i only did season 1 5

Now that it's over and I stopped to think...

The episode wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t good enough either, because:

1. During the first hour, the focus was on sex/couple scenes and look Spoby wasn’t even a real couple.
3.Toby didn’t notice something was wrong it Spencer during sex, but because of the horse like ?????
4. A.D. wasn’t a character we saw in season one, which doesn’t make any sense
5. Bethany Young wasn’t really important at all
7. Alex loved Charlotte but wasn’t angry with Mona who KILLED HER.
8. Basically the whole show is about Peter Hastings infidelity and its consequences
9. Ezra or the N.A.T. Club could be so much better -As that I just can’t
10. Marlene didn’t even have to write a good ending, there were thousands of theories on this social network she could use.

  • Me @ 1 AM: I think I'm going to start this new show, seems interesting
  • Me @ 3 AM: This show is the best. I've already finished 5 seasons, scrolled through half of it's Tumblr tag, went through 20 of its popular ships, and read its entire Wikipedia
10 Podcasts I Love Described In One Sentance

1. My Favorite Murder - Two hilarious women talk about murder, among (a lot of) other things. (Non-Fiction, weekly ongoing)
2. The Strange Case Of The Starship Isis - What if Firefly, but everyone was queer? (Fiction, ongoing?)
3. Can I Pet Your Dog - A Dog Haver and A Dog Wanter talk about dogs, often to really cool people. (Non-Fiction, Weekly ongoing)
4. The Bright Sessions - Therapy for people with superpowers; what could go wrong? (Fiction, currently in the second season)
5. The Dollop - A dude who did research tells a dude who didn’t about history. (Non-Fiction, weekly)
6. Limetown - The best/creepiest/most amazing podcast about an entire town that disappeared. (Fiction, only 1 season, likely dead, but so well done it is worth a listen)
7. My Brother, My Brother, And Me - Good, good, goof boys give bad, bad, hilarious advice (Non-Fiction, weekly ongoing)(be warned the early stuff can be problematic, but honestly who wasn’t shittier 7 years ago?)
8. Welcome To Night Vale/Alice Isn’t Dead - Beautiful Gay Protagonist talks about the creepy shit that happens to them. (Fiction, WTNV weekly ongoing, AID in its second season)
9. How Did This Get Made - The best Bad Movie Podcast with amazing guests and Jason Mantzoukas who I’m not sure if I love or hate. (Non-Fiction, bi-weekly with minis in between) (It’s love)
10. The Adventure Zone - The most talented DM I have ever heard wrangles three family members while creating some of my fave gay characters. (Fiction-ish, bi-weekly)

Who am I kidding? I need you Jane-chan!!!

Much like Koala Princess’ vision in the Eucalyptus Jungle in Season 5, Episode 13 what you saw on the Boardwalk the other day was not what it seemed. I was only pretending to date Kiki to defend my family’s honor, just as the Kanga-ronin did in Season 1, Episode 3!

Please, come back to me! Without you, I’m like a Super Sentai Sugar Glider without a gliding membrane! I’m like the Walkabout Warrior without his talking digeridoo!

To quote Prince Joey in the Koala Princess OVA, Koala Krisis Down Under: “You’re a ridgey-didge sheila. And Bob’s your Uncle if I don’t think you’re ripper.” Which I think means you’re cool and I like you a lot.

Jeez, I hope you didn’t unfollow me.

Reactions to OUAT S6 Finale

1. “When Good and Evil both did the right thing, the Final Battle was won.”

Rumple and Emma were BOTH Saviors! They both needed to be in order to win the battle. I cannot express how much I loved this.

2. Rumple vs DarkImp/Clippy!Rumple

FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for this since season 5 (that one other time doesn’t count because Gold couldn’t see him and they weren’t in the same frame). I wish it was more involved, like the Regina / Evil Queen scenes, but I’ll take what I can get.

3. Baby Gideon

Originally posted by fairytaleasoldastime

This was the only way they could fix Rumbelle, honestly. I loved Giles in the finale, but this was beyond expected (plus, I had just said, “Wait, where did Gideon go?”).

4. Emma brought back the Happy Endings

All of them (see above). I’m happy nobody died (except Fiona, of course). This is quite possibly the best season-finale-that-could-have-been-a-series-finale that I’ve ever seen. They couldn’t have created a better contingency plan.

5. I’m excited for season 7

I loved the nostalgia, the new look on the old curse, and Adult Henry! I’m confused and intrigued by the scenes with Adult Henry and his daughter, both in the Enchanted Forest and in Boston (it was Boston, right? because parallels?). And I need to know who her mother is!

