i only care about the hat

let’s see

  • “Penguin is the only thing Nygma cares about” - Jim
  • Oswald knocking Ed out & putting on the hat. (which, was probably Oswald’s to begin with)
  • Oswald saying “I was getting lonely” to Ed when he woke up. 
  • “It was always one of your least attractive qualities, Oswald” so, Ed, did you have a rank of how attractive his qualities were.. or… 
  • Ed brings up love, AGAIN. Then proceeds to throw that whole thing in Oswald’s face. (who needs to get over it, Ed?….) 
  • Ed violently rips the hat off Oswald’s head and puts it on. (you are both children) 
  • Ed saying he loved “Goodbye, Oswald”.
  • Oswald telling Ed he knows him, with tears in his eyes. AND Ed’s face, when he said that. 
  • Then Oswald saying “you were the one time I let love weaken me” 
  • Oswald naming his club based on Frozen Ed being the centerpiece of it. (his heart is ice, and his heart is Ed)

My other friend who is also a Gruvia shipper send me this pic after I beg for hours (since I didn’t go to watch the special screen with her because of works) T^T It’s the scene when Juvia got hurt.

She added “Their moment is not really romantic but SUPER CUTE!!!” (She shouted from the phone) Juvia hugged Gray but he just complained like ‘what is wrong with you’ but didn’t push her away so yeah some development. The ending song was the scene that every ships (Nalu Gruvia Gajevy + Erza + Wendy) stand beside each other and holding their wooden beer mug. Gruvia stands next to each other and they were so closeeeeee,both their bodies and their beer mugs.(Actually she said there was 0% distance between their bodies) and they both smiled to the camera.  She liked the scene when after the fight that Juvia got hurt and Gray ran to her and asked ‘Are you okay’. She said that his voice was really gentle and sounds like he care so much about her.   can see how much he care about her by seeing his face. There was also a scene that Gray thought or sensed about Juvia. (She called it 'Juvia sensor’) “

and yeahhhh I think this is my last submission. I think I will go see it myself on 13th and I will tell you all the gruvia details !!!

Thank you so much for the information and picture submission! I see this is the part where Juvia throws herself in front of the little girl and takes the attack. That’s where Gray screams her name and goes devil slayer mode for his bae. ;) 

I know Juvia will be almost entirely comedy in this movie, and that’s fine. It’s been a long time since she’s acted that way, and the Japanese LOVE IT (again, difference in Japanese and Western culture). All the tweets say she’s super cute. I also like that Gray’s main fight (his only one, really) is with Juvia. 

I saw the ending credit photo actually, so I know what you’re talking about. The person who shared told me not to post it, as they themselves unfortunately weren’t allowed to either. But YES. It’s ADORABLE. We see Nalu, Gruvia, and Gajevy–their arms around their girls. Gray’s face is leaning into Juvia’s hat and he’s smiling. xD So this is the picture the Japanese were excited about. It’s a group shot.

Despite Gruvia being a comedic aspect of the movie, I’m glad we can really see how much he does care for her. That’s their dynamic in the manga too, we know Gray loves Juvia. ^^ Even when they’re married, Gray will still make faces when Juvia is acting like…. Juvia. lol.

i can’t believe robin only had like one jacket and henry’s got only one scarf to keep him warm and emma’s only possession clothes-wise is that red jacket (we don’t talk about that ugly ass burnt sienna one) and snow’s lost all her hats and hook literally lived in that musty pirate uniform for two and a half seasons (during which there was a whole year time jump) and meanwhile,, regina goes into her limitless closet every day and picks out one of her 50 coats and pulls out one of her 200 scarves to match and i guess i’m just happy the costume department at least cares for regina’s well-being

Bad Decisions [Jaehyun]

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Genre: Angst/ Slight Smut??

Scenario: Your long term friend Jaehyun is in love with your best friend. You want nothing but the best for them but silently dealing with your break up from BTS singer Jeon Jungkook has been weighing on you. One drunken night and one bad decision leads to risks taken and mistakes made. 

