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inquisition companions react to finding out the inquisitor (who always covers their face) is actually the hero of ferelden? (Plus warden Alistair and Morrigan pls?)

Morrigan: She knew instantly, of course. It was the walk, the bearing, the weight on their shoulders and the pride that kept them tall. And their eyes. Those eyes, peeking out from behind their mask, would likely haunt her for the rest of her life, for one reason or another. “I’ll keep your secret, old friend, if you truly do not wish these others to know,” she tells them when she announces that she’s to join the Inquisition. If Romanced: “Ah, my love, how difficult it will be to keep your secret when we shall be sharing a bed. I will not be moved from this. We shall be a family once more, and that’s final. Now, take off that ridiculous mask and kiss me.”

Warden Alistair: Inwardly: Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Okay, don’t panic. It’s only your damned commander here. No need to panic. Or say anything dumb. “Heeeeeeeyyyy there!” Damn it! If Romanced: Well, if the way they steal into shadowed corners frequently isn’t enough to give the Warden away, nothing will. But by the Maker, he will spend time with his lover! They’re out here risking their life against impossible odds, as usual, and he doesn’t even get to stay by their side for the duration! Necking in the corner is the least of their worries at this point.

Bonus King Alistair: Yeah, he really didn’t have time to notice. There were more pressing matters to deal with. If Romanced: “Keep that beautiful face covered, love. Your identity is a vulnerable point, as much as I hate that. Our enemies would use you to hurt me and use me to hurt you. If I can’t be here with you, at least you can try to stay safe.”

Leliana: She knew immediately when they were found in the Temple of Sacred Ashes, but she didn’t know what to do with the information. She kept it to herself, allowing Cassandra and the others to think whatever they wanted to think until she had the opportunity to speak to them alone. “Why are you here, what happened?” she asks them. Though their answers are far from satisfactory, she’s willing to trust that her old friend would never have done what they are accused of. If Romanced: “My love, we must stop meeting like this,” she giggles to them even though they’re shackled in a cell. She’s cleared the room to speak to them, ostensibly to question the prisoner. She grins at them, completely certain in her belief that they are innocent, that something else is at work, and she’s simply grateful to be back with her lover even under such circumstances.

Cassandra: She’s suspicious, especially with how careful Leliana is being around them. She wonders why they insist on the mask upon having their hands unbound, but allows it anyway. She has her suspicions about who they are but keep them to herself. When she finally knows for certain, she’s more confused than anything else. “Why not simply tell us who you are?” she asks. “It would have helped remove suspicion from you to know that you were the one who ended the Blight!” If Romanced: “You didn’t trust me with this?” she asks them, a bit hurt. “You are a great hero, someone I admired before we even met. And I treated you so poorly when we met. Knowing this would have saved us both a lot of trouble.”

Cullen: Though the last time he saw the Warden was in the midst of his torture, he remembers them as clear as day. He knows who it is that stands before him on the battlefield, masked and cloaked though they are. He could never forget. He would rather forget. If Romanced: “I knew it was you from the first moment I saw you, mask and all,” he confesses, rubbing the back of his neck. “I wanted to thank you, to ask your forgiveness for what happened the last time we saw each other, but I realized that you must be hiding for a reason so I stayed quiet. I’ve kept your secret, and I will continue to do so if that is your wish.”

Solas: He knows the name, he knows the title, he knows the significance of their actions, but he doesn’t know them. He recognizes them as he studies the Anchor, but it seems to him that their identity doesn’t particularly matter. He keeps it to himself more out of indifference than any desire to keep their secret. Whatever they seek by hiding won’t affect his plans at all, so it doesn’t matter. If Romanced: “I knew. I’ve seen your face in the Fade more than enough to recognize you, but I saw no reason to reveal this information. We were both under enough suspicion as it was without adding to it unnecessarily.”

Sera: She didn’t know. She had no idea. She thinks it’s kind of cool and she’s impressed that they were able to keep the secret so long. “If you’re that good at hiding yourself, think you’ll be that good at pranks?” If Romanced: “So you were a hero even before all this Coriffyshite? Wow, you’re even bigger than I thought. Famouser. More famous. Oh, you know what I mean. Now give me a kiss, you big hero.”

Blackwall: He’s taken entirely by surprise, and one of his first thoughts once the shock wears off is why they didn’t out him as not being a Warden. He’s too afraid to ask, of course. It’s humbling, though, to be in their presence, to know them so well and work together as they do. If Romanced: Again, he wonders why they didn’t tell everyone he wasn’t a Warden, but he figures that someday he’ll work up the courage to ask. “I’m sort of honored that you would want me, after everything, out of everyone. You could have just about anything or anyone you want, but I’m so glad it’s me.”

Vivienne: She didn’t know enough about the Hero of Ferelden to pick them out of a crowd, but the mask made her suspicious since they clearly weren’t Orlesian and it wasn’t decorative like hers; it was a mask to hide behind, not a mask to show off. She tried many times to parse their secret, to discover what lay under that mask. She had a feeling it was important and a good thing to know, but after a while she decided to let it be. If they wanted to tell her the truth, then they would, but all she was doing was exhausting herself. When she finally does find out, she’s more delighted than anything else and congratulates them on their ability to keep their identity secret for so long.

Dorian: Honestly, it wasn’t his business and he didn’t really care to find out why they always wore a mask. When he does find out, he thinks it’s all a marvelous joke and spends quite a long time trying to figure out what everyone would think if they found out. If Romanced: “Well, that’s… oddly intimidating, now that I think of it. You defeated an archdemon. Oh, amatus, and now you have to face another one? One that is controlled by an evil, ancient magister, no less? Don’t worry, I’ll be right beside you the whole time.”

Iron Bull: He had his suspicions. He’s not Ben-Hassrath for nothing, after all. But he kept his thoughts to himself and went along as if everything were just peachy. When the truth is finally revealed to him, he claps them on the shoulder. “No wonder you’re so good at slaying dragons!” If Romanced: “Yeah, I know. Thanks for trusting me with it, though. It’s okay, kadan. I’ve got your back.”

Varric: He didn’t know until they told him. “Look at that! I get to fight alongside both big heroes of the age!” he cries. “This is so going in my book. It’s way too interesting not to.”

Cole: He knew. Of course he knew. “Yes, tainted blood, aching heart, you’ve seen so much death, lost so much of yourself. It’s okay. I’m here. I’ll try to help.”

Josephine: She didn’t know, didn’t guess. She knew there was something worth hiding under there, of course, but she didn’t expect this. She wonders what the secret will do to the Inquisition, if it should be revealed or not. She leaves the decision up to them, but worries about the consequences if the secret is discovered by their enemies or accidentally revealed by their allies. If Romanced: “Oh, my love, why didn’t you tell me? This changes nothing about my feelings for you, of course, but I wish I had known!”

Private Dancer NSFW +18

Private Dancer

Summary: After a long hard mission it’s always nice to come home to a little teasing and maybe something more.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Reader, Marie Hill

Setting: Future

Rating: M for mature audience no one under 18 please. NSFW

Warnings: smut (wrap it if ya gonna tap it people), NSFW, PWP, daddy kink, slight Dom!Steve, language, mentions of being hurt,

Word count: 5,202

Notes: Written for @emilyevanston #kate’s cards against humanity challenge, I chose Making a pouty face. Also this is the first time I’m writing Steve smut so I’m very sorry if it’s utter crap. Happy reading.

Tag list:

Forever: @winters-buck @angryschnauzer @marvel-lucy @feelmyroarrrr @aquabrie@thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @supernaturallymarvellous @fandommaniacx

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“Any word on when Steve’s coming home?” You asked for what felt like to Maria the thousandth time but really just the tenth.

Rolling her eyes she knew you’re worried that Steve missed his last check in. Not that it meant anything but it could’ve and nothing good either.

“No Y/N there’s not,” sighing while raking a hand through her shoulder length brown hair. “I know your anxious for news but pacing my office isn’t going to help much but wear a hole in the carpet.”

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p5 hc

just some hc ive been thinkin but for a while. Also this is gonna be EXTREMELY  LONG

- akira is the cool quiet type. externally. Internally, hes a fucking dirty memester and never misses an oppurtunity to drop subtle outdated memes

-*akira under his breath*: get rekt, scrub

- he also only has like two different smiles: his soft ‘look at all the friends i made along the way’ smile and the dirty ‘fucking gotcha in ya dirty face’ grin

- so basically people who think they know him are WRONG,, u gotta get real close and personal to figure out this dude

-ryuji is like aggressively protective of his friends.


- (also ignoring all the shitty canon of the sacrifice(you know what i mean)and some backstory)

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Jack and Mark’s Demons

Alright, Dark and Anti theory time!

(Just giving you a heads up, it’s a bit long so thank you in advance if you take your time to read this!)

So, we all know about Antisepticeye and Darkiplier, right? (well, obviously ahah). Ok I’ve been thinking. What if @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier sold their souls to demons for the fame and subs?

So it’d be like “hey so I sell you my soul and in exchange you make me YouTube famous and give me a lot of subs, how bout dah” and the demons would be like “yeah man, I gotcha, but in exchange you’ll let me take over your body once in a while, and no one would even notice because I would act the same way as you, it’s just that I can have a little freedom every now and then” and Jack and Mark would agree on those terms.

So, that’s what happened. They made the contract, gained their subs and fame and in exchange they would let the demons take their body occasionally as we can see on some of Jack’s videos such as Split personalities| reading your comments #47, and I think it’s safe to say kill or be killed| undertale #9  (and other undertale videos) when Jack did Flowey’s voice, or Mark’s videos such as Don’t Blink and don’t move, amongst others. 

Obviously, the demons did an amazing job at pretending to be Mark and Jack as we all caught on that something wasn’t right. In fear of being exposed, they shut out their demons and carried on with their normal lives. After all they already had a good fan base so even if the demons abandoned them, they could carry on gaining subs just by themselves, without supernatural help. 

This, obviously wasn’t well thought by Jack and Mark. If there’s one thing I know from basic knowledge and research and the Supernatural series (pfft) is that, if you mess with the supernatural, you’re fucked. These two shut out the demons they made a contract with. Obviously that pissed them off. After all the things they did for Jack and Mark, after all the subs and fame, this is how they treat them? That’s not fair! So, they started working on ways to get back at them for betraying them. They both worked towards a simple goal. Hurt their humans in the worst way possible for them.

For Jack, losing his voice, the thing that makes him stand out the most from other youtubers, would be the worst thing that could happen to him. Not being able to talk would be torture (and we all know Jack loves to ramble, he can pull a 20 minutes’ video out of his ass just by talking about pineapple pizza!), and he would lose his subs and fame and everything he worked on. So what did Anti do? He sliced Jack’s throat. He took Jack’s voice away so he could take over his body again. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Anti’s voice is so glitchy now. In the past, you could understand him just fine (in the split personalities video and the undertale videos), but now you can’t understand him that well and that’s because he ruined jack’s most valuable thing about himself, even if it was temporary, or a symbolic thing. But the wound is open now and Anti can take over Jack’s body more easily again. Another proof? Jack got sick after is Pax panel 2017. What happened in his panel? Anti made an appearance. What was the most affected thing when jack got sick after that? His voice.

