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Voltron Model AU

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Model AU

• Pidge and her brother Matt are those siblings models but there only doing it to pay for the expensive school they both go too.
• Hunk is one of those plus size models and everyone loves his personality cuz he’s so nice and humble, he has a foodie blog that he takes a lot of pride in.
• Keith is one of those chill angry looking guys that model for sports wear and stuff. He’s known for not being sporty at all, and he’s said multiple times he has no idea how he ended up where he is.
• Shiro is also a sports model but he dose some of those tux modeling every once in a while, he has the most followers. The media has no dirt on him and people think he amazing but really he just never leaves his house cuz he’s always too stressed.
• Lance is one only those people who got Instagram famous and was offered to come out in runways and magazines for publicity and he rocked it and got a permanent hire, he’s mostly for like Forever 21 Men and hipster shit like that. He love sports and has been after Keith’s shoots for a while.
• They all randomly met at some weird charity ball or some runway thing
• Lance and Hunk hit it off (friendship wise) quickly and soon started up a cooking YouTube channel together. With Shick and Lances very culture based foods that people are always impressed by.
• Lance actually really likes Keith’s shoots and dreamed of having his job so when he met him and he was kinda a dick he was really disappointed
• He and Hunk quickly befriended Shiro tho and it forced them to hang out cuz Shiro was already really good friends with Keith
• Pidge met them when she asked Keith if she could get him a drink
• (not in a flirty way but cuz she wasn’t of age and really wanted one)
• (Keith didn’t really know better and gave her one)
• (they both got in huge trouble)
• (but it’s okay cuz Lance got them out of it)
• Matt came over after it all and they all just formed a circle and talked together.
• Someone took pictures of them all hanging out and it kinda became lowkey news
• People started shipping Lance and Keith and Keith was surprisingly into it
• He would joke on Twitter and stuff about asking him out and Lance posted pictures of him giving flowers and stuff like that as a joke.
• But it was lowkey not a joke they just didn’t know cuz they both thought they were kidding
• Pigde and Matt did a shoot with Lance and Allura (a up and coming model who they met that day) for a Old Navy thing
• They all hit it off and invited them to a BBQ hosted by Hunk and yeah it was fun
• They all kinda got drunk tho so Allura took Pidge home so they wouldn’t deal with there bull
• They accidentally uploaded a video of them acting stupid and it got a lot of publicity
• And the reason it was a big deal was because Shiro was throwing Matt into a pool but Klance was making out in the background
• Also while throwing Matt into the pool Shiro yelled “I’m gonna marry her!(Allura)”
• he was really drunk cuz he was stressing out a lot.
• Shiro is still confused because “who even took that video?”
• There all a happy dorky family and everyone loves them

Model AU Part 2
• Shiro finds out it was Hunk’s girlfriend, Shay, who took the video and feels BETRAYED
• He thought she was a very nice person how could she do this??
• He managed to block the video from Allura, now he just needs to find a way to hid the trending tag from her…
• Matt swears he’s never drinking again (he dose very soon)
• Keith thinks that he and Lance are an item now, but Lance is a blackout drunk and doesn’t remember anything
• “Haha sorry if I made you uncomfortable or anything, i really lose myself with these kind of things”
• “We. Had. A. Moment. How? Can? You? Not? Remember?”
• “Sorry? Are you okay?”
• He was not okay
• He didn’t want to just show Lance the video tho cuz that seems kinda insensitive and lame
• (He’s not evil or mean or anything in this AU he’s actually really nice and stuff but Keith hates him because…)
• He asks Lance on a date after doing a shoot for swimsuit modeling (Lotor was doing the swimsuit thing not Lance)
• (Lance was just at the studio to see a job offer)
• Lotor just saw him and wall like “hey Lance right? Really loved your ‘generic pose’ shoot, blah blah blah, we should grab a drink?
• Lance says yes cuz DAMN THIS guy is hella
• Shiro is unlucky too cuz Allura decided she would accept a film job overseas
• Hunk Pidge and Matt feel bad for them and take them out for drinks
• They get drunk again. (Including Pidge, there was no supervision)(she’s 16 in this AU so it’s not that bad)
• Cue drunk phone calls to Allura and Lance (they had a night out together cuz they really wanted a see a movie that no one else was interested in)
• Lance and Allura open up there voicemails at the same time and WHAT IS GOING ON??!
• The next day Keith and Shiro hear THERE voicemails and it’s just Lance and Allura really worried
• Keith and Shiro regret everything and try to drown themselves in the pool (Matt and Hunk stopped them)
• "Guys this is a community pool, my neighbors will be mad plz stop” (-Hunk)

BTS Reaction to Thinking You Cheated

Incognito; Bts reaction to rumors that you cheated on him, and you have a rough argument and they say horrible things and hurt your feelings, to after discover the rumors were fake and they should have believed you? Please love ur blog, sorry if its too long ^^ and sorry for my english, im Brazilian 💜 - leila

Note: I was spread too thin, my brain is shut down so I’ll try to upload new reactions instead of revamps when I can. send in more requests thoughh!! *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ He was lost in thought when he realized what he had done wrong. He could vaguely remember screaming at you and making you cry when he believed the rumors of you cheating on him with Jungkook were true. He didn’t care at the time, but when he went to go get a drink at the bar and overheard that some jealous girl had made them up, he stared off into space with the glass of alcohol in his hands. He was angry with himself, and before he knew it the cup in his hands shattered from squeezing it with brutal force.

“What have I done..”

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Suga ➳ Yoongi was beyond livid when he heard that you had been having relations with Jimin behind his back. He was throwing stuff to the ground and yelling at you while tears streamed down your cheeks. He couldn’t believe his ears when he heard from Jimin himself that it wasn’t true. “You’re just trying to save your own ass.” He mumbled but when Jimin gave him an honest expression, he began to laugh out of not knowing what he had done. He felt betrayed by his own jealousy and covered his face with his hands, feeling ashamed at what he did to you. “I’m such an asshole..”

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J-Hope Hoseok refused to believe the rumors, but that didn’t stop him from being in a negative mood the whole day. He knew the love you two had for each other was too deep to even be messing around with other people. But when you smiled, he felt the doubt sprinkling in the back of his mind at the thought of you and Namjoon together. When he pushed you a little too hard while joking around, you stared at him worriedly. “What’s wrong?” You questioned.

He just laughed, jealousy getting the better of him. “Nothing.” He plainly said, side-glancing you with a fake smile. “Absolutely nothing.”

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RapMonster ➳ He was screaming at you, slamming you against the wall before you yelped from the force and trying to witness the guilty expression on your face from what you have done. At least, that’s what he imagined he’d do. He watched you talk about the new book you were reading excitedly with Hoseok. There was no way you’d cheat on him, right? But that didn’t stop him from asking. “Are you two doing something behind my back?” He asked upfront, and the both of you frowned before laughing out loud.

Yep, there was no way.

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Jimin ➳ Jimin was pissed when he heard about you and Yoongi staying the night together. He confronted you about it and it pissed him off even more when you acted oblivious. He was yelling, and when you kept denying it he punched a hole in the wall right beside your petrified being. He left you in tears and went to find Yoongi, and when he did he was seething. “How could you?” He growled and Yoongi was impassive but Jimin knew Yoongi was getting angrier by the second from being accused of something he didn’t do.

“How could I? No, how could you.” Yoongi spat and that’s when he knew; that he was wrong.

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V ➳ Taehyung was angry when the rumor finally came to him. He dropped everything just to confront you, and although he wasn’t screaming; he was being rude as hell. “How could you hoe around when I’m only gone for one night, especially with Kim Seokjin?” He snarled, walking closer to you and you froze, your eyes brimming with tears and at that moment; he regretted ever doubting you.

“Isn’t a relationship built from trust? Why can’t you trust me?”

He felt like complete shit.

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Jungkook ➳ He was so angry and couldn’t control himself when he saw you and Taehyung together, pushing you away from him roughly and dumping you on the spot. You looked devastated when he didn’t believe you, but he could care less. “If you wanted an older man you should have been with him in the first place instead of wasting my time.” He sneered, but when he later found out from Taehyung that it was all a misunderstanding, he felt too mortified to apologize. “I fucked up..” he mumbled and Taehyung laughed.

“You sure did, but what can you do? You love her that much.”

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Exposed || Jack Maynard

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Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1.3k+

A/N: this is just a burn on basically all of us and i’m so sore; ALSO I’M BACK AND FULFILLING REQUESTS WHOOO!!xo

It was embarrassing for you to even think about; the way you used to be before you actually met Jack at a club in London and really got to know him as a person and not as his brand. He was handsome, but you’d always known that, but he had a way with words that made you feel as if you weren’t talking to the boy whom you’d previously run a blog about, but he was a completely different guy. He was polite, a gentleman, and you came to the conclusion that photographs did not do his eyes any justice.

You exchanged numbers that night, and proceeded to spend hours upon hours texting non-stop, realising only when your eyes began to droop that you’d been messaging each other until three am, sometimes even later. It was one of your wildest dreams coming true, and you had to pinch yourself every so often to remind yourself that you were actually talking to him, and weren’t just dreaming.

When you started dating for real, and became ‘official’, that was when you met the rest of the boys. You played it cool, but couldn’t help the wide smile that remained on your lips all night long. But after a few months, you completely forgot about your blog, and the obsessive girl you’d been before you actually met Jack. You became a huge part of the buttercream squad, or 'gang’, as a few of the boys liked to insist it was originally referred to as. You would shake your head and press your lips together in amusement, thinking back to the time when your friends in the tumblr fandom all lost it over them tweeting such nonsense.