6. Mayor Fiona’s Demise

She reminded me so much of Cora more than Mayor Regina. Oh, but I’m so proud of Rumple for not trusting her. Also, her death was elegant and fitting. A nice parallel to Pan’s Underworld death. Did I mention I’m glad Rumple didn’t have to die again to save everyone? Oh, and did I mention how thrilled I am that Rumple killing the Black Fairy broke the curse??? He was a Savior after all! And he felt bad about killing her, which means (gasp!) he’s becoming a Hero!

7. Rumple got invited to the family dinner

Originally posted by midstorm

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see him there. And he looked so happy too! Also, the Last Supper set up was hilarious, but fitting for a show that’s been talking about Saviors for 6 seasons! I guess the Charmings finally got their Family Thanksgiving Dinner! Maybe it’s a new holiday celebrating the end of the Final Battle?

8. Beauty and the Beast

Originally posted by midstorm

So sweet and unexpected! (And Belle’s wearing her ring again!) I’d add a gif of their kiss if I could, but I can’t find one yet.

**Disclaimer** None of these points were in any particular order other than as they came to mind as I wrote. **

*SPOILERS* couple of things i have to say abt 2x11 in no particular order

1) Netflix u bitch did u just end the season on a cliffhanger
4) ahhh lila u rude ass bitch someone kill her pls
5) ha ha jonas they rlly got uuuu
6) is their cluster the only ones who actually fight back against BPO ?????
7) Wolfgang omfgggg I couldn’t watch that scene I was dying
8) DETECTIVE MUN: has it occurred to no one that suns brother could just send someone to kill him while he’s in the hospital????
10) love how supportive amanita is like????

Teen wolf 6A was not a good season!

Reasons include:
1) Stydia. Enough said already, but they are not the cute couple that is goals. Lydia in season 5 literally attempts to break out of Eichen house to save Malia, but then cries and does nothing all throughout season 6 and rolls her eyes when Malia attempts to remember Stiles, and don’t even get me started on season 6 Stiles and the lack of an apology from him to Malia, I mean that is so OOC. And all those scenes and relating back to that kiss in Season 3? What the hell? That could’ve killed him!
2) No Kira- Where the hell she at? She is a beautiful character, who would’ve fit in so nicely with the Ghost riders as surprise they use storms to get around. What do storms have? Thunder and lightning. What is Kira? A thunder kitsune. She would’ve been a great addition to the Series. Had it not been for the “Stydia is Teen wolf relationship goals we probably could of had an appearance(s)
3) Peter Hale & Theo Raeken- What did they have to do with the story. Absolutely nothing, but let’s add them anyway. What were they even there for? We got nothing from them and lost some potentially good storyline on them and this brings me to my fourth reason
4) The disrespect of Malia- I’m not going to lie, she is my absolute favourite character, however the disrespect that she was given. Not only does she have to go to summer school, they had to play that joke one last time at her expense, they made her relate to Peter. We all know that she is a Tate. Malia HALE is a not existent I don’t care how many people say that, you do not truly care about Malia if you want her to be a Hale and relate to Peter. And to add I swear to god if they add Maleo I will shank a bitch.
5) The loss of character development- In my opinion this is the worst point. Not only did Lydia go from a snake, popular cliche girl to a compassionate young women whom would do anything to her friend, where we left off in season 5 that she was interested In Parrish, and Stiles who went from unhealthily stalking Lydia to having a healthy relationship to Malia, break all their character development and go back to being Season 1 character. Look season 5 Lydia straight in the eyes and tell me that she would want to date Stiles. She wouldn’t because it’d hurt Malia. What happened to this? You can add to this if you want
To conclude season 6 of teen wolf really made me dislike certain aspects of the entire show. I don’t look at Stiles or Lydia as the same. To me Stiles is a fuckboy who used Malia when he wanted to be with Lydia and honestly Lydia isn’t as bad as she made the conscious decision not to be with him but what the fuck happened? Anyway I really hope teen wolf 6b changes some things *cough cough* Stydia* But it looks unlikely, all they seem to be interested in is boring us with Stydia and making us gag at those ugly kissing scenes. By the looks of it their trapping Malia in beacon hills and making her watch Stydia, much like how they’re trapping us with watching the last ten episodes and watch Stydia. I don’t hate Lydia or Stiles I just hate season 6 and the way that they abused all the characters. Jeff Davis fix your show for the last teen episodes

Look, I’ve been a fan of grey’s for a looong time. The reason I’ve come back for more each season- even after my favourite character was killed off after a season of sidelining, even after sandra oh left, was that I still cared about the story being told. 

I was ok with grey’s not being the same it was in its glory days (seasons 1-3) because even if the storytelling was flawed, it was there, and it managed to keep us interested. 

