i once shared a lift with him and really failed to make the most of the situation


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Tantalizing: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Cumplay, Degrading Names, Angst, Intercourse, Oral, Orgasm Denial, Thigh Riding
Word Count: 5,965

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The Zervising (or, I talk for almost 1800 words about another ship I don’t like)

Now that the curtain’s fallen on Zervis, I think we can finally look back on what an utter shitshow that all was.

Obviously, if you’re completely totally pro-Zervis and/or satisfied with the way that Zervis endgamed, this probably isn’t the essay for you. Also, this is more me analysing the ship as it comes rather than me bulletpointing all the issues with it, so it won’t be in quite the same vein as my anti-Gruvia pieces.

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*Broken Hearted* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Hey… could you make a long story about newt and reader. Where reader gets mad at newt for not seeing her as more then friends? Xxx

Peeking from around the side of the hut, you quietly watched as Newt tended to the graphorns; quietly whispering to them and petting their heads as he fed them. Watching as he cared for his creatures was your favorite thing to do. You and Newt had been friends for quite some time and you were currently accompanying him on his travels as he gathered information for his book he was working on. 

Your chest ached as you watched the wizard bend down to help feed the younger graphorn and you began envisioning him with a child. He was so gentle and caring. You knew your feelings for him had been building up for quite some time now and you were almost bursting at the seams to confess to him. However, the fear of ruining what you two had was always a fear of yours and you couldn’t image losing him.

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Coincidence - Calum Hood Smut

Pairing: Calum and Y/N

Word Count: 6.3k+

Rating: Smutty smut

Requested: nope

Thought of this while I was driving in the snow, someone give me Calum now.

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#9: Meeting siblings:


A/n: OK, this is quite short and it might be my lest favorite update. honestly I feel like this one is shit, and it’s just a filler and yeah sorry about that. but I promise the next part will be hella long and the good parts are about to come I hope, and well get some good badboy action so… hang in there? I’m sorry


Creaking the door open, (y/n) warily stepped into the Hemmings household, her eyes carefully inspecting her surroundings. Sure, she had been inside the house more times than she could count, but never had she entered without permission. Technically, she was granted permission, Luke’s text from earlier asking her to come in. Their plans to get some studying done for the finals were made a few days ago, agreeing on meeting in the library. However, Luke had other thoughts in mind, asking her to come by his house as he was nearly ready and suggested to give her a ride.

Her eyes were taking in her entourage, recalling every memory she had lived inside his house. The walls were witnesses of every baby step she took, telling stories of two little toddlers running around in loud giggles, bearing memories she held close to her heart.

Her head turned abruptly at the sound of footsteps, and she quickly grabbed her bag as she noticed the familiar blond locks. However, her mouth hung open upon realizing that the person she was faced with was not Luke. Although the resemblance was far too outstanding to go unnoticed, the man’s features strikingly familiar. His eyes were just as puzzled as hers, raising a questioning hand as his eyes narrowly stared at her. His mouth opened and closed a few times, until he finally managed to croak out a few words, “What- You came in- Do we know you?”

“Luke- Luke asked me, I –um- I’m just waiting for him.” She stumbled at her words, heat filling her up due to her embarrassment. She should’ve just waited outside! But as she was expecting reprimanding words to come out of the blond’s mouth, she was confused by the smirk he wore on his face as he eyes her.

“So you’re the girl, huh,” He mumbled –mainly to himself. (y/n) creased her eyebrows together at his words, tilting her head in a question manner; “w-what?” She whispered, what girl? “Oh come on, we all knew a girl was involved,” The man shrugged, taking a hand out of his pocket as he offered it to shake, “I’m Jack by the way.”

Relief flooded her at his words, the uneasiness leaving her body as she remembered him. Although she was fairly familiar with Ben –the eldest Hemmings- her encounters with Jack were few. Jack on the other hand was eyeing her with amusement, knowing instantly that he’d be teasing Luke about it for as long as he could. Little behavior changes never went unnoticed by him, especially not when it came to his younger brother. He had indeed been suspecting that someone was responsible, most probably a girl that had him whipped. Still, he never expected to see her in flesh, knowing Luke’s private nature.

“Ready to go?” Luke’s voice echoed through the empty house, his feet hopping down the stairs in a hurry as he slid his hands through his jacket. At his cue, (y/n) threw her bag over her shoulder, giving Jak one last smile as she turned around. “You know, mum’s gonna want to meet you.” He chuckled at her, stopping her midway. He was very much entertained by the whole scenery, more than eager to tease his baby brother –and embarrass him most likely.

“I- I already met her,” (y/n) spoke up, waiting for Luke to gather his stuff as the awkwardness becoming a little too much for her to handle. But in all honesty, Jack’s reaction was quite priceless. His eyes brows knitted in confusion, a sigh leaving his mouth; “How come I’m always out of the loop! How did you meet her?” He whined, feeling like he was left out of the story whilst he wanted to know every detail.

“She’s our neighbor you dumbass,” Luke spoke from behind you, his hand reaching out to the small of your back to guide you outside, his own backpack held in his other hand. “Wait!” His brother’s voice stopped them, the two looking back at him. “You can’t be (y/n). Little bug (y/n)?” Jack’s smile grew wider as he watched her hide her face in her hands, chuckling because she hadn’t been called that ever since she turned six. “How’s Josh doing? I haven’t seen him in a while.” He and Josh was inseparable as kids, much like their younger siblings. “He’s alright, he’s coming home soon,” (y/n) answered, finally feeling like the tension was fully lifted. Luke’s eyes gazed at her, a small smile on his lips as he did so. Something about the way she already seemed like a part of his family made his heart swell, the interaction between her and his brother meaning much more to him than he could explain.

After bidding Jack goodbye, Luke’s hand guided (y/n) out, the cold air hitting them as soon as they left the house. “You look a lot like him,” (y/n) spoke up once they were seated inside his car, her eyes staring at him, gauging his reaction. Luke’s gaze didn’t shift from the road, but a smile made its way to his lips as he spoke, “He’s someone I really admire, so it means quite a lot to hear that.” (y/n)’s hand found his free one, lacing them together as her words failed to express the feeling welling up inside of her.


Her phone buzzed for the third time, making her answer it abruplty, a scowl visible on her face, “What?” she barked, rolling her eyes at the voice on the other end. “I miss you too baby” Calum’s voice sang on the other side, and as much as she hated it, she couldn’t fight back the smile on her face. She could literally feel him grin as he spoke the words. “Calum, I swear I’m two seconds away from killing you,” She teased, jumping off of her bed, phone still in hand. “But I want to see my baby girl,” His whines earned nothing more than an eyeroll from her, chuckling albeit at his childlike behavior. “It’s a girl’s night baby, which means no boyfriend calls.”

(y/n) glanced back at the two girls lying on her bed, their teasing smiles making her turn around instantly. The phone call didn’t last long, as she was quick to dismiss her pouty boyfriend, bidding him a goodnight mischievously before she hung up. Turning back, she hopped on the bed, giving a warning look to her friends, already expecting the teasing. “Who is that?” the question was fired just as anticipated, a giggly laugh escaping her lips, her hands covering her face. “My boyfriend,” She ushered out, heat rising to her cheeks at the mere thought.

Shocked glances were exchanged between the two girls, huffing at how they weren’t informed earlier. That was the main reason she had wanted a girl’s night, planning a sleepover with her friends. Surely, her friends at school were obviously informed of her relationship status, the news of her and Calum known to the whole school. But the two girls she had over didn’t go to school with her –much to her dismay. They were a few years older than her, the roots of their friendship running back to the summer camps she used to go to as a child.

“Spill! Who is he? What is he like?” The questions were thrown in a hurry, the room quickly filling with excited laughs. (y/n) lied down on her pillows, a sheepish look on her face as she stared at the eager girls. Well, she wasn’t about to hide anything from them, really.

