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why snowbarry instead of westallen?

I’m only about two seasons into The Flash (approx four or five episodes from the end of Season 2), but so far, it’s more the writing of Westallen which I don’t like, as the actors have okay chemistry. But in Season 1, Barry’s crush on Iris came across as completely one-sided, with no hint of romance on Iris’ end at all. Then Barry told her how he felt, and she chose Eddie. Then there was the episode where Barry time travelled for the first time, Iris said she had feelings for him, the day restarted and she chose Eddie again. Then, towards the end of Season 1, Barry confronted Iris about her feelings for him, she admitted they were there, and then she chose Eddie again. Three times she rejected Barry for Eddie, clearly indicating that Eddie was the one she loved.

So, the show had them both move on in Season 2, and it all came across as completely platonic. Iris was moving on from Eddie, and Barry seemed to be over his crush on her, which enabled him to become utterly smitten with Patty (another pairing I really loved). There had literally been no hint of Barry’s feelings towards Iris or vice versa, it seemed like the ship was well and truly buried, until Barry went to Earth 2, and discovered he and Iris were married, and now suddenly Iris is talking about how it’s “fate” and all the signs are pointing to her and Barry being together, and it’s coming across as the only reason she wants to be with Barry is because destiny or whatever is telling her to, and quite frankly, I hate that kind of reasoning. You shouldn’t be with someone because destiny tells you to, because you’re “fated to be”, but because you genuinely fall in love with someone and choose to commit to them. I know that they get together towards the end of Season 2, but for me, it’s dragging up a ship which was dead and buried.

I also don’t like that in Season 1, Iris deliberately gets in between Barry and Linda, basically coming off like she doesn’t want Barry, but she doesn’t want Barry to want anyone else. She basically wanted to keep him in her back pocket, while dating someone else. Ew.

Now, Barry and Caitlin on the other hand, are such a sweet pairing, or at least they could be if the show gave them a chance. I just feel like they really connect on a level he doesn’t connect with Iris on. They confide in one another, she talks to him freely about Ronnie (and Caitlin is someone who is quite closed off, something she has in common with Barry, who closes off when tragedy strikes), so to see her open up so much is amazing. She and Barry understand one another, he knows how to read her, she knows how to read him. They reassure one another, prop each other up, and are so natural and easy-going around one another. They just feel like this beautiful slow-burn, leading towards a relationship which could be so strong and deep, because it has groundings in this gorgeous friendship where the two parties connect with one another so well. Plus, I feel that Barry and Caitlin have far more chemistry than Barry and Iris. But that’s just my opinion.

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Hi, I wanted to say one thing about last night episode and it is yes it was dark and painful to watch and we learned some things about Oliver, but in reality we all new that Season 1 Oliver was a murderer. People kill because they want to and they chose to. Oliver only realize there is another way in season 2. So, why are we shocked he liked killing? The flashbacks only shown us the head space of Oliver in Season 1. He came so far from then and now. Was the darkness always there? We all have it.

Thanks for replying.  As far as the killing it was always shown in season one  and two that Oliver learned to kill for self-defence as survival of the fittest.  But not for pleasure.  In season 3 Amanda forced him to torture people; he had to do or be tortured himself; until Sherif at the end; but even that maybe excused as vengeance for Akio; although he was starting to become gray then; season 4 with Vlad; it was self defence; with Tiana she asked him to kill her.  Until now in season 5; until he admitted he liked it; that he took pleasure from it; that it gave him a power trip; there is a serious issue here. A man like that is a psychopath and not redeemable; no matter how the show romanticizes his story.  It is wrong.  A man who enjoys killing needs to be in jail; not a hero and a mayor.  There is a serious serious message here that implies the opposite. That it is okay!  But it will never be!

Criminal Minds S12E17


1. Okay so they’ve obviously realized that Alvez and Garcia have chemistry and are trying to push them together more. They’re either going to end up dating or be really good friends. (Probably not dating tbh). Either way, I’m really enjoying their scenes together.

2. Also…can we just recognize how awesome Alvez is? He’s smart, hot, funny, caring, fiercely protective of people he only recently met, and is very hot. Whoops did I already mention that?

