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I have a black cat with fangs that are oddly long, they protrude out of his mouth and almost to his chin. the only way I know how to describe it is like a Sabertooth lion (just not as huge/crazy). someone told me that that was a sign that something was wrong with my cat. is that true?

no lol, its not that uncommon and he’s perfectly healthy. so long as it doesn’t affect his daily life or stop him from eating i wouldn’t say its a problem


You got the cure
Underneath your shirt
Don’t you wanna save this
Dirty little damsel?

Love O2O

I think the heroine possesses more chill than any drama character I have ever seen. Her “rage” mode involves calmly explaining things and then walking away.

It’s oddly soothing. Like the perfectly airbrushed makeup on everyone- avatar or real.

I just blazed through four episodes it’s adorable.

So far everytime a problem arises I think “Yeah Wei Wei probably isn’t going to get riled up.” And she doesn’t. Either because her online gaming experience has taught her not to waste energy on stupid people, or, equally likely, Wei Wei is the kind of smart creative person who would come up with a retaliation you would never see coming.


Ok this has bothered me for years and I have NO idea if someone’s thought this before but…Let me share my theory with you.

So jack randomly says this at the very beginning of episode one of the show:

“I was born many years ago in a log cabin in the woods. I don’t even remember exactly where but I do remember I wanted a pony. Never got a pony. As a matter of fact, we had to eat horse meat during the war. I had a problem with that.”

What an oddly specific thing to have him say! And then never mention or hint at again!

So wait?? Which war did Jack spend his childhood?? There was no war in the physical United States at the time he would have been a kid… (Judging by Jack’s use of the phrase ‘bogus’ and Maddie’s hair, they were in college in the 80s making them kids in the 60s/70s)

After combing through a list of wars from 1950 to the present I finally found a promising war, The Ireland Troubles, which took place between 1968 and 1998. Perfect years for Jack to have been a child during the conflict! And there are forests in Northern Ireland making the terrain work.

Obviously the next step was to search his last name. Guess what? Fenton is an Irish last name.

So my headcannon/fan theory is that Jack spent part of his early childhood in N. Ireland during the Troubles. Since he barely remembers where they lived it’s safe to say he was very small when they moved to America, thus young enough to lose that accent, but not too young to not have memories of the hard times.

So the next time you watch Danny Phantom, remember, Jack Fenton. 

Maybe you’ll even over analyze his every move, like me. lol

America loosing it when s/o tugs his cowlick and other with the same:

America/Alfred F. Jones-
It’d been an accident, you swore up and down as you released the small lock. When you tugged it, you’d just been trying to smooth it down. You had no idea why he’d reacted so…oddly. America sputtered and slapped your hand away, trying to make you release it. But after he had a strange…urge. One he couldn’t seem to push away.
“Alfred I said I‘m so-” But you went allowed to finish, he kissed you, stealing the words away.
Canada/Matthew Williams -
“No!” Matthew yelled as you reached for the stray hair, which of course made you jump. He never raised his voice, especially not to you.
“Damn Mattie, what‘s the problem? It‘s just hair.” You’d been having the argument for an hour now, and every time you went to resolve it he shoved you away. But not his time, instead you decided to be sneaky. You calmed down and stopped reaching, instead locking your eyes with his own. You gave him a sweet peck and held his side, trying to comfort him. When he finally melted into you, you went for the kill shot. You twirled the small strand around your finger, and everything changed. Very suddenly your sweet Mattie had you on your back, one hand cupping your thigh and wrapping your leg around his waist. It seemed he really didn’t know where it came from, but he didn’t care. He locked your mouths once more, only this time you could feel the heat. After taking your breath away he moved to your ear, and whispered hoarsely.
“You really shouldn’t have done that…” He bit the bottom of your lobe, you questioned just what you’d gotten yourself into.
(I may or may not be in love with Canada and that‘s why it‘s so long)

North Italy/Feliciano Vargas-
“Bella!” Feliciano squeaked, batting your hand from his disheveled locks. It was early morning and you were just trying to smooth it all down.
“Just let me get this one part.” You ignored his cry’s and brushed your fingers around the sides of his face. He relaxed after you slowed the movements, he found it almost comforting. That was until you plucked the large curl and giggled, thinking it cute. A soft moan escaped his lips. He looked horrified but you just looked confused.
“Did you…like that?” You smirk was a little cockeyed, you’d just learned a nice new fact. And it’d be kept it locked in the fault, this could be fun.

