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Imagine Simon taking your virginity (smut)

(Here is the SImon imagine as promised :D So I hope I got this request right and you all like it :D I tried my best making it realist so I hope it’s okay and it makes sense :3 Yay for Simon! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

From the start of the outbreak, you found yourself lucky enough to be part of group of people.

They called themselves the Saviors and although they weren’t the kindest
they had saved you while you were in a dire situation and you were eternally grateful for them.

As you joined them, their leader Negan, had wanted to marry you and offer you countless of gifts.

He made you uncomfortable and you tried rejecting him but he kept insisting until one of his men had stepped up and explained to him that you probably needed some more time among them to understand what being his wife would include.

Negan had chuckled and eyeing you up and down, he said “Well, aren’t you lucky…Simon here wants you to try the free trial before you take the fucking deal! And you know what…I’ll let you try it…”

He then looked back to Simon and continued, “Simon! You stood up for her. Then deal with her and make her understand that she’s hot to me and that i’ll give her whatever she needs if she marries me!”

Simon nodded and with that Negan left the room along with the others, leaving you and him alone.

You eyed him from head to toe and he turned back to look at you. He smirked and said, “What are you looking at?”

You jumped hearing his voice and got nervous from his comments, making you stutter when you answered him.

“I-I was only checking you out! I mean looking at what you look like…Whatever…”

He noticed your nervousness and started to laugh at the way you spoke to him.

“Checking me out? What? You like what you see? What’s your name again?”

He slowly got closer to you and it made you back away. Apart from telling him your name, You didn’t know what else to say and simply ended up being backed against the wall.

He towered over you and eyed you just as you did. Shaking his head, he then said, “Well Y/N…if you do like what you see…You’re in luck…because of you, i’m stuck babysitting you…”

As soon as you heard the word “babysitting” you got pissed and pushed him away from you and said, “I’m not a baby! So you’re not babysitting me!”

He laughed even harder and just couldn’t seem to stop soon enough.

You told him to stop but he just couldn’t and suddenly looking at you in disbelief, said “You?! Not a baby?! How old are you?!”

Pouting at him and crossing your arms, you told him, “I’m 23…”

He laughed even more and approaching you, he put his arms around your shoulder and said, “Alright, whatever Y/N…Whether you’re a baby or not…I still need to show you around!”

He ended up doing just as he said and strangely you felt more comfortable with him than any of the others.


Soon enough, the more days you spent there the more you grew to like his company. He was the only one making you laugh with his comments and you felt safer around him.

You counted yourself lucky to have made a good friend out of one of them and so did he.

He liked talking to you and felt entertained whenever you were around. Slowly, it was obvious to everyone he had a thing for you.

From the way he looked at you to the way he would spend his day teasing and making fun of you, it was clear he didn’t just see you as a friend.

Even Negan saw it, in him and you as well, and although he wanted you for himself, he felt generous and thought of setting you two together.

One night, he approached Simon and told him he was allowed to pick a girl as long as they accepted him.

He grinned thinking of you and was certain that you would say yes.


He got to your room and knocked on the door. You opened it and saw him smiling.

“Hey, Simon. Is there something wrong?”

He leaned in the door frame and shrugged.

“No…There’s nothing wrong…Can I come in?”

You were startled by his request and you looked both ways outside your door, looking to see if anyone was around.

He chuckled and walked in your room anyways.

“Stop! What if someone sees us? It’s late at night…we shouldn’t be together!”

He chuckled and just went on to jump on your bed and lay there. You quickly closed the door and went to grab his arm to get him off the bed.

“Simon, you can’t stay here! If Negan finds out he’ll kill us!”

He laughed and ended up pulling you towards him instead. You fell on top of him and he suddenly flipped you to land on the bed.

He held you tightly and you tried to get out of his, out of fear Negan would find out. He then cup your face and said, “Calm down…Negan knows i’m here…”

He looked at your features with a slight smirk and continued, “He told me I could pick a girl tonight…and as long as she says yes…I can stay…”

You felt your heart beating faster and yourself starting to get warmer and sweating. You knew exactly what he meant.

“And…you’re choosing me?”

He nodded and smirking, inched closer to you. You panicked and dodged him and managed to get out from his arms.

