i only cried a little i swear

Break My Heart [Alexander H. x Reader]

Summary: You were not as clueless as he thought, and you made sure he knew that.

Word Count: 765

Warning/s: Strong language, and reader is a female here ((sorry,,, i know it’s usually a ‘their’ or ‘they’))

A/N: So I haven’t really posted anything in a while and I’m really guilty and sorry?? But hey!! I’m working on a pretty long fic, so you might want to watch out for that (if u wanna get tagged when I post it, u should tell me)!! Anyway, this song is ‘Break My Heart’ by Hey Violet and can be found here!

Enjoy this eeny weeny drabble and feel free to give criticism, comments, reactions, anything really!! See ya!!

Tags: @finemeepppp ((woo,, good luck awardee!!))

Tell me you’ve never loved me
Tell me that it wasn’t real
Just say you’ve found somebody else
I wanna know the way it feels

You freeze at the sight in front of you.

Hands shaking in confusion and hurt, you wanted to turn away. You wanted to scream at them, cry until your eyes bled. You felt rage within yourself, but most of all, you felt a stinging pain in your chest.

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The Trophy Wife (5)

Summary:  Bucky is going through a rough time in his life after his Winter Soldier days when a stranger shows up at his doorstep asking for his help. What’s he gonna do?

Warning: a little angsty, sexual tensions

Word count: 3, 269

A/N: I’m so sorry for this super late update :( I’ve been busy and i got distracted away from tumblr and writing all together. This part isn’t as long as i hoped it would be but i wanted to post something for y’all. It’s 6 in the morning and I’m nearly about to fall asleep on my laptop editing this story. Hope y’all are still following it and again I’m very sorry for taking so long with this part.

  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4

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Baby Steps [Chanyeol]

ADMIN NOTE: “Baby Steps” is a series of one shots that were created by admin L and I on our previous tumblr account. We’re just reposting them on here because we’re getting rid of our old account lol

cred. to admin k

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

genre: protective fluffy daddy chanyeol aw

word count: 2433

pairing: chanyeol & reader

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Just a little bruised

My first imagine!!! Please give me feedback and send in requests for new imagines!! 

Warnings: none, just fluff, a tiny bit of blood

P.S- please enjoy!! also my formatting got a bit messed up when I pasted in my story from a doc.

        Ring. Ring. Ring. I fidgeted my fingers as the phone rang.

“Hi, it’s Bucky, I’m busy right now but leave a message and…” I sighed and hung up the phone. It was the fourth time in the last 45 minutes I had heard the message. Bucky was away on a mission with the rest of the team and was injured during a battle with Hydra. Obviously, I rushed to the hospital to check on him but the doctors wouldn’t let me see him. I stayed until the nurses kicked me out due to visiting hours ending. I paced around the tower, decided to call him again. Yet again, there was no answer. I groaned as I entered the kitchen. I put my phone on the counter along with my elbows and stuff my face into my hands. My anxiety was getting the worst of me as I feared for my boyfriend’s health.

“So, that jerk still isn’t answering? Eh, doesn’t matter, you are too good for him anyway.” a voice casually said from behind me. I lifted my head up and spun around to find an exhausted looking Bucky Barnes standing in the doorway. His long black hair was messy and hanging in his face. Right above his left eyebrow, was dried blood and a gash closed by stitches. The bags under his eyes were a clear sign of exhaustion. A cut was scabbing on his chin.   

“Oh thank God! Are you okay? What hurts? Oh! You had me so worried!” I exclaimed, hurrying over to him and wrapping my arms around him tightly. He groaned and winced in pain at my grip and he softly wrapped his arms around me waist. “I’m so sorry! What hurts? What did the doctors say? They wouldn’t let me see you. Here, sit.” I rambled, pulling a kitchen stool out from it’s place at the island.

“I’m fine, it’s all okay doll. I am just a bit sore, nothing super serious. Relax, everything is all okay.” he soothed, pulling me back into his embrace. He rested his human hand on my hip while he ran his metal one up and down my back. I hugged him softly for a moment then pulled away from his comforting clutch.