South Italy/Lovino Vargas-
You’d discovered this at the wrong time, in a sense. You were already having a sweet make out session on the couch while Spain was away. Romano was currently biting on your lower lip, making you jolt and whimper beneath him. When he bit just a little too hard your hand bolted for his hair, in case you needed to pull him back. Your fingers slipped around his curl, and he halted. A very serious look took him over, his lips creasing into a straight line.
“Let. Go.” He demanded, not so much angry as cautionary. But you didn’t listen, you’d been curious about this for some time now, and how mad could he possible get for an ’accident’? While looking in his eyes you tugged the strand, earning a harsh buck of his hips into your own. He groaned deeply into your neck and you into the thick air.
“You‘re in so much trouble.” He growled and pinning your arms above your head, intent on punishing such a disobedient lover.    

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*curtsies* Dearest Duke I was wondering if you see any play writing in your future? I know plays are a whole different ball game from novels, but I imagine your background and talent could bring you far.

*curtsies* I’m actually really not great at writing plays. Weird, right? You’d think with my theatre/writing experience that would be ideal. But I think in this case it’s actually a problem of being oddly overqualified–because when I try to write a play I’m like trying to be an actor and a director and a prose fiction writer all at the same time and it just comes out a mess. I might try it again someday, but I don’t have anything specific in mind for anytime soon.

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I'm somehow very good. Did a math test a couple of days ago and I for the first time felt like a smart kid that had no problems with math ever in their life which never happens?!!!!?? How it did I still don't know. OOH and I bought knee high socks for the first time because I wanted them for quite a while now anD NOW I HAVE THEM AND I FEEL ODDLY HAPPY FOR NO BIG REASONS - Dutch anon

I’m sure you did just fine!!! I’ve got faith in you homie!!!!!

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I would really recommend looking for a Lyme literate doctor in your area and testing again. You may not have lyme in the end, but there's a large chance of a false negative and I got weird temperature issues and pain before I got diagnosed with Lyme so it just sounds familiar to me. Best of luck!! <3

I’ve been tested numerous times. I dunno that they’d all come back false negative like that. Like every time I have blood work my PCP checks for lyme’s disease. I mean, maybe. But oddly enough, I just got put on longterm doxycycline for a completely and utterly different problem so like…if I feel better overall then I’ll bring it up again. 

Ask Me Anything

Why DO the Gerudo ban men from their towns?

I mean, they explain that Gerudo rarely give birth to males, so you’d think they’d WANT dudes around for breeding purposes. But instead, they ban men from their towns, and whe Gerudo women get married, they have to leave the town. They can come and go as they please, but they can’t live there anymore.

Oddly enough, though, they don’t have a problem letting Goron men into their town.

… Are there even Goron women? There are Goron children, there HAVE to be Goron women… Dude, where do Gorons come from?


…. A bunch of Reigens! Click to enlarge.

I drew these to cheer me up. These are all my recent random thoughts (lol you can maybe see that I have been alone for two weeks). I wanted to give these thoughts to Reigen to add some hilarity to them. This was so amusing (and oddly therapeutic), this could be my new art project, haha! (I’M SORRY REIGEN!! Now you must suffer the self-consciousness awkwardness and sweating problems. Wait, I guess you already have that latter one)

(Reigen wears a skirt much better than I do tbh)

guess who was supposed to wake up super early to write 2 papers but instead turned their alarm off instead of snoozing and woke up too late to do 2 papers before a class!

oddly specific, but, essentially, i’m skipping class again and i hate myself, also i have a huge puffy eyelid and i’m tired of having fucking eye problems

“Watching you do that was almost physically painful.”

“I’m ashamed at what I did. What can I do to make it up to?”

“I don’t know why I even ask anymore- all you ever do is say no.”

“My sleep schedule is always changing and honestly, it’s a pain to deal with.”