“What is Calum like?” She mumbled to her self, her expression turning into one of awe and tenderness at the thought of the boy who invaded her every thought. “He’s turning me into a mess. Most of the time he’s a cheeky bastard that knows how to tick me off; at other times he’s so unpredictable. But then,” (y/n) Stopped, taking in a deep breath as her chest felt heavier with the emotions she held for him, “But then, he has these moments where he makes me feel like it’s just me and him. The way he looks at me and talks to me just takes my breath away. And right now, my chest feels like it’s on fire just by talking about him.” (y/n) bit down on her lip, her fingers fiddling together, the pillow case suddenly feeling too cold for her burning face.

The rest of the night carried on, the girls urging her to spill every detail, teasing her every now and then about her blushing cheeks. And as she got lost in telling the various stories she shared with him, she couldn’t stop her heart from yearning to see him.

Although, she hadn’t expected to find him at her doorstep first thing in the morning, a wide smile on his face as he greeted her. She was walking her friends out, complaining about how early they had to leave when she was faced with him, his hands tucked behind his back as he smiled sheepishly at her.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, walking closer to him and pulling him into a hug, mindful of her friends behind her who wouldn’t let her live if they were to witness excessive PDA. “Well, it’s the morning, so technically your girl’s night is over,” Calum cheekily replied, his hands pulling her closer as he spoke. Her eyes widened as she took in his full appearance, her hand reaching out to touch his trimmed hair, “You shaved your head?” She scolded, yet as soon as he hand touched the short strands of hair she found herself smiling. “I miss your curls, but I like this.” She chuckled, playfully patting his head, his face breaking into a huge grin that displayed his sublime dimples.

A cough broke the two from their bubble, their heads spinning back. “Mali? What are you doing here?” Calum asked, making (y/n) send him a questioning look. “Nice catch you got there, brother.” The blond girl spoke, a million-dollar smile on her face. Realization flooded (y/n) quickly, her eyes widening at the situation. Stuttering and ‘excuse me’, her feet ran before she could register what was going on, her hands covering her face in shame. Oh my god! Of course she’ll tell him, oh my god! Her thoughts ran wild, but were cut short as a pair of arms wrapped around her, pulling her into a warm embrace.

“What’s wrong babe?” Calum chuckled in her ear, his cheeks pressing against hers as he snuggled closer to her. “Did you like say something embarrassing about me?” his phrase made (y/n) turn abruptly in his arms, her eyes scolding him. If only he knew. “Don’t you dare ask her about anything!” she scowled as she pointed her finger at him, and he couldn’t help but comply, her pleading eyes affecting him more than he liked to admit.

“Alright,” He agreed, “But maybe someday, you can tell me,” His words were hushed, meant only for her ears to hear. His thumb was soothingly rubbing her cheek, his arm wrapped around her waist. Maybe I’ll be able to tell you just how much you affect me, he wanted to add but bit his lip. Surely, Mali-koa would have his ass for the upcoming years, teasing him about how whipped he was and how much of a lost puppy he became when it involved her. if he had to endure that then so be it, because at the end of the day he knew it was all true; he knew that your fingers played with the strings of his heart without even realizing it.

A/n: ok yall only after writing his part did I realize that NO it’s fucking unrealistic to be friends with someone for so long and not know their second name hence hood and make the connection, so sorry about it pretend it works alright bebs, lol I’m a mess sorry


“Did you ever like, play some fancy instruments as a child?” (y/n) asked Michael who was walking right beside her, her eyes amusingly watching him. “You know, like in the movies.” She added. Surely, she had always believed rich families always learned how to play instruments, movies being her only insider.

Michael sighed, his arm wrapping around her shoulders to bring her closer. “They taught me piano,” He mumbled, “They tried to get me to learn violin as well but I sucked balls at it. So I ended up learning guitar because I liked it most, though they’re not very fond of it.”

“But you’ll play for me someday, yeah?” She mused after a long silence, moving her head from his shoulder to look up at him. Michael was ready to fire a ‘no’, the request far from his comfort zone or preference. But as soon as his eyes landed on her, her eyebrows raised in question, he found himself giving her a little nod. “Someday” He murmured.

Coming to a stop, the two stood in front of the elementary school, her eyes scanning the scenery for the small four year old. Since her parents were out of town due to some family business, she was left responsible for her younger brother. Michael, having heard about that, insisted on tagging along –if she didn’t mind of course. Which left the two walking towards the elementary school her brother studied at.

“(y/n)!” A high-pitch scream attracted their attraction, a little boy running towards her and wrapping his arms around her legs as best as he could. “Hey there little man,” Michael joined in, crouching in front of the toddler, an inviting smile on his face. Noah turned around to face him, the shy smile on his face reminding Michael of (y/n). The little kid seemed dazed for a second by the punk boy squatting in front of him, the burning red color of his hair capturing his full attention. Finally, Noah managed to look away, glancing at his big sister who sent him a reassuring nod, before he introduced himself to Michael, “Hi, my name is Noah. I like your hair.” He exclaimed happily. Ruffling his hair, Michael offered a genuine smile to the younger boy, “Why thank you Noah, I’m Michael.” And with that, you ushered the two boys to get going so you could reach the house in time.

Stopping at the front door, (y/n) fiddled with the key in her hand before she opened it, allowing the three of them to get inside. But as Noah went flying to his bedroom, mumbling about grabbing toys for him and his new friend to play with, Michael and (y/n) were left alone at the entrance. She found herself fiddling with the hem of her school uniform that she was still wearing, eyes the tall boy cautiously. She had been inside his house, and she knew it was nothing like hers, thus feeling somewhat insecure as his eyes roamed the small space. “It’s not much, but it’s just the four of us.” She found herself mumbling.

“It’s a home. I like it.” Michael spoke softly, his words laced with sadness. He couldn’t look away from the decorated wall, displaying multiple family pictures. But unlike the frigid portrait that hung in his own house, the pictures were full of laughter and joy. (y/n) felt guilty as she finally realized that whilst she was insecure about her modest home, Michael didn’t have an actual one.

“I got my cars and trucks! Do you want to play?” The tension was cut by Noah’s words, the little boy running with his collection of toys in his hands. He insisted on playing with Michael, the two boys sitting in the living room and making loud car noises.

Meanwhile, (y/n) was busy making a snack for her brother and ordering pizza for her and Michael. Once the delivery boy came, the hot pizza was quickly devoured as they all sat on the couch, watching Big Hero 6 at Noah’s request. And as he got sleepy, (y/n) offered to take him up to his room, but the toddler declined her offer and went to cuddle Michael instead. Her heart fluttered at the action, admiration clouding her thoughts at the sight in front of her.

“You know, he’s normally very shy. He doesn’t open up quickly just to anybody.” (y/n) whispered so as not to wake up the sleeping boy, sending a smile to Michael as she said so. “Well then,” Michael began, his words getting caught in his throat as he glanced at Noah, “Maybe he knows I mean well” He muttered, the fair skin of his cheeks flaming at his words.

Seeing as it was getting late, (y/n) offered to take her brother up to his room so she and Michael could watch another movie without disturbing his sleep. But as soon as she left to put Noah in his bed, Michael found his mind drifting to her. He wondered how he could have missed out on her all of those years, how he could miss someone as amazing at her.


(y/n) walked out of the school with a scowl on her face, re-reading the text she had received a few minutes ago. Ashton was held back in detention along with his friend Calum, the reason behind it kept hidden from her. She sighed as she made her way towards her car, stopping only as she noticed someone else standing not far from her. Actually, he was standing right next to Ashton’s car. Puzzled, (y/n) walked closer to him, pondering whether she wanted to adress him or not. But at the sight of his Golden locks, she found herself approaching the boy.

“Hey,” She said, earning his attention, “are you waiting for someone?” she asked. The boy turned to face her, his eyes warily looking at her. He looked around 7 or 8 years old, his backpack tugged over his shoulders, his figure tense as he carefully eyes his surrounding. He nodded at her words, “For my brother, he’s supposed to drive us home.”

(y/n) offered a warm smile, understanding the situation at hand. “Is Ashton your brother?” and again her words were answered by a nod, “He’s held back in detention. Did you come here by yourself?” She asked, looking for any company he might have had. “Yes, my school isn’t that far.”

She kept silent for a little while, wondering how she could help him as Ashton wasn’t leaving until a couple of hours. “Say, How about I drive you home? Do you know the road?” She offered, before adding “I’m a friend of your brother, I’ll send him a text.” which soothed the boy, as he finally agreed to ride with her.

