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I’m so confused. I’m new to the fandom and I know there were initially 12 and I’ve been under the impression that there are 9 now but the eve only have 8? How many members are there currently?

Ayyy welcome to the fandom! EXO is a 9 member group! I can see why you’re confused; their only remaining chinese member Yixing (his stage name is Lay tho) was not part of their latest album or any recent activity. Some say this is due to conflicting schedules (he has a lot of solo activities in China) or mismanagement, but it is most likely due to political tensions between China and Korea (mostly because of THAAD), which had China boycott korean products and such. Yixing is kind of caught in the middle of this, because even acknowledging EXO, a korean group, makes him a target of criticism from the chinese side, but not doing so brings him criticism from a lot of (fake ass) EXO-L for “ignoring his responsibilities” or something. My boy still did mention EXO here and there as best as he could though! A real MVP. But it seems that China and Korea are finally ready to move on from this feud and that’s how we got this lovely pic of CBX and Yixing together. I really hope that they can start promoting as a 9 member group again, but this will probably take some time. So we’ll have to be patient and support our boy while he is doing his thing.

I hope this cleared things up a little!  


you know what i’m gonna hate myself for posting this and i already do but shinnok’s x-ray + raiden’s tournament outfit = why did NRS do this

the additional level of design detail is only visible in shinnok’s x-ray, which makes sense, considering shinnok. if someone had told me that the lightning d can be seen while shinnok is grabbing raiden with his skele-hand, i would not have believed them and yet here we are

I once got called heartless.

Yes. You heard me. The girl who is currently head over heels in love, heartless. I can understand where they were coming from, but…I was only trying to help. That’s what they didn’t understand. I thought it was all behind us, too. I’m still sorry. I wonder if they’re still with them…I hope so. I hope they’re happy. I’m not…heartless. I hope.

She’s the betta half of the two

Nobody is perfect. The world is cruel.

Inspired by this video of Yuzuru tripping over nothing.

i can’t find the post so i’m gonna say it again

dear young witches, those who are 13-15 or even younger. do not take offense if an older witch won’t teach you. they’re legally not allowed to without your parent’s/guardian’s permission because you’re a minor and if your parent/guardian doesn’t like you doing witchcraft or you’re in the woods we cannot teach you in secret because that can look really bad. also your parent/guardian could make up lies about us and get us in trouble with the authorities because they don’t want us teaching you or us being around you. and i can already hear ya’ll saying “but i could defend you!” i’m really sorry but the judge isn’t going to believe a kid as young as you. it’s sad but it’s true. so again please don’t take offensive if an older witch turns down teaching you.

i see your text posts on Harry going to Hogwarts and getting a Howler from Sirius saying they’re going to a concert or praising him for getting in trouble while Remus is saying Sirius no in the background and I raise you this:

1st morning at Hogwarts Howler: “HARRY, HARRY THIS IS SIRIUS YOUR GODFATHER SIRIUS HARRY ARE YOU OKAY ARE YOU ALIVE WHAT HAVE YOU HAD TO EAT ARE YOU DRINKING DRINK MORE LIKE SEVEN GLASSES OF WATER JUST DRINK IT ALL AND DID YOU SLEEP OKAY *remus in the background: Pads leave the poor kid alone* IF YOU’RE SCARED YOU JUST TELL US AND YOU CAN COME RIGHT HOME *remus: in other news, we miss you, Harry* I DO NOT MISS HIM I'M FINE I’M SAYING HARRY’S HOMESICK *it’s okay to miss the boy you’ve been raising for eleven years, Pads* ELEVEN THAT’S RIGHT HE’S ONLY ELEVEN DO YOU HEAR ME DUMBLEDORE THAT’S TOO YOUNG THEY’RE PRACTICALLY IN DIAPERS *oh, we’re talking to Dumbledore now, are we? Tell him I say hello* HARRY YOU OWL ME RIGHT THIS INSTANT *are you crying?* OR I’LL FLOO THERE YOU KNOW WHAT I’LL JUST GO RIGHT– *I’m so sorry, Harry, have a good day, we love you!* [sounds of struggling and cursing fade away]

2nd morning: “HARRY, HARRY THIS IS SIRIUS YOUR– *oh for fuck’s sake Pads it’s 3 a.m.!*”

3rd morning Dumbledore receives two letters:


Here is a list of all the parents who think the current DADA teacher is incompetent. Luckily for you, I know two exceedingly handsome and competent men ready to take up the position right now. Like, today right now. RIGHT NOW. Remus and I would like our room to be in the Gryffindor tower preferably next to the first year dormitory. At the very least, fire that Divination woman and hire us that teacher is buLLSHIT AND WE ALL KNOW IT I DESERVE THIS MORE



How has the new school year been treating you? As you may have assumed, Sirius is finding the separation anxiety to be more difficult than anticipated. The signatures he sent you are all forged, but I have heard some curious rumors about the current DADA professor Quirrell. I trust your judgment above all else but if you were to find yourself in the position of needing two people to joint teach DADA, it would be much appreciated if you contact us. 

