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Finals Week

Canada: Did everything ahead of time. Actually read the syllabus. 

America: What do you mean all my deadlines are at midnight it’s 8 pm right now?!!?

England: Works systematically.

France: Entirely projects due before finals. Hangs around to distract everyone else. 

Japan: I have time for a video game break.

China: Only has in class exams. 

Spain: I’ll get good grades because all my professors like me! 

Romano: I can accept a C. 

Russia: Does everything last minute but still gets 8 hours of sleep? 

Italy: Sorry my vacation is finals week I’m just gonna do it all two weeks before~~

Germany: The only reason anyone gets anything done.  


[2 .08. 17]

Hey everyone! I hope you all are stable and happy, and if not I hope you get to where you want to be ASAP! Anyway! I was sent home earlier today because of how sick I was :( So, I decided to put in some work after a nap and some snacksss. Of course I took some breaks (a lot actually haha). Since I’m sick there’s no reason to push myself really hard and then stress about still feeling gross yanno? Gotta rest up and do only what you can. Take it by little steps and breath!

So, on the top I have my AP Psych notes from class today. I had to finish them up at home though. Then under those I have a Honors Biology outline that’s due Friday (along with another one). Finally the last two are my spreads for this week! I really love bees and I think they’re super cute. I’ve been stung by one and one of my best friends are terribly allergic, but I still think they impact our society greatly. They are a big necessity!! So we gotta save + protect them :)

I think that’s all for today. Probably going to go take a nap now haha! Talk to you all again soon! Bee safe!!(haha get it?) ;)

If you’re looking at Tina Goldstein and Newt Scamander, then reading the blurb about FBaWtFT2 and wondering how long it could POSSIBLY take for these two idiots to get their shit together and get married…you really didn’t pay attention to the first movie at all, did you?

Here we have Tina who:
- is the career girl, a MACUSA Auror at 25 (I mean holy shit that is impressive)
- supports her baby sister
- probably has no interest in playing house for any reason (see: Career Girl)
- almost certainly doesn’t want kids (see again: Career Girl)
- does not want to live in England OR a suitcase and actually only wants to live in NYC (see: MACUSA and sister)
- doles out 10 “oh no you did not just do that” looks for every half-smile
- dresses in menswear
- literally is too oblivious to notice mustard on her nose
- can’t verbally express actual emotions to save her life
- Thunderbird

And then there’s Newt who:
- is happiest when he’s traveling the world
- works at MoM (England) when he’s not traveling the world
- has a fierce connection and loyalty to Hogwarts and Dumbledore
- literally lives out of a suitcase
- already has like a hundred children (make no mistake I mean he calls himself “mum.”)
- annoys people
- sulks when he doesn’t get his way at age 29
- gets flustered and sad when Tina yells at him
- is still hung up on his ex who is clearly a sociopath
- can’t verbally express emotions to save his life
- Hufflepuff

I mean, you guys. This could take a decade.

They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)


Did a quick doodle for the Infected!AU again, this time of Big Mac and Granny Smith! I’ve been itching to draw the two of them; it’s been quite a while since I last did, and I’m happy with the result. Also the first time I’ve drawn them anthromorphic! :3 Once again, though, don’t mind what he’s holding too much; it isn’t his actual weapon, it’s a farming tool, and the only reason it’s here is just to give him something to hold over his shoulder (like I did with AJ). Could I have done a gun? Yes. Was I too lazy to draw one? Yes. As for the fam pic, it was mostly to put them all together and partly to show off the height differences. Big Mac’s clockin’ in at about 7ft there.

Anyway, the characters: let’s start with Big Mac. He, like the rest of his family, are the de-facto lead farmers of the settlement (which I’ve started to tentatively call “Sanctuary”) Shining leads. Aside from farming and the occasional outing to hunt, Big Mac is basically a “blacksmith”, if you can call it that. Not in the traditional sense, but in the sense that he’s really handy stallion that can fix and build primarily weapons and tools, given the right supplies. He can kinda work on cars too, but that’s more Caramel’s thing.