He got startled and sat up on the bed looking at you in disbelief. Before he could say or do anything, you put a hand to his chest and explained to him.

“I-I like you Simon…I really do…but i’m not sure if i’m ready…”

He was relieved to hear you say that you were fine with him but then got curious about the other part.

“Not ready? What do you mean not ready?”

You got even more embarrassed and couldn’t look him in the eyes to tell him what he needed to know.

“I mean…I’m a…I’m a virgin alright!”

You felt like you just died telling him that and turned away from him to cover your face in your pillow.

His eyes widen in shock and slowly started to grin and laugh.

“You’re joking right?”


When you didn’t answer him, he realized you were telling him the truth and somehow wanted to be with you even more.

He got closer and turned you over to look at him and said, “Alright…You’re a virgin…so what? I still like you and want you…besides you won’t be one after tonight…”

He got closer and instantly you felt like you wanted him as well. You nodded and kissed him back to reassure yourself and him of what was going to happen.

His tongue danced with yours inside your mouth and you felt his hand reached downwards your body.

He groped you tightly and just the way he liked, making you gasp and get a little more nervous.

As he heard you, he slowly he moved away to mark you elsewhere and and whispered, “I’m not gonna hurt you…I’ll make you feel real good…alright…”

From his tone, you could tell he was genuine and nodded to let him know you were fine.

He held you tightly to him while his other hand slowly reached down to your pants.

He unzipped your pants and still kissing you started to rub you. You felt your body getting warmer and the sensation of yourself getting wetter as you felt him touching you.

He made you whimper and as he heard you he backed away to completely remove your pants and parted your legs to open them more.

You got shy and tried to closed them but he set himself in between and kept making you feel light waves of pleasure for the while.

He chuckled looking at you biting your lips to keep quiet and just had to tease you even more.

“Y/N, let me hear that sweet voice of yours…Cause if you keep quiet that means i’m not doing a good job…and that means i’ll have to work a little harder…”

You slowly felt his finger entering in and out of you while his thumb kept circling around your clit.

He grinned looking at you struggle and just motivate him to keep doing what he was doing. He noticed your hips slowly rising and knew you wouldn’t be able to keep it in for long.

He put a hand to your thigh to pin you down and went on faster. He bent over to you to kiss you feverishly and  in rough tone asked “Are you ready?…Are you ready to come? For me…tell me…”

You felt him going faster and clung onto his shirt tightly and just nodded eagerly.

He went faster with his fingers and finally made you tremble and shiver in pleasure and let you ride it out.


As he felt you relax, he chuckled and removed his fingers and went on to remove his clothes quickly.

He then got to you and help you out of your shirt. As he soon as he removed it, you just wanted to kiss and hold him tightly.

He did just as he wanted and fell back on the bed with you. You wanted to touch him and make him feel as good as you but as you reached for him, he stopped you and shook his head.

He looked into your eyes and whispered, “No…Don’t…as much as i’d really like it…This is about you…and making you feel good…not me…alright…”

As you nodded, he parted your legs again and settling himself between them, he started to stroke himself to get even harder.

You felt your stomach slightly turn and anticipated to feel him. However, at the same time you got worried an wondered if you were going to be able to feel some pleasure after the pain.

He made you feel good until now and you didn’t want that feeling to go away and be replaced with pain.

As he looked at you, he could tell you were worried and in that instant, he just wanted to reassure you.

He stopped stroking himself and approached closer to you and kissed you again before parting.

“I’ll go in slow…I promise…I don’t want to hurt you…So if I do just tell me…Remember i’m here for your pleasure not mine…”

You wrapped your arms around your neck and kissing him back nodded.

He stayed close to you feeling your body pressed against his and grabbing himself slowly aligned to your opening.

He entered slowly just as he promised and you felt yourself stretching like never before.

There was a pain and you seemed to forget the pleasure from before. You could only close your eyes shut tight and hope to keep in your voice.

He noticed your expression changing and stopped pushing himself in.


Out of breath, he swallowed hard and kept his composure to keep himself from just shoving his cock inside.