What grey’s anatomy managed to pull off after t.r.knight and katherine heigl left- those were two MAJOR characters- was incredible. Yeah, maybe it felt like a different show, maybe I the first seasons will always belong in a different place in our hearts, but it was still good. The show reinvented itself, time and time again. Even season nine, which everyone thought was soo bad at the time, managed to keep us enthralled- everyone who was gonna give up on the show because of slexie couldn’t, because damn it, Remember the Time killed us as a fandom and gave us New Life. The performances were strong as ever. 

But now I think grey’s has lost that ability of adapting to any adversity- it’s just on auto-pilot, creating unnecessary drama, pushing characters into corners and leaving them there…

I’ve never been against the love triangle trope in itself. When it’s done well, the payoff is huge. But Grey’s is playing a game of combinatory analysis of “who hasn’t done it yet”. And yeah, this show can write a love triangle right when it wants to (slexie and jackson, japril and stephanie) but right now it makes no sense

I’ve always thought that the beginning of the end of the great Grey’s Anatomy was when the writers came up with George x Izzie out of nowhere just to shake things up

I may be on the minority here, but I liked George x Callie. I think the writers didn’t even give them a chance; they were so set on creating drama for everybody. And for what? You make george cheat on his wife, who he did love, only to have him and izzie break up like 5 episodes later? It made. No. Sense. 

Then the whole Lexie x Alex x Mark triangle on season 6? In which Lexie told Alex she loved him and Mark had to hear it? For what?

The love triangle between meredith x riggs x maggie was annoying and dragged out. Still, it made more sense than maggie x japril because 1. meredith and riggs didn’t have a history 2.maggie and riggs actually had chemistry

right now they’re just pairing people off and on and there’s no explanation

I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually went through with Meredith x Alex just for the kick of going There

And what I’m most pissed about is that 13x24 paraleled the 9x24 moment where april realizes she loves jackson. I mean. If you want to ruin your show go ahead, but don’t undermine what it used to be. This was a sacred japril moment and you’re using it to provoke us. Fuck this. I’ve been reticent about japril ever since last season when jackson was the Worst™ and for a moment it looked like things were getting adjusted but april kepner deserves better

fuck everybody

This is not a golden globe winning show

Olicity and Fanboys!

@emmilynestill asked  me after 520 if I thought Felicitys apology was to appease the fanboys, so here is my take:

As I have mentioned before, I am an engineer, so ever since the age of 17, as a female in STEM, my life has been basically surrounded by males, engineers, trekkies, big bang geeks, and yes fanboys!  

I am also a mother of 4, 3 are scifi/comic book geeks! I guess it runs in the family; and in all honesty, they are much easier to deal with in real life.There is no drama, they are practical, they are into scientific concepts, we fan over the same ideas; and they are extra helpful to the females in the field.  I have been lucky not to experience misogyny from my class mates or co-workers of the same generation.  I can even say the same about my professors and most of my employers, they expected the same deliverables and there was equal pay!  

My point is what you see on reddit/twitter and youtube is not reflective of what you get in real life.  These guys would never repeat what they write on reddit in real life in the presence of real females.  Social media is where they huff and puff and let out their inner misogyny that they don’t dare practice in real life because they are smarter than that; because they know it’s wrong!

Do I think Felicity’s apology was to appease the fanboys?  

I must say that partly yes.

The fanboy reaction from the guys I know for last nights was this:

1. Felicity looked superhot, she should not wear her glasses and she should keep her hair down
2. Why is this happening only in the 20th episode when they have had a whole season to treat this?
3. And how did she go from this to Billy?
4. We need more stunts like that; and more toys (T-sphere)
5. Second set of T-spheres should not have worked either as long as the EMP was functional (some of the science of EMP was done wrong)
6. We never doubted that Olicity was endgame
7. Glad that Felicity apologized because the whole breakup was unnecessary drama and the apology signified that it’s over; and now they can have their Oliver back; because they did not like weak soppy Oliver!

The fanboys are not as in touch with the emotions of the situation; but they are smart enough to see the pattern that Felicity’s speeches does to Oliver; and they partly resent his dependence on her for good judgement.  They see it as weakness on his part and it partly displays the inferiority complex that they have with regards to females who are smarter than them in their own STEM field which Felicity represents; something they will deny till their death bed!

Going back to your question over whether the apology was to pacify fanboys? Yes partly!  

The other part comes from two things:

1. The fact that the 4.5 flashback was not planed, the writers may have left Olicity ambiguous knowing they will have to address it by 5.20, but you only use a flashback when you realise you can’t advance a plot without setting a bar for it. A bar you had previously dropped or omitted!  

They needed 4.5 to tell us that:

a) Felicity apologized for walking out in 4x15 and 4x16

b) They stayed broken up because she couldn’t come to terms with why he didn’t trust her

c) He didn’t explain why he didn’t trust her because he didn’t know why or was in denial of why he couldn’t trust her so he didn’t have an answer

d) she needed more time before they could talk again.. (that did not make sense) because where did Billy come from? How did we go from there to a closed door? That’s what happens when you rush a storyline, you leave big gaps, and you drop threads!