3. Emily Prentiss’s hair is fierce af.

4. Okay Fiona seemed kinda suspicious during that phone call…

5. I’m sorry, but did Spencer just offer to help inmates with their taxes?

6. HOLY SHIT that Calvin Shaw killer twist tho…

7. Ok Fiona is definitely suspicious after giving Reid that advice

8. Oh wow aside from that first scene I think Garcia was missing from the first 30 minutes of the episode…

9. Wow this unsub’s stresser is really dark.

10. GAHHHHHH JUMP SCARE (at least for me, when Prentiss was on the phone with the woman and the unsub just opened the door and walked in)

11. Hmmmm I sense some romantic chemistry between Garcia and Alvez in their last scene…just saying

12. That last scene. Oh my god. I knew he’d get hurt, but the fact that they actually slit his throat…it was shocking.

13. Grading the newbies: Dr. Tara Lewis (4/10 - more lines this time, and actually did a lot of work on the case; still mostly irrelevant), Luke Alvez (10/10 - was in most of the episode, and did a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of lines and emotion), Stephen Walker (6/10 - helped with the case as per usual, but had what would normally be a Rossi moment with Prentiss)

14. Any info on the main cast’s contracts? Who’s renegotiating this year, and that kind of thing? Just want to know if I need to prepare myself to lose another cast member…

Reblog if you are planning on watching WE season 2

Since the ratings weren’t the best for season 1 of Wynonna Earp I want to see how many people are going to be watching season 2. I know a lot of people have started watching the show over the break so reblog or like this post if you are planning on watching Wynonna Earp season 2. Also feel free to reblog if you don’t watch the show but are planning to watch it. Try to only reblog once because I want to get an accurate count.

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I miss seeing your doodles of our favorite Broadchurch detectives. S3 comes out in less than two months!

Much enthusiasm from Mr Detective Ray of Sunshine

Reasons I think Lee is Harley

0. Well for starters her name is in the name Harley (Harley; Har-Lee)                   

1. Her and Jerome have met already (Four times or more if I’m correct)

2.When she and Jerome first met she comforted him (Held him) 

3.She was fascinated/excited by his whole case

(This was Jim leading her into the interrogation room)

4.His case was the first, and only case where she went into the interrogation room with Jim.

5.She said that “It was ugly, but it was also kind of thrilling.”

6.She was so fascinated with his case (Jerome) she couldn’t even focus on hers and Jim’s date. She couldn’t stop talking about it and she wanted to go see if they could find the weapon.

7.She’s a doctor (she’s studied truama but it’s not her area of focus)

8.She’s worked at Arkham (She could easily go back)

9.She’s corny

10.She’s very smart (she figured out the hidden meaning of Paul’s message.)

11.She’s tougher than she looks (she knows how to stick up for herself. She’s no damsel)

12.The writers themselves said that Lee was nuts (Since when has Lee ever been nuts?!)

13.She’s kissed Mario who was infected with the Alice virus, and his blood landed on her cheek (both are ways to get the virus) so she is more than likely gonna get it.

14.She’s becoming darker, more confident.

15.She’s changing right in front of our eyes. Sure in Season one she was a little sarcastic but for the most part she was corny, a little sarcastic (but in a playful manner), kind of sexual, innocent-ish? Season two she was still basically the same as season one, just maybe a little more confident, and maybe a little darker.. more mature I guess. And then season three she is definitely darker than she was.

Also season 3 (Queen has Sass! <3)

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

16.Lee and Jim finally had sex, but guess when they did it? After Jerome’s interrogation. They had been hinting at it for a bit but she would put it off because of work, and then because she got interested in the case.. While in the interrogation room you could tell that she was fascinated with Jerome and you could even see her smirk a little a few times. Then once the interrogation was done she talked about how it was ugly but thrilling, and then suggested for them to ‘go home.’ Then they, ya’ know. But all of this, after she watched Jerome.. makes you wonder if he turned her on.

17.Red and Black

18.She has a sister (Unnamed)

19.Out of everyone that Jerome came in contact with in Smile Like You Mean It’s episode, she’s the only one he didn’t kill.

20.She was the first person Jerome had a casual conversation with, since he was brought back to life.

21.He was sexual towards her (So he’s obviously attracted towards her)

22.He would not keep his hands off her

(Feel that strong bicep Lee, lmao) I ship them so hard! I’m really hoping she’s Harley.

23.She wasn’t even scared of him!

24.She was being blunt, sarcastic, and even a little flirty, and we all know he was being flirty.

25.He asked her about her and James (In my opinoion there was literally no point in that, unless he wanted to know for personal reasons)

26. I think I heard him call her dollface.. probably wrong. (I hope I’m not)

27.Harley doesn’t value life, death, or self injury.. Jerome was literally holding a gun to her and she couldn’t care less.

