i often find myself wearing this exact expression while at school

All I Know (A BTS Jimin Imagine)

“… The reasons I can’t have you, are so easy to fix… I know there’s been stigma round me, I know you heard things about me… You sleep with one eye closed, too scared to get heartbroke…”


“Wha-what?!” I yell startled as you jump from your seat, banging my knees on the desk in front of me.

“All I Know” by The Weeknd drifts off into silent noise as my headphones fall out of my ear as you look up at Mrs. Peterson. Her aging brown eyes stare coldly at me, even more accentuated by the large crowfeet adjacent to them. I notice she has a large book in her hand and simultaneously grab the back of my head where I notice a small bump from said book.

“Nami, do you find my lectures boring? Do you think it’s funny to be disrespectful to your superiors? Not only have you fallen asleep, but you had your silly music playing as well. You should feel guilt, shame and—”

“Embarrassment. Yes, yes, I know. I’ll excuse myself to the office now.” She cocked an eyebrow and looked as if she had more to say, but I wasn’t having it. The rest of my classmates giggled, despite dozing off themselves. I share a look with my best friend Kate and she shakes her head and smiles.

Sorry not sorry Mrs. Peterson. I didn’t have the time to explain why I was so exhausted and besides that, it’s none of ol’ Dead Weight’s business. Kate and I started a trend of calling Peterson “Dead Weight” due to the fact that she looks half dead and ruins every class from the start. A monotone drawl and lipstick stained teeth do not make for an exciting lecture.

The truth behind why I was so sleepy today was, well, I’m an otaku. I live for new anime and manga releases. School can take a backseat to my passion. I didn’t sleep at all last night since you decided to binge the ongoing series of Tomodachi to Shite no Seikatsu, AKA Life as Friends.

The show stars a daring heroine, Sachiko, who is adored by all the boys at school and can choose whomever she wants. She leads a double life of school by day and saving her friends, and even the world, by night with her superpowers. Just thinking about the new episode next week makes me excited!

… I wish I had her charm, her smoothness, her appeal to the male species. I’m “too opinionated” and “too loud.” Sachiko is cute, delicate, and sweet, much like Kate. Kate often tells me I scare away boys with my attitude and lack of femininity. Who cares about that stuff anyway?

Oh well, I’m not interested in 3D men anyway. 2D men are everything I’ve ever wanted and more. The next 3D guy that comes my way better be afraid. I don’t back down.

I finally make it to the office. It’s my 4th time here this week. I’m not a bad student. I’m actually top of my class, so I can afford to sleep through a few boring lectures. I go to open the door then—

“Ow!” The door had whipped open and nailed me in the face.

As I hold my head in my hand, I look up with my right fist clenched.

My teeth are barred, “What the hell do you think you’re…”

My eyes meet with the man who has just stepped out from the door. He’s dressed in black. Black v neck adorned with a silver cross set inside the V, black ripped jeans, black belt, booted shoes. His deep brown eyes lock with mine. His soft pink lips curl to reveal a cynical, but perfect white smile. He looks down at me, clearly 5 inches or so taller than me, then gives my body a good scan from head to toe.

I can feel the heat in my cheeks from the look he gives me.

Who is he?

Calm down.

He glides past me. His onyx-colored hair flows back revealing two hooped ear piercings. I get a shiver through my body after he passes me.

“Jimin! No smoking in the hallway!”

I whip around to see he’s already lit a cigarette, smoke drifting behind him in my direction. He takes the cigarette out of his mouth and between his pointer and middle finger of his right and waves back to the office ladies, never turning around.

Jimin… Well that was weird.

I shook myself and moved on. Whoever he was, he’s irrelevant to me.

I walked into my counselor’s room. I see Ms. Sara waiting for me. Uh oh, DW called her.

“Sit down Nami…” Ms. Sara says in her “stern voice.” Sara has a very calm temperament and her voice illustrates her softness. Sara is only 10 years my senior and we’ve bonded over my three years at Taki Academy. I think of her more as a big sister than a counselor.

“Sorry Sara…”

“Nami, again, it’s Ms. Sara here. Why can’t you stay awake in class anymore? You used to be so motivated and every teacher here adored you. What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure. School bores me. I already liked anime and manga before and I guess I felt I could spend more time on that.” I was already twiddling my thumbs and looking down. I hate when Sara is upset with me.

Sara sighs, “Y’know, Nami, there’s more to life than anime and manga. School is extremely important and if you want to get into the college you want, you need to keep focusing.”

“Sara”—“Ms. Sara”—“right, don’t you think you’re overreacting a little bit? I’m still number one in the class and my university accepts the number one student at our school.” I roll my eyes while talking because we’ve had this exact conversation on numerous occasions this year.

“You’re not number one anymore.”

… what?

My stomach drops, “… What?”

“We received a new student today. He transferred here from South Korea. His scores in classes are much higher than yours, as well as his international test scores. You may have seen him, he just left the office. His name is Park Ji Min. I suggest you try to make friends with him and he could motivate you to be better.”

Park… Jimin… Jimin… JIMIN?! The guy from earlier?

I stormed out of the office with my bag. That stupid Jimin. Not even wearing the school uniform, prancing in here and stealing my spot on the very first day, and looking at me… like that. I ran out to find Kate and go back to class. I open the door to Mrs. Peterson’s room.

“… This is Jimin Park, a very very bright student. He’s already caught up on all of our curriculum so you won’t have to help him much, if at all! He’s new to the school and I hope you give him a warm welcome.” Peterson’s shrill voice and Jimin’s smug smiling face made my blood boil. Kate looks at me and giggles. She can see I have my angry face and my hair is disheveled. I look like I just ran a marathon. Jimin looks this way, sizes me up again and winks. Heat rushes to my face again.


