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Fight For Me. (Part 2) ::Sami Zayn Mini-Series::

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Pairing: Reader x Sami Zayn

Word Count: 3,544

Warnings: Swearing.

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It had been three weeks since I had uttered those words. I had been miserable ever since. I had stopped sharing a room with Sami and moved into a room by myself. I hated it. The bed was too big and it made me feel lonelier than ever. I tried my hardest to hardly ever be there, staying late into the night with Lana chatting, playing video games with TJ and even resorting to propping up the hotel bar, when I felt like I was just being a burden and intruding into my friend’s personal time.

I did my best to avoid the conflict I felt. I kept to myself at work, intent on doing my job and just that. I avoided Sami the best I could, avoided pretty much everyone except for TJ and Lana, the only two people I would let close to me. I had my facade perfected, my mask impeccable. Or at least so I had thought. It was when Kevin had stopped me in the middle of the hallway and mockingly offered his sympathies that I crumbled. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling, the humiliation of crying like a child in front of my co-workers only agitating me further. TJ had been at my side in an instant, my friend muttering something about how Kevin was damn lucky that he wasn’t on 205 Live, before leading me away.

When next week on Raw, Sami passionately demanded a match against Kevin, I had switched off the TV screen and pretended it had never happened. I felt like a wreck. Looked like a wreck. And was pretty much acting like a wreck.

Sami for his part, didn’t seem much better, though he was reacting differently to the situation than me. He became even more consumed by work, people rarely seeing him elsewhere. He was throwing himself into fights with a reckless abandonment that was new even for him. He rarely spoke to anyone, a perpetual dark cloud, his jovial personality temporarily gone. I knew all this, only because I had asked after him. I may have broken up with him, but I still couldn’t just completely let it go.

But I was beginning to get fed up of the sympathetic glances, the meaningless platitudes and the whispered gossip that seemed to be epidemic backstage. It had been me after all, who had broken up with Sami. That had to count for something. Though for what, I didn’t know and it sounded more like another one of those meaningless platitudes that I so despised. Mostly, I was just fed up of wallowing in my own self-pity.

There was no denying that I was still in love with Sami. That I missed him desperately, but I also knew I couldn’t keep on like this. If I wanted to feel better, I had to make the effort. No more crying, no more hiding.

It was how I found myself here in Lana’s room, getting ready for a night out, that I wasn’t sure I was really up for. It was Sasha’s birthday though, it had been organised weeks in advance and I felt like I would be a bad friend if I didn’t attend. Besides, logically I knew I couldn’t hide forever. Since I had arrived at her door, Lana hadn’t stopped beaming with pride at the fact I was no longer hiding away. It made me feel even more guilty about the pressure I had put on my friends, but also even more determined to make an effort, even if it was just for them.

Rusev, bless him, was even trying on my behalf,  complimenting my appearance and escorting both Lana and I down to the bar. It wasn’t too crowded yet, which helped to settle my nerves. Well, that and the cocktail I had ordered. The music wasn’t too over the top and the birthday girl seemed to be enjoying herself.  Sasha had even taken the time to thank me for coming, a slight tinge of worry in her eyes as she spoke to me. I tried not to think about how obvious my behaviour must have been lately and endeavoured to be a better friend.

It was with great relief that I saw TJ arrive, grinning and waving as he approached me. As much as I adored Lana, she had been pulling me into selfies all night and I was tired of the constant posing and smiling for the camera. Not to mention I had been scanning the crowd all night, looking for that familiar head of red hair, much to my chagrin. Tonight was not about Sami Zayn.

I greeted TJ with a hug as we exchanged greetings. From the corner of my eye I could see Lana pull her phone out again and I decided to take the opportunity to escape to the bar. TJ followed me, eager to get something to drink for himself. He frowned slightly as I ordered another drink from the bartender, noting I was already on first name basis with the woman behind the bar.

“How many have you had to drink?” he questioned, some concern evident in his voice. I rolled my eyes at him, a sure sign that the answer was probably already too much, because otherwise I never would have reacted like that to his simple question.

“Only a few”, was instead the answer I gave to him. My friend seemed unconvinced by my words, chewing his lip thoughtfully, as he took in my appearance. My cheeks were flushed, my foot tapping with nervous energy and the smile on my face was in deep contrast to the expression I had been sporting for the last three weeks.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’m actually having some fun for the first time in weeks” I told him. There was a moment of a silence before he accepted my words, settling back into a relaxed position as he chuckled.