When you appeared in one of Joe’s vlogs, even if it was only for a split second as he turned around with the camera and caught a glimpse of you sat on his countertop with a juice box in your hands; the fans caught it without any issue at all. People began to speculate on who this mystery girl was, and why you seemed so comfortable in the company of all of the boys. As you read through all of the conspiracy enthused tweets, you couldn’t help but smile softly and think back to a time when that was you, messaging your friends in all caps and making up wild stories just to amuse yourselves.

They gave up eventually, especially when Joe liked a tweet that a fan account had tweeted, telling everyone that they needed to calm the heck down and understand that the boys were entitled to a private life. You thought for sure that it was all over and done with, until one morning, you rolled over in bed and reached your arms out, expecting to make contact with Jack but to no avail. You open your eyes groggily and jut out your bottom lip into a pout, yawning as you stretch your arms and legs out wildly before standing up and wrapping your dressing gown around your shoulders.

You walk out into the living room, and seeing as you’d heard their voices before, you simply smile sleepily at Joe, Oli, Mikey and Josh before walking into the kitchen and wrapping your arms around Jack from behind, absorbing his warmth. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” You mumble into his back before taking a step back and walking over to the fridge to grab a bottle of water.

As you walk back over to him, he kisses you softly and gestures down to the food he was preparing with a tilt of his head. “The only reason I’m up is because the boys blackmailed me into making them all breakfast, and you looked really comfy in bed.”

You roll you eyes and grin, nudging him slightly before walking around the counter and collapsing onto one of the couches, forcing the boys to make space for you. You laugh and grin at them all, taking a sip of your water. “Morning.”

You received a few grumpy 'mornings’ back, and you looked down at your watch to check the time. it was only half past time in the morning, and you couldn’t help but wonder why on earth the boys thought it was a good idea to get back at Jack for goodness knows what, by punishing themselves with an early morning.

You didn’t understand these boys sometimes.

An hour later, you found yourself cuddles into Jack’s side with your legs laying over Josh’s lap as you all watched the screen intently, having mutually decided that Prison Break was the way to go. Jack was scrolling down his phone, not the biggest fan of Prison Break unlike the rest of you, and mumbling incoherently under his breath ever now and then, a habit you noticed he’d carried since the day you met him.

The boys left at around twelve, most of them only having free’d up their mornings and then had meetings to attend or videos to edit and/or film. With nothing to do with the rest of your day, you snuggle further into Jack and turn the TV onto YouTube, scrolling through your subscription box and frowning when you realised none of your favourite’s had uploaded.

“Hey, babe, is this you?” Jack asks just as you decide on a video, and you hardly look up at the slightly old photograph of yourself before nodding and humming without thinking. It was only a few seconds later when it dawned on you, that the only place that you’d ever posted that picture was on your old blog, and you swore that in that moment, you heart stopped.


“What on earth does 'smol’ mean?”

“Oh my god.” You exhale slowly, shuffling away form him and curling up into a small ball on the other end of the sofa. “Please st-”

“’Jack is precious and needs to be protected at all costs. Don’t fight me’, spelt, f-i-t-e.” He reads out the post, and your cheeks begin to burn in embarrassment. “Babe, I can’t believe you used to run a fan blog about me!” You part your lips, but you were completely speechless as you watch him continue to school down the page. “Oh my god, you have like, hundreds of people tagging you in posts asking you if you’re dead and so many people are worried about you because you haven’t been online in a long time.”

“Well I wasn’t exactly going to continue running a blog about the guy I was dating, especially not because when people do eventually find out about us, they’ll probably trace me back to that.” You gesture to the phone, you face scrunched up as you try not to cringe into yourself. “Please put it away, it’s really embarrassing.”

He looks up at you over the screen and frowns at the look on your face, reluctantly putting the phone down onto the coffee table before tugging you into his lap and cupping your cheeks softly. “I’m only teasing you, you know that right? I don’t really care if you were a fan of my video’s or if you weren’t, but honestly? Knowing that you liked me even before I knew you, that makes me really happy.” He speaks softly, looking down at you and brushing the delicate skin under your eyes with the pad of his thumb.

You nod and scrunch up your nose again. “It’s still horrible to think back. Like, that blog used to be my life, and I met so many amazing people through you without you even knowing who I was.”

He smiles and presses his lips against your for a moment before pulling away and laughing slightly. “But seriously, what does 'smol’ mean?”

You chuckled, the tension falling away from your shoulders slowly as you sit up and rest your head on Jack’s shoulder, scrolling down your old blog and feeling incredibly nostalgic as you read through your conversations and looked at your cheesy edits, all he while explaining to Jack the way of the average 'fangirl’ language.

Later that night, when Jack had left to go pick up some food, your phone lit up, notifying you that he’d tweeted.

@Jack_Maynard23 tweeted:

If your girlfriend used to run a fan blog about you, don’t be sad, be rad, go pick up some chinese food for her, and proceed to tease her about it for the rest of her life #boyfriendgoals

Invisible, Chapter Six

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1550

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BitesizeKorean Masterpost

Mobile friendly post for BitesizeKorean. Updated on: 16.12.12


Vocabulary Builders

  • Countries
  • Body Parts
  • Twitter
  • Terms of Endearment
  • Words of Encouragement
  • Colours in Korean
  • Common Konglish Words
  • Numbers in Korean


  • 외국인 vs. 외국 사람
  • 책방 vs. 서점
  • 일하다 vs. 직장
  • 숙제 vs. 과제
  • 학교 vs. 학원
  • 응답하다 vs. 대답하다
  • 심지어 vs. 게다가
  • 가격, 값 and 비용
  • 수다 and 수다를 떨다
  • 감사합니다, 고마워, and 고맙다.
  • 한국어 vs. 한국말
  • 아마 vs. 어쩌면
  • 아니요 vs. 아니야
  • 지금 vs. 이제
  • 위성 vs. 달
  • 이거 vs. 이게
  • 항상 vs. 늘
  • 자백 vs. 고백
  • 평소 vs. 보통
  • 오전 vs. 아침
  • 어쩌면, 아무래도, and 아마
  • 1등 vs. 1위
  • 아니에요 vs. 천만에요
  • 원하다 vs. 싶다
  • 부인 vs. 아내
  • 미안하다 vs 죄송하다
  • 뭐 vs 무슨
  • 친절 vs 친절하다 vs 친절한
  • 창피 vs 민망
  • (-았/었어요) vs  (-고 있어요)
  • 있면 vs 있다면
  • 당신은 vs 너는
  • 명 vs 분
  • 너무, 진짜 and 아주
  • 유방 vs 가슴
  • 서운하다 vs 슬프다
  • Interrogatives
  • Demonstratives
  • Locative Adverbs
  • Bright and Dark Vowels
  • Particles 은/는 and 이/가
  • 을/를 Object Marking Particles
  • 이다 (To be)
  • 아니다 (To not be)
  • ~(으)ㄹ수록 [~(으)면 ~(으)ㄹ수록] (The more… the more…)
  • ~네요
  • ~ㄹ/을 계획 (To have plans to…)
  • 잘/못 하다 (to be good/bad at something)
  • 아서/어서
  • Particles: 에게/함테/께 and 에게서/한테서
  • 와/과 particles
  • Particles 에서 and 에
  • ~(으)ㄴ/는 편이다 (Stating characteristics) 
  • Expressing desire to possess a noun ~고 싶어요
  • (verb)+자
  • ~(으)ㄴ/는데 
  • ~겠어요
  • A/V~고
  • Pronouns in Korean: I, me, my, mine
  • 보이다
  • ~던 
  • 지 and the ~는 것 principle
  • ~아/어/여야 되다 or ~아/어/여야 하다 (to have to)