I turn out of the room and wait outside the door for Kate. The rest of the students file out of the room, laughing and chatting with their friends. Kate and Jimin exit and the same time and I see him whisper something to her.

Piece of shit.

Kate pulls my arm as I glare at him and let out a growl.

“C’mon tiger,” She laughs.

“What was that about?!” I interrogate Kate.

She lets out another giggle and says “He wanted to know your name. He thought you were funny and kind of… annoying.”

“Well he can blow it out his ass!” I proclaim.

“NAMI! I thought you were trying not to swear as much.” Sara scolds me.

“I don’t care if it’s about him. We’re rivals now. He may be cute but he can die in a hole for all I care” I say, annoyed. Kate rolls her eyes.

“Hey guys!”

I look over and I see Joel waving and beaming with a smile that sets me at ease. Joel’s expressions have always been soft. Both Joel and Kate can soothe me with the smallest gestures. I know that no matter what, Joel and Kate will always be there for me. After all, they’ve been stuck with me since we were 5.

“Joel!” I run up and hug him, my head against his warm chest. Joel is tall, lean, and very handsome. He has soft, blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Kate and I always refer to him as the “Golden Child.” Although, Kate isn’t far off in looks. Kate, often adored by men for her green eyes, bustier figure, and dirty blonde hair, is most attractive girl at Taki Academy. Me? Well, I’m a tad taller than Kate, 5’6” with golden brown hair, green eyes, freckles, and a petite figure. I like to think I’m cute but apparently, my brain is a turn off. Eat your heart out boys.

Joel, Kate, and I have always held the top 3 spots in our class. Joel in third, Kate in second and myself in first. Despite being so close in rankings, we’ve always respected each other and never let school ruin our friendship.

While hugging Joel, I had the sensation I was being watched. I looked up towards the second story of the main building and caught the back of Park Jimin walking away, a cloud of smoke trailing him.

“I’ll see you both tomorrow!” I smiled and waved goodbye at Kate and Joel as we parted ways at the gate of Taki Academy. They live a few houses away from each other and I live in the exact opposite direction. Not always fun to walk all that way to hang out.

As I walk away I can overhear a few voices:

Did you guys hear? Nami is second in the class now the new kid is here.

What’s his name? Jimin?

He’s pretty cute but he seems like bad news, who smokes cigs at 18? Probably has family issues.

Nami must be pissed. One more guy on her hit list.

Damn right he is. Jimin. What an annoying guy. My fists are clenched and a march away from the gate, eager to get home and study for my exam the next day.

I will crush Jimin.

I try to cool off on my way home. It’s about a twenty-minute walk home so I have time to relax before my mom gets on my case for being in a “mood.”

I put in my headphones and start playing The Weeknd’s “Starboy” album again. Stupid Mrs. Peterson. This music isn’t silly, it’s brilliant.

Even though we’re going through it and it makes you feel alone”

I hate him.

“… just know that I would die for you. The distance and the time between us”

He’s so sexy.

“… it’ll never change my mind ‘cause baby I would die for—

“Wha—?!” I exclaim as a large warm hand grabs me by the arm and another adorned with sterling silver rings covers my mouth. I’m thrown with my back against an alley wall and my headphones are cast from my ear.

I’m furious when I look up at the same dark eyes from earlier. He has one hand placed next to my hand and the other still tightly gripping my arm.

“What’s the big idea Jimin? Afraid of losing your number one spot so you’re trying to take it out on me here?” I interrogate him. His eyes don’t change. He has the same curl in his lip revealing his sparkling teeth. His mouth changes again. His expression gets colder.

“Was that guy from earlier your boyfriend?” He says chillingly.

“Huh? Joel? No, he’s been my friend since we were five,” I explain.

Wait, why am I explaining? Jimin means nothing to me. He’s just hot, but a total asshole.

“Piss off Jimin.” I turn to leave but his right hand leaves my arm and holds my chin up to look at him. My face fills with heat again and his lip curl returns.

“Real. Tough. Chick.”

He moves quickly and presses his lips to mine. Although at first reluctant, my body knows what it wants. I open my mouth further as he slips his tongue into my mouth to meet mine. His other hand leaves the wall and slides down my body ever so smoothly. I feel a spark light up my spine. Our mouths move in sync but it’s a clear battle for dominance. His hand meets the underside of my skirt. My arms are wrapped around his neck, my fingers in his hair. Our mouths release for a moment. Jimin moves his mouth to my ear.

“You’re mine and no one else’s,” He breathes hot air into my ear with every word sending chills through every bone in my body. His hand progress and plays with my red lace Victoria Secret panties, I can feel myself growing wetter and needy. I feel a rush through my whole body.

“You’re not number one anymore.” Ms. Sara’s words ring in my ear despite the heat of the moment. I’m reminded of how much I hate Jimin.

“Get off of me,” I say coldly and push Jimin away. I fix my skirt and my hair as I glare at him. Jimin is letting out a tiny giggle as he watches me frazzled. When I fixed my skirt, I glanced at him to see him licking his lips slowly. My face grew hot again. His good looks are too much, but I have to refrain from any contact with him. He is my new rival.

“Say what you will but I know you liked it,” Jimin comments snidely.

“Shut up. I was only humoring you,” I snap back at him. He laughs mockingly.

I walk over and grab him by his cross necklace and bring him down to my level.

“Listen up Park Jimin, you better learn your place at Taki. I have always been first and will continue to be first. I don’t give a shit who you are or what you’ve done before at previous schools, you are nothing to me. I’m coming back for that spot. You are my rival now and we will never, ever have any other relationship than as rivals, do I make myself clear?” I scold.

“Yes ma’am. Good thing too, I hate stupid girls; however, you’re going to have to stay comfortable at second place,” He teasingly kisses me on the forehead, causing me to turn pink again. Infuriated, I throw him away and he snickers again. I march away and as I’m about to turn the corner I hear in Jimin’s deep sultry voice:

“Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave, Miss Second Place.”