Once they had reached the Irwin’s home, the younger boy led her in, explaining how his sister was already home. But (y/n) felt uneasy about leaving the two alone at the house, at least until their big brother came, so she offered to stay with them. The two agreed instantly to her request, especially after her offer to make Mac’n’cheese.

Ashton almost broke the door handle as he stepped him, his heart pounding in his chest as his frantic eyes roamed the house. Fuck! He didn’t think he’d get held back at detention that day, resulting into him feeling like he was on fire for the past hours as he begged the teacher to let him go. With his mother out of town, he was held responsible for his younger siblings, and she insistently instructed that he would have to pick up Harry with him since the walk from school was really far.

But as his mind was busy worrying about his brother, he did not anticipate to find (y/n) on his couch, a ball of popcorn on her lap as she watched a movie along with his brother and sister. His loud entrance had caught the attention of the three, (y/n) carefully getting up and walking towards him. “How did you-?” Ashton mumbled, feeling puzzled yet thankful. (y/n) simply took her hand in his, guiding him outside so they could talk freely.

Standing on the porch, (y/n) took her time to explain how she had found Harry by their school, and went on from there until she reached where they were. Ashton only nodded at her words, a smile playing on his lips as he listened to her story. Truthfully, he had stopped listening once he figured that Harry must’ve walked to his school when he was too late to pick him up, focusing after that on her rather than her speech. “You’re not listening, are you?” (y/n) finally caught up on his act, smiling nonetheless at the golden boy. His smile was precious, the little dimples engraved on his cheeks showing as grinned at her. “Not really,” He whispered, his face leaning closer and closer towards her. His heart was hammering in his chest, but the feeling bubbling inside his stomach was urging him to keep going. Keep going until his lips finally touched her and their eyes shut closed at the feeling.

Smiling against his chapped lips, (y/n) pulled away slightly, her eyes still halfway closed as butterflies bees erupted in her belly. Ashton had already taken her breath away, along with every trace of sanity she had, but that one kiss was enough to send her over the moon and make her head dizzy.

“We should go inside, the kids are alone.” She mumbled, Ashton pulling her into another giggly kiss as his large hand moved to rest on the side of her neck. His smile was the epitome of sunshine and rainbows, and he couldn’t possibly stop himself from grinning. He had finally done the one thing he wanted to do ever since that first encounter at the hallway.

“Come one, I made Mack’n’cheese.” She bantered, getting up on her feet and pulling him by the hands. “Oh you did?” He excitedly asked, instantly standing up at her words. “And you’ll find it’s the best you’ll ever ever have!” She added, a victorious smile on her lips and boy he just wanted to feel them again, but she was already getting inside to heat a bowl for him.


Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Genre: fluff, slight humour. 
Word count: 6,459

Summary: Your best friend Taehyung comes crashing into your life one day and boy is he cute. 

A/N: Alright so here’s my attempt at a fluffy scenario! Nobody asked for this, and I wrote it at 4 am, but I hope you guys enjoy nonetheless!

- - -

T-minus ten minutes and counting. Your day was soon coming to a close, and you were more than excited to get out of the office and finally kick off your weekend.

You impatiently tapped your pen against your notepad, eyes glued to the clock while you counted down the seconds. Why did the last few minutes always seem to drag by? You let out a soft sigh, forcing yourself to tear your eyes away in hopes that time would speed up without the added pressure.

“Oh my god!” You press your palm to the left side of your chest where your heart was racing from being startled. Your supervisor stood at the side of your desk with a bored expression, and a fat stack of folders in her hands.

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Lumen (part 2/ ): Honest intentions

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Read up here - Part 1: Good intentions

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary of part 2: Steve and Bucky orchestrate your escape from the asylum.

Warnings: one swear word.

Word count: 1.747 (without background information).

A/N: This is my first fan fic series, so bear with me. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this one, constructive criticism is appreciated!

Background: Iona Cole is a perky, gifted and ambitious assistant to a critically acclaimed professor at a renowned university. That is, until she snaps in the middle of class, the auditorium packed with students on introduction day. Having a long family history of psychiatric diseases, her mother sends her to a private clinic to receive the best treatment. In reality, this institute for people with “special needs” is a smokescreen for the underground operation Hydra is running there.

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The room was dimly lit, the late afternoon shadow falling gracefully over your face, softening your features and darkening your hair just a little. You sat on your bed, a hospital bed with crisp white sheets that smelt like disinfectant. No decorations and no personal items were allowed and it was as if a certain gloomy sadness constantly hovered over your room.

You took solace in the book a kind nurse had brought you earlier today. Her perfume reminded you of freshly mowed grass and her eyes had been a lovely shade of chocolate brown. But their beauty had been overshadowed by the one emotion you despised the most: pity.

She took pity on you, the star student with straight A’s and every professor’s favourite research assistant. You, the brilliant student who was now stuck in a psychiatric facility awaiting your final judgement as it were. Oh, how bitter did the sweet irony taste on your tongue.

You were completely overtaken by your thoughts that you almost didn’t hear the soft knock on your door nor the crack it made upon opening. When you lifted your head to see who had entered, your eyes fell upon stormy blue ones. They were an exceptional kind of blue, pale and vivid, white rays around the iris reminding you of electricity.  Dark brown hair brushed his shoulders ever so slightly, gently framing his razor sharp jawline, a physical trait you had always appreciated in men. He was ruggedly handsome and that was obviously an understatement.

But there had been another man present in your room as well. You averted your gaze from the attractive guest and your eyes widened in surprise as you took in the second stranger that had come to pay you a visit. Blond hair, muscular body and eyes resembling the clear tropical seas of the Pacific. He was extremely handsome and that was obviously an understatement.

Besides, he wasn’t just anybody, he was Captain America.

It then slowly dawned on you who the first good-looking man had been. Although you hadn’t immediately recognised him, that metal arm pretty much gave him away. James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes, his name merely a whisper on your lips as your brain was working overtime trying to evaluate the situation. You turned your head towards Bucky once again, your analytical gaze piercing, almost demanding him to return it. He had a peculiar energy around him, his body always on high alert and his mind never quite at ease.

“Pleasure to meet you both,” you said whilst extending your hand, your eyes never leaving Bucky’s.

“I’m Iona, but I prefer to go by Io. I’m a sucker for Greek mythology.”

You tried to stand up from your bed as elegantly as possible but failing miserably when you almost tripped over your own feet. You had neglected to notice how the bed sheets had slowly fallen onto the ground when you had switched positions to get a better view of your two guests. They had tangled themselves around your feet, causing you to loose balance.

In an attempt to break your fall, you stretched out both hands and prepared for the worst. But you did not hit the cold floor, instead you thumped into another fairly hard yet strangely comfortable surface. You repeatedly thanked your lucky stars for not making a complete fool out of yourself before your realised what – or rather, who had caught you.

Both your hands rested against Bucky’s chest and as you slowly looked upward to meet his gaze, you felt his muscles tense under the touch of your fingertips brushing against his pectorals. You started blushing uncontrollably, your cheeks heating up in embarrassment. Bucky chuckled, thinking you were rather adorable in your attempt to keep a straight face.

After putting you back on your feet, he carefully tucked a strand of hair behind your ear with his flesh hand. You were a tomato by the time you were able to steady yourself again. The skin on skin contact had you beaming with energy, almost bursting at the seams by the way it swirled deep within you. The lights in the room started to flicker slightly, a warm breeze roaming through the room.

“Sorry about that, I’m clumsy as fuck.” Your right hand covered your mouth once you realised what you’d just said. Was it appropriate or even remotely acceptable to cuss around America’s golden boy and his sexy sidekick? Or should you start apologising profusely at once?

“I am tremendously sorry, Captain. I understand this must come across as very un-British of me,” you rambled nervously. But when you were only met with an amusing smile on Bucky’s end, it seemed like the Captain himself hadn’t paid much attention to it so you quickly dropped the subject.