Misc. Questions

  • What does 눈치 mean?
  • Basic Korean curriculum plan! Pt.2
  • Anywhere to read beginner and intermediate Korean?
  • Is ㄱ ‘g’ or a ‘k’?
  • How do you pronounce 의?
  • When is 의 pronounced differently?
  • What is the difference between ㄱ and ㅋ?
  • How to say ‘You are’ in Korean?
  • How to say “I am” in Korean?
  • How to say “What is…” in Korean?
  • How to say “Who is…” in Korean?
  • What does 미드 mean?
  • What does 특집 mean?
  • What are some differences between the Seoul and Busan dialect?
  • How to learn the Busan accent?
  • What is the difference between 입니다 and 이에요/예요?
  • When do pronounce the letters ㅅㅈ ㅊ and like ’t’ and ㅂ like ’m’? And why?
  • When are ㅅ/ㅆ pronounced “SH”?
  • How to say, “Is it interesting?”
  • 뭐야 이거?
  • Which particles are dropped in speech?
  • Do people in Daegu and Busan speak the same dialect?
  • What’s the difference between ~어/아서 and ~고?
  • How to change verbs into nouns?
  • What’s the difference between 안녕히가세요 and 안녕히계세요?
  • What’s “anyway” in Korean?
  • Why do Koreans use 우리 instead of 나의?
  • What does “멋졍 ” mean?
  • Pronunciation rules for ㅎ
  • Speech formalities 
  • Nouns in Korean
  • How to ask questions in Korean
  • How to say a.k.a in Korean?
  • How to say ASAP in Korean?
  • Grammatical spacing in Korean
  • Accents around Korea
  • Difference between 함께 and 함께라면?
  • How would you use 이야기하다 in a sentence?
  • What does ‘도망치지 마 뒤돌아서서 두려움에 맞서봐’ mean?
  • ㅍ,ㅂ, and ㅃ
  • Difference between 애 and 에?
  • How to say “please” in Korean
  • Negatives in Korean
  • Difference between ㅊ and ㅈ?
  • What’s the difference between 우리, 나의, and 내(ㅔ)?
  • Why do Koreans sometimes put 나 at the end of a sentence?
  • Difference between 입니다 and 습니다?
  • How to introduce yourself in Korean?
  • How to pronounce Hangul characters?
  • What does 이뤄진다 mean?
  • Pronunciation of ㅈ for men and women 
  • What’s “real” in Korean?
  • What’s “star” in Korean?
  • Korean suffixes
  • What does 휘황찬란한 mean?
  • Are “천만에요” and “안녕하세요” formal polite?
  • Greetings on the phone?
  • Which number system do I use for ‘years’?
  • Korean Sentence Structure
  • Why is there a -야 at the end of informal sentences?
  • What do stressed syllables mean in Korean?
  • 네 as 네 or as 니?
  • What does 인정 mean?
  • How do you use compliments like “cutie” in Korean?
  • Cutie: 귀염둥이 
  • How to ask to switch to 반말?
  • 고민: One’s worries
  • What does 왜그래 mean?
  • ㄹ sounding as L and R?
  • Resources for learning about culture?
  • Thoughts on TTMIK?
  • Are there other times to use 여보세요?
  • What do you say when you answer the phone?
  • How to say Happy Birthday in Korean?
  • Hangul characters and syllables explanation 
  • Does 때문에 have a negative nuance? 
  • Understanding Konglish words
  • How to say “Excuse me” to pass through
  • Do commas exist in Korean?
  • How to ask questions in Korean part 2
  • Is there a specific stroke order to Hangul?
  • How to say “embarrassing” in Korean
  • How to identify the subject and object in a sentence?
  • How to pronounce hanja?
  • How to say the year in Korean?
  • Common spelling mistakes in Korean
  • Understanding dictionary form
  • Hangul character names and alphabetical order
  • How to pronounce compound consonants in Korean
  • What does 새살 mean?
  • Is there a difference between 화이팅 and 파이팅?
  • What does 주룩 mean?


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  • Week Forty 


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  • 가재는 게 편이라
  • 개미 구멍으로 둑도 무너진다
  • 가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다
  • 거지도 부지런하면 더운 밥 얻어 먹는다
  • 가려운 곳을 긁어 주다
  • 거미 새끼같이 흩어진다
  • 가랑비에 옷 젖는 줄 모른다
  • 개천에서 용 난다
  • 걱정도 팔자다
  • 귀신도 모르다
  • 거짓말도 방편
  • 공자 앞에서 문자 쓴다
  • 곧은 나무 먼저 찍힌다
  • 고양이에게 생선을 맡기다


  • 시작이 반이다
  • 선무당이 사람 잡는다


  • 말보다 증거


  • 천 리 길도 한 걸음부터


  • 작은 고추가 맵다
  • 잠을 자야 꿈을 꾸지


  • 원숭이도 나무에서 떨어진다


  • 돌다리도 두드려 보고 건너라
  • 달도 차면 기운다


  • 빛 좋은 개살구


  • 득템
  • 얼짱
  • 말을 씹다 or 문자를 씹다
  • 안습


  • ”내 맘에 깊이 가득 차버린 공허한 세상 나를 구해줘” Reset - Tiger JK
  • “이 끝이 없는 미로 속에서 어서 날 꺼내줘” Love is not over (full version) - BTS
  • “난 숨쉬고 싶어 이 밤이 싫어 이젠 깨고 싶어 꿈속이 싫어” Save me - BTS
  • “난 꿈이 있어요 그 꿈을 믿어요 나를 지켜봐요” A Goose’s Dream - InSoo
  • “다시 run run run 난 멈출 수가 없어 또 run run run 난 어쩔 수가 없어” Run - BTS


Do you have any tips for pronouncing Korean?

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Do you know of any good Korean dictionaries?

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Do you have any tips for learning Hangul?

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Do you have any tips on staying organised while studying?

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Do you have any tips for self study?

I have a self study guide here!

What is your study plan like?

I have a post here explaining!

How to keep yourself motivated?

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If you are new to the blog and are looking for any information regarding how to learn Korean, travel, or resource material, please refer to my Korean Resource Masterpost and my Self Study Guide.

If your question is grammar related, please check to see if it has been answered. If not, please feel free to ask!

Inbox Rules:

1) I don’t do translations - Translations are not the focus of this blog, and since I receive so many of them, it is impossible to keep on top of. So for this reason, any translation requests in my inbox will be deleted from now on - no exceptions. I apologise for the inconvenience.

2) I will delete repeated questions - By this, I just mean that sometimes I have more than one of the same question in my inbox at the same time. So I will keep the question that was asked first, and delete any repeats within my inbox. So if I don’t specifically answer your question, but I release an answer with a similar question, you’ll know why I didn’t respond. However, if you still have something left unanswered, feel free to specify and send me another ask and I’ll do my best to respond.

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4) Ask box only - If you have a Korean related question, please enquire through my ask box and not my messages. Thank you.

Those are really the only four rules. Thank you for understanding!

Do you use any other social media?

I have an Instagram for Korean Idioms, and another Instagram for all my vocabulary study cards! I also have a Twitter for updates! And a Memrise for vocabulary!

How long have you been studying Korean?

Honestly, not long! I’ve only been dabbling in the language since late October 2015.

Do you self study?

Yes. I try to dedicate at least four hours a week into learning grammar and vocabulary.

What is your native language?

My mother tongue is English!

What is your name?

Most people call me Elle (pronounced Ellie)! My real name is Emily.

Will you add audio to your study cards?

I did consider making audio for the pronunciation, however I came to the conclusion that the quantity of vocabulary I’m supplying each week is already being juggled on top of university work. So making videos or audio would only increase the work and provide difficult to keep up. Although, I’m not completely dismissing the idea, so I’ll see what happens!

Will you add romanisation to you study cards?

I personally don’t think that romanisation is necessary, and quite often, it seems to be that learners can find it restrictive. This is mainly due to the fact that it can actually inhibit proper pronunciation and hinder reading fluency. Romanisation also has the habit of contradicting advanced pronunciation rules, and for these reasons, I don’t like to include it. I also had an open discussion with most of you about adding it - and it seems that a majority would dislike me to include romanisation. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Am I allowed to save the study card you’ve made?

Of course. That’s why I make them! ;) However, I do not allow the re-uploading of any of my flashcards without first asking permission. I put time and effort into these study cards, and it’s upsetting to see my work posted without proper credit.

Why did you start learning Korean?

I love language, and have dabbled in many! I decided to learn a language completely different to anything I’ve learnt before, so I picked Korean randomly. I fell in love with it, and from there I’ve found a secret passion for Korean drama!

What other languages have you studied/know?

I have studied German, French, Russian, Japanese, and have recently just started to learn Danish. Although, Korean has been the most fun!

Ssamba’s Blog Post 3/17/17

Hello, this is Ssamba. ^^
Are you guys doing well? It looks like the weather has been getting better lately. Spring is slowly creeping up on us~
Due to the nice weather, I went to Jejudo with my mom. I left on Tuesday, and I came back yesterday afternoon hehe
I had a lovely time sightseeing.
My mom’s hometown is Jejudo. So I’ve always wanted to visit at least once with her.

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Baby 101

Summary: Lance changes your sons diaper.

Pairing: Lance x Reader (and son)

Warnings: just some daddy Lance :)

A/N: Tomorrow I’ll either upload a part of Tainted Love or BITL so be prepared for either one of those. Anyways this is just a lil Lance drabble, hope ya enjoy :)

You were exhausted. Actually, not even exhausted was the right fit for how you felt at the moment. You were drained; tired but you were still sitting in the rocking chair that was in the living room, holding your son who wouldn’t let you have a five-minute nap.

But maybe, just maybe he would this time. He was calm, eyes fluttering closed and you let out a sweet sigh, a lazy smile spread on your face. Your eyes began to close as well, hoping for even a minute of sleep but that dream was soon crushed  when your son began crying.

Your eyes snap open and land on your baby. “There’s no tears coming from your eyes you faker.”

This made your son wail even more and you groan. “I can’t get five minutes of sleep? Just five minutes?”

Your son continued to cry and you rocked him back and forth. “Where’s your dad at?” you sigh, looking at the front door before turning you gaze back to your baby.

Seeing as the rocking wasn’t helping, you sigh and pull down your shirt to breastfeed. “You hungry, handsome boy? Hmm?”

He wasn’t hungry.

You pull your shirt up and rub his back, trying to calm him down but nothing was helping. It was then that Lance came through the door, hair tousled like he had been running his fingers through it and he dropped his bag on the floor. He lets out a sigh and shuts the door, laying his head on the wood.

“Sorry I’m late. Cassie kept messing up her routine so we had to stay even later until she got it right.” He sighed, turning around to you. Cassie was one of his students. She was fourteen years old and super nice.

“It’s okay,” you hummed.