Now, I must go prevent Sirius from hacking the Floo network to your fireplace, again. 

Warm regards,

Remus J. Lupin


okay but picture this
  • sirius is so worried after full moons he can’t properly sleep in their dorms
  • he is always watching remus to make sure he’s okay
  • he faces remus and just focus on seeing if he’s breathing, if he might be having a nightmare, if he’s okay
  • and he can’t help but admire just how beautiful and calm remus seems to be
  • he doesn’t know that, but remus is well aware he’s beeing watched
  • and it’s the only thing that keeps him calm after a transformation, the thought of sirius looking after him with such tenderness
  • “i love you, moony”, sirius whispers to himself, not noticing remus just briefly opened his eyes
  • remus pretends he doesn’t hear it, it’s not the right time to be saying this words but merlin, he wants to say it back
  • remus rolls onto his side, in a way he’s not facing sirius anymore
  • “i love you too, padfoot” he mouths
  • remus can finally get a good night of sleep

you know when your friend is having a breakdown and you’re tryna be there for them but you literally dunno wtf to say without sounding useless / cliche ??


OTPs (in no particular order): Tsukishima Kei & Yamaguchi Tadashi

““How many did you miss?” Go on, say it to me. I only managed to stop one single spike. We played five whole sets. I’m so un―”

“I can think of a lot of words, but uncool definitely isn’t one of them!”

Can you imagine

The Inner Circle having dinner, and then Feyre or someone goes “Well, I guess it’s only a matter of time before the bond snap for Nesta, right?" 

And Nesta says, "it had already snapped" 

And everyone goes WHAT 

And Nesta just says, deadpan, "well, I felt it ages ago, but over my dead body I would let some stupid bound decide who I end up with, so I just ignored" 

And everyone just stares at her and Cassian just stand there, utterly shocked, having a mental breakdown 

Do you know what really pisses me off and makes me so fucking angry? The people that say stupid shit about scoliosis. The ones that say sitting straight will cure it, the ones that say heavy bags cause it and those people that say shit like fucking YOGA cure it. Like sure Suzan, it might take away some pain for certain people if their curve isn’t bad/they aren’t in heaps of pain, but it’s not going to make the curve magically disappear. It’s just infuriating that some people think that scoliosis is something that’s easy to control. Also, yes it is actually pretty common but severe pain and large curve(s) is not that common.
I’m sick and tired of people saying that ‘oh I have a sore back sometimes, I totally understand’, no no you don’t. No matter how much you think you know, you cannot imagine what it’s like. Before I had surgery I was in pain a lot and it was confusing and annoying. But it was nothing compared to those whose back hurts occasionally because this was everyday, just in varying severity. And you know what? Now after surgery (6 months) the pain is so much worse and it’s more draining than before. Before surgery I could sometimes forget my spine was deformed, now there isn’t an hour that goes by when I’m not in pain. Honestly it’s excruciating sometimes and I keep getting told I should be in less pain by now but they are so wrong. The only thing that’s changed is the type of pain I’m in. I now have heaps of muscle spasms and pain in my stomach, it now sometimes feels like crushing pain, it just all different types of pain in my back AND on top of all this shit, during surgery they kinda fucked my leg up a little bit. I have been told I’ll never get full function back in my leg, I can barely to my shopping without having a full on lip, around my knee goes numb all the time and I have to lift my left leg a lot, mostly when I’m getting into bed or getting into my car Added note: scoliosis isn’t cute, it can be extremely painful and distort your life. If I hadn’t of got my surgery, I would have died for this deformity, that’s how serious it can be. My spine would have crushed my heart and lungs, it had already started to

  • usum good ending: lusamine stays as the monster she was in the first games and the protag or lillie/gladion defeat her and she actually gets punished for being a piece of shit
  • usum bad ending: lusamine changes for the better and her abuse towards her children is ignored and everyone forgives her
  • usum neutral ending: lusamine changes for the better but her abusive behavior is not ignored and is treated as something that can't be forgiven easily and it takes a long time for everyone to forgive her
  • usum true ending: something about mohn probably

03 The Dryad

“You go around joking about that blondie, but you’ve been enchanted by that other guy he walks with.” Marinette didn’t look at her friend, choosing  instead to focus her eyes solely on a new shirt she was making “Don’t think I didn’t see you almost getting out of your tree while he was there! What if he saw you??”

