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soo i was wondering, do you think seth was, dare i say, jealous of kate and rafa's short lived relationship i guess you could say? i really wish he could've shown it more


hello, anon! 

lmao this is actually kind of a funny question, because if i’m being completely frank, i don’t think we were meant to receive Seth’s reaction to Kate’s new friend Rafa in any other way, and there’s a few reasons why. 

let’s start with my favourite one: the scene in which Seth finds out about Rafa.

first of all – positioning. 

now, positioning is key. positioning tells us a LOT about dynamics in a scene – motive, agenda, interpersonal connections, intentions etc. 

Seth and Kate are both positioned very deliberately here. they’re on opposite sides of a table, so there’s an element of confrontation to their interaction. not only that, but Seth is standing while Kate is sitting. that right there? that sets Kate on something of a defensive edge.

this is an important dynamic to establish right off the bat. it shows that Seth and Kate aren’t just two regular, purely platonic friends having a discussion about a guy one of them met. if they were, the vibe would be one of open intimacy, NOT confrontation.

it shows, too, in the way she tries to recover. 

this is a pretty rare reaction from Kate. back in 1x02, when Scott was calling her out about Kyle, we didn’t even get to see her anywhere near this nervous. she barely even blinked, reacting with pure exasperation and annoyance. (“Hey, give it back!” “Gross!”)

the fact that Kate was nervous about talking to Seth about a stranger with whom she’d had an (admittedly very flirty) interaction with is a huge indicator that their relationship is definitely not of the brother-sister variety that she shares with Scott. it shows us that Kate cares what Seth thinks, in a very specific way that she doesn’t with Scott. 

(side note: this is actually a very nice parallel between 1x02 and 2x02 and i can’t believe i’ve never noticed it before lmaooo okay moving on)

next, Seth’s reaction.

what an AMAZING face. (well done, DJ.) 

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16 October 2017

[The Woolpack with Robert, Charity, Ross and Rebecca]

ROSS: Pint to drown my sorrows in please.

CHARITY: Now that I’m done outing people today I’m going to be sensible now and tell you to go home.

ROSS: To what? The Plot killed my dad, my mum and the brother I actually cared about.

CHARITY: Right…there’s our son too, but we forget about him often enough that he doesn’t really matter. But anyway, go on, make your comment about my Plot with Vanessa.

ROSS: Eh, I’ve got too much going on in my own Plot to really care. But I’m relentlessly heteronormative so I totally did not see it coming.

ROBERT: I did. Hi, Robert Sugden, bisexual icon. I was only in these scenes today because I’m bi. But anyway, *casual shrug* turns out gaydar does exist. And I think you and Vanessa make a great couple, I mean not as good as me and Aaron obviously. #AreWeBackTogetherYet. But I would really like us to be the Blonde Bisexual Squad we deserve to be if the Plot would ever allow it. It’s just a shame she dumped you for Daz, cause even though I would never let you know normally, you are way more attractive than Daz could ever hope to be.

CHARITY: Well…thanks, but it’s a one-off anyway.

*Rebecca enters*

CHARITY: Speaking of one-offs! Perfect timing Bex. Look Robert! It’s the reason Aaron dumped you. It’s such a shame your one off ruined your life!

ROBERT: *Please don’t spoil the Plot Face* *Checks to see if Rebecca has heard the painfully obvious truth*

REBECCA: *Smeagol Voice* Not listening, Not listening! Huh? Plot Brain is so peaceful. Orange juice please Charity! And two packets of crisps because LOL I’m eating for two! In case anyone forgot, I’m STILL pregnant!

ROBERT: Oh god don’t remind– I mean hey, what’s up? Robert Sugden, pseudo concerned boyfriend here!

REBECCA: Oh the usual. You know, Chrissie just thinking she’s right all the time. She even had the gall to suggest that Kath’s investment might be sketchy! I mean honestly, where could she possibly have come up with such an idea?

ROBERT: *Red Alert Face* - Play it cool Sugden - I know, right! I can’t imagine where she would get that idea from! I hope you told her this Plot has nothing to do with her. It’s clearly all about us. #SorryAaron #TheThingsIDoForPlot

REBECCA: *Whines* I tried! But she insists that she’s better than better than me at business stuff, which is frankly ridiculous!

ROBERT: Totally! I mean it’s not like you consistently begged me to help you with business things for Plot purposes since the moment you arrived. You’ve obviously proved yourself and your dad is really impressed…and if he’s not…I’ll make sure he changes his mind because I’m doing lots of stuff to him right now to ensure his loyalty. But really she’s just jealous and you should totally not let her get to you *I hate this Plot Face* #IsItChristmasYet #AreWeBackTogetherYet #IMissHavingLunchAtThePubWithAaron  

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Which do you prefer: Captain Marvel or Shazam?

As in Billy Batson’s alter ego?  