Lance’s eyebrows furrowed and he nodded over to his son. “What’s wrong with Caleb?”

It’s your turn to sigh. “He won’t stop crying and I don’t know what’s wrong. I tried everything and-” you pause and lift your son up, smelling him. “He needs his diaper changed. That’s why he’s crying.”

You rub your eyes and sigh once more before moving to get up. Lance – seeing how tired you were – placed his hand on your shoulder and guided you to sit back down. “I’ve got this, baby.”

“Are you sure? I just need to-”

“You’re tired. Go to the room and get some sleep. I’ll watch Caleb.” He cuts you off.

You smile and stand up. “Thank you so much Lance.”

He leans down and presses a kiss to your lips. “Anything for my wife.” He pulls away and takes your son in his hands. “C’mon my little cabbage, let’s get you changed.”

You smile as you walk to yours and Lance’s shared room. Lance calls Caleb “little cabbage” because the first thing you changed him into was a green onesie and it made him laugh because he looked like a little cabbage.

Upon entering the room, you stretch before climbing into bed and snuggling up. You were almost asleep when you heard Lance talking to your son.

“We gotta let mommy sleep because she’s tired and she needs her beauty sleep. Not that she’s not beautiful already. No, your mommy is the most gorgeous mommy alive and I’m a very lucky guy.” you hear him say and you smile. After his little speech you hear Lance pulling the adhesive tabs off and your eyes widen.

You jump out of bed and run over to Caleb’s nursery. “Lance, wait! You have to-”

You arrive in time to see Caleb peeing all over Lance. “Oh fuck,” he cursed, covering his sons privates with the diaper again. “He pissed all over me!”

You clasp your hand over your mouth, trying not to laugh but failing immensely. Lance glares at you and you watch the liquid drop off of his chin and onto his shirt.

“You think this is funny?”

You shut your mouth. “No..” but it doesn’t take long for you to burst into laughter once again.

Lance looks over at his son who was gurgling happily and he shakes his head. “Cabbage, what the hell man? You’re not supposed to pee all over daddy.”

Your son only smiles at his father and you grin. “Go change and wash your face, I’ll finish this.”

Lance sighs. “Okay but afterwards you’re taking a nap,” You nod and he smirked at you. “cause you need all the energy you can get now that your doctor cleared you for sex.”

You shake your head at his words, trying not to smile but failing. “Shut up and go change.”

“Will do.” The two of you meet halfway. “But first, kiss me.”

He leans in but you move away quickly. “Lance!”

“Okay, okay!” he chuckled. “I’m going.”

A/N: I have a friend named Caleb who I sometimes call cabbage (but I mostly call him Chelsea {Chelsea is the girl version of Caleb I guess you could say} he even signed my get-well card with Chelsea back in 8th grade lmao) so that’s where the inspiration for cabbage comes from lmao. Hope ya liked this lil drabble, tell me what ya think!


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Take care of you

Request: Can you make an imagine kind of like the jughead comforting reader when they’re having a panic attack but with Archie instead?

A/N: this is basically drabble its pathetically short

See more of my work here

Like this post to be notified when I upload an imagine.  Tags below the cut.

Word count: 374 words

Warnings: anxiety, panic attack

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Silence.  It was around you, all around you, but even the deafening silence wasn’t enough to quiet the racket in your head.  Not voices, no, just one voice.  It was your own.  Your own voice in your own head kept you up all night and was the only sound you heard when you found yourself struggling to pay attention to reality, breaths escaping in thick pants.  

The only sound, of course, until Archie found you.  “Y/N.” His voice broke through your stupor, brown eyes overtaking your own fixed gaze.  You felt his soft hands on your shoulders, smooth skin brushing up and down your trembling biceps.  “Y/N.”  His words were quiet, even the faint breaths from his mouth a jarring shift in the atmosphere for you.  

You tried blinking a few times to focus on his face, and he noticed, placing a hand on the side of your face.  He rubbed his thumb in circles across your cheek.  “I’m here.  I’m here, Y/N.  You’re gonna be okay.”  This affirmation was enough to break through your own echoes through your mind.  You leaned forward, pressing your forehead against his neck.  His hand came around to brace the back of your head, nimble fingers weaving through your soft hair.  

“I’m sorry,” you spoke finally, words brushing past his ear.  

You could practically feel the crease in his brow.  “What do you mean?  Why are you apologizing?”

“You shouldn’t have to drop everything to help me breathe,” you muttered quietly.  He scoffed, at a loss for words.

He pulled away from you, arms around your back slipping down next to yours.  His hands gripped at your wrists as his eyes met yours.

“I don’t have to,” he said.  “I want to.”

Scoffing now, you replied.  “How could you eve-”

“Because I love you,” he said, as though it was obvious.  “I’m gonna take care of you.”

“I want to take care of you, too, though,” you mumbled.  “You’re always here for me, and I just wish there were more opportunities for me to watch out for you.”

“I’ll break my arm at the next game, huh?” You cracked a smile, Archie beaming at the sight of you happy.

You shrugged.  “I guess that’ll do.”

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My Ex Is Targeting My Spouse?

On March 16th, 2017, Onision uploaded a video titled “ My Ex Is Targeting My Spouse?” (here is a mirror in case you don’t want to give him views). In this video, Onision explains that a girl named Veronika, a previous friend of his ex-fiance Shiloh, had written him an email trying to warn Onision and Lainey of Shiloh possibly contacting them. The entire basis of the email is written in speculation; Veronika makes various bizarre claims that Shiloh is still in love with Onision, refuses to get a tattoo of his name removed, and that Shiloh may potentially be targeting Lainey to get to Onision once again after five years of separation.

The video description is as follows:

My spouse was warned via email by my ex girlfriend’s ex close friend that my ex girlfriend may be targeting my spouse. In the past this ex has befriended people I’ve been romantically involved with & tried to get them to refuse to associate with me. In a previous video I discussed my spouse being informed that one of my ex’s was actually convince to stay away from me only to wind up dating me herself, basically making room for her to step in using lies to convince people close to me that I’m something I’m not… it’s intense, especially considering this person is five years in my past. 

This video comes as a surprise to everyone well versed enough in the events that followed Onision and Shiloh’s breakup. Since they had separated, Shiloh deleted all her social media that had been tied to Onision, started fresh with all new online alias’ and privatized all her accounts. Shiloh completely stepped out of the limelight in response to the massive amount of negativity and harassment she was receiving from Onision’s followers. The last thing Shiloh wants to do is associate with this previous abuser of her’s.

Here is the only response Shiloh has made in regards to the drama Veronika and Onision had attempted to jump-start.

After that a week had gone by and nothing really ever came of Veronika’s accusations. On March 24th, another friend of Shiloh’s took to twitter to tell Onision that all the claims made in the email by Veronika were false. Everyone could see that there was no evidence to support Veronika’s claims and that the email was sent with malicious intent to smear Shiloh’s name once more, using Onision as a way to spread this misinformation to his massive audience.

Something interesting that came up was Veronika claiming that she had never sent the email in the first place. Veronika is now vehemently denying any involvement whatsoever, despite the substantial amount of evidence pointing otherwise.

Veronika in fact shifts the blame to an anti-Onision blog as being the source of the email, despite showing zero proof. She even goes so far to say that she lacks the ability to even WRITE AN EMAIL so it couldn’t have possibly been her doing. It’s extremely suspicious to use an excuse as poor as that, but to also try and frame some random ~anti-o~ blog as the source. In my personal experience, the anti blogs on tumblr are very respectful towards Greg’s exes’ privacy, most won’t even use their real names when referring to them (using nicknames or initials instead).

Now let’s look at some of the evidence against Veronika.

Veronika had a twitter account under the name @veron_liddle, which has since been deleted. Numerous tweets were screenshot showing her intense hatred of Shiloh, and the content of these tweets match up extremely well to the information that was sent in the email. Veronika also used this twitter account to post hate towards Onision, and support to Social Repose, Jaclyn Glenn, Ayalla, Billie, and even Joy Sparkle BS.

Not only did Veronika obsessively subtweet hate towards Shiloh for months, she also made a video about Shiloh and attempted to use lolcow to spread it. Everyone quickly noticed Veronika’s ulterior motive and ignored her. The video has since been deleted as it seems Veronika did not get the reaction she was expecting.

An anonymous user even points out the possibility of Veronika using Onision to bring down Shiloh once again.

Veronika even has a tumblr account where she admits that she is anti-Shiloh and will use her blog to post hate against her.

And now what I consider the most damning evidence of all– Veronika’s friend admits that Veronika wrote the email in various tweets to Onision, begging him to censor her name so she won’t receive backlash.

So Veronika, even if you claim zero involvement with the malicious email sent to Onision, it’s extremely clear that you are the one responsible. Veronika has a clear motive and has tried to create a personal army against Shiloh. She has gone to twitter, tumblr, youtube, lolcow, and even Onision himself with hopes of bringing Shiloh down. When each attempt proved fruitless, she tried to delete the evidence as shown with her twitter account and youtube video.

So what I can gather from all of this is: Veronika is a petty and hateful person set on destroying a previous friend of her’s, and will even try to use a KNOWN ABUSER to get her revenge.

Also Onision is too lazy to fact check anything he hears, reveling in speculation to start drama at any cost. Onision doesn’t care about the truth, he only cares about bringing down his exes of over five years ago. 