“A-are you okay? I’m hurting you aren’t I? I’ll pull out if you want me to…”

Although it hurt, you knew it was only like this for the first time and later it would dissolve into pleasure.

You wanted to be with him and just couldn’t deny you were glad to losing it to him rather than anyone else. So you shook your head, and kissing his cheek whispered, “It’s fine…You’re doing just as you promised…It hurts but only for a moment…Keep going…”

He felt bad and kissed you back and was about to back away until you held him tightly to you.

You then felt him a little deeper and yourself stretching even more. You let out a faint shriek and he kept apologizing as he pushed inside of you.

He wrapped his arms around you tightly and stopped for a while, resting his head in the crook of your neck and letting you breath and adjust to him.

The pain did bother you but as you noticed him stopping for a while, you couldn’t help but feel grateful for him being understanding.


As he heard his name coming from you, he raised to look at you and saw the eagerness in your eyes.


You took in a few deep breaths and finally told him.

“I-I’m ready…I think i’ll be okay…”

He nodded and couldn’t help but smirk.

He started to thrust in an in and out motion and went as slow as he could.

You felt the pain again but this time it was mixed with some pleasure as well. You grew to be accustomed to it and to enjoy it.

It made you moan and whimper and he understood that you started to enjoy it.

He was ready to show you what he was about but still maintained his calmness.

He got up and started to go a little faster than before. He was cursing and started to talk to you in the dirtiest way you ever heard and you couldn’t help but be in the heat of the moment along with him.

You were able to enjoy the feeling of his cock pushing in and out and him holding you tightly. You felt each of his thrusts getting faster and you in that instant, you couldn’t keep your voice down.

It made him chuckle and before you knew it he felt you tightening around him and he needed to release. He pulled out and came all over your stomach. You were both out of breath and he couldn’t help but smiling and laughing.

You noticed the blood on him and felt embarrassed about it but as he noticed you, he smirked and said “Y/N, congrats…you’re not a virgin anymore…”

He went to kiss your forehead and wrapped his arms around you tightly and slowly drifted to sleep as you hugged him back.

Happy birthday mister Holmes

Sherlock x reader

Note: As some (if not all) of you, today (aka the 6th of January 2017) Sherlock Holmes, the original character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be 163 years old since it’s been widely speculated his birthdate was January 6th 1854 (I feel like I’m repeating myself a bit here x) ) So yeah, in short it’s his birthday and that’s freakin amazing x) so here is an insert I worked on the whole day and I finally was able to finish with the help of the wonderful @prettyxlittlexwriter once again :D Side note that I feel like really important to mention: the case sort of featured in this insert ISN’T FROM ME, it’s an ADAPTATION of the original story “The adventure of the dancing men”; a original story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself. So basically the case as been adapted from an old Sherlock Holmes’ case. Anyway, lots of talks, lets begin with our story.


I was awoken by a shy sun ray passing through my opened curtain, still sitting at my desk. Wonderful, I had fallen asleep at my desk once again during yet another all nighter.

“I should seriously have a talk with Mycroft about paperwork on top of watching Sherlock…” I mumbled to myself. “Speaking of which…”

I glanced at my calendar, hanged right over my desk. January 6th… yep, that was it, Sherlock was turning 37 today.

“Today… Today?!”

I almost jumped out of my chair, the realization that it was today hit me like a ton of bricks. I hadn’t anything prepared yet, nothing in the fridge, no cake, no gift and I was supposed to have him over for dinner, but only after another full day of paperwork.

Quickly dressed, then to the kitchen, I grabbed my mobile phone from the table to text John.

“-You know which day we are today, don’t you?


-Are you serious?!

–-Yes I am completely and utterly serious about that.


–-Just kidding don’t worry Y/N.
–-I was searching for an interesting case for today, he seemed rather bored lately :/
–-Anything planned on your side?

-We’re having a dinner tonight. Just the two of us at my flat, nothing fancy for once.
-I got to go, keep me informed on that case :)

I put the phone on my pocket and opened the fridge to see exactly what I had left in it. I made a mental note to make sure to buy a few things and another one to tell Sherlock it was the last bloody time he was allowed to leave one of his darn experimentation here. Dead body parts left in my fridge… Yurk, I’ll make sure to clean it asap.