This is proof that 4.5 was an after-thought.  Because Hello where did Havenrock factor into this? She had not met Rory yet, and had not received absolution from his storyline.  Felicity was very happy in that 4.5 flashback, it seemed her only issue was that she didn’t want to settle for a part of Oliver, she wanted him wholly to be hers.

2. The way all of season 5 was planned; the whole waste of 5A on introducing the recruits took so much time from the original story line that by the time Oliver was confessing to Adrian that he liked to kill, and the revelation of 5x17; they had written themselves into a deep dark hole, that they needed Oliver to recover from fast in order to defeat Prometheus by the end of the season.

 I think they realized at some point (if I am to believe Marc that they don’t write for the ratings) that the only way to get Oliver out of his funk is for Felicity to give him that speech!  But how can they do it now, after what they have spent 18 episodes separating them? So they write 19 and 20 and the 4.5 flashback; to tell us that Felicity has always loved Oliver, and that her issue was that he didn’t trust her; and that now that he finally explained; she could forgive him; and give him that speech so they could move on to vanquishing Prometheus together.  

The writers needed a speedy recovery; hence the apology.  And although they fumbled the apology words; they sacrificed clarity for the immediate need to get Oliver and Felicity out of the hole so they could fight united and wrap up 19 episodes of misery. Her experience with Helix is not what changed her position; its his confession; its Oliver answering the 4.5 question of how its not about mistrusting her, its about mistrusting himself, that is what made her understand, forgive and regret judging him. In all fairness had he confessed in 4.16 it would have been resolved then; and she would have stayed. 

I have to point out that in their rush to finish this season; the writers sacrificed many things; and dropped many threads:

  • How did we go from I need time to dating Billy?
  • What happened to Felicity’s abdominal scars from 4x09?
  • What happened to her Havenrock PTSD that she should have still had by 4.5?
  • Where was this subconscious self mistrust in season 3? Because that Oliver was very confident when he went to rescue Malcom and make deals with Ras? Shouldn’t that have tainted most of his decisions and made him mistrust his own flawed judgement in season 1, 2 and 3?

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kinda long rant below

And I’m not gonna pretend like I didn’t know this episode was gonna be a let down because I really did. I wasn’t as angry about the last episode as others were but I will admit I was far from happy to find out that my father daughter relationship dreams were crushed.

The promo did make me feel like I could get over the j//ash//i mess if I could focus on the other aspects I liked like the action, atmosphere and characters.

Boy was I WRONG!

I sensed that 5 minutes in this isn’t gonna be as entertaining as I want it to be but JEEZ how does an episode manage to not only cram so much shit I don’t care about and also make me feel like 0 progress was made.

It really made me notice how fucking pointless Ashi is as a character and how disrespectful it is to turn her character into this goddamn problem for JACK to overcome and deal with. Maybe if Genndy didn’t spend an entire pointless episode making it feel like stupid fanfiction just so we could we could get a ship that most of the fanbase didn’t ask for them then damn maybe I could feel more emotional investment.

Also goddamn how fucking predictable was it. When Scaramouche said he bet his life of Jack missing his sword I knew he was gonna die but god I didn’t really think it would be so damn QUICK. And oh my god the minute Ashi showed up again in the second half I thought “something bad is gonna happen to her” and wHAAAAT DO YA KNOW.

Fuck Ashi apparently because Genndy clearly gave up on giving her a decent character arc and decided to make her Jack’s problem all over again except this time Ashi herself has nothing to overcome because she has the personality of a plank of wood.

And oh my god jack baby why did you fucking do that. I understand that Ashi was the only genuine love you had (minus that one girl you liked when you were like 8) but to doom humanity and drop your fucking SWORD AKA THE ONLY THING THAT COULD SAVE HUMANITY was such an unbelievably reckless and stupid move. For the first time I legit felt angry with Jack that he would do something so stupid and not sacrifice his wants for the greater good.

Whatever the last episode is next week and I’ll push myself to watch it because I still love seasons 1-4 and most of season 5 but god…. god….

INTERVIEW: Arrow EP Teases Deathstroke's Return, al Ghul Sibling Rivalry & More
Arrow EP Wendy Mericle addressed the return of Deathstroke, Malcolm Merlyn and Artemis' important finale roles, Oliver's legacy and more.

CBR: First, let’s get the topic that everyone’s talking about out of the way: how did Deathstroke’s big return come about?

Wendy Mericle: Well, he’s a big character on the show! I mean, obviously, Oliver’s had a long history. We always said we were going to be closing out the first five years and ending it with a bang, and ending it with Oliver looking back at his past, and there’s no real way to tell that story without Deathstroke being a part of it.

