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ahh i read the other anon's take on an atla au and i liked their adaptation, but i had pictured shouto as the avatar instead in my head. like endeavor still is the firelord and i like the idea of him marrying a water tribe princess but consider,,, the previous avatar was nana, from the earth kingdom whose best friend is the air nomad gran torino, and that's how she meets air nomad toshinori who cant actually bend, but has a big heart and takes him under her wing. needless to say, she dies

(didn’t have space to mention it previously) but toshinori is so strong he somehow fools everyone into believing that hes an earthbender. as there’s no avatar to stop him anymore, endeavor is free to do as he wishes. before nana dies (and in the time todomama is pregnant) he’s warned by someone that she’s going to die. so this is kind of perfect for him, he has the opportunity to have the next avatar be his son. so he does the unthinkable and a warning to his kingdom is sent that every pregnant woman that gets into labour when nana dies is to be killed with her child. the fire kingdom keeps a tight register of the children born from then on, shouto is born about two days after that, and it takes about a week for the news to reach the fire kingdom that effectively, nana has died, but no one is sure when, as previously all the kids that were born during that week (but shouto) were killed, enji is sure his child *has* to be the avatar, but as soon as shouto can walk hes taught fire and water bending techniques. enji is still the abusive asshole that hes in canon, and his other children suffer neglect and his wife is abused, but he controls the fire and water kingdom so there isnt really anyone that can do anything to prevent this. after nana dies and enji takes over both kingdoms, the only reason he can’t take over the air nomads and the earth kingdom is toshinori. he somehow has never been able to defeat him  (he doesn’t know all might is a non-bender). toshinori inspires people in a way no one has before and has good people that surround him, and can take down good benders any day any time. enji kind of is scared of confronting him himself and loosing. toshinori keeps enji off of the air nomads and earth kingdom. 

meanwhile, as enji’s army fights toshinori and co., shouto has been able to bend water since a young age, but can’t seem to be able to bend any other element.  but one day while playing with his siblings he bends his sibling’s fire. todomama sees this and is terrified of what enji will do to shouto now. the training was already too hard for a five year old kid who couldn’t yet bend fire and for so didn’t actually trained with it. she makes him and his siblings to never tell anyone about shouto bending fire, and shouto swear that hes to never use any other kind of bending besides fire.  

 enji is so mad. shouto is almost six and he hasnt shown signs of being able to bend anything but water. he blames todomama for this, saying that he spoils him too much, that if she wasnt so weak and also cared about her family and their kingdom shouto would be able to bend anything by now, and todomama slowly builds up the idea that maybe shouto isnt the avatar, that maybe the avatar was one of the kids he killed. enji can’t tolerate that idea, and when shouto is eight and cant bend anything else.  

he decides that he cant allow anything to get in the way of his world conquer, its already too difficult with toshinori. so he decides that hes attacking the air nomads next, where the next avatar would be born. but he cant attack them with toshinori still defending the air temples. so he makes a temporal alliance with some weird guys who claim to be able to take and give bending powers as they wish. they send their leader to fight toshinori, and meanwhile enji sets to attack the air temples.

izuku is eight years old, and he also can’t bend. hes really good at making plans tho. he has grown with his mum in the air temple all his life with his friends iida and ochako. ochako is really cool beacuse she can make things fly with her bending techniques, and iida prefers using air bending to reduce air resistance and go fast. iida’s dad builds machines while his mother is an air bender, he travels a lot with both their parents while his brother fights in toshinori’s side. his father sells some stuff for the fire nation, because he believes if he doesn’t, then someone else would, and it helps toshinori’s side to know exactly what is attacking them and have better equipment than what they have (much to enji’s annoyance they somehow seem to be always one step ahead) that’s how they know that the air nomads are to be attacked soon, by trading information with some militar that knows his wife is an air nomad but doesn’t know about his children. 