Just to get everyone up to speed.  In the 40s, Fawcett Comics created Captain Marvel.  Cap would immediately begin to outsell Superman comics.  National Comics (as DC was known then) sued them on the grounds that Captain Marvel was too similar to Superman and violated copyright.  Now from my perspective, as someone who is familiar with each of their origins, I thought they were completely different and distinct characters but obviously I’m not a lawyer.  After the lengthy legal battle Fawcett shut down and DC Comics eventually bought their intellectual property.  But not before Marvel Comics trademarked the name “Captain Marvel” for their own alien superhero.  Which was a total bitch move.  You’d think that’d be illegal.  But they trademarked it when Fawcett ceased publications and before DC had a chance to republish any of the old stories.  So now DC can call the character Captain Marvel, but the title can’t be Captain Marvel.  They ended up calling it Shazam and it was this thick book of reprints they sold in the 60s.  That title and the live action Shazam/Isis Power Hour TV show cemented the name Shazam with Captain Marvel in the minds of young children.  Meanwhile Marvel has to always have one comic titled Captain Marvel or they lose the trademark.  Which is why there have been so many characters with that name over the years at Marvel.  In the New 52 Geoff Johns finally decided to just simply name him Shazam.

This angered a lot of fans.  Which I understand we’re nerds and “change is scary” but at least direct your anger at the right people.  Be mad at Marvel for being total dicks trademarking Captain Marvel hoping to mooch off the hard earned success of Fawcett Comics.  

So I like to think of language as utilitarian.  What words can I use to communicate efficiently?  Marvel’s Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) has become something of a feminist icon over the years.  I mean a few decades ago her civilian job was running her own feminist magazine.  But I think it was writer Kelly Sue DeConnick that really revitalized and grew the Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel franchise in the past couple of years.  My point is Marvel’s Captain Marvel has become an A-list mainstream superhero that is often a point of entry for new fans.  When you say Captain Marvel, a good number people will think of the Marvel character.  

So I find myself referring to Billy Batson as Shazam.  If I’m talking to someone about Billy Batson and they say Captain Marvel, I mimic them, but mostly I’ll say Shazam.  I don’t know how Freddy Freeman will fit into the new comics with his name being “Captain Marvel Jr.”  What will Freddy’s magic word even be?  It can’t be “Captain Marvel” any more.  But yeah I call him Shazam because I want people to know I’m talking about the kid with the POWER OF SHAZAM!


I’ll never forget where I was when these pictures dropped. I was stuck on a boat in the middle of a lake. Great timing! You know what else I won’t forget? That Alex made me choose between theses 33 incredible looks.

He Did That - Details (jumper, jeans)

The roster of designer credits in the shoot was quite impressive, and yet the look that stole my heart was a vintage one. Seriously, all of the vintage stuff the editors pulled for the shoot made it that much better. Bravo. This sweater pulled from Louis Vuitton menswear director Kim Jones’ personal vintage archive paired with Louis Vuitton marble jeans is particularly special.

Hold My Beer - Details (blazer, shirt, trousers)

The Prada blazer takes you on an excursion through fashion history, evoking a different time. And who better to make it come to life than Harry, who so often references history and different musical and fashion icons, while he’s making a history of his own. 

Luxury Hay Fever - Details (coat, jumper, jeans, shoelace)

To be quite honest, explaining why this is one of my top three feels like cheating because I frankly cannot choose the top three looks from the shoot and justifying myself here feels wrong (it’s all Alex’ fault). Let’s just say much of our time is, to this day, spent referring this look and the ingenious use of the shoelace as an accessory. Bold, out there and yet still put together. Very Harry.

Happy New Year 

- Lu

Okay I did it: HERE please read under ‘asks’. There’s now an ‘about’ in my blog. I hope it explains itself.

Update(I forgot people on mobile can’t see it so I copy/paste it). It’s basically an about of my blog:


I probably won’t do a lot of these but who knows? Maybe someday I’ll have plenty of time and energy!

Anyway, when I’m not open for requests, you don’t ask me to draw things. If you ask anyway I’ll most likely not answer and treat it as a suggestion.

(Doing requests is really fun but isn’t that easy. Because sometimes I don’t want to draw what someone requested. Like I’m just not in the mood and I have more things that I’m actually interested to draw. I just want to have fun ;v;)


I often draw to answer asks BUT it doesn’t mean that I draw it for you specifically. I draw them to thank you and to answer questions (that’s why I’d draw from the fandoms those people are in but… mostly based on my mood)

It’s like a blogging style. People answer asks with gifs sometimes, right? Well, it’s the same but I often want to make my own drawing.

Sometimes, I just can’t/don’t wan’t to draw to answer so I’ll answer asks normally or with gifs. That doesn’t mean I think less of you or your asks. In any case, it’s still my content and not a gift.


Unless it’s a commission, they’re free to use/edit for profile pic, icons, header, cover, wallpaper etc!