Deathstroke isn’t the only big Season 1 character to return. How does Yao Fei factor into Season 5?

Yao Fei, on the show, has always operated as Oliver’s conscience. It’s not going to be any different this time. He’s going to be there at a crucial moment for Oliver, where he’s going to make a very big decision about his future. Yao Fei knows him and understands him in the way he knew who he was when he was on the island when he was first moored there and couldn’t get off and was a lost castaway. I would definitely be thinking about, “Who was Oliver when he met Yao Fei?” and Yao Fei is going to be reminding him of that and reminding him of who he’s become at a very crucial point in the flashback story.

What can you tease about the sibling rivalry between the al Ghul sisters?

It’s rooted, as always with siblings, in the parents. The parents always mess it up for the kids! [laughs] And in this case, it definitely goes back to Ra’s al Ghul and how he treated them. We know a lot about his fight with Nyssa and what that was about, but what we don’t know is that he simply had a very similar attitude towards his older daughter as well. When Talia left and Nyssa was stuck basically in a giant castle with Ra’s, it did not sit well with her.

How well is Prometheus going to adapt to his new status quo?

I think he’s going to adapt as well as he’s adapted to everything. Chase is ten steps ahead, as always. I think he anticipated this move. He knew it was going to happen, and he doesn’t have any problem. He’s always one step ahead. He’s playing a game of chess and I think, for the first few episodes of the season, our team was — to some extent — playing checkers. I think the team is smarter than that now. They’re definitely up to speed. They know how to kind of get under his skin, and that outing won’t have no consequences for him, but it’ll be nothing that Chase can’t get past and manipulate to his own advantage.

In the Season 5 sizzle reel released last week, Felicity is right smack dab in the middle of the action. Is that something we can expect to see a lot of in these next few episodes?

Felicity in action is something we all love. The writers love it. We all love to see Emily [Bett Rickards] picking up a weapon and doing something badass. [laughs] I think she wears it really well, and I know the fans love to see it. She’s going to be in the action. We’re heading into the finale. Felicity is always at the center of everything, right along with Oliver. She’s definitely going to be in the middle of the fight, for sure.

Is that indicative of a new direction for this character?

She’s definitely heading towards new directions, especially with what we’re talking about very loosely in the writers’ room with Season 6. She’s going to be taking on some new roles. Whether or not those new roles lend themselves to guns and that sort of fighting, I can’t tell you, but she’s a badass in everything that she does, whether that involves a weapon or not… That’s how we see her, and that’s what we like to see her doing.

We’ve also got an Olicity episode coming up. Will we learn anything new about this relationship that perhaps we didn’t get to see in Season 4?

We’re very excited about this story. We wanted to tell it all year, and we finally found the perfect episode to do it in. We’re going to be telling the story of really what happened between the two of them. We left in them in such an ambiguous place at the end of Season 4 and, when we picked them up in Season 5, they were happen to be working together and not be together. We’re going to tell the story of how that came about, which is fun… We’re going to find out some information about that, and we’re also going to really see their relationship deepen a lot, and not in the romantic way. I mean it in the sense that Felicity is going to be going through something in [episode] 19 with Helix that is going to really allow her to see Oliver’s point of view with some clarity and with personal experience for the first time.

Will Team Arrow as we know it make it through the season finale in one piece?

That is a great question that will not be answered until Season 6.

Word on the street is that the show is moving away from flashbacks. Has there been any talk about how the series will fill this gap?

Here’s the thing. There’s so much story on the show, and it’s really exciting for the writers and for everyone on the creative side to be thinking, “Wow, we really have a lot more real estate to play with.” We always have so much story and we’re always pushing story. It’ll be great to have this extra space to play around in. That said, the flashbacks have worked so well on the show, they’re not going to be gone forever. We’re obviously not going to be going back to Lian Yu and we’re not going to be telling the story of the five years that Oliver was gone, but we might get some glimpses into the backstories of other characters, which would be really fun.

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen Malcolm Merlyn in “Arrow’s” present day, but we got a quick glimpse of him in that sizzle reel. Just how important will he be in the next few episodes?

He’s going to be a huge factor leading up to the finale. This season is all about legacy, and when Malcolm comes into the story, it’s really rooted as much by necessity from Oliver’s point of view as it is about what Malcolm means to him and what Malcolm means to Thea. It’s a great story, because it’s going to have a lot of action but it’s also going to have this kind of emotional undercurrent that is going to lead to a really big, huge series moment for him. I think it’s a great story to tell, and it’s great stuff for John [Barrowman] to play.

Would you say that, by the end of this season, Oliver will complete his emotional journey of finding himself and be at one with himself?