In this AU Big Mac still doesn’t talk much, but moreso if that’s at all possible. His usual quips of “eeyup” and “eenope” don’t happen as often, and he opts to answer with his expressions, body language, or huffs of sound (grunts, laughs, snorts, you get it). There’s rumors among the kids that it’s because he remained quiet to avoid getting found by the Infected for so long that he forgot how to speak. Which honestly isn’t too far from the truth: not that he’s forgotten how to speak, but he prefers to listen and watch than to speak. You never know what’s lurking in this world, so Big Mac makes it his own personal job to do a lot of the listening and watching so the others won’t have to be as hyper aware. It’s because of his attentiveness that he barely misses anything; he’s usually the first to catch on to when things aren’t quite like they seem (Mac was the first to realize Twi was bitten but that her bite was actually healing when she returned to the settlement, something the bite wounds shouldn’t actually do if it were a normal infection). His silence makes him all the more intimidating and, as he should, he isn’t quick to trust, but he can still be the gentle giant we know him to be.

Fun notes: the watch he’s wearing belonged to his father, and he’s wearing two lockets: one contains a family photo of him and the Apples, the other contains a photo of him and his spouses, Caramel and Cheerilee.

So now Granny Smith!  Whenever I watch MLP and Granny’s featured, despite the way she sometimes move she doesn’t seem like and elder who is fragile or “rickety” as it were. Despite her age, Granny moves like someone half her age, and though she sometimes needs aid moving about with her cane she doesn’t let that stop her from helping as much as she can. The elder mare can often be seen either working the farm, planting or harvesting crops, acting as the settlement chef, sewing and making clothes, tinkering… she’s pretty good at a lot of things, farming and handling a gun specifically. She’s good enough to be one of the teachers for the youngsters in how to properly handle a weapon, anyway, and she can be a mean strategist, what once being in the army in her younger years and all. Even still, Granny remains a steadfast matriarch of the Apple Family and basically is everyone’s grandma in Sanctuary; special treats, sneaks the kids cookies before desert (when they have the ingredients to actually make cookies anyway), that sort of thing. As for her eye? She lost it a long time ago and usually wears an eyepatch on it (the thing she’s holding). She loves telling the gruesome story of how she lost it to youngsters, and they eat it up every time.

So yeah! I hope you guys enjoy the image and thank you for takin’ a look! You’re more than free to ask me questions if you have any about this AU. ^.^

I have many reasons for this.

One: I do not care how much you ship septiplier I ship it myself a little), but you don’t have the rights to comment mean and even just horrible things to Amy. She doesn’t deserve that.

Two: If you’re really that big of a Markiplite, you wouldn’t DO these things.

Three: It disturbed me how the comments on the charity livestream all changed to “Gang rape Amy” or “Kill her” or any of that. Just like someone hit a fucking switch when she came on. What the actual fuck. Rape is not something to joke about. I wonder if y’all even think about it.



I’m sorry if that may sound rude, but I’m just so angry at this. Amy is a wonderful person who I really really like, personally. It’s okay if you don’t like her. You don’t have to be. But if you respect Mark, you would respect his choices. 

We don’t know him like some other people do. And that’s just the honest truth. Sorry if I hurt your feelings there a bit, but it’s the truth.

What I see when I look at Amy and Mark are two happy people, who love each other dearly for who they are.

That’s what I see and it melts my heart.

I’m done rambling now. 

Thank you for, hopefully, listening.

Edit: I’m so glad people actually read this, because this a really really important thing for me. So thank you, to everyone who’s reblogging this. Thank you for the support on this :)
Feanor felt aggrieved both by the use of his father’s name for his two younger brothers, and again by the prefixes that were added; for his pride was growing and clouding his reason: he thought himself not only the greatest master of Kurwe (which was true) but also of Nolme (which was not true, save in matters of language), and certainly the noblest of the children of Finwe (which might have proved true, if he had not become the proudest and most arrogant).