My fists clench again. I turn and flip him off before I storm away. As I speed-walk home, I can hear an outburst of genuine laughter.

“I’m home!” I yell half-heartedly. I feel emotionally confused and exhausted.

Is he going to keep playing games with me? Can he just leave?

“Glad you’re home! Dinner will be ready around 6:30!” I hear my mom announce from the kitchen.

I sigh and walk upstairs. I open the door to my room, shut it behind me, and fling myself onto my bed. I scream into my pillow from frustration but somehow, I don’t feel much better.

Oh, I’ll text Kate.

“To: Kate, From: Nami

Have big and annoying news. Talk soon? Pls? Am struggling.”


Ugh. What am I going to do about this? He’s just trying to make my life worse. And what the hell is up with “Miss Second Place? Asshole. I am second to no one.

I head to my desk to study for the exam the following day in Dead Weight’s class. This is my time to shine. I’m going to crush him on this exam.

Buzz buzz

“Kate!” I answer.

“Nami? Hey! Is it still a good time?”

“Yes, please. Don’t worry I’ve already eaten. I am… confused.”

“Huh? Is it a big issue? One of your favorite characters didn’t die, did they?” She comments jokingly.

Great, my SOS wasn’t really even taken seriously.

“I hooked up with Jimin today and I hate him but we didn’t go all the way.”



“… What?!” Kate exclaims, “I’m so surprised, how did that happen? You let it happen?”

“Yeah well he kind of… cornered me. He asked if Joel and I were a thing.”

“Ooh the protective type. That sounds nice.”

I roll my eyes. “KATE. Stop acting like it’s a good thing! I hardly know this guy! I made him my rival too!”

“Stop acting like you aren’t lonely. You want a boyfriend. This guy is CLEARLY interested. Why not go for it? What are you really losing here?”

I pause. Maybe she’s right. No, shake it off. Your pride is on the line.

“Well Kate, my pride is on the line as well as my shot at the Shoji University if Jimin is still in the picture.”

“Nami, you and I both know the university your parents want you to go to is not the one YOU want to go to. Also, don’t taunt Jimin’s name like that, it’s creepy.”

“Whatever, sorry I guess, O Lord Jimin.” I taunt, “Yeah I know I don’t want to go to Shoji, but what other choice do I have than to agree to my parents’ wishes?”

I can hear Kate’s sighs on the other line. “Alright Nami. I understand the college, but I think you’re taking this all out on Jimin when this could be a good thing. I know you think he’s sexy”—I do, definitely, oh yeah— “so, just try and keep your options open? Okay? I’m going to go now. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye-bye,” I sigh and hang up.

Well that helped a lot. Gotta get my mind off of this and study so I can kick his smug ass tomorrow.

“Nice work Kate, a 96 is very commendable on this exam!”

“Here you are… Nami.” Dead Weight says in a snobbish tone.

99! Kiss my ass Jimin!

“There was only one 100 on this test and it goes to our newest student! Fine work Jimin!”

You have got to be freaking kidding me.

I see Jimin smile and politely say thank you to Mrs. Peterson. He turns around to look at me and sticks his tongue out.

I’m taken aback and my blood starts to boil.

One point. One stupid point.

“Class dismissed!”

I grab my bag and head for the door. In the hallway, I hear “Oh Miss Second Place!”

I slowly turn around with my teeth barred under my lips to see Jimin smiling brightly and waving his hand gesturing for me to come to him. He’s in the school uniform now and does he look damn good in a tie and slacks. I walk towards him and he gestures me closer so he can whisper to me.  

“Maybe we should… study together next time.” He winks at me again and I slug him in the shoulder.

“Eat your heart out Jimin.

“Maybe I can eat you out, Miss, Second, Place.” He says slowly and deliberately.

I blush and feel this desire for Jimin as remnants of our hook up the day before.

Play it cool.

“You wish,” I chillingly retort.

“On all my lucky stars!” He laughs at me as I walk away, flustered to meet up with Kate.

In the six months that followed, I barely had any interaction with “God’s Gift to Education” AKA Park Jimin. The most that happened was a wink here and there, a derogatory comment wit “Miss Second Place” attached to the end and a kiss blown my direction after every test he beat me on. Today was just the same. Another test with a 99 compared to a 100.

Kate and Joel observe me with looks of bewilderment and apprehension as I eat angrily, answer full questions with one word, and randomly punch the lunch table.

I have never felt so vulnerable and angry in my entire life. Jimin is the root of all evils and the cause of all my frustrations.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Joel asks tentatively.

“Fine,” I mumble as a munch on another massive bite of my sandwich.

“Hello, is it alright if I sit here?”

I look up to see the dark eyes glimmering with excitement as they match with mine.

“NO!” I yell, mouth full, as two yesses oppose me.

“I’ll gladly take my seat next to you then,” he jokes.

Of course. Could this year get any worse?

I feel his hand on my thigh. I move away from him but he reaches again and grabs hold. He keeps my thigh close to his, not allowing for any movement. He continues to make small talk with Kate and Joel but all I could do was admire him.

His chiseled jaw, his perfect teeth, eyes I could get lost in, broad shoulders, earrings I wanted to chew on, hair I wanted to put my hands in. There really was nothing wrong with him. He was also brilliant to boot, the perfect package.

Snap out of it.

“… Hey Kate and Nami we really need to get going to our Calc II class.” The sound of Joel’s voice came back to me after my reverence for Jimin.

“Calc II? I’ve already taken that class, if you need any help with it feel free to come by my place for help!” Jimin interjects.

“You’ve already taken it? How? We’re the only three taking such an elite class in high school.” Kate replies astonished.