“You, my friend, have oddly specific problems.”

“I don’t know how you didn’t notice the entire time.”

💚// Ok, just so nobody thinks I’ve forgotten about them: I’m gonna answer the opinion memes & the sinday/fluff/etc ones - if you’re thinking “he probably isn’t gonna answer it because our characters wouldn’t click or something” the answer is probably no. I’m just having a bad time of it mentally & also some of my physical problems are rearing their ugly heads again. So they’ll be really…… oddly timed, probably, but if you’re reading this, yes I saw your ask & I intend to answer it.

Angsty DirkJake Superhero AU™ (part ½ prob)

Warnings for: human experimentation, a forced kiss, and general villainous city-destroying, nemesis-tying-up, torture-threatening douchebaggery.

Also I’m oddly going to do something social tonight so Problem Stuck has been rescheduled for tomorrow, since I can’t post-n’-go and have to actually, you know, be around to draw/write/run it.


“Hello, ‘The Incredible Mr. English,’” a voice calls. You’re just coming back to consciousness—head throbbing and world fuzzy beyond unspectacled pupils. Your supersuit feels sweltering beneath durable restraints across your limbs and chest. There is a headlight placed blindingly above. You squint up at it.

“Or should I say, Jake Harley.”

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Pangea Human Review

So I spent the night at @kai-ni ’s house and because I am a willing test participant I have offered to sample three of the flavors of Pangea Crested Gecko Diet that she has. And because this is for science I am recording my findings, because it’s only science if you write it down.

Banana and Papaya- Surprisingly this tastes like neither banana nor papaya. It does have a vaguely fruity taste, though it’s mostly masked by this weird chalky-protein-y taste. The aftertaste was pretty atrocious and stuck around for a surprisingly long time before fading.

Watermelon and Mango- The fruit flavor is much more distinct on this one. I can kind of taste the watermelon. The weird aftertaste problem I had with the first one isn’t nearly as prevalent. Still not sure that I’d use the word “pleasant” to describe it, though.

Pangea with Insects- Surprisingly, this one isn’t terrible. It’s oddly flavorless if anything. The weird kind of protein-y taste is back, which is to be expected I suppose. It isn’t very chalky but not particularly flavorful, which I have to say I’m thankful for.

Now I’m going to eat some gummy bears to get the taste out of my mouth.

Jill's comments on Brynn

In tonight episode of DM we hear Jill say, ‘why can’t Brynn have a brain?’ Oddly enough, today in class we had to do an essay about double speak. If you don’t know what doublespeak is, let me break it down to you and explain why I have a problem with Jill and her extensions little outburst tonight.

Doublespeak is language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Their are four types of doublespeak but let’s focus on the one Jill used which is euphemism. People use euphemism to soften a statement so that their message does not sound harsh and unrelenting. So Jill saying, “Why can’t Brynn use her brain?” Is basically her calling Brynn stupid.

The reason Jill didn’t outright say stupid is to make what she said sound less harsh than what it actually was. So that people might think Ashlee was in the wrong instead of Jill. So we didn’t compare her to Abby. Honestly, what Jill said is right up on the list of Abby mocking Chloe’s eye, Maddie’s teeth, and Kalani’s weight and Kira mocking Ava’s appearance. What Jill did was blow something little out of proportion and use it as an excuse to call out Brynn.

I’ve stated multiple times that I don’t think any of the moms are jealous of any of the other girls even Jill. I think a lot of times they were frustrated with Abby’s treatment of certain kids over their own over their kids (like when Maddie forgot her solo and Abby seemed to be crying more about it then Maddie was or when Abby have Chloe the solo for nationals despite Chloe not winning the week before) and it sometimes resulted in them blowing up. But I sincerely believe Jill is jealous of Brynn because Brynn poses a threat to Kendall. Brynn’s not gonna replace Kendall but Abby will spend more time with her over Kendall.

Jill is desperate to have her daughter be Abby’s number two girl and Brynn being there makes it more difficult for Kendall to hold that position. And that angers Jill. She wants Kendall to be like Brynn dance wise and Kendall isn’t. That pisses Jill off. I tire