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Is there a J2 archive like STT for the later years, after STT was finished? Or can you recommend any J2 tags to check out to get some backstory from 2013-present?

Hello, dear anon!

Unfortunately there’s no continuation to STT. I wish there was! You can try searching my tag “j2 resources” where I have previously answered questions not unlike yours, or “fence” for basic questions I often get asked. I hope they help you somewhat! For more, you can always try my tag page for specific topics. Happy hunting!

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This one time when we were children, he transformed himself into a snake, and he knows I love snakes. So I went to pick up the snake to admire it, and he transformed back into himself and was like, “YARGH, IT’S ME!!!” and he stabbed me. We were eight at the time.

Thor, about Loki (Thor: Ragnarok)


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how did you learn how to draw? and any tips for people who want to learn?

i get this question often and i’m never quite sure how to answer it, because i didn’t really learn it from anyone/anywhere? for me it wasn’t about how i “learned” to draw, but how i “allowed” myself to draw. for years i felt guilty drawing because it was something i did secretly instead of studying. this went on forever until around 2 years ago, when i finally gave myself the time to draw. so, to answer your question my tips would be-

  • don’t rush
  • when you’re drawing, you’re drawing. try and forget about everything else
  • give yourself some time
  • explore different styles (especially when you’re beginning. having an “artstyle” doesn’t make you cool)
  • look back at your progress from time to time and feel good about what you’re doing
Musical Theatre Themed Ask

Some musical theatre related questions I often find mylsef thinking about:

1. What was the first musical you saw?

2. What musical got you really  into theatre?

3. Who was your first Broadway crush?

4. Name three of your current Broadway crushes.

5. Name four of your dream roles.

6. Favourite off-broadway show:

7. Favourite cast recording.

8. 2013 Tony opening number or 2016 Tony opening number?

9. Favourite show currently on Broadway.

10. A musical that closed and you’re still bitter about. Rant a bit.

11. Best stage to screen adaptation?

12. Worst  stage to screen adaptation?

13. Favourite #ham4ham?

14. A musical you would love to see produced by Deaf West?

15. If you could revive any musical, which one would it be and who would you cast in it?

16. If you could go to a concert at the 54 below, who’s would it be?

17. Do you watch broadway.com vlogs? Which one is your favourite?

18. Make a broadway related confession.

19. What do musicals mean to you?

20. Express some love for understudies and swings!

21. Best Disney musical:

22. Which Disney movie should be made into a musical?

23. Which musical fandom has the funniest memes?

24. Name a character from a musical you would sort into your Hogwarts house.

25. Name a Broadway star you would sort into your Hogwarts house.

26. Best on stage chemistry?

27. A Broadway duo you love.

28. What book, tv show, movie, biography, video game, etc. should be turned into a musical?

29. If you could make a jukebox musical, what artist or genre would you pick?

30. Favourite role played by _________________?

31. What musical has made you cry the most?

32. What musical has made you laugh the most?

33. Current showtune stuck in you head:

34. A musical that has left you thinking about life for a long time or deeply inspired you.

35. If you could perform any ensemble number , which one would you pick?

36. Name a musical you didn’t like at first but ended up loving.

37. What are some customes you’d love to try on?

38. Favourite dance break.

39. Favourite Starkid musical:

40. What’s a musical more people should know about?

41. What are some lines from musicals you really like?

42. Name a Tony performance you rewatch and rewatch.

I feel unspeakably lonely. And I feel - drained. It is a blank state of mind and soul I cannot describe to you as I think it would not make any difference. Also it is a very private feeling I have - that of melting into a perpetual nervous breakdown. I am often questioning myself what I further want to do, who I further wish to be; which parts of me, exactly, are still functioning properly.
—  A Self-Portrait in Letters, Anne Sexton

Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Five)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