“We’re out of time. We have to go, now!” Steve said while looking down at his watch, cringing as he saw the time. The Quinjet was set for departure any minute now so there was no time to waste. He prayed nobody had alerted the hospital staff, which proved to be idle hope when he heard distressed voices approaching from across the hallway.

“If you would just be so kind to take this rarity off for me, we’ll be out of here faster than you can say babbling, bumbling band of baboons.” You gestured towards the bracelet you had been given upon arrival. It was made of the finest materials, or so they had claimed, and they had listed a few for you but you hadn’t really bothered listening. Your name was engraved upon it in tiny, sharp letters, like a name tag of sorts.

Both men shared a bewildered look and you quickly understood they didn’t quite catch your reference. “Never mind that,” you shrugged, a little disappointed.

“This thing is designed to prevent me from working my magic. Remove it and we’re good to go,” you explained calmly, holding up your arm as to illustrate your point.

Steve started examining the combination lock on this unfortunate choice of accessory, sighing in frustration as he saw it required a thumbprint to confirm the 5-digit combination. But Bucky took one quick look at the armlet and decided that the best approach was to simply break it off with his metal arm rather than to figure out how to crack the code.

His flesh hand hastily took your elbow whilst his metal one carefully ripped the device off of your wrist. The material bent easily under the pressure applied by his metal fingers and you marvelled at how seamlessly the material blended together in that singular motion. It wasn’t until Steve coughed loudly that you were torn away from your little moment of admiration.

“It seems you’ll be able to work your magic now, ma’am,” Steve said, unsure of what your magic exactly was. His question was quickly answered when with one snap of your fingers all the lights in the room went out and a tiny orb appeared in your left hand. When you caught the two Avengers staring at the source of light soaring around your fingers, moving from one hand to the other, you figured you at least owed them an explanation.

“I can manipulate and control any type of energy, whether it’d be fire, light, electric current or human energy, although I’m still working on fire.”

You closed your eyes as all of a sudden you felt three bursts of energy outside your door – the energy of three armed men. One was the nervous type, suffering from acute anxiety and you reckoned this must probably be his first encounter with a foreign enemy. The second one had a cold and calculating vigour about him, a cruel man that revelled in the pain he inflicted upon others. The third one was considerably younger than his colleagues and seemed to have the vivacity of a toddler in a playground. He was just aching to barge down the door and shoot every living being that crossed his path.

You opened your eyes as the newfound knowledge found its way to your lips. “There are three of them at the other side of that door. Now, I can only take on one of those men. So when they decide to enter, mister America here shall take on the anxious soldier. As for you, sergeant Barnes, you will take on the trigger-happy fighter. You’ll immediately know who’s who, trust me.”

Steve gave you a questionable look and wanted to ask how exactly you were going to defend yourself with a light bulb as a weapon. Yet there was no time for questions and so he decided against it.

Bucky, too, didn’t like it very much that you were handing out orders when there was no proof whatsoever that a girl like yourself could eliminate a trained soldier without even blinking an eye. But then he remembered what Fury had told him a couple of hours ago. He was here to help you, defend you and protect you no matter what. And he did not take this request lightly, so he remained silent as well.

Only a moment later, the three men kicked in the door that led to your hospital room. You snapped your fingers again and the light returned to its rightful place and with a second snap, you rapidly broke every single bone in the body of the soldier you had assigned to yourself. Wincing at the sound of his shoulders popping, you watched as his knees gave way and his fingers bent at an awkward angle. Never had you enjoyed this side of your powers and you knew you never would.

On your left, Bucky had taken down the youngest soldier. Disarming him went fairly easy and within a few seconds he was down and out on the floor, Bucky having held him in chokehold long enough for him to pass out cold.

On your right, Steve had taken advantage of the man’s inexperience and had knocked him to the floor with his shield. All in all, it had proven to be an easy fight but you knew more men were on their way. You silently hoped the Avengers had come to you with one hell of an escape plan.

Part 3: Dark intentions

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Snowbarry fanfic

The Start of Something | Read on FF.net

Description:  “Cait?” he asks her quietly, having no idea what he’s doing. “Do you ever think about it?” My take on how Barry finds out about the shapeshifter that kissed Caitlin and what follows from then on. One shot. Snowbarry. AU Season 1. 

Episode 119 - ‘Who is Harrison Wells?’

The little crowd in his lab gradually thins; Cisco, Eddie and Joe all head for the exit, until it is only him and Caitlin in the room, standing with their backs at the sinister proof of Wells’s false identity. Her gaze is on the broad window on the far wall, her lips parted in shock. He half-turns toward her and presses his lips together.

“Caitlin… I’m sorry. I know this is difficult for you to accept…”

“All these years I’ve trusted him”, she whispers. “I can’t believe he’s been deceiving us all along”. She shakes her head and squeezes her eyes shut. “I was so naive.”

Barry shakes his head with force.

“No, you’re not”, he defends. Caitlin looks at him. Barry takes a step in her direction. She backs ever so slightly and he stops in hesitation, examining her. She’s calmer than before, at the lab, but it’s like a restrained terror, rather than a lack of it.

“We were all deceived”, he continues in a softer, controlled tone. “You can’t blame yourself. No one could have known. ”

“You don’t understand, Barry. Before… I didn’t want to believe you. I was so certain about Wells’s innocence, I was willing to visit him at his house and have a heart to heart conversation. Now I realize how idiotic that would have been.”

“It’s not idiotic to have faith in your friends. Your faith has helped me believe in myself countless of times, Cait. It’s an amazing quality to have the courage to stand up for your value. It’s not your fault that some people don’t share them.”

Caitlin smiles warmly, the light of the streets reflecting on her eyes. “Thank you, Barry. You really know how to make me feel better.”

His eyes squeeze into a smiling expression. “Well, I might know you better than you think.”

She chuckles softly and her angelic beauty captivates him for a moment. She’s so… peaceful. He doesn’t want to lift his eyes. After a while, he realizes he’s staring, because Cait smiles awkwardly and looks away.

“Umm.. We should get going. Cisco will be waiting for us”, he says, his fingers lightly brushing her elbow.

She doesn’t flinch back this time, but he can feel her muscles tense. He drops his hand and catches her gaze. She gives him an awkward, guilty smile. This time, he’s determined to figure out what her problem is. He blatantly searches her eyes.

“Every time I touched you today” he starts in a low voice, “you curled away. Is that because of the situation with Wells or have I done something wrong? Because if it is the latter, I need to know, Caitlin”.

She meets his gaze, and wrinkles her nose. “I’m sorry”. Her voice sounds clean and rational for once. “It’s not something you did”. She hesitates. “While you were unconscious, Bates… took your form, and thinking it was you, I told him about the serum. Anyway, I think he wanted to distract me from it, because he kind of tried to… seduce me”. She spills the last words in a rush. She stares at him with eyes wide-open.

“He tried to- Oh”. His gaze falls on her lips. He tries to pull it away, but it only results into an awkward flicker between her eyes and mouth. He wasn’t expecting that answer. 

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late breakfast

fluffy blitzstone fic because lets face it. its what we all really wanted from hammer of thor.

word count: 3224

link to archive of our own

‘Well, I don’t know about you, but I feel like collapsing on the nearest horizontal surface and passing out for at least ten hours. How about you?’ Blitzen yawned, stretching his arms over his head while waiting for Hearth to answer. That would be preferable, yes. The dwarf smirked at the response and walked over to his bedroom in order to get ready.

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Executive - Chapter 05.

img cr as marked

Kim Junmyeon/Lee Sunmi (OC/Reader)
Warnings: S
Word Count: 5,350

All Chapters

05. Ambivalence

You woke up with a start, heart thumping wildly and chest heaving. Immediately images from the previous evening flooded your mind and you groaned burying your head under the pillow and proceeded to smack it with your hand in hopes of getting rid of all the embarrassment. It was horrifying and undeniably true - you had officially fallen for Kim Junmyeon. 

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Call Me James | Rucas Fanfic

Rucas one shot inspired by one of my favorite episodes of Boy Meets World where a professor hits on Topanga.
tw: sexual harassment*

When Riley and Lucas both got into their dream university they could not be more thrilled. It just so happened that it was the same school. They would have been down to do the long distance thing with each other but things worked out in their favor so they weren’t complaining. Unlike Riley’s parents did, they don’t share a dorm room. She has her roommate, a quiet girl named Nicky that’s almost never there and Lucas has one of his own as well.
An over the top, big mouth, trouble maker. Yeah you guessed it. 
His best friend Zay.