For Mark, hurting the ones he loves the most would be the worst thing ever. We all know how Mark is so caring about his fans, you can see that every time he cries for us, those tears are real. And Dark knows it. He knows we’re his weakness. At first, he tried to hurt Mark, as we can see on the video Relax. But I have the feeling Mark is one of those people who would rather be the one to get hurt to protect the other person. So Dark decided it would be useless to hurt Mark. Specially since he already hurts and tortures himself every time he does something like the ice bath challenge ahahah, I can just picture Dark facepalming while watching Mark doing these kinds of videos. anyway, Dark decided to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike back. The perfect opportunity to finally be able to hurt the ones Mark loves. And when did that happen? On valentine’s day. The day you spend with someone you really care about. It was the perfect timing to attack. And that’s what Dark did. Not only would he get to hurt and mentally torture us but he would get to do the same things to Mark. Dark threatened usI can specially take you to the places where you don’t want to go”/ “THERE’S NOTHING YOU OR HE CAN DO TO STOP ME!”/ you’re never, ever going to escape me, and mentally tortured us by

1)      Putting us on a loop every time we chose the “Exit” option, which would drive us crazy since we were the only ones aware of the fact that this was a never-ending loop of either watching Mark dig the floor with a damn spoon  -____- or us being attacked by the crazy cook every time we wanted to escape;

2)      Making us choose which Mark to kill and the fear of killing the wrong one (I don’t know about you guys but when it came to the time of choosing which Mark to kill, it gave me anxiety xD)

And as for Mark, not only was he tortured as well, by watching us go through all that, he was also killed and more than once! Killed and brought back to life multiple times can’t be good for you.

The reason Anti and Dark had different approaches to Jack and Mark was because they’re different types of demons. Different types of demons for different types of people. 

This was Antisepticeye and Darkiplier’s way of showing Jack and Mark they can’t back down on a deal made with demons.

Now that we know about their existence, ţ̶̜̫̝̽h̴̟̱̳̬͒̌̈͛͑̅͘ȩ̷͕̘͕̦̋͋̐̉͛r̵͉̭͂e̶͕̮̘̍͐́͒͑̆̊'̸̼͎̋̽̊̀̾̉̅ͅŝ̵̛̹͕̻̳̰̂ ̷͔͇̱̜̣̉ͅͅn̷̛̹̺̆̇́ȯ̷͖́̋̚͠ ̶̢̡̰̤̘̮̋̽̓̉p̶̛͕͉̯͙̈́̌ö̸̤̺́͑͊̈́̓̕͜i̴̗͚̦̥̳͍̋̓̽͊͊̓͠n̶̡̢̢͈̹̹̿̅̑͝ṱ̵̛͕̳͎̾̌͘ ̸̢͉̳̫̣̜͇̐͗̏̆́̌͠i̴̢̩̙̣̫̽͊̕n̷̙̞̄̏̀͑͘̕ ̷̡̗͖͔͍̿̆̉͗̾̈́h̵̳̹̻̜͇̿i̴̲͙͒̓̈́͑̒͂d̸̜̰͎̟͆̄͑͌͘͜i̴̡̖͙͔̞̲̋n̶̡͍̮̘̮͛́͠ͅg̷͚͈̓̇̆̊̎̚ ̸̥̥̼̒̾̉͆͂̍å̴͚͓͘n̶͓̆ͅỷ̶͔̱̄̉̃m̶̘͐̒̅̂͑͝o̴̡̻̖̹̬͌ŗ̶͍̜̭́̒̿́̄̚ȅ̷̠̥̜̬͚̺̘̓͆̆̄̈.̸̛̙̩̝̫̺̈́̌͆͑̎͆͜.

(jokes aside, we all know Jack and Mark gained their subs and fame for their talent and kindness because they’re genuinely amazing people)

edit: it looks like part of my theory looks like this specific theory that is absolutely amazing as well, but I don’t want it to look like I’ve stole it from the person who wrote it so I’m crediting them. if you haven’t read it, I suggest you do because it’s really good! @fandombandomrandom42 I just want to apologise again for making you think I stole this idea from your theory without crediting you :/

Musical intel (Dick Grayson x Reader)

The top of the evenly apartment was arguably one of Dick’s favorite spot to look out onto Gotham. The building was near the edge of the city which permitted one of the best views of the illuminated city. It also was near the hot beds of some of the unknown crime that lurked near the alleys.

But if he really had to be honest with himself there was something, actually more of someone that kept him coming back to the Evenly Apartment.

It was you.

Every night or so you would come out to the balcony of your apartment and sing in the most heavenly voice he’s ever heard. The soft tune of the your voice and the graceful way you waltzed around the balcony captivated him. You were enchanting and it struck Dick right in the heart.

He never seemed to get the courage to talk to you. Was it because he was actually scared to talk to you?

Yes, the famous Nightwing was scared to talk to you.

Another night passed and Dick settle himself in the shadows of the apartment roof. A couple minutes you strolled out singing softly with a steaming cup of coffee.

“And you know, you know, you know, life could be beautiful.“  Y/N softly hummed out.

Dick sighed, your voice pleased him so much.

"I pray for a better day…. we were kind before we can be kind once more..”

“We can be beautiful…” Y/N murmured closing their eyes.

“Just not today.” Dick blurted out.

You jumped back with a yelp.

Dick chuckled and stepped out into the light revealing himself. Your frightened figure relaxed seeing that it was the famous hero Nightwing and not some creep.

“Did I scare you?” Dick questioned.

“Well you did finish the part of the song I was singing out of nowhere.”

Dick nodded thoughtfully, “Y'know Heathers is my weakness, but your voice was heaven when you sang songs from Be More Chill.”

“Did you hear me sing that yesterday?”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

“How long have you been listening to me sing?”

“Much more than I care to admit darling.”

Writer at Heart (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: OH! Jughead x reader where the reader is super sweet on and no one really understands why she and jug are together. What no one knows is that she’s a writer too and is working on her own novel about what happened to Jason and they both help each other

A/N: As always I changed it a bit! Sorry if this sucks, I’m going through a writer’s block and it’s slowly killing me omg. I wrote this based on the way my writer’s mind works so hopefully this makes sense. xxx


Writer at Heart (Jughead x Reader)

Riverdale’s Sweetheart.

You earned the title over the years.

You always rolled your eyes whenever someone said it outloud.

Yes, you were sweet. It was in your nature to be kind and help anyone in any way you can. That’s just how your family raised you.

But you were a Writer at Heart.

Words fascinated you. The way they flowed together like water if you placed them in a certain order.

What also fascinated you was a boy that went by the name of ‘Jughead Jones the Third’.

So when it went around that he was also writing about Jason’s death, You had to speak to him.

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Don’t be a fool, Severus

Pairing: Snape x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Gifs not mine. This idea came from a request I saw I hope this is ok

Built up frustration in the black-clad professor was coming close to being released in an explosive manner. The man who prided himself on his ability to be reserved in all manners of events was now gnawing his bottom lip to the point of slight bleeding. 

“This won’t do.” With a flick of his wand, the scrawling disappeared making the parchment white once more. Severus was faced with an inner conflict; he had thought, in regards to his concerns of facing the problem directly, writing would be his best option. Forgoing a stuttering mess he would surely become if he conversed face to face, making him a fool. Instead, he would simply address her in a formal letter of sorts. 

Wringing his right hand and stretching it with every cramp that came, he placed his quill down on the dark wooden table for the umpteenth time. 

He contemplated a new tactic. He rose from his seat pacing his office. Looking back towards his desk, the inkwell and quill sitting tauntingly by the blank parchment. 

In an act of false hope he sat himself back at the table, inspiration did not come. 

Slumping himself forward he scowled over the parchment. He then thought it best to forget such emotions. With this, he stood once more and retired to his quarters. 

Like every other matter pertaining his personal affairs; naturally, Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore already knew. It was bad enough that the Potions Professor internally chastised himself, now he had Minerva and Albus ghosting him wherever he went. 

You noticed something was amiss, Severus stopped addressing you curtly when you passed in the halls. Not that the Potions Professor wanted to stop really. But, knowing that the matured witch and headmaster were not too far away, he stopped allowing himself simple pleasures. 

He passed them once again ‘hiding’ as he always did in recent events, “Could you be any more obvious?” He drawled. “Skulking is definitely not one of your acclaimed talents.” With a billowing cloak behind him, Severus disappeared down the length of the hall, towards his favoured part of the castle as of late; the dungeons. 

Of course, both headmaster and professor would not let up on such opportunities to meddle in Snape’s affairs. They began the devious plan of match-making. 

Their first attempt started and ended with claiming all available seats at the staff table, except one, right next to you. However, the brooding Professor retaliated by no longer partaking in shared meals. Choosing to eat instead in his personal quarters. 

Not before the spillage of Severus’ goblet that covered the young female witch of his affections. It was the fault of Hagrid, under Dumbledore’s orders, of course. With a wave of his wand to right the situation, he had left after mumbling an apology to you. 

This arose a meeting from the white-bearded man himself on a cold, crisp night, “Cheer up. You are an introspection if I ever knew one, my friend.” Snape only stared at the older man, “One would do much more harm to hold your own self a prisoner of the mind.” He would never say it out loud, but Severus thought the old man might be on to something. Maybe he did, in fact, stay in his head for far too long.

Out of fear for what was proposed to him and what it would entail to, Snape rebuked Dumbledore’s attempts, “I don’t see how this has anything to do with me, I am a Potions Professor, and nothing more.“ 

Albus did not budge, instead, walking over to sit on Severus’ desk. Almost as if he were about to have a laid-back chat, the kind you would see in a pub over a pint. 

"Right you are Severus, but your feelings for Miss (l/n) is something you can’t just ignore.” The Headmaster’s expression turned stern before fleeting into a friendly smile, “Now I’ve already organised, with the Yule Ball fast approaching, for Miss (l/n) to accommodate your teachings of the art of dancing to the Slytherins." 

Snape began to object immediately, "Headmaster, with all respect, I don’t believe-" 

Holding up his hand to silence him, Dumbledore continued, "Now Severus, it has already been arranged. If you refuse to not be in attendance to school events and let your emotions fester, then my hands are tied." 

Dumbledore smiled softly at the stern face of Severus, "Now, I have matters that must urgently be attended to, Minerva will be available for any assistance should you need it." 

Snape knew that what the Headmaster really meant was, not that if he needed help Minerva would be there, but rather she would impose upon him until he confronted his affections for (y/n). That was, only if he did so in a manner that was not anything less than what both McGonagall and Dumbledore approved.

Sitting alone in his office, Severus sat scrutinising the very idea of what was to come. He was aware that he was no longer alone. "Minerva now’s hardly the time." 

The cat twitched its tail before becoming an elegant, fierce looking witch in emerald, "Oh don’t be a fool Severus, and just ask the woman to dance with you." 

A scowl crossed his face, "I was sure that you were made aware that I have no choice in the matter. Even if I do not attend the Yule Ball, there is still the implication that Professor (l/n) will be my partner for the demonstration for the Slytherins.” At this news, the witch before him lit up. 

Absolutely thrilled with the very thought, “Oh, I hope that that experience alone will finally give you the confidence to ask her to dance.” A thought crossed her mind and she spoke suddenly, “You can dance, yes?”

 A sharp look was directed at the witch, “Yes.” He drawled. “Obviously, being Head of Slytherin means that I have had to teach them how to dance for such occasions as the Yule Ball in the past." 

A sigh escaped her lips, "I would give anything to see that." 

Severus disagreed, "Dunderheads, the lot of them, hardly entertaining watching them stumble. The Seventh Year I partnered with for the demonstration, I had the displeasure of her constant stepping on my feet. Didn’t have an ounce of rhythm in her body.” He spat as if the mere memory actually left a bad taste in his mouth. 

“Come now, they’re just children.” She scolded her colleague before redirecting the conversation, “I can assure you (y/n) will be more experienced.” At her words a knot in his stomach began to form. 