Characters: Jaehyun; Reader (You); Your Friend (Y/F/N); Mark; Johnny; small mention of other members 

Word Count: 3774

Notes: This is gonna be a short little series with only a couple of parts but Admin Unnie and I will be seeing it through to the end so I hope you guys stick with us. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

           The group of four sat in Jaehyun’s room, playing a late-night game of Uno and drinking stolen beers from Taeyong’s secret fridge.

           “You sent that same fuckin meme like ten times last night in the group chat. It was only funny like the first four or five times.” Mark chuckled, taking another swig of his drink and placing a yellow 4 in the center of the circle they had formed.

           Jaehyun shook his head and laughed, “What you meant to say was that it wasn’t funny at all.”

           “Nah nah the problem is you guys just have no taste.” You shrugged nonchalantly, but a big smile tugged at the corners of your lips at the memory.

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Paperhat parenting headcanon #2: When the kids get into fights.


-Hello? Yes this is me.

Black Hat:

-What the fuck do you want? Some people actually work at this hour.

Dr. Flug:

-What?! M.D. got into a fight?! Oh my goodness, are the kids okay?

Black Hat:

-Shit,again? Look,there’s a 99 precent chance that he did it without a reason,but that one percent may be because he was provoked.


-I’m so sorry. I’ll be there right away.

Black Hat:

-Why are you still talking to me,peasant?

Dr. Flug:

-Hi,yes,is this Mrs. Anderson? I believe our children had an altercation today.

Black Hat:

-Okay,our brats beat the shit out of echother, but mine was better and made yours better looking, just saying.

Dr. Flug:

-Is there any way you can forgive him?

Black Hat:

-So how much money do you want to not press any charges?


-We will take care of any medical need that has to be covered.

Black Hat:

-Honey,believe me, I can pay the best doctors in the world, but they still wouldn’t be able to fix your son’s obviously fucked face.

Dr, Flug:

-Mrs. Anderson, I don’t think it’s very appropriate to disscus on who won!

Black Hat:

-Who won? Obviously not the kid that got his head bust open, with 5 of his teeths removed,both of his eyes black,and scalped. Aka,not the kid who got a free plastic surgery.

Dr. Flug:

-MY son is the only one guilty?!

Black Hat:

-The only guilt M.D. feels is the guilt of not charging your donkey 50$ per injury . No,I’m pretty sure I know what I said.

Dr. Flug:

-I don’t think you’re in the position of giving me parenting advice, Mrs. Anderson.

Black Hat:

-I’m an irresponsible parent? Please tell me more about how careful, loving and caring you are to your child. Exactly.

Dr. Flug:

-You’ll see me in court?! Excuse me?!

Black Hat:

-You’ll see me in court? Bring it on bitch,I own that court and everybody in it,including you! Though I must say,I wouldn’t brag about that purchase. And whatcha going to give me if I win? Expired chicken noodle soup with rain water and depression?

Dr. Flug:

-I don’t even think you know what a court means with your 3rd grade education!

Black Hat:

-Oh, and by the way,next time when me and my kids come to McDonald’s we except you to serve us properly. Oh,you don’t work at McDonald’s? So they finally decided to raise their standards?

Dr. Flug:

-I don’t want to see your child speaking to mine,ever again! Good day,Mildred!

Black Hat:

-Now you listen to me carefully, you two panny worth bitch. If I EVER see my kid getting hurt because if yours,if I ever see your kid looking at M.D. ,talking to him,or lay one finger on my son,I’ll personally come in there and make sure your little brat dosen’t ever speak to him,or anyone else in particularly, because I’ll drag him and you into the deepest holes of hell until your screams will be heard to heaven and back. Have a nice fuckin day.

Dr. Flug:

-I will not punish M.D. for this.

Black Hat:

-Shit,that kid deserves an ice cream. MD! Come,we’re gonna humiliate people!