“Yeah, back home I’m up to Calc III and math is probably one of my favorite subjects.” Jimin chuckles.

“We have an exam on Friday, would it be alright if we came over tonight and tomorrow night?” Joel volunteered.

My head whips to Joel and glares at him. Joel cowers at me until Jimin replies “That would be perfect!” He squeezes my thigh again. Joel and Kate pack up their lunches and head to class. Kate winks and tells me they’ll see me in class.

Oh brother.

I turn to glare at him and his head has already moved to my ear.

“All alone at last. I can’t wait to have you over tonight, Miss, Second, Place. I’ll make it a night you won’t forget.”

The shivers travel up my spine again as I let out an, “As if,” in a shaky voice.

Jimin giggles and releases my thigh.

“I’m leaving now,” I stammered, feeling flustered and embarrassed.

Fuck you Jimin.

“I like the black lace by the way. Makes you look even more delicious.” Jimin murmured.

Oh my god. He has a full shot of my ass right now. Especially with the wind.

I didn’t realize my skirt was flying away and as I turn around to look at him he’s already stood up and pressed his body against mine. One hand is gripping my butt while the other holds my neck and turns my head so my eyes meet his intense gaze. I can feel him pressed against my behind. A weary breath leaves my mouth.

“I… have to go.” I mutter and walk swiftly to class.

“Looks like it’s time for us to go now,” Kate gestures to Joel.

“Huh? Oh shit, Wednesday night,” I sigh. On Wednesday nights, Kate’s family invites Joel’s family over for dinner. Their parents have been friends since high school and made Wednesday nights a tradition.

“See you tomorrow Nami! Thank you again Jimin, see you tomorrow as well,” Joel shuts the door to the apartment behind him.

I look across the table at Jimin who is staring at me very intently. He’s wearing grey sweatpants that show his powerful legs, a white t-shirt that reveal the definition of his chest, and round sunglasses the fit the frame of his face almost too perfectly.

“Where are your parents?” I question to try and change his attention from me and look away.

“Don’t know.”

“At work?”

“Haven’t seen them since I was four.” Jimin says quietly.

I make eye contact with him again, feeling guilt for prying.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked. Forgive me.”

“Don’t worry about it, babygirl. My brother has been taking care of me since I was little. He’s 15 years older.” Jimin explains matter-of-factly, changing his gloomy tone.

Jimin gets up and walks around the table towards me. He sets his glass on the table, grabs me by my tie and brings me up to him.

“You’re the only one I care about right now.” I blush as he brings his face closer. I bring my face to meet him halfway. As our lips meet, we both get shocked with electricity. We laugh simultaneously, but continute.

I do like him. He’s charming. He’s funny. He’s handsome. He’s brilliant. I’d be stupid to let this go. Six months of pent-up sexual frustration towards this man won’t allow me to stop either.

Jimin goes to unbutton my shirt while he kisses up and down my neck. He leaves little bits as his kisses. He moves up to my ear and breathes hot air into my air sending electricity all over my body. My back arches in delight.

My red lace bra is now fully revealed and Jimin wastes no time kissing my breasts. He removes my bra and starts to suck on my right nipple as his right hand grazes the outside of my left thigh. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around him as he carries me to the kitchen counter. He sets me there while moving his right hand up and down my thigh under my skirt, his left hand holding my right breast delicately.

I remove his white t-shirt from his body only to uncover a chiseled chest, complete with pecs, abs, and beautiful peach nipples. His smooth chest is pressed to mine until he starts to move down my body. He leaves a train of kisses from my mouth, to my neck, to my breasts, down my stomach. He reaches my skirt and lifts it up to see my matching red lace thong.

“Wow. You have the most mouthwatering body, Nami,” Jimin says sincerely. He looks up at my flushed face and chuckles. “I’ll be happy to be seeing that face all night.”

Jimin moves my panties to the side. I spread my legs wider for his entry.

“Good girl,” Jimin applauds, very focused. He kisses up and down the inside of my thighs. He then goes towards my sensitive center. He licks his pink tongue up and down my pussy. He swirls his pointed tongue with mastery and sucks, at first gently, but then he becomes more aggressive and crazed. I continue to get wetter and wetter with each tongue stroke like he’s painting a picture of pleasure. I grab my right breast due to the sensation he supplies me. He reaches for the same breast while his tongue is buried deep inside me. I start to move my hips up and down in aid and I hear him whisper:

“You like that, babygirl? Good girl, help daddy out.”

What seems to go by like hours of pleasure, he then slides in two fingers. First slow and back and forth, in sync with his tongue. Then gradually he sped up his finger work while sucking on my clit. My body got hotter and hotter, I screamed for him. I wanted him so bad and the sensations all became too much.

“Oh yes daddy! Finish me… please…” I moaned. Jimin heard my plea and I came while he ate me. He moved his head up to meet me with a sexy, wet, passionate kiss. His two fingers still inside me, he started to move again, using his thumb against my clit. He held my gaze as I moaned and screamed and continued to beg for him. He had his sexy smirk the whole time. He knew what he was doing to me and he loved it.

“You taste so good. I need to be inside of you,” Jimin gasped.

He took off his sweats to reveal tight white briefs that left little to the imagination. He pulled his underwear down to release his full length. I gasped, taken aback by how long he actually was. He grabbed himself and gestured up and down to get ready. Jimin removed his fingers and slid them into my mouth, which I gladly sucked.

He placed himself at my entrance and delicately pushed inside. Heaven. He filled me completely. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed him further in. I let out a small scream, much to Jimin’s pleasure.

“I love how loud you are baby.”

“Harder, faster, please…”

Jimin smirked and began to pound into me. Leaving us both yelling “yes.”