Miss (l/n) was a stunning woman; (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes and wore a lovely set of (f/c) robes, most of all; her warm smile that matched her personality. No one knew that secretly you were quite terrified yourself of what was to come. To dance with the reserved Potions Professor whom you had unrequited feelings for, or so you thought. 

Trying to hide your nerves, mainly for the sake of the girls who mostly had not danced formally until now. You talked excitedly to the Slytherin girls about their dance lesson, gushing and laughing along with them. 

The Slytherin boys, however, looked like they would rather do anything else than to dance. “Don’t worry, I bet you anything that most of it is show.” You assured the younger females, “They’re more worried about pleasing each other by showing disinterest than they are about whether or not you can dance.” The girls seemed to calm down at your words, “Once everyone is dancing that will all be mostly forgotten. I know they will have fun, so don’t worry about their attitudes making you feel nervous. Just have fun with it." 

Snape made his way to the middle of the room in his famous intimidating manner. With precise movements, he folded his arms before addressing his students. Not that there was much to say, everyone knew why they were here, however, he took the time to warn against unacceptable behaviour. 

"As this may very well be your first time dancing, I am obligated to demonstrate and guide you so that you do not make a fool of yourselves on the dance floor,” His deep voice did not alleviate the knot building in your stomach, “Miss (l/n) will you join me please to demonstrate exactly what is expected during the Yule Ball." 

In all the professionalism you could muster to mask your erratic heartbeat you walked over and met him on the floor. Taking his offered hand, you placed your hand on his shoulder. You swore that your heart skipped a beat when his hand rested gently on your hip. 

He counted the steps you took aloud for the students to follow. A wolf-whistle made its way to both of your ears, surely from a male student who must have a death wish you thought. However, Severus did not react, he continued to direct you. 

Surprisingly Snape even finished the demonstration by twirling you outwards, with still linked hands it offered you both an opportunity to bow to the audience. Your breathing was fast from the activity, as was his. He didn’t show exhaustion though as he said, "Pair up, and stay in rhythm." 

With a formal nod to Mr Filtch who then placed the record on the record player and the music began to play. 

"I heard the demonstration went well,” you looked up from the book she was reading, “There’s talk of a new Hogwarts’ couple.” Professor McGonagall smiled down at her. Your cheeks suddenly felt hot. 

YouShe smiled shyly before averting your eyes from Minerva back to your book in embarrassment. “I think my biggest problem is actually deciding what to wear.” Minerva raised an eyebrow, “I can help you with that if you like." 

"I heard it was quite the performance.” The wise man decided to poke a little fun at his usually grumpy colleague. Snape just looked up at him without speaking. 

“I presume that you will ask her to dance with you once more at tonight’s festivities.” Severus just grunted in Albus’ direction. 

“It seems you have already, what do you say, broken the ice with Miss (l/n). It would be a shame to let this opportunity slip by.” Yes, it would seem to be a shame should he let this opportunity pass him by, Severus thought. 

If there was anything Albus couldn’t do better, it was reading people even without the use of legilimency. Catching on to Snape’s change in mind he said the final words that cemented the Professor’s choice, “If we focus too much on the future we strive for, we forget the present." 

At long last, the night of the Yule Ball was upon Hogwarts. The champions took their places with their dates and started the night with the traditional first dance.

 Seeing both respected headmaster and Transfiguration Professor take to the floor, Severus chided himself into walking over to where the (h/c) woman sat. How his legs moved was beyond the Potions Master’s knowledge. 

"May I have this dance.” as her (e/c) eyes locked onto his dark pools, he felt his heart begin to beat erratically against his rib cage. A smile found its way to her soft lips as she took his outstretched hand. In a rare occurrence, (y/n) noticed a small smile replace Severus’ usual scowl.

By the end of the dance, Severus tried to speak but the words got lost somewhere between his brain and mouth. Sure enough, Severus was sure he had become his worst fear; a bumbling fool. 

Retrieving Severus from his berating thoughts, (y/n) rested her hand on his cheek. Completely despite himself, Snape had found himself leaning into her palm, it was a warmth he had rarely known. It felt familiar, something he hadn’t felt since his childhood; security. 

“I’ve always cared for you, Severus.” He looked deeply into her eyes, almost as if to find the truth, but it was only to be a reiteration of what she spoke, “I’ve been too frightened to admit my feelings.” In the comfort of the intimate moment (y/n) had boldly and un-regrettably spoken from her heart. 

A smile tugged at the corner of Severus’ lips, without the words that he knew he couldn’t speak, he showed his love through the small gesture of placing a gentle kiss upon your lips.

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Unofficial Part 3

Sorry it took so long! 

Part 1 is Here

Part 2 is Here

Biting my nails had always been a bad habit of mine. Ever since I was a child, my mother would scold me not to, saying that it was unprofessional and disrespectful. And although I had never fully kicked the habit, I was so nervous that I couldn’t even bring my habits to come into kick.

She sat in front of me, a cup of tea sitting on a coaster on the large table in front of her. I had purposefully heated it up to the highest possible temperature I could, making sure that she would have to wait for it to cool down so that I could talk to her just a little bit longer.

“I’m going to be honest” She breaks the long silence by speaking first. I grip my fingers together, intertwining them in a complicated way.

“I don’t plan on forgiving you” Her voice seems much stronger, broad even. I lose hope when I realize that she believes fully what she is saying.

Before she was in my home, I failed to realize what I had done wrong. We were never official, so I could technically talk to or be with whatever women I wished to be with. But when she was standing in front of me, seconds away from breaking down completely, it seemed as if it hit me how completely idiotic I was being.

And even though I want to stand in front of her, get on my knees, and beg for her to take me back, I have too much arrogance to do it. So instead, I sit there silently, gripping the scalding hot tea glass and swishing the liquid around in the glass cup.

“I can see why you’re mad at me.” I tell her, still refusing to look at her. She looks beautiful, even in the midst of heartbreak, and I can’t help be feel better by just being in her presence.

“I’m sorry. I know I never properly apologized, but i’m trying my best. So i’m sorry for being unfair, i’m sorry for being unfaithful, and i’m sorry for taking so long to realize what I did.”

I briefly remember her walking away from me, stepping into the car to escape the cool air outside. I remember being confused at her heartbreak, denying the fact that she meant anything to me. I was too caught up in my own ego to admit that I was wrong, but looking at her, how could I ever be right?

She doesn’t look impressed, still rolling her eyes, she takes a sip of her steaming tea. I expect her to flinch, but she downs half of the cup eagerly.

“I don’t have time for you, Shawn”

I gulp, anticipating the words that are on the tip of her tongue.

“I don’t have time for boys who are going to keep me waiting, I don’t have time for boys who would rather date supermodels and looks than girls with thoughts. I don’t have time for boys, and I really thought you weren’t one anymore, but looking at you that night, i’d never felt more stupid for being with someone so immature. I need trust in a relationship, and if I want that from you, I think you should grow up first.”

She signals with her fingers as she speaks, poisonously spitting each word from her mouth. My throat constricts and suddenly my ears feel red hot.

My ego feels hurt, offended that she would say words like that to me. But the more I stare at her, the more I understand just how much she has thought about me in the past few days.

She was always the kind of girl who knew what she wanted, she was the kind of girl who had plans for herself. The kind of girl who knew how she deserved to be treated. She left regret on every person that she interacted with because seeing her was a privilege, and it seemed that I would become one one of those regretful people.

“No, no” I shake my head, dropping the cup of tea on the table abruptly and pulling at the ends of my hair.

“I’m not ready for this, I can’t do this just yet.” I say, finally looking at her with glazed over eyes.

“I’m not ready to give up on us yet.” I tell her. Her shoulders sink, and the hard exterior she has put up softens a bit.

“We haven’t even started and you’re already giving up on me?” I feel almost pathetic speaking to her like this. I realize that this is the first time I have ever legitimately begged a woman for something. I realize the amount of power she continues to have over me.

“I can’t be with someone who’s going to choose that lifestyle.” She puts emphasis on the word ‘that’, letting me know that she is disgusted by whatever it is.

“‘That’ lifestyle?” I question.

“The one where you wear overpriced clothes and parade your drama around for money. I don’t want any part of it, and if you want any part of it, then I don’t want any part of you.”

I and been in uptown LA a lot recently, watching famous socialites party. I remember once finding them repulsive for not working a day in their lives, but now I seemed to be contributing to their lifestyles as well.

“I know that i’ve changed a lot in the past few weeks, and I realize that i’m changing for the worse. But you leaving isn’t going to help me become a better person.” She stares at me blankly.

“I like you, a lot. And I think I was trying to avoid that fact, or push it away because I didn’t think it could be true. But now that I know what I did, I know just how much i don’t deserve you. But I don’t think you should make your decision based on what I deserve, I think you should make your decision based on the fact that I need you here.”

She inhales deeply, creasing her forehead. I observe her like I’ve done many times before, but this time my heart beats just a bit faster. My palms sweat just a bit more, and I want her more than I ever have before.

“Show me.” She says. “Show me that you’re not the asshole that hooks up with socialites, that you don’t let girls use your credibility, that you’re more than some prick who’s just in it to play games. I don’t want to date the guy I saw kissing Hailey Baldwin on the magazine cover, and if you are that guy, then I really don’t think that we belong together.”


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Quiet- Zach Dempsey Smut-Part 1

this is my first time trying to write smut so i’m sorry if this is bad even though it doesn’t mention smut yet :/ 

 -warnings: rape (sorta), swearing

 -maybe smut in part 2? 

 The loud yet rhythmic sounds of the trashy pop music blared through speakers throughout the house. Drunks danced closely against each other without a care in the world, while the others who were still sober, chugged down mass amounts of alcohol so they too could join in. I stood taking it all in, leaning against a wall in the corner and watched as all of the intoxicated teenagers partied without realizing how shitty they would all feel the morning after.

 “And here is your drink.” Zach smiled and slightly swayed over, holding out a glass that was obviously filled with beer. I gladly took it and gave him a ‘thank you’ before taking down almost the entire drink at once.

“Slow your roll there (Y/N), you wouldn’t believe how long it took to get one and I don’t feel like walking back to get another.” He joked and leaned up against the wall looking down to me and I chuckled in response.

“I’ve never heard of a line for drinks at one of Jeff’s famous parties?” I questioned jokingly and nudged him lightly.

 “Yeah… well, he put Jensen in charge of drinks and he barely knows what alcohol is. Guess he thought it’d help him get a girl and actually talk to her.” Zach shrugged and I lightly slapped his arm giggling at his joke.

“So, would you like to sit down and join the rest of the team or continue to just stand here in the corner?” Zach asked raising an eyebrow and even though I would’ve rather stayed where I was, I knew Zach wanted us to go sit down with the rest of the basketball players and their girlfriends.

 “Alright, if you insist.” I played sarcastically and we both walked over and took a seat between Justin Foley and Bryce Walker.

“Glad you guys finally came over.” Justin joked and elbowed Zach. We all talked and joked throughout the course of the party. As Justin was telling a story about one of their basketball trips I could feel a hand slither onto my thigh. I looked up to Zach to see him staring daggers at Bryce who I now noticed was scooting closer to me. I leaned in closer to Zach and I could feel him take a deep breath of relief. 

“Well I don’t know about you guys, but this party has gone to trash and the only people left are us and the trashy drunks still hoping to get some. So, I say we all go to my place while my parents are gone.” Bryce exclaimed clapping his hands together and practically jumping up earning cheers of approval from everyone else. Zach looked down at me and I could read his face knowing that he didn’t have a good feeling about going. I nodded to him as if to say it’d be alright.