they return to their temple to warn people to flee. but there’s little time, not everyone can scape. present mic, an excellent bender, decides to stay and defend them while some attempt to scape. aizawa meanwhile arranges a plan to save the kids, as they know they are going for them thinking one of them is the avatar. shit goes terribly wrong and only few manage to scape without enji’s army noticing, among them, izuku and friends with aizawa’s help.   

on toshinori’s side of the story, hes battling afo. afo tries to take his bending away, and to his surprise there’s no bending to take away. this to toshinori’s advantage, knowing that hes the one who probably killed nana, he fights with all he can, and even though afo manages to fatally wound him, he defeats afo. (or so he thinks). by the time he knows the air temples have been attacked, is too late. but aizawa finds him and informs him that is quite possible that the next avatar is among
enji is so mad, because he didn’t find the avatar among the kids he took from the air temple, and even though with toshinori weakening hes managed to control part of the earth kingdom, there’s rumors of a kid that seems to be able to bend different elements being thaught by toshinori (being nana’s apprentice) 

everyone believes izuku is the avatar, and hes freaking out bc he knows hes not, but all might tells him that rn he gives people hope, and that has always been the avatar tasks, so for now there’s nothing wrong with pretending. and of course, the only ones that know hes not the actual avatar is todomama and kids. until one day enji is particularly mad and lashes at todomama, that is.  he attacks her with fire, and shouto gets in the way to protect her and directs the fire towards enji and himself (getting his scar). enji is now even more furious and lock up todomama for her betrayal to the fire kingdom by hiding the avatar. shouto is mad ofc, and so he decides to never use his fire bending again. enji is so mad, bc now he has an avatar that only bends water. the only reason shouto still trains his bending (starting earth) is bc enji still has power over todomama.

his siblings have already left, save for his older sis. she then receives a letter saying that todomama isnt under enjis control anymore, that shes been banished, along with what seems to be evidence. she then convinces shouto to scape and he does. shenanigans ensue from now on, he joins toshinori’s army and meets izuku “the avatar” while knowing hes not. it might be somehow ridiculous bc even izukus childhood friends like ochako believe him, and shouto never says anything about it. tododeku also ensues and shouto tells izuku the truth and izuku is so embarrassed bc he knew all long (even though izuku tried to impress him with his “bending” several times) but shouto finds it kinda cute. izuku “its your power” helps shouto understand that he needs his fire bending if hes to defeat endeavor, and shouto helps izuku deal with all the guilt he feels for lying to the entire world, assuring him that it was the right thing to do at the time.

i cant’ believe i constructed an atla au from my only previous idea that was “what if shouto is the avatar” when i have homework to deliver like, today. 

holy shit anon this alternate atla au is intense as hell ahhHH ((ty for taking time to construct it even when you were busy))

i like the idea of shouto helping the idea that izuku is the avatar by using his bending to make it seem like it was izuku who did it??? kinda like what conan does for mouri in detective conan, except both parties know whats up lmao. ppl come up with rumours that izuku only bends around shouto bc izuku wants to woo him,,, like, to show off to a love interest. tddk are super embarrassed, but they’ll take what they can get because they’re helpless and can’t think up any other reason.


So I just saw the new animated film Ballerina and I’m shook.

It’s a rated U, animated film for little kids so the only reason I went to see it was because of the dance aspect and for Maddie Ziegler and Dane DaHaan but I actually left the cinema quite emotional…

