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Now opening up commissions!!

Currently getting ready to go off to university and holy shit is that expensive. So I thought I’d try and make what little money I can to help with minor expenses to relieve some of the pressure off of my parents who are gonna be struggling to help me pay for my tuition.

Wanna help me out more long-term or don’t have a specific idea in mind for a commission? Pledge to me on patreon for as little as $1 per fic.

Don’t have a particular idea but still want to help out? Buy me a Ko-Fi!

So here’s the break down:


It’s gonna be $1 for every 100 words so pricing will be as follows:

  • $5 = 500 words
  • $10 = 1000 words
  • $15 = 1500 words
  • $20 = 2000 words
  • $30 = 3000 words
  • $40 = 4000 words
  • $50 = 5000 words [MAX LIMIT]

You won’t have to pay for a fic that’s 5034 words or anything like that and if I just so happen to go an extra 100 words, you won’t be expected to pay for that either. But that won’t be often, so don’t expect it.


All payments will be done through paypal. I will only accept your payment once I have completed the fic and you will not get the fic until I have received my payment.

!!!!Important Note!!!!

When paying on paypal, make sure that you select “Pay for goods or service” and on the drop down menu for address you select “No address needed”. For more information on that + visuals, click this link

Ground Rules:

I will have some basic rules for commissions, such as what I will and will not accept, what I’m willing to do, and just basic common courtesy/etiquette when commissioning.

  1. I have the right to turn down any idea I’m uncomfortable with doing or just don’t appeal to/inspire me. I’ll do my best to work with you, but if I say no, there will be no further convincing me. Just find someone else to do it.
  2. I will not do chapter fics. Oneshots/drabbles only.
  3. No OC’s. I am not a personal fan of writing other people’s OC’s. Sorry.
  4. No yaoi/mlm fics. I’m a sapphic woman. This is the furthest thing from my expertise plus I don’t find the appeal in it personally.
  5. I will not do smut for commissioned fics. Again, sorry. I do smut based on my own comfort zone/knowledge/experience so that’s something I just want to avoid people telling me what to do.
  6. Have some sort of communication turned on (preferably the tumblr messaging system but I can work with something else as well) so that I may be able to ask questions about your commission and send it to you when it’s done.
    1. HOWEVER, please do not pester me about your commission. I have not forgotten about it, but I am busy. I am getting ready to move out to university and I’m also working for most of the week. I will get your commission out as soon as I’m able.
  7. If I put out a personal fic before your commissioned fic, please do not get upset. It’s likely I have been working on that fic previously for a long-time. Also, inspiration never strikes exactly, so while I am working on your fic, I may not have been particularly inspired to write it at that current moment in time.


So I’m in many fandoms, but there’s a select few that I’m willing to write for. You can try something that’s not listed here that I’m familiar with, but it’s less likely that I’ll do it.

Also, if you do a ship I’m not particularly eager about/a fan of, you have a higher chance of being turned down.

Your idea doesn’t have to be a ship one, by the way! Just if it is, keep in mind of the ones listed below.

  • RWBY
    • Ships: Bumbleby, White Rose, Mechanical Rose, Neomerc
  • Gravity Rush
    • Ships: Kat/Raven, Kat/Raven/Yunica OT3, Yunica/Permet, Lumino/Tenebria
  • Overwatch
    • Ships: Emilena, Widowtracer, Spiderbyte, Symmbra, Pharmercy, Sombracer, Emily/Widowmaker/Tracer OT3
  • Carmilla (Webshow)
    • Ships: Hollstein
  • Madoka Magica
    • Ships: Kyosaya
  • Fairy Tail
    • Ships: Nalu, Lucy/Flare, Lesbian!Nalu
  • Miraculous Ladybug
    • Ships: Any part of the lovesquare (although I’m partial to Marichat), Alyanette
  • Soul Eater:
    • Ships: Soma
  • Jessica Jones (Netflix TV show)
    • Ships: Trish/Jessica
  • Legend of Korra
    • Ships: Korrasami
  • Firefly
    • Ships: Inara/Kaylee

Note: Some of these I have less practice with than others. Just a heads up.

Another note: I am also super willing to make any of the het ships into lesbian ones. Just lemme know.

I will have 5 slots available at a time.

Once I’ve cleaned out those 5 slots I’ll open commissions back up. So just hold onto that idea until that happens. :)


Summary: In which Nico and Will are students at an elite boarding school, and Nico has always been a little too interested, a little too invested (a little too in love).

For two lovely anons. I’m incapable of finishing these prompts in a timely manner, please forgive me.

freshman year 

Nico doesn’t understand Will Solace.

There’s a certain undeniable sameness about every single Olympus Academy student. Trust fund babies, all of them, with behavioral issues and bad attitudes. Nico’s the same. Of course he is. He’s always been good at blending in with his surroundings. He’s always been good at not being seen.

Will Solace, on the other hand, is impossible to miss.