 “Zach you coming?” Marcus asked standing up from the couch and following the rest of the group.

 “Yeah, I’ll meet you guys there.” Zach grinned at him trying to hide his worry.

 —– Once we reached Bryce’s house Zach and I walked in, Zach with a tight grip around my waist.

“Aye, it’s about time you made it, what took you so long?” Bryce chuckled and handed Zach a drink.

 “Doesn’t matter, we’re here now.” Zach joked and held up his drink and everyone agreed loudly. We all sat out back by Bryce’s pool and one by one, people left until it was just Bryce, Zach, Justin, and me. Justin and Zach were playing around and tackling one another while I sat on the couch on my phone and Bryce sat across from me trying to make conversation with the two boys.

 “Keep that up and you both are going to end up in the pool.” Bryce chuckled taking another sip of his drink. And as if planned Zach threw Justin off of him and he stumbled back into the pool, but not before grabbing onto Zach and pulling him in as well.

“Well, look who was right.” Bryce stood up and walked up to the side of the pool.

“You two go upstairs and change, pretty sure you guys left clothes here from the last time you stayed here,” Bryce informed them and they both scrambled out of the cold water and back into the house. I could hear footsteps grow closer and the fabric of the couch sink down next to me.

“So you and Zach? How long has that been going on?” Bryce asked leaning back against the couch.

“About 5 months now,” I answered not bothering to look up. Once again I felt the tingling feeling of a hand against my thigh but this time it was different. I looked up to Bryce whose eyes were dark and staring down at me.

“Bryce… what are you doing?” I asked timidly, my voice shaking.

“I just wanted to let you know that you look really good tonight.” He whispered in my ear, his hot breath making me pull back. He began to pepper kisses along my neck and his hand moved higher up my leg. I immediately tried to push him off but that only caused him to put more pressure on my as he used his other hand to sneak under my shirt.

“Bryce please stop,” I said quietly sniffling.

 “Come on, let’s just have some fun.” He smiled and licked a stripe down my neck. By now hot tears were trailing down my face as I attempted to kick him off. My muscles were straining as I used every bit of effort to throw him off and just when I was about to give up a ray of hope shined through.

 “Hey! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I heard Zach’s voice cut through, loud and angry. Bryce looked up at him and tried to explain but still yet to remove his hands.

“Get off of her man!” Justin yelled, running through the door while slipping a shirt over his head. Zach picked Bryce up by the collar of his shirt and threw him off the couch.

 “Bro, she wanted it, you don’t think I’d do that if she didn’t. Come on man she was practically begging for-” Bryce rambled on and scrambled up to his feet.

“No shut the fuck up.” Zach cut him off and pushed him back.

“The fuck are you going to do, huh Dempsey?” Bryce asked taking a step closer to him and balling up his fists.

“Fuck off Walker.” Zach spat at him and walked off, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me to his car. Once he closed the door I couldn’t stop from breaking down. Zach gently rubbed my back and carefully intertwined his hand with mine.

 “Don’t worry, I will make sure he doesn’t touch you ever again,” Zach whispered to me and softly pressed his lips against my cheek. Zach turned the car into drive and headed off in the direction of my house.

 “Zach, can I stay at your house tonight… I just don’t want to be alone right now.” I said quietly and he nodded as well as grabbing my hand and rubbing his thumb on my knuckles, driving past my house and turning right to his place. When we reached his home, he led me up to his room.

“Will your parent’s mind?” I asked softly as he closed his bedroom door. 

“No, but they’re not home tonight anyways so it’s okay.” He replied moving to his dresser. “Here.” Zach said pulling out a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie to change into. I quickly changed into the oversized sweats. As I changed I could feel eyes on my and I turned to see Zach who was now shirtless and wearing sweatpants. He swayed over and looked at my arms which had bruises freckled across them now. Instead of saying anything he simply kissed my lips slowly. We both climbed into bed and I carefully laid my head against his chest. Zach’s arms were wrapped around tightly and I smiled softly feeling safe in his arms.

“I promise, I won’t ever let anything happen to you again,” Zach muttered into my hair and kissed the top of my head. And with that, I was able to fall asleep to the quiet yet rhythmic sound of his heartbeat.

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The Only Movie Theatre ~ Jughead Jones

Request: Jughead and (Y/N) meeting in the diner
Y/N=Your Name
Y/E/C=Your Eye Color

The small bell above the door jingled as I entered the small 80’s themed diner, Pop’s, also known as the only diner in Riverdale, which was a very big fall from the largeness of New York I was used to.

I had just moved here with my fraternal twin-sister, Veronica and our mother after the man I refuse to call my father had done some very stupid things, forcing us to flee our home and move to possibly the most boring town in the world.

As my shoes clicked against the tiled floor I looked down to see that I was still in my party attire from the homecoming dance, though I had left early to take Betty home as she wasn’t in the best of terms with my sister at the moment.

I walked up to the register, ordering a milkshake and paying. As the worker moved to the back to start on my shake, I saw a mysterious looking guy around my age sitting not to far away in a booth by the window, typing at a computer.

As confidence was something known to run in the Lodge family, in a few steps I stood in front of the table where the boy sat, hoping that he wasn’t a serial killer and I could possibly make another friend.

It took a few moments but the boy slowly looked up from his screen, his green eyes landing on me, “Can I help you?” He asked dryly, my smile faltered for a second at the annoyance in his voice, before picking it back up again.

“What are you writing about?” I questioned, looking down as his fingers typed rapidly on the keyboard of his silver laptop.

He responded almost immediately, “Its my novel, about this town.”

I frowned at his answer as he began typing, “Why would you want to write about this town? No offense, but it’s no big apple.”

The boy looked up from his screen for a split second, before beginning to type again, “Does the big apple have a Jason Blossom?”

The name sounded familiar to me, and I had to rack my brain fir a few seconds before remembering I had seen a poster of him at the front of school on the first day, “You mean the boy that drowned? I’m pretty positive that people have drowned in bigger towns than Riverdale, it’s actually quite a common way to go.”

“Yes, but in a town like Riverdale, nothing ever happens here-”

“Obviously.” I cut in, absentmindedly playing with the menu that was by the edge of the table. “You guys have, what? One movie theatre?”

The boy ignored my comment and continued writing his novel, “And when something like the death of the son of the richest family in town happens, people want to hear about it. As a city person I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

I opened my mouth slightly at what the boy had just muttered, should I have been offended?

“How did you know I’m from the city?” I questioned carefully, seriously wondering if this guy was done kind of crazed stalker.

The boy just shrugged, “This town is small, so when things happen, like the very rich sand famous Lodge family moving in unexpectedly from New York, people talk.” The boy looked up at me once more, “And you, (Y/N) Lodge, seem to be the talk of the town.”

I looked at the boy for a minute, studying him, “If you know my name, I feel obligated to know yours as well. Or is remaining nameless part of the antisocial all-knowing hipster thing you got going on?”

If may have just been my imagination but I swore I saw the corner’s of the boy’s lips turn up slightly at my sarcastic comment, “It’s Jughead. Jughead Jones.”

I thanked the diner employee as they handed me my milkshake and I took a sip of it, enjoying the smooth and refreshing drink, “Well, Jughead Jones. Tell me about this novel.” I requested, sliding into the booth across from the dark-haired boy, watching with curious eyes as he faintly chuckled, but went into detail about his book nonetheless.


After speaking with Jughead for what only seemed like mere minutes, a text from my sister reveled that I had been sitting with him the diner for three hours!

Veronica: Where r you?

(Y/N): Sorry, lost track if time. On the way now.

“Looks like its time for me to head home.” I told the boy in front of me, standing up and sighing lightly when I felt something pop after sitting in the same position for the last few hours.

I was surprised when Jughead stood up as well, “I’ll walk you out.”

Jughead and I awkwardly stood outside of the entrance to Pop’s, looking anywhere but each other’s eyes.

“I had fun tonight.” Jughead and I both said at the same time, causing each other to burst into laughter, after a few seconds of recovering I spoke up.

“You go first.”

Jughead nodded, pushing his hands into the pickets if his jacket, “I had a lot of fun tonight, (Y/N). You’re something different.”

“Good different?” I questioned, moving a stray piece if hair from my face.

The Jones boy nodded, “A very good different.” It was silently for a moment as he kicked a rock with his shoe before speaking up again, “So if you, I don’t know, like ever want to hang out or something-”

I cut off his awkward, but somewhat cute rambling, “I’ve been dying to check out the movie theatre here. You know, the only one?“

He nodded and chuckled a bit, "So it’s a date?”

I smiled at him, “If that’s what you want to call it.” We stared at each-other for a few seconds, his green eyes meeting my (Y/E/C) ones. I broke the eye contact by looking at my phone to see it was 1:14. “I better get going, but I had fun tonight Jughead, really.”

The Jones boy nodded, “So, did I.”

Another spur of confidence made me push on the tops of my toes, and plant a kiss on his cheek, causing a blush to spread across his face.

“See you around, Jughead Jones.” I said in a final goodbye, before turning around and walking into the parking lot.

As I got into my car, I looked to see that Jughead was still standing outside of Pop’s, and this time I was more than sure that the corners of his mouth had turned up into a smirk.

Birthday Surprise (Taeyong x Reader)

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“He was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago, where is he?” You mentally asked yourself, looking down at your phone to check if there were any missed calls or messages.  

Tapping your heel against the leg of the table, you let out a frustrated sigh. It was half past nine and you had decided to go out for dinner with Taeyong since it was your birthday. Of course, you were the one who had made the reservations and did everything even though it was your special day since he rarely took time out of his busy schedule to prepare something for you. 

Even if it was your birthday. You took a sip of your water and mentally prayed that he came soon before the restaurant closed and you were asked to leave.

Taking a deep breath in and flattening out your hair, you tried to think optimistically though the annoying part of your brain nagged you that he had forgotten. Although, he didn’t occasionally take time out for you, Taeyong still treated you very well and was an amazing person, even if he didn’t show his affection for you very often. 

Just then interrupting your thoughts, you heard the restaurant door open, making you get up with a huge smile on your face. But when you saw who it was, your smile instantly dropped. It wasn’t him. Instead it was his close friend, Johnny who had a small, warm smile on his face as he looked at you. You softly smiled at him back and waved as he came closer to you. 

He chuckled and said, “You don’t look too happy to see me _________.” 

You shook your head and smiled, “It’s nothing like that, I’ve just been waiting for Taeyong to come for a while now so I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t him, I mean, I guess I can’t lie there.” 

You both lightly laughed and he stuck his hands in his pockets as he replied, “Well that was one of the reasons why I came here to pick you up because our lovely T-yongie couldn’t come for tonight cause he’s been up at the studios finishing up with some recordings.” 

And just like the other times, he had bailed on you, you shouldn’t have been surprised. Why should you be, when you knew that this was going to happen?

 “It’s okay, just take a deep breath” you thought to yourself and you closed your eyes letting out a big breath then reopened them saying, 

“Okay, that’s alright I understand.” 

You let out a small, lifeless laugh looking out the big restaurant windows murmuring, “You guys do have an album coming soon, I shouldn’t be selfish.” 

Johnny looked at you with concern and lightly touched your elbow, “Are you okay ________?” 

You nodded with a fake smile even though the both you knew you weren’t. But it was whatever now. Besides, what difference would your feelings make anyways? 

Taeyong was probably as usual going to stay at the studio until 3-4am, letting time fly by as he helped the composers/lyricists tweak things. Then he would come home, go right up to your room and pass out instantly beside you while you were already asleep after becoming tired of waiting for him. The next morning, he would wake up around 8 and freshen up, accidentally waking you in the process and mutter, “Shit. I totally forgot. I’m so sorry ________ I had to-“

You’d wave him off as usual and say that it was fine and you knew that he was busy and that they could go out some time during the week. But of course, you never had the time, or well he never had the time. 

