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Tell me about the pink haired girl that you are so obsessed about

Man anon, you have opened a hell of a can of worms. 


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10/10 the best

Like just look at this card art

She’s so precious

and such a tease

she’s really fluffy and shy

But opens up to certain people.

She works hard

And has a lot of focus for what’s right

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But she’s a homuculus

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And will only live for 18 years…

Let her be happy

Basically, she’s a 16 year old homunculus built to be kind of the “perfect magical soldier” (layman explanation to avoid having to explain the entirety of the Fate franchise to you). However she ended up being a failure so she just lived her life at the test facility knowing that she would pass away in 18 years. But then a disaster happens and her senpai, her, and the leader of the facility are dropped into the past to solve a problem in the time stream and her powers are awakened. 

She doesn’t do much damage, nor can she deal super effective damage, but she has no weaknesses. 

Her entire thing is standing up and protecting her senpai. 

And she’s sooooo precious. She tries so hard for you

She’s a shielder.

The only one, I might add. 

but most of all she is a pure and good kohai…

I want that time Kirsten and AJ refused to sign on for a new season of CM unless they both got pay rises to be added to the fucking history books.

A) They totally dragged CBS, publicly. 

B) They proved that by supporting each other they managed what one woman alone could not and that’s important, the same year this happened Cote De Pablo walked from NCIS because she was the only woman fighting for pay equity on her show and the network wouldn’t do shit. AJ and Kirsten banding together is the only reason they succeeded. 

C) I don’t want anybody to forget that for the same job Shemar was reportedly earning $70.000 more PER EPISODE than AJ before this point (there are 24 episodes, do the math and be disgusted, TG and MGG were also earning around that ballpark more than her, Joe’s salary never got reported)

D) CBS has a history of lying and cheating and covering up their disgusting shit and we shouldn’t forget. 

Seriously, don’t forget that year. CBS almost cancelled the show (it was renewed on the /last/ day for show renewals) because they didn’t want to pay their woman something even approaching what they pay their male stars. The male stars, who, for the record (minus shemar) ended up with not only their normal contracts but also directors privileges that year. 

Just, consider it. 

Cillian Murphy on Radiohead for Spin Magazine, July 13, 2016

About those two Radiohead songs — “You and Whose Army” and “Life In a Glass House.” Were those songs that you knew before the show [Peaky Blinders]?

CM: I’m a huge Radiohead fan, have been since I was a teenager, so yeah, they’re amazing songs. The thing about Radiohead is they have such an incredible back catalog that to be given access to it — that’s a huge honor. I thought those two choices worked really, really well. You have to choose very carefully, but particularly “You and Whose Army” at the end of episode one was just — it was like it was written for the show. It was extraordinary.

What concerts have you gone to recently?

CM: Well, it was very great to see Radiohead at the Roundhouse in London when they played there about, I don’t know, three weeks ago. That was pretty special.

What did you think of the new Radiohead album?

CM: I think it’s just absolutely beautiful. I’ve been listening to it on repeat. I think we’ve lost the art of listening to albums these days. Everybody knows that, because it’s just buying a song here or there or just choosing a song on Spotify, wherever it may be. This just demands to be listened to as a whole. They pretty much played the whole record live from start to finish before they did the hits. It was amazing to watch it, and to feel the whole narrative or journey of the record. It was nice to be made to listen to an album in full like you’re supposed to do.

People are so passionate about that band like they are about very few other bands.

CM: Yeah, I know. They deserve it. You only get a band like that every sort of generation, I think. They are that band.

(Source: Cillian Murphy: Radiohead Is a Once-in-a-Generation Band, But ‘Peaky Blinders’ Could Use Some Led Zeppelin)

[Lyrics] (Eng Trans) 1cm의 자존심 (Taller Than You)

Is anyone here taller than me?
If not, never mind.
Mamamoo Mamamoo Mama moo (x9)
I’m taller than you
You’re 160~ I’m 161
Mamamoo Mamamoo Mama moo x9
Between between between us
Just 1cm difference!

I don’t apply, this is a story only Wheein can relate to, okay?
We’re BF’s but when we’re talking heights
There’s no mercy, small Wheein
Annoyed? “You’re really arguing over 1 cm?”
Let’s be cool about this, only I get to wear heels
The difference between you and I, 1cm

( Unnie, your head is slightly large )
Just accept it dwarf
( That’s right, accept it~ [1] )
This won’t affect your life
( What are you saying? [2] )
Do you know what I’m saying?

Oh my, our unnie is trying to show off her creases in front of a pupa [3]
Look here, you still have a long way to climb up
Is this too high up for you?
How’s the weather down there?
Much stuffy, I can only imagine.
Sorry, but I can’t go there, too tall to enter
We’re all similar similar, so stop it stop it
If you have time to bicker about this, worry about other things
Aww what’s wrong Wheein, can’t reach?
Don’t worry, I’ll get it for you
This unnie is the tallest in town

Mamamoo Mamamoo Mama moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo
I’m taller than you
You’re 160~ I’m 161
Mamamoo Mamamoo Mama moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo
Between between between us
Just 1cm difference!

A-Yo  after rounding up you’re still short
Try putting in more height insoles
Doesn’t make much difference?
It’s still noticeable when you wear heels
Even when you wear sneakers,
Our height order is like Do Re Mi Fa

It’s only 1cm difference
Actually, 1.8
Anyone will agree that we are same-same
( Both of you have slightly large heads )
This is a war inside the well [4]
You know what I’m talking about

(yeah yeah)  Hey you, Moon Star, look at you having a blast
Uh huh, just admit it
You being boastful
Pretending to be actually tall
Pretending to be superior
Pretending to be Hong Man Choi [5]
But all you are is an acorn [6]

H&W: The millstone handle is missing

The millstone handle is missing [7]
If Tae Oh Jo walked by he would laugh [8]
That’s how I feel right now, “I have no words to say” [8]

Mamamoo Mamamoo Mama moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo
I’m taller than you
You’re 160~ I’m 161
Mamamoo Mamamoo Mama moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo
Between between between us
Just 1cm difference!

Is anyone here taller than me?
I’m taller than you
I’m taller, taller than you     (x4)

Listen you dwarfs, in this ‘hood
I’m taller than you (hey)
I’m taller, taller than you (hey)   (x4)

[1] Jolly V. reference (Byullie-V.)

[2] In Saturi (accent)

[3] “Show off creases in front of a pupa” – Idiom which basically means, pretend to be better in front of someone greater

[4] Reference to the idiom “frog inside a well” – frogs who live inside well are unaware of the world outside. Thus Wheein is saying that their argument is meaningless.

[5] Hong Man Choi is a 7’2” Korean kickboxer

[6] From “Measuring heights of acorns” – to bicker when there is almost no difference

[7] The handle of Millstone is called “어이” and “없네” means “to be missing” – This is where the saying “the millstone handle is missing” comes from, which later get the meaning “I have no words to say / I am dumbfounded”

[8] The saying “어이가 없네” was recently made popular by the character Tae Oh Jo (Yoo Ahin) in the movieVeteran.

trans. cr: real lady @realladymoo


Kirin 15s CM

Caleb’s Birth Story

although i really enjoy reading birth stories, i’ve really struggled with whether to post mine. it feels both intensely personal and something that i want others to hear. in the end, i decided to share it, mainly because when it was decided that i would be induced, all the information i found was incredibly negative – horror stories about 36 hour labors ending in c-sections, etc. although induction may not be ideal, and may increase the chance of certain interventions, my experience was largely positive, and i’m hoping someone will read this and not be as terrified as i was. after the jump, for anyone who is interested.

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