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Joker Game Fanzine

Hello everyone ^^ Due to better than expected response, I shall go ahead with making the fanzine \(^o^)/ This will be my first time undertaking a project of such a scale, but I hope to be able to do a satisfactory job and make a final product that pleases everyone •3• This will be a lengthy post, so please bear with me for now ^^;

Basic info + ground rules

This will be a collaboration project to make a fanzine for the anime/novel series Joker Game, and it will be completely non-profit and free for all to read and enjoy after it’s completed :) The only two ground rules I have are that: 1) all submissions must be original and unpublished anywhere else before appearing in the zine and that 2) any art/fanfics/etc. in the zine and the zine itself should not be sold for profit anywhere (online or hardcopy), out of fairness to all the participants who took part in it.

Info on the zine itself

For now, I aim to have 20 contributors (give or take a few; I’ll adjust the number based on the response I get), across art, fanfiction and articles (I’ll get to what those are later), spread out across 2 general themes: the darker side (e.g. missions with questionable objectives, sacrifices to be made as a spy, the serious side to being a spy etc.) and the light side (e.g. relationships with the other spies, time that they spend together, fluff, memes, cross-dressing and other dumb disguises etc.) [sorry I’m not really good at explaining concepts like this >< If the situation calls for it I might make adjustments to the theme]. As there are some spies that are more popular than others (and as such tend to get more content created for them), I hope to ensure even coverage for all the spies in the series by allocating the spies which each contributor has to contribute content for (e.g. if you are assigned Amari, you work must contain Amari as a central character, but feel free to include other spies as well).

Info for participants

I will be setting the following rules for all contributions:

1) Strictly no OCs

2) Keep all works to R-15 and below (shirtless and slight nudity with all the important parts covered/moderate BL is fine, but nothing too suggestive or risque)

3) Try to stay true to canon as far as possible (for Odagiri’s case, I will take both the novel ending and the anime ending as canon, I’m treating them as alternative versions of each other) Note: the drama CDs are NOT canon, except for Cigarette Code

4) Do not bash other ships/characters/fandoms, I cannot stress enough how important this is

I may add more rules or edit them as I see fit, but I’ll inform everyone if there are any changes ^^;

There are 3 main categories of works:

1) Fanart and comics (self-explanatory)

The zine will be in A4 B5, keep that in mind when drawing! Draw in at least 150dpi, and portrait is preferred, but if you prefer landscape I’ll try to give you a double spread :) If you’re doing analog art (i.e. not digital), it’ll be better if you have a scanner to scan your art in ^^ Note: Just an FYI, if you’d like to draw something more fun (e.g. cross-dressing, AUs/headcanons, sailor scout costumes etc.) that’s fine too~

2) Fanfics (self-explanatory)

Due to space constraints, I’ll need to restrict these to 5000 words max, 1000 words min. Feel free to collaborate with an artist if you’d like~ For fanfics, I will strictly not accept any self- or reader-inserts. AUs are fine, but please check with me before you write! The only AUs I will not accept are college and school AUs.

3) Articles

This is kind of a special thing which I thought might be interesting for Joker Game, because of the historical context and source material. I’ll be accepting commentary on characters, aspects of spying covered in the anime or books, the history and truth behind the stories and whatever else you think would be interesting for the fandom to read. Feel free to contribute more light-hearted material too goodness knows we need more of that stuff after all the heartbreak we’ve gone through, such as articles on trivia or pigeons. If you’re unsure if your article will be accepted, free feel to drop me an ask~ Edit: Feel free to add pictures or diagrams if needed, and keep your articles to around 2000 words.

Participating in the fic

The deadline for applying to participate will be 30 August 2016, 0800 hours GMT+8. I know it’s quite soon, but I’d like to get all the character and theme assignments sorted out asap so that all the participants may have ample time to come up with their submissions. You can apply by sending an email to jg.fanzine@gmail.com, or by dropping me an ask or a message off anon. If I don’t reply you within 24 hours, please send me a message again as I may have missed it or tumblr might have eaten it >< 

When applying, I’ll need the following information:

1) The handle name you’d like to go by + email (if you’re dropping me a message on tumblr)

2) Theme preference + character preference (if you have any) - I’ll try my best to assign you what you want, but as I’m trying to cover all the spies I hope you’ll understand if I’m unable to assign you the spy you want ><

3) What you’ll be submitting, e.g. fanart (please tell me if you want to request a double spread!), comic etc. (you can submit more than one ^^); for articles I’ll need to know what you’ll be writing about

4) If you’re collaborating with anyone for a piece, who it’ll be and what it’ll be

5) (Optional, but in the event I get too many participants this will come into play) Links to your previous works

The deadline for submission isn’t confirmed yet, but for now I’m setting it for 10 December 2016, 0800 hours GMT+8. I hope this is more than enough time for everyone to get their works ready, but if you’re in need of an extension please email me asap! 

If there are no delays, I hope to release the zine by Christmas~ I’ll post it up as soon as it’s ready \(^o^)/


Lastly, please signal boost this! I’d hate to learn of somewhat who couldn’t participate because they found out too late _(:3_|L)_ Thank you very much for your kind attention m(_ _)m