This had been going on for a while now, ever since NCT had debuted and Taeyong had been claimed as a rising talented rapper in the music industry. Though you were glad that the fame had never reached his head, you still wished that you could spend more time with him. Rather than just having a rushed ten minute breakfast with him some mornings and waking up in the middle of the night to find him holding you and softly snoring.   

“Okay, you obviously haven’t ate yet,” Johnny interrupted your thoughts, “So where do you wanna go?” 

You shook your head and smiled at him, “It’s alright i’m not that hungry, I’ll just eat something at home.” 

“No, missy, you have to eat and that’s that, i’m not taking anymore excuses.” He looked at you sternly like a father would while walking with you outside the restaurant. 

You lightly laughed at his expression and new nickname for you then replied, “Okay fine, I’ll just get a cheeseburger with a Mcflurry or something.” 

With that you both got in his car and drove off to McDonald’s. But instead of going towards the non yellow McDonald’s sign, Johnny took a different turn and was going in the opposite direction which confused you. He noticed your expression and said, “Oh, I forgot my wallet at the studio so I was just gonna pick that up first.” 

You thought nothing of it since you knew that Johnny and the rest of the older guys from the group always insisted on paying for everything since you were Taeyong’s first girl-friend and he would probably never “find another” like you. Also he was pretty forgetful because you remembered the first time you had met, he had to rush off immediately right after since he had forgotten to pick his family up from the airport. 

“Do you have an aux (aucks) wire?” You randomly asked.

 “A what?” 

“An aux wire, you know like for playing music from the phone.”

Johnny rolled his eyes and replied, “You mean an auxiliary cord.” 

“It’s the same thing John-hoe.”

He glared at your nickname that was a mashup of his first name in korean and english and pulled the cord out of the glovebox, handing it to you at the red light, letting you plug it into your phone. “What song do you wanna listen to?” You asked him. 

“Hmmmm…. How about some Rae Sremmurd?” He answered with a smile. You shook your head knowing what song he wanted to hear since it was Taeyong’s and basically most of the other NCT member’s favourite song as well.

Ass fat, yeah I know, you just got cash? Blow sum mo, blow sum mo” 

You laughed as Johnny yelled out the lyrics, singing in a higher pitch than Nicki and for once, you realized you actually felt good today. It felt nice to have a friend when you were feeling down. Someone who was a goof like Johnny and in a way, it made you miss your friends back home since they used to do stuff like this all the time. 

Soon enough you reached the famous SM building, with it’s tall frame and logo out on a concrete sign in front. Johnny parked right out front in the small parking lot. He turned off the car and took the key out of ignition, looking at up at you, making his soft, brown hair flop in front of his face. 

“I’ll be back in a quick second, okay? Just stay right there.” 

You almost snorted but just rolled your eyes instead at what he said because honestly, where could you go at 10pm in the far side of downtown? Nevertheless, you listened and pulled out your phone to check and respond to any late birthday texts/calls. Fifteen minutes passed by and Johnny still hadn’t come back. It shouldn’t have taken that long to grab his wallet unless he was really having trouble. 

All of a sudden, someone knocked on your window and you screamed, holding your fist up while looking out. Of course, it was none other than the town idiot, Donghyuk laughing at you outside. 

You opened your door and whisper-yelled, “YA! What the hell are you doing in the middle of the night!?!” 

He laughed even more, clutching his stomach, “Noona, y-you’re just too hilarious to scare” More laughter. “And I have something important to tell you.”

“What? You twit?!” You angrily responded still grumpy from being frightened. 

“Jyani hyung can’t find his wallet so he told me to come get you so wouldn’t have to wait outside by yourself.” 

You let out a sigh but got out of the car and said, “Lead the way then Dongsookie.” 

He scowled at you whining, “Noona, I told you not to call me that in public anymore!!” 

“Is there anyone around us right now?” 

“No but-“ 

“So it’s fine then.” You smirked at him and he glared at you, angrily walking up the steps. Nevertheless, you followed right behind him and walked into the dark building. Everyone had probably gone home or to dinner so again you didn’t think much. Donghyuk led you up the flight of stairs and you both walked down a creepy dimly lit hallway together. 

“Okay, be honest, am I in some horror movie or something? And is a zombie guy gonna pop out? I mean I wouldn’t mind if he was cute but still,l where are you leading me and is it to my death? If so, let me know so I can eat a Skors Mcflurry before I go.” 

He made a disgusted face, looking back at you. “Ew no, this isn’t the time to be thinking of your weird fantasies noona. And I don’t know what you’re on today but zombies don’t exist but these hallway lights just need to be changed, that’s it. Besides, if I really wanted to do that, I could have done it ages ago.”

You smiled, wanting to laugh at his sassy reaction but at the same time smack his head and walked in first when he opened the door. 

“Johnny? Young-hoe? Are you in here?” You asked in the pitch blackness. Where was the light switch in here anyways? All of a sudden, you heard the door click behind you and realized that Donghyuk had locked it. Oh god you were really gonna die and Donghyuk had lied, he was part of the zombie crew. The world was going to end on your birthday, before you could even get married and have kids. Making you wish you would’ve listened to Johnny properly and stayed in the car. 

“Donghyuk?! Johnny!? Why’d you lock me in here?!?  Did you lie to me!? You’re really gonna let me die here aren’t you?!?!” You start to tear up slightly as you banged on the wall to get someone to open the door since you were extremely afraid of the dark. 

“Happy birthday to you” a low, enticing voice sang from the darkness.

You stopped tearing up and instantly, your heartbeat quickened. You could tell who’s voice it was even from a hundred miles away. 

“Happy birthday to you” It sang again from behind you, making you turn around.

Then a spotlight shined in the middle of the dance-room and you saw him. Dressed casually yet cool as usual in a striped blue shirt with track-pants and his face covered with a bouquet of flowers, was none other than your boyfriend, Lee Taeyong. 

“Happy birthday dear ________. Happy birthday to you.” 

You smiled, this time, the tears in your eyes were from happiness instead of fear as he removed the flowers from his stunning face and smiled at you cheekily. 

He had remembered. 

The lights turned on now and you heard a loud “SURPRISE!” before you saw all of your friends and the NCT members surrounding you with smiles on their faces. 

Taeyong walked up to you quietly until he was a breath away, saying through all the noise, “I didn’t forget about the restaurant, that was just a set-up. And I know you love surprises. Also, since you were feeling home-sick, I invited some of your friends from _________. And we-”

You cut him off by throwing your hands around his neck and kissing him. Feeling his warm lips curve into a smile, you felt like you were on cloud-nine.

 Once you pulled back, he had a smile on his face as he murmured, “Damn. I should start surprising you more often just to get a reaction like that to happen again.” 

You laughed, smacking his arm and laid your fore-head on his whispering, “I love it all and I love you.” Taeyong smiled wider at this and kissed you softly then whispered on your lips, “I love you too.”

Just Like A Pill

Co-wrote with the amazing @mildmendes ❤️

“I’m gonna go get a drink.” I try to yell to my friend over the music, but she was too focused on the guy she was with. After 11 years of being separated, I end up at his party. One that I wasn’t invited to - not like I’d like to be anyways. I would walk out of here, but I’m not going to leave Lily here by herself. I make my way from the dance floor to the bar through the cloud of people. Then it all hit me at once. Literally.

“Dude what the fuck?” I look up and see those familiar brown eyes on the boy I used to know so well.

11 years ago

“Tag! You’re it!” I laugh as I run away from y/n. Y/n is my absolute best friend. She has been my neighbor since I was can remember. 

“Shawn you’re going too fast! I have tiny legs!” Y/n shouts from far behind me.

“It sucks to be short, doesn’t it!” I continue to run while looking back at y/n. Which was a big mistake since I soon ran face first into a tree.

“Oh my gosh are you okay?” Y/n runs over to my side. I don’t respond and just held a hand to my forehead. Soon before I know it, my mom puts the cardboard box she was carrying down and comes over by us.

“What happened?”

“Shawn and I were playing tag and he kind of ran into the tree..”

My mom turns to me, “Did you finally knock some sense into your brain?” 

Y/n and her laugh. “Yeah I get it. I’m stupid.”

“You aren’t stupid, you just got to be careful. You’re only eight years old, Shawn. There’s still a lot of growing up to do.”

“That’s a long time away though,” I say while sitting up.

“Believe me time goes by so fast. How about we get some ice for your head.” My mom helps me up and walks into the house, with Y/n and I following shortly behind. 

“What’s all those boxes in the car for, Mrs. Mendes? Woah it’s so empty in here!” Y/n says as we go inside.

“Oh Shawn didn’t tell you? We’re moving!” My mom says as she grabs an ice pack from the freezer. 

Y/n looked at me very confused “Moving? When do you leave?”

“Later tonight.” She replies while placing the ice pack on my head.

“You aren’t moving far from me are you? We’re still going to the same school,  right?” 

I look away from her and look at Aaliyah playing with a few toys in the living room. Then I look back at y/n and shake my head no.

“Are we ever going to see each other again?”


To answer her question from many years ago, no we wouldn’t. Yes, we did keep in contact through phone calls and texting when we eventually got phones. But as time went on, we wouldn’t talk for days that soon grew into years. I wonder what ever happened to her. Since I’m in the middle of my tour, maybe I can go looking for her. Only took me 11 years to grow a pair.

“This party is the shit!” Matt says as I down a shot.

“Wouldn’t be without all you guys.” I say over the loud music blasting in the room. 

Matt hands me another shot. “Cheers to that!” He raises his glass and shouts “19!” 

I do the same and shout it back before downing the glass. If you couldn’t tell I had just turned 19, finally the drinking age in Canada. And yes, I know I still can’t drink in America. 

Ian runs over by us, “We have a little problem.. we just got another noise complaint and they said we either shut the party down or go somewhere else.”

Matt immediately walks over to where we have the music playing and turns it off. “Hey everybody shut up! Unfortunately the party has to end..” and our friends start to boo him. “Woah wait hold up! If you’d like to join, the party is going to be continued at the club down the street. Please get there safely and be careful. See ya there!” 

Soon the crowd starts to make their way out the doors of the building and down  to the club - with the boys and I being the last to leave. Luckily the walk was short to the club so we didn’t have to worry about driving.

“Remember how I told you about the girl I liked growing up?” I say to Matt as we walk down the street.

“Yeah what about her?”

“I’m going to go looking for her.”

Before I knew it we were in front of the doors to the club. “Alright, man. But first we have to celebrate a birthday.” He says before pushing me inside.

Tonight is my best friend, Lily’s, 20th birthday; and she’s taking forever to choose a damn dress to put on on. “Are you almost done? You take forever to get ready!” I say plopping down on the couch.

“Sorry, but I’m not hot 24/7 like you are.”

“Oh shut the fuck up.” I roll my eyes and laugh. 

Eventually Lily comes out of the bathroom and out to the living room. “Is this dress okay?” She spins in a little circle.

“It’s hot.”

“Hot enough to get a guy’s attention?”

I roll my eyes yet again. “I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with boys.”

“And I don’t know why you’re so butt hurt about any guy.” She walks over to the counter and grabs her car keys. “Let’s go.” I get up and grab my clutch before walking out to the car.

Two minutes into driving down to the club, Lily starts interrogating me. “Who made you hate guys so much anyways?”

“No one.” 

