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Some Thoughts...

Okay so you know that one post someone on here made awhile back about when Jeremy said ((jokingly??)) that Lance dies, but they were like “oh but what if that’s true???”

Well I got to thinking.

Lance had quite a bit of screen time in the season 3 trailer, looking pretty happy for the most part and of course we are all pretty happy that he is happy.

But what if.
That’s a cover up that dreamworks played on us.

What if Lance actually does die.

Am I the only one who thought about this? Or am I being totally irrational?

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I put this in a response to an ask, but since so many people message me with an unclear understanding of where I stand on these kids relationships (especially Lucaya), let’s put it in a major post. 

Someone asked me “So since you think that Maya did have an identity crisis, do you agree that Maya’s feelings for Lucas were fake too then, since she doesn’t want a nice guy?”

The answer is no, not at all. Here’s why:

It’s a lot like Shawn thinking he and Angela needed to be exactly like Cory and Topanga, but in a different context. He saw what his best friend had and decided that he was supposed to have the same type of relationship. But he is a different person, with different wants, different needs and a completely different story. Romance, love, relationships- those are personal things. How they play out in your life is completely unique to you, and to you alone. Once Shawn realized this, truly realized this, he was able to let go of the notion that he lost his “one true love” and understand that sometimes the person you fall in love with at 16 isn’t who you are meant to be with forever. Then he was able to marry Katy and be truly happy.

So with Maya, same thing in a new age type of way. Maya lost herself, started to think she was supposed to have exactly what Riley did, even down to the type of boy Riley wants. Who is the type of guy Riley wants? She wants the cookie cutter-OK with everything-moral compass-Mr. Perfect-Prince Charming boyfriend. So Maya thought hey, that’s what I’m supposed to want, too.

Now when Maya found herself again, and realized that she doesn’t want, and isn’t supposed to want the exact same things as Riley in life, she basically grouped Lucas in with those things. She thought “Okay, I don’t want a “Mr. Perfect” boyfriend, I’m full of way too much fire for that. I want someone with passion, someone not afraid to break the rules once and awhile, someone with spunk..I want Josh.”

(Now I’m NOT discrediting her feelings for Josh, because I think they are genuinely there and have been since Season 1, just like I wouldn’t discredit Rileys feelings for Lucas. I just think they are very “first crush, surface level” situations. But with that said….)

Who is Lucas…really? IS Lucas Mr. Perfect? Is he always a moral compass, is he truly “OK with everything”? Is he really only a “nice” guy?

Absolutely not. He got kicked out of his own school and had to stay back a year. When something happens to someone he cares about, he just about loses his god damn mind. When he believes in something, or feels threatened by something, he gets passionate as all hell. On top of all that, he spars and banters and tangles with the best of them and that comes out very clearly in his natural chemistry with Maya.

Lucas is the king of breaking the rules, he’s the king of passion, he’s the king of being a bad ass. But he suppresses it. He hasn’t learned to balance it, like Maya has. He wants nothing to do with it. So he backs away from Maya, because he doesn’t want to remember who he used to be, he said himself he wanted a “fresh start” like it all never even happened. He thinks that his passion is a bad thing, but he’s wrong, he just needs to learn how to use it.

But trying to erase that part of him, why wouldn’t he move towards Riley? The person who sees him as that idealization of Prince Charming. Maya sees the other sides of him, embraces them(pick up the bed with one arm, Lucas!), and he can’t be around that, because he doesn’t want to be that guy.

Eventually though, he’s going to grow. He’s going to learn that who you are is who you are, and you can add parts to your personality, you can evolve, but your core dynamics will always remain the same. When he does that, I think he’s going to be a complex and fantastic character. As a matter of fact, I think part of the reason he’s so damn static and flat consistently is because the writers damn well know if they move him forward and let him evolve, he’s just going to be become way too perfect of a match for Maya, and the entire situation will be prematurely out of balance. Other things need to be resolved first.

So, for now, Maya is convinced her feelings for Lucas weren’t real, because she has a skewed version of who Lucas really is, because Lucas even has a skewed version on who he really is. Hell,  Riley does, too.

And speaking of Riley, and her wanting “Mr. Perfect, Mr. Moral Compass” as her boyfriend. Who, beyond the Prince Charming idealization of it all, is REALLY the nice guy, the moral compass of this show? Is it Lucas, y’all? Or is it Farkle Minkus?

I’ll let you decide that.