“C’mon daddy,” I whispered. Jimin’s hand went up to my neck and he began to choke me lightly. Gradually his hand moved to my hair wear he pulled more and more the closer he got. He picked me up off the counter and moved me to the table. He pulled out and flipped me around. Now my full naked front, now missing a skirt and panties, only clad with knee high socks, was spread on the table. My hands gripping both sides. He slid back into me and grabbed my hair again, pulling me back to him. He slapped my ass repeatedly, leaving me with red marks and the kind of pain everyone wants to experience. I felt completely taken. My body wasn’t just mine anymore. It was his. I felt possessed. Jimin could toss my body in any direction and I would never question him.

Soon, he was carrying me to his bedroom. Up the stairs we went, smothering each other with kisses. Our intimacy felt like we were melting into each other. Two very dominant people were submitting to becoming property of the others.

When we reached the bedroom, he stopped to admire my body.

“You are… so beautiful, Nami.”

I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” I teased and winked at him.

He laid me back down gently, taking a moment to take in my body again. He left and returned with a camera.

“Let me take digitals. Please. I won’t use your face, and you can take some of me.” Jimin requested shyly.

I cocked an eyebrow at him, and nodded.

We posed in various ways that were appealing to the other and sometimes in the middle of the act itself. It felt like we were intertwined for hours. Took breaks and talked, but continued again soon after. Around 11:30 PM, we finished each other off. I had both of my legs resting on his shoulders while he was buried deep inside me. Our eyes never left the other’s. His sweat dripped onto my body. Even sweaty, he still looked god-like.

We kissed in that intimate position and smiled. I’d never been happier.

“You’d better shower and blow-dry before you go home, Nami,” Jimin offered.

“Yeah that’s probably best,” I agreed.

In the shower, Jimin washed me. We laughed and kissed and teased each other relentlessly. After we dried the other off, I put my school clothes back on and gathered my things.

“I feel bad you didn’t get to have a meal tonight,” he complained.

“Oh don’t worry, baby, I’m more than full,” I teased.

He laughed and replied, “That’s not good enough for me. So tomorrow night, dinner on me, here.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I winked and closed the door.

The next day at school, I went in to see Ms. Sara.

“I don’t want Shoji anymore.”

“Huh?” Sara looked flabbergasted.

“I want to attend Kiyoka. They have the best psychology program. I don’t want to be a lawyer anymore. I never wanted to be. I always just agreed to my parents’ wishes.”

“I…I’m so glad to hear that, Nami. Whatever you want will always be more important,” Sara smiled and hugged me.

“Thank you. It’s all thanks to Jimin!” I exclaimed.

Sara laughed and sighed, “Somehow I knew that boy would change your life.”

“I have to go now! Catch you later!” I ran out to find Kate who was in the hallway outside.

Buzz buzz

I open my phone to see a message from Jimin.

“To: Nami, From: Jimin

Hey babygirl xx”

What is that? Oh my. A picture of our naked bodies, together. Wow, alright sexting. This kid doesn’t miss a beat.

“Kate!” I yell as I run towards her.

I catch a snippet of a conversation as I go towards her:

“Didn’t you hear? Jimin’s had sex with almost 10 girls at this school so far!”

My heart stops. My stomach drops. I feel… sick. I feel… angry, and betrayed. My happy expression comes to an end.

“I’m going home,” I whisper to Kate.

I’ve been home for almost six hours now. I laid in bed and cried for half of them. The other half I’ve spent being angry and hating Jimin. I should have known he wasn’t real. Boys never care about me. All I did was go and get my heartbroken. Guys like him are trouble from the start. The only boy I’ll ever trust is Joel. Here I was thinking Jimin actually cared, what a fool I am.

It’s approaching the time of my dinner date with Jimin. He’s probably waiting for me.

But how many girls has he had over today?

I roll over on my bed and pull up Kissanime. The only way to cheer up is to take my mind off of things with some shows and turn my phone off.

I decide later that maybe I should go for a walk instead and clear my mind. I put on my jacket and pants.

“I’m going out for a bit!” I yell half-heartedly.

I’m entering downtown now. So far, the walk hasn’t cheered me up much at all. It’s just made me colder and more irritated by the second.


“Hey who’s the hot chick?” I hear one raspy voice yell to the left of me.

“I don’t know let’s check her out,” the second one’s voice sounds like a snarl.

I turn to see three men around 20 to 25 years old walking towards me. I start to speed away but one gets a vice grip on my right arm and pulls me to him. He grips my face tightly with his spare hand and mumbles, “Gee you sure are a cute one.”

The smell of alcohol. All three reek of it. I try to kick free but the other two grab me too.

“She’s got a nice lil’ body on her too Jack. We could have some fun with this one,” the smallest one snickers.

My heart starts to race, what do I do?

“JIMIN!” I scream at the top of my lungs. Suddenly, the man holding my face is knocked out. The other two, still holding my body, panic and leave. I look to see Jimin, with a facial expression that shook me to my core. His eyes were hard, his face was rough, his whole body was tense with anger. He didn’t seem real. I feared him in that moment. I dropped to my knees and cried out of fear of what could have happened to me.

Jimin went to approach me but I screamed at him to stay back.

He stood firmly. His eyes didn’t meet mine. His razor-sharp glare was on the drunken man on the ground.

You didn’t pick up my calls. You didn’t answer my texts. You weren’t at home. You weren’t with Kate or Joel. How the fuck am I supposed to protect you if I don’t where you are? I take my eyes off of you for two seconds and you repay me by leaving me alone at dinner and almost being killed,” Jimin growled viciously.

“Give me a break, how am I supposed to be protected by you? Protected by you? When you’ve been sleeping with other girls at school at the same time?” I cry, embarrassed to even be feeling this way.

Sleeping with other girls? What braindead gossiping girl did you hear that from?” Jimin shouted.

I sat up and met his eyes. Tears were starting to fall from his face.

