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Pairing: Baekhyun X OC

As you woke up this morning, something felt different. When you reached out to check your phone, you finally realised why:

Your daily morning greeting from your boyfriend was missing.

Ever since you started dating four months ago, you would be woken up to a really cute message from Baekhyun, your boyfriend, without fail.

You found it really sweet that he would take the time to message you everyday, especially since he was an idol. Although it was usually short and simple, such as “hope my princess has an amazing day, just as amazing as how she is” or just “good morning beautiful, can’t wait to see you today”, they never failed to make you feel butterflies in your stomach.

But today there was nothing. You couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. He does it all the time, maybe he’s just busy today, I should send a message to him for once. You thought before opening up your chat with him.

“Hey Baek, hope you’ll have a great day, I miss you.”

Satisfied, you put down your phone and began your daily routine.

Two hours later, your phone finally chimed. To your relief, it was Baekhyun.

“Hey Princess, I’m so sorry I didn’t message you this morning. Woke up late :( ”

Thats weird, you thought to yourself. In all the six months you’ve known him, Baekhyun has never woken up late. Even if he didn’t have anything planned for that day, he would still be up as early as 8am. It was close to 12 now though, maybe you should check up on him.

As you rang the doorbell of his apartment, you heard a faint “coming!” before the door opened to reveal none other than your boyfriend. Only today he looked really bad, and suddenly it dawned onto you.

“Baek! You’re sick! Why didn’t you tell me that! Now I feel like such a crappy girlfriend I didn’t bring anything with me.” You lightly scolded him as the both of you went inside. Baekhyun gave you a sheepish smile, and you were once again thanking your lucky stars for ending up with this cutie.

“I didn’t want to worry you, and I was scared you would get sick.”

“Silly, I don’t care I’ll still come to take care of you.” You kissed his cheek, “now go to bed to rest, I’m gonna see if there’s anything in your kitchen that can be made into something edible.” He laughed and obediently went to his bedroom, while you turned to the direction of his kitchen.

A while later, you quietly entered the room with some soup. Thankfully, there were some things that could be used to cook in his kitchen. Baekhyun was sleeping peacefully and you didn’t really want to wake him up. He seemed so much younger when he was asleep, all the worry and stress gone from his face. Being an idol wasn’t easy, you knew that from just dating one for two months. It’s a miracle he managed to last this long not falling sick.

But you had to give him his food and medicine, or he wasn’t going to get better. So you lightly tapped his shoulder and called,

“Baek, wakey wakey, time to eat.” He slowly opened his eyes, one at a time, looking so much like a puppy you wanted to squish his face. Baekhyun let you slowly feed him the soup, listening to you as you talked to him about the randomest things that happened recently, since it was awhile since you two had met due to his schedule.

Once you were done, you tucked him in, gave another kiss on his cheek like he was a little kid, then made to leave the room to let him rest.

“Jagiya, stay please?” Baekhyun’s voice made you turn around. He was giving you his puppy eyes, and there was no way you could say no.

So you got into the bed with him, and Baekhyun automatically cuddled up to you, bringing your face into his chest and burying his face into your hair.

“Thank you so much Y/N, for looking after me. I have the best girlfriend in the whole world! ” he mumbled into your hair.

You smiled to yourself. Baek, I have the best boyfriend in the world.

Sorry, it’s been so long. But hope you liked this fluffy oneshot!

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Old friends.

Another day, another request! And this is pure fluff for all my fluffy friends out there. :D

Imagine being Bobby´s daughter who grew up with the boys and meeting Dean on a hunt after years of not seeing him.

Anonym hat gesagt:Can I get a Dean x Reader where the Reader is Bobby’s daughter? Like the two grew up together and they ended up on a hunt alone.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff

Length: 1200 Words.