With that I grabbed my keys and my coat before I got outside. Locking my flat, my phone buzzed.

–-How about that: Mr. Hilton Cubitt found a series of strange dancing stickmen carved into a tree in front of his house and when his wife saw them, she panicked and since then has refused to explain his husband why. This morning a new serie appeared on the second tree in front of the house and he wanted to come and ask Sherlock some advices.

-Probably a coded message, he’ll like it. Did the man send you a picture?

–-Yes he did.

-Perfect, that should keep him busy for awhile :)”

With that, I took a cab to all the stupid paperwork left to classify at Mycroft’s office, hoping for a quick and painless day.


“–-Dancing stickmen, need help for the cipher, care to come?-SH

-Come on, you don’t need my help for this one Holmes!

–-Do I?
-–It’s way more interesting than all the paperwork you’re doing lately anyway.-SH

-That’s part of my job apparently now…
-Beside babysitting you, that is.
-You can handle yourself this once, can you?

–-I hoped I wouldn’t have to pressure like this but..
-–It’s my birthday Y/N, you can’t say no.-SH

-Yes I can.
-Go have some fun with John a bit and I’ll see you tonight love.

–-You’re no fun Y/N

- :p”


It was only around 23:00 that they both pushed the door to my flat, exhausted after their day. I gave them a look from upstairs, a small smile on my lips. They sure seemed to have had lots of fun.

“And?” I asked, curious about the result.
“You were right Y/N, it was brilliant! They used an old cipher from a group of criminals from the 1890’s!” answered Sherlock, a smile plastered on his lips, cheeks reddened by the cold winter air and eyes glistening with joy and excitation.

“Had we been a tad bit late, the couple would be dead by now,” added his friend, before he gave the two of us a quick look and then smiled. “Anyway, I should go now, Mary’s probably waiting for me home. Good night.” And with that, he left, leaving us alone in the flat.

I walked down the stairs and wrapped both arms around Sherlock’s neck, pinning him against the wall from the last stair, and kissed him lightly on his lips.

“Hungry?” I asked, smirking.
“Then how about you come upstairs and tell be about the adventure of the dancing stickmen?”
“Y/N you’re doing like John again…”
“Well… readers love a good title don’t they?” I teased him.

We both climbed the stairs and went to the kitchen, where we ate as he relayed me his day.

Overall the story went like this: the woman use to live in America, where her father was the boss of a small group of criminal. Said criminal used an old code of sort of dancing stickmen, previously created by a now dissolved gang. The woman flew America when she chose to tell the police and the criminals were caught. But lately, one of them escaped prison and found her, giving her a warning for her up coming death. Luckily the cipher wasn’t as hard as Sherlock pretended it to be and they were able to get to the county in time.

As we were done eating, I was about to give him his gift when he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me on his laps, holding me on a tight embrace.

“I waited the whole day to do this.” He whispered against my ear.
“Had I known the Great Sherlock Holmes to be so affectionate, I wouldn’t have waited to see him sent to his death before telling him how much I love him…” I laughed softly.
“Shame on you then, for waiting all these years Miss Y/L/N…”

We waited like this for a few minutes, my head now resting on his shoulder, simply enjoying each other’s presence. As I was about to free myself from his loving grip, he tightened his hold on me and whispered in my ear.

“How about we go to bed now?”
“But I’ve got a gift for you… And then there’s the cake…”
He smirked. “It can wait, can it?”

Without giving me any more time to protest, he stood up, carrying me in his arms to my bedroom, before he simply dumped me on my bed, as I let out a surprised scream. Without even undressing in the slightest, he almost threw himself on the bed, right beside me, and held me again in a tight embrace. I smiled.

“Tired, are we, Holmes?”

He didn’t even bothered to answer me, eyes already closed as he let out an exhausted sigh.


No answer except for a light snore. I chuckled softly, not to wake him up, playing gently with his curls.

“Happy birthday Mister Holmes.”

Surprise gem adopts! (5/8 OPEN)

I decided to make some surprise adopts!
7 “single” gems and one fusion~

Each gem is 15€
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You can get the fusion and their two “components” for 23€
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So I’m starting uni soon and I wanted to actually start caring about my appearance - not in the sense of “I’m changing myself for other people” but rather “I want to look how I WANT to look”.