RTD: Do you know, I’ve always wanted to ask you, David.  When you get a script what do you do?  From scratch
DT: I read it.
RTD: Yeah, but…
DT: I just read it to read it the first time.  And then I’ll read it and I’ll usually mark it up, which is literally just underlining my bits
RTD: Yep yep yep
DT: Which is the first stage of learning it, I suppose, and then you just read it again and you go over certain scenes.  Depending upon how much time you’ve got, whether it’s a script that you’ve had a few weeks in advance or whether it’s one of the ones that creep in at the last minute
RTD:  [laughs] Like they do
DT: …for whatever reason.  Sometimes you have to sort of just buckle down and start learning specific scenes if a schedule is in front of you…
RTD: Do you have to learn it according to the schedule
DT: Yeah, you do.
RTD: Sort of going, “Right, all of the UNIT scenes are first so I’ll learn those first”
DT: Yeah, yeah
RTD: That’s hard, isn’t it?
DT: Well, it’s easier than just learning it chronologically, because you’re just kind of keeping up with the schedule as it comes
RTD: Because it always strikes me, and actually everyone always says this, that you come to read-throughs incredibly prepared.  Do you, or are you winging it?
DT: Weeellll, it’s somewhere between the two, I think.  I think probably as the years have gone on, I enjoy winging it a bit more
RTD: Right
DT: Because I think it can be a bit more… sometimes you can over-prepare things, I think.
RTD: Yep
DT: and I think when we started I think I probably, sort of, would come to the read-through having practiced
[ RTD & SL laugh ]
DT: having made some decisions.  As time goes on it’s better sometimes to… especially when you’re meeting actors for the first time and responding to what they do for the first time, if you’re less… Because the first read-through, you’re sitting there thinking… and everyone… all the BBC bods come up from London… and we did three scripts!  We did The Christmas Invasion, New Earth, and School Reunion in one day and I’d never read The Doctor out loud before
SL: [ gasps ] How frightening!
DT: …and there’s all these people, all these bods coming up from London to kind of… and you’re just sitting there thinking, “I’m going to get sacked!”
RTD: [ big laugh ]
DT: That’s all you’re thinking.  So you’re very precious about it, and I think as time goes on you begin to feel slightly more confident of your position, and you think, well, it’s more interesting, actually, to maybe be a bit looser with it.  A bit freer with it.
RTD: And when do you learn the lines?  Is it late at night?  Is it first thing?  
DT: Just as you go.  Weekends a lot… you know.
SL: Because you are extraordinary.  I can say, I’ve worked with you now virtually solidly for four years - on Casanova and then on to this…
DT: Yeah, yeah. That’s true, that’s true
SL: …so I have seen HOURS of television with you
[ DT & RTD laugh at how she dragged out the word “hours” ]
DT: Hours of it!  
RTD: Sound a bit happier about that!
SL: Hours of Russell’s great writing!
[ waiting for the laughing to die down ]
SL: No! What I’m going to say is, I think in all that time, in all those days and all those lines, I think you’ve probably fluffed twice. You know, it’s extraordinary, you are extraordinary.  
RTD: That’s cursed it!
DT: Yeah!
SL:  No! You really are - at learning your lines
RTD: You are, that’s true
DT: It’s the homework, isn’t it?  You’ve got to do the homework.
SL: Well, you say that but you know some people don’t.  It’s brilliant - you are a great leader by example.
DT: I think you’ve got to. I think we’re in such a privileged position, and I don’t want cameramen standing around waiting for me to remember my lines, you know?
RTD: But also it is a skill of yours, actually.  Actors who have learned their lines, who’ve done all the work, can fluff on the spot
DT: Sure, and sometimes we all do, yeah
RTD: Yeah, but you do it less than most.  Now we’ve cursed it - it will all just go to pot!
DT: Yeah!  Tomorrow’s going to be a really long day!
RTD: Never speak about it out loud. 

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

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The Witchy Lifestyle - Witchcraft for the Closeted Witch

I often receive questions regarding how to practice discreetly or incognito. In large part, the witches asking these questions are closeted witches - witches who, for various reasons, may not feel comfortable or safe enough to be open and public regarding their craft. While there is plenty in the community in terms of spells and altars and rites, as well as incognito spellcraft, there’s rarely ever a guide meant for the closeted witch. I’d like to change that, and provide an article that can at least be the basis for starting a closeted practice. So without further ado, read on, my new witches, and hopefully there’s a nugget of golden help in here!

The Broom Closet

First off, there is sometimes the question of “what is a closeted witch?” In short, a closeted witch is as I’d mentioned above. He or she may not feel safe or comfortable with revealing practices in witchcraft. The term used by the community for such witches is that they are “in the broom closet.”