How they ended up at the same university is beyond Lucas.

Actually it’s not.

He specifically remembers Zay asking him ‘where are WE going to college’. He’s a handful but Lucas is glad he’s around. They keep each other out of trouble.

The only class the three of them have together is literature and that’s only because it’s mandatory. The professor is surprisingly really cool. It might be because he’s a lot younger than most of the teachers here but he seems to know his stuff, he’s really laid back and easy to understand. Everyone loves him.

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vanna-rps  asked:

WonderBat, Clois, and Arthur and Mera for the shipping meme! :D


·         Who was the one to propose: I’d like to say it was Diana, but I think Bruce would do so due to the societal expectations he was raised in, and the fact that Alfred would probably die of embarrassment if Bruce didn’t take charge at least once during their courtship!

·         Who stressed more over wedding planning: Diana would, I think, since I imagine that the custom would fascinate her! Bruce would feel secure financially in whatever they planned to do, so I think Diana might just throw herself into planning once she gets excited enough and might lose herself to all of the different options of flowers and dresses and cake.

·         Who decorated the house: If they live at Wayne Manor, I think Diana would respect the traditional design of the household and leave it be. However, given their superhero lifestyles, I think they would eventually share a room on the Watch Tower, which would be the finalized corporate design agreed upon by those paying for the tower…so Bruce, again!

·         Who does the cooking: Pffft, Alfred.

·         Who is more organized: I’d say Bruce, because he likes to exact control over any aspect of his life that he can. Diana is more free-spirited and can feel at peace in both an organized and chaotic situation.

·         Who initiates bedroom fun: Diana. Bruce can try, but he knows that he prefers it when she takes the lead. After all, a goddess of war takes what she wants and shows no mercy~

·         Who suggested kids first: Hmmm, this is an interesting one for these guys…I think Diana would want children, but there have been storylines that say she cannot reproduce due to the fact that she is really made from clay, so she may or may not be able to bear them. Even so, she would probably try to respect the fact that Bruce has Damien and that he cares for the rest of the Bat Clan…but maybe when he hits a certain age, and they have been together for a successful number of years, he might proposition her to be the mother of any children they have – adopted or otherwise.

·         Who’s more dominant: Bruce, because Diana is only dominant when she needs to be, whereas Bat-Butt isn’t afraid to be bossy in any situation.

·         Who’s the cuddler: Bruce, but Diana pretends that it is her so that he doesn’t feel as though he is being needy or overbearing.

·         What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Finding their long lost Metahuman family members, of course!

·         Who comes home drunk at 3am: Neither, since Bruce doesn’t actually drink alcohol…but, if her powers don’t get in the way, I would love to see the look on his face if Diana came home sloshed after a night out with the girls! (Prompt idea!? Maybe for you, @vanna-rps , if it tickles your fancy?)

·         Who kills the spiders: Alfred, since the Manor is his to manage~

·         Who falls asleep first: Diana, and it comforts Bruce enough to lull him into a peaceful slumber

·         Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Under the covers and away from the world, they are so in love

Originally posted by relationshipaims


·         Who was the one to propose: if Lois doesn’t yell it at him one day after he nearly dies in battle again, Clark would totally get down on one knee and give her that ring he had delivered to Martha in Smallville…and we have cinematic proof!

·         Who stressed more over wedding planning: Lois, because a city girl would definitely want to have the glamorous kind of celebration, whereas Clark is so very smitten that he is only going to see her in her dress that day.

·         Who decorated the house: Clark, and it’s only because he also does all of the repairs and performs all of the heavy-lifting…to Lois’ specifications.

·         Who does the cooking: Clark! Lois can cook too, but growing up on a farm allowed for Clark to understand the ins and outs of a proper meal and so he prepares her food whenever he gets the chance! (Otherwise, it’s take-out!)

·         Who is more organized: I’d say Lois, simply because Clark probably makes a mess when he races off to save the day every now and again.

·         Who initiates bedroom fun: You know, I bet it’s Clark. Lois could too, but I think it’s exactly as Clark said in BvS – Lois is his world, his haven amongst the storm that is his life. I think he would never be shy about the mood striking him, especially in the privacy of their own bedroom or anywhere else he flies her off to in those muscley arms of his.

·         Who suggested kids first: Clark, because he is a family man. Lois is so career-driven (and I know that’s a stereotype) and she already had to squeeze a superhero boyfriend into her life, which cannot have been easy. I know she has John now in Rebirth series with Clark, but for some reason, I can only imagine Clark suggesting the idea of a kid, or a very modern day “I’m late” conversation to create a very surprising but joyous reveal of her pregnancy!

·         Who’s more dominant: Lois effing Lane.

·         Who’s the cuddler: Clark is, without a doubt!

·         What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Discussing world issues at the breakfast table while reading the morning papers, or maybe going for a midnight flight together~

·         Who comes home drunk at 3am: Lois, after attending some party she was reporting on and letting herself get carried away with the guests. I imagine she has a high tolerance for alcohol, but it’s easy to get swept up in a moment like that. I feel like Clark would have a routine for getting her ready for bed while she waddles to the bedroom, making it seem so effortless~

·         Who kills the spiders: Clark (but secretly he sends them outside because he has nothing against spiders)

·         Who falls asleep first: Clark, because Lois stays up really late sometimes to finish an article or to jot down her ideas and gets so wrapped up in her work that she loses track of time.

·         Their relationship summed up in a gif:

He’ll always support her, and she’ll never let him go

Originally posted by lovablecouples


·         Who was the one to propose: Arthur, because it is a formality for a man who is king…but I imagine that Mera pledges herself to him long beforehand and it essentially serves as a proposal!

·         Who stressed more over wedding planning: Neither, actually. They would honour the custom of Atlantean weddings, of course, but I feel as though their devotion transcends the need for such extravagant ceremonies and would thereby be simply a show of sorts for their people.

·         Who decorated the house: Um…I wanna say Arthur’s fish friends, bringing him things like seaweed and pearls as displays of respect (very Disney-esqe, I know!)

·         Who does the cooking: Arthur, because he would want to share his favourite foods with Mera when they stay in Amnesty Bay.

·         Who is more organized: Mera is, but in a behind-the-scenes way. I feel like Arthur gives that impression – that he is punctual and structured all the time – but Mera might actually supply him with his schedule whenever she casually can, so it appears as though he is able to balance all of his responsibilities as the Ambassador of Atlantis, a Justice League founding member, and the King of Atlantis all at once!

·         Who initiates bedroom fun: Both, most definitely. I see their love as a more sensual kind (in the comics, at least) and their unquestionably in love with one another so their very in tune with each other’s feelings, needs and desires.

·         Who suggested kids first: Mera, I think. And it would be more of a necessity sort of thing, but Arthur would actually really love the idea of being a father, given that he adored his so much.

·         Who’s more dominant: I’m going to say Mera here, because she is Arthur’s pillar of strength in many scenarios and she takes her role very seriously. At times, if not for her determination, some versions of Arthur throughout the years might have failed in their efforts to protect Atlantis or help the Justice League / the UN…never mind the fact that that woman is essentially the most bewitching siren and could very well convince you to murder and you’d feel honoured to be chosen for her evil deeds

·         Who’s the cuddler: Arthur, because Mera is his greatest comfort, no matter which world he is in.

·         What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: It’s cheesy to say that they love taking care of Atlantis…so I am going to say…

·         Who comes home drunk at 3am: …I want it to be Mera so badly, where she just yells about how the surface dwellers are mean to him and she outlines how she would conquer their cities until they promised to accept him and it’s an absolute drunken mess and Arthur bursts out laughing after he’s put her to bed because he loves her and because he knows she can be a raving lunatic when she wants to be.

·         Who kills the spiders: Mera, because they weird her out, but she won’t admit it.

·         Who falls asleep first: It varies, but I think Mera would because Arthur always has a lot on his mind.