The Shibboleth of Feanor

Feanor: I am the most skilled and wise and noble.

Narrator: He wasn’t


New in the crew - Domino

took me long enough to make a proper introduction post, ive been showing her around on discord for ages now

shes a character i have been planning out for the longest time now, shes some gunslinger kinda bounty hunter from Tesara who ended up in the north for some reason, where, coincidentally, the rest of the folks are hanging out.
shes from a subspecies of pridaks race and mute, she communicates in her own way, though more about that later. Her equipment consists of her two flintlocks, her big ass heavy duty boots and some other stuff a bounty hunter might have, i got no idea man!
for now all i know is i gotta get around actually drawing her digitally instead of only paper. i hope yall gonna like her and blabla

So the Hot Topic rant saga has finished.

I’ve been stressing out and checking the tracking all the time so I can catch when the package was out for delivery. Went out for groceries yesterday and what’s sitting at the door when I get home? Yep. My Hot Topic order. 

The address on it was still missing the unit number for my house so how did it get to me? did I do all that worrying for no reason? turns out the only reason it actually got to the door is because I have so much stuff delivered already. Between online shopping and supplies for my business stuff I get A LOT delivered. I’m friends with pretty much every shipping company delivery person lol. Since this package was being delivered by Canada Post and I’ve had packages dropped off almost everyday for the past two weeks the delivery guy knew my name. So he didn’t even need to know the unit number. He’s even dropped off neighbours packages at my door before because he just saw the main address number and assumed it was for me again lol

so thank hell that I order so much and every postal person knows my address because otherwise I probably would not have gotten it and would then have had to deal with getting a refund from hot topic. I knew my online overspending would come in handy one day.


Irreconcilable Differences

In my opinion, not only is the 1950 film Cinderella one of Disney’s greatest animated films, but one of the greatest animated films of all time. It is so beautiful and wonderful that I actually hold contempt and great dislike for the sequels. Part of it stems from the fact that they were made by DisneyToon Studios and not Walt Disney Animation Studios, and so I consider the animation and stories by the former to be inferior. But I have more personal reasons about why I don’t like the sequels than just the differences in the animation.

The two Cinderella sequels were made more than 50 years after the original film was released. By now, all of its cast and crew is deceased, including Walt Disney, and only they could tell audiences what is canonical to the film or not. Due to the year differences between the films, it just makes me wonder how much their filmmakers could keep the characters similar to their original film counterparts. I have a feeling that the people who made the sequels might have made them the way they want them to be. Like it was done that Cinderella had a reconciliation with her stepfamily; in this case, with Anastasia, because it is what the filmmakers wanted to happen.

However, in the original film, neither Drizella nor Anastasia appear to have any redeeming qualities, which makes me believe that the chance of either of them turning good would be very unlikely. I honestly can’t see Drizella or Anastasia ever wanting to make amends with Cinderella after their mistreatment of the latter. This is particularly because they have no concept of the difference between right and wrong or good and bad. Not to mention their mother taught them that what they did to Cinderella was not bad or wrong, so I think that the chances of them changing after behaving badly for years is very slim. And let’s not forget that they have had this lifelong jealousy of Cinderella that I don’t think will ever stop. It’s obvious to me that they would continue to hate Cinderella with a burning passion after the latter married the prince, because she again succeeded at something that they failed to do. On a minor note, since the Tremaines hate Cinderella, they would be glad to have her out of their lives once she got married. But simultaneously, they would still be furious that she, of all women, won the heart of the prince when they couldn’t, and even with Cinderella gone, they no longer have someone to do the housework, boss around, or torment.