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While Dean checked out our ass as you were bent over to tie your shoes, he remembered how many times his father´s friend Bobby had told him: “Don´t you dare look at my daughter that way, boy.”
Back then the two of you had only been fifteen and you had just developed your taste for very tight jeans and Dean had just developed his taste for you.
He´d always figured that he would be over his crush by now.
But here you were, twenty-four, together for the first time in four years, and he still couldn´t stop looking at you.
You had met coincidentally in a road house the other day, both of you on the same trail.
Naturally you agreed to work together on this one, after all you had grown up together, but now Dean regretted his choice a little bit.
Not because he had to be with you, he loved that, but because he didn´t trust himself with you. The more time he spent with you, the more desperate he got to kiss you and to do … other stuff with you.
But he knew that Bobby wouldn´t approve and he knew that his Dad wouldn´t approve and he was even sure that you wouldn´t approve either.
You were done with your shoes now, got up and turned around, a smile on your face: “So, are you ready?”
It was as if he had been in trance and he had to unobtrusively shake his head because he was back in reality.
“Uhm, yeah, sure. Let´s go”, he answered your question and turned around to open the door.
He had shared a room with you a million times before, but somehow it was different now, at least for him, you didn´t seem to mind.
You slipped past him and he closed the door before following you to your crappy but beloved white car.
If only his Dad would have let him take the Impala…
You were already standing at the driver´s seat door but turned around again, one eye closed because the sun was blinding you: “You wanna drive?”
“Really?”, he asked surprised but caught the keys as you threw them to him: “Yeah, why not. I know you love to drive and I´m tired of it.”
He grinned and you walked around the car to get in the passenger seat.
Quickly Dean got into the car too and started up the engine before rolling out of the parking lot. Immediately your feet went up on the headboard: “Yep, that´s the way it should be.”
Dean laughed: “Never would´ve figured that you would let anyone else drive your car.”
“That´s because your father´s obsessed with that Impala of yours. And besides, you´re not anyone else”, you informed him with your eyes closed.
He used the chance and looked at you: You were wearing Jeans and a shirt, nothing special, nothing revealing, nothing particularly sexy.
And yet he felt that need again, the need to touch that small line of skin that was visible between your shirt and your skin, to touch your tanned face.
He didn´t of course.
“I still can´t believe I ran into Dean Winchester. I mean what are the chance”, you continued with a smile on your face.
“You make it sound like I´m some kind of celebrity”, he replied.
“Well you might as well could be one. Why haven´t I seen you in what, three years?”, you accused him, eyes open again.
“Four”, he corrected you, then shrugged, “I don´t know. I guess Dad and I have been pretty busy. And it´s been a little … though since Sam left, I guess.”
You nodded: “Yeah, I´ve heard. Is he okay?”
Dean didn´t like talking about his brother at college because it reminded him of the hurt feelings inside him, so he just shrugged the question off: “He´s fine, I guess.”
You seemed to sense that he didn´t want to talk about it so you changed the subject: “Maybe we could have a little fun later, you know, after we burn the bones.”
Dean chuckled: “I love how casually you say that.”
“It´s in my genes I guess”, you said dryly and licked over your lips, which made Dean think about the kind of fun he wanted to have with you.
What was wrong with him?