“Glad to hear it. I don’t like seeing you sad” TJ said as he turned to face me, still leaning against the bar. There was a strange quality to his voice, as if there seemed to be more to his words than what he was saying. Wanting to distract myself from the strange moment, I took a big sip of my drink, forgetting it was alcoholic for a moment and therefore probably shouldn’t be gulped. I ignored the following, burning after-taste, my eyes following Lana as she dragged a somewhat reluctant Rusev to the dance floor. I could hear TJ sniggering beside me and I turned around to scold him.

“He’s in love” I defended, before my friend could say anything. TJ held his hands up in a mock gesture of surrender, while he did a pretty poor job of containing his laughter.

“Like you wouldn’t do same for the one you cared about” I added a moment later, as his laughter split over.

“Well, of course I would. I am the King of Dab” TJ finally replied, after he had regained some self-control. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the self appointed nickname and his childish antics, though it was becoming hard for me to restrain my own giggles. I had a feeling that had been his intention all along.

“Come on then, King of Dab. Go and show me some moves. Preferably something other than dabbing”. I gestured for him to disappear to the dance floor, but he surprised me when he merely stood and held out his hand to me.

“You’re coming too” he said. I admittedly hesitated for a moment. This wasn’t Sami in front of me. But Sami wasn’t here. He was gone as usual, no doubt still on his crusade against Braun. I stamped down on my bitterness firmly. It had no place here. I was at a party and I was here for a good time.

“Alright then”. I bit back a grin at the surprise on TJ’s face as I agreed to his wishes. Shaking off his momentary shock, he was back in full spirits, as he walked backwards to the dance floor, watching me follow him.

A new song had just started up as we found a free space for us to dance. I slipped into the beat easily, the music washing over me as I moved. I couldn’t even remember the last time that I had just let go and danced like this. TJ admittedly, had the better moves over me, but I wasn’t too shabby and at the very least could keep a beat. There was enough room for an extra person between us as we danced, TJ being mindful of my personal space. The only contact our bodies made was through our hands, mine linked loosely with his.

TJ laughed as he saw me begin to enjoy myself and I couldn’t help but join in with his laughter, finding the sound intoxicating. It was good to be there on the dancefloor. It was good to finally let go, forget my worries and these complicated things called emotions. I could feel myself rebelling inside, as I realised that I was miserable about always being miserable. Tonight was my chance to escape my self imposed prison sentence.

Deciding to swing myself under TJ’s arm, I ended up nearly colliding with his chest in my haste. Luckily, my co-ordinated wrestler friend was quick enough to steady me, his hand landing on my hip and slowing me.

“Easy, Y/N. Lana will have my head, if I end up having to escort you back to the hotel with a dodgy ankle” TJ muttered warningly, but his attempt to keep the grin off his face was pretty poor.

“I’m fine,” I said, choosing to conveniently ignore that my behaviour over the past couple of weeks, had not exactly been indicative of fine. “Now dance with me”.

“Y/N, I already am dancing with you” TJ pointed out, looking even more confused as I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck.

“Want to dance properly” I mumbled, already too busy moving again, my body occasionally brushing against his as I continued to dance. Logical thought or even plain common sense, were not my chosen bed mates for tonight. I was acting more on instinct and impulsivity than anything else, the fact that I was a little bit tipsy only hindering matters. Not that I cared. Or I was determined not to care. Either seemed to be a possible option at the moment.

I could hear TJ muttering something under his breath, but his hands soon found my hips and he began to sway with me. There was still a little distance between us though, preventing the dance from being too intimate. My eyes fluttered closed as I lost myself to the music and the moment, not wanting to feel anything right now. No more worries. No more cares. No more Sami.

I barely even realised that I had stepped forward, until I felt my body press up against TJ’s.  For some reason though, I couldn’t bring myself to pull back and on instinct my arms tightened around his neck. TJ tensed slightly under my new grip, but soon relaxed. His body heat was soothing and I couldn’t help but press slightly closer to him, wanting to feel more. I could feel the planes of his muscles, his body firm and tall. He felt like comfort. Just not the right kind of comfort.