“Okay but please sit down. You’ve had a rough day and need to rest.” I insisted. He nodded and limped his way over to the stool I pulled out. “What’s wrong with your leg?” I asked, noticing his painful limp.

“Just a bit sore and a little stiff. I’m fine, I promise.” Bucky told me yet again, not accepting the fact that he’s hurt. He reached out and grabbed me by the waist, guiding me to stand in between his legs. “I missed you.” he whispered, pressing a kiss to my forehead. I closed my eyes and relaxed my tensed position.

“I missed you too James. What happened out there? You scared the crap out of me” I asked, softly. He chuckled at the last part of my sentence.

“Sorry babe. I didn’t mean to scare you. It was a normal Hydra battle and I had six different guys after me all at once. It was a hard fight but I broke free and beat them all. Then, out of nowhere an another agent comes and attacks me from behind. Steve found me 10 minutes later all battered and bruised. A couple stitches later and I was fine but the hospital wanted to keep me overnight. “ he explained, telling me the story of his battle.

“Wait, if the hospital wanted to keep you overnight, why the hell are you here!” I yelled, becoming alarmed and losing my brief relaxation.

“I checked myself out. They said I could go home if I really wanted to but they would have preferred if I stayed. I just knew you were probably here being a worry-wart and had to come see you.” Bucky elaborated. The continuation calmed my nerves slightly but I still worried about his health.

“Buck, are you sure you are okay? Like serious, no more mister tough guy. It’s okay to be hurt just make sure to take your health seriously.” I told him gently, brushing a piece of hair out of is face. He nuzzled his face against my hand.

“I’m okay doll, I promise you. I’m just a little beat up and bruised. Other than that, I’m only a bit sore. I swear.”  Bucky promised, taking my hands in his.

“I’m trusting you James.” I agreed, caving into his answer.

“That’s all I’m asking of you babe.” he spoke, looking into my eyes. I smiled at him and he pulled me even closer. “Now, give me a kiss! I have been home for like an hour now and still haven’t gotten a single kiss! This has to be against the law!” Bucky cried out, obviously being overdramatic. I laughed at his goofiness. “Are you just gonna stand there and laugh? Kiss me women!” he yelled. I laughed once more before draping my arms around his neck.

“Hmmm. Should I? I don’t know if I should.” I joked.

“I think you should. I mean, when else will you get a chance to kiss such a dashingly handsome man again?” Bucky asked, raising his eyebrows at me.

“Oh shut up and kiss me you big goof.” I laughed. He smiled, laying his hands on my hips.  I stood up on my tiptoes and he tilted his head upwards to meet me halfway. The kiss was soft and sweet. Bucky was gentle and tasted like spearmint. His lips moved in sync with mine as he gripped my hips tighter. I pulled him closer and began to climb up onto his lap. Bucky dugged me onto his lap. My hands tangled in his hair. After a solid two minutes, we broke away. We pressed our foreheads together. My cheeks were flushed while Bucky’s mouth was slightly agape.  

“Damn. That was so worth it.” Bucky panted. I giggled at his reaction.

“I’d hope so.” I smiled.

“God, I love you babe.” he sighed with a grin.

“I love you too James.”

“ I noticed you tend to call me by my real name when you’re being serious.” he noted.

“I feel it gets my point across better.” I shrugged. 

“Well, it works.” he nodded.

      “Noted. Now, let’s get you some sleep. You’ve had a long and it’s getting late. You need to rest.” I suggested, sliding off his lap and taking his hand.                “Amen to that.” he yawned, standing up from his stool and coming up next to me. Hand in hand, we made our way out of the kitchen and down the hallway as we made our way to the bedroom.   

Give Into It

Give Into It- Leto!Joker x Reader

Warnings- Violence, Murder, It’s graphic.

Summary-  Y/N has been slowly going insane about finding the man who murdered her family. When the Joker, her lover, finds the man she tries to fight the rage and insanity consuming her.