Ah great Hush is sayin stupid shit again

I keep thinking about Black Hat in a AU where he has a twin brother named White Hat, and that White Hat makes products for Heroes out of angelic and goddess shit (and fuckin holy water to spray at Black Hat just to piss him off), and has a voice as soft as silk. And OF FUCKIN COURSE he tries to pursue Dr.Flug into joining his cooperation, but Black Hat goes pissy and is like “DON’T TOUCH MA BITCH” and White Hat, being the calm and collected type, would be like “Tsk tsk brother, if you only treated this poor soul with more respect, I might of not have given him the offer. Then yet again, he’s kinda cute~ If I was to ever sin in my life, I would steal you, Dr.Cutie~~”
And motherfuckin Black Hat would be trippin balls cause Dr.Flug is able to talk to White Hat freely with no fear (plus laughing and having a grand o’ time), and Black Hat starts getting jealous of there close bonding.

But at the end tho, Dr.Flug says he would rather stay with Black Hat, cause he cares about him- a lil too much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

(Plus plus, Dementia would become SUPER PISSED at Flug cause apparently all the people in the Hat’s family wants dat anxious ass)

Fanfiction things

oAll right I have a multi-chapter fic that I’m currently in the process of updating. However; I have another idea for a one-shot fic series and I would like to know if people would be interested in reading it.

When fighting #VillainOfTheWeek Kara somehow gets stuck as a 4 year old. 

I have a few ideas already:

  • Tiny Kara causing mischief at the DEO Base - messing with Winn’s computer, flying around the rooms.
  • Tiny Kara still having superpowers^ but is nowhere near as strong anymore so she actually can get hurt, cue protective Alex
  • Kara being scared of thunderstorms and loud noises
  • Kara being left with Winn because now J’onn has to cover for the city loss of Supergirl. Kara pouting and getting scared whenever Alex or James are out in the field
  • Kara riding shotgun in Maggie’s cop car and playing with the sirens.
  • One person cannot look after this tiny child alone so Kara stays with different people depending on who has the free time.

(In this universe Lena knows and helps at the DEO when needed)

  • Whenever Lena shows up tiny Kara blushes and gets really nervous.
  • Tiny child Kara who has no filter tells Lena that she thinks she’s beautiful. Kara drawing pictures of the two of them together and Lena is the only one who can calm angry child Kara down when she’s upset.
  • Alex giving Kara juice cartons and everyone doting on this sweet innocent child.
  • Reluctant Space Dad sitting with Kara as she colours or when he has to give her piggyback rides with the most deadpan face.

These are just a few of my ideas but any more are welcome. Let me know if this is something people would be interested in reading and any suggestions are gladly appreciated! Will add any suggestions I like in bold!