“Are you, okay?” he finally questioned, his voice filled with concern. “It’s just you’re behaving a bit strange. I know you’ve been going through a rough time lately, but this isn’t like you”. I turned my face from him slightly, so that I didn’t have to face his gaze. I could already imagine the worry and concern in his eyes and I didn’t want to face up to that either.

“Just want to forget for the moment” I told him, that as honest as I was willing to be, with how I was feeling at the moment. TJ fell silent for a couple of moments, though I could tell by the tension in his body that he still wasn’t happy. I couldn’t help but think of Sami, as hard as I tried not to. It should be Sami here right now. It should have been Sami dancing with me.

“Y/N, are you sure that-. And okay…..” he said, his tone slightly bewildered as I suddenly snuggled into him, my face buried in the crook of his neck. It was a gesture more for comfort than anything else, as I had a sudden urge to cry, wondering what the hell exactly I was doing. I could hear TJ sigh to himself as he stroked my hair.

“Perhaps it’s time to get you back-“

The crashing sound of a chair falling over, prompted me to pull away, my attention diverted to where the noise had come from. I immediately tensed at the view in front of me, my heart picking up pace, as I saw the man I had been pining for. I hadn’t even realised that Sami had arrived and it was only now, that I realised what my behaviour must have looked like to him. After all, Sami couldn’t feel what I was feeling, couldn’t hear what TJ and I were saying.

Finn was currently struggling valiantly with him, trying to get him out of the building, before any more of a disturbance could happen. I couldn’t see Sami’s face, the Irishman shielding me from the red head’s view as he attempted to escort him from the building. Finn’s eyes met mine and he threw me a small, sad smile, as Sami eventually let his friend pull him away. Meanwhile, I was seemingly frozen in a moment of inaction as I attempted to process what was happening. By the time I had started to move from my spot, the two men were gone from the room.

Everyone who had been watching, turned to look at me instead, but I ignored their faces, too busy beginning to panic and overwhelmed with the consequences of my actions this evening.  I couldn’t help but feel as though I had betrayed Sami, even though logically I knew that we were broken up and that the dance with TJ hadn’t meant anything.

“TJ.. I’m so sorry” I apologised in a rush, already pulling away from my friend and planning to follow after Sami.

“Y/N-“ he began to say, obviously unsure if following after my ex in my current emotional and slightly drunken state was such a good idea. I was no longer listening though and was practically half way across the room before TJ could voice his concerns. I was too concerned with fixing what I had broken. To tell Sami that he was wrong, that there was nothing between me and TJ. To tell him that I still cared. I careened to a stop at this new thought. Was I just going to make things worse? I was the one who had ended things with him.

My feet continued forward though, seemingly of their own volition and I was surprised when I nearly collided into the back of Finn as I tumbled through the exit door, the pair having not moved much further from the building.

“Easy now” Finn murmured as he steadied me, my eyes already locked with Sami’s. He looked so dejected, his shoulders slumped, hands curled into familiar fists as he fought with his emotions. There were obvious tears in his eyes and he just looked so lost, like the rug had just been pulled out from underneath him. You did that, I thought to myself.

“It wasn’t what you think” I began. I could feel Finn’s hands let go of my arms, as he began to back away slightly, obviously not wanting to be a part of this, but simultaneously ready to intervene if things went sideways.

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me” Sami said, his voice surprisingly small and I just wanted to cry. This wasn’t Sami. This was just a shell of the person I knew. Not for the first time, I felt another wave of doubts at my decision to end things. I had to remind myself that a relationship was a two way street. If Sami hadn’t been interested in fixing our relationship, then I couldn’t have done it all by myself.

“But I do! Because I don’t want you thinking that…” I paused, my words trailing off. If I said what I wanted to say, I would be exposing myself and making myself vulnerable once more. Was it worth the risk?

“I don’t want you thinking that there’s something between me and TJ, because there isn’t. I would never do that. I would never betray you like that” I explained, desperately wanting him to understand. My emotions were in turmoil again, I barely knew how to talk to him about it all. I just knew that I despite my attempts otherwise, I still cared about him. Still loved him.

“But we broke up, Y/N. You wouldn’t be betraying anybody” he replied. He sounded tired, like he had been broken down repeatedly and he wasn’t sure that he could be bothered to get back up.

“I… I…. I know, but you’re it…”. You’re it for me, I finished in my head. Sami seemed to tense slightly at my words and when his eyes met mine again, I could see a highly guarded sliver of hope in his eyes. He shook his head, biting his lower lip and now I could see him blinking back tears.

