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I'm dying over the way the Serafimo costume looks on Sae, it's so cheeky and adorable! The Star Princess skirt looks like it flows so beautifully and from what I can see I like the bodice as well. And the sleeves! The sleeves are delightful. The only thing I do not like are those NEON TURQUOISE boots. They just don't fit with the rest of the colours at all?

Yeah, I have a lot of positive things to say on specific costume pieces from Japan right now, but BOY they love blue footwear on Christine…

Them shoes and boots be bluuuuueeeee….

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Imagine if Sally Jackson decides to call her daughter ’Blue’ because that color means something super special for her and Percy?.

And Paul has no problem with that, because he likes the sound of the name ’Blue Blofis’ and he knows what that means for his wife and stepson.

And then is Percy, who could not be more pleased with the choice of name, and now a new favorite person in his life will have the name of something that he likes a lot and is special for his family.

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Spring Awakening Songs Explained
  • Mama Who Bore Me: Give Me Sex Ed
  • Mama Who Bore Me Reprise: Give Us Sex Ed
  • All That's Known: Oppressed White Boy Wants Education
  • Bitch of Living: But Why Am I not Having Sex Right Now?
  • My Junk: I Masturbate Over You
  • Touch Me: Everyone is Lonely and Horny
  • Word of Your Body: Pain Kink
  • The Dark I Know Well: Sexual Abuse (I couldn't make this one funny)
  • And Then There Were None: Fuck the Only Person Left Who Cares About Me
  • Mirror Blue Night: Very Poetic Masturbation Sequence
  • I Believe: Church Kink
  • The Guilty Ones: We Sinned Instead of Going to Church
  • Don't do Sadness/Blue Wind: Please Don't Kill Yourself Moritz
  • Left Behind: Goddamit Moritz
  • Totally Fucked: Grown Ups Really Suck In Case You Couldn't Tell Already
  • Word of Your Body Reprise: Pain Kink Gay Edition
  • Whispering: Babies Make Everything Better
  • Those You've Known: All My Friends Are Dead
  • The Song of Purple Summer: We Know This Song is Meaningful But it Just Sounds High
Keith’s connection to the Lions?

Alright guys, I’ve been thinking about this since I watched Voltron S2 and then rewatched the first episode of S1.

During the two seasons we have right now, we have seen Keith connect to three different lions: the Blue Lion, the Red Lion, and the Black Lion. Now I’m not saying he has a deep connection to all of them, his connection is mainly with Red, but still, what has occurred is very unique. The only person/alien we see able to connect to more than one lion is Allura, due to her father entrusting her with this power before her 10,000 year sleep.

Blue was sending some sort of ‘feeling’ to Keith during part of his year in isolation out in the desert, until Lance came out to the area in which Keith discovered the markings of the Blue Lion. 

Keith later then bonds with Red Lion, becoming her paladin, even though it took some time and Keith proving himself to her (I’m going with Red being a female lion here). They later developed a deeper bond in S2, in which Red can sense her paladin’s distress.

But then in episode one of S2, we see Keith pilot and bond again with another Lion, Black, when Shiro is in trouble and they work together to save Shiro. This leads to Shiro giving the line we all love to hate, “If I don’t make out of here, I want you to lead Voltron.”

The reason I bring this up is because I believe the writers did this for a reason. Really the only person who should be able to connect with all of the Lions is Allura, but Keith has been able to sense two lions and is able to pilot two lions as well. I don’t know exactly where this might lead but there is a saying:

Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time Is A Pattern

I believe that this is a long foreshadowing of something that Keith and the whole team will have to deal with in the future. Maybe we are thinking about something happening to Shiro too much, and should look more at Keith and where his story is going, with his heritage and other aspects of his past. I don’t think anything big will happen in S3 (unless its at the end and we get another cliffhanger)with this “scenario”  but I think it might be something to watch as we learn more about Keith’s past in the future season.

Or maybe I just overthink stuff to much with this show  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Valentine’s Day 2017 ♡

Hello followers who have stayed with me for the past 6 years I have had on this account. Because the recent lack of follower activity and my boredom, I have moved to another account and I will only be using this account once in a blue moon. You can find me now @izenchi


disclaimer: all rights to the respected and amazingly talented artists.

Again. Not my photos. Please enjoy, I really liked these fanarts so I hope you do too.

One more Famethyst Imagine I forgot:

Imagine Amethyst told everyone else about Pearl and what she’s really like (the team’s tactician, teacher, and engineer), and they quickly become impressed with her, which only increases after Pearl verbally dresses down Holly Blue. As a result, Pearl now has a new fanclub, with several of the Amethysts infatuated with her. Several of the Famethyst were cut down by her, and they start using it as a bragging right. More than one has expressed a desire for Pearl to step on their face. 