Screams echoed down the hall of the loft. Loud. Tortured. A bang joined in and more screams followed.

“J! J, you gotta listen to me-!” a beaten, bloody man pleads as he lays across the cold hardwood floor. His begging only makes the Clown laugh out like a maniac.

“You hurt my doll” J says shaking his head, bat now in hand instead of the gun that he held moments before when he fired into the mans leg.

“I didn’t! I swear to you!” the man cries.

“Now, now, we don’t need to lie” the Joker replies.

“B-But I’m not lying”

The door then opens revealing Frost walking in with you following. Your hair a little disheveled. The dark circles giving hint of your many sleepless nights. Eyes bloodshot from crying too much.

A Week Earlier

The snow was falling gently around you. Lights of the city illuminating the street your mother and younger sister lived on. You had been coming home after a night out with the King Of Gotham. You climbed the stairs to the door of the building and entered, heading to the elevator, once you were about to hit the button to go up the doors slid open and a man emerged from the elevator. His green eyes wild with panic, his hands were stuffed into his pockets and he rushed to the door. You raised your eyebrow in confusion but sorta shrugged it off and entered the elevator, hitting the button of the 7th floor. The doors slid shut and suddenly a feeling of concern filled the air. You rubbed your hands together and blew warm air to them. Even with your grey gloves on your hands you were still quite cold. The elevator gets to your floor and you exit and go straight to your family’s apartment. There is an eerie silence in the hall and once you open the door you’re greeted with the apartment being an absolute wreck. Your eyes widen and you pull out your phone and walk in slowly, the light is off which gives you a stronger sense of fear and you go through the rooms, you push your mother’s bedroom door open and see the comforter stained with blood and it dripping off the end. Your mother’s body lying on the bed, you freeze. Tears welling up in your eyes.

“M-Mommy-” You choke out, your voice breaking. You go over to her and look at her still face. You whimper and cover your mouth, looking around and rushing to your sister’s room, the door is slightly open, you push it open and freeze, falling to the floor letting out a sob as she lays there, lifeless, a clear stab wound in her chest, you squeeze your eyes shut letting the tears escape.


J looks in your direction, a small smirk on his face, he makes his way over to you, wrapping his arms around you from behind and placing a kiss to your cheek, he looks at the man. Your E/C eyes locked on him. The look of pain and disgust you gave him was petrifying. The man uses the table next to him to help himself get up and leans against it, his breathing off and grunting from the pain, his leg oozing with blood. You get free of your lover’s arms and punch the man straight in the face. He yelps out and falls back to the floor, his green eyes looking up at you in fear. The same green eyes you saw the week before. You kick him in the gut  and grab him by the collar, eyes wild. You’re staring, breathing heavy. Then a cold metal is placed in your hand gently, You look to your side and see J looking at you with those bright blue eyes. You look down and see the gold and purple gun in your small hands.

“Do it” J whispers into your ear. You never had killed anyone so you were pretty scared. You look back up to the madman and to the coward on the ground.

“I-I can’t-” you choke out. Suddenly J’s hand wraps around your neck and gently chokes you.

“But you wanted this. So very bad…He killed your family baby. He killed them and ran back to the gutter like the rat he is…Give into it…let the madness that’s been running through your mind go” he growls into your ear as you gaze at the man in front of you, tears on your cheeks and brimming your eyes. You feel J let go and get up, backing away. You can feel the smirk on his face growing. You look down to the gun, the man’s eyes on you. He lets out a chuckle.

“Can’t do it” he mumbles in which you look and in a quick move press the gun to his forehead. “You upset cause I killed your mommy little baby?” a sudden confidence growing in him now that it was you instead of Joker dealing with him. Your eyes water more and more, and you feel your hands shaking.