As a transgender man I struggled with that super simple concept for years because I thought in order to be taken seriously I had to become more masculine etc. which only led me to feel isolated from both masculinity and femininity. I felt like I was forced to be one or the other.

Going into college and seeing other students taking masculinity and femininity and turning them into an amalgam of their own really fucking helped me. I spent two years there having fun and never really feeling as though I was the oddball. I didn’t feel like I needed anyone’s permission to be a man.

I never learned how to do makeup. After 23 years, I think today is a good day to start.


Im realizing somedays i can only eat one meal and fast for almost 23 hours. Other days i have to eat breakfast and lunch but i cook them so i tried to eat few calories ( never more than 500, is really easy) and there are other days i can fast completely

So concluiding i can reach my UGW if only I AM CONSISTENT. Its all in my hands. If i want a hot body i need to work for it.

And i know i will.

anonymous asked:

May you explain the Australian election to me? I'm not Australian but it seems quite unique.

OK so we have The House of Representatives and The Senate. The House of Reps has 150 seats determined by electorates that are determined by population of an area. So you get very differently sized areas like so due to city population density vs country density:

Members (or MPs) are elected by the people in their electorate so as I don’t live in the hella rich Sydney area of Wentworth I can’t vote for our current Prime Minister of Malcolm Turnbull. Instead, I live in the electorate of Moore where the Liberal member is Ian Goodenough and he’s pretty safely re-elected as my area is populated by lots of Liberals (conservatives in Australia).

The Senate is composed of 12 people from each state and 2 from each territory (NT and ACT). This means parties from any section of the state can run for Senate.

So first off electing an MP is pretty simple. Just fill out the form numbering from 1 to however many boxes there are. In my electorate last election there was only 4 and it took a few seconds to fill out. The paper looks like this:

This is to get preferences! If you vote #1 for a party that isn’t that popular then your vote can still go to your 2nd preference. If the #1 votes are tallied up and none of the several options has a majority then the least popular party is eliminated and the secondary, third, etc, preferences are then used to determine who is ultimately the most popular person. Pretty simple. This way you can vote for the party you want to be in and not throw away your vote on someone who won’t get elected because your preferences count.

Electing a senator is a horrifying nightmare that frightens and intimidates new comers and seasoned voters alike.

Here is what the paper looks like if you’re lucky:

Here’s what it actually looks like:

That big thick line divides it between just the parties (above the line) and every single person running for every single party (below the line). Before recent voting reform your option was to tick one box above the line… or all of them below the line. The Queensland senate election that just happened had 122 boxes below the line…

Fuck. So naturally people would just tick one box and be done with it. Now we have to number at least 6 (or more) boxes above the line and 12 (or more) below the line making it a lot easier to use our classic preferential voting system. We used to have to spend half an hour weighing up in our heads “which one of these racist bastards deserves to be my 68th preference? Hmmmm.” Now we can just go “well, I’ve run out of non-racist parties and filled in 12 boxes. My work here is done” AND LEAVE.


The Government needs at least 76 MPs in the house of reps to form a majority government. One time in 2010 they both got 72… which results in a hung parliament. That’s right. There was an even split where the country collectively went “uh… we… don’t know which one of you sucks the most so I guess we’ll flip a coin?” (we would later discover the answer was “Tony Abbott” but that’s for 2013 to discover). As we have a system where other parties can run and get elected the government at the time (Labor, under Gillard) had to form a coalition with a bunch other MPs like Adam Bandt from The Greens and Andrew Wilkie (independent) just to run a government. And then after that the main parties got their act together and became popular again and everyone learned their lesson when it comes to voting so divisively…

Lol jokes. We did it again.

So Tony Abbott won a majority government in 2013 for the House of Reps but lacked a majority in the Senate so had to try and convince independents and minor parties (like The Greens) to let him get a lot of legislation through. This was sometimes very difficult and sometimes impossible. He described the Senate as “feral”, the Senate described him in a lot of round-about-politician talk that equated to “you’re an unreasonable idiot.” So what do if a Senate won’t pass things?