The visit on the cemetery had luckily been rather short and soon Dean was leaning against the hood of your car beside you, drinking beer and listening to you reminding him of some forgotten memories from your childhood: “…and then Dad came in and yelled >What are y´all doing up this late< and you just grabbed this broom and said >sweeping<”
You were holding your stomach because you were laughing so hard and Dean too almost couldn´t breathe: “ I do remember now. Luckily he never found that Vase we broke.”
“Yeah, but only because you hid the shards of glass under the floorboards”, you said.
Dean was still smiling when another story came to his mind: “Hey, do you remember when we snuck out to go that school dance you wanted to go to?”
You took another sip of your beer: “You mean the one that we had to drive 200 miles to because it was in another state at the school we had left only a day ago and then never made it because we were stupid and ran out of gas and your dad had to come get us? Yeah, I remember.”
“He was so mad”, Dean remembered but smiled.
“That´s an understatement”, you said.
There was silence for a while, then you said: “You know that I had a major crush on you back then?”
You were not looking at him and he was glad because he was sure that the shock was visible on his face. He had not known that.
“Uhm, I don´t think you ever mentioned that”, he said lamely.
You nudged him with your elbow: “Of course I didn´t mention it, jerk. But I remember being super obvious. All those times I “accidentally” touched you or the fact that I brought you food all the time.”
“I thought you were just being friendly”, he stated.
You raised an eyebrow at him: “So every time you were checking me out this week, you were just being “friendly”?”
If he hadn´t been Dean Winchester, he probably would´ve blushed: “You´ve noticed that?”
“A blind person would´ve noticed that”, you answered and rolled your eyes.
He didn´t know what to say so he just kept quiet.
You looked down at your beer: “You know what I always regretted?”
“That we never kissed, not even once. I´ve always wondered what it would be like”, you whispered and then looked up.
The look in your (y/e/c) eyes was intense and just like that he knew that what he was about to do was okay.
So he leaned down and kissed you, sweet and simply, nothing fancy or especially hot. Just a kiss.
And yet Dean felt his heart almost beat out of his chest by the time you two parted.
“Yep, we definitely have a lot of time to make up for”, you said before kissing him again.

NCT's reaction to you storming off after a misunderstanding

Let me set the scene: After what can only be described as the worst first day of the semester ever, you head to your biases dorm in the hopes of taking your mind off of things. It’s been an exhausting eight hours, and let’s face it your only hope of making this day better is getting to see him. You’re pretty much head over heels at this point, and with the way he’s been acting lately, you’re starting to think he might be interested too. The members finally have a day off, so everyone is running around doing their own thing, which means the two of you have the dorm all to yourselves 😉

Being in a crappy mood, the two of you decide to just snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie, to help you forget about what a disaster the day has been. The opening credits are coming to a close, but you still aren’t done ranting. You’re not trying to be annoying, but after the day you’ve had you need to share your feels with someone before you implode. “Seriously, you have no idea what I went through. Not only did someone elbow me in the hallway, which caused me to spill my drink all over myself, but she didn’t even have the decency to apologize. Like, why don’t you just walk all over me? Ohhhhh, wait for it, and then later in class my professor thought it would be an amazing idea t-”

“Y/N, could you please stop talking? I’ve had some really terrible days lately too, and the one day I get off, I have to spend it sitting here and listening to you complain.” He cuts you off.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize listening to me was so terrible. I’ll just get out of your way, so you don’t have to deal with me.” You get off the couch as quickly as possible as you make your way to the door… now for their reactions…

Taeil, Winwin, Mark and Jisung: These boys would be so taken aback by your reaction, that they wouldn’t know what to do. One minute you’re perfectly fine, and the next you’re practically out the door. They’re not sure if they’ve offended you or what, and they have no idea what to do in order to get you to stay. They’ll just sit there staring blankly at you until they see you twist the doorknob and head down the hallway, and then they’ll sprint after you, grabbing your arm in a desperate attempt to keep you from leaving.

“I don’t know what I did to upset you, but I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Let’s just go back inside and talk this out, please. I’m so, so, so, so, so sorry.” Like at this point they pretty much have tears in their eyes and they’re pleading with you. They’re super confused, and sad, and all they want is your forgiveness and love.

Hansol, Yuta, Kun, Jeno and Rejun: They’d be taken aback for sure, but they’d be quick to react. They’d pretty much get a hold of your hand and force you to sit back down the instant they see you shoot up from your seat. They’re not sure what’s going on with you, but they really care about you, and they don’t want to end things on a bad note with you.

“Look, I’m sorry if I offended you, but that was never my intention. I love listening to you, but you have to understand that I’m having a stressful time too, and at the moment I can barely deal with my own problems. Take a deep breathe, calm down, and let’s just watch this movie. If you’re still feeling crappy afterwards we can talk, but right now I really think we both need to get our mind off of current events.” After ensuring that everything is fine between you two, they’re going to bring you into their chests and focus their attention on the tv screen.