·         Their relationship summed up in a gif:

No matter how fast their lives move, they are always in sync with one another

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Thanks so much for the ask! Feel free to send me any pairing for this meme, and I will be sure to give you a well-thought answer!

inkludiert asked: prompt: 

“Wait, did you just flirt with me?" 
"Have been for the past year, but thanks for noticing”

(There’s this post on tumblr, it’s a screenshot of that conversation) can you PLEASE do a Destiel version? 

~ January ~


Dean mumbled some praise to himself as he lit the maroon colored candle in the center of the table. Not to brag, but he’d done a great job here; matching maroon napkins, crystal wineglasses that he’d borrowed from his colleague Pamela, a silver candle holder… And hey, he was even using the fancy grey plates for once, not those ugly orange monstrosities with yellow ducks on them that his roommate Cas had insisted on buying.

Speaking of Cas, the guy was running late, tonight of all nights. Then again, Cas often worked late on Fridays, so Dean should’ve seen that coming. The suspense was killing him all the same.

Attempting to chase away his nerves, Dean distracted himself with checking the casserole in the oven one last time. Awesome. Looking good, smelling even better.

Wooing Cas would be a piece of cake, and the best part? This way, Dean wouldn’t have to talk about ‘feelings’. He would show instead of tell, letting Castiel know that he wanted to be more than friends, doing so with a nice, romantic gesture. Dean Winchester would come, see, and conquer. Possibly not in that order, if everything went according to plan.

He spent another thirty minutes pacing the apartment back and forth, occasionally staring out of the window, watching the early January snow as it fell.

Just as it was starting to get dark outside, in walked Cas. Snowflakes were clinging to both his black trench coat and the dark chaos that was his hair. Cas shuddered as he took off his coat, but he smiled broadly the second he spotted Dean, who was forlornly standing there in the middle of the living room, anxiously shuffling his feet.

“Hello, Dean.” Castiel greeted, still completely oblivious to what was about to go down.

Dean cleared his throat, his stomach turning. This was it, show time.

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Castle Fanfic: And to Us a Good Night 1/1 (Sequel to Waking Up in Vegas)

And to Us a Good Night

A Caskett AU

Rated T

This is for everyone who asked for a Christmas fic in the Waking Up in Vegas-verse. Thank you all for being amazing, wonderful, and so very supportive. I hope you like this.

“So that went well.”

She can’t help the heavy breath she releases, but she manages to cover most of it with the palm of her glove. Rick must hear it anyway, because he pauses his scarf adjustment to turn his attention to her.

“You don’t think so?” he asks, his cobalt eyes widening under the rolled hem of the sock hat she had shoved his way on the way out of the restaurant. After seeing the tips of his ears turn bright red on the walk over, she knew he’d needed it more than she did. “I mean I didn’t think it went badly. Your dad didn’t fly across the table and strangle me or anything.”

Kate winces. All in all, it hadn’t gone badly. Both of her parents had been stunned by the news – the confession – that the man she had brought to dinner wasn’t just her boyfriend, but her husband, and that they had been married to for six months already, but she had expected that. She had even expected her mother’s transition from astonished to excited the more Johanna talked to Rick, though the book had probably helped more than a little bit. Her father’s reaction – or lack of – had been a bit more surprising, but she hopes maybe having a night or two to process the news will help.

Especially since Rick and his mother are coming for Christmas in just over a week.

“No, it didn’t go badly,” she agrees, stepping closer and toying with the ends of his scarf.

“But,” he supplies, dusting a kiss along the curve of her cheek.

Kate shakes her head, slipping her arms around his neck, keeping him close. Her father will come around eventually; there’s no reason to tell Rick that Jim’s silence tonight had been more brooding than thoughtful, or that even at his most furious, her father would never come flying across a table to do him physical harm.

“No but,” she promises. “Given the situation, it didn’t go badly at all.”

Her husband grins, taking the opportunity to press his mouth to hers, to sneak a kiss that is absolutely not suitable for the polite company they’ve just left, or even the general public. She’s breathless and a little bit wobbly when he releases her, her fingers tight in his hair, her hips flush with his.

“I’m glad,” he breathes against her mouth. “Ready to go home?”

“Uh huh.”

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The Number Three

Word Count: 1,784

Genre: Romance

Request: A bucky imagine where Bucky is ready to start his life over agin in this new world. When he gets to his new apartment he meets his neighbors, the reader. The reader lives just across the hall from him and loves antics and old stuff. She doesn’t know who he is, and she wouldn’t care anyway.

Author’s Note: So my reason for my unprecedented absence is that no one in my family decided to tell me that we were changing internet thingy’s which meant the internet got turned off on Tuesday and we haven’t got the new one yet. Thankfully I’m house sitting for my sister from today till Monday, so hopefully we’ll go back to getting updates regularly. Again, I’m very sorry to those that have had to wait longer for their requests just bear with me! Also, I just want to say I’m French so my English is a tad bit rubbish, I moved to England last year so I think I’m getting the hang of it but I still worry. So if I’m using a word wrong, please do tell me it so I can improve myself!

You’d never really favoured the number three, it wasn’t until a year ago when the number became more significant than the amount of sugar you’d have in your coffee. Now the number of three equated to the number of times you met James Buchanan Barnes before you fell in love with him, this is not including the many time you’d say hello when passing him in the hallway. Now that you were dating, people often asked you how it all started, and in reply you always answer back with the number three.

The first time you met him was when you were walking up to get to your apartment, he lived the floor below you but this was your first time seeing him, leading you to believe he was just moving in. This was made more obvious by the three boxes which he had placed beside him.

Your introduction to him was very off putting to say the least; he was kicking at the already battered door to his apartment, mumbling obscenities under his breath. It was when he positioned himself to go break the door down that you made him aware of your presence.

“You don’t want to do that,” you said, moving away from the staircase you’d been standing on for the past five minutes. He had watched you with an intense stare as you began to unlock his door using a bobby pin you’d taken out from your hair, it had made you feel very awkward and caused you to fumble quite a lot when trying to rush the process. “If you were to break down the door you’d be more susceptible to break ns, and they happen more than you’d probably like to think.”

The only reason you were trying to explain why you were helping him was so that you could fill the silence, he’d just been staring at you, analysing every movement you made and gauging whether you were friend or foe.

Eventually there was a clicking sound which signalled that you’d managed to unlock the door, he didn’t look pleased though. In fact, as far as you were aware by that point, you thought he was one of those people with a permanent frown on their faces. “Your welcome,” you sassed bravely, crossing your arms in front of your body.

What surprised you most about your first encounter was that he seemed to make this sound that was somewhere between a laugh and a scoff. Nowadays you’d learned to appreciate his laugh, it was nice to hear and (as cliché as it sounds) his laugh was pretty much music to your ears. But this sound, it made rage boil in your belly. “You’re telling me that I should be concerned about people trying to break into my apartment, as you break into my apartment.”

He made a good point, now you know that. But back then, well, to you in that moment anything he said was wrong because he was being rude. “Oh, that,” you shrugged your shoulders, “I doubt you have anything of interest to me. And the only reason I know how to do that is because I once got really into spy movies. Nothing to do with a criminal background.” You were oversharing, you know that, but he made you both nervous and angry which just didn’t sit well with you. If you were to describe yourself, you’d use the word wimp, you were a pacifist and absolutely hated confrontation, so to get through moments like these you just talked. Talking was your weapon. “Though I have stolen something before,” he raised an eyebrow at your confession, though now you think back to it, he was probably confused why you were telling him all of this. “When I was about five I stole a crème egg from a shop, I’ve never been back since.”

You finally managed to reign in your words, stopping yourself from sharing any more personal details to this stranger. A moment had passed where he was just blinking at you, then he proceeded to fill the silence with a ‘right’, turning away to go to the boxes. You asked if he needed help carrying the boxes into his apartment but he lifted all three as though they weighed nothing, making you think they were just filled with feathers. “Nope,” he mumbled to your question, entering his apartment and slamming the door on your face.