Songs In The Night

So this is something that absolutely no one asked for. Yes I know I have requests to write, yes I know I’m inconsistent with uploads, and yes I know I’m garbage. However Ardyn is worse garbage. This is an idea that’s been stewing around in my brain for a good hot minute and it something that struck me upside the head and won’t let me go. I listened to this song on repeat the entire writing process and I also blame it on that. So bear with me new and old followers, the requests will come in their own time. You can call me a bad blog runner if you wish but good things come with time. So enjoy this if you please. 

Prompto couldn’t quite tell how long he had been held captive. Without any kind of time indicators he couldn’t tell the hours from the days and dawn from dusk. Had it been a few days or a few months since he had been pushed from the train? How long had he been kept here? How long had he had to endure the torture at the hands of Ardyn Izunia? He simply couldn’t tell anymore.

From being in here he could set up his own times. The spaces of what seemed to be hours in between sessions he would come to call nights. If he ever stayed conscious during these few hours they were usually spent in silent contemplation.

After the third round of torture he found himself still awake and aware of his surroundings. The humming of distant machinery still working and air passing through a nearby air vent on the floor. Besides the sound of passing MT’s in the distant hallway, armor clacking together from the tough endeavor that came from the weak bodies, it was quiet.

Prompto wondered that ‘night’ how long he had been hanging there in that cell. Wondered if anyone was really coming for him. Did his friends abandon him? Leaving him at the mercy of the enemy? All he could do was let his head hang down and let out an unspoken prayer that he was wrong.

It was the seventh night that he remained conscious again after his ‘talks’ with Ardyn when things had changed. He could still hear the machinery, the faint steps of the guards, the air in the ducts at the floor. But that night there was something else. 

It was faint at first, like a simple whisper from someone standing beside his ear. It was a light voice, gentle, almost calming. However the gunslinger didn’t know if he could trust it or not. He didn’t know if this was another one of the Chancellor’s illusions that he had seen over the past few sessions. The voice’s volume didn’t change however, it stayed at the same constant softness. From this first hearing Prompto couldn’t tell if the language was his own or something foreign, it was too muddled by whatever air vent it was coming through. He concluded after a few minutes that it was singing.

The blonde captive wasn’t sure what about it caused him to calm down. Maybe it was the song itself, perhaps the soft tone of the singer, or was it the fact that for once he didn’t feel alone in his cell. That somewhere close by there might be someone trapped here as well. For a few short hours after that, Prompto slept calmly and without nightmares. Blissfully forgetting temporarily just where he was.

Over the span of what Prompto thought was days, the songs continued at night. Sometimes he could hear the words clearly, though never really understanding them as it was in fact a foreign language. Some nights however he could barely hear the soft words, the ringing in his ears from the beatings much too loud for his liking. After a while he’d come to accept that the voice was from a genuine person. This wasn’t a mind trick. It was someone just ‘down the hall’ but not. Someone close by that might be just as hurting as he was. 

It was this realization that fired him up. Someone was here that didn’t deserve to be. Maybe that someone had been like him. Someone that carried the same secrets and a past they’d do almost anything to forget and hide. The small fire of hope burned in his chest now. He needed to get out now. Not only to save himself and return with his friends. But to also save that person on the other side of the vent.

One particular night, the song sounded strained. It didn’t ring as loud as it normally would have. Pain filled gasps behind the lyrics and groaning mixed with the melody. They almost sounded defeated. Willing to just let go and give up. Before he knew what he was doing, Prompto began to sing. He tried his best not to butcher the unknown words too much but mistakes were inevitable. When he began the other voice stopped for a few seconds. 

When Prompto was about to stop they picked up the melody again. They both sang along in a nice harmony. Prompto closed his eyes and continued to sing, focusing on the other voice that he’s come to know during his time here. They had given him hope to continue on when the world seemed bleak and renewed his trust in the friends he knew were coming for him. Now it was his turn to give them that hope. Soon enough the song ended, leaving the both of them in a moment of silence until the blonde spoke up once more.

“I’m gonna get you out of here. It’s a promise.”

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PSA: bloodtrailrp is a copy-and-paste of belledonarp. Please don’t support them/apply.

It has come to our attention thanks to @anubiswritessharing this post with the roleplay community and some personal curiosity on Admin Kaits’ behalf that @bloodtrailrp is copying our roleplay, belledonarp

A lot of things on their own wouldn’t have been concerning but all of it together and given who the admin is (@sheewritess, Jaye), is what made it very clear to us that this was done on purpose with clear intention.

As a disclaimer before the cut, I want to let you all know that I (Admin Zoe) have done all of the coding and graphics as well as a large amount of the world building seen throughout the roleplay. Belle Dona has been a concept in my head since The Wolf Among Us game came out in 2013 and I was finally able to bring it to life with the additional help of Admin Faye and Kaits — together, we all have written our share of character bios as well as helped each other with lore and other world building aspects. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to get the roleplay where it is to be what it is today, so this is very hurtful, upsetting and disappointing. One additional note I’d like to make before I start the breakdown: Jaye applied for our roleplay. Admin Kaits sent a message to the roleplay asking Jaye to change the necessary things (specifically the plot) but we have been ignored (and Jaye has been online when that message was sent, based off her interactions on our RPH blogs outside of our RP).

We would also like to apologize to everyone that has applied and/or shown an interest in our roleplay. We’re deeply sorry that we have to even address this kind of thing at all. Our anon feature has also been temporarily closed because of this, if you would like to contact us please do so off anon or through the IM system; acceptances will still happen on June 1st to those that are still interested.

Now, to the evidence:
(All images were uploaded onto Imgur for easier viewing).

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Pairing : Guzma X Reader/Female Protag(18+)
Plot : A late night visit meant to quell guilt doesn’t go exactly as expected.
Rating & Warnings : Mature, Abuse Mention
Is There Bangin’ ? : I wrote, you better believe this is

Notes : OKAY, this is the first fic I’ve written since I was a wee bab of sixteen, so I am. A tad rusty. STILL. It was fun to write, and I hope you enjoy it ~!

Also, I have it uploaded to fanfiction, so if it’s easier to read there than on my blog, here is the link ~

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Okay…this STARTED as a drabble. I wanted to play around with some ideas I had expressed in some text posts awhile back but since I’m incapable of writing anything short it mutated into this big thing. This takes place during phase four, starting in the weeks leading up to the live interview on April 20th and then goes beyond that. I also went with the assumption that they’re currently living in the Spirit House in Detroit.

Genre: Slice-of-life? Maybe fluff? Definitely kinda cheesy. No ships, though there *is* tentative 2Doc friendship which I’ll warn for to be safe.

Rating: PG for language

Summary/preview: After everything he’d been through, Murdoc had come to expect a certain level of unpredictability in his daily routine. What he didn’t count on, however, was that it would come in the form of 2D casually deciding to use his phone to record videos of him while he was rummaging through the refrigerator.

Word count: around 7700

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Question Extravaganza Blog #2

Hi there! Remember, back in December, when we had an “End-of-the-year Question Extravaganza Blog”? And how there was going to be a second part? Well, FINALLY, here it is! Round two of our answers to the questions that you sent to us via Twitter, so long ago.

Who’s playing this time:

Tom – Localization Producer

Brittany – Localization Producer

Junpei – Assistant Product Manager/XSEED’s Garbage Disposal

Ryan – Localization Lead

Nick – Localization Editor

Alyssa – Product Associate

Liz – QA Tester

Danielle – QA Tester

WARNING: Spoiler alert, just in case! And maybe some language.


Question: which character from Senran Kagura New Wave would you most like to see become playable in a future game


There are so many! Kasumi, Kumi, Fuga, and Bashou
    Kasumi - shy girl that can code her way into your heart? aw yuss.
    Kumi - ngl I like foxes. I’m also hella curious what her animations would look like…
    Fuga - dude it’s fireworks coming from a shamisen who doesn’t wanna SEE THAT. AND THOSE PLATFORMS. DAMN.
    Bashou - paintbrushes: creation, destruction, or the beauty that comes from their combination? tune in next time on quiet girls that can artfully kill you


Fuga. I’ve loved her design ever since I first saw it and I’ve actually begged Takaki-san in person to put her in one of the core games.


Picking just one is hard, so these are the ones are the top of my list:

Meimei – She fights by throwing bombs shaped like steam buns. Just. Yes.

Ukyou – For some reason, I really like the idea of a machine gun shaped like a bass guitar. She’s also a cutie, I like her design.

Seimei – I like the fact that she rocks pajamas. I wish I could wear pajamas all the time…

Question: What is your most favorite game that you have localized And why?


Trails of Cold Steel II. I cried so much while working on it, haha. It was the game that made me feel like I was really growing up as a writer, and I was so proud of the effort I put into that during every step of the process. Everyone knows I love the series, but for now, that game has a particularly strong place in my heart because I feel like I grew as a person together with those in Class VII (is this too cheesy? lol).


Definitely the EDF series. I’ve been a big fan of the series since the first EDF came out in Japan, but also I learned a lot from the producer and the dev team. It was a very exciting to work on, and luckily, EDF2: Invaders from Planet Space was selected as a D.I.C.E  Award nominee.

Also, Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity was a favorite, too. The game is very fun and pretty. I didn’t really know about the Touhou series at first, but this was a good title for Touhou beginners like me to learn what Touhou is. The dev team is very passionate and professional. I was always impressed by them while working on this.