Johnny and Haechan: These two are going to assume you’re pulling a prank on them. They didn’t honestly believe you were upset with them or that you’d storm out of their dorm, but that’s exactly what you did. They never bothered getting off their asses because they assumed you were being extra theatrical to play up your performance and that you’d be back in a minute after you realized they’d caught onto you. They wait, and wait, and wait on the sofa, and it’s about half an hour later, when you haven’t returned or contacted them, that they finally realize they screwed up. Expect a lot of texts and voicemails.

“Y/N, I know you have your phone on you. If you don’t want to talk to me, at the very least answer my texts. Is there a reason you’re mad at me because if there is, I obviously don’t know it. Like I know I can be an ass sometimes, but I didn’t do anything this time. Just talk to me. If you don’t answer me in the next half hour, I’m showing up at your house.” Yeah, they messed things up, but they didn’t mean to, and the last thing they want is for you to avoid them. They want to get to the bottom of the issue.

Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten and Jaemin: These emotional babies, they’re going to be all over the place. They’re also going to assume it’s a joke, and then when you don’t walk back through the door within the next two minutes, they’ll run out into the street to see that you’ve already left. That’s when they’re going to lock themselves in their room, and probably have a good cry. Okay, maybe they won’t be that dramatic, but they’ll still my super sad. The girl of their dreams pretty much ran away from them, and they have no idea as to why. They’ll try calling like a million times, and when you don’t respond they might actually cry.

After throwing a pity party for themselves, they’re going to take action and confront you about it. They’re going to show up at your house and start pounding on your door begging for forgiveness. “Y/N! I know you’re there. Open this door! Please, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself if you don’t forgive me. I’ll do anything you want, but I can’t do that if you won’t talk to me.” They’re going out of their minds, and all of your neighbors are standing outside your place wondering what the hell is going on. You should really let them in before they cause an even bigger scene.

Jaehyun and Chenle: They refuse to get off their butts and chase after you. Not because they don’t care about you because they do, but because their stupid pride simply won’t allow it. As far as they’re concerned they haven’t done anything to warrant your mood swing. If anyone should be apologizing here, it should be you for storming off without an explanation. They won’t budge on the issue, that is unless it’s been a few days and you still haven’t gotten into contact with them. They don’t want to apologize or be the first one to give in, but they also can’t imagine never speaking to you again, so very, very reluctantly they’ll make the first move. They’ll most likely contact you through text because you’re refusing their calls and they have no idea where you currently are.

“Whatever it is that pissed you off last week, can we please just forget about it already. I don’t want to be in a fight with you anymore. Stop acting like a child, and talk to me. We can’t work this out if you continue to ignore me. Unless me want me to do something really stupid and overly dramatic, you better answer my next phone call.” They’re still a little angry with because they still feel you’re being unreasonable, but they care way too much about you to simply give up.


RequestHi hi jungkookie scenario when he Start to fell in love with his gf friends and she overhead it and Tell him to end things and he want her again but is too late happy or sad ending don’t mind it

I changed it a bit and this isn’t my best work tbh but I’m trying my best to get back into writing so it will get better!

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Sitting at lunch with your friend, you excitedly held your phone and numerous texts came in. You had been smiling for so long that it almost hurt. Almost. Being too happy for anything to bother you, you just continued to beam.

“You’re literally glowing,” your friend chuckled at how happy you seemed to be.

“Really?” you asked, touching your cheeks as you giggled

“Who are you texting so much anyways?” she asked you, trying to sneak a peek at the conversation you were having.

“I kind of… found someone,” you sighed happily. “He’s so wonderful you have no idea,” you gushed.

“Who?! Who is this guy?” she exclaimed excitedly.

The two of you were close so her being excited was only expected.

