i officially ship these two


met vanessa marshall today and had her sign my beautiful kanan and hera print from @kaelacroftart (she thought it was lovely~!!) and i told her how much i loved hera and kanan!!! and esp looking forward to the kanan x hera moments in s4!! i also said i jokingly refer to hera as my Space Mom and she was like “Yes! Hera is Space Mom and she and Kanan are Space Married.” and i was internally screaming i’m so fucking dead (she also said I looked awesome w my costume and i’m just y  a ssssss thank u space mom) 

also had a chance to meet pablo hidalgo and had him sign the amazing propaganda book! told him i really loved it since I’m a graphic designer and he was happy to hear i enjoyed it so much!! i also mentioned how much i enjoyed the Rogue One Visual Guide and all the extra info on Baze and Chirrut and he was like ‘yeah they’re awesome!! did you read Greg Rucka’s novel??’ and i was like ‘YES MULTIPLE TIMES’ and we were both like ‘yessss Rucka did an excellent job’ also he seems like such a cool dude

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ok but so imagine how computers get hot you get to cuddle with an monic space heater, and honestly it would be pretty uncomfortable what with all the metal and pipes and hard edges but. Imagine monic sweaters that were thick and squishy specifically for snuggly time. ok that's all, I love your art!


So well I think if you are in a relationship with a metal based entity you would have to be somewhat into the metal surface, but a good onmic significant other would probably also be very aware of his sharp edges around his squishy gf.

For some reason the couple from the Alive short are becoming the most adorkable and pure pair in my history of ships. >_> help.

Every now and then I think I’ve finally gotten over the undertale fandom and then @unrestedjade‘s reborntale fic sends me straight back to hell

  • Me: I ship rosvolio but I totally understand if you prefer another ship ☺
  • Also me: HAHAHAHAHA does your ship bring each other to a brothel because they need precious information?? Does your ship call each other by their "House" name? Does your ship have the"I pretend to hate you when in reality,I like you very very much " trope?? Is your ship related to Romeo and Juliet? Does your ship run away on horses in the middle of the night when that same day, they were PRETENDING to hate each other ??? Yeah, no...

Since I’ve experienced so much attitude in my time at Mode, I’d like to posit an observation: One thing that is often lost in the changing of an attitude is the cause for that change. This is best understood when you consider attitudes on a personal level. I ask you, dear reader, to think back to a time when you experienced a major shift in your life. Was it an external change, something that happened outside of you, and forced a change of attitude to help you adapt to the future? Perhaps you saw a friend demonstrate a prowess that cast her in a new light. Heck, maybe it was as simple as your friend getting a makeover. Or perhaps that friend was undergoing her own life change, one in which she would no longer be present in your life, compelling you to make your own change to keep her in it, even if it were in a new context.

Just as important: Maybe the change was an internal one. Maybe you realized you were no longer interested in maintaining your status quo. Perhaps you wanted to try new challenges not only in your professional life, but also in your personal one. Or maybe one day something just changed inside you in the way you saw that good friend, causing you to want her to be more than, well, just a friend.

—  extract from Daniel Meade’s final letter from the editor.
You know one thing I really love about Hamilton fans??

It’s that most of us are really respectful of each other. From what I’ve seen we all just go about our business and talk about these characters and people. There aren’t any feuds about ships. I think everyone just kinda ships everything. Like we all have our favorite ship but we also love all the others too. Am I the only one that feels this way?? Is there a secret underground Hamilton feud I’m not aware of??

I really love the fact that Virus and Trip are canonly only 3cm apart (182cm for Virus and 185cm for Trip), but the official art is just like 

(Hello NoiCle)

I mean look at how tall Trip is compared to Virus and Aoba. And he’s bending forward.

On most of the other art they’re sitting so it’s harder to tell, but most of the time there’s more than 3cm between them and I like it.

So yeah, basically, I now feel compelled to exagerate their height difference and no one can to stop me

You know, I see official art of two people or more of my ship and I get angry. Because how can they NOT be gay. Like, the its OFFICIAL ART. It’s not like fan art, this came straight from the creators themselves and they make them seem so cute together and interact in the funniest/cutest ways. It like:

Creators: Oh! How about we design these two smiling sweetly at each other in a loving way, or glance knowingly at the same time to each other!

Me: Aw! They are so cute!

Creators: But they aren’t dating in any kind of way

Me: *is pissed and cries, but saves it anyways because you need it to live*

I need serious help you guys…