When they eventually do come to Earth, stories about Pearl have circulated to the point where she’s quickly swarmed with questions from eager fans. “Is it true you took down a whole squad of Quartzes all by yourself? Is it true you once threw a Nephrite out of her own plane one-handed? Is it true you summoned your spear while battling an Agate on the rim of a volcano and instantly started firing lasers of your sheer awesomeness?”

Pearl has to correct them - She didn’t figure out the lasers thing until after the war.

serious question here
so the electoral college doesn’t actually vote until december, right? so no one’s technically won anything. as of right now, obama is still the president, no one has technically won yet, and certainly no one has been sworn in yet.
so if trump gets convicted in his trial that’s coming up, and that disqualifies him, what happens then?
does it go to pence? does it go to hillary? do we have a do-over?
furthermore, even if none of that stuff happens, is there any hope that when the electoral college votes that they won’t pick trump at all?

ALL RIGHT but i’ve seen people joking that blue and red are on their honeymoon and now i’m wondering… how did that wedding go? so have a list of headcanons:

  • blue is the one who proposed. red saw it coming a mile off and yet it somehow /still/ caught him off guard. blue insists he didn’t cry. they both did.
  • red’s mother definitely cried. oak probably did too. daisy didn’t because i swear she’s the only sensible person with a grasp of social stuff and emotions in the entirety of pallet town.
  • pikachu tried to give blue the “if you ever hurt him” speech. it didn’t really work because it was more like “pi ka pika pikachu” but blue figured it out like a week later.
  • all of the gym leaders, e4, champions etc were there. it was a huge party.
  • red invited mewtwo largely as a joke but then mewtwo actually rsvp’d and red was like “… (how do i tell blue a legendary’s coming to our wedding??)”
  • knowing kanto and johto, they probably wore traditional clothing for the wedding.
  • i have a hc that official league members can actually officiate weddings in their “area” bc of their status. except that the leader for viridian is one of the grooms in this case… so they got lance to do it.
  • charizard and blastoise were the best pokemon. pikachu carried the rings. pidgeot was the flower pokemon. (erica helped pick the flowers.)
  • mewtwo actually did show up and just hung out at the back. blaine and mewtwo caught eyes halfway through and were both like “………I’M GOING TO PRETEND I DIDN’T SEE YOU BECAUSE THIS IS A WEDDING
  • halfway through the reception they find a gift on the table that says it’s from giovanni. no one knows how the hell it got there. silver had to be excused when it was found because he was laughing so hard.
  • blue gave a rambling, half-hysterical speech. no one was surprised. red signed his speech. sabrina and mewtwo telepathically translated it for those in the crowd who didn’t understand.

I cannot believe that there are people bitching at Taylor Swift over her sexual assault trial. This man groped her while in a meet and greet, and got fired for it; end of story, right? But no, he showed up out of the blue trying to sue Taylor for “making him lose his job”, so Taylor filed a counter lawsuit for his sexual assault on her. And to make matters worse now millions of people have come out of the woodwork thinking it’s their sole duty on earth to give their vastly short-minded opinion that Taylor “shouldn’t have sued him” and that she’s “blowing it out of proportion” because “other women have experienced worse”.  I find it absolutely sickening that people are not only comparing sexual assault cases in order to justify only those that are “more serious” but also that people have for some reason decided that it is in their right to tell Taylor Swift that she shouldn’t be allowed to sue someone who sexually assaulted her. For anyone who for whatever deranged reason believes that it is your job to tell a woman who was sexually assaulted that she “shouldn’t be making a big deal out of it” on the singular platform that “other women have faced worse” then you seriously need to take several seats and calm your raging misogyny. 

blue night radio ♡ 170310
translation: thatcoolcatmeow

jonghyun: nine-ssi, how was today’s radio?
nine: i had many thoughts while coming here today. many people around me ask: “do you still do blue night?” each time i would come here thinking: i want to do this really, really for a long time, for a long time, forever, forever. thinking that the countdown begins now …, it feels weird.
jonghyun: it’s sad, right?
nine: i don’t know. i can’t really put my feelings into words just yet but blue night was really dear to me as well. there are only a few weeks left now and i wanted to tell you that i still have a lot of things to talk about with jjongd.
jonghyun: i was thinking about that … about saying goodbye. i had two ideas: one was to put off as long as i can and tell you the news at the very end because it would be too shocking, or to tell you early so the stories you might end up leaving at your heart would be less but i decided that tell you earlier was better.