The second time you met him was a little nicer. You’d been walking up those same stairs, only this time you were the one carrying too many boxes, and you didn’t have that man’s super soldier powers to help you. Or at least, not until he went to move down the same staircase you were trying (And failing) to walk up. Being ever the hero, he took all of the boxes off of you and helped you carry them to your room, even though you were repeatedly telling him that you didn’t need his help.

He helped you carry the boxes into your apartment which brought you a great deal of anxiety as you never invited anyone into your apartment, let alone men. It was what you liked to call an ‘organised mess’, and everything inside of it was an antique. The bed, the chairs, the TV (which you often wanted to replace, but couldn’t because of your emotional attachment, you loved the darn thing no matter how many times it decided to break on you).

Once he’d placed the boxes down you hadn’t expected him to stick around and analyse everything in your room, particularly your vintage Captain America card set. “Those were hard to find,” you spoke up, once more feeling discomfort thanks to the silence, “not as hard to find as all these first edition books. Though they were a deal, even if most of them aren’t popular, most of these first editions were the only ones sold because the stories weren’t popular enough. But that makes them more special, and unique. I just like antiques, a lot, if you can’t tell.” You inhaled a deep breath of air, realising you had yet to even breathe. “Sorry, I’m babbling, ignore me.”

Bucky finally looked up, “no,” he spoke up, “I think it’s extraordinary.”

His words made your heart do flips, no one has ever called your collection extraordinary. Foolish sometimes, a waste of money quite often, but never extraordinary. You blushed, you couldn’t help it, but you didn’t want him to notice and so you moved to explain different items. It started out with just the Captain America memorabilia but then you moved onto other things. He ended up staying throughout the entire might, listening intensely to everything you had to say about every item, as though they had some significance to him.

It was then when you began to realise that he was different to most men, that he had a remarkable past that you couldn’t fully understand.

The third and final time when you encountered him changed your view of him completely, you’d already decided from the second encounter that he wasn’t an angry, rage-fuelled moron. But it was this third encounter that made you realise that he was actually a white knight, quite a charming one.

It was because of the ruffians that you had warned Bucky about the first time you’d met him, they’d stormed into your apartment and demanded that you give them whatever antiques you had which would give them the most money. You refused of course, these antiques were your life, and they’d literally have to pry them from your cold dead hands as far as you were concerned. So they attacked you, you screamed, and thankfully Bucky heard.

He came storming upstairs, and though you were happy to see him there, you were shocked by his appearance. You’d apparently caught him at a bad time as he was only wearing pants, revealing his chiselled chest and, more importantly, his metal arm.

Bucky dealt with the miscreants easily, pulling them away from you and beating them into a pulp. Lucky for them, they had enough intelligence to realise this was a losing battle and so they ran off in a flurry. Your hero yelled more threatening words at them, making sure they knew never to comeback as you were protected.

Once they were gone he kneeled down on the floor beside you, “are you okay?” You could only blink at him; the situation was still a little too difficult for you to comprehend. Your eyes fell down to his arm and this made him aware of his nakedness. “I should go.” He said, rushing to get up and leave but before he could do that your hand shot out, touching the metal arm. It was cold.

“Please don’t go,” the words rushed out of your lips before your thoughts could even catch them, “you just saved me from those bastards, and you like antiques. I don’t care about your arm, if you want to tell me, feel free. But I don’t care about that.” This seemed to settle his nerves and he once again returned, touching your words a little too intimately, not that you minded by that point.

Because it was by that point that you realised you liked him, a lot. And you didn’t care if you’d only had three encounters; you planned from that day forth to have many more encounters.

anonymous asked:

hi! If it's not too much trouble, could you do a one of those seven minutes in heaven scenarios with DK? thanks!!

No Lies in Heaven

Genre: Fluff

Rating: PG13

Summary: Stuck with your long time crush in a dark closet was a completely bad idea, but when Seokmin suggests to lie, will it turn into the truth?


Finding yourself in amidst of this mess was the least of your concerns. What irked you was the person beside you.You weren’t friends nor strangers to each other. Lights turned off, the only thing that’s keeping everything barely visible was the light seeping through the door you were leaning on. You could hear everyone’s chatter and everyone’s laugh, of all the people, why did it have to be you stuck in a stupid game with your crush?

Crush was an understatement, although you hate to admit it. Seokmin was someone you could only make small talk with and watch from afar. He looked like someone far from your reach. He was funny, no doubt about that. He was always the first one to crack a joke and everyone would just follow up with a laugh. Seokmin was also pretty talented, to be able to sing and hit high notes, it was a no-brainer that he was pretty popular.

At first, you were quite enthusiastic to be his friend. You wanted to approach him and you wanted to get to know him, but as time passed, you found yourself enamored with him. You just couldn’t utter out a single word whenever you had the opportunity. You didn’t know what happened, but you found yourself looking his way, your heart would thump vigorously when you saw him smile and the way his voice sounded every time he hums was melodious.

He was always so cheerful, that you’ve wondered was he ever sad? You could only sense the hairs on your limbs to rise up from the awkward atmosphere. Your hands were starting to sweat and the back of your neck started heating up.You just wanted to enjoy this get together and yet, you’ve been dragged into this game.

While you were busy trying to stay calm, Seokmin on the other hand remained quiet. It was odd for him to cause such an awkward aura, he would usually lift the atmosphere up in a matter of minutes. He bit his lower lip, too engrossed with his thoughts of chasing Soonyoung and Seungkwan with a garden hoe later on. He was also dragged into the game.

“Uhm..” You broke the ice between the two of you, you felt his head jerk up as he snapped back into reality.

“Huh– AH!” He gasped, “I’m sorry… It’s just that.. I really didn’t intend to play this game.” Seokmin said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“You too?” You found it a bit surprising, “I didn’t have a choice, I was just comfortably watching on the side lines when they called my name and yours.” You sighed.

“Knowing those bunch.. the chances of us getting out without doing anything is zero.” Seokmin sounded defeated but he said it in the most light-hearted way possible.

“Is that so…” You mumbled. You couldn’t deny that you were a bit happy to be with him, but nerves got to you and the only thing that was running in your mind was panic and nervousness.

The both of you sat there in silence once again. You were not sure what to do at this point. You could have just enjoyed the moment with Seokmin but you didn’t want to be selfish. Somehow it broke your heart how everything felt uncomfortable for the two of you. You wanted to sink in to a hole and just lecture yourself how you can’t even talk to the guy you like properly.

The scent of his cologne and his warm body next to yours completely distracted you. With the mixture of guilt and timidity, you can’t even muster a single sense back to yourself. You barely heard Seokmin’s humming, it looked like he was deep in thought.

Having him by your side rendered you to ponder over him. The qualities that caught your eye, the things that he finds funny whenever he shares something with your group of friends. He emitted a warm aura that you couldn’t get away from. Like a moth attracted to the blinding light of a lamp, you were simply entranced with him.

“Why don’t we just… Lie?”

The words that seeped out from his lips caused you to turn your head to face him. Although it was dark, you could still make out his features.

“Lie?” You asked.

“Yes. Lie.”

“Won’t that be useless…?” The others had a way of knowing if something went on or not. You knew that much.

“What if we just start making up a story?” He suggested, “It would be too detailed to not fall for.”

“Will it work?” You brought your feet together, reluctant at his suggestion.

“Hmmm… Then should I start first?” The mood seemed better than before, you gave a relieved sigh as you let him continue. “Well… Where should we– Ah! Let’s say that it was awkward at first for it to be believable.”

You had an idea where it was going as you said, “Then who made the first move?”

“Hmmmm.. Me?” Seokmin had a cheery tone to his voice.

“Alright..” You said, “Then…You gently place your hand on my cheek.. and I hesitate for a bit?” 

“That’s right! That’s right!” He was eager, but you failed to realize the growing redness in his ears. “But I assured you that it will be okay.. like this.” You were surprised for a bit as he gently took hold of you, his warm hand was definitely comfortable, you were lost for words.

“Uhm..t-then.. I ..stay still?” You managed to put out. Seokmin wasn’t that close to you, but you were already weak by his touch.

“Yes.” He said, “Then I’ll have to lower myself a bit…..” Completely off guard, you could feel him go nearer. His face was a mere breath away, his breath brushing your lips, you could perfectly see his eyelashes through the poorly lit room.