  • Kara wants to play hide seek with J'onn. To her everything is a game, she starts to run around the DEO always doing something and J'onn is going after her. 
  • Kara has a stuffed animal dog that she NEEDS in order to nap. She names it Krypto -  @bobbywatson <3
  • Kara wants to be just like her big sister. And as children do she copies Alex’s behaviour. (her big sister wears a cool uniform at work and tells people what to do and so does Space dad.)  Cue Winn and his sewing skills. 
  • ^ Next time Alex gets back from a mission she finds little Kara in a tiny DEO uniform complete with badge, standing on a chair(that on closer inspection has a tiny NCPD jacket that looks just like Maggie’s hanging off it) beside J'onn with her hands on her hips waiting to debrief the team.  
  • Obviously they can’t give her any weapons so she has a water gun in her tiny holster, and different little snacks in all the other compartments on the belt. They did give her real handcuffs, which they felt only a bit bad about when she cuffed mon-el to a chair and flew away. (anon I love you for this little addition<3)
  • Cat and Lucy end up having to babysit at one point. 
  • ^ Cat pretends to not know about Kara being Supergirl in order to take care of her, and to everyone’s “surprise” she is a total softie and great with Kara. 
  • Lucy watches Kara at one point, and she lets Kara wear her cool hat and Kara starts saluting everyone and every thing they come across (yes that includes saluting her stuffed dog pup Krypto)
  • Cat finally giving Kara one of her cupcakes because damn it if even she can’t resist a 4 year old Ray Of Sunshine pouting and pleading with her
  • 4 year old Kara reverts back to speaking Kryptonian especially when she’s angry or upset. J’onn who can speak some Kryptonian does not approve when this tiny girl grumbles a “bad word trying to punch another of his brand new monitors.
  • ^ which then gives me Tiny Kara punching punchbags with James.
  • Lena is a smart woman and because of Lex and learning that Kara is from Krypton Lena learns to speak Kryptonian. She speaks it almost fluently. Kara and Lena often have conversations in Kryptonian. - @whiterose-blackrose <3<3
  • Kara is restless and almost always has bundles of energy so getting her to sleep is quite a task. Lena is called whenever Kara is being particularly difficult because for some reason she is the sleep whisperer. (Alex knows it’s because Kara likes to snuggle up to Lena, falling asleep cradled in Lena’s arms -one hand wrapped around her Krypto whilst the other clings to Lena’s clothing)
  • Alex often finds Kara sitting atop of Maggie’s shoulders, Maggie is great with Kara even if she does sneakily give Kara two more scoops of ice-cream when she’s only allowed one.
  • M’gann WHO DID NOT LEAVE gives Tiny Kara stickers, a shit ton of stickers. Kara has a book full of space stickers. When she thinks someone did a really good job she gives them a sticker and everyone tries to act like it’s no big deal but even the toughest DEO agents blush and melt when she beams and presents them with one. You know every agent is working their butt off to earn stickers from their adorable Baby-Agent Kara. J’onn doesn’t even complain, productivity is way up! -anon you are wonderful! <3<3<3
  • ^ (my addition to this) Kara gives her favourite people more than one sticker and proceeds to pepper them with multiple stickers. Winn sniggers as Alex’s DEO badge has at least 10 and Lena’s dress is just covered in brightly coloured star stickers. 
  • Kara gets Alex and Maggie to take her to the park, holding both of their hands as they swing her and then they help her pick out some of the nicest flowers she can find. Lena is in her office when Kara arrives nervously clutching Alex’s hand, the other clutching a large bouquet of flowers. She hands them to Lena with a shy smile and a whispered “Flowers are pretty but not as pretty as you”. Lena answers with a kiss to Kara’s cheek. - @yellowanchor17 <3 (I added a bit to it)
  • Kara’s senses are heightened and she gets attached to being able to comforting scents. Kara likes to give Lucy lots of hugs because “she smells nice” -Lena will deny it but she’s a little bit jealous. That is until she finds out that Kara thinks Lena’s hugs “remind her of home”.  - @sarcasm-with-sarah <3 (I added a little bit but this is perfect!)
  • Kara can be quite protective so when people *coughs* Mon-El *coughs* get a little too close to her favourite people (Alex, Lena, Maggie, Lucy etc) she tends to throw things, things that tiny 4 year old children should not throw. After almost having his hand frozen he soon learns to keep his flirting to a minimum…unless it is involves a certain tech puppy. - @sarcasm-with-sarah (THIS! I love it)
  • ^ This links in to my own idea: Mon-El is actually great with kids, he plays games with Kara and tells her stories about space. He tells her about Royalty on Daxam and what was expected of them. Kara realises he has feelings for Winn and it becomes her match-making mission to pair the two.

Dex/Nursey | 1k | T+ 

Nursey had never found Dex attractive.

Sure he was an okay looking dude, but he really wasn’t what Nursey went for.

Dex was all gangly muscles, freckle covered skin and too big ears. A scowl that could freeze over hell and an air about him that was too rough and aggressive.

Nursey went for soft smiles, lean lines and eyes that you could melt into. Nursey had never seen Dex’s eyes when they weren’t clouded over.

And then one day after practise Dex grins, bright and happy in Nursey’s direction and it’s all over for Nursey.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a black hat x reader also could you make it to where they their first kiss? Also I love your work! ^w^


Black Hat x Reader

A/N: Thank you!!! I totally missed this ask when I did the other kissing one, so here is something real short that matches this prompt more and is earlier into the relationship!