Because I need more Qilby right now. Because I want him to see his sister and to travel in the space with her at lest on my pictures. Poor eliatrope cursed with eternal memory who only wanted to find new places to explore with his family SO bad.
I mean. I know he was turned into a pure evil in the end of season 2, and he have done soooo many bad things, but still, his motive was not to destroy and eliminate everything, but to see and explore the new worlds. I kinda can understand him. He don`t want to be trapped in the world where nothing interests him any more O:

Also. I wanted the space sround him to look like the pocket dimension where the eliatrope kids are hidden, but not to be this certain place. To keep the associations with the character, but not to trap him in that place xD

Drew some Branch outfit references, still have to color them, but I may never get there, so I’ll post them now :/

Top right is the base, and quite possibly the best drawing of Branch I’ve ever made

Bottom left are some accessories he adds to his outfit as King

Top middle is a nicer vest and shorts he only really wears on nice, formal occasions (he likes his normal clothes a little too much to stop wearing them completely) and they’re based on a miscolored Branch figurine I bought (his vest is pastel blue and his shorts are light green)

Bottom middle is a winter outfit! Perhaps winter is the only time male trolls wear shirts? And the only time trolls in general wear shoes? Also Poppy made him a fleece scarf when he was still grey and he kept it, but never wore it until he got his colors back

Top left are pajamas. Again, the longsleeve shirt is for the cold season, and he sleeps shirtless every other time of the year

I’ll color these someday maybe.


If this entire sequence isn’t foreshadowing Peridot getting her limb enhancers back, I’m legitimately going to flip a table over.

Please, Crewniverse, don’t tease me like this.  This is one of the main things that I’m utterly desperate to see right now.


I guess we can take from this that Peridots possibly aren’t the only Era-2 Gems to make use of this technology?  I mean, these hands are clearly bright blue, for a start.  I wonder if some of Blue Diamond’s Era-2 Gems have limb enhancers, in that case…

listen. i came into this fandom determined to never call anyone out unless they were being legitimately grotesque. so i’m not gonna put anybody on blast, because nobody learns when they’re embarrassed and angry.

but i would like to put it out there that, as a black woman who is ridiculously fond of tucker, the prevalence of him being drawn with blue eyes makes me uncomfortable.

now, i know that there are poc with blue and green eyes. michael ealy and jesse williams are some gorgeous men right off the top of my head. but they are also the only men off the top of my head. my whole family is made up of black people. i have lived in philadelphia, studied among other black students; i have walked the city streets and seen people who looked just like (shit, in many cases, better than) me. there are black actors, musicians, athletes, etc., that i adore

and none of them have blue eyes.

so i’m not gonna name any names, and i’m not gonna be rude. i will still continue to reblog artwork. i will continue to support y’all. but i would like to pose a challenge to our artists in the fandom: if your tucker currently has blue (or aqua!) eyes, the next time you draw him, try him out with a brown pair instead. kick around a couple of different shades. see how it feels, if you can get behind it. 

you might not like it. and if you don’t, i would ask that you really put some thought into why. no one is calling you racist; or at least, i definitely am not in this post. we all have learned shit we need to pitch overboard, but you can’t get rid of baggage you haven’t recognized first. that’s all i’m requesting: a little self-awareness.

i don’t think that’s asking too much.

“Vincent saved you” and “Vincent let you go” endings

Mmmmmmmmkay so i’ll just keep this short and simple. This is only two of his survivor endings so im more or less glad i didnt lose my shit and quit. just follow these choices and you should be good to go.

Just remember, the idea is to not piss him off too much and get his heart to red before Farz interrupts yall.

1.) Sorry, I didn’t mean to

2.) Thank him (some color heart i think it was purple or blue lol)

3.) -Introduce yourself-

4.) What does that mean?

5.) MATTE (wait in english, non weeb language)

((here we have a nice lewd scene. btw, his heart should be purple right now))

6.) “Be careful…”

7.) What do you want to do with me?

8.) Let the timer run out

9.) Beg, because you love your toes 

10.) Agree to let him watch you pee. what a weirdo

((he gets so turned on he even fucks you. smh. at least his heart is like deep orange))

11.) Pull the handcuffs x3

12.) Investigate the table. Not sure if this really makes a difference, but I just took the bag of jerky and looked at the photo. 

13.) Go to sleep. 

14.) What is that?!