“Bang” you whisper and pull the trigger once. “Bang” you say louder, another shot. “Bang!” you scream and another shot echos. The man now dead. You look to him and let go of his collar, letting his body drop down. Blood staining your clothes, splatters on your face and surely in your hair. You curl up on the floor, gun in both hands and grip it tightly, the side of it on your forehead. You begin to rock back and forth. Eyes all on you. You let out a loud scream of anger. Arm wrap around your small figure and lift you up. J stands there, holding you and Frost takes the gun from your hands. You rest your head to your lovers shoulder and hold onto him.

“Daddy’s proud of you, baby” He says pressing a kiss to your forehead, entering the bedroom and closing the door behind him.


so i was on 4chan the other day to discuss Steven universe with many other anonymous posters and well one brought up a good idea for an ending, but i had no idea it was going to go that rout… please note that the only posts i made were the first post, the one with the picture of Greg’s van, and the one about the statue. Its amazing what we as people can do together. i swear someone posted the extended outro of love like you, and i almost cried. t made it worse by thinking that instead of Rose just singing it would be a duet with Rose and Greg

Phew okay! This’ll be the beggining of a RyuKetsu AU, if I can keep up. If you have’t finished KLK please block the tags spoilers and RyuKetsu AU. (if you can, I don’t really know I’m still a noob.. ;v;) Anyways, there are SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT!  ;v;

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Behold! Special Japanese Splatfest picture, starring Tetrox and Arnick!

There were many jokes I could have done with the Squid vs Octopus (as in food) and I swear I was going to do an immature joke like I do with EU splatfests but then I wanted to draw them in the chef outfits and then it turned into… this. Well, it’s October so little creepy stuff is only fitting.

pokemon memes/jokes compilation

(your totally free to add the one’s I missed)

  • gotta catch ‘em all
  • Top percentage rattata
  • rattatatatatat
  • I like shorts. They’re comfy and easy to wear!
  • I wanna be the very best
  • Prepare for trouble. And make it double!
  • There’s a time and place for everything
  • Prof. Oak 
  • Smell ya later
  • A Wild ____ appeared!
  • It was super effective!
  • ____ hit itself in confusion
  • Twitch Plays Pokemon
  • All Hail Lord Helix
  • i herd u liek mudkipz
  • Who’s that pokemon?
  • So your rival’s name is (enter swear word here)?
  • 7.8/10 too much water
  • Magikarp
  • Zubat
  • Bidoof
  • When people tried to guess what the Unova starters were based off their silhouttes…it got a little weird
  • Hihihiroshi
  • Colress is internet explorer
  • However I Disagree
  • the entirety of the ORAS DEMO
    • Steven: I can show you the worrlllddd
  • Audino
  • Prof. Sycamore 
  • It’s been 3000 years


  • espurr
  • the new tabitha
  • i beat mystery dungeon and only cried for 20 minutes
    • one does not simply cry for 20 minutes
  • the trashy man
    • aka: all of Vietnamese crystal
  • onion fairy
  • hoenn trumpets
  • be strong clarence, be strong for mother
    • and pokemon fusions in general
Shit you'll most likely hear the signs say
  • Aries: fight me you little bitch
  • Taurus: shut up i can't eat with you talking
  • Gemini: omg i only got like 20 messages today
  • Cancer: i cry when i'm angry ok *cries*
  • Leo: i swear to god if you touch my hair one more time i'll kill you
  • Virgo: hello, please disinfect your hands
  • Libra: guys calm down it's alri-SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME MOTHERFUCKER I DARE YOU
  • Scorpio: i want to strip so bad right now
  • Sagittarius: come on, live a little
  • Capricorn: i hate the system and i hate you all
  • Aquarius: i can't help it that people don't understand me
  • Pisces: what do you mean you don't believe in horoscopes wtf

This loneliness
This thick black cloud unclearing
For years I have been alone after the last time I burned through someone

Here is a hammer
Rebuild from it if you can figure out how
To make a home out of yourself

I only love with a great fire
As though I was a spark that sprang from black when the earth began

I swear
This heart is too full to be so dammed vacant
This heart
This keeps beating
This pressure rising
This love
This thing nobody can stand to touch for very long
This thing nobody can understand

Do you want a simple lover?
One who will be a little less intense?
A little less centre and more skin?