Do not repost it on tumblr! Do not repost it anywhere else without source!

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Hi! I read your studying post and I love it! But I was wondering if you have anything targeted to enfp studying tips? As you know, it's very hard for us to study and revise :)

I understand your pain. I’ve encountered many extraverts who have trouble dealing with traditional learning conditions. I will direct this answer to both ENFPs and ESFPs because both types tend to have similar problems with attention, focus, and self-control. This is not an easy problem to solve, so… long post ahead!

I’m not sure how much you know about cognitive functions. In case you don’t know, I will go into detail below. I want to draw attention to your functions because understanding them in depth will help you understand why you have problems and why only YOU hold the solution to those problems.

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     When people hear the phrase “most magical place on earth”, their thoughts instantly drift to The Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I may be a sucker for “Disney magic”, but when I hear that phrase, I think of a location about an hour east of Orlando; a place where my dreams come true called NASA Kennedy Space Center. This photoset displays key infrastructure used to support iconic Apollo and Space Shuttle programs that operated from this location.      Photos One, Two & Three: The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) is the largest single story building in the world. The building consists of four “high bays”, each with its own hangar door, which are the largest doors in the world. In the first photo, High Bay Three is open. The area inside is so large that it often creates fog near the top of the high bays. If the air conditioning quits, it actually rains inside the building. The VAB was constructed in 1966 for the purpose of assembling Saturn V rockets and was later used to assemble Space Shuttle components until 2011. Now, this building will be used to assemble the new Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion spacecraft, along with multiple launch vehicles for different private and commercial space companies. The first photo shows Launch Control in the foreground, attached to the VAB. You can see inside of Firing Room 4 at Launch Control in my previous article (click here to view).      Photo Four: Space shuttle orbiters are essentially a pickup truck. If you have a big pickup, it’s nice to have a big garage. This is where the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) comes in. After flight, the shuttle orbiters were transported to one of three OPF buildings. There, they would be inspected and refurbished with no nut or bolt untouched. After every mission, the Main Engines and Orbiter Maneuvering System Pods were replaced. Any hardware needed for the next mission was installed and the orbiter would be rolled to the VAB, where it would be mated to the entire shuttle stack. OPF buildings 1 and 2 now house the Air Force operated Boeing X-37B space planes. OPF 3 contains Boeing’s CST-100 spacecraft, which will be used as a taxi to the International Space Station.      Photo Five: The Crawler-Transporters, a pair of 6,000,000 lb tractors, were constructed to move the Saturn V rocket from the VAB to their launch pads. These vehicles have also transported every space shuttle. To move a rocket, the crawler positions itself under a mobile launch platform on which the launch vehicle rests. The platform is lifted atop the crawler, then transported to the pad where the crawler sets it down. The crawler then moves out from under the mobile launch platform, retreating to a safe distance away from the launch. After launch, the crawler must retrieve the mobile launch platform, bringing it back to the VAB for the next launch cycle. Since 1977, these crawlers have covered over 2,500 miles back and forth on this 3.5 mile stretch of roadway.      Photos Six & Seven: Prior to the construction of the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF), the space shuttle orbiter landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California. This required a Shuttle Carrier Aircraft to transport the orbiter back to Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which was expensive. On March 18, 1974, the SLF idea was announced. After a groundbreaking ceremony, construction began on one of the largest runways in the world. Shuttles could then land at Kennedy Space Center, the port from which they would launch, making the operation of a reusable spacecraft drastically more efficient. Major efforts are conducted to control local birds and reptiles. Alligators tend to bask in the sun on this landing strip. A few hours prior to a shuttle landing, a brave individual would drive the length of the runway and remove alligators by hand.

Heaven for Helen

Most treasured possession My grandmother gave me a cross that was carved by her father in the First World War trenches. I’d definitely save it if the house was on fire.

Designers I love so many but a short list would include Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Armani and Roksanda Ilincic.

Make-up There are many products that I think are great, but I often don’t use them for their intended purpose. I like Dermalogica Total Eye Care, for example, but I use it to keep my lipstick looking matt.

Film I wept all the way through Saving Mr Banks recently. The film moved me because it’s about how the writer invented a family – through Mary Poppins – for herself because her own had been so awful. 

DVD Damian recently bought the whole collection of the Marx Brothers movies and we’re ploughing through them. Duck Soup is a favourite.

Style Icon Cate Blanchett is the epitome of effortless chic.

Book We read a lot to the kids and one of my favourites is The Muddle-headed Wombat, probably because it was read to me when I was young.  

Holiday We’re about to go to Marrakech for a week. I’ve never been to Morocco, and Damian will be there working with Nicole Kidman on a new Werner Herzog film, Queen of the Desert. The kids, my dad and I are going along for the ride. 

Favourite city I love London but, equally, I’d be happy for us to move around as a family. Gully was born in America and already the children have been to Italy, Spain, France, South Africa and the US.