You know, I don’t know that anyone who has two identities is ever going to be fully a cohesive person, as this season explored. What I do think he is going to end with is this sense of peace about the last five years and what he put himself through. He’s going to go into Season 6 with this degree of experience and this level of wisdom that we’ve never seen him own before. I think he’s always had it, but he’s now at this place where he’s done enough good both as the mayor and as Green Arrow that he can speak from this place of confidence. He’s a little bit older, a little more mileage and a lot more experience. That’s a new role for him to play. That’s something we’re very excited to see him grow into.

Is there any redemption for Artemis in the eyes of Team Arrow?

I think it’s still a question mark. Honestly, I think the jury’s still out on her. Even in the finale, where she does play a pretty significant role, I think that the team is reluctant to give up on her. No matter how dark she goes, she was that innocent person that Oliver met in [Season] 4 [episode] 19 that has been through so much. I think it’s partly what Madison [McLaughlin] brings to the role that makes it hard to give up on her.

Kevin Williamson-Finale.

I kind of just want Kevin to do what he did in Dawson’s Creek with Joey/Pacey to Stefan/Elena. By the end of Dawson’s Creeks the Joey/Pacey relationship seemed to not exist and the two had moved on to pursue other relationships and loved others, besides 1-5 episodes throughout seasons 4-6 where it is mentioned that Joey/Pacey love/loved each other. We watch them try to rekindle their love for a few episodes for it only to fail, therefore setting Joey to realize her feelings for Dawson.

But then Kevin came back, wrote the finale, saved that ship and despite years passing it was as if Joey and Pacey had never been apart, it was so natural for them to be together.

Originally posted by dawsons-creeks

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 Those are the kind of ships that Kevin writes, ones where love is ever present regardless of the time that has passed, and that’s what the Stefan/Elena relationship is,a pure love which i personally believe will always exist between Stefan and Elena even if Plec won’t recognize. So regardless of the 0.01 percent chance that Stefan and Elena are endgame, I would believe it in an instant, because crazy or not that kind of love never dies and they never stopped loving each other.

Even though I know this won’t happen, especially since unlike Dawson’s Creek, Stelena is not the preferred ship like Joey and Pacey were. I can at least hope that Kevin pulls through and gives us some recognition of their everlasting love.

So as someone who has just joined the Samurai Jack fandom last week (when I binge-watched season 5 to see what all the hype is about) and I’ve just discovered the very popular ship Johnny Bravo x Samurai Jack…

Now as someone who spent their whole childhood in the UK with only 5 channels (and therefore only started to discover CN shows on the internet from when I was about 14), I had to do some searching to try and figure out why this was a thing. They’re in completely separate shows! How did this happen? But basically to cut a long story short…

Did this seriously only exist because of a 1 minute long CN short about them doing laundry???

SVU S18 Airing Order - Updated

(The original version is here. Updates are marked below in red. I believe this version is more accurate, and I’ve also included the more recent episodes*.)

From what I gather, this is the airing order of Season 18 of SVU so far:

1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 6, 12, 13, 9, 11, 8, 10, 15, 14

Here’s how I worked it out (yes, I said I wouldn’t dig any further, but the Barba reshuffle riled me up):

There you have it.

*I’m including the upcoming episodes in order of production, so we’ll be able to know if they’re shuffled around as well. Also, as always, feel free to correct me.

Season 1: Episode 5 Digging up Bones

Waverly: Why when I was little did you choose me to manipulate? Was it because I was gullible? Weak?

Bobo: Weak is something you’ve never been…I chose you because you were angry. You’ve got depths that neither of us know the bottom of it yet.

I honestly believe the goo only awakened Waverly’s anger. I think the Evil Waverly reveals itself when she has violent or angry thoughts, and at this moment  the Real Waverly is like high due to her new powers and that clearly makes her slightly emotionally detached?? That was the impression I got from the premiere at least. I think she’s aware of it, she thinks she can control it but really she can’t.

Clone Wars and Rebels character summaries Part 4:



2. Purple lightsaber, because fuck your gender norms.

3. Not fond of Problematic Fave.

4. Badass.

5. Sam Jackson.

6.Decapitated Bubba Feet’s daddy.

7. Kind of a jerkass but still cool.

8. Doesn’t have as many spotlight episodes as you’d expect him to.

9. One of three important black people in the whole galaxy.


1. Didn’t deserve to die the way he did.

2.Brought Bisexual Disaster to the Jedi Temple.