I cried once when somebody put their hand on my back because
It had been so long
Since anyone had touched me

I am the lover who will weep
Just to be in your arms

The rain will come and afterward
The sky will be clear again
And bright
And life will grow here
I want you to understand

Why the earth was born



Play Practice - Part 1


The thing is, Camila isn’t surprised, because she’s a fast learner. And what she’s learned so far is that Lauren is, in fact, a great actress.

Whether she’s pretending to like Camila or pretending to be straight, she’s not sure yet. Camila just knows that she’s pretending. It’s all an act. It has to be.

Rehearsals for the next show haven’t even started yet, but it feels like they’re already in play practice.

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I SWEAR. THIS IS THE DARN SILLIEST CUTE THING. Cape Chara’s everywhere! Your pixel animations are always so great omg XD I love how you draw Chara! Your art is so cute! Such a cute little gif! Thank you so very much!! <3

* Tem!Frisk leads you into a room to a candle lit dinner. You’re given a seat and a menu… There’s only love on it! Weird!

just some things i love about tobin powell heath(:

1. her smile
2. her skin
3. her arms
4. her legs
5. her insane ball skills (nutmeg queeeeen)
6. her chillness
7. her hair omf I want to stroke it
8. her voice
9. her laugh
10. her perspective on life and her faith
11. her dorkiness
12. how she is very bad at social media (but she’s getting better u go young toby u go)
13. her eyes
14. her sometimes-interesting fashion sense
15. the fact that she never draws attention to herself because she just doesn’t give any fucks
16. when she wears snapbacks
17. her cry (ok when she cries it makes me cry but cmon she’s adorable AT ALL TIMES)
18. her jaWLINE
19. how she loves traveling
20. how she never wears shoes
21. her friendship with alex
22. how she acts like a little kid sometimes (actually all the time jfc toby please NEVER GROW UP)
23. her friendship with cheney & arod
24. the little wrinkles on her forehead and next to her eyes (am i the only one who notices)
25. how she’s such a badass and amazing at everything she does but she’s still not a regular household name like alex/Abby/Carli (y'all just wait i swear tobin will take over)

pls add onto this if ya want to

Nate Maloley Imagine - In A Heartbeat.

Anon Request: Can you do an imagine where Y/N and Nate have a 2 month old daughter named Fallon and they are fighting because Nate said something about how he would go back to not being a dad in a second because he wants to be a normal teen when he was on the phone with Sam and Y/N heard it so after the fight she leaves with Fallon to see what he would do but after a few days he gets really hurt and upset and then Fallon and Y/N come home and then the ending is really cute?

I changed it a bit but hopefully you still like it😁

Contains swear words (cuss/curse words) and a frustrating Nate Maloley.

– (Nate’s POV) –

The cries never stopped, the screams never ended, I felt trapped. For the first time in my life, I feel trapped like a bird in a small cage. My cage was my home and my baby girl was the little kids poking me through the gaps of the cage, it gets annoying and unbearable after a while.

It’s only been 2 months, but 2 months with a baby is like a year. Maybe even more.

“Man I just can’t do it anymore, Fallon will be the death of me.” I sigh, ignoring the cries from my 2 month old daughter.

Y/N left a few hours ago to go shopping, leaving me with the devil child who won’t stop screaming. I’ve fed her, burped her, put her pacifier in her mouth, gave her a bottle of milk and even changed her diaper seconds ago…nothing will make her quit crying. Being in my arms or watching the mobile lullaby above her crib, nothing.

“Nate, bro, it’s only been 2 months-”

“The toughest 2 months of my life, I’d take my old life back in a heartbeat.” I say, I faintly hear a door shut but I ignore it through Fallon’s cries and continue sitting in the living room with my head in my hands.

“You don’t mean that Skate.” Sam snaps, I sigh. Fallon’s cries still ring in my ears, creating a tornado in my head.