“His name’s Jungkook. I met him while I was walking home one day. It had been a crappy day so I decided to sit down somewhere quiet and just relax and he accidently dropped his water on me. He’s forgiven though because he’s perfect!” you told her all about your little love story. “We exchanged numbers after talking for a while and drying myself off. We’ve met up a few times to just close out the world together. Before we knew it though we were calling them dates and I guess you could say we are feeling that happy new couple feel,” you grinned.

“What’d you say his name is?” she asked you, smiling at your story.

“Jungkook. You’ll have to meet him sometime,” you spoke happily. Blinded by excitement and happiness, you didn’t notice the frown your friend wore after confirming that it was Jungkook you were talking about.

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August had  a lot of work piled up, he had to get don, this is what happens when you proscasternate all you’re work until the very end. He didn’t really have any time to cook or anything, it was around 9 o clock or so and knew stores and places were closing, that’s why he ordered pizza since that was only thing barley open.

Hearing the doorbell ringing, thinking it was the pizza man, the man got up and walked to the front, opening it. ‘’ Yes is this my pizza?”’

Interview: Caitlin Kittredge Talks About Vertigo's Coffin Hill

The Vertigo arm of DC Comics has been busy this year publishing six new comics. One of those, Coffin Hill by novelist and first time comic writer Caitlin Kittredge, has just issued a trade of the first arc and started the new arc is out this week. I enjoyed the first arc which follows former cop and member of the one of American’s leading family of witches as she solves a mystery in her town. I chatted recently with the author about the arc, the character and working in comics and my interview follows. I also have a couple of copies of the first trade to give away so read away to find out more!

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You faked a giveaway to gain followers, I have been watching this blog the whole time and you didn't mention no winner or nothing, you just said "it's ended" when the date on the giveaway picture says February 28th, so way to be that guy. Asshole.

Oh my god, seriously?! If you read anything from during the giveaway or from my giveaway FAQ’s I replied to multiple asks from people about the change in end date.

Here’s the facts:

  • Yes, the original end date was Feb 28th
  • This changed in the first week when I got way more entires than I expected. I work full time and run my store so I didn’t have the time to keep track of all the entries that would come in during a whole extra month of running the giveaway.
  • I announced multiple times that the date was changed and asked people to change it when they reblog the post. Not my fault that people didn’t see it.
  • Here is the original announcement post with the date change.
  • I also responded to someone else who accused me of faking it here. tl;dr if I was going to fake a giveaway I wouldn’t do it with a giveaway that cost me only $30 for the prize. I’ve run 5 big giveaways total and this was my least expensive.
  • The winner was announced publicly on Jan 31st around 30 mins after it closed. Here is the original post announcing the winner.

So back off please. If you still have issues with not winning, get over it. This is not my first giveaway and no matter how many crappy anons I get it will not be my last. I give away free products to people when they come up with ideas and I plan to do more short giveaways to make people happy. If you think I’m faking them then just stop following me and it will be your loss because you won’t get a chance at any of the other giveaways.

Thanks to everyone who’s been so awesome though! And I hope everyone who has gotten the download link has been enjoying their books :)

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I saw you are receiving joshifer prompts, if that's true and taking in count the latest news about them, can you make a story in which the media put laura and josh in a relationship (a leaked picture of nye) and jen gets maybe jealous or furious and confirm their relationship in a public way

*this ask was sent to me a long time ago. I started answering it and saved it in my drafts…and obviously forgot about it. My deepest apologies!


I jump, nearly drop my script, until I remember it’s only the amplified vibrations of my phone on the glass table. My gaze return to the impressive pile of paper in my hands, but a second vibration interrupts me instantly. Ugh, I groan.

Raising from my spot, I close Joy - Final version and drop it loudly on the couch. Maybe, just maybe, if i drop it loud enough, David will realise that I have no interest being his Helena Bonham Carter and I will be free from filming that crappy scenario. Amen.

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