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The snyptid, after a long period of inexplicable absence, has finally shown himself once again. Spotted (fucking spotted there he is got ya bitch) reclining in the light of an open doorway, he is obviously aiming to achieve the perfect aesthetic lighting angle for maximum shock effect… as is his wont.

im looking at you rpc

stop making graphic commissions if you don’t have permission to use those resources. With resources I mean fonts, textures, stocks etc. This is SPECIFICALLY meant for those who ask real money for their graphics.

No, I don’t care about the whole “BUT I NEED MONEY” because it’s not an excuse. You can still be a decent person and ask for a permission if that’s what you need. In most of the cases these people say it’s okay to use their resources free for PERSONAL use but NOT FOR SELLING. Usually, these makers ask for some type of payment if you’re using them to make money. You can’t just go to google, pick a picture you like and use it in a graphic someone is paying for.


Why do I care so much you might wonder?? because the people who make these things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Making fonts, textures and stocks might be a way for someone to earn their money. And whenever you’re taking them without even reading their rules on how you can use them, YOU ARE HURTING THEM. ONCE THEY NOTICE YOU’RE TAKING SHIT FROM THEM FOR FREE TO SELL THEM THEN THEY MIGHT STOP MAKING THESE RESOURCES.

Not only that but it’s a legal thing too. You don’t just go to some store and instead of grabbing the free sample, you take the whole product that you’re supposed to pay for.

Be decent to fellow content makers. Please.

im startin to get Depressed™ bc i’ve been so lonely my entire life n i just want a cute gf to have movie nights with, just once (1ce) in my life but apparently that’s too much to ask when u’re a lesbian in this society

serious question: how fucking delusional and boring do you have to be to hate on people for being excited katie mcgrath’s return to season 3? she’s spoken out before about her problems with job security…and her character is a positive female influence in kara’s life…oh and katie nor lena has done anything wrong? just say you want floriana’s rape apologist + racist ass to have more screentime.

redirect your dumbass hate toward a real problem (mon-el, a slave owning abuser currently antagonizing a woman whose supposed to be our feminist icon)

I’m clipping some stuff from S5 when everyone is looking fine and hot in Camelot, and it struck me that in the tower scene at the start of 5x03, Regina, Belle, Emma, and Snow are all doing work. They’re researching, making potions, getting things done, and David is just hanging out bouncing baby Neal and watching the ladies work. That is one thing this show has always done right. The ladies get to do as much as the men when it comes to magic and fighting and solving problems. 

David is frequently shown as being as much of a caregiver and homemaker as Snow. Rumple clearly spent a lot of time doing the same when Bae was young, and it was implied he made meals for Belle when they were together in Storybrooke. I foresee a lot more of that if we can just get the Golds all reunited and happy. Robin was a single dad and from what we saw, a pretty good one. So too was Jefferson, even though we saw so little of him. Emma and Regina even got passed their issues and have worked together to parent Henry equally.

The show may mess up a lot of things and may have some not so great messages sometimes, but they have never shied away from showing the equivalency of the characters on this show, especially in family settings, from showing both genders breaking out of gender norms, and from showing that the women are just as if not more capable than the men. It’s not just Mulan picking up a sword and kicking ass. It’s also letting her be vulnerable. It’s letting all the characters cry and laugh and yell and sass in equal measure.

[Please keep this post positive. If you want debate and discourse, make your own post.]

i really applaud namjoon for leading the boys in the interview. not just as a translation and interpretation major but a multilingual there’s just a lot of pressure when you’re the only person capable of linking two groups of people who don’t share a mutual language. namjoon did very well despite that he’s not a native speaker or didn’t live overseas nor that he ever studied trans/interpretation. he had to think of his own answers to the interview questions and also had to translate for both the interviewer and the members. once again he proved that he’s extremely intelligent and i’m just so proud of him.

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