“You’re right, I don’t, but it’s so hard Sam.”

“You’re fucking Nate Maloley, you can get though anything. If you don’t, I’ll beat your ass.”

– (Y/N’s POV) –

I can’t stop the tears as I pack mine and Fallon’s bag to stay overnight at my brother’s house. “Fucking asshole, fucking ungrateful jerk..” I continue to rant under my breath.

What he said was over the limit, I couldn’t take that. I pick up the two bags full of clothes and Fallon’s diaper bag before heading to her room and calming her down.

I cradle her in my arms, shushing her and patting her back until she stopped crying. Poor baby, that’s all Nate had to do, does he seriously hate his life so much that he can’t even spare a few minutes to see to his daughter?

I put her in her crib again and carry the bags downstairs to my car, ignoring Nate in the living room watching the game. He said a heartbeat right? As soon as I have my baby and the door is closed, there is his heartbeat.

Walking back into the house, I see Nate still hasn’t acknowledge the fact that I’m home or that I’m leaving. Asshole.

I take Fallon down to the car and buckle her into her car seat, I’ve never drove with her in the car, it’s always been Nate driving so this on top of how much my heart is hurting isn’t a good thing.

– (Nate’s POV) –

I’ve called Y/N a thousand times, so it seems, and not once has she answered me. Fallon magically stopped crying a while ago, thank the Lord above. But now I’m really worried, Y/N said she wouldn’t be that long..it’s been 5 hours since the time she said she’d be home by. The house phone rings and I answer after pausing the movie I’m watching.


“Nate,” Y/N’s older brother answers. “What’s going on with you and Y/N?” He asks, I furrow my eyebrows

“Nothing, why? She hasn’t come home yet, she’s shopping.” I reply.

“That’s because she’s with me, what the fuck have you done? She won’t talk to me.” He angrily sighs, I stand up immediately.

“What do you mean she’s with you?” I ask, running upstairs to collect my shoes.

“She’s here with Fallon and some bags, I take it you guys had an argument?” He asks.

“What the fuck? No. We were fine when she left to go grocery shopping this morning, I’ve been calling her for ages.”

“Yeah she uh, threw her phone out of the window when you kept calling. Come speak to her because she’s not talking to me.” He says, I sigh and hang up without a goodbye.

– (Y/N’s POV) –

“What are you-”

I shush Nate immediately, nodding my head to Fallon asleep in my arms. I lay her down on the bed and put a pillow either side of her so she can’t roll off the the bed before standing up and pushing Nate out of the room, dragging him down to the back garden.

“Why are you here? What’s wrong?”
He asks as soon as the fresh air hits us, the sun is set and the moon is slowly making it’s way into the sky.

“I’m here because you’re being a fucking asshole Nate,” he looks confused by my statement. “What’s wrong is that you don’t want us no more, okay Fallon cries a lot but for fuck’s sake she’s 2 months old - she can cry all she likes. Maybe if you tried doing something about it then-”

“What? You think I just sit there and let her cry huh? I tried for an hour, a whole fucking hour to get her to stop but she never, why the fuck did you leave without telling me?” He yells, neither of us care if the neighbours hear us.

“We left because you don’t want us Nathan! I heard you say you’d take your old life back in a heart beat! Do you know how hurtful that is? Our daughter hasn’t even been on this earth for a year and already you’re backing out! Do you know what? I don’t need you, we don’t need you, we’re perfectly capable of surviving on our own so go run along to your fuckboy friends and watch your life go down without me or my daughter!” I shout, shoving his chest in anger.

Pain floods his hazel eyes, they become shiny - water collects at the corner of his eyes. “You think I don’t want you?” He asks quietly, biting his lip as he struggles to keep the water in his eyes.

“No Nate I don’t think, I know. I fucking heard you say it, I’m not dumb. You want your old life back so I’m giving that to you, you want that don’t you?” I scoff.