She looks over at me and rolls her eyes, then looks forward again focusing on the road. “Don’t tell me it’s that guy from when you were eight years old. Because that’s dumb. Besides who even is the guy?”

“You probably know him to be honest.”

“Yeah right. Didn’t you say he moved away when you were little and didn’t know where? So how the fuck would I know him.”

“He’s quite popular..”

She shrugs “Forget boys. Lets have fun!” Lily turns up the radio and searches for a station playing a song she likes. “Yes! This is my favorite song!”

And with my luck, it was There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn.


Eventually we got to the club, but it was already packed with a bunch of people. Bodies were dancing everywhere. Some were drunk and a bit tipsy. 

“Excuse me,” I kept saying as I pushed past the people so we could get to the bar, but it was no use. They couldn’t hear me past the music and probably didn’t care. I think I may have accidentally stepped on a girl’s foot with my heels, but hey that’s what you get when you don’t move out of the way.

Once we got to the bar, Lily through up her hand to signal the bartender to come in our direction. 

“Two shots of vodka, please.” I tell the bartender.

“Fuck that,” She turned to him. “Give us two shots of the strongest liquor you have.” The bartender goes and grabs to glasses and the liquor.

“Already starting, huh?”

“Hey it’s my birthday and you said you’d do what I want for tonight.” She grabs the two shots that were just poured and hands one to me. 

“Yeah it was a big mistake saying that before we got in here,” I say which causes Lily to laugh.

“Now drink.” We clink the glasses together before we down them.

“Ah that’s strong” I feel the burn in my throat.

“It’s only the beginning sweetheart.”

And she was right. Six shots later we were both completely plastered. On top of that I was supposed to be the designated driver, so I guess we’re both screwed. By now Lily and I were in the center of the mass of people. The alcohol had taken over majority of my body and I was moving in ways I never thought I could - or at least thought I would. I was swaying my hips back and fourth and Lily was doing the same. Except she was also making out with a guy and I wasn’t.

“How’s everyone tonight?!” The Dj says in his microphone and everyone screams in response. “Tonight we have a party for a special birthday boy in the house! This one is for you buddy!” I smile looking forward to the next song he would play, since all of his songs were already great. Then he started to play TNHMB. That’s not a club song at all? Why would he play that.. No. No. Today is August 8th, which is Lily’s birthday and Shawn’s birthday. And if he dedicated this song to him, it means he’s here tonight.

"I’m gonna go get a drink.” I try to yell to my friend over the music, but she was too focused on the guy she was with. After 11 years of being separated, I end up at his party. One that I wasn’t invited to - not like I’d like to be anyways. I would walk out of here, but I’m not going to leave Lily here by herself. I make my way from the dance floor to the bar through the cloud of people. Then it all hit me at once. Literally.

“Dude what the fuck?” I look up and see those familiar brown eyes on the boy I used to know so well.

“Woah I’m sorry - “ He looks at me in confusion. “Do I know you?”

I roll my eyes and continue my way towards the bar. The bartender came to me as soon as I sat down, so I was able to order a beer. Then I realize he didn’t come to me, instead he came to help the world famous teen that sat next to me.

“Can I have a water bottle and a -” He looks at me and ask me what I want. I was about to object but I’m not going to turn down a free drink, so I told him. “and a beer please.” When Shawn finished ordering, it took the bartender the shortest amount of time to prepare it. I guess that’s what happens when you’re famous. Shawn hands me my drink, “So, how do I know you? Because I remember your face but I can’t just figure out where.”

I take the drink from him, “You really did forget about me after these 11 years, didn’t you?” I look forward and take a drink of my beer.

His eyes widen, “Y/n? No way.” 

“Yup. That’s me.” I say before taking another drink.

“What brings you to Toronto?”

“I live here for school.” I turn around to see if Lily is where I left her, but I catch her leaving with the guy she was with. So much for us leaving together. “And as for my reason to be here, is leaving. So I’m leaving too.” I grab my phone out of my clutch and text Lily that I’m going home. I chug the last part of my drink and attempt to get up from the bar stood. As any other drunk person, I stumble as I got to my feet.

“Here let me help you.” Shawn put a hand on my waist and lets me lean on him to balance. 

“I don’t need your help.” I grab Lily’s car keys out while I continue to lean on him.

Shawn snatches the keys from my hand, “You aren’t driving, let me drive you.”

“You didn’t even recognize me so why would you want to help.”

“No I didn’t recognize you at first, but I can recognize a drunk when I see one and so can any cop on the street out there. Let me drive you.”

He did make a good point and I didn’t feel like getting arrested tonight, or let alone dying in a car crash. “Drive me home.”

We go outside and I show him which car is mine. He helps me in the passenger side and gets in the drivers side. I plug in my address into the GPS on my phone so he can just follow off of that.

“How are you going to get back to your party if I live kind of far from this place?” I ask Shawn as he drives down the street.

“I’ve partied enough and I actually wanted to go home.”

I open my mouth to argue him, but I shut it because it was honestly useless to argue him anymore. We drove down the rode in silence, I stared out the window to watch the street lights pass as we went by. 

“Just so you know I never forgot about you.” He says while focusing on the road.

“Shawn, you don’t have to pretend. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean-”

“I’m still the same person, Y/n. I’m still the same boy that lived next to you years ago. I’m just doing a job doing what I love. I promise that I haven’t let it go to my head.”

I felt bad for accusing him of being like any other celebrity - Shawn has never been as dumb as them. I just didn’t know if he was the same person since all of the time apart. “Who would’ve thought that we see each other again for the first time tonight.” 

He laughs, “I know. Both of us celebrating birthdays in the same area. You celebrating your friend’s and me celebrating mine.”

“Happy Birthday, by the way.”

“Thank you.”

Shawn pulls into my garage that’s connected to our apartment. I hand him the my house key so he can unlock the door that opens up to my house. As I get out the car, I stumble in my heels and fall to the ground. I shouldn’t have listened to Lily when she offered all those drinks. Especially when she could handle alcohol better than I ever could. Shawn opens up the door before coming over and picking me up. I do got to say that all of his fans - who are obsessed with his muscles - are right. Shawn is hot and he’s strong. I look up at Shawn taking in all of his features: his angular jaw, his scar from when he was little, his amazing chocolate colored eyes, and his pink plump lips. I was too focused on his features that I didn’t realize that he was looking at me as well. Our lips were only centimeters away and we were about to kiss, but a wave of heat flew over me.

“I don’t feel good.” I jump out of Shawn’s arms and run to the bathroom. Shutting the bathroom door, I kneel in front of the toilet and get sick. This is going to suck tomorrow morning. After I’m done, I flush it down and look at myself in the mirror. Did I really just almost let Shawn kiss me after seeing him for a little bit? He’s not going to get me that easily. I rinse my my mouth before returning out to the living room.

“Feel better?” Shawn asks me while handing me a glass of water. I guess he’s already been raiding through my cupboards.

I take a drink of the water and it’s so refreshing. “Thanks.”

Shawn opens his mouth to say something, but knocking at the door sounds which causes him to stop. “Y/n, open the door! It’s Lily.” Lily says in an annoyed tone.


“What are we going to do?” Shawn says as we hear Lily’s keys jingle from outside. 

My eyes widen, “You’ve got to hide.” I grab his arm and drag him to my room. “Stay in here and do not make any noise.” 

I shut the door and go into the kitchen just in time before Lily came inside. “Couldn’t mind opening up the door?”

“Sorry I was just getting drink.”

“It takes you 2 minutes to take a drink?” The room went silent. “Besides, what happened to leaving together?” Lily asked while sliding off her heels.

“Well you were with that guy and I didn’t want to bother you.” I tried to say in the most believable tone.

“Okay..” I could tell Lily had some doubt, but she didn’t push any questions so that was good.

“I’m not feeling good so I’m going to go to bed.”

“Oh let me get me put back the shoes before you go!” She picks up the heels and starts heading towards my room.

“No wait -” But I was too late before she opened the door.

Alya Appreciation Week: Ladyblog (Day 1)

Since I couldn’t upload yesterday I’ll just do two prompts today!
And of course Alya Appreciation Week, how could I possibly resist? :D

Ao3 / FF.net

Alya groaned as Ladybug picked her up once again, ruining her perfect shot.

“You shouldn’t be here!”, the superhero snapped at the girl clinging to her neck, her face contorted in a frown. Alya rolled her eyes, trying to film Chat Noir over Ladybug’s shoulder.

“You know I’m staying safe!”, she tried but the superhero merely huffed, setting her down a few streets further away from the fight.

“No, I know exactly that you’re running right into the danger again and again, no matter what I say.”, she straightened her way smaller form, her eyes radiating out courage and strength, things Alya infinitely admired on her.

“But c’mon, I can-”

“I have no doubt that you can watch out for yourself. But I’m not risking it. You stay right here while Chat and I deal with the Akuma.”, her gaze got a little more amused and Ladybug pointed down to the street, “Sit and stay.”

With that she threw out her yoyo, pulling herself away. Alya growled after her, her hands shaking of anger.

“I’m not a dog!”, she yelled after her superhero but she merely got a distant giggle, then she was alone again. As she lifted her phone her camera was still rolling. Luckily for her it wasn’t a live stream, otherwise she’d be a laughing stock in front of her viewers now. She sighed, rolled her eyes again and finally got going again, now trying from the other side. Maybe Ladybug wouldn’t notice her when she snuck around and filmed from the other side?

She ended the recording mid-run, then focused on sprinting down the street. As she threw a glance down another street she saw the Akuma just being thrown out of her view, Ladybug immediately charging after it. She would miss the whole fight!

Alya picked up some speed, taking the next corner a little sharper as she intended and thus stumbled a little but picked herself up again quickly. She had to get back to the fight or she would be able to film the end!

Just as she was about to take the next corner to get in view or the fight again an arm wrapped itself around her waist and lifted her up the second time within a few minutes.

“Ah, who do we have here?”, a joyful voice sounded from above her and she began flailing as she lost the ground beneath her feet.

“Lemme down! I have to film the fight, c’mon!”

Chat Noir laughed, extending his baton to lift her up on the roofs.

“Absolutely not, young lady.”

She huffed and crossed her arms until Chat finally let go of her again, coming to a halt on the flat roof. The superhero turned to her with a million-dollar grin and winked.

“You’re not running into danger again, I have strict orders from Ladybug to keep you away, reporter girl.”

“What?!”, she groaned, throwing her head back in annoyance, “Oh, come on! She can’t be that petty that she takes on the Akuma on her own just to have her cat guard me!”

He chuckled before he answered, moving a step to the side so that he would continue blocking the view on the fight for her.

“First of all, I’m her partner and occasionally kitty or Chaton. Don’t mix that up, reporter girl. Secondly, she’s not taking the Akuma on her own because I fully intend on joining her right away again. I just wanted to do one of her famous scolding-Alya-speeches once.”

She grumbled and crossed her arms again, frowning.

“Go ahead.”

“Well, Alya, do not run into danger.”, he begun with a mocking expression, “That is very bad and blah and blah and we’ve told you all of this. You really need someone to ground you, you know? We can’t do this job all over again while fighting.”

The reporter sighed, entangling her arms to lift her phone.

“C’mon, my viewers depend on me. I need to do this for the Ladyblog, I just need to!”

He dryly shook his head, a sly smirk on his face.

“Nope. You don’t.”

“I-…”, dumbstruck, she tilted her head, “… What?”

He shrugged, his expression unchanging.

“I said no, you don’t.”

Anger rose in her throat and numbed her quickly beating heart, letting the urge to film vanish and the fight behind Chat be forgotten.

