i only have eyes for one thing much like harry styles

Prompt: Bumblebee.

Harry’s never been much of a talker, his slow drawl preventing him from getting much out before he gets distracted anyway but it’s like the very first time he sees her, any words he’d dreamt of saying had been snatched from his throat.

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Out of all the fucked up situation that comes with One Direction, and specifically, with Harry and Louis, there are a lot of things that are shady, weird and make no sense.

But there are two, only two, that I will refuse to believe forever, no matter what happens, no matter what I’m presented with.

1. That Louis Tomlinson would act like we’re supposed to think he acted towards the LGBTQ+ community AND his own child. That he’s the kind of person that would feel insulted and offended SO much by ‘gay rumours’ that he’d snap at a lovely article about him supporting the queer community. That he’d roll his eyes at the mention of his unborn child. That he’d manage to look sad and dejected on every single picture with his first kid, even the private ones he, himself, shares.

2. That Harry Styles is a piece of shit that cheats on every single girl he dates. That he can’t maintain a relationship for longer than a few weeks. That he feels a yearning for love, babies, domesticity and families but has never even attempted to be in a committed relationship of his own and sleeps around with married women, picks fans to hook up with them at concerts pointing them at security, dates several girls at the same time and runs away at the faintest hint of commitment.

I refuse to believe that from them. No matter what happens.