I wrapped my arms tightly around myself, feeling myself trembling slightly. Whether that was from the alcohol, the temperature or how emotional I was feeling, I couldn’t decide. Perhaps it was all three. Sami immediately noticed the action and he moved to approach me, wringing his hands together as if he wanted to reach out and touch me.

“Y/N, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying” Sami protested and something defiant flared within me.

“I’m not that drunk. I know exactly what I’m saying. I still care about you. Even if you didn’t want to fight for us. Care about us” I retorted, my words getting ahead of my brain, everything spilling from my mouth, before I could catch up to what I was actually saying.

“I still care about you. If I didn’t, do you really think I would have made such an idiot of myself, the moment I saw you and TJ all wrapped up in each other? I care a hell of a lot more than you think. I’m only sorry that I fucked up so much, that you can’t see that”. He paused once more, this time rubbing the back of his neck, a nervous tic as he thought over what we were both saying.

“But now isn’t the time for this discussion. You might say you’re not drunk, but I can clearly see you swaying on the spot” he added. I hadn’t even realised that I had been rocking on the spot, until that moment and I stared down at my feet, almost dumbfounded and as if the ground had the answers to my current inebriated state.

“Sami…” I began, recognising that perhaps I wasn’t in the best state to be having this conversation, but also not wanting to give up quite yet.

“Finn, do me a favour and make sure that Y/N gets back to her hotel safe? It’s far too late and she’s far too vulnerable for her to be out on her own” Sami asked, turning to his friend as he spoke and I couldn’t help but childishly pout, annoyed that they were talking over my head.

“Sami…” I tried once again, his name coming out as more of a plea than anything else.

“I’ll talk to you later. I promise. Just not tonight, Y/N. I need some time and space to think and you need to sober up. See what it is, you’re really feeling in the morning”. There was a nervous quality to his voice, as if the hope I had given him tonight, would be destroyed by tomorrow. Sami took a step forward, seeming to surprise himself when he pressed a quick kiss to my forehead. I couldn’t help but whimper and Sami sighed deeply as he stepped away.

Finn was quiet as he stepped back to my side, but his body language clearly indicated that he was unsure about leaving Sami on his own.

“I’ll be fine. I can make my own way back on my own. There will be no more scuffles for tonight” Sami promised as he noted Finn’s stance. “Just make sure she gets back safe’.

“There had better not be” Finn muttered darkly. “And don’t worry, I’ll make sure Y/N gets back safe and sound” he added, throwing a smile my way.

With that, Sami stood there watching us, as Finn led me away. I don’t know how long he stayed there for, but I did know that he was still stood in the same spot, by the time Finn and I rounded the corner and disappeared from his sight.

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anonymous asked:

if you would really care about zayn you wouldn't want him to go back to 1d..but seeing that you're only care about ziam im not even suprised. i want zayn to finally show his voice, write his own musci and talk in interviews - in 1d he never got a chance to do that. when someone asked him a question, there was always lilo in the back not leting him talk, or talking over him... zayn is not coming back and im super happy about that

Okay anon, listen to me

It doesn’t matter what I want, what you want, or unfortunately even what Zayn wants.  If this is a stunt (and at this point, the evidence in that direction is honestly overwhelming), then Zayn is contractually obligated to publicly return to 1D.  

Personally I would love to see zolo Zaynie take over the world, he’s a star and there’s no doubt in my mind that he would be an amazing solo artist.  There’s been a lot of press about Simon Cowell giving the boys the okay to work on solo projects, so I’m thinking that if and when Zayn returns to 1D, he will still be able to make his own music.

As for you somehow knowing that Zayn definitely won’t return, I’m not sure why you came into my inbox to talk about it?  I’ve made my opinions on the matter clear many times.  I welcome discussion and new viewpoints but not from people who have to hide on anon to do it.  

Move along.

BSM #40 You’ve always thought he was your dad, but he’s your brother, only he has had full custody of you all of your life. Age 13-16 Part 2

A/N: Here it is! Got it out early because y’all were so great and positive about part one.