Double Dissolution. If you get something rejected twice with the space of at least three months between attempting to get it passed that’s what we call a “trigger” for a double dissolution. It’s designed to remove deadlocks. Turnbull (who took over Abbott when his party realised no one liked him even a little bit and changed leaders mid-term, as is tradition in Australian politics) looked at a senate he couldn’t easily control and went “fuck that noise” so pulled the trigger so to speak and then everyone had to get re-elected. Both House of Reps and Senate were dissolved. The idea was that hopefully Australia would go “I can see how having lots of independents in the house of reps and senate makes it difficult for the major party to rule, better vote for a major party so we can finally have a stable government instead of the past 5 years of dumb fuckery” and Turnbull would have a smooth term. “Let’s stick with the current mob.” was an actual election slogan.


We broke it.

We decided to vote in more independents. Different ones, but still slightly more. But here’s the thing: If people can’t make it to the polls on election day (for reasons like “overseas”, etc) they send in a postal vote… and there’s over a million that need to be collected and counted. When your country’s population is only 23 million (and a lot of those are under 18) that’s a big deal… and we won’t know who wins until all those are counted.

The two main parties are neck and neck… and the way it’s looking neither of them are going to get 76 seats. We could have another hung parliament like in 2010… and before that: 1940. The country collectively looked at The Liberals (who had a large majority last election) and went “WE KINDA PREFER LABOR, BUT NOT THAT MUCH I GUESS!” so we won’t know for days, potentially more than a week or so, if either main party gets to form a government. And whoever forms it has to deal with all sorts of new and different people in the Senate… If no one can form government then it’s back to have another election I suppose. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen, and if it does - that it doesn’t result in another hung result!


So potentially, as is now a tradition in Australia, we could have the 6th change of Prime Minister in 6 years…

Fuckin’ straya.

It Started With A Game (Baekhyun x Reader)

Written By: Admin T.Pot

Characters : Baekhyun x You

Summary : By day, he’s an idol, you’re an English teacher.By night, both of you… are gamers.

A/N: Most of the talking is in a chat room. And since putting the username after every chat is kind of annoying to do and to read, I’ve decided to put all the chats in brackets, bold the ones sent to you, and leave it be for the chats you send. So ~ [babybyun0592] and [effuuu41w7] Okies ?? Also ~ [brackets for gaming chats] and <these pointy thingies for Katalk chats> Also ~ ㅗ is a Korean character but also used to flick someone off while texting … Don’t tell anyone I taught you guys that .. It’s just necessary right now cause it’s mostly chatting and it’s used often amongst Korean gamers and chatrooms …;; And after this one shot, my stories will be short ranging from 1000-3000 words ><

Word Count : 8800

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Last doodle i did in color. I had a crazy long day, could not do more….

Erm, so, Happy Halloween? XD I am not a halloween person, i’m so sorry…

Have skelebros from my old headcannon of Sans being 8 years older - here Papyrus is 15, and Sans is 23 <3 I love them

Since we now entered 2017 at my place as well, I think it’s about time to finally post what I was planning to do for quite a while now!

Other than a follow forever (speaking of which, I don’t think this is even necessary, like, once I follow you, I’ll always follow you, sooooo), I just wanted to thank every single blog I’m following for making 2016 a quite pleasant year for me! I haven’t been on this blog for a long time, yet I always had a lot of fun when going online and that’s thanks to you and only you, so I hope that with this post I can give some of my happiness to you and give you a nice start into 2017, even if it’s just a little!

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27 Things I’ve Started Doing Because I Love Myself

1. Drinking even more water than usual. (I bought a Soda Stream, best purchase of my life.)

2. Understanding that separating purchases into “stuff” and “experiences” is not enough, and that I need to break down those categories further into what is REALLY worth the money. Paying to travel and spend a few weeks with some of our best friends we barely see? Worth it. Paying to go to a concert for a band I don’t care about because a bunch of people are going? Not worth it, even though they’re both “experiences.”

3. Accepting that my job doesn’t seem “real” to a lot of people, even family members. And that it doesn’t matter.

4. Making more time in the day to Gchat people like my best friend, because when you’re separated by geographical distance, the only thing that’s going to keep you two together is a sustained effort on both parts. And the more you know about their lives, the more you want to know. The more you talk, the more you plan your next visit.