"You stalker!!” Alya would give her a badly acted shock face “You’re the witch here but I didn’t see you do anything!” She’d gesture widely around her "See? Nothing! That boy is nothing but a summer fling!”

"It’s not even summer, Alya! It’s SPRING!!” They would both laugh.

“Isn’t he so cute though?? He took off his glasses to read. I also liked his internet choices” 

“Now who’s the stalker here!” Marinette would look at her friend just to throw some small leftover fabric pieces at her “But yes, very cute if I may say so myself.”

“Pity that they’ll both leave so soon. Three days! Who searches for the girl of their dreams for only three days! Couldn’t you even tease them a little?”

“Now, we talked about that..”

“Yeah, yeah. No teasing..” Alya would agree briefly and say goodbye, only finishing her sentence at a safe distance from Mari’s ears “..From you, my friend.” 

Everything you wanted to know about the Jaden Smith anime

-A Toblerone is used as a symbol of romantic affection.

-I’m serious. It’s a recurring theme.

-Someone also uses a giant Toblerone as a weapon. Like they smack someone over the head with it and knock them out.

-The protagonist (Kaz) is so extra he has a grave pre-marked for himself for when he dies in the future and will lie down on it when he’s sad.

-There are demons. This guy’s job is being an exorcist. But it’s not about the demons. They’re important, but it’s also a slice-of-life/quirky romantic comedy-ish/harem/family drama/political drama story? It literally cannot be put into a genre.

-There is also a “Bacherlor Board.” It ranks the single wealthy men of the city according to their mass appeal and how appealing of a partner they would be according to public opinion, fashion choices, and social/sports/career standing. It’s really stupid. This forms the crux of the show. I’m not kidding.

-Midnight blue vs black as a color scheme is literally used as a plot point.

-A girl becoming obsessed with tearing down anything remotely capitalist and never leaving her room after being possessed by a demon is also a plot point.

-Trying to find a demon sympathizer, assuming it’s a weird gay musician who wears black draping clothing all the time, only to find out he’s just visiting his DJ boyfriend who specialized in “Gregorian [Chant] House” music-also a plot point.

-There is a robot mecha butler named Charles with a British accent. Its existence is never explained. Charles is piloted by a boisterous old woman named Sadie (who the protagonist-and the audience) don’t know until several episodes in is actually the one in charge of Charles. The mechanics of this are also never explained.

-The “archnemesis” character is named “Archangelo.” I’m not kidding.

-Archangelo tries to make up with Kaz after the Bachelor Board is destroyed, making their rivalry meaningless. When Kaz later asks for his help, Archangelo accepts in exchange for Kaz calling Archangelo his “homie.”

-A hospital gown and head bandages are used as a fashion statement.

-It’s in New York but the future and part of the city is functionally underwater???

-But Russia is, apparently, still the Soviet Union and is 100% functionally communist.

-The plot makes no sense. And no one talks like this in real life.

-Very terrible Russian accents. As in, offensively terrible.

-There are some really great lines. Including gems such as, “I see you BITCH; you’re wearing black against a midnight blue sky and you’re sparkling,” “I do like you, but I hate this city more,” “I can’t handle the hellish vortex between breakfast and dinner,” “Do you live [in this suit shop because I see you all the time]?” “I wish I lived here.” “Me too,” “Sorry I’m disgracing the family name, but I’m depressed,” “I don’t hate you; I just wish you weren’t such a lapdog of the bourgeoisie,” “Good thing I brought my vape,” and “What in the name of Shakespeare’s ass is going on here?”

-Someone makes a Caprese martini. Yes like the salad. Complete with mozzarella ball in place of an olive.

-There is a really good discussion about gender and using women as mere chesspieces to further men’s goals when one of the male characters accidentally ends up in a female body. This is one of the few genuinely good things about the show.

-Kaz is obsessed with fashion. Which is fine. Give me more not-gay male characters obsessed with clothes. But he is unhealthily obsessed with fashion. To the point where he sees women not wanting to wear school uniforms as a nonsensical, unforgivable break from tradition that represents everything the school in question stands for. And constantly tries to make an ex-fashion blogger feel bad that she quit the fashion industry because she became tired of the superficial shit she had to deal with while she was there.