The reasons for remaining in the broom closet vary. In the United States, the most common reasoning is that the witch might live with family that have a very conservative Christian outlook. (Keep in mind that Christianity is not the issue here - at one point in time, followers of that faith had a rather harsh and bigoted view regarding witchcraft and secular practices. Many witches today are still Christian, but have mixed witchcraft into their spirituality in order to enrich their lives.)

In other parts of the world, the fear of witchcraft is still instilled in law and cultural rules. Either a witch becomes ostracized, shunned, or worse, killed (usually by a punishment that ranges from drowning to stoning to beating or decapitation, though burning is still sometimes used). And sometimes these punishments aren’t limited to the individual, as entire families can become victims of these situations.

When I first started practicing, I was closeted. It took a lot of willpower for me to come out of the broom closet and declare myself a witch in the public eye for fear of being judged harshly by family and friends. Keep in mind that I live in an area of California that is exceptionally tolerant of religion and spirituality - the pagan and witchy population of San Luis Obispo is surprisingly large and open. I can’t imagine what it must be like for others who live in less tolerant regions.

The Incognito Witch

Ultimately, though, nobody ever wants (or should) to give up their spirituality and practice simply because others disagree with it. And witchcraft is something that isn’t just spiritual - it’s a way of life. So the question remains as to how to live this life without drawing undue attention. After all, it is awfully hard to maintain an altar when others would look at it as if it were devil worship.

An altar is common in witchcraft, but I don’t feel that you need a permanent altar to practice. It’s nice to have shrines and altars, but for the sake of being unnoticed, it’s best to either disguise it or do away with it. And an altar need not be deity statues, pentacles, and crystals. My first altar was simply a picture of a dragon pinned to my bedroom wall with thumbtacks, with a small dish in front of it which I told my dad was for spare change (though the coins I placed in it were actually offerings that I would later gather up and donate to charity).

A vase with flowers, simple decorations within your room, et cetera, can serve as your shrine or altar so long as you prescribe meaning to it. Dedicating something to a god or goddess doesn’t require incense, candles, or liquor. It can be as simple as holding it in your hands and praying. For instance, if the witch follows Hecate and has a stuffed animal puppy, she can hold the plush in her hands and mentally say something to the effect of “I dedicate this animal to the goddess, Hecate, that she watch over me and protect me as her daughter.”

Stuck at Church

Believe me, I know the feeling of being dragged to church and having to sit through a service or sermon. However, as a witch, the situation need not be torturous. Every faith has something positive to say - some sort of message that resonates with witchcraft. It’s for this reason that even after starting my practice and coming out of the broom closet, I still find some excitement at the prospect of visiting a church, attending a service, or going to the nearest synagogue or mosque. I’ve attended Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, and Mormon events, been to a Catholic mass, visited a Hindu shrine, and visited a Buddhist temple. I’ve spent many hours speaking with rabbis, priests, pastors, Native American elders, and other witches. And all of that has only enriched my practice and helps me to understand not only the viewpoints of other religions, but also to discover different facets of my own.

If you’re closeted and are in a family where going to church is a requirement, use it as an opportunity to learn. And, just because the prayers at the church are directed toward the Christian god does not mean that you can’t direct your own toward your own god or goddess. At family events, for instance, I still join in the family prayer before the meal. Though my whole family now knows that I’m pagan, they welcome me into the prayer because I’m praying for the same thing - just to different gods. They’ve never balked at my saying “So Mote it Be” at the end when they usually say “Amen.” That said, if you’re closeted, “amen” has much the same meaning as “So Mote it Be.” And remember, you’re not stuck in the same house forever! Be patient!

Spells and Magic

Browse the witchy section of Tumblr and you’ll find a veritable dragon’s hoard of spells. But the majority of them make use of not-so-discreet materials or practices. When closeted, it’s not exactly a simple matter to light incense and candles, say incantations, and fill a jar with herbs that you don’t really find in the kitchen very often such as angelica root or Saint John the Conqueror.

Ingredients are not a requirement for working spells. So long as you have your mind, body, and hands, you can cast spells. Channel intent into meditations before bed and after waking up. If you drink coffee or tea, you can channel intent into them while stirring in your favorite sweetener. If you cook for the family, you can channel love and healthful intent into the food. If you like to draw, you can create sigils and pass them off as doodles.