28.Lee was kind of playing along, kind of just putting up with him (Harley’s the only one who puts up with Jokers crap)

29.She’s met Selina

30.She tends to get overly entusiastic about things (Kind of like obsession; Harley is known to be passionate (obsessed) about things.)

31.That look..

(I’m so in love with this.. She’s trying to act all hard and bad ass, but when he grabs her you can literally see her soften. It looks like she’s slowly crumbling under his touch and is giving in. More than likely just me who thinks this lo

32. If they’re considering Barbara why wouldn’t they consider Lee?  

33. She’s the only one out of all the girls who could be Harley that’s seen the way Mary Lloyd does her makeup (The heart beside the eye thing)

34. Both Lee and Harley have ‘very intellegent’ listed as one of their abilities.

35. Harley’s personality by nature is a kind, sweet, gentle person. Lee’s character is sweet, kind, caring, selfless, and isn’t afraid of the dangers that come with Jim Gordan.

36. The writers said that they might have already introduced Harley, we just didn’t recognize her. (You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time.)

37. The person is somehow connected to the joker cult world… that brings me back to number one, and last night’s episode. Her and Jerome (Joker) met and when they first met she comforted him.. then he kidnapped her at the gala and used her as leverage for Jim (Breathe James, I haven’t touched a hair on your girlfriend’s pretty little head) then when he woke up and basically (I wouldn’t nescessarily call it kidnapped..) took her against her will and they had that casual, yet somewhat playful conversation.

38. She’s seen how his cult dresses as well.

39.She’s who people would least expect.

(Sorry this is so messy and unorganized, but I’m sick and my mind is really foggy. Point is I really think she’s Harley. Either her or Silver. I’m really hoping Barbara isn’t.. I love her.. but please no.)                         

11 Reasons Nygmobblepot Will Happen
  1. Seldom do writers bring up a character being in love if they don’t want to act on it during an arc of some sort
  2. Isabella is obviously insane, dressing up as Kringle in the promo for 3x08 and Chelsea Spack is only signed on for one more episode. I doubt she’ll break up their relationship.
  3. Ed was the one back in season 1 and mid season 2 that was pursuing Oswald, and Oswald was the one that pushed Ed away.
  4. Oswald never gives up on what he wants. He might have cold feet now, but he’s going to stop beating around the bush soon. 
  5. I doubt the Gotham writers, Cory Michael Smith, and Robin Lord Taylor would allow an LGBT relationship to crumble like this. They seem passionate about this pairing.
  6. Nygmobblepot brings in huge ratings guys! As if the show is going to throw away Nygmobblepot. Hundreds of fans love it, and it clearly out numbers the homophobes.
  7. This is a drama, people. Obviously they want to stir up angst and drag out romance until mid season finales, so they can leave us hanging and make us watch when it returns to TV next winter. They probably want to have this be a slow and painful burn until they get together in episode 12.
  8. It makes sense. Not that characters need a love interest, but now that Oswald’s mom and dad are gone, he really does need someone in his life I think. It’s Ed.
  9. For those of you thinking Oswald is going to give up loving Ed; who the hell throws away true love after one night of seeing them kiss another person? You can’t forget love that easy.
  10. Robin and Cory’s suspicious giggling when asked about Nygmobblepot.

I rest my case.

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I know some of you will think I’m being dramatic but you have to at least try to understand I saw Even getting the season as me, as someone who has a mental disorder, finally being heard for my struggle.

Disorders on TV and film are always 1 of 3 things at least: 1. downplayed 2. dramatised 3. inaccurately represented.

I wanted, just once, for it to be done right and I truly believe Julie would have taken the time to give me that.

A few episodes touching on it isn’t enough, I saw after the finale that people were saying ‘okay so Even’s fine now’ NO. Mental disorders are never that simple, there’s no magic fix, they are something people struggle with every day, even if they’re on medication, that only eases it, it doesn’t magically go away.

That’s why I wanted an Even season, so people can see the every day struggle of a disorder, from the perspective of someone with one. Disorders are always from an outside perspective and the person who has the disorder rarely gets to explain how it really feels; at the end of the day, that’s all I wanted… to be heard.

derek hale's attitude toward scott mccall thru the years

season 1: ugh this kid is annoying

season 2: this kid is annoying, whY DOESN’T HE LIKE ME

early-to-mid season 3: ok this kid is actually pretty cool and probably a better person than me

season 3 finale onward: Have You Heard About Our Lord and Savior Scott Mccall? Allow me to deliver a speech I have prepared about how pure and true his heart is and how he will save us all. It is 4 pages, single-spaced. No interruptions.