3. Is sort of an unofficial second mentor to her.

4. Genuinely cares about his clones and thinks of them as people, it’s so sweet I can’t.

5. Cinnamon role.

6. I think he’s in his 400s or something.

7. Wears oxygen mask and goggles all the time because his species can only breathe the atmosphere of their homeworld.

8. I guess the mask helps him survive in space for a limited time as well.


1. Seriously, she needs help. you’ll find out why in the season 5 finale.

2. Free her.

3. Not to be confused with Wicked Witch Of The Outer Rim.

4. Almost always has her hood up.

5. Even when she’s asleep.

6. Bisexual Disaster’s ex-girlfriend. I mean best friend. I mean girlfriend.

7. Trained by Green Jedi Mum.

8. So fucking stressed out.

9. Goes from 0 to 100 really quickly.

10. Got posessed by a creepy brainworm once. It was terrifying.


1. Trained Needs Help.

2. Friends with Sassmaster, Problematic Fave, and Bisexual Disaster.

3. Honestly tho she and Sassmaster are prolly friends with benefits.

4. “I don’t care” she says, caringly, as she cares deeply.

5. Verbally owned Boss Ass Bitch once. But then Boss Ass Bitch almost killed her, so I guess it wasn’t a good thing.


1. Sexy facial hair.

2. My husband.

3. Seriously I’m so gay for him hELP ME.

4. Stands up to General Douchenozzle.

5. Becomes a Conspiracy Theorist in Season 6. 

6. Tuns out he’s not very good at it tho. :/

7. Bookworm’s best friend.

8. Breaks things.


1. Follows the rules.

2. Good at board games.

3. Six Minus One’s bestie.

4. Survived an explosion that he was literally inches away from, talk about badass.

5. Has OCD probably.

6. Instinctively repeats every order, even tho he knows everyone else heard it too.

7. After getting blown up he gets captured and experimented on by Water Trombone, or whatever his name his.


1. Grumpy.

2. Uncle Plo’s second-in-command.

3. Hates Life-Sized Oscar Award.

4. Boss Ass Bitch cut his eye out.

5. Won’t admit it, but Uncle Plo is totally a father figure to him.


1. The Ambiguously Gay Duo!

2. Comic relief.

3. Basically the Skywalker family pets.

4. Those 2 episodes from season 4, those were so weird but so hilarious, God.

5. Somehow everyone understands Sentient Trash Can even tho he speak in beeping sounds.

6. Life-Sized Oscar Award is such a fucking whiner, Jesus Christ.

Doing a series of drawings and compiling them in one picture is so fun to do~ I enjoyed this theme I thought of. I know it’s not really original but hey, at least it’s something!

You can check the enlarge version of the pics here:

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Sherlock seasons 1-3: sentence starters

1. “How can it only be 2:00? I’m in agony.” 

2. “Don’t be smart, _____. I’m the smart one.” 

3. “How’s the diet?” 

4. “I don’t have friends.” 

5. “_____ could just phone me, if he didn’t have that bloody stupid power complex.” 

6. “This investigation might move a bit quicker if you were to take my word as gospel.” 

7. “Did he offer you money to spy on me?” 

8. “Don’t talk out loud. You lower the I.Q. of the whole street.” 

9. “I always hear ‘punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking, but it’s usually subtext.” 

10. “Bored.” 

11. “We can’t giggle at a crime scene. Stop it.” 

12. “You want to remember, ______, I was a soldier. I killed people.”

13. “Okay, I learned it on Youtube.” 

14. “And exactly how many times did he fall out the window?” 

15. “I dislike being outnumbered. It makes for too much stupid in the room.” 

16. “I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them.” 

17. “I’m in shock. Look, I’ve got a blanket!” 

18. “I’ve always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage. Thank you for the final proof.” 

19. “Are these human eyeballs?” 

20. “Did we just break into a military base to investigate a rabbit?” 

21. “A dragonslayer. Is that what you think of me?”

22. “Did I just text a murderer?” 

23. “As a mental exercise, I’ve often planned the murder of friends and colleagues.” 

24. “Battle stations. Someone is going to die.” 

25. “I’m not ____. I can tell when you’re fibbing.” 

26. “People like _____ should be killed. That’s why there are people like me.” 

27. “One word, _____, that’s all I would have needed! Just one word to let me know that you were alive!” 

28. “Try not to start a war while I’m away. You know what it does to the traffic.” 

29. “You don’t seem very afraid.” 

30. “You don’t seem very frightening.” 

31. “Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.”  

32. “Is it nice not being me? It must be so relaxing.” 

33. “When I say ‘run’, run.” 

34. “Just once could you ___ behave like grown-ups?” 

35. “Oh, the wall had it coming.” 


Season 5, Episode 1 “B.S.O.D.”

If you can hear this, you’re alone. The only thing left of us is the sound of my voice. I don’t know if any of us made it. Did we win? Did we lose? I don’t know. I’m not even sure I know what victory would mean anymore. And either way, it’s over. So let me tell you who we were. Let me tell you who you are. And how we fought back.

What are you afraid of Aria?