“Uhm, excuse me?! Of course I need to! I’m the head of the Ladyblog, I need to-”

“Nope.”, he popped the ‘p’, “You really don’t.”

Her body deflated and she felt her mouth fall open, shock written over her face.

“Uh-… Wha-…”

Chat sighed, stepping up to her and placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. He even smiled a little, making her feel just a bit more uneasy.

“Listen, Alya, you’re getting yourself into way too much danger. Hawkmoth might notice you and I can tell you for sure that he’ll grasp every straw he can get to weaken us. And well, Ladybug won’t ever forgive herself if something happened to you. It isn’t really the danger from the Akuma and we know you can mostly watch after yourself but it’s more the possibility that something really, really bad could happen to you. Also, the public TV news are covering the fights, safely and most importantly, anonymously. There’s no harm in your theories, in your tweets and your info that you post on your blog but you’re an easy target when it gets to running into a fight. Just-… Either film the fight from afar or stick to theories and interviews. That’s all we’re asking from you. You don’t need to almost be knocked over by the Akuma to get good recordings.”

Alya looked down to her feet, fighting with her tears.

“O-Oh…”, she mumbled. He patted her shoulder and then stepped back again.

“I just wanted you to know. I don’t need a reason why you’re doing this or the assurance that you won’t do it again. I just want you to know what you’re getting yourself into. That’s all.”

With that, he surged back into the fight, leaving her to think about his words.

You’re Him Then - Jack Kelly Soulmate AU

Author’s Note: just thought I’d write another little fic, get me some Jack Kelly goodness.

Requested: nope

Warnings: gets a lil’ steamy ngl but nothing explicit, like a single swear word


A grey world was all you’d ever seen, since you could open your eyes there was nothing. Soulmates weren’t a new thing to anyone, they’d been around since the beginning of time. When you met your soulmate the colours came and from all the books you’d read, it had been described as the most beautiful phenomena to happen in a person’s life.

Your family was what you’d call ‘middle-class’, you aren’t overtly wealthy but you had enough to get by and a little extra on the side. When you were six, your family moved to New York, to a little apartment in lower Manhattan. You’d made friends with the two boys next door, Les and Davey Jacobs, you attended school with Davey as you were the same age.

After Mr. Jacobs was laid off following an accident at work, Davey and Les stopped attending school and went out to find some work to bring in money for their family. Of course, your parents and you helped out in anyway possible. Including you bringing the boys, or specifically Davey, new books to read and homework to do. In return the boys told you everything they saw and did on the streets as newsboys, Newsies they said, everyday before supper time. Their life seemed so exciting, especially since they help start a strike and union to bring down the World and fight for fair pay. That’s when they told you about Jack Kelly, the leader of said union.

“He’s so cool, (y/n),” Les grinned up at you, “and he’s a great artist. He painted these backdrops for Ms. Medda at the theatre and the colours he uses are incredible.”

Les had found his soulmate earlier that week, a girl called Sally, and he seemed to bring it up at every moment possible just to annoy you and Davey. It was rare for someone of his age to have found their soulmate already; but it happened on occasion.

“That sounds wonderful, Les. He must be happy to have his soulmate,” you said with a light smile on your face.

“That’s the thing, (y/n),” Davey interrupted, “He doesn’t have a soulmate, Ms. Medda said he’s just got natural aptitude.”

“Well, that makes him far more interesting. I’ll have to meet this famous Jack Kelly soon, won’t I?”

“Maybe you can visit tomorrow?” Les suggested.

“I’ve got school and some work to do with mum tomorrow,” you sighed, you loved working with your mum but the bakery was really busy most days, “you could bring your friends around for a free little treat, I’ll make those cupcakes you like so much?”

If Les wasn’t already excited, he was practically busting now. You’d only ever seen him this excited a handful of time. The kid was over the moon most days but there was that rare occasion when he could have lost his mind.

“We’ll be there tomorrow afternoon then,” Davey smiled at you, “maybe around five?”

“I’ll hold you to that, Davey.”

You three talked for almost an hour more about a number of different things before they were called away for dinner. You went to sleep that night with a grin on your face, mind racing in anticipation for tomorrow.


As soon as school had finished, you took off down the streets of Manhattan to get to your mother’s bakery. She liked you to be punctual and school had run a bit overtime that day. You panicked when a bell rang from the clock further in town, it was five o'clock already.

Your legs ran faster, bag hitting your back and skirts rucked up to almost your knees. Heels were not fun to run in, no matter how comfortable they were, tripping was bound to happen.

Your lungs began to burn as you crossed the street towards the door of the bakery. It seemed far less busy than usual and a frown creased your forehead as you read the closed sign in the window. There was a group of people in the bakery, so why was it closed?

~ 15 minutes earlier ~

Davey had finally convinced Jack and the other Newsies to get some food at a different bakery than usual. It took a while for the Jacobs brothers to convince the Newsies to cross town just for a little bakery but after mentioning free cupcakes, the boys were rearing to go. They picked up Katherine on the way and left towards this special bakery.

From the outside, Sunny’s Bakery was a cute boutique bakery, a large cart sat idle out the front, the bakery’s name plastered on either side. A large group of people stood inside and out looking at the creations in the window. Cupcakes, biscuits, cakes and an array of breads sat in the windows and the Newsies’ mouths began to water.

Davey led their group into the store, the bell above the door jingling lightly. A middle-aged woman stood behind the counter, frantically attending to each customer.

“Mrs. (y/l/n)!” Les called out to her, pushing through the people in his way.

“Les, dear,” a soft smile spread over her flustered face, “you’re early today. (y/n) is still at school, I thought she’d be back by now. Davey, be a dear and turn the sign on the door please.”

Davey merely nodded before turning the sign to closed as the last few customers trickled out. The Newsies and Katherine watched as the Jacobs brothers interacted with Mrs. (y/l/n). Jack looked around at the inside of the bakery, small tables and chairs lined the walls and vine patterns on the walls. It was all grey, but if Medda’s reactions if his paintings were anything to go by, then the colours of this little shop were beautiful too.

The Newsies began to move a group of tables and chairs together all the while being ushered by the owner of the bakery. Davey and Les laughing with her, they looked almost like family.

“So, how long do you think (y/n) will be? We really want them to meet our new friends,” Les looked disappointed that this (y/n) wasn’t here yet.

“I’m sure she’s on her way now, she probably got held back at school,” Mrs. (y/l/n) said, preparing plates of delightful looking treats.

“Oh, a goil huh?” Race and Romeo smirked at each other and then to Davey, “is she your goil, Davey?”

“No, Race. She’s just our friend,” Davey shook his head at the younger boy.

“Well, let’s hope she’s here soon then, huh?” Katherine eased the light tension between the boys.

The boys tucked in to the food your mum had prepared and joked about in the bakery.

~ Present ~

Your breath ran rugged as you all but crashed through the door of your mother’s bakery. A dozen pairs of eyes stared at you. You scanned their faces, most unfamiliar to you. One face in particular caught your eyes and time seemed to stop completely.

As soon as you made eye contact with the eldest boy in the midst of all the faces looking at you, it was like a flood gate had opened. Colours burst through your surroundings. Light bounced off of colours you had dreamed of seeing for your while life. You couldn’t seem to look away from the deep, crashing colours of the boys eyes. A storm of admiration and love flowed through them and you swore you’d never love another colour.

The boy, well almost man, stood up abruptly. The table moved forward and his chair fell back to the wooden floor of the bakery. Not once did he break eye contact as he moved toward you. You held your breath as he reached out to take your hand, the other pushing a loose hair behind your ear.

“Hi,” he breathed out, almost a whisper.

“Hi,” you returned, “you’re him then?”

“Your soulmate? Or the famous Jack Kelly?” You both laughed and you reached up to brush the front of his hair off his face.

“Both, I suppose. You know when Les and Davey said they wanted to introduce me to the famous Jack Kelly and his beautiful paintings, I certainly wasn’t expecting you.”

“Is that a good thing?” he mumbled, nervous now.

“Most definitely,” you tilted your head into his large hand. He smirked at you and leaned to peck your lips. You gripped his hand and reciprocated the kiss. Breaking away as cheers came from behind him and you peaked around his shoulder to see your mum laughing along with the Newsies and a girl. Katherine, you guessed.

Les handed a few pennies to Davey and you blushed as he winked at you.

“David Jacobs, you did not bet on me!”

Everyone laughed, Jack’s body shaking causing you to look up at him. You smiled longingly at each other.

“Let me introduce you to the fellas,” Jack turned around pulling you along. After introductions, you spent the afternoon sitting on Jack’s knee, brushing the hair at the nape of his neck, the other gripped tightly in his hand. The colours of the world dimming as the sun set and Jack stood up, dragging you out of the bakery and into the street.

You followed him through the streets of Manhattan to the roof of the newsboys’ lodging house. Together you sat in his penthouse in the sky to watch the oranges and purples of the sun setting over the city. You watched enthralled as the water glistened. The view was breathtaking and you wouldn’t have traded that moment for the world.


Jack eventually walked you back home. You both talked the whole way back, getting to know each other. Conversation was so natural between you that it felt like you’d known each other forever.

When you reached the door of your home he hugged you tight and kissed your forehead, promising to take you to Ms. Medda’s theatre in the morning. You grinned and kissed him before wishing him goodnight and entered your house. A lovestruck grin stayed on both of your faces as you waited for the morning.

~ Four Years Later ~

Almost four years after you met Jack, you’d bought a small apartment together with the money you saved from working at the bakery and him from working at the World with Pulitzer.

You frequently had the Newsies over and fed them a full meal every night. Crutchie was definitely one of your favourites, he was so kind to everyone and looked after the younger boys when Jack and you couldn’t. He had gotten a job in the local flower shop, just down the street from the lodging house. After finding his soulmate a few years earlier he couldn’t help himself from making beautiful bouquets that people loved.

You’d woken up to the smell of pancakes one morning. Opening your eyes you saw the bed next to you empty and sunlight breaking through the soft white curtains across the room. You softly rose out of the tangled sheets and padded your way to the kitchen, stopping in the doorway. Jack’s shirtless back faced you as he poured and flipped pancakes on the stove. He hummed a soft tune so you assumed he didn’t know you were there yet. You crept closer to him and slid your arms around his waist, resting your head inbetween his shoulders. He jumped and dropped the spatula in his hand.

“Good mornin’, sweetheart,” you giggled and kissed his shoulder blade.

“Morning, Jacky,” he spun around to grip your waist and kissed you softly. Smiling into the kiss as he pushed you against the counter opposite the stove.

You moaned as he ground his hip into yours. You parted for a moment to rest your forehead together.

“You weren’t supposed to be awake yet, I was gonna bring ya’ breakfast,” kissing you hotly again.

“Well, we can always go back to bed,” you panted into the kiss, Jack groaned.

“Mm, as much as I’d love that, sweetheart, I have a whole day planned for us today,” you continued to tug him closer to you and he lifted you onto the countertop. Placing himself between your legs, brushing his hands up your thighs. Just as his hand crept up your nightdress, a burning smell reached your nose.

“Jack,” you gasped, “the pancakes are burning.”

“Shit,” he turned back and pushed the frypan off the hotplate and flipped the knob, stopping the gas. He turned back to you a sheepish smile on his face, “I guess I got carried away, didn’t I?”

A laugh burst from your lips and you shook your head at your soulmate. Your face flushed, hair a mess, and lips parted slightly, the light hit your body just right on the counter, you were breathtaking. His face suddenly switched to a serious one.

“What?” you asked him, a concerned smile on your face.

