i once hated tea

Black coffee

Eva took a sip from her favourite mug, a cherry red one woth light green dots. It contained steaming hot peppermint tea she’d just cooked to calm her down. This day had been quite horrible; her mother had called to say she wouldn’t be home in the evening even though she had promised to be.
Eva knew her mom was busy and that her job was very time consuming, but she still missed her. She was used to being home alone all the time and it didn’t bother her that much since she could invite friends over anytime she wanted or text Chris because she was lonely and bored. Or both.
But she liked her mom and she liked having her around.

Just when Eva wanted to go downstairs in her room to work on her history project someone knocked at the door.
Curious as to who the hell would show up at her door, Eva slowly opened it.

“Hey pretty girl.” Chris leaned casually against the door fraim, hands in his pockets ans smirk as cunning as always and. Eva couldn’t help but smile back at him. He moved at step forward, put a strand of her hair behind her ear and softly kissed her.

“What are you doing here? I thought you had to study for a test or something tomorrow?” She was genuinly surprised to see him; usually she would text him and he’d come over.

“Nah. Didn’t really feel like reading the book and a summary from wikipedia should be enough to not fail the test.”
She couldn’t help but smile.
Before he could kiss her one more time she turned around and walle towards her kitchen.

“Well, come in,” she shouted in his direction,“I hope you like tea. Just made some.”

“If you replace it with black coffee I’m in.”

She turned around on her heel.
“Did you just say you would rather drink black coffee than tea?” Absolutely shoked how he could prefer coffee over tea she almost spilled her peppermint tea in her shirt.

“Well, tea is just way to sweet and black coffee keeps me awake, so yes. I just said that.”
He sat down at one of the chairs, smiling. His gaze went up and down on her.

“I can’t believe it. Do I even know you? How can I spend my time with someone this… sardistic and… wrong?”
He laughed. She didn’t. This was serious. This was about a way of living you life. This was about being a good person. Coffee better than tea? Never. In. A. Million. Years.
“Did you… did you just call drinking coffee sardistic?” Still laughing he almost needed to catch his breath.

“No. I called drinking black coffee sardistic. This stuff is bitter and disgusting. Everytime I drink it I get sick. It’s horrible.” Even just the thought of the dark liquid made her feel weird.

She leaned against the counter and put her mug down.
“Oh come on. It’s not disgusting, it’s delicious. It helps you stay awake and it tastes like heaven.” He was actually surprised by her reaction. Black tea was bitter to but she seemed to like it, so what was the problem?

“Chris, I don’t know if we can work if we are this different. I mean, whatever we have it’s completely without any strings attached, but black coffee? Seriously? That’s just to much.”

“You’re kidding. You’re kidding! This is ridiculous!” He knew that something wasn’t alright. She seemed a little glum and sad.

Maybe she was overreacting. Maybe a little bit.

“Yes Chris, this is serious! I thought this would work but it wont!” Now she was actually crying a little.

“Eva, what is this really about?”
Hearing him say her name was nice and calming.

“Black coffee of course.”
She knew she was being ridiculous. It was obviously that this wasn’t about coffee and tea.

“Eva. Tell me.” He stood up and walked towards her.

“My… my mom should’ve come home today but… but she can’t and I haven’t seen her in weeks and I… I miss her…”
Now she was actually crying. Ugly crying. He put his arms around her shoulders, pulled her closer and kissed the too of her head.

“Come here…”

His soft swinging motion, the sweet words in her hair and his strong arms around her made her feel better. Safer. Less lonely.

“I miss her,” she whispered quietly, almost inaudible.

“Let’s go in your room. Wanna watch a movie? Kiss? Cuddle? Make out? Fuck?”

“How about a movie and cuddles?” She knew he propably came here to go a little further but she hoped he’d be fine with it.

“Okay. Let’s go downstairs.” He smiled at her. A genuine smile. Not a smirk. Nothing arrogant or cocky. Just a smile.

She was on her way downstairs but turned around once more.
“And we’ll drink tea. I really hate black coffee.”

“Well, if you insist, pretty girl…”

Hot Chocolate Kisses pt. 3

<– Part 2 | Part 4 –>

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Pairing: Jongdae x Reader
Wordcount: 2767
Warnings: Family issues, depressive behaviour sort of….
Notes for update: 25
A/N: Ahhhh things are coming your way guys <3 poor reader :( let me know what you think!!!!

Your pov

He looked at you, at little stunned, perfectly curled lips parted. There were no words from him as he studied your features. It made you nervous, you just showed him a part of you nobody saw before. A tear made it’s way down your cheek and you quickly rubbed it away.
“You think I don’t know you, but I’ve practically grown up with you.” You mumbled. “You were always here at the cafe, or on the bleachers. Kim Jongdae, I think you’re…..24? And you sing here on Saturdays with your two friends.”
A smile appeared on his face and he reached out to you, touching you shoulder. “It’s okay, you don’t have to…always want to be what others expect you to be. I know being at the top sucks, I guessed.”
You were slightly dumbfounded by his reaction. “I…shouldn’t be telling you this.”
“It’s okay, I just don’t want you to regret this in the morning. You’re secret is safe with me.”

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Herbert Lom in Hell Drivers, 1957.

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👀 heard u were doing callouts 👀

👀 it’s been like weeks but yes finally doing these again slowly but surely  👀

- emphasis on how it’s not about clary is key (honestly same)

- started watching b99 and is in love with rosa and amy (hence the icon)

- “should i change my url no i gotta FOR THE BROTP THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN”

- whenever she writes i’m shook

- lives for the tea but also hates 

- todd once liked her tweet about aline and alec being gay bffs and it was honestly iconic


- is impossibly cute and also sweet like and lori also starts off the same way as lovely which makes sense

- is a mom friend who wants the best for her kiddos (both internet friends, irl friends, and fictional characters)

- also is so smart????

- misses the get down 

- bold type superfan (if the bold type had a superfan suite like sh it would just be all about lori)

- my partner in crime <3 (the jake to my rosa)

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I once gave my cousin i hate a cup of tea with dead ants in it (they had crawled into the kettle and been boiled). He was like what are these black things so i said it were tea spices and he was like oh okay and drank the whole thing. The same cousin, i gave him a sandwich which has insects in cause it has been left out in the garden. Lets just say it was a crunchy sandwich