15.) Lick it (Pink heart)

16.) Open your legs. (Red heart)

Farz interrupts us. The boy wants to fighto daiyo

17.) Take the knife, end his laifu 

18.) Defend yourself

19.) Forgive him

20.) “Pet his ears anyways” or “Catch his tail”. The choice doesn’t really matter.

21.) “Why take someone down here?”, “Can’t you let me go”, and “You can’t control yourself?” are your options. 1st and 3rd lead towards the same while the 2nd leads to a different one. 

(1st/3rd Option only)

22.) “Catch him” or “You don’t have to be alone”. Picking the first will lead to a lewd scene then continue as if you picked the second option.

23.) “Reach out for him” or “Back away”. First choice will give you an extra scene.

“Live now at Sayazagi Academy! We at SDS News have recieved a tip that a group of students here are planning to open up not only an idol group but a host club as well!! A daunting task indeed~ Look I believe here’s one of their member’s now!!

“Hello there! You’re a member of the new idol hostclub group here correct? Could you tell us what your name is?”

“You’re a bit loud, tone it down would ya. It’s Blue Jay”

“Wonderful! So why exactly did you want to join the club?”

"I didn’t have much of a choice, the head master is a *****”

“…you’re editing that out right…

“Is there something special you personally hope to accomplish in the group this year?”

"I’d like to get a new guitar I suppose.”

“Yes, that’s it….” 
“No, nothing in particular with the group….”

“tch, I guess ‘I’ hope ‘we’ make it through the year & earn some money…..”

“There, happy?”

“I see. So final question, what would you like to tell your fans?”

"Visit us, stick around, spend your money and do whatever I guess.

“What do you mean smile, why do I ha–”
“Ugh - is this over yet.”


Shu Headcanon ( A year apart Edition)

*BOOM I’m back baby!!!*

Shu rubs the back of his head, why did you have to show up now?
It had been a whole year you both had seen each other.
Or so you thought.
Shu of course had seen you a few times when he wanted to. His vampire powers allowed him to spy on you.
Even over this year you had finally thought you had forgotten him.
There he was. Stood right before you.
You had caught him spying on you. But only because he had let himself be caught.
You new boyfriend looked like him…a lot. Blonde and blue eyes. He wasn’t like him personality wise, but still..he was pretty to look at.
He just blinked hard and stared behind you.
Staring at your new guy.
'Um, this is..’
'I don’t care..’ he immediately interrupted.
'Ah…of course.’ Then why was he glaring at him still?
'I see you are doing well.’ He says gently to you, his eyes soften when they meet yours.
'Uh. I guess.’ You get caught in his eyes. You had missed them so much….oh no! Don’t start thinking this!
'So you have a new boyfriend?’
Awkward question.
Your new guy steps forward and holds out his hand to Shu.
Shu stares at it blankly.
'Ah..well..ok.’ The guy retreats his hand and places it on your shoulder. 'Maybe we should go.’
You panic, you don’t want to leave just yet. You finally had Shu right in front of you.
'Why don’t you go and grab our coffee and I’ll be with you in a sec?’ You suggested.
The new guy nods, hesitating as he leaves.
You and Shu were alone.
'Are you happy?’ Shu asks, his hands in his pockets.
You look at his face, his eyes, his hair. His voice sounds like your favourite song you haven’t heard for ages. You missed him so much.
As soon as you say this his arms are around you.
'You are coming home with me.’ He says on your ear. 'I can’t stand seeing you with him. You don’t even love him.’
You gasp and hide your face in his chest.
Shu cuddles you to him sensing your tears.
'Will you come with me?’

So 2017 isn’t looking much better so far

Hi, gang! It’s been a while and I’ve kinda been laying low except for reblogs. My life’s gotten hilariously complicated again. I was downsized from my job (first one in, first one out) so I’m now trying to combine a mess of half-time jobs like driving for Lyft, teaching ESL… I counted and I have 8 of them spinning right now and that might not even be enough, L M A O.

but I have Katsucon next week, which I already paid for, SO… I’m going.

There’s only one (simple) cosplay in the works, but honestly I’m trying to just stay positive and take care of myself and my situation, so I might not finish that up. SO:

Katsucon schedule at the moment is Star, Holly Blue Agate, Usagi, my Fantroll (for Barstuck). Holly Blue is the one in progress, but I also am aware I am literally 1 week from leaving and I have so much to do.

And on the tails of that my family and I are going to Japan and SO…. things are a mess and I’m kind of a mess? I’m so sorry I’ve been absent, I just want to stand by SaccharineSylph as a blog being positive!

I can’t wait for Hiveswap, which is a cryptid at this point, LMAO. Some new content soon, promise!

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