Fangirl Challenge: [4/40] Romantic Relationships » Peyton and Jake

“You can’t just fly to Savannah and then get in my head all over again, tell me you want to stay and then ask me to marry you. Well, why not? Because…I might just say yes.”

Okay guys. We have one chance left. Next Sunday is the last episode of Eyewitness. The only way we can ensure a season 2 is if we boost the ratings and that means we need help from EVERYBODY. That’s right, all of you.
You have a week. If you can, please catch up to the show on a traceable device, preferably through the USA Network site or the app and watch The show on Sunday at 10/9c I promise you it’s worth it.

If for whatever reason you can’t do that, please help in the following ways.

1. Watch the show live on mute

2. Watch the show on the USA live stream on their website on mute

3. DVR the show and watch it after it airs

4. Watch it on USA website or app

5. Tweet using the hastags #Eyewitness #Philkas and #wewanteyewitnessseason2 AND tweet these at USA Network on twitter

6. Request for Eyewitness to be put onto Netflix through Netflix’s show suggestion service

7. Recruit other people to watch in inventive ways or just generally spread the word

Doing more than one of these things is even better. While I watched the episode tonight, I had the live stream running on my computer and was actively tweeting.


So please, if you like the show or not, please support us this week. We really don’t want to see a show with such potential burn out so quickly.

Love you all,
The Eyewitness Fandom

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These psychos are my murder husbands :3 Goddamn, if there is a fourth season of Hannibal released, I will be the happiest fan ever


I mean I have been shipping them for so many years now that this pairing is an essential part of my life :D


Oh boi, I love these two so much because y’know, opposites attract ;)


I swear, I have never been this obsessed with hackers and their potential boyfriends ;)


*coughs from the bottom of Hamiltrash hell* I’m so in love with this damned musical *keeps searching for new funny memes*

So I've started Voltron

Here are 8 things I have to say about Voltron

1) it too one episode for me too get hooked
2) 35 minutes into episode 1 and I was already shipping Keith with Lance and Shiro with Pidge
3) I figured out Pidge is a girl like 5 minute into episode 2
4) Klance is life
5)I’m pretty sure all the Lions are girls since you know, lack of manes
6) I’m gonna just tell yah this is about season 2 which I only just started so spoiler alert but I’m pretty sure Keith is like part Galra or something idk
7) Shiro is Space Dad
8) I fucking love this show omg Edit: Holy shit I didn’t expect this post to blow up. I’m sorry if my Voltron rambles are annoying anyone but I seriously love the show. I finished the whole thing in 4 days and omg Klance is my life!!!!!!!! Also I freaking love Shidge but mostly when Pidge is around 18+ cuz I veiw Shiro at like 19-20 and to add another number to my list, 9) Coran is wonderful and I love him so much I cry sometimes

Just Beg Me To Stay (Part 2)

A/N: So this has a character introduced in to it that we have seen in Season 8 but she’ll probs be better explained in the next part! Just FYI. Song mentioned is MOVE by Luke Bryan. And yeah… I think that’s It lol. One more part to go!

Part 1 is here

Dean x Reader, Emily

Warnings: Angst

Word Count:1700+

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You honest to god had no idea where you were. It had been over a month since you had left the bunker, and you had been on autopilot ever since. You never stayed in a town to long, frequently picking up your clothes off of shitty motel floor and shrugged them on, escaping the “conquest” of the previous night and praying to whatever high being that the dude wouldn’t wake up as you made your way out. It had become a routine. Drive. Eat. Drink. Dance. Sex. Sleep. Drive. And so the cycle went.

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Ya’ll keep saying Clarke will be the one to shut Bellamy down/out but you are missing something important about their relationship:

Clarke doesn’t shut Bellamy out. Bellamy shuts Clarke out. Clarke always has to shove her way in under his defenses. 

Clarke has always reached out to Bellamy. There have only been three times when she’s shut him out:

1. In Season 2 when he asks her to come inside (and share the burden of Mt. Weather) and she leaves.

2. In Season 3, when he asks her to come home to their people and she refuses (because she doesn’t trust L/xa just yet).

3. In Season 3, when he (and the others) tell her that shoving the Flame in an unsuspecting Nightblood child is not smart and she storms off.

Every other instance of “shutting out” has been on Bellamy’s side. It’s why we love it when he caves.

In Season 1, Day Trip, Bellamy doesn’t discuss how he feels until after Clarke sits next to him and tells him she needs him to come back to camp with her. 

In Season 1, towards the finale, Bellamy doesn’t discuss how he feels about the lost Delinquents until after Clarke mentions he did good at the Dropship.