I have a few personal favorites: Estival Versus because I love the character banter, Deep Crimson for the same reason, and Suikoden V because it was my first real localization project and I still have a soft spot for it.


I have a soft spot for Ys: Memories of Celceta. It was published before I started working here, but was the first XSEED game that I played.

Even though we didn’t really localize it (just published it physically), I’m a big fan of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. Working with WayForward was an absolute treat and I’m so glad that we have a chance to do something with them.


I think anyone who knows me knows my answer to this, but in case you don’t: RETURN TO POPOLOCROIS, BABY!! ;) The very first game script I ever translated was part of the script to PopoloCrois Story II on the PS1, which I translated in play-script format and uploaded to GameFAQs as a translation guide. After that, the very next thing I translated was all 51 episodes of the two existing PopoloCrois anime. I am a PopoloCrois super-fan, and when the opportunity came along to work on a PopoloCrois game, to say I was ecstatic would be an understatement. Getting to officially write English dialogue for Prince Pietro Pakapuka, Narcia the forest witch, the White Knight, and the GamiGami Devil was an absolutely amazing experience, and getting to sit in on voiceover sessions and help shape the way they sounded in English was the icing on the cake.

Corpse Party is a close second, though, because I was able to get much more graphic than I’m used to, and it was a bizarre amount of fun describing some of the most horrible acts of mutilation and torture imaginable. It was weird working on Corpse Party and Fishing Resort at the same time, as I had to keep stopping myself from inserting extremely graphic language into the Fishing Resort script.

And Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed gets an honorable mention, as the three weeks spent in voice-recording for that game may be the most fun I’ve had in my seven years at XSEED.

Question: Where do you face the most unexpected challenges during the localization process?


The thing about unexpected challenges is that they’re…well, unexpected. The things we run into the most frequently are things we know to be watchful for based on past experience (which is why we usually catch the major stuff). A good example of an “unexpected challenge” would be realizing partway in that we don’t actually have all the text files for the game, even though the developer said they gave us everything. Working on games that are still in production also has the tendency to turn up a lot of unexpected issues, particularly when the developers change things and neglect to mention that they were changed. If you learn that a localization was being worked on while a game was still in development, know that it was probably a huge headache for the translators and editors compared to working on something that has been finished and more or less finalized.

Sometimes it’s because there’s an honest mix-up and they thought they’d given us everything. Other times there’s a breakdown in communication along the way, as can occur when information has to pass through too many hands. So…ultimately, miscommunication is where we stand to face the most unexpected challenges. It varies from project to project, and we know to be mindful of it, but we can never fully predict when this sort of issue will pop up.

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Question: Where do you try to draw the line between remaining loyal to the original and changing to fit the region you are localizing for?


Every editor will give you a different answer for this, so I can only speak personally, but here’s where I stand on this issue. When I localize a game, I absolutely want the intent of the original to come through. That’s what people are coming to the work for - what they want to experience. However, sometimes, truly conveying the spirit of the original work necessitates departing from the exact language of the original.

If one facet of my job is about accurately conveying information and character relationships, another facet is to ensure people who buy our games are entertained and engaged. That happens best with a script that feels fairly natural in its English phrasing. A quick example is how, if you listen to people converse, most people make frequent use of contractions. They’re a natural linguistic shorthand for English, so it feels natural to make broad use of them in character dialogue. But I often see dialogue written without them (like, where it doesn’t strike me as an intentional editorial choice). Without contractions, at the most basic level, you’ll get dialogue that sounds wooden and has less flow to it (Tom and I often compare it to the speaking style of Data, from Star Trek: TNG), but in some cases, using or not using contractions can subtly alter the way we perceive a line, especially if there’s no voice-over to clue us in. “I cannot believe he said that about me” carries a bit more of a testy tone than “I can’t believe he said that about me.”

There are also cultural differences that, when translated over on a 1:1 basis, won’t elicit the same response from an international audience, so some tweaking is necessary to make sure Western players of a game experience enjoyment similar to what Japanese players would’ve felt. This is admittedly a touchy issue, since a lot of this involves getting a good feel for the characters’ personalities, and so is inevitably colored by an editor’s own interpretations of them. In a blog I wrote before the first Trails of Cold Steel was released, I laid out some cases where I basically felt that the characterizations provided in some places by the original script were lacking, so Kris and I embarked on a mission to strengthen characterization not through any sweeping gestures, but just by bringing certain traits more clearly to the fore in scenes specific characters were in. It’s something you might notice if you had the Japanese and English scripts side by side, but it never stood out to most players, and from anecdotal accounts I’ve read many places online, I think this initiative of ours was very successful. Certainly, I think it brought a lot to Rean’s character in particular.

Ultimately, I want a localization to keep all the information the original script gave, but sometimes I re-frame how that information is conveyed because I value entertaining/engaging writing and want our games to feel, as much as possible, like the English scripts could just as well have been the original scripts.

“So, where do I draw the line? As someone who always wants to push for better writing, I generally won’t make an edit - even if it would sound great - that would result in dropping factual information conveyed by the original. Not necessarily on a line-by-line basis, but definitely on a scene-by-scene basis. Ultimately, I want a localization to keep all the information the original script gave, but sometimes I re-frame how that information is conveyed because I value entertaining/engaging writing and want our games to feel, as much as possible, like the English scripts could just as well have been the original scripts.”


This question is too broad and no one should have one answer for it. It depends on the game itself, the context, the importance of the topic in question in the scope of the story, the emotional impact it’s supposed to make. The most generic answer I can give is that we should always remain loyal to the spirit/intent of the original game, and if anything comes under question, we should consult the dev team and get their perspective on it.

I guess an example that’s happened a few times throughout Trails is one where Japanese honorifics are dropped as people become closer. A big deal is made out of it, but that sort of thing doesn’t exist in English. At the same time, there’s no reason to force it in the English version because the name-dropping isn’t necessarily the focus–it’s the result of characters becoming closer. The intent is the bond, and as long as you write the scene so that English players understand these characters have become closer thanks to what’s going on, then I believe we’re still loyal to the Japanese while still properly localizing the scene.

Question: outside of trails in the sky sc what was the hardest game to work on you’ve released?


It’s a toss-up between Unchained Blades and Rune Factory 4. RF4 was a joy to work on because I’m a big fan of the series, but it also contains so many complex algorithms that even the Japanese version of the game occasionally had random bugs that just couldn’t be reproduced. Those were everywhere during QA, and then we also had had all that text that needed to be checked for context…

Unchained Blades is far shorter with less text, but it was plagued with bugs during QA to the point where I once ran to the bathroom to cry from losing my save data for the umpteenth time. We had no debug mode for that one, either, so anything I had to test, it had to be done by playing through like a normal player. Hopefully the effort was worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of players experiencing the issues on that game that I had!


Probably Fate/EXTELLA, which had a lengthy, lore-heavy script with a long history behind it, plus a writing style that was both abstractly poetic and strictly technical.


I would say the Story of Seasons series, mostly because of the sheer volume of text and variables to test.

Question: which sort of cultural references do you try to keep rather than rewriting for localization?


Generally, all of them. It’s always better to keep a reference, and just maybe insert a brief explanation, than to get rid of it. People who play our games know that they’re playing Japanese games, so I figure, why try to disguise the Japaneseness of them? Better to celebrate it.


Depends on the medium and context. Fate, in general, is known in part for drawing lore from all over the world, so we did our best to keep its references to world history and literature intact. Akiba’s Trip was chock full of Japanese-language anime references, some of which had only unofficial translations, so we did our best to cobble together appropriate translations from Japanese and English fan sites. SENRAN KAGURA drops references to well-known anime now and again, well-known enough that we can keep them intact, with an English take on their wordplay (such as when Katsuragi’s play on “a great era of sexual harassment,” referring to the “great era of piracy” from One Piece, became “a great invasion of privacy.”) Occasionally, we’ll run across Japanese proverbs that don’t have direct translations, so we’ll do our best to find English proverbs or wordplay that match the general sentiment of the original.

Question: What was the situation in a game that gave you trouble? Joke? A conversation? Interactions? Items? Names? Tell us the worse!


Shiawase no Sachiko, in Corpse Party. To this day, I’m still not 100% satisfied with my translation there.

See, in the Japanese, there’s supposed to be a distinction between 幸せのサチコ (“Shiawase no Sachiko”), which roughly translates to “Happy Sachiko,” and 死合わせのサチコ (a different way of writing “Shiawase no Sachiko”), which roughly translates to “Sachiko Aligned with Death.”

The English I came up with for this is “Sachiko Ever After” vs. “Sachiko in the Everafter.” And even that vaguely acceptable solution took far, FAR too long to come up with.

Sometimes, Japanese linguistic references are just really tough to work with!


The first example that comes to mind is a certain “My Room” conversation from Fate/EXTELLA, where Nero and the Master have a back-and-forth conversation about different kinds of bathing. The original Japanese script had an entire conversation tree about misreadings of kanji, which had no direct translation. This is one of those rare times where we were tempted to, as we sometimes call it, “Go full Samurai Pizza Cats,” after the old anime dub where the American dub team never received the original script and had to make up a whole new one, but we stuck with it, and eventually came up with some reasonably close wordplay in English.

Question: Do you have friends in other localization teams/companies? What could you learn from them? Do you reach out to them?


I’d love to hang out with some of the localization people I’ve interacted with via Twitter, because I’m actually pretty ignorant of what goes on in other companies. I’m pretty much XSEED only, but I’d love to learn the process in other places or just bond with others who do the same work that I do.