“Nami, not even once has my eye drifted to someone else. From the moment I got here, I knew I wanted you. All I know is this, I’m in love with you.” Jimin murmurs as tears continue to silently fall down his cheeks like waterfalls.

My eyes grew large as I saw this strong man in front of me admit his weakness of loving me.

“You’re in love… with me?” I stutter quietly.

“I’m in love with how loud you are, how smart you are, how opinionated you are, the way you smile even when you’re angry, how you beautiful you are inside and out. I’ve been watching you all this time. I never wanted to leave your side. I’ve always wanted you to be mine.”

I raise myself up to Jimin. Our lips met in a warm, touching embrace. Our tears flowed together.

“I was afraid when I saw those guys around you. I was angry. I never want to let anyone hurt you ever again. I promise to never hurt you Nami. Nami… I would die for you.” Jimin whispered in my ear.

My heart grew happy. Looking at this wonderful man who loved me and only me, I could see nothing wrong with my life. He humbled me. He made me a better person. Someone I was proud to be.

He grabbed my hand, turned and shot me his beautiful, sincere smile.

“I have dinner still waiting, let’s go love.”

That’s how my life with Jimin began, always chasing after him; but now, happily doing so.

He lights a cig again, the same way he set my soul on fire.

Inspired by an idea that I stole from my darling @danglingthpider (with permission of course). 

High school AU, fluff, 1.7k. 

“Where you going, gorgeous?

Castiel could barely avoid tripping over his own two feet, his head snapping up from the notes that he’d been studying while walking back to his locker on autopilot. Was that a flirtation?  

When Castiel was confronted with the sight of Dean Winchester casually leaning against the locker next to Castiel’s, his heart threatened to break free from his rib cage. Dean was wearing his trademark smirk, persuasive green eyes gazing in Castiel’s general direction.  

Less than two months ago, Dean had been just ‘the new kid’, but his handsome face had blessed him with instant popularity at Lawrence High. All the girls wanted him, and even Castiel’s friend Charlie, who was only there for the ladies, had pointed out that the Winchester boy must have won some kind of genetic lottery. Castiel wouldn’t deny that he saw the allure as well; Dean often starred in both his actual dreams and his occasional daydreaming.

Foolishly, Castiel suspected that maybe he’d fallen asleep during Biology class, and that this was yet another one of those very realistic dreams. Because this simply couldn’t be happening.

All they did was exchange meaningful looks sometimes, from across the cafeteria or when crossing paths between classes. Still, Castiel had never gathered the courage to talk to Dean, too afraid that the popular boy would turn him down.

Gorgeous. In any case, there was no way that Dean had meant him when he’d said that.

Instinctively, Castiel glanced over his shoulder, and all of the sudden the world made sense again, all of Castiel’s illusions shattered at once. Darting right behind him was Lisa Braeden, warm brown eyes and long dark curls, head cheerleader. Her locker was right next to Castiel’s, meaning that she had to be the one on the receiving end of Dean’s compliment.

“Oh, of course.” Castiel uttered to himself, quickly turning around and averting his eyes, embarrassed by his own naivety.

He decided he’d take his books home with him, not interested in watching Dean’s attempts at wooing Lisa from a front row seat. From the corner of his eye, he did spot how Lisa walked up to Dean, looking thrilled, flashing him her most charming smile.

Stupid, stupid, stupid,  Castiel inwardly cursed himself. He should’ve known that seventeen was too old to still believe in fairy tales.


Awkward, awkward, awkward.

That was the one emotion currently haunting Dean, that single word stuck on repeat. Because how was this his life?

He’d been prepared, he’d had it all planned out, it should’ve gone smoothly. After the last class had ended, he’d been waiting there near the locker that belonged to the dreamy boy with the amazing blue eyes, the plan being to make some small talk, find out what his name was, then ask him out. It hadn’t been the most complicated strategy either, but regardless, Dean had miraculously managed to screw it up.

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Innocence at Hell: Draco Malfoy One Shot {Requested by Anon}

Request: Could you do an imagine where y/n and Draco liked each other and were best friends but they y/n thought it was impossible so she had a boyfriend. And she starts acting weird and missing classes and turned out her boyfriend was beating her often. And she tries to hide the scars and bruises but Draco finds out and got really mad. Something with that plot please<3

A/N: Domestic violence is a reaccuring problem in our world. Innocent people are getting beaten up on a daily basis. It’s such cruelty. If you or a loved one is experiencing any abuse of some sort, please tell someone. If you ever need someone to talk to, my ask box is always open. ♡

Trigger Warning: This one shot contains some detailed abuse. If you are not immune to reading this kind of material within fanfiction, I strongly suggest that you do not read it. 

Your P.O.V

“(Y/N), could you pass the salt please?” Draco asked me. I passed it to him.

I took a look down at his plate and saw the overflowing sea of mashed potatoes. I giggled as he delicately sprinkled the salt onto the mushy mess.

“Need anymore of a mushy crisis?” I teased him while poking my fork into a piece of dry spinach and reaching for my goblet.

“Oh, shut up.” He said back, laughing. Draco scooped up a little bit of the potatoes and pointed it towards me.

“Open up.” He said.

I opened my mouth and the spoon went in, revealing the overly salted and gooey potato to fill my mouth. I gagged a little.

“You alright?” Draco asked, worried. He yanked the spoon out of my mouth and out it down on our houses’ table (which is Slytherin), and examined my face.

“I’m fine.” I lied.

“Good.” He softly smiled. He awkwardly went back to his food as I gulped down pumpkin juice nervously.

I know what you’re thinking, You’re really that vulnerable over a little spoon of mashed potato?