He shakes his head frantically, letting the tears fall which broke my heart. “Not in the slightest, I was mad when I said it and I don’t mean it at all. I love you and Fallon, I don’t want anything else but for you two to come home.” He cries, reaching out to lace his hands through mine.

“We love you too Nate but do you understand how horrible that is to hear? The man I love doesn’t want me or our daughter.” It’s my turn to cry, squeezing his hands tightly.

“I understand Y/N, I understand and I’m so fucking sorry. I do want you, I want you and Fallon more than everything on this earth right now!” His voice raises as he cups my face and strokes my cheekbones with his thumbs.

“Do you promise?” I ask lowly, looking down at my feet. He lifts my head up, pressing our lips together passionately.

“I promise Y/N.” He rests his forehead against mine before pulling away and pulling me up to the bedroom where Fallon is sleeping.

We lay on the bed, he cradles Fallon in one arm and wraps the other around me, kissing the tops of our heads. “I love you so fu- freaking much and if you ever leave home without telling me again, I will hunt you down and won’t give up until I find you. I love you Y/N and don’t ever doubt that for a second.” With that he kisses me and sighs in content as we admire our beautiful daughter.


Request:  Could you make an imagine where the reader, Dean(couple) and Sam get kidnapped by a demon and he making dean furious by touching the reader, while she cries? If you don’t it isn’t any problem. Love you beautiful !😊😉😚

Warnings: Swearing, kidnapping, being tied up, slight torture (I didn’t really go into detail)
Word Count: 421
Summary: The reader gets kidnapped by demons and is held for questioning. She refuses to give anything up and gets sassy with the demon.

A/N: Hey! So, I went a little off request here, I hope that’s okay! Only the reader gets kidnapped, and Dean shows up later.

It was all a trap. You were outnumbered and they all came at you at once. The last thing you remember was Dean calling out for you, then everything went black. Now you were in a dimly lit room in what you assumed to be an old factory or something. Your head was throbbing and you felt faint. Your hands were chained above your head to the ceiling.
“Oh, look who’s finally awake.” You heard a voice behind you.
“Why do you guys feel the need to kidnap me? How about a "hello” sometime? That would be nice.“ You chuckled.
"Alright, cut the shit. I need to know where you’re keeping the demon tablet.”
“Loving the chains by the way. Kinky.” You winked at the demon, seeing him become impatient with you.
“I’ll only ask nicely one more time. Where’s the damn tablet?” He snapped at you.
“Hey, that wasn’t very nice of you.” You taunted him again.
“Enough!” You felt his fist connect with your cheek, causing an awful sound. “Where is it!?” He screamed.
“You sound like a spoiled brat that cant get his way, hitting and screaming like that. It’s pretty funny actually.” You laughed, trying to ignore the growing pain in your face. Another punch landed on your jaw. Another by your eye, then another and another, until you lost consciousness.
“Where is she you son of a bitch? Wheres Y/N?” You heard a familiar voice booming in another room not too far away.
“Dean.” Your voice was weak and strained as you realised how much pain you were actually in.
“Y/N? Where the hell are you? Say something!” You could tell by his voice that he was growing more and more frantic.
“Dean! I’m in here! Dean!” You called out, giving it everything you had. You heard his heavy footsteps running to find you. The door screeched open and Dean ran in.
“Y/N? Oh, baby, are you okay? you look awful.” He touched your face as gently as he possibly could.
“Wow, thanks. My knight, clad in his dusty leather jacket, has come, not to save me, but to tell me I look bad.” You sassed, earning a chuckle from Dean as he set your hands free.
“Still smart ass as ever, huh? I guess he didn’t hurt you too bad then. C'mon, lets go home. ” he picked you up bridal style and headed for the impala.


Houston, we may have a problem.

Comic at the top’s probably some kind of continuation of this only flipped and a little changed [or just the usual stunt and whatnot /shrug], the Angel!Zack’s on this, the last thing at the

  • center-ish is kinda based on this.
  • bottom right’s about this fic over here.