You were making breakfast, content with the way your life was playing out. Some time ago, Black Hat acknowledged that he not only had feelings, but that they were directed at you. This realization didn’t change much, other than the fact that now you were allowed to spend your extra time with him, but you were rather happy about it none the less.

“Someone’s in a cheery mood.” Flug said in a knowing tone. He figured it out before the two of you did, “How is it going with him?” The Doctor added with concern. Black Hat may have cared about you, but that didn’t change his evil nature. Flug didn’t want you to get hurt.

“Pretty well.” You replied, “I actually fell asleep in his office last night, so he carried me back to my room.”

Flug raised his eyebrows in surprise, impressed that Black Hat would try so hard. You had fallen asleep assisting him before, but this was the first time he decided not to wake you.

“Is he physical at all?” Flug asked.

“Ummm….Not really.” You admitted, “Typically I’ll be lucky to get a hug or maybe like a pat on the head. It’s only been a few weeks though.”

Flug nodded, going back to scribbling in his note book as he waited for you to finish breakfast. You went back to cooking happily as Black Hat entered the room. He glared at Flug, who tensed up a bit just seeing him. Black Hat poured some coffee into a mug before wrapping an arm around your waist.

“How’d you sleep?” He asked, bored, but happy to be next to you, and still too sleepy to get worry about his evil image. He took a sip of coffee.

“Pretty well. What about you? Did you go to sleep at all?” You asked.

“Obviously, I’m in my pajamas aren’t I?”

“That doesn’t mean anything.” You chuckled, well aware that he would change and then be distracted by work again.

“I went to sleep after you, my dear. But I have more work to do.” He said kissing you on the cheek and proceeding out the other door. “Don’t doddle too long at breakfast. I need both of you to start work soon.”

You looked wide eyed at Flug, and put a hand to your cheek. Had he just….?“

“Did he just….?” Flug echoed your thoughts and both of you looked at the door where Black Hat left through.

“Maybe he’s sick.”

All I need for the finale

I feel like mona saying why build a dollhouse when you can make the entire town one, was important. I feel like AD has been controlling the game from day one, and blackmailing not just the liars but all of rosewoods citizens. Anyone who did some shady shit was just being an unwilling participant in the game. Monas and Ceces reveals were just their turn, and AD made them lie about being a, I’m assuming. That would explain why Mona made that “don’t they know that’s what we want” speech when she was booked into radley. It would also explain why there were cameras on cece during her reveal, not just for the girls to see but for ad to make sure she’s completing her turn and not cheating-telling the truth. This thought also could explain why there have been an insane amount of red herrings who all seem to be 100% guilty of being a, only for the girls to do a bunch of shit only to learn they have nothing to do with A. Anytime the liars get close to figuring something of importance, AD could just be like Alright cool Spenc and Emily are going to those stables that Jessica and Bethany used to go to I don’t want them to find anything pointing back to me, I’m gonna tell Melissa it’s her turn, and have her lock them in the stables and put her old riding hat on the wall so they’ll jump to suspicions about her and stop looking around.

I dont really care about motive because im not really expecting to be pleased with the WHY, just because marlene king sucks, but if she could just make it so that there’s only ever been one true big bAd I would actually be pleased with the entire show as a whole, because throughout the season’s I’ve always hated that people just kept having the game stolen/started by a new person. It just always seemed weird that more than one person would be so interested in the same 5 girls, that they stalked and tortured them. And the motives were always just like friend jealousy basically, WHICH IS NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON.

Also I feel like Arias whole 7b arc is to show us the way A actually works, like how she destroyed the nursery, usually I would have assumed that only the destruction and stealing and what not is done by As hands, but her arc has made me feel like AD never gets out of that lounge chair unless it’s to make more weird vodka tonic martini whatever’s, and just watches everything and sends all of the worker bees to do anything A needs/wants

Ok so about Paperhat...

Now I’ve seen some posts about paperhat being abusive and I just wanted to put in my two cents. I’m not defending an abusive relationship. Nooo way. Just hear me out.