Well, truth is, that is absolutely is not the case. Draco Malfoy, the most hated and feared by the Gryffindors, and the most prized out of all the Slytherin’s, is my best friend. Our fathers work in the Ministry of Magic together. Coincidentally, they both also work in the same department.

Although, my father isn’t really debatable and strict about the whole “Purebloods rule and Muggles need to die” crap. Even though our blood line is pure, we treat everyone the same.

Ironically Draco didn’t seem to mind that. Throughout the countless times I’ve asked him why, he always replies with the same answer.

“There’s something so tolerant about you. You do have massive differences with my perspectives in our world, but there’s something so different and bright about you that’s holding me back. It’s such a strange feeling, but I oddly love it so much.”

Confusing boy, isn’t he?

Throughout the long years of knowing each other, we’ve touched every area that a possible friendship like ours can approach. We’re inseparable. Nothing can come in between us. Trust me, Pansy has tried that so many times in the past.

The most notorious thing about our friendship is that he has me feeling a very special type of way. About 2 years ago, during our fourth year at Hogwarts, I started noticing different things about his presence and his personality.

Draco’s eyes started to glisten in the sunlight, and in the shade of the moon. His smile would light up any room no matter what level of depression it was under. It was unstoppable. His personality began to beam with wonders, and I started to fall desperately into this new and evolved Draco Malfoy.

Sooner or later, I realized something. I realized that these aren’t things that I just found, these are things that have blossomed into the feelings and nature of love. I realized that I fell in love with my best friend, and I didn’t even know it.

Of course, he was the one who didn’t know. He never seemed interested in me, in that way.

It breaks my heart to see him talking with other girls, and with the girls flirting with him. It lets me know even more that I have no chance with him, and that his heart will be taken by one who is more worthy enough to give him love than me.

Unfortunately, a year later after finalizing my feelings for him, I gave up. I turned to another person.

I started seeing a guy named Richard Rixton, a quite popular boy from Ravenclaw.

He caught my eye during a lecture from Professor Trelawny during Divination, twinkling his eyes in such a fashion that I almost fell off my tiny little stool. He was everything I dreamed of in a boy, well, besides Draco. Richard and I went out on our first date a week after meeting. He seemed sweet, and caring, so, I decided to give him a go.

Everything changed a month later.

Richard started getting angry. He started getting angry at the most simplest of things, mostly done by me. He began to control whom I was allowed to hang out with, what time I have to see him, and even what I’m allowed to wear. He became the father no one ever wanted to have.

He even deprived me from my time with Draco. That hurt me enough to resort to such negative thoughts that I don’t even comprehend to this day.

One of his habits is that he likes to curse at me, and call me names. Whenever that we’re alone, Richard would always yank my hair and call me a baby, claiming that his tug wasn’t “strong at all.”

The worst part is that, he became physical with me. Extremely.

He’d also say such bad things about my father and his work with the Ministry. He’d tell me that my father is a good for nothing twat, and that I’m the same exact thing. The things that Richard say would hurt me incredibly deep down inside, and I cousins control it when I sobbed in front of him.

“You dirty little bitch, stop fucking crying!” He would scream into my face, yanking me up by the collar of my robe and slapping me across the face multiple times. I’d continue to cry even more at the pain I was enduring, pleading to God that someone would help me from this massacre.

“I said stop!” Richard would scream at the top of his lungs, smacking me so hard that I would fall to the floor. This was our nightly routine.

I didn’t tell anyone about this. Not even Draco. I couldn’t. I threatened Richard multiple times that I would tell Dumbledore or McGonagall about this situation, but he always threatened back that he would kill me before I said anything.

He even performs the Cruciatus curse on me from time to time.

Draco has become suspicious during some points during this horrifying timeline. He always asks me questions, and stays close to me whenever he can. I’ve made him believe purely that everything is okay and that I’m fine. I feel like such a bad friend to see the smile on his face and knowing that that’s constructed out of lies told by me. I hate myself so much.

Richard and I have now been going out for five months. Multiple scars and bruises have evolved all over my arms and body, providing me thoughts and questions on how I should cover them up. I’ve resorted to wearing many long sleeve sweatshirts and shirts, and wearing my robe during the most unnerving times.

I couldn’t take this anymore. I had to do something-

“(Y/N), why do you wear long sleeves so often now? It’s almost the beginning of summer.” My thoughts were interrupted by the voluminous voice of Draco, whom was finishing the last of his potatoes.

“I-erm-I get cold easily these days. You know, the chills.” I spurt out, nervously fiddling with my fingernails as I bit my lip.

“Really? Because I remember that you said that you hated the heat, and it seems like you’re sweating.” He chuckled, grinning as he softly brushed his hand onto my forehead. I shivered.

“Well yeah, but,” I started to reply back, pulling on my sleeves, making sure the scars and bruises weren’t visible.

“People change.” I said, sternly. My fingers were fidgeting again.

He mumbled a quiet “oh” and awkwardly looked away with an incredibly sad look in his eyes. Draco’s expression let out the sight that he felt and knew that something was wrong, but something was blocking him from finding out.

I was about to say something until I felt someone grab my hand. I looked up.

It was Richard.

He had such a devil like look in his eyes, and his pupils were expanding by the minute. His face was red as a tomato. His veins were easily visible on his forehead, easily poking out. I knew this look too well.

When Richard gave me this look, it meant that I did something wrong. To society, it’s something that could be brushed off and not cared about afterwards. To Richard, it’s as if a bomb had just gone off.

His eyes darted above my head. His face immodestly softened and looked overly innocent. The persona that was present was the sweet, and loving Richard everyone at the school knew. I was the only one who knew about the extremely dark side of him.

Due to the abnormality of seeing a soft expression on his face, I was shocked. His eyes weren’t even on me anymore, it was at Draco.