If you already collect rocks, then collecting crystals might not cause any heads to turn. But if not, you can instead use your jewelry (though I don’t wear any crystals, I’ve found that any piece of metal jewelry or hand-woven jewelry like a friendship bracelet can be made magical).

If you’re a bit of an artist, you can channel your intent into whatever you are creating. For me, this meant that I channeled intent into beadwork, music, and even some of my narratives!

Glamour spells are practically made for practicing spellwork without attracting unwanted attention! Channeling intent into your cosmetics both before and during application is a great way of bringing a bit of magic into your daily routine!

And as I mentioned above, remain patient. Eventually when you’re in your own place you’ll be able to practice as you’d like.


Chances are, you came to see this article because you’re browsing Tumblr to learn more about witchcraft. It is an excellent website for this purpose, but by no means your only option. If you have access to Nook, Kindle, or another ereader, you can have access to plenty of books which can teach you more about witchcraft, paganism, and spirituality! Dig in and do your research!

In Conclusion…

As I and many other witches say, witchcraft is not just a path. It is a way of life. Nothing can stand in the way of you being the witch that you want to be. Even when closeted, you’re still a witch, and have many opportunities to grow and develop your path!

For me, starting off as a closeted witch gave me opportunities for growth and learning that I don’t think I would have had otherwise. It taught me how to be flexible in my craft and how to work magic into my daily life. Many witches eventually get to the point where they’re using magic constantly. If you’re closeted, don’t see it as a hindrance. See it as a blessing, because when you no longer have to remain in the broom closet, you will have the flexibility and discipline that you’d need to reach that point of constant magic!

Blessed Be! )O(


My new kids!
Dusk and Dawn are a duo of assassins whose origins and real names are unknown to all. They operate all around the galaxy and their services are heavily sought after. They can be found on Nar Shaddaa when they’re not on a mission, and they tend to avoid Republic space.
So, Dusk is a Devaronian, and Dawn is a Zeltron! She used to be a SIS agent, while Dusk was an agent of the Republic SpecForces. They’re both criminals now, I wonder what happened to them…

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Kinda weird question but, do you think Cersei ever dressed in Baratheon colors during her marriage with Robert, or did she always prefer Lannister red/gold?

Well… Cersei has never worn Baratheon colors in her appearances in the books. She favors green, but sometimes red and gold, sometimes white and gold, and black when in mourning – but never gold and black combined. Except once:

When it was time for the changing of the cloaks, the bride sank gracefully to her knees and Tommen covered her with the heavy cloth-of-gold monstrosity that Robert had cloaked Cersei in on their own wedding day, with the crowned stag of Baratheon worked upon its back in beads of onyx. –AFFC, Cersei III

Though Cersei really has no room to talk about cloth-of-gold monstrosities, considering Tywin’s cloak:

His greatcloak was sewn from countless layers of cloth-of-gold, so heavy that it barely stirred even when he charged, so large that its drape covered most of his stallion’s hindquarters when he took the saddle. No ordinary clasp would suffice for such a weight, so the greatcloak was held in place by a matched pair of miniature lionesses crouching on his shoulders, as if poised to spring. –AGOT, Tyrion VIII

and it’s not like she hasn’t worn cloth-of-gold herself:

Cersei’s gown was snowy linen, white as the cloaks of the Kingsguard. Her long dagged sleeves showed a lining of gold satin. –ACOK, Sansa V

Queen Cersei shimmered in a cloth-of-gold gown slashed in burgundy velvet –ACOK, Sansa VIII

At least I will not be expected to don mourning for Tyrion. I shall dress in crimson silk and cloth-of-gold for that, and wear rubies in my hair. –AFFC, Cersei II

She wore a white gown slashed with cloth-of-gold, lacy but demure. –AFFC, Cersei VI

So, evidently it’s not the cloth-of-gold that’s the “monstrosity” to Cersei… but the Baratheon part. And since Robert permanently alienated her on their wedding night – and since she is quite definitely Cersei Lannister, never Baratheon – then yes, I would doubt if she ever wore Baratheon colors, gold and black, except incidentally in addition to Lannister crimson.

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Who's Nozomi's best friend from aqours?

That’s a good reason to call someone a best friend. Especially for Nozomi.

They learned to learn a lot about each other during Nozomi’s stay. And since she’s staying until september, they’ll have precious memories to share !