In terms of preserving continuity with the original title character, I don’t think the sequels strayed too far because Cinderella is still portrayed to be so good and pure of heart that I don’t think she would hate her stepfamily and be prone to forgiving them if given the chance. If you remember what I have said in the past, Cinderella never acts out with anger and sadness in the original movie because she does not want to stoop to the Tremaines’ level and act just like them. That is just what they WANT her to do! And Cinderella does not want them to think they can take away her dignity and pride, nor will she let herself be their victim.

I got to thinking that if they ever attended the castle for balls or parties, Drizella and Anastasia would still view Cinderella as the girl they loved to torment, not as a princess, even though she would now be legally above them in terms of social class. So if the three Tremaines were ever alone with Cinderella after the latter’s marriage, I think they would treat Cinderella no different than they used to treat her. But if they were in the presence of Cinderella AND the prince, then they all would become afraid and kiss up to her in her presence. But even if they feared her, they wouldn’t be genuinely nice to her, nor do I believe they would ask Cinderella for forgiveness. Hell, I can bet their mother never taught them about forgiveness, either.

I have to admit, given what they did to their stepsister in the original film, I would like to know what it would have been like had Anastasia and Drizella encountered Cinderella again after her wedding. But I don’t think the concept with Anastasia redeeming herself is what would happen if WDAS made the film instead of DisneyToon. Like I said earlier, these two dipsticks have no real redeeming qualities, and they have hated Cinderella for almost their entire lives; a hatred I doubt would ever fade, especially and even after Cinderella married the prince. She succeeded once again where they failed completely.

No, in my mind, Drizella and Anastasia would continue to hate Cinderella for years beyond the events of the movie. They are their mother’s daughters, and Drizella and Anastasia have no love in their hearts, so they are not worthy of asking for forgiveness and reconciling with their kind, loving stepsister.

EXO reaction - you having a heart shaped birth mark


He would be the one to trace it while you’re laying in bed together. He would find it quite sensual.

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“It’s like you were born to love.”

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He’d think it was your best feature. He would be the other to stare at it if your shirt rides up or something… and them your butt after a few seconds.


He would be completely fascinated by your mark. I can see him cuddling you from behind and looking down at it for no apparent reason.

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The two of you would be like the couple that has cute body marks. He has his dimples and you have your birthmark. He would always smile when he saw it.

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“Aww it’s cute~~ It’s an actual heart!!!”

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He would for sure be the one to put his hand over it and say things like:

“Only I can have your heart.”

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He would trace the outline of your mark when he gets bored or just out of habit. He’d get all giddy and happy when he sees it.

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The other boys would for sure crown you both at the “heart couple” he has heart shaped lips and you have the heart shaped birth mark.

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*Dirty thoughts: engaged*

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He’d think it’s adorable! He would do his little ‘Nini’ giggle when he sees it.

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He could stare at it for hours. He loves to see you show some skin.

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This is all in good fun and honestly for my own entertainment but after watching the promo videos, I think I have my final hypothesis set before we find out the truth. 

Here’s my thinking - One video is very obviously only featuring the dots on a division symbol, The other only features what seems to be a subtraction sign.

Also, each features two very different instrumentals that I’m having a hard time imagining in the same song.

And of course the subjects in each of the lyrics we’ve gotten have been quite different from each other (though I’m not using this part as solid reasoning) x x

So what’s my final guess?

-1 Album - 2 “sides” - Side A ÷ (Divide) and Side B - (Subtract) (or vice versa)

-Album as a whole could be called “Divide and Subtract” or “Subtract and Divide” (I think both actually sound quite nice)

-On Friday I think that we may be getting two singles (one from each “side”). It’s a weird concept from a promo standpoint (especially when it comes to radio play) but this could be what makes the whole “two sided” album thing really work and standout.

-Also I’m still extremely doubtful that we’ll be getting a full album on Friday, but the buzz that will come from releasing two singles at once after a long hiatus will surely give him a solid amount of promo that will allow for a sooner release than usual (I still think that we’ll get the album on his birthday - Feb 17th). My guess is that we’ll get the release date and artwork just after the music goes live.