In Season 2, it’s Clarke who runs to Bellamy and hugs him first, his reaction is delayed.

In Season 2, it’s Clarke who explains that she “can’t lose you,too,” to which Bellamy has no verbal reaction and no reaction Clarke sees, because she isn’t looking at him to see his little brief bit of wonder.

In Season 2, when Clarke tells him she’s sending him into the mountain, Bellamy’s only reaction is “Thought you hated that plan.” Both Raven and Octavia (ungrateful) have a more extreme reaction than Bellamy. He does not fight Clarke on this. He stuffs the emotion down. 

In Season 2, it’s Clarke who is worried about Bellamy being late to the walkie. It’s Bellamy who calmly reassures her.

In Season 2, it’s Clarke who is visibly nervous/concerned/distraught about having to pull that lever. It’s Bellamy who places his hand over hers and guides it down.

In Season 2, Bellamy does not get emotional about Clarke’s leaving until after she says “Have that drink for me.” and explains that she’s leaving. Before that he’s completely fine. He’s stoic, we have no idea how badly Mt. Weather has affected him. 

In Season 3, when Bellamy finds Clarke, there’s a big show of emotions on both parts because they haven’t seen each other in 3 weeks. 

In Season 3, when Bellamy gets the news that his girlfriend/lover has literally died (along with all of those in the mountain, while Raven sobs in the background), Bellamy is stoic. When he does talk to Clarke the emotion he displays is anger and disdain-emotions he has no problem expressing openly with others. He’s closed off here.

In Season 3, when Bellamy and Clarke are arguing in Linctavia’s quarters, it’s Clarke who leads with emotion the entire argument. Bellamy is still angry and closed off (this is physically shown with his crossed arms). Bellamy does not soften until Clarke sits down and begins to cry. Her softening softens him as well. 

In Season 3, when they meet again, Bellamy is not soft with Clarke until she is injured. All of their reactions to one another before then are rife with tension, absolutely, and he does defend her against Jasper and gets out of the Rover to protect her, but they aren’t “soft’ with one another. And even before he softens with Clarke, she still leads with the statement “I let her get to me.” He’s also still a bit closed off, because even though we, as the audience, see the heart eyes he throws at her when she checks his bandage, he makes sure Clarke doesn’t.

In Season 3, when they are on the beach heading to Luna, Bellamy storms away from the group and is completely shut off. Even when she offers to talk he shuts her down (although we all know he changes his mind 5 seconds later). Clarke had to reach out to him first.

The first time we see an instance of Bellamy maybe being the one to break this pattern is in the scene where he shoots Roan. Bellamy was coming to find Clarke this time, but that effort is cut short and their conversation is never had.

In Season 3, when they are getting ready to infiltrate Polis, it’s Clarke who informs Bellamy she trusts him (which cools him out a little) his reactions to her plan before are angry bluster (as a cover for actual concern).

In Season 3, in the finale, it’s Clarke who reaches for Bellamy’s hand. 

In conclusion:

IMO it’s far more likely that Clarke, although a bit frightened of love, will be the one to attempt to breech Bellamy’s barriers. And I don’t mean she’ll be the one to blatantly attempt to form a relationship. I mean she’ll be the one to attempt to open up the more emotional side of their relationship. The portion that holds the “deep, scary feelings” that Bellamy likes to hide.

Bellamy will be the one erecting those barriers like crazy. Probably, in part, because with 6 months to live and his (obvious) plan to attempt to sacrifice himself, why bother starting something he’ll never get to see to fruition?

Just a thought:

In season 1 of Daredevil, there are a couple of moments where Matt’s blindness is an obstacle. Not an insurmountable disability, but an actual inconvenience, especially as DD. I remember the scene where he has to go to Claire to have a text message read to him, because he simply can’t see the screen.

And I remember thinking how cool it was that those moments are included but they’re not exploitative or denigrating. They’re not used to put him down. They’re presented as a reality of his blindness.

The only comparable moment I can think of in season 2 isn’t so noteworthy, but I think it should be. The Irish find Frank in “Penny and Dime” because of the carousel tickets on Frank’s corkboard. A corkboard Matt stands directly in front of when he scopes the place out two episodes prior. He misses the clue in part because he runs out to help Grotto, but mostly because it’s a purely visual clue. His other senses have no way of detecting or interpreting the tickets, unlike the Irish, who figure it out in seconds. Frank gets found by the Irish first instead of Matt because the tickets exist outside of Matt’s perception.