(-I’m not saying everyone in the fashion industry is superficial or terrible. But the point is she didn’t think it was for her anymore, and he thought that wasn’t a valid life choice.)

-There’s also a side story about a big international Grand Prix? There are so many side plots. But there’s somehow not really a plot at all. I don’t know how this anime is real.

-The best way I can describe it is that it’s basically a slightly watered-down abridged version of a pre-existing anime. Except the anime it’s abridging doesn’t exist. Rather than making an anime that someone else abridged, they just jumped straight into making an abridged series with no source material.

-I can’t say I don’t recommend watching it because it truly has to be seen to be believed. It’s not good. Not at all. But it’s definitely not un-enjoyable. My friends and I had an absolute riot watching this, plus there are only six episodes. But if you can’t handle cringe, this is not for you, because there is a lot of that. If you can stomach that, I guarantee you will be in for the ride of your fucking life.


I managed to capture the exact moment Jason loses all hope at the asylum the last time I played Arkham Knight. This is just after Joker shows him the picture of Bruce and Tim, a bit after Jason says that pitiful “no.”  Before this, you could see a lot more emotion expressed on his face – anger, sadness. Now his face is blank, overwhelmed by sadness and anger and disappointment and fear. Because this is the exact point that he realizes that nobody’s coming to save him. 

If you look closely, you can see tears welling up in his eyes. 

  • junmyeon: please be nice
  • kyungsoo: sorry i can only be nice two (2) times per day and i just said sorry to you so there goes the second one
  • junmyeon: what was the first one?
  • kyungsoo: i let chanyeol hold onto me during a scary movie
  • junmyeon: that was two days ago though
  • kyungsoo: it was a long movie and he was really scared, i'm still recovering

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What are your top favorite carmilla fics to re-read? :)

Great Question!!

  • Meet Me Halfway To Your Heart - aka the fake engaged AU where Laura and Carmilla’s parents are famous 
  • Marriage of Convenience - also a fake engaged AU but Carmilla is a politician, also this one’s a WIP but updates pretty regularly
  • Beating Like A Hammer - the AU where Carmilla is in a band and Laura is a journalist
  • The Trades We Choose - personal assistant AU
  • On Your Ground - Doctor!Laura AU
  • The Blind Date - Carmilla and Laura are exes, get set up on a blind date, and, well, you can figure out what happens next
  • if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only love - deals with the aftermath of s3, a bit angsty and raw but also soft and healing and bittersweet
  • at night i hear her breathe (it sounds like explosions) - cute fluff one-shot with a side of smut, bubble baths are involved
  • Don’t Say A Word - angsty but also really sweet, takes place during episode 2.36
Icebreakers I
  • "Excuse me, but you’ve got a little something on your face there."
  • "Well... this is awkward."
  • "I guess this is the part where we shake hands and say 'nice to meet you', right?"
  • "I've seen you here before, but I guess I just never had the courage to say hello before."
  • "I'm so excited to finally meet you in person! I've always dreamed of this."
  • "Sorry, but, um... am I the only one confused here? Why hasn't anyone else showed up?"
  • "Watch out!"
  • "Am I dead? Are you an angel?"
  • "Okay, okay, listen. I miiiiight have had a little too much, and I miiight need someone to help me get home. You look trustworthy, so let's go."
  • "I'm sorry--please, can you help me?"
  • "I look forward to working with you."
  • "I look forward to serving you."
  • "Stay still! I'm trying to stop the bleeding!"
  • "I'm not trying to be nosy or anything, but... I've been seeing you here a lot lately, always by yourself. I just wanted to say, if you have anything on your mind, I'd listen."
  • "Um, I know you don't know me, but I think what you did back there was very brave."
  • "Some weather we're having, huh?"

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Ok so I'm in French class one day and my French teacher says that in French there's different ways to say bless you depending on how many times you sneeze and he said I can never find out what happens if you sneeze 4 times and if you find out I'll give you an A for the year so, as a certified French person I'm asking you.what does one say in French if someone sneezes 4 times?

OMG I know that it goes:

  1. A tes souhaits
  2. A tes amours

for sure, but internet doesn’t seem to agree on the third and fourth one, I’m afraid :/ I can’t find them even though I searched, I’m sorry! I’ve only ever heard 1 and 2 in my life. The younger generation just says “Crève” when one of their friends sneezes, which means “die” x) Cause we’re kind and houghtful like that