Part one:


LOUIS: “Y/N? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Zayn started, as soon as he opened the door. “Did you know Louis was my brother?” He sighed, and let you to the living room, where Perrie was already sitting. Early home from work apparently. “Y/N?” she asked when she saw your swollen, red eyes. She opened her arms and you fell into her embrace, as Zayn stood  in front of you. “Louis is on his way.” You shook your head stubbornly. “I don’t want to talk to him.” Perrie played with your hair, the way she knew would calm you down. “You have to. I’m sorry,” Zayn said, just as Louis barged in. “We’ll leave you two alone,” Perrie said, and left with Zayn hot on her heels. “Y/N, I’m so sorry,” Louis whispered brokenly. “I’m sure you are,” you scoffed. He sat down next to you, and never in your life had you seen him so fragile. “Why Louis?” He ran a hand through his hair and you saw a tear roll down his cheek. “Mom and dad. They-they died in a car crash when you were a year and a half. I fought for custody over you for a long time, and I was so ecstatic when I finally got it. As you grew up, I was so reckless I hadn’t thought what to tell you when you grew up, so when you started calling me dad, I-I freaked. I panicked, and I didn’t know what to do, so I just let you do it. When I finally decided it probably wasn’t a good idea, it was too late. So I made up this story. To protect you or whatever, I don’t know. But I did. And I should’ve told you, I know, but I fought so long for you. I couldn’t lose you over this.” You were silent for a long while, processing what Louis had told you. Finally, you fell into his arms, which after the initial shock, wrapped around you tightly. “I’m still pissed. But I won’t leave you. You won’t lose me. Never.”

LIAM: “Please Y/N, let me explain. Let me in,” Liam pleaded from the other side of your door, and you cursed your inability to stay strong towards Liam as you opened the door for him. He had clearly been crying just as much as you, and right when he saw you, he pulled you into a hug. You tried to stop yourself from hugging him back, but you were hurt and needed him, even if he was the cause. So you pressed your face to his shoulder and let the sobs rack through you. You both stood like that for a long time, until you decided answers were more important than comfort. You pulled back, and Liam understood immediately. He made you sit down on the edge of the bed facing each other, but he couldn’t meet your eyes. “Mom died giving birth to you. Dad was heartbroken, so I came and picked you up from the hospital. On his way home from the funeral, I tried to convince him to let me drive him home. But he refused, said he needed some time to think. He was unfocused, as I knew he would be, and he drove into a tree and died instantly. I was so heartbroken I wasn’t worth much of anything, but then I was reminded that I had a little sister who needed me, and the lads kicked me into gear again, and helped me win custody over you. At this point, I was so stressed and sorrowful, so when you started calling me dad, the last thing on my mind was to correct you. And suddenly you were too old, so I just rolled with it. I have long been debating if I should tell you, but I just figured you would be too mad. I’m sorry you had to find out this way, and I’m sorry that I never told you. But as weird as it may sound, you’re more like my daughter than my sister. Moreover, you can keep calling me dad, and we can continue like always. On the other hand, we can change things, and that’ll be fine too. Whatever you think will be best, okay?” You flashed him a small smile. “Okay.”

ZAYN: When Zayn finally knocked on the door, you had been sitting there for a long time. You had an awful taste in your mouth, but your energy had been drained, so you couldn’t bother. “Sweetie? Will you please open the door?” You reached up and unlocked it, but other than that, you didn’t move. Zayn entered silently, and sat down leaned up against the wall opposite you. “I though you deserved some time before I came and explained.” You nodded to show him you were listening. “They were on their way to a school play. All of your sisters were in it. But you were sick, and they really wanted mom and dad to see it, so I stayed home and watched out for you. On the way, a car hit them, and they flipped over three times. Landed on the roof. Your oldest sister was still struggling when the paramedics arrived, but she died shortly after. Before I reached the hospital. The rest died instantly. It took such a toll on me. However, the guys helped me be ready to get full custody of you. I was very unsure if I could handle it, so when you started calling me dad, I was so, so happy. I figured I must’ve done something right. I knew it would cause trouble when you got older, but I didn’t care. Not because I didn’t care about you, I know you think right now that I don’t, but because I genuinely believed that would be best for the both of us.” You sniffled. “You know me so well. I thought you didn’t care,” was your only comment. Other than a sad smile, Zayn ignored you. “I’m really truly sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing. If I knew it would hurt you this much, cause this much trouble,” he hesitated. “I would’ve done the same thing. I mean, I love being your dad. I don’t feel like your brother. If you want me to be your brother instead of dad, that’s fine.” You shook your head. “It’ll take some time to adjust, but I don’t want to change anything. It might be a bit weird, but I don’t want it to change.” Zayn smiled. “Me neither. Now come here and give your dad a hug.” You giggled a bit, and jumped into his arms. You could do this. Together.

