspective and the likes, but so far the response for azazel’s integration into gbf is rather… positive, unexpectedly. This seems majorly bcs

  1. he’s categorized as primal,
  2. he’s a *male* dark ssr character after a veeeery long time,
  3. his tsundere-ness as well as his dying movement make him easy to meme and srsly this is an important trait,
  4. he has dagger/melee prof, meaning he makes atma fist meme relevant again if you team him up with Seox and Orchid
  5. his artwork with the snakes is considered cool even for guys, and, most importantly,
  6. he has 30% debuff (japanese folks seem to really appreciate this and like give him a rating of 9.5/10, although the western folks mostly think he’s overrated. i do too lulz).

the fact some folks also already familiar with him thanks to SV and SNB certainly helps. and the fact on the day he’s released he’s one of jpn top twitter trends (his number is more than twice Vampy’s number, whose SR version is also released on the same date) certainly proves he’s kinda popular, enough for ppl to make a fuss about him.

and speaking of chari… eh, i don’t think ppl even remember his name. no one talked about how they wish to see him in gbf. in fact, no one talked about him at all. some talked about how they wanted favaro and/or kaisar to come to gbf, kaisar esp since he already appeared in amira’s fate ep, but no one even mentioned ‘the king’.

hmmm just my personal opinion, but while i do think chari is probably gonna come to gbf, he won’t be OP, esp if he’s going to keep the same element as his puchi chara counterpart in snb, which is dark. in gbf, afaik, dark is full of selfish OP attackers who are quite beloved to fans. You can’t just add a new OP dark chara and expect the fans to accept this and move on, esp if this totally new chara is gonna be more OP than the established 'strongest’ characters. Azazel doesn’t threaten other charas’ position bcs he’s not 'pure’ attacker, and his use is more situational than universal, unlike, say, Seox - who is pretty much Dark’s poster boy attacker.

srsly, you try to make a completely *new* dark chara (not DAO, not Sandalphon, not dark!Lucio) who is stronger than Seox 5*, fans are going to burn your ass.

(unlike anime which has fixed storyline and pretty much can’t be changed, this game keeps being updated every week or even three days, and charas do get updated every now and then, so if there’s a sudden *new* chara who is OP, fans would demand the old characters be updated and made stronger too.)

I doubt chari would be made op tho, if he comes to gbf at all, bcs he probably comes as dvd/bd bonus anyway, and bd bonus charas are pretty much useless or has limited/niche use (case in point: sr rita=useless, sr amira=better kit than rita but still meh, ssr nina=niche, situational use)

I don’t have nina so idk if chari gets mentioned or even appear in her fate ep, but it would be interesting to see what kind of scenario they’d have in mind for his fate ep - considering how he looks down on all other races except human :p

I don’t know how many fellow Jonerys fans watch Outlander, but I wish we could’ve gotten a first-time love scene between Jon and Dany like the ones that were filmed for Jamie and Claire. Especially the first time Jamie and Claire made love. All that sexual tension was finally released and it wasn’t rushed. For those who saw last night’s Outlander episode, you know what I mean. That was another example. I’m one of the few who were disappointed with how the Jonerys love scene was filmed. The only part I liked was when Jon stopped to look into Dany’s eyes. Other than that, it was pretty boring and I expected a lot more from two characters that finally met and fell in love after SEVEN seasons! And yes, I think they should’ve shown their first kiss. The kiss was probably when their sexual tension was first released. There was probably powerful love, longing and desperation behind that kiss and we’ll never see it.