Black Hat is a villain. One of the most renowned villains in probably all populated areas. He’s destroyed a planet for fucks sake. So he has a reputation to uphold. If he treated his employees with respect on camera, then that would go down completely. In the show we only see what he /wants/ us to see. That doesn’t dictate what he’s normally like. He could just as easily have been faking all the damage to Flug and being completely different to him behind the scenes.

And for those that say that he doesn’t care about his employees, case and point: Flug. Flug may be brilliant but he’s also a complete anxious mess. He’s probably a complete laughingstock amongst villains, and I’m sure some of that is transferred over to BlackHat. So if he cared only about himself and his reputation he probably would have hired someone else. But he didn’t.

And there’s one other thing. Many hints in the show imply that Flug was in some kind of aerial accident, most likely a plane crash. This is also indicated by the plane that’s imbedded into the manor. This seems to show that he crashed into the manor, and was rescued by Black Hat prior to becoming his employee. No doubt he questioned Flug first but it had to have been work patching him up, right?

Ok that’s all I have to say for now. But seriously please stahp with the whole abuse thing. I highly doubt it’s true.

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Can we talk about the bunny hiding out in Spring Xander's hat?! You can see it in the damaged image ( /)///(\)

Not only a bunny inside his hat,






Nothing Is As It Seems - Part 1

Request from @avengersrulez1536​: Mad Hatter Jefferson x Reader where the reader is his Alice as well as the Cheshire Cat. So the reader went missing after their daughter Grace was born but she was taken to wonderland where the Queen of Hearts beheads her and turns her into the cat and she can only talk in riddles so when Jefferson and the evil queen comes to wonderland and he gets stuck there the cat tries to tell him that she’s his Alice. So in storybrooke Jefferson comes across the reader and true loves kiss helps her remember. After the kiss and reunite they reminisce and try to find their daughter together and live happy ever after…😊 <3

Note: I have been wanting to do a Jefferson fic for quite some time now so I was really happy to get this request! I love this character so much so this is going to be at least two parts, maybe three depending on how it goes. I put [y/n] rather than the actual name ‘Alice’ so if you would like this changing please just let me know. I hope you all enjoy this! <3

Mad Hatter/Jefferson x Reader

Words: 1,623

Warnings: Mentions of a beheading underneath the cut. That’s the only thing for this chapter.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3


Your eyes widen in horror at the words the man beside the Queen spoke out for her. This wasn’t how today was supposed to have gone. All you did was come here for some food…..you and your husband had a little girl now, Grace she was called, and you were finding it out to make ends meet. The offer of food had simply been too good to ignore.

“No! Your Majesty I apologise! I was….I was misled by a monster. A monster who led me to believe that the food on that table was for me!”

The male beside the Queen placed a strange looking instrument to his ear, listening to whatever it was she was saying, and after nodding in acknowledgement he turned his attention back onto you with a deadpan expression on his face.

“The Queen says that you willingly stole those tarts that were meant for her, knowing that they were not yours, and that is classed as high treason here in Wonderland. Guards….”

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ShukaBlog 2017.03.19: Super Nerve-racking Day.

[Original Post] [←Zenkai no ShukaBlog!]

I haven’t posted in a while.
My bad.

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To those of you going to St Patrick’s day parades, donning green leprechaun hats and beards and yelling things like ‘kiss me I’m irish’ will sipping on shamrock shakes as you declare your irish heritage in whatever fractions you so please, I implore you to keep in mind the direct human rights violations the irish state imposes on people with uteri that the world chooses to ignore when talking about Ireland.

It really bothers me that people only choose to care about ireland one day a year and it’s based heavily on the dangerous stereotype of getting drunk and causing chaos. Please, I beg of you if you’re going to take one day off from being a US central site and set your sights on ireland, DONT ignore the repeal the 8th movement that exports our shame in numbers of 12 everyday because we have no access to abortion, or even proper education on the subject. The Catholic Church still has ireland in shackles that keeps it behind the rest of the world in terms of progress. and people are dying as a result.