I could be totally wrong but I just wanted to jot everything down, just for fun. Anyone else have a different theory to throw around? It’s always fun to hear what everyone else has to think :)

devicing  asked:

I might have missed an ask along the way, but have you discussed the dynamic between Momota and Ouma yet? I understand Japanese enough to get by without the occasionally misinformed/misleading translations and I am FLOORED by the lack of people talking about the dynamic shift between them in chapters 3 and 5. I guess I just wanted to know what you had to say on their relationship since your metas are always on point (also bc my friend and I can only scream at each other about these two so much)

I wanted to answer these two questions together because I’m actually very excited to have a chance to talk about this! Ouma and Momota’s relationship and the way in which the dynamic between them shifts is one of the most fascinating parts of Chapter 5, in my opinion.

If Chapter 5 in every DR game is about encouraging the player to put aside their preconceptions in order to find the truth (trusting that Kirigiri is lying to Naegi for a good reason, understanding that just because Komaeda’s murder was gruesome and horrible didn’t necessarily mean he was killed by someone else, etc.) then ndrv3 Chapter 5 really, truly takes the cake: complete cooperation between a culprit and victim is definitely a first in a DR game.

There are so many intentional parallels and points of difference between them, in much the same way that there are parallels between Ouma and Saihara, or Saihara and Momota. I feel Saihara himself managed to summarize it best when I was translating the Chapter 5 post-trial, and when he said that they “had lost the friend that they could trust the most and the friend that they could trust the least at the same time.”

I’ll be discussing Ouma and Momota’s relationship pretty thoroughly under the read more, so there will be quite a few endgame spoilers. Please read only if you’re comfortable! I’ll also be referencing things from the Chapter 5 post-trial quite a lot, so if anyone hasn’t read it yet, there’s a translated transcript of the whole thing here!

Keep reading

Things that still bother me: The Six Thatchers

There are many things that still bother me about Season 4 but this has got to be one of the biggest when it comes to the plot.

Now I used to be in the Tin Hat club and this is one of the major reasons why.  However the way at which both BBC and the Writers have treated the fans SO despicably with the attempts at erasure, dismissiveness and gaslighting, has all been heavy indicators that no, there is no Lost Special coming.  And yes, the writers really do not give two wits about their audience.

Well if Season 4 really did happen, and everything in that season -actually- occurred…

Then what the heck is up with The Six Thatchers!?

The Six Thatchers is not only a title of a case that Sherlock and John ALREADY DID and was already written about on John Watson’s blog, but the entire blasted thing i basically repeated in the show… and neither John or Sherlock comment on this!? WTF!?

So John blogs about this case that he and Sherlock did…

In this case, there was a series of break-ins, where thatcher busts were being stolen.

There were SIX thatcher busts being stolen, exactly the same number as the thatcher busts being stolen in the show.

Not only that, but these six busts were being broken open.

And Lo-and-behold, an object with someone’s initials on it is hidden inside of the last bust. Same as in the blasted show.

The entirety of The Six Thatchers is basically a complete repeat of a case that sherlock and John ALREADY DID and john already wrote about.

Sherlock is supposedly this highly intelligent and observant individual. You would think that he would notice that a case he ALREADY DID was happening all over again and, oh I don’t know, comment on this!? But no, he doesn’t even bat an eye.

Just like the glowing skull, there is absolutely no explanation given for any of this.

Are the writers just really THAT LAZY and do an ENTIRE REPEAT of an entire case of a show!? 

Why even?  And then give NO explanation as to WHY this case was repeated… and everyone in the episode just goes along as if it is NORMAL.  John or sherlock should have said or indicated SOMETHING, but it is like they have this huge void of suddenly somehow forgetting that the case had already happened.

Like it does not even exist.

An entire repeat of a case from the blog in the show and you just don’t care!? This is like the pinnacle of lazy writing.