Absolutely! Other companies are “competition” to an extent, but they’re also colleagues, and we’ve met with people from numerous other nearby companies for lunch, karaoke, etc. many times since I’ve been working here at XSEED. I don’t know that we really learn much from them, nor they from us, but we always “talk shop” when we meet up, discussing localization challenges we’ve faced, fun stuff we’ve done recently, etc. It’s just good to sometimes talk with other people who fully understand what we do.


We’re good friends with the Aksys team down the street, a lot of our staff have Atlus experience, and most of the original senior staff came from Square-Enix. For Fate/EXTELLA, the Aksys guys were kind enough to share their notes and script from Fate/EXTRA as references. One of the best bits of advice I can give people looking for work in the industry is “Make friends wherever you go,” and that’s as true once you’re in as it is when you’re getting started.

When Did This Happen?


“Mate what do you have planned for tonight? We all were thinking about going out later.” Jack said kicking Joe with his foot who was sat at the end of the couch. 

“Um, Y/N’s coming over to help me film. Not sure how long that will be.” Joe replied, his focus still on the game he was currently playing. 

“You two hang out a lot, mate. OH C’MON!!” Mikey yelled as Joe scored another goal just as the game ended. 

“She’s a good friend. I can’t hangout with my friends?” Joe asked passing Jack the controller. 

“Buddy thats not what I meant” Mikey said before starting a new game, completely forgetting the conversation with Joe. 

A few hours had passed and Joe had managed to get Jack and Mikey off of his couch and out the door, on one condition; he go out with them that night. 

‘Hey love, the boys want to go out tonight, you in?’ Joe sent the text off to his girlfriend after jumping out of the shower. 

‘No thats alright, still need help filming?’ 

‘Please xx’

‘See you soon xx’ 

Joe smiled as he read her texts. Y/N wasn’t like many girls, only went out a handful of times and that was when the boys forced her to go out. She was sweet, kind and just a genuine friend and that was why Joe fell for her.

She’d be there for all the boys, especially Joe, when either of them could sleep that night or just wanted someone to talk to.

One night, a quest to fall asleep ending in spilling secrets of bottled up feelings for one another which led to a secret relationship between them, neither of them knowing how to tell the boys, so they didn’t. 

Their relationship was still new, only a couple of months, and they weren’t done testing the waters yet and didn’t want to draw attention to something that wasn’t even there. 

Except there was something there for Joe, something he’s never felt with any other girl he’s been with.

“Hey love!” Joe greeted his girlfriend at the door with a quick kiss. 

“Hi” She said kissing him back “So what time are you going out?” 

“Um around 9 I think” 

“Good, than that gives us plenty of time” She said wrapping her arms around his torso, kissing his lips once again. 

“Plenty time for what?” Joe asked smirking down at her. 

“To film your video” She said pulling away and disappearing into his flat. 

“Have you finished yet?” Y/N said walking over to the couch where Joe had been editing. 

“Yes, just creating the thumbnail.” He said giving her a quick smile before returning his work. 

Y/N sat down next to him, her feet tucked closely into her body, her head resting on his shoulder. She watched him work away, photoshopping words onto the thumbnail card and add it to the upload.

“There, all done.” Joe said closing his laptop and putting it on the coffee table. “Now I can spend the rest of the night with you” 

“You mean the boys” She said lifting her head from his shoulder. 

“Right but until then, I’m all yours” He said pulling her into a kiss.

The kiss quickly deepened after Joe pulled Y/N onto his lap, his hands quick to lift her shirt up over her head and tossing it to the floor. His lips moved from her lips do to the valley of her breasts where he sucked harshly, leaving his mark on her in place only he could see.

Y/N on the other hand liked to show off her work, finding it highly amusing to see the boys so oblivious to their relationship thinking the marks came from some girl at a club and reading the comments on Joe’s blog speculating his relationship status. 

She quickly took change in moving her own lips to her favorite part on Joe’s neck, her fingers tangling themselves in his hair as she flicked her tongue over her recently made mark. 

They brought their lips back together, Joe letting out a small moan as she began rocking her hips back and forth against his crotch. 

“Y/N” Joe moaned out as he felt himself grow harder underneath her. 

He moved his hands under her bum, picking her pick and moving to the room where they had just filmed his video. Joe quickly removed his shirt before crawling on top of her and reconnecting their lips. 

“Well hey guys,” A distance voice called out of the door frame. 

Joe glanced over his shoulder to find his mates standing in the hallways, different expressions on their faces but with a unanimous sense of confusion. All eyes moved from Joe to the body he was hovering over then back to Joe. 

“Well we’ll leave you two to it then” Jack said closing the door as he and the other boys turned away. 

Y/N let out a small giggle as she pushed Joe off of her and picking up his shirt from the floor and pulling it on. 

“Well at least they know.” She said taking his hand after he got off the bed, letting him lead her out of the room.

“Well that was quick.” Conor said once he saw the two of you emerge through the doors. 

“When the hell did this happen?” Josh asked. 

“A couple months ago” Joe answered, catching Y/N’s shirt that was tossed his way. 

“So she’s the one?” Oli asked. 

“What?” Joe quickly, letting go of Y/N’h hand. 

“The hickeys mate, she’s the one who gives them to you.” Oli clarified pointing to Joe’s neck, giving him a weird expression. 

“Oh, um yeah. Yeah she is.” 

“Nice work Y/N, didn’t think you were the type” Jack said giving her a smirk. 

“Funny” She said taking her shirt from Joe and leaving the room to change. 

“So mate…” Caspar started, “Y/N huh.” 

“Yeah it just sorta happened.” Joe said glancing over to the bathroom.

“Look guys he’s in love!” 

“What?! No I’m not” Joe snapped his head back to the boys. 

“No you’re not what?” Y/N asked as she walked out of the bathroom, tossing Joe his own shirt. 

“He’s not going out with us tonight, he’s all your Y/N” Caspar said winking over at Joe. 

“No it’s fine, you can go out with them tonight. I don’t mind” She said directing her words towards Joe. 

“Honestly Y/N, theres no point. He’s got you now, he doesn’t need to pull some girl in a club tonight.” Jack said. 

“Mate you just want one less competition” Mikey said hitting Jacks arm. 

“Maybe so, my hearts a bit in pieces knowing that Y/N is no longer available.” He said sending you a pout. 

“Sorry mate” Joe said throwing an arm around your shoulder. 

“Alright, we’ll leave you two alone. I need a drink!” Conor said standing up, prompting the rest of the boys to follow suit. “See you later.”

galxticcs  asked:

You webcomic link is golden I nearly cried bc I was laughing so hard

Ahaha really?! I’m glad you liked it! Since most people still dont know how dark the whole story is I wanted to start off the comic with a really light-hearted funny opening chapter lmao. I’m glad it actually came off as funny.

TO THOSE WHO MISSED IT I finally decided to make a webcomic about my ocs Luca and Papaya!! I can’t promise I’ll have a steady upload schedule but I’ll do my best lol 



#170 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “Something about funny little videos from backstage hanging out and having a laugh with Van and the boys, maybe just filmed on someone’s phone, or creating funny vines whilst drunk? And then I was thinking that they find their way onto this hellhole trash heap of a website, and the protagonist (sorry I don’t know what else to say lol) seeing the fans’ reactions to the videos.”

Note: I know that the videos I reference in this fic happen at very different times, but I’m gonna screw with reality’s timeline a bit. Thank you to the following people for sending me their favourite Catfish videos: @dustordiamonds @unravelled-w0rds @kookygranger @rosyrenaissance @donthurtyour and a couple of Anons.

Glancing at Bob, who was stretched out on the hotel bed next to you, you smirked at him, then both continued watched the ‘fight’ unfold. Van was trying to feed Larry, who was adamant that he wasn’t hungry.

“I don’t know why he does this. I’ll go to him in the kitchen 'Have a Jaffa cake,’ he’ll go 'You know I fucking hate Jaffa cakes.’ And I’ll see him eat a Jaffa cake!” Van said, his voice a confusing mix of amused and annoyed.

“But not twenty minutes ago-” Larry went to reply, but Van wasn’t having it. They talked over the top of each other.

“You wanna start a fight? I don’t wanna start a fight. I’m dead peaceful!” Van said.

“I’m not hungry,” Larry said, clearly frustrated at Van’s inability to understand that. “I’m not hungry,” he repeated. A few beats of silence. “I'm… not… hungry…” he said, using his hands for emphasis.

They looked at each other, holding back smirks. You stopped recording.

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Witchy Real Talk: Technopaganism - What Is It and Why?

From day to day, a lot of us work with tools and supplies that are very specifically traditional. Candles, altars, stones, cards, herbs. Much of paganism and witchcraft is nature oriented, after all. And in many forms of paganism, animism - the belief that even inanimate objects have spirits - is a prominent feature of the belief system. But… what if we started looking at today’s technology… What if, instead of focusing entirely on traditional supplies and tools, we started incorporating, say, computers, cell phones, or even our gaming avatars into our practice?

Pfft! Don’t be silly, Josh! Most of paganism is nature worship. You can’t do that with software!

As it turns out, this is a growing practice. Given the rather futuristic name of “technopagan” in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, some hold the belief that modern technology has just as equal a place in witchcraft and modern paganism as the athame or chalice.

How could that even work?