“….” At this point you couldn’t say anything. He was too near, your head was already spinning.

“And then…And then..” Seokmin could barely get the sentence out, he finally had a good look at you. Your eyes were a bit hazy, your lips were slightly apart and the way you fit in his hands were perfect. “And then I..”

“Y..You kiss me?” It was an innocent question, you only had the intention of finishing his sentence, but he stood frozen there for a split second, analyzing your features before giving you a soft kiss on the lips.

His lips were ticklish as he let them hover over yours, the two of you exchanged breaths as you felt your heart pound even more.

“And then…” He came nearer if that was even possible, “And then I kiss you more.” Seokmin added, going back in to claim your lips. The hot air between the two of you made the situation more productive as his hands moved to support his own weight.

He was on top of you at this point. Your lips brushing one another, the kiss getting deeper and deeper. You weren’t sure if you were dreaming or not, but if you were, you didn’t want to wake up. The warmth from his body sent shivers down your spine,you were completely weak underneath him.

Seokmin rested his forehead on top of yours, pausing for a bit. Trying to recollect himself but failed to do so. You made him feel something that was burning inside of him. The only thing he thought about was you at that moment. He took hold of your hips, pulling you closer to him. Being close to him was surreal enough, but kissing him so passionately was just like a dream.

You shyly hooked your arms over his neck, you closed your eyes shut. You wanted to enjoy at least this much. Selfish as it may sound you wanted to the game to last a little longer than just seven minutes. His lips were driving you mad, kissing your chin and down your neck. You could feel his hot breath brush on your sensitive area. You felt him nip and lightly tug on your skin, you could only moan out his name as his hand kept warm by sliding up and down your thighs.

The way you would whimper with every swirl of his tongue made Seokmin a little more handsy. He wanted to feel every bit of you, he wanted to get the taste of you one more time as he slid back up to your lips, his tongue prodding for entrance as you let him. His hot tongue was making you feel dizzy, lightheaded as he continued to kiss you deeper. The lewd sounds of your tongue caressing each other made your core ache.

Your legs were already apart, you could feel the searing bulge poking through his jeans. It only turned you on even more as he moved further to your side, giving your ear a lick before going back to your lips. Seokmin’s body was sturdy against yours, the both of you were fixed on each other, letting the atmosphere play through.

“TIME!!!” A loud voice shouted. You were startled by the abrupt interruption, causing you to hit your head against the door. The sting felt bearable and maybe it was because of your adrenaline from all the intimacy.

The two of you looked at each other a bit dumbfounded before bursting into fits of giggles. You could feel his aura radiating towards you. Butterflies that whirled inside your stomach, neck that was still warm and heart that barely tamed down. You felt shy yet relieved.

Seokmin helped you up, guiding you outside as screaming and cheering greeted you. Soonyoung and Seungkwan were already hiding behind the couch, you could see Seokmin glaring daggers towards the two.

“You know what else is a lie?” You said, rendering Seokmin to look your way.

“I like you..” You managed to say, you felt shy immediately. You broke eye contact but you saw how surprised he looked. You turned around, completely panicking inside your head. You were about to leave when you felt a small tug on your wrist.

“Hey.. you- you lied.” Seokmin stammered, it was the first time you saw him flustered. Most of the time he was confident and charismatic, somehow it felt refreshing.

“….I did lie..” 

“No.. I meant…when you said it was lie… you lied.” He muttered barely looking into your eyes.

Those words heated your whole body in the most embarrassing way possible. You wanted to crawl into a hole and never go out, but his hold on you was firm. You were thinking of ways to make excuses but you weren’t mentally stable at that moment.

“…Don’t lie to me.” Seokmin said, it made your heart flutter. You shyly met his eyes, his hand slid down to your hand, taking hold of it. With that gesture you could almost feel your heart exploding inside your chest. You shyly nodded in agreement, the warm hand that held you turned into a tight hug. 

You’re best friends but have to sleep in the same bunk together while he's on tour (Part 2)

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Zayn: You wake up to the familiar feeling of his body pressed to yours. Once again, he had crossed his side of the bed, but at this moment you were too tired to care. He had crossed your side of the bunk countless of times last night resulting in little to no sleep, so when he woke up all rested and relaxed, you groaned in frustration. “Mornin’, you sleep well?” He lets out a raspy chuckle, his stomach and chest still pressed up against your back. “No, but i can tell you did. You should be surprised that i didn’t just go and sleep on the couch.” You tease back now facing him. You watched as a slow smirk took over his sleepy expression. “I told you that i wasn’t making any promises remember?” He defends now sitting up so that his feet were touching the floor. He stretches out his back and lets out a tired sigh, “You’re just so cute when you’re sleeping, can’t seem to keep my distance.” He murmurs with a cheeky smirk before making his way over to the bathroom.

Liam: “Hope i didn’t move around too much.” You admit with a tired sigh and pull the blanket off of your upper body. Your eyes traveled over to a sleepy Liam laying right beside you, little space in between the two of you. He had crossed a couple of space boundaries last night, but in all honesty, it wasn’t like the two of you cared. So when you woke up all cuddled next to his side, you had to admit that it didn’t really bother you at all falling asleep with your best friend. He shakes his head and finally opens his eyes, a slight smile tugging at the corner of his lips once he realized that you were right next to him. “No, don’t worry i slept fine.” He reassures now looking over at you. You nod your head and sit up so that your back was pressed against the cold wall of the bunk, Liam doing the same. “Im gonna go to the kitchen and grab something to eat if you was come with me.” He offers with a smile and you nod your head climbing out of the bunk. “Ill meet you there.”

Niall: “Ill admit that it wasn’t as awkward as i expected the whole situation to be.” You confess as Niall begins to absentmindedly play with the tips of your hair. At first you were a little iffy over the thought of sharing a bunk with your best friend, but as time went on you kind of got over it. Niall seemed just fine with the idea too so you smile when he nods his head agreeing to your former statement. “I hope that i didn’t steal all of the blanket, were you comfortable enough?” He asks and you giggle at his sudden urge to know. “Yeah, but you’re not the most peaceful sleeper.” You tease and he just lets out a throaty chuckle. Pretty soon he was pulling back the curtain of the bunk allowing all sunlight to spill inside. He sat as the edge, face buried into his hands as he attempted to wake up a little. “Yeah should’ve warned you that I’m prone to moving around.” You smile over at him as he continues, “But you’re gonna have to get use to it since you’re staying for another week.”

Louis: “Louis, i hate to interrupt whatever you and Y/N are up to in there, but we have to get going, lad. We’ve got a show.” Liam’s voice finally steps in waking the two  of you up from a peaceful sleep. He groans in exhaustion and pulls the blanket up over the two of you causing you to shift your body when you realized it had been pressed against his this entire time. Normally when you were asleep, you were bound to get cold so thats probably what triggered you to absentmindedly snuggle your body into his own. “Just ignore him,” He pauses to burry his face into the pile of pillows behind him, “He’s unbearably annoying.” You giggle when he lets out a sudden yawn and finally brings himself to sit up. “You’re going to be late.” You murmur and he nods his head up and down. “I know I’m getting up now.” He reassures stretching out his lower back and pretty soon his eyes were traveling down to your almost asleep again figure. “You’re coming to the show with me. Get your arse up.”

Harry: He lets out a shaky sigh bringing you to open up your eyes. It must’ve been about nine in the morning, neither of you two wanting to get up and go be active for his day off but he had to go and rehearse at the arena he was playing at tomorrow. Suddenly his fingertips trace down to your back, his thumb starting to rub soft circles into the skin that your tank top exposed. You smiled at his sudden action and lifted your head up from where it once laid on top of his chest. “G’moring.” His raspy voice suddenly murmurs out, his eyes failing to open up. You take in a deep breath and stretch out your body. “Morning.” You mumble back and start to lift your body up from his, but that failed when his hand goes to grip around your wrist, pulling you back onto the bunk with him. “You have to get up and go rehearse remember?” You remind and he just shakes his head and grumbles to himself. “Ill get up in five minutes. Its cold and i need you to stay here with me and keep me warm.”