  • I cried
  • It made me cry 
  • Multiple times
  • wtf
  • the story and plot was actually really inspiring
  • as a ballerina myself i related a bit 
  • i think one reason i cried is cuz it made me realise why I’ve been dancing for the past 12 years and why I’m currently studying dance at college
  • it made me remember my love for dance
  • also kinda made me feel a bit shit cuz after 12 years of ballet i can’t lift my leg higher than 90 degrees and I’ve only recently started pointe
  • whilst Félicie could do all that stuff after like a week of training
  • some of it was inaccurate: 
  • Félicie wouldn’t go en pointe when she first learns to train that would be incredibly risky and harmful
  • plus she went en pointe in shoes other than pointe shoes
  • thats impressive 
  • but i ship her victor so much
  • i also loved the character development for maddie’s character
  • like you think she’s a horrible brat but it turns out her mother has raised her like it and Camille just wants some love very much like Draco Malfoy my poor lil slytherin
  • I really want to find out about Odette and the stage fire
  • was kinda hoping for a flashback 
  • the plot was very clearly inspired by Annie
  • there were a lot of parallels:
  • Félicie being an orphan
  • leaving the orphanage finding someone to live with who becomes parental figure
  • evil lady chasing her trying to kill her
  • even Félicie climbing up the ladder just like in Annie 
  • but the message of the film was beautiful
  • I really hope it inspires children to take up ballet 
  • and i hope it helps inspire ballerinas who lack motivation just like it did with me
  • overall an amazing film

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I'm just imagining McCree meeting Junkrat for the first time. Like Junkrat is supposed to be this crazy world renowned criminal, so of course you don't know what to expect for a guy like that. But when McCree meets him for the first time, Junkrat is just being goofy and smiley, and he looks right at McCree with that big toothy grin and McCree just melts. McCree would probably just play it off as being curious about the Australian arsonist like "who is this kid".

I imagine in all the scenarios where he joins overwatch (there are so many out there!!) that a lot of the other members already have an opinion on him and think of him as some crazy maniac and avoid him. But since McCree has had a rough past as well and knows people arent always as they seem, he lets Junkrat make his first impression on him and its just like… Oh shit hes kinda cute. How could this guy have caused mayhem across the world and do millions of dollars in property damage???? Because like I imagine the press makes him out to be some absolute maniac with no heart (and thats only halfway true). 

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hey soph!! I was hoping u could elaborate on aro Reyna cause the only reason I can think of rly is how she became praetor and everyone expected her to date Jason bc that's what praetors do so she kinda made herself believe she liked him even if she didn't necessarily. anyway pls and thank u have a great day!! <3

hello my love! I was totally thinking of doing one lol you read my mind. Also, I want everyone to know that I actually took my books out for this shit so be impressed

“But I think… I think you were sent here to make up for the loss of Jason.”– “We might have been,” Reyna said, “given time. Praetors work closely together. It’s common for them to become romantically involved. But Jason was only praetor for a few months before he disappeared.” p 181 SoN

For Reyna, her relationship with Jason is calculated. It’s a math equation and has nothing to do with actual feelings. Two people plus praetorship equals romantic relationship. It’s as simple as that. She sees them having feelings for each other as inevitable in the context of what they do at Camp and has absolutely nothing to do with their compatibility as people. This is a quote that really makes me think Reyna didn’t actually have feelings for Jason, but rather expected herself to gain feelings for him and also expected him to reciprocate those, so when he didn’t she took it as a personal failure and rejection. Also, see how easily she substitutes Percy for Jason in her thought process?? which leads me to this next quote: 

“She said that word like it could have several meanings, and he could pick which one.” p 182 SoN 

If she really cared about Jason, she wouldn’t so quickly flip to “oh, Percy we could get close like this too.” It’s not about Jason or Percy as people, but who they could be in relation to her and her life. Even when Percy isn’t totally sure about who Annabeth is, he says he has a gf because of how much he feels he cares about this phantom person in his memory but Reyna so easily replaces Jason with Percy that there is no way she cared about him as anything more than “this boy should be mine” type thing

“You say Jason is aboard… I hope that’s true. I’ve missed him.” p 512 SoN  
“The praetor Reyna straightened. With apparent reluctance, she turned toward Jason.” p 15 MoA

Ok so these quotes don’t have anything to do with Reyna being aromantic but highlight her emotional immaturity. She can tell Percy her feelings but not Jason, who they directly affect. She makes the lack of relationship Jason’s fault for not reciprocating what she expected him to sooner and then makes him feel guilty for being with Piper, but she’s completely unwilling to compromise and try to break the ice with him. Absolutely no consideration for the feelings of someone she claimed to care about in a serious way. 