“Oh, Draco! How lovely to see you this afternoon mate, would you mind if I borrow (Y/N) for a couple minutes? I’m sure it wouldn’t harm a bit.” Richard said, the immobilizing fake tone of innocence splashed all over his face. I cringed and rolled my eyes, causing him to clutch my hand and make me whimper.

I could sense Draco’s eyes on me. I wasn’t looking at him. I was looking at the floor. My back was facing him, while my face was squishing from the pain Richard inflicted onto my arm.

“It’s ok.” Draco said. I could hear the sense of sorrow in his voice. Tears began to well up into my eyes as Richard pulled onto my hand, and led me out into the great hall.

Richard was uncontrollably pulling my arm, causing little yelps on pain to escape from my mouth. While traveling through numerous corridors, tons of looks were given to the both of us from multiple Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. Granger even gave me a look of worry.

Richard led me into a dark, deserted, and dusty corridor. I looked abandoned, and completely filthy. No light was allowed inside, besides the patch of loose built wood peeping beside the window. He let go of my hand and slammed me onto the wall, his hand beside my neck.

“You little slut. Fucking whore, you think that you can talk to other guys without my permission?!” He spat in my face. His teeth were gritted as his grip on my neck tightened.

“I-I-I didn’t-” I started saying. I felt a sharp pain glide across my cheek. I shut up instantly.

“Shut up you little whore! You only speak when I tell you to, is that clear?” He yelled. I nodded.

“What the fuck were you doing talking to that Weasley kid yesterday, huh? Were you fucking him in secret?” He spat, clutching onto my side and making me gasp.

“Answer me!” I yelled. He slapped me across the face again.

“N-No. You should know better than to accuse your girlfriend of such things like that.” I said to him. The pain and fear were mixing together uncontrollably.

“How dare you speak to me like that?!” He shouted. He slapped me multiple times, again. Richard then lifted a bit of my robes up, and shifted his hand under my shirt. His hand began to pinch and twist a bit of skin on my hip. I began to scream in horror and pain, but that only made him pinch harder.

“STOP RICHARD, YOURE HURTING ME!” I screamed out, tears pouring down my face as he continued to pinch my hip ever so hardly, earning multiple slaps from him.

“You seriously think that I care if I hurt you?” He laughed out, twisting the bit of skin in his hand even more.

“I couldn’t care less about you. I told you I loved you just to get into bed with you. You were so desperate to get love, right after Malfoy rejected your sorry fucking ass.” He chuckled evilly, choking me slightly as his hand pinched the other side of my hip.

The thought of Draco made me cry. The thought of him not knowing and blaming himself for all of this makes me feel like I’m the one that’s hurting him, I’m the one that’s causing this whole thing, and worst of all, that I deserve this pain. I deserve everything.

Richard threw me onto the ground. My nose hit the stone cold floor, causing it to bleed. I screamed out in pain even more. I knew it was broken.

I looked up to meet the sight of him pulling out his wand. His eyes were flaming again. I knew what was going to happen.

“No,no. Please, Richard, I beg you-”

“Shut up, you filthy cunt! You fucking deserve this pain. You’re nothing but a foul whore. That’s all you’ll ever be. No one will love you, (Y/N). Remember that.” He spat out to me, his grip on his wand becoming tighter.

My nose started to hurt tremendously. I cried out in pain while holding my nose, thinking that it could be some way to heal it. Blood was dripping uncontrollably, and I started to feel dizzy.

“P-Please Richard, Please-”

CRUCIO!” He shouted.

I screamed in agony and pain. It was unbearable. It felt as if the bones from my feet had gone up to my stomach, and my legs had twisted into the other direction. My insides were twisting and turning, and churning into the heat that was the curse. My head started pounding tremendously, while blood was seeping out of my nose.

I couldn’t take it. I felt like I was dying. I couldn’t do anything about it. I had to just sit there, and take the punishment. The punishment that I didn’t even deserve.

I’m dying.

The force of the curse had only gotten stronger from the pleads of pain escaping my body, almost burning up in fear as it approached it’s maximum power. I screamed and cried, desperately yelping for some one to help me.

“No one will save you, (Y/N). You’re trapped.” Richard whispered into my ear, lunging his wand closer to me, causing the curse to become even more powerful.

I knew I was going to die. This was it.

EXPELLIARMUS!” I heard someone scream. I heard Richard gasp.

PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!” I heard the the person say again. I felt a loud thud against the ground.

I felt an arm snake around my hips as another snaked around my legs, lifting me up and speeding me down the corridor. I met with the sight of Draco. I soon realized that he was the one that stopped Richard from nearly killing me.

He saved my life.

“H-How did you find me?” I asked, my breathing becoming a bit hard. My eyesight went a bit fuzzy.

“I was worried about you, and the look of Rixton’s face when he took you. I heard the noise and I found you.” Draco said, panting.

“(Y/N), you’ll be okay. We’ll be at the hospital wind anytime now.” He reassured me. He was running through multiple corridors, until he finally arrived at the wing, meeting the sight of an extremely baffled Madam Pomfry.

“W-What happened to (Y/N), Mr. Malfoy?” Pomfry asked, helping him carry me to the closest empty bed. She immediately put a wet towel on my forehead and offered me water.

“I’ll explain later. I’m going to Dumbledore. I think I have something that he’d like to hear.” Draco said in a serious tone. I was shocked, he always despised Dumbledore and his actions. Why is he going there now?

Before Madam Pomfry could say anything, he quickly kissed my cheek and ran out.

“I’ll see you soon, love. Everything will be okay.” He said to me before running out.

At that moment, I blacked out.

Royalty (Ashton)

(I saw this picture and for some reason it just reminded me of the prince!5sos imagines that people have done so I decided to try it out for myself!)

Requested: No

Word Count: 2k+

Summary: Ashton is a royal from a kingdom not too far away and despite your equally high status, the two of you had never met, until now.

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