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WARNING: Underfell Fontcest.

fellcest inspired by @eli-sin-g‘s beautiful and perfect Royalty AU. 

this scenario happens in that AU, where UF!Sans is UF!papyrus’ queen. 

Summary : a well meaning rebel hero attempts to save the captured queen from the tyrannical ruler. Turns out the queen does not want to be saved. at all.

Warnings include : Fontcest (obviously)/dirty talking/gore mention.

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annaroserae  asked:

this isn't so much of a prompt for a drabble so much as a prompt for you to do the secretly married thing oh my gosh

(The secretly married thing is on my list! It’s just behind several other things (*cough*Viking AU with arrangedish marriage shenanigans*cough*), so I am afraid you will have to make do with this domestic drabble for now, in which they are completely oblivious to the fact that no one realizes they’re married!)

“Oh, hey,” Grantaire says, poking his head around the corner to see Enjolras hanging up his bag by the door. “Welcome home. Study session with Courfeyrac and Combeferre didn’t run too late?”

“Combeferre has a date,” Enjolras tells him, smiling back, the tension around his blue, blue eyes easing just a little. He’s tugging out his hairtie, too, curls spilling around his shoulders and softening him further. The movement jostles the chain around his neck, where he wears his wedding ring in solidarity with Grantaire’s fucked up fingers, and the sight of it still gets to Grantaire every time. “You look like you just woke up - get enough sleep?”

Grantaire nods, taking another moment to admire his husband (who still looks worn out, so he’ll have to try to coax him into sleeping in tomorrow) before he beckons him in, returning to the kitchen. “Yeah. I got up a couple hours ago, but I figured I should cook dinner.”

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160610 @ Music Bank // Suho - Monster (aka neck muscles…)

zombiesmut  asked:

Prompt: missing you :)

“You miss me?” she beamed at him, bouncing on her heels with her hands crossed behind her back.

Daryl snorted, “Didn’t even notice you were gone.”

“It was kind of fun, being on a run! Nice to get away for a bit,” Carol’s smile didn’t falter as she leaned against the side of the truck he was working on. Rick had asked Carol to come with him to gather supplies in a strip mall they had passed before making camp in an empty automotive shop. The trip had to be quick, and Carol had to go with him, and grab whatever Lori might need instead of spending the time to write up a list. Her looming pregnancy underscored so much of the groups’ needs and movements in the past month that they had been roaming the Georgia countryside.

“You run into any trouble?” he asked, keeping his focus on the engine he was trying to get working so she wouldn’t see the concern in his eyes.

“No, there were only a few walkers, but Rick made me shoot two of them. I only hit one in the neck, so he ended up having to take them out,” she crossed her arms in front of her, frustrated with her lack of shooting skills. Carol had only been training with the weapons for about two weeks though, and Rick had been very encouraging when she did, at least, hit the walker in a prime area.

“You’ll get there,” he said, the corners of his mouth faintly slanting upwards.

“What are you working on? Anything you can teach me?” her eager eyes swept over him, watching as he fiddled with the pistons.

“Everything in here is shit. This place has been picked through, and these cars ain’t ever gonna run. Looks like we’ll be footing it for awhile.”

Carol nodded, before brushing his forearm with her fingers, “Come on, T-Dog’s probably ready with that can of baked beans he was working on.”

The cool of her skin tingled.


“Heard you missed me,” she teased.

Daryl scoffed, “Who said that?”

“I never reveal my sources,” Carol pursed her lips, setting the spoon down in the empty bowl of soup he had brought her. She was still on bed rest, as per Hershel’s instruction. Being in the pitch black of solitary confinement had taken so much out of her, but little by little she regained her strength. Of course Carol was willing to be up and at it, ready to take care of the new baby, and any of the chores that had started to slack in her absence. But nobody would let her, not yet. She was starting to get restless, and for Daryl, that meant she upped her ribbing for some form of entertainment.

“Well…I certainly wouldn’t appreciate if you did somethin’ like that again. So let’s you almost dyin’ be a one time think, a’right?” he took the bowl from her and set in on the dresser he was seated upon.

She sucked her teeth, narrowing her eyes as she thought. She looked up at him from the bunk, “It’s already happened twice.”

“Huh?” his face skewed in confusion.

“At the farm, when I was surrounded by walkers. I definitely would have been eaten if you hadn’t shown up to save me,” the warm smile on her face made Daryl thankful for the lack of lighting in the prison as heat rose to his neck and face.

“Stop,” he muttered.

“Maybe I’m like a cat, and I’ve got nine lives. So that leaves at least seven more!”

Daryl shook his head, “Let’s not find out.” He snatched up the bowl and headed out of her cell, letting a shaky breath leave him as he exited.


She was bruised from head to toe, with a sprained wrist and a few fractured ribs. Still, she stood fiercely, pistol in her good hand as the group cleared out a card store for the night. Almost a week after Grady, and they hadn’t slowed down, determined to get as much distance between them and the pain they were desperately trying to leave behind. Once Michonne gave the all clear, Carol backed against the wall to slowly lower herself to the ground and relieve her aching body. Daryl, who Tara had teased had a sixth ‘Carol’ sense, was making strides towards her. He watched as she struggled to comfortably situate herself before he slumped down next to her.

“You could have waited until I helped you,” he muttered.

“It’s fine, Daryl,” she sighed. Feeling his concern burning a hole through her she lifted her eyes to his, offering a smile to alleviate his worry. She found so much more than the expected unease showing in his blue eyes. 

Locked in a stare, and covered by the dim lighting of the moon, Daryl reached out and covered her hand with his.

“I missed you,” he whispered.

Carol allowed the faintest smile to ghost across her lips as she ran a thumb across his rough knuckles, “I missed you, too.”