I’m sorry if this comes off as condescending but I’m so tired of the world ignoring us. We’re committing a major human rights violation by keeping the 8th amendment enshrined in our constitution and the government and media chooses to ignore the hundreds of thousands of voices calling out to see it repealed. Please be aware of what’s happening here. We aren’t a happy green country filled only with rainbows and leprechauns and joy. We’re suffering and the world doesn’t care.

Beauty and The Beasts Part III

Summary: A new character appears and he’s rather… odd. A/N: sorry it took so long you guys… it’s long though and I think it’s better than part 2 was. ————————–

Guests were uncommon in Loki’s castle, and most of the time his ‘guests’ were people he tortured because they owed him something and took too long to pay up. Lady Y/N also had the joy of cleaning his torture devices when he was done. Every Wednesday afternoon however, Y/N received an hour of solitude in her bedchamber while Loki visited with what he called a business partner. She usually spent that hour writing her thoughts down and hiding the papers under her mattress.

This week was a bit different, though.

It was Tuesday and Lady Y/N was cleaning dust off of some of Loki’s enchanted items, when all of a sudden the door burst open and a man with messy, brown hair and a big black coat entered the room. He was carrying a velvet looking top hat. Loki, who had been at his spinning wheel in the corner looked up and stood from his spot, striding toward the newcomer.

“You aren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow.” He stated stopping in front of the man. He only grinned and glanced at Lady Y/N.

“Something came up.” He said. “Who’s the help?” She tried to shy away from his gaze, but he only kept watching her, Loki stepped in front of his gaze so he was forced to look back at him.

“She does not matter in this moment.” Loki said. “Do you have what I asked for, James?” The man, James, raised his top hat and reached inside, pulling out a small satchel. Loki took it from his hand and looked inside. “All six of them are here?” James nodded and tried to look back at Lady Y/N. “You may take as much gold as you deem fit.” Loki seemed to not care about anything James did, now that he had what he wanted. James walked over to the pile of gold that Loki had previously made on the floor and began stuffing it into his hat.

“Shall I make some tea, Sir Loki?” Lady Y/N asked. Without glancing back at her Loki answered.

“No, James won’t be staying much longer anyway.”

“Who decided that?” James voice startled Lady Y/N, he had snuck up and was standing directly behind her. He reached for her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing her knuckles. “James Barnes is the name, Portal Jumping’s the game. I also, make hats.” He released her hand and she blushed.

“M-my name is Y/N Rogers.” She said, James’ eyes widened.

“As in the princess, Y/N Rogers?” He turned toward Loki, whose face quickly darkened, for an answer. James quickly returned his gaze to Y/N and she gave a minute nod, he grinned like a cheshire cat.

“Small One,” Loki called to her, pulling her gaze away from the hatter. “Would you please make your way to your quarters.” With only another nod she left the Grand Hall, but stopped outside the doors because she head Loki speak again. She was out of sight but not of earshot. “Listen closely, Hatter, she is not a play thing-”

“Is that why you’ve been hiding her from me?” James’ voice cut him off. “Do you have feelings for the Princess?” James was mocking him. “Has The Dark One gone soft?” James’ laugh rang throughout the hall. “I had heard you won a maiden by saving Rogers’ kingdom, I didn’t care to ask about her, but seeing that you’ve taken the one thing he loved more than his wife, well now I’m interested.”

“You shouldn’t be. She is none of your concern.” Loki seemed upset, almost furious, meanwhile James stayed nonchalant and amused.

“So you do care for her.” It was more of a statement than a question, but Lady Y/N waited anxiously for a response, for some reason she wanted to know if Loki did care for her. Then she heard Loki scoff.

“No, but she is the best… help, I have ever had here.” Y/N, was hurt, and she didn’t know why. “I think it is time you leave Hatter. I will send for you if I need your help again.”

“Don’t worry Dark One, I think we will be seeing each other again very soon.” There was an odd whirring sound, and then silence.

“You can come out now, Small One.” Loki’s voice startled her and Lady Y/N released a small gasp. Not sure of what else she could do, she slowly reentered the grand hall with her head hung low. Like a child caught doing something they shouldn’t have. Looking around she noticed James had disappeared. “You can get back to work now.”

