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Ash like Gold

Summary : With newly awoken E.N.D inside of him, he knew he had to keep the demon away from his nakama at all cost. But what he didn’t know, was that he’s not the only who would be loosing something irreplaceable to them that day. Angsty Nalu one-shot.

Oh yay my first request! Huge thanks to proudtobeaginger for requesting this and giving me the idea to write this! I hope this one-shot lives up to your expectations!

And without further ado, enjoy!

PS : Pardon my grammatical errors and other mistakes, feel free to inform me of any if you spot them, and if you do, thanks in advance!

“ Natsu!”

The anguished cry ripped past Lucy’s chapped lips, screaming her partner’s name till her throat was hoarse. Her captor’s arms straining with effort as she continued to struggle desperately against the firm grasp around her waist.

“ Let me go! I have to help him, Erza!” She cried, her eyes fixated on the lone figure struggling against himself in the distance, “ Let me go!”

“ Get a hold of yourself!” The scarlet haired mage snapped, twisting her body and Lucy’s sharply to the side to avoid yet another wave of flame. “ Leave this to Gray, Lucy.”

“ I made a promise to my dad that i’ll be the one to destroy E.N.D.” His jaw tensed up as he looked determinedly at the said person.

Lucy’s eyed widened in shock, her trembling hands coming up to cover her mouth as tears threatened to fall from her eyes, “ But the only way to destroy E.N.D is to…”

Gray nodded, but his voice was filled with pain when he spoke, “ Kill Natsu. The only way is to kill Etherious Natsu Dragneel.”

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