“Annabeth could sense that Reyna wanted Jason to love her.” p 39, The Mark of Athena

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. She wanted him to love her, but no mention of her loving him. She wants someone to want her in that way, and when they don’t she is left to wonder what it is about her that they don’t want. But the truth is, she doesn’t love them either. These are simply relationships she has built up in her head because she thinks they are what is supposed to happen. The desire for romantic love is very different from being able to experience it and I think that’s a dichotomy that Reyna struggles with, as many aromantics can. If she joined the Legion and started hearing about how praetors always end up together only to then be elected to the position and then joined by a son of Jupiter who was courageous in battle and appears to have all these qualities she admires, then she would absolutely have expectations but they would have nothing to do with the reality of the situation. 

“You will not fine love where you wish or where you hope. No demigod shall heal your heart.” 

For me, this is the pinnacle of aromantic Reyna because I think her issues all stem from her traumatic childhood. Her heart is broken because she was a little kid left to be raised by her sister because her dad was so consumed with his own rage that he couldn’t bother to love his kids. Reyna’s dad broke her heart. It broke her heart when she “killed” his spirit, and it broke her heart when she had to leave home. Her heart started to heal when she was with Circe because she found a home where she was safe and could be with her sister and where she was taken care of. But then that was taken from her too and once again her heart broke for another home that was taken from her. Camp Jupiter became a safe place for her, a new home, and I think it was a pathway for healing but then she became praetor and she started focusing on taking care of camp rather than herself. 

All in all, I think it also really adds to her character’s depth because the challenge for Reyna would be maturing to the point where she could articulate her feelings. Reyna being able to get to the point where she apologizes to Jason for blaming him for her expectations not being met so that they could move on and become close friends would be awesome and important. Hopefully this all made sense. 

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I'm just kinda curious, why do you like the Gruedo so much? Because when I was a kid, I saw these clearly Arab women who were these badass warriors, and I was super excited that there women who looked like me in a video game, enough that I didn't even notice or care that they were heavily racialized caricatures? Every zelda game that's excluded them since has been disappointing, and if its true they're leaving them out because they were racist, that's just too bad :(

I just thought they were all super badass and I liked that their cool fort out in the desert and that the game talked about how they came into castle town to find “boyfriends” like it weren’t no thang and that they’ll respect you and let you hang out if you prove you’re comparably badass to them, and when the carpenter dudes are being shitty to them and leering and all that they’re just like “fuck you shitty dudes go to jail do not pass go to not collect 200 rupees.”

I almost never saw women who were just cool level-headed responsible people in things when I was a kid, they were almost always the hyperfeminine and annoyingly ineffective and powerless love interest, the super duper sexy sex sexpot femme fatale, or the trying-too-hard Sexism is Over action girl, so when it was just like “hey here are a bunch of ladies doing their own thing and they are cool and self sufficient and taking care of their own and they have this one beefy man that they dressed up in a leather catsuit and thigh high boots and send off to be their ambassador while they take care of shit back home” it blew my little ten year old mind. Same with Impa, I’ve loved her since I was a kid because the strong silent stoic beefy bodyguard type is always inevitably my favourite character in a cast and she was the first one I ever saw that was all those things and also a lady.

And I just like to speculate on the implications of a society that’s all women with one dude, like , everyone’s always just “well obviously the dude would be totally spoiled” and I’ve always thought like “Iiiiiiiii dunno, if he’s the odd one out even if he gets to be the king he kinda has to play by their rules…” Like, “king” doesn’t even necessarily have to mean the same thing to a society of nothing but women, he’s certainly not the only one with executive power, we see Nabooru and Aveil taking initiative and getting shit done. Like, Aveil basically identifies herself as second in command of things at the fortress behind Nabooru with the power to grant membership to outsiders. I kind of got the impression like they just let Ganondorf do his Ganondorf things and generally respected him but more or less just dressed him up in form-fitting impractical clothing and sent him out with a box lunch to talk to other kings like their mascot while they carried on business as usual and kept Gerudo society turning.