HARRY: When your lungs were burning and your vision was starting to blur so much you couldn’t see your own feet, you stopped. Nearby was a familiar little pond with benches, and even though you knew Harry would find you, the little ducks were calming you down, and you felt you had to stay here. Right you were, thirty minutes later, a gasping Harry fell down next to you. “I am-“ gasp “not as fit-“ another gasp “as I used to be.” Even though you were pissed, a little smile ghosted over your face. “Old man,” you teased in a small whisper. Harry waited till he could breathe before he spoke up. “I’ll give you the long explanation when we get home where I have pictures, but long story short, my mom and dad divorced, and my dad disappeared. My mom then found another man, and they got you. They were in a plane accident. Didn’t make it. I was so heartbroken. I was grieving, but at the same time there were you. You were one, and I had to do something. I tried to find my dad, but to no luck. It was like he had fallen off the earth. So I made the lads help me get back on top, and got full custody of you. I was ecstatic when you called me dad for the first time. I felt like your dad, and I still do. To me, you’ll always be my daughter, not my sister, and I will introduce you to people like my daughter. Unless you’d rather be my sister. I can adjust to that. I’ll need some time, but I can. That is, if you even want to stay with me. If you want to leave, I’ll understand.” Harry was crying. His shoulders were shaking, and he kept his head low. “Of course I want to stay. I still want to be your daughter. I don’t want it to change. However, I’ll need some time to let this sink in. But that time will be spend at home, with you. It’s us against the world, right?” Harry chuckled. He slowly put an arm around your shoulder, so you would have time to pull away, but you cuddled into his side. “Like I said when you were five. But yeah, it is. Us against the world.

NIALL: “Please sweetheart. I know you’re mad and hurt, and I understand, but we need to talk about this.” You got up hesitantly, and with a sigh, you opened the door. Your dad, or brother, or Niall or whatever, were crying, and it broke your heart even more. “I’m so sorry. But Y/N, after our parents and our brother Greg were shot in a break-in at the bank, sounds so weird, but it’s true, it happened, I fought for the custody over you. And you started calling me dad, and it made me happy. So insanely happy. You were a little baby, and you already felt like my daughter, and not my sister. The lads kept telling me that I should tell you. You can see we’ve had the discussion for the past 13 years. But I couldn’t. Cause as fucked up as it sounds, I didn’t want to be your brother. I felt better being your dad. Taking care of you like that. Rocking you to sleep, feeding you a bottle, throwing you in the air just to hear that beautiful laughter I still hear when we have a tickle war. It was amazing. Sure, it was difficult as hell, especially what with the band. Nevertheless, it was worth it, and I quickly got the hang of it. I had never been so happy. Then the questions started. You grew up, and you got curios. But I couldn’t lose that feeling of being your dad. I couldn’t just be your brother. So I made up a story, got the lads to back me up. Been through hell to make sure everything went well with the press and management. The lads, they told me repeatedly to tell you. Harry this time, but it’s them all to be honest. And I wanted to, I really did, but I was living in this happy bubble with you, and I forgot it could burst. And I’m so sorry, but I beg of you princess, can you please forgive me?” You stayed silent for a long time, and Niall was starting to look really worried, when you nodded. “You’ll still be my dad. I need some time to get used to this new information, but you’ll still be my dad. And you’re buying me a car for my eighteenth birthday.” Niall laughed, and pulled you into the tightest hug you had ever gotten. “Deal.”


Here’s the story of when I started to like Zayn and why I like him

It was around 2011(forgot the month) when I first heard about One Direction. So one time I came across the music video for WMYB and I thought to myself, “oh so these are the boys everyone’s been talking about”. The guy with black hair with a Bollywood look is the one who immediately caught my attention. I was intrigued. Apparently his name is Zayn. I didn’t know back then so I had to google their names and bios. My sister was actually the one who told me that they’re from x-factor and placed third. So what I did was I watched their journey on x-factor, on how they were made into a group. I watched their performances and video diaries. And that is the moment I fell in love with One Direction. The moment I fell in love with Zayn. So as a fan, I downloaded their first album Up All Night, listened to it and loved it. Watched their live and acoustic performances. I got really invested. But I always knew that Zayn Malik was the only one I cared about. He’s the only one I’m focused on. Every time they release a new album, I’m excited to hear Zayn’s parts. Every time they do an interview, I always go and look at Zayn. I just want to hear him talk. Every time they sing live, Zayn was always the one I’ve been praising. For me he’s the best singer of the group. And he got better looking every year like JFC he’s the most attractive guy I have ever seen. But do you wanna know why I fell in love with Zayn Malik?