I’ve been re-watching episodes BACKWARDS for clues, and I found something VERY INTERESTING about how I have perceived the show when watching it forwards. It sounds confusing but let me try and explain. ****WHILE READING THIS KEEP IN MIND WHAT SPENCER SAID****

 As the seasons progress (forwards 1-5) we can tell that A becomes more harsh, more “ballsy” and pretty much just WORSE towards the liars. Lies become bigger, and yet A has been one step ahead the whole time. A started out being in charge and calling all the shots, but as the liars grew up they grew smarter- well lets not go too far, more smart than they were in Season 1- and they become less afraid. When I say liars, I should clarify: Emily, Hannah, and Spencer become more smart and more angry than scared, ARIA did the opposite. She got turned inside out, if you will. 

Watching backwards, Aria- if we don’t have the A label on her- has grown into a strong level-headed person who likes a certain Fitz and who is involved with her family. Watching FORWARDS, the way the show is written and intended to be watched- WE SEE HER COME UNDONE. Literally throughout the seasons (in order), she has become unrecognizable. Question is, why would she be becoming MORE afraid? I believe we as (ARIA IS A) believers have known all along. 

The three Liars(Em, Han, and Spence), four if we include Ali, have been inching closer and closer to A’s identity since the show started, and if they haven’t always known, we as theorists have always figured it out for them. A is starting to sweat. Just in time for a Big A reveal don’t ya think? I have mentioned in a theory before, that A might be thinking of a way to GO OUT WITH A BANG. Let’s be honest, the whole Doll-House round up could’ve happened in Season 3 where it would fit the best, seeing as though that is where the most dolls came into play, SO WHY WOULD WE COME BACK TO THE DOLLS NOW? Only one reason, A wants to end her gAme on her terms. 

This would explain Aria coming UNDONE throughout the seasons, instead of becoming ACTIVE in solving A-ness, like the other liars. She played along pretty well in Season 1 because she thought she had it all under control.

 In season 2, her storyline is basically about her and Ezra. She seems pretty OKAY- or at least the happiest of the liars-in that season unless it had something to do with him. Towards the end of Season 2 we can see her being inwardly stressed about something (I think it is because the liars get closer to A and she had to make a plan, but I will explain that below.) Other than that, its been a nice season for her. Ezra came back in the end, all is good in la la lAnd. 

And where do we really see her start to shift into this new Aria? In season 3 it becomes WAY OBVIOUS. This the season we see her mental stability in question, she gets physically sick and looks terrible in a few episodes(which I think is more symbolic obvi), and she and Ezra start having some problems(did they ever recover from this season, I mean a broken hymen- does not a broken heart mend(Ezria sex)), really it is breakdown season for this girl in all aspects.

+MINI THEORY ALERT***||||||Aria loosing it in season 3 is VERY significant because Mona isn’t her right hand man anymore, because she is locked up in Radley. As I have theorized before, I have said that Mona wasn’t happy about having to reveal herself, and asking Spencer to join. She was upset with Big A’s plan. She wasn’t in the spotlight anymore, she was in Radley now. Missing all the juicy stuff. It makes since why she started acting specifically weird around Aria in season 3. It explains why Mona said someone STOLE the game from her. Basically, someone took it without asking, they TOLD her it was over. It also makes since why Mona tried to buddy up with Aria when she got out of Radley, and eventually why she called Aria with exciting news of the proof that “Ali is A”. She was promised a head position again, if she did what was asked of her: faking her death, proving Ali was A. She was trying to get her spot back. This is why it seems that things are getting harder for Aria. New A-team members are messing stuff up (Lucas.) No one can do it like Mona did.||||||

THIS BEHAVIOR AMPLIFIES THROUGHOUT SEASONS 4 and 5 AS YOU ALREADY KNOW. SHE GETS EVEN CRAZIER, if thats possible. I don’t even have to post pictures about those seasons. Oi vey. 

We know Aria is ANYTHING but dumb, and yet lately (seasons 3-5) she has only been helpful or active-in trying to piece stuff together- when, 1- it involves her family and 2- if their “discovery” turns out to be an A trick. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES IN ROSEWOOD. 

Unanswered questions about Aria: We literally saw her kill someone and A has done nothing about that? She wasn’t worried about college because she was worried about Ezra, then she couldn’t get in, then she got herself in, and now she isn’t worried about Ezra (not literally- she obvi still loves him- but now he is on the back burner) and she is all worried about college and moving on? The few times something DOES happen to her, it can be explained/proved that A wasn’t the culprit? She hasn’t even mentioned her family lately, except when she wanted to know what Mike knew, and that he was safe, and now that “he is”, he isn’t “on her mind”? (Yes, she did say something to Andrew but HE brought Mike up)
These questions shine some light. They aren’t all the questions, just a few.

I encourage you to go and watch the seasons backwards. You pick up on stuff, and maybe keep an eye out for little miss AriA. 

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