Complete case repeat. No explanation as to how or why.

WTF Mofftiss!?

What. The. F*ck.

anonymous asked:

What drew you to studying Vikings and Nordic Lore? Do you have any tips for people who are interested in learning more (aside from reading your posts 😊)

Sæll (eða sæl),

I must say that the answer to such a question is a bit difficult for me to put into words. My path to the Vikings and Norse culture in general has not been a straightforward one. Some people come upon the interest through their heritage, but that was not the case for me; I only learned of my Scandinavian heritage after getting invested in the subject. I must add, though, that having heritage is not imperative to centering one’s life around Scandinavian culture and history. In fact, my heritage is actually quite insignificant. I only bring it up because many people cite such a reason for sparking their interest.

Nay, my interest came about in another way, and quite recently. It seems a bit distant now, but I first stumbled upon the subject two years ago. It happened when I signed up for a history class on something that I knew almost nothing about: Viking History. That class began (for me) in January of 2015. Yet, even while in that class, I was not set on studying the Vikings for the rest of my life. I spent a few months going back and forth between Vikings and Classics, actually, and it took me until the end of the following summer to realize what I truly loved (and that is when this blog was born). 

So, in the end, or at least up until this very point in time, I have only been studying this material for a mere year and half, and that is terribly short when considering the vast amount of information and texts that exist on this subject. Now, I suppose I still have yet to answer what actually drew me to studying Vikings. Truthfully, I cannot say for certain. There is no singular aspect of Viking studies that I could point to and thereby declare as the winner for convincing me to leave behind Classics in its favor. There is simply something indescribable about Scandinavian culture and history that I cannot express with words. It draws me ever onward into its grasp and I am forced to submit. Granted, I have gladly accepted such a fate. I suppose I describe my passion best through action, but to state such a passion in words would require a long list of fascinations that I happen to have, and my rambling is often unbearable enough as it is.

My advice, stated simply, is to read books, at least to start with. Read the Eddas, read a few sagas, read folklore, and perhaps pick up a Scandinavian language. You get far more form those things than you can from my blog, though I am honored that you consider it a suitable place to go! My blog is a mere summary of the riches preserved in those texts. Furthermore, once you know a language, a whole new world of opportunity opens up to you. That is currently where I stand in the process. I am currently learning Icelandic and seek to reach out to Icelanders so that I can learn more about their culture. Eventually I would like to learn Norwegian as well, but I can only take on so much at once. Anyway, I will be a bit more specific with the books I recommend, since that would likely be helpful (I hope):

  • Angus A. Somerville and R. Andrew McDonald ed., The Viking Age: A Reader, 2nd ed. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014). This contains many excerpts of primary source material, so it is a good source for getting vaguely familiar with everything.
  • Snorri Sturluson, The Prose Edda, Jesse L. Byock trans. (London: Penguin Books, 2005). A good copy if you have no familiarity with Norse mythology, but this text is not the complete Edda.
  • Carolyne Larrington trans., The Poetic Edda. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014).

Surly there are other books that would satisfy requirements as introductory material, but these are the texts that I have personally used to familiarize myself with the subject. There is still much reading to do, of course. Given the vastness of an entire culture and its past, one will never cease to learn new things about it. Anyway, I do hope I answered in the way that you hoped for.

Vera vitr og reika langt.
(Be wise and wander far.)

me: *actually trying to go to sleep at a reasonable hour* 

my brain: One cuil represents one level of abstraction away from the reality of a situation. For example, you ask me for a hamburger. At one cuil, if you asked me for a hamburger, and I gave you a raccoon. At two cuils, if you asked me for a hamburger, but it turns out I don’t really exist. Where I was originally standing, a picture of a hamburger rests on the ground. At three cuils, you awake as a hamburger, you start screaming only to have special sauce fly from your lips. The world is in sepia. At four cuils-

I was looking over this picture again and something came to mind. What if the reason that Ray says she’s the only one who can beat Zarc isn’t because of the four cards, but because she’s done it before?