Yes he’s freaking gorgeous. Yes he’s a goddamn good singer. Oh boy those high notes!! Take me to heaven! But why is he the one that caught my attention? It’s because he’s different. He’s very shy but at the same time he’s very sweet. He was always the quiet one but when he talks, he’s so smart. You can really feel what he’s saying. He’s genuine. He loves his family so much. He’s a family man! How beautiful! He’s also very funny but we don’t get to see that much side of him because the focus is on the other boys. Zayn was under appreciated by the fans. I truly believe that. He gets the most hate. Unfair treatment. I don’t know why. As years go by, my support for him got stronger and stronger. I felt the need the protect him from all the hate. I think that’s what the fans do. Support and protect our favorite. And this year 2015 he left the band in the middle of the tour. The next leg was in the Philippines and he just had to leave the band. What a bummer right that I didn’t get to see him. He’s the only reason why I bought the ticket. I’ve been waiting to see and hear him live but it didn’t happen. I was really heartbroken. I still enjoyed the concert but boy it was hard to hold back the tears. The fans were mad at him! Like really mad! I was crying for 2 straight days because of the fear that I won’t get to see him or hear him again sing. And that he won’t be with the boys anymore which is really sad. But you know what I did? I stopped crying. I accepted it. I heard what he has to say. He wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I understand that completely. He wants to go to a different path. I completely understand. You know what, I stood by him. I never left him. And also this is what I wanted for him from the start. Solo. I mean I loved the boys and I’ll cherish the memories of being a directioner but my heart is really for Zayn. It really pains me to see all the hate he’s been getting lately. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. He can’t win. Why can’t we just be happy for him? He’s doing what he wants now. He is finally happy. Let’s just all be happy for him. If you don’t like him, then fine ignore him. Don’t send him hate because you don’t know him personally. You don’t judge a book by its cover. And don’t believe everything the media says. It’s really painful for us fans (Zquad) to see him get hate for being free and open. But I know he’ll get through this. The zquad will get through this. I will support Zayn with every decision he makes. I will support his music 100%. I will stay by his side for as long as it takes. I will never leave him. I will never hate him. Because that’s what a real fan should be doing. I genuinely believe he’s a good guy. He’s just misunderstood. I know he will successful and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I’m really really proud of Zayn. I am happy for him and I love him. Til the end, Zayn.

-Proud member of the Zquad

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Right now LM are feeding off Zayn for publicity. Most LM fans will disagree but you can't deny that that's the only attention LM receive by the media. Glory Days was just like the last album, they aren't progressing musically.

… didn’t they feed off him their entire career? i really don’t care about them, but zayn is the only reason their album or the band itself is still getting attention. everything zayn and perrie do is linked to each other by the media for one purpose only: lm promo. i haven’t heard glory days but from my mutuals’ reactions is worse than get weird. guess they’ll have to wait for a 5th album and another manufactured story about zayn to crack america in one last desperate attempt, eh? if another album is even going to happen 

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I totally agree with you about the unfollowing a lot of blogs. Hell, there were so many Sophiam shippers that i followed and didn't even know about who they were.

I followed blogs that never even mentioned Sophia/Sophiam and all of a sudden they are comparing them to Mr. & Mrs. Smith and calling them a power couple. 

The only power couple I care about is Liam and Zayn.

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I agree with that Anon. Even if Zayn and Perrie aren't in a relationship and it's all for publicity, she's a victim. Perrie is talented and her voice is amazing, she would be more succesful as solo artist. Finally, she's definitely better person than Zayn. I'm in this fandom 4 years and I know what I'm saying. All the Zayn's girls care only about his "bambi eyes" and don't tell me otherwise because this is fucking true and you know that N.

im so fucking ready to fight yall pls message me more about how perrie is better than zayn