“I love you so much. More than anything in the world, more than any colour that I could see. I would give ‘em up in a moment to live the rest of my life with you,” your breath hitched, you’d been in love since that day in the bakery. Tears began to well in your eyes as he continued, “and I had this dream to run away to Santa Fe, to get out of this damn city. Then I look at you, with your messy bed hair and morning voice, and I don’t want to be anywhere that ain’t with you. You were made for me, since before I even knew you, and I don’t care what happens. I want you to be mine forever, I ain’t gonna find someone like you again. In a life that’s full of struggles and dullness, I never feel a dull moment with you. I got no use for moonlight or sappy poetry but I never planned on someone like you. I never thought I’d even meet you, especially not live this perfect life with you. What I’m sayin’ is, (y/n), will you marry me?”

Tears were pouring down your cheeks by this point, you could barely form words, let alone an answer to the most important question you’d ever been asked. Jack had just poured out his heart to you and it was like you were a seventeen year old girl all over again, staring at a boy in a crowded bakery. Colours faded this time, all you could see was his beautiful face and those green eyes you fell in love with years ago. You felt like you were on cloud nine, complete euphoria. 

“Jack, I,” your words caught in your throat. Jack tensed at what he thought was going to be rejection, “Jack I couldn’t think of anything I’d love more than spending my life with you. Yes, I’ll marry you.”

He lunged to wrap his arms around your waist, you were taller than him sitting on the counter so you kissed his unruly hair.

“I was scared you’d say no for a second there,” he laughed, both of you crying tears of happiness, “I was gonna ask you on our picnic later, but seeing you just sitting there… I couldn’t wait.”

“Im glad you didn’t, my love.”

“God, I love you so much,” he looked up at you and kissed you again. He hummed softly, “maybe we should go back to bed, sugar.”

“I thought we had a full day planned, Jacky boy?” he picked you up as he carried you back to your small bedroom.

“Screw that, you’re my future wife and I ain’t passing this moment up for a lousy picnic,” giggles bubbled from your lips as he lay you down on the bed before kissing you passionately.

“Happy anniversary, Mr. Kelly.”

“Happy anniversary, soon-to-be Mrs. Kelly.”


Here’s another imagine for you, hope you enjoyed it. 

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Damned Cliché - Sirius Black

hello loves! this fic was requested by a lovely anon (my very first request EEP) and this was a joy to write! I really, really hope you like it :)

Request: Hey there lovely! Can I request a sirius fic where him and the reader are both raised in pure blood families and are often partnered up at balls and galas, so they become the ultimate BFFs as teens/kids? Thank you so much I’m so excited for your blog!!!

Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Y/N: Your Name

Y/E/C: Your Eye Color

Y/H/C: Your Hair Color 

Word Count: 2063

You stood slumped against a wall with a glass of pumpkin juice in your hand, praying to the founders of Hogwarts, minus the sickening Salazar Slytherin, that it would turn into fire whiskey before your eyes. However, you knew that you weren’t going to be that lucky. Your eyes scanned the room for a familiar head of messy, black hair, but he had yet to arrive and you were bloody miserable.

Your mother kept sending young men over to ask you to dance, but you would rather take on the Whomping Willow without a wand than converse with any of the pureblood tossers your father saw as suitable company. After you had called yet another future death eater a pompous arse, your mother finally took the hint and let you stand alone in the corner of the ballroom. You couldn’t blame her though; she was only doing what your father asked of her.

After scanning the crowd of people once again, you decided the fate of your undoubtedly fashionably late best friend. The only thing that could save Sirius Black from a painful, torturous death at your hand would be his arrival within the next minute and a half, or you swore on Dumbledore’s magnificent white beard he would not live to see another day or pull another prank with his precious Prongs, Moony, and Wormtail.

Your blueprints for Sirius’s horrifying death were interrupted when two strong arms pulled you backwards into an empty corridor.

“IF YOU DON’T TAKE YOUR BLOODY HANDS OFF ME THIS INSTANT I SWEAR TO MERLIN….”, your shouts were cut short as one hand covered your mouth and the other turned you around to see the smirking face of your incorrigible best friend.

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The Barn 7

[part1][part2][part3][part4][Part5][Part6] [Here]

To the rest of the watching world, it probably looked like a reaction to trauma.

The magic had been too wild and too wicked in her bones and the end result was the destruction of a medium: her hand. Even after the flesh was stitched back together and her bones mended, there was a phantom in her hand that haunted her without mercy.

Sakura woke up suddenly and the world was dark, just like the last few nights. Ever since she dipped into that well of magic and disturbed the waters, the nightmares wouldn’t leave her alone.

Would that be her fate once more; to swell with too much power, loose control and shatter so tragically? She saw it again and again in different ways each night. Her nightmares were as creative as her, and it was starting to gnaw on her.

Sakura sat up in bed and looked over at Konan who was still asleep. The older woman probably knew more than she was letting on. Sakura had caught Konan staring across the dinner table more than once, and there never seemed to be an end to her questions of concern.

‘Are you feeling well? Are you tired? Are you in any pain? What can I do to help?’

Konan was kind in a way Sakura didn’t know how to deal with. Sakura wasn’t sure she knew how to handle being pampered, but she was quickly realizing she didn’t like making Konan worry.

Sakura was extra careful leaving the large bed they shared. It was big enough that the shifting from one end had nothing to do with the other. Konan sleep on, undisturbed.

There were enough rugs layered up over each other, atop the edges of one another so that her steps were muffled and warm as she crossed the enormous room to the corner where the kitchen was.

The Barn was a single room downstairs, separated by a few Japanese rice screens painted with cherry blossom trees, a few short bookshelves, and other various objects of furniture.

Sakura walked the expanse, keeping the fabric of the white nightgown with the buttons close to her chest using her bad hand. She felt like she needed to use it for something, but didn’t want to fill it with magic again.

Everything was dark and the room was wide and long, but Sakura had been living in The Barn long enough, she knew where everything was and expected the shapes in the dull darkness.

She didn’t expect the spinning red eyes snapping open to pin her where she stood.

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Must Love Cats- Chapter Five

Levy hadn’t planned on being a pet sitter when she’d moved into the city. She also hadn’t planned on pet sitting for a sex god either, but here she was.

AKA the one where Levy is a pet sitter, Gajeel is her client, and Lily is the glue that binds them together.

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Alright I’m sorry but there is something you need to know about the opening of The Creeping Man. This is the story where Holmes summons Watson to his house with the famous telegram: “Come at once if convenient—if inconvenient come all the same. – S.H.”

Well, Watson shows up, and Holmes is silent, apparently deep in thought:

When I arrived at Baker Street I found him huddled up in his armchair with updrawn knees, his pipe in his mouth and his brow furrowed with thought. It was clear that he was in the throes of some vexatious problem. With a wave of his hand he indicated my old armchair, but otherwise for half an hour he gave no sign that he was aware of my presence. Then with a start he seemed to come from his reverie, and with his usual whimsical smile he greeted me back to what had once been my home.

When he finally does speak up, he tells Watson what was absorbing his thoughts so deeply…And, well, 

“You will excuse a certain abstraction of mind, my dear Watson,” said he. “Some curious facts have been submitted to me within the last twenty-four hours, and they in turn have given rise to some speculations of a more general character. I have serious thoughts of writing a small monograph upon the uses of dogs in the work of the detective.” 

“But surely, Holmes, this has been explored,” said I. “Bloodhounds—sleuth-hounds—” 

“No, no, Watson, that side of the matter is, of course, obvious. But there is another which is far more subtle. You may recollect that in the case which you, in your sensational way, coupled with the Copper Beeches, I was able, by watching the mind of the child, to form a deduction as to the criminal habits of the very smug and respectable father.” 

“Yes, I remember it well.” 

“My line of thoughts about dogs is analogous. A dog reflects the family life. Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or a sad dog in a happy one? Snarling people have snarling dogs, dangerous people have dangerous ones. And their passing moods may reflect the passing moods of others.” 

Basically, Holmes sent that famous “come at once” telegram demanding Watson’s presence so he could have Watson come sit and stare at him for 30 minutes while he was deep in thought about puppies and then try get some encouragement from Watson to validate his “serious thoughts” about writing a monograph on dog emotions. Watson doesn’t seem into it, which Holmes just ignores, because it’s clear that Watson doesn’t grasp the important subtleties of puppy behavior. Holmes always seems somewhat frustrated that nobody reads his monographs, so I’m just saying, Holmes is testing the waters to see if Watson might read some of his opinions about important dog feelings–which imo he probably already started writing but doesn’t want to admit just yet unless his friend seems interested. Anyway, no luck this time, but I’m glad he tried.

How to write a perfect Law Paper

Time for some Sunday Tips for Law Students !

Here is the method I use to write my law papers. I always get good grades for them (between 16 and 19 out of 20) so I guess I’m not that bad at it. And I thought I could share what little knowledge I have on the subject.

1. Be sure to pick the right background color

This one is a tip I’ve learned from other Studyblrs. If you have to work for long hours on the computer, be sure to change the background color of your paper to mint green instead of white. 

Mint green is less painful for your eyes and you won’t get any headaches / migraines if you use it.

Just make sure to put it back to white when you print the paper or send it to your teacher. 

I forgot about it, once, and I printed my whole philosophy notes with a mint green background (it wasn’t ugly, though).

2. Pick up enough sources… but not too many !

Having a huge bibliography is always great. It prooves that you’ve searched the subject of your paper thoroughly. 

But will you have time to read the 45 books and 60 cases you’ve found? And if you don’t read them, what’s the point? Will your teacher truly believe that you read all of this (teachers were students once and they must know that we all add a few sources we never read in our bibliography).

Pick up your sources carefully. Limit yourself to a few well-chosen ones, like books by authors who are renowned experts in the field you are writing about. Pick famous cases.

It’s always better to have a little bibliography of well-chosen sources that you actually read than to have 15 pages of random cases / books you never opened !

(For Belgian Law Students only, I will publish a little list of authors that you can check to have good sources in a subject).

3. Plan you time

You will have to read the documents you’ve found. And you will have to write the paper. 

Don’t underestimate the time it will take you. A text or a book you’ve picked might be difficult to understand and take you more time than what you expected. A case might give links to another one, that you’ll have to find and read.

Writing the paper might be difficult too: we all struggled once in our life to find the adequate legal terms. Plus, you might not feel inspired to write on some days.

Take all this into account and plan your time ahead. The sooner you will start writing, the sooner this paper will be finished.

And to avoid last-minute stress and printing problems, be sure to have your paper ready, spell-checked and printed at least a week before its due date ! It will save you a lot of stress.

Studyblrs always post really good printables to plan your time, so don’t hesitate in browsing them : you’ll find the right one for you !

4. Organize your notes and documents

This is a basic one, really.

Be sure you don’t lose any of your documents. While laptop material is easily stacked in folders, copies of library books or handwritten notes you’ve taken while reading documents are more fragile when it comes to stocking them.

Be sure to have a special binder for your written material. And choose a practical and pretty one: 

  • Practical because you will have it close to your laptop or computer when writing => be sure it’s easy to manipulate ;
  • Pretty because it will motivate you to read what’s inside.

5. While writing, confront point of views

If your research was thorough, you’ll find yourself with several documents written by several authors.

You can be sure hese authors won’t have the same point of view on the matter you are researching. So you might wonder how to cope with these contrasting point of views.

The best way to do it is :

  • To attract the attention on these different point of views : by writing something like “Leleu thinks this… while Massager thinks that…”;
  • And then, you give your personal position. Law teachers LOVE  when their students have a critical position, so don’t be shy : tell them what you think and which author you stand with !

I hope this will be helpful ! 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the subject if something is still unclear.