5. Muting people on social media who don’t bring me enjoyment, but who wouldn’t be worth the #drama of unfriending. No big deal – out of sight, out of mind.

6. Getting ingredients to make actual cocktails I’m excited about, instead of throwing together whatever I have at home (so I still feel like I need to go out and spend for that “cocktail” experience).

7. Accepting that 9 AM is my get-up time, and any time earlier makes me feel groggy and angry. And that doesn’t mean I’m inherently lazier or less productive than a morning person.

8. Writing at night, when I feel most inspired.

9. Laughing at old photos, bad outfits, and ex boyfriends.

10. Being honest with people about how I feel, instead of letting bad feelings seep out in passive-aggression. Nipping arguments in the bud, because it’s not worth it.

11. Keeping a physical calendar by my desk with all my deadlines written out, so that I can see the mountain ahead of me, and know how I’m going to climb it every day.

12. Accepting that I don’t have as much free time as I’d like.

13. Using the free time I do have for the people who make me laugh, and make me think.

14. Feeling free to disagree. Not forming every opinion based on what you think is going to cause the least trouble, or get you the most likes. Being a full person, instead of a party line.

15. Taking breaks, whether for a long walk, a bit of cleaning, or a Real Housewives episode. All are equally important.

16. Giving myself permission to identify and purchase the things that I need to spend money on, so that I can do it in an intelligent and thoughtful way, instead of in fits and spurts when I’m in front of an item in a store and go into “panic-impulse-spending” mode. Not letting my credit card be another way for me to subvert what else I might be feeling at the time.

17. Saying “no” to certain jobs. Not feeling like I need to earn every possible dollar available to me, or something bad will happen.

18. Cuddling with my boyfriend and my dog as therapy.

19. Giving myself permission to have “bad skin days” or “bloated days,” and still think of myself as pretty.

20. Looking at myself from my “bad” angle in the mirror, and realizing it’s not so bad.

21. Talking about my family issues with friends and loved ones, because hiding the imperfect parts of our lives only makes them feel more glaring to us.

22. Making really, really good food at home, and tasting everything as I go. And not torturing myself by trying to count all the bites I took while cooking on Weight Watchers.

23. Throwing out clothes that simply don’t look good on me.

24. Giving people advice when they ask, but refusing to tell someone what they want to hear when they’re just coming to you looking to be affirmed in a bad decision.

25. Loving the people who refuse to affirm me in a bad decision.

26. Calling my mom.

27. Working like a woman, proudly, instead of trying to emulate a man. Not giving into the idea that, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, I must idealize the traditionally masculine qualities that are rewarded in business. Embracing instead qualities like slow growth, human relationships, listening, group decision making, and sacrificing a dollar for higher quality of life. Leaning out. And feeling good about it.

Angry rant

This is going to be a long post so I’m putting most of it under a read more. Last month I got asked by a fellow student why I am a feminist since I never experienced hate or violence towards women, or economic disadvantages of being a woman, personally. I didn’t get raped. I didn’t get killed. He didn’t really know me or my story. He just assumed that nothing ever happened to me. I tried to explain to him that I’ve experienced plenty of hate in my life, and he said “well I got hit once, too, do you see me complaining? Those are minor things, they could happen to anyone, it’s not a women’s problem.”

Well, let me tell you a thing…

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Only one more day of school and then the kiddos are home with me … all day every day 😁! I need to gear up for this! Thankfully we have the pool and friends and camps and sports all summer to keep them busy. It’s still a transition though going from school five days a week to school no days a week 😁. by carolineondesign

!? –  Semanti glanced out the window of her shared room, sighing as she did so. The wind was blowing peacefully as the leaves rustled. People walked the streets, some with purpose, and others without, merely wishing to get a breath of fresh air. It was boring. She turned her attention back to her desk. Strange spirographs with neatly scribbled handwriting were carefully sketched on what seemed like millions of sheets of paper. Each spiral was different in shape, color, size, and purpose. A pale hand took a stack and flipped through it, skimming the notes she had scrawled there before. 