Loki left the hall, leaving Lady Y/N to her duties, but more importantly to her thoughts. Why had she felt hurt when Loki answered the Hatter? She was only his servant, nothing more, and he was The Dark One, why would he care about her anyway? Perhaps she was overthinking….

The next few weeks were odd, Loki had seemed to distance himself from her. Before the incident with the Hatter, they enjoyed pleasant conversation and now he was back to only giving her jobs to do and thanking her for doing them. Lady Y/N started to feel lonely again, and thought of escaping more and more every day. She never left though, for some reason, she felt she couldn’t. It was as though there was something she had to do here.

One evening, while she was consumed with boredom, Lady Y/N lay on her bed and thought of her father and mother. What were they doing right now? Were they even alive? She decided she was tired of the silence between her and The Dark One. Determined, Lady Y/N made her way down to the grand hall where Loki was spinning straw as usual. She slowed her strides and approached him calmly.

“I wish to ask you something.” She stated. He looked up at her with a furrowed brow.

“Then ask, Small One.” Her face seemed to flush, for some reason she had lost confidence, but she brought forth her question.

“I wish to know of my family.” Loki’s eyes went rather wide with surprise. Lady Y/N hadn’t spoken of her family since she had first arrived. “I want to know if they are alive.”

Loki could see something in her eyes, she was lonely, angry, anxious, and she showed not only those but many other emotions in her eyes. And for some reason, he understood them all. He felt them when he thought of the brother he was sure hated him. Loki stood from his spinning stool and went over to one of the many pedestals that held his enchanted items. He picked up a small mirror and brought it to Lady Y/N, who now held a look of confusion. Without a word he held the mirror in front of her showing her reflection. Her gaze went from the mirror to Loki as he moved his free hand slowly over the mirror. Her reflection began to waver and suddenly Lady Y/N was not the one in the mirror, it was now her father.

King Steven was standing over a table looking at a map and giving orders to knights. Loki watched as Lady Y/N’s eyes followed the king’s movements, some small amount of joy filled her irises when she saw her mother stand next to the king. Again the images wavered and faded, showing only the Lady’s reflection.

“You may keep the mirror.” Loki stand placing it in her hands. She smiled, and wiped at her now glistening eyes, murmuring a thank you. “Please make continue on with your duties now.” She nodded and placed the mirror on the table to take care of it later. Loki walked around the room inspecting some of his possessions.

“It’s… It’s very dark in here, may I open the curtains?” She asked. Loki only nodded. She made her way over to the latter used to get books off the higher shelves and pushed it toward the window. Cautiously she climbed up and began pulling on the curtains, but she slipped.

With a yelp, Lady Y/N fell from the latter. She braced for impact - closing her eyes tight - but it never came. When she opened her eyes she was met with Loki’s soft gaze. It was never soft, usually it was icy, but now it was as though she was looking into a softly flowing stream. Her arms rested around his neck and shoulders while he held her close. Gently, he set her down but she did not remove herself from him completely.

“Thank you.” It came out as a whisper, but he understood it. Loki seemed to have something to say, but instead of saying it he cleared his throat.

“That will be all for today. You may retire to your room.” Lady Y/N said nothing and looked toward the floor as she made her way out, grabbing the magic mirror as she left.





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Live Bait

*Image credit goes to @atc74, she is the best!*

Summary: When Castiel suggest to use the reader as bait Dean isn’t too happy about it.

Characters: Y/N, Dean, Castiel, Sam

Word Count: 2,000 ish

Warnings: Language, Drinking, Dean being over protective, Crack-ish, fluff

A/N:  This is my entry for @creatively-charlie ‘s Anniversary Writing Challenge and my prompt were “Excuse me I have to go make a scene” & “Hey, no threatening the Angel.”

This is also my entry for @atc74 follower celebration, my song was Down in the Mississippi (Up to no good) by Sugarland.  The line I had to use was “All these years without any help, well guess what honey? Clothes just don’t wash themselves.”

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