In large part, technopaganism focuses on combining current technology with pagan practice in order to find a balance between technology and nature. And, honestly, I would argue that most, if not all, modern pagans have begun doing so in small ways. Just hear me out. What are you doing right now in order to learn about the craft? Reading books? Great! How are you reading them? Are you reading the hard copy, or are you reading it in digital format on your Nook, Kindle, or smartphone? What about your other research? If you’re reading this, I can make the assumption that some of your research and exploration of paganism and witchcraft has been online.

Those are just the two most obvious aspects of technopaganism. Am I saying that every modern witch or pagan is technopagan? No. What I’m saying is that many of us have incorporated certain aspects of it into our own practices in order to move forward with the times. And doing so is frankly quite honorable - the gods wouldn’t want us to stagnate.

To further reflect on certain aspects of technopaganism, I’ll break it down based on tools, spells, and even special practices that separate it yet also marries it to paganism as we usually picture it.

Research and Interaction

Before the advent of the Internet, books and meetings with other pagans were the only way that you could really dig into your research or learn about other traditions. This made it somewhat difficult for many to really pursue paganism, as for years, it was a pain to find the appropriate books, and for many, interacting with other pagans was nigh impossible depending upon where they lived. Furthermore, learning about modern traditions from the other side of the pond was far less practical.

The Internet was a huge change made to paganism and the access that could be made to it. From chat rooms to blogs to YouTube and Facebook, witches from all over the world now interact on a daily basis. As a great example, I maintain a blog all about different aspects of witchcraft and paganism, and interact with those who might message me in order to learn from them and to teach what I know. And I grew up in a Christian family. Most of my exploration into witchcraft when I was first getting started was done online.

Some witches have taken a similar approach to what I do, but in a more visual format. The LadyGravedancer, WitchyBear, Wednesday Adams, Creole Witch, Sunshine Morningrae, and Joey Morris are all examples of witches who have turned to YouTube to help teach new witches and experienced witches alike about their paths and traditions, allowing access to Hoodoo, Morriganic path, and Wicca to be easily accessible to many more witches.

Even further is the growth of witchy social media. On Facebook, I’m part of a group of witches that numbers more than 800 worldwide, and we’re always talking to one another, bouncing ideas back and forth, and exploring paths in a friendly environment that I might not have had access to a decade ago.

One of the greatest difficulties I’d had when I first got started in witchcraft was the lack of books on the subject in the area I was in. When I came across bookstores, I had to scour every shelf in the hopes that I might find even one book that pertained to my research. Later on, ebooks began to grow in popularity. When I was finally able to get my hands on a Nook ereader, I’d found that the access I had to books on paganism and witchcraft had increased many-fold. This access increased even further when I began to use my smartphone for reading ebooks. Between apps for Kindle and Nook, and even Google’s all-access books, I was able to build up a significant library digitally that would have taken me decades otherwise.

The Car and the Witch

Modern technology isn’t limited to cell phones and computers. Cars have become such a prevalent part of life that witchcraft and paganism have adapted to incorporate spells of protection for these two-ton chunks of moving metal. In Scott Cunningham’s The Magical Household, he has an entire section dedicated solely to providing protection, luck, comfort, and positive energy into one’s vehicle.

Even the practice of hanging objects on the rear-view mirror stems from pagan roots. Lucky dice, bags of herbs or potpourri, crystals, et cetera. Some witches have even begun incorporating small altars into their cars, either on the dash or kept in the glove compartment as a shadowbox altar. Cleansing a car by smudging or asperging has become common practice, as well. In a way, cars have begun to be seen as an extension of the home, and magic has adapted to reflect this view. 

Lasers, Crystals, and Hard Drives

One of the neat little features of technopagan practice is incorporating technology into your tool set. Some are more subtle and used by many witches, while others took me by surprise!

Wands or athames are part of the bread and butter of witchcraft, and it’s difficult to picture an altar without at least one of them, but some pagans with the technological lean have begun replacing the tool with a substitute such as a laser pointer or stylus!

Similarly, the use of electric lighters have begun replacing the role of matches in the practice. While that might not seem like much, there are many traditions that encourage the use of wooden matches because of the more natural aspects these matches hold over an object made of metal or plastic. (I personally use wooden matches over lighters for the natural aspect, the aesthetic, the feeling of striking the match, and the fragrance - matches rarely impart any kind of odor to candles and incense, but lighters sometimes do, especially kerosene lighters such as the Zippo brand which will turn sandalwood incense into a rather sickening and bitter scent).

Witches the world over will expound upon the benefits of keeping a book of shadows (and some witches will even say that you can’t be a witch without them - something I wholeheartedly disagree with, but to each their own). For many of us, notebooks and journals that have been handwritten and lovingly crafted to match up with our own personal aesthetics serve as our grimoires and books of spells. Techno-witches often will keep their books of shadows on their hard drives, writing and saving in a word processor. (This is something I might recommend to those who need to practice discreetly - when I first got started, my book of shadows was kept on my computer in a little folder convincingly labeled as “Fan Fiction.”)

Similarly, graphical representations of altars may be kept on a computer! I’ve seen some of these altars take the form of live wallpapers or screen savers - a creative use of these applications!

When we begin to look at the computer itself, it gets really interesting! I’ll start with the simple part. Quartz is believed to be particularly beneficial to technology, absorbing and cleansing any negative energies that may cause the computer to malfunction or pick up a virus. As such, many witches will keep quartz on or near their devices. Technopagans may take it a step further, creating charms and spells specifically for protecting their computers, their online accounts - both financial and otherwise - and for gaming avatars if they have any.

This is a common sight on Tumblr, and is part of the bread and butter of technological witchcraft: emoji spells and charms! For some, there is power to stringing certain emoji’s together along with a written spell or charm. They will then like or reblog in order to charge and send out the spell. While I don’t identify with that, there are witches out there who will swear by such spells. Other, similar spells I’ve seen include sharing gifs of sage smudging in order to cleanse one’s blog or Facebook (this is one I do identify with, as it provides a lovely visualization that I’ve seen do wonders for my pages), and uploading sigils for various purposes. Part of the draw to these spells is not only the prevalence of online witching, but also because likes, shares, and reblogs are believed to lend energy to such spells. With so many witches proliferating the spell, it allows the spell to constantly feed itself in the working. (Once again, I don’t necessarily share this optimistic belief, because if you send a “baneful spell” and regret doing so, you can’t easily reverse it because it has developed a life of its own - something very dangerous when you consider the power thought-forms can have.)

With the change in culture over the centuries, as I have often said, the gods must have changed as well, because they’ve never been ones for stagnation. Sports have done the same thing, moving into the realm of video gaming. Competitive games such as League of Legends, SMITE, and DOTA, have become recognized by large names in sports such as ESPN, and feature many teams of gamers now competing in world competitions - televised and otherwise - for a living. Some of these more witchy gamers have spells meant to protect their avatars and give them the skill and teamwork needed for victory. And some gamers will even dedicate their avatars to a particular god or goddess in order to bring honor to their deity! (And I will admit, this is something I love the idea of!)

((A side note for my fellow pagan gamers, SMITE is a MOBA which allows you to play as a god or goddess from real world pantheons in the ultimate war of the gods. It is a blast to play, and now that they’ve begun releasing the Celtic pantheon, it’s gotten even more interesting (and I can attest to the awesomeness that the Morrigan brings to the game), so definitely give it a try!))

Some technopagans have also incorporated other traditions into their paths. An example of this which I use is the practice of having a wallpaper with a dragon on it. So long as the dragon is not looking directly at the viewer (as if it is looking out of the computer), it will protect your computer from viruses! As a lover of dragons, and as a witch who has incorporated this little aspect into his path, it perhaps comes to no surprise that I’ve got a little collection of such dragon wallpapers!

The Magic of the Mobile Device

The examples don’t stop there! Especially among younger witches, smart phones have become an extension of the online world. Computers with the capabilities of laptops, but small enough to fit into a pocket. Much of what I’ve talked about above applies to phones, from storing a book of shadows to having little charms and spells of protection. However, there are certain nifty aspects phones often have for the technological witch.

First is the ease of access to music. For witches who don’t feel particularly musically inclined, smart phones and iPods have become a useful way of bringing music to their rites or spells. (I’ll even admit that despite being a musician, I do play music from Enya or Clannad or even Stevie Nicks during my rites!)

Second is the growth of using mobile devices for divination. There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there, and there are just as many dedicated to tarot, rune reading, astrology, and other witchy topics. Some apps will include a reading each day, or will allow you to perform readings for others on programmable spreads using digital cards.

The Balance of Nature

With all of this emphasis on technology and Internet, it might sound as if technopaganism is losing its pagan. On the contrary! Many such witches actually encourage maintaining a healthy balance. I’ve read blogs and forums where technopagans will talk about how they’ll do both online rites and offline rites, how they maintain two sets of books, and how they’ll take a hiatus from technology in order to ground and restore balance by spending time in nature.

In my exploration of the technopagan path, I’ve discovered that like any other path or tradition, these witches are all about taking life by the horns and making their lives and the lives of those around them easier. However, they’ve found technology to be a useful tool for doing so and saw the magical potential of these tools. This doesn’t make them any less witchy than the green witch, Wiccan, or Celtic pagan. Their magic is just as powerful as ours, and is just as deserving of respect as any other witch’s!

So give it a try and see what sticks. You may be surprised as to what you find works for you!

Blessed Be! )O(