The only true disadvantage to working this slowly is the amount of time it takes to come into effect.“ She mused, reading over her report of the current happenings. 

Anima Permuto-day 23

“The Incubus is reacting to the process in the intended fashion. Upon studying the energy radiating from his soul, I have discovered that is has become more sporadic in its pulses, to the point of being unpredictable. It resembles that of a Chaos Angel’s soul, from what I have been able to research about them.

“However, there are observable side effects to this process. The Incubus has much more difficulty keeping his power under control, as well as forcing it to follow his whims. His elements of Fire and Water seem to be the most effected of all his abilities. Not surprising. Another effect is his emotions seem to be returning to him, whether he acknowledges them or not. His outward emotional "mask” has been more prone to “cracking” while taking on everyday tasks, which has confused and enraged him to no end. 

“On another note, I must be more wary when observing him. He has begun to sense my presence through my protection. He must not correlate my energy with the strange reactions within his soul, or he will be able to fight against it, and me. 

"Upon observation of the second subject, she seems to be much more difficult to manipulate in this sense. Although this is the case, her soul seems much more unstable than it should have been before any of my efforts were placed into it. Not much more work was necessary. The Pecus are naturally unstable creatures, due to their nature; therefore, I should not have been surprised at this development.

"Now that I have been able to properly focus on my research and experimentation, I believe spell 5-19-C would be the most effective in discovering if, indeed, this is possible. I have been practicing it for three days, mainly to ensure that my own energy preserves do not run dry while keeping the spell effective and intact. The actual casting is child’s play. If my placement of schedules is correct, on the twenty-fourth day of study, the actual experiment will be able to commence.”

Semanti glanced at the calendar, then at the clock. Quickly but meticulously she rearranged her papers, smoothing down the folded corners. A few swipes of a comb later, and her bangs were slicked back and held in place with a white headband. She quickly braided her long hair, tying it with a green elastic. Pulling on some white leggings under her skirt, she was nearly ready to leave. She raised her hand to snap right as she grabbed a notebook to hold firmly under her arm. 


The possessor gracefully appeared in the basement of Bristoll High, her skirt fluttering ever so slightly. She glanced at a clock. Only five minutes. Immediately she went to work, kneeling on the ground and closing her eyes, focusing on the space around the corner. She felt the energy drain out of her, then quickly siphon back in, a deep grey/green spirograph blossoming into place. The lights flickered ever so slightly as she opened her eyes, reverting back to demonic black even through her contacts. Another spiral appeared within the larger one, this time a more yellow-green. Then another, darker green. 

She glanced over her shoulder, beginning to hear footsteps tapping down the stairs. Semanti rose quickly, but silently, then ran into a nearby empty classroom. She swore she felt the energy of someone noticing her before she managed to close the door. She couldn’t tell who.

At nearly the same time, Nickolas walked down the hall, unable to see the spiral that laid in wait for him. Shaking his head, he sped up.

This is late, even for me." He sped towards the trapped corner, sending out more bizarre pulses of energy without his knowledge. Semanti watched through the window of the door.  


"Shit shit shit! Why did some feathery asshole have to try to jump me!? I was just leaving to go to the bathroom!” Key’s steps sped even faster down the steps, breasts not even bouncing with the fluidity of it. At the corner she saw light blonde hair disappear, not even caring about the weird ass spirals on the ground, but distracted by how quick it disappeared from her few.

While rounding the corner she spun out her phone from her front pocket to check the time, not noticing the large person also rounding the corner.

The next thing she knew her phone was flying from her hand, though she didnt have time to realise that. She felt as if she was being suffocated, crashing through some wall, wildly free and taking in ungodly amounts of air before settling again.

She felt… Different. As if she was in a hologram of a corpse. She wasn’t breathing, and nothing was happening because of it. She groaned, but stopped short by the thundering low bass of it.

“What the f–” Nick’s voice— when he dropped the bass. Nick’s body snapped up to observe the scene. She looked at her new hands. They were giant and almost seemed to fit the pianist stereo type of long fingers. She didn’t want to move any more. It felt wrong and strange. It wasn’t her body. It had a dick. And it didn’t have giant breasts. She decided to just watch her own body, with Nick, she assumeded, in it.