This is just a theory but I think these two may have known one another. Ray was clearly a duelist like Zarc and was even participating like him. What if the reason 3 of their counterparts are in love with the other is because they knew each other in their first lives? And what if Ray was the only one ever to beat Zarc in a duel?

All we learned about Zarc and Ray was from Leo. So what if Ray and Zarc were actually close before he went mad? That could add a bit of depth to it all. The woman who went out of her way to save someone she cared for- watching over him even in their new lives.

Again this is just a theory but one I would find interesting. Also really hoping Ray is the one to beat Zarc. Cause heroine saving the day for once in Yugioh…

Lately, I’ve been thinking of Aly Cooper, how she was absolutely screwed since birth. It’s not really brought up in the two books, but Kyprioth’s attention wouldn’t have been on Aly only because of George. Yes, Alanna’s patron is the Goddess, but Kyprioth must have loved Alanna. A small 10 year old girl with a fiery temper, deciding to play such a huge trick on the entire realm that it actually changed the course of their history? Kyprioth would have adored Alanna in her page and squire years. She was even able to fool George for 2 years, and the only reason he found out was because a 12 year old Alanna was scared about the unceasing flow of blood between her legs, and she needed him to get her a healer. Maybe he would have found out eventually, but even still.

God, Kyprioth must have cackled during that fight between Alanna and Roger. 8 years, she kept up a trick right under the Tortallan Court’s noses with some close calls, yes, but she still kept it up.

Maybe he didn’t like her as much in her 30′s and 40′s, but gods have long memories. Because George has never really needed to be someone he isn’t, not really. He’s a rogue, a commoner. Yes he does have to lie sometimes for his job, but it’s just temporary, lasting for only days or weeks at a time. It’s never been his actual life. His mother knew he would grow up to be a criminal, Alanna knew he was crooked when they met, and Jonathon knew exactly who George was when Jon made him a Baron. George taught Aly the necessary skills, but the lying? The pretenses, the acting? The willingness to lie to people she cares about, and keep going because it’s necessary to achieve what she wants? That’s all Alanna.

anonymous asked:

it's just me who think it's weird that azura being the only royal sibling that doesn't have any retainers? i mean, corrin have 5 retainers (yes, i counting kaze) and azura doesn't even have two? seriously i want to hear some ideas

I know someone made a post before explaining this - but I can’t remember who it was. Sorry about that. Also, anon, could you please be more polite when asking for my opinion in the future?

I think the main reason why Azura doesn’t have retainers is because she’s not technically a royal of Hoshido. In Conquest she actually gets run out of Hoshido because she was originally a princess of Nohr. Not only that, but despite growing up in Hoshido with the other siblings, Takumi doesn’t consider her a sister or a royal. Heck, apparently even Saizo is considered suspicious by the people - and he’s incredibly loyal and equally suspicious of others. This leads me to believe that she’s not allowed to have retainers and isn’t even considered Hoshidan because of her origins in Nohr. The people don’t seem to trust her and are even afraid of her ratting them out to Nohr somehow. I don’t think it’s a secret that Hoshido is pretty suspicious of outsiders, more so then most countries in the game. So I think that despite how long she’s been in Hoshido, how accepting into their family Mikoto, Ryoma, and Hinoka are to her, and how much she may love the country, she’s still just considered a princess of Nohr and a prisoner to the rest of Hoshido.

Retainers seem to be taken pretty seriously in Hoshido too, with how they’re handpicked and often whole families have a prestigious history of being retainers to the royals. It sounds like retainers are trained from birth to be retainers and the royals get to pick their own from the different families.

And who would allow a foreign prisoner their own retainers; retainers who spent so long training to be retainers to royalty, and who often come from highly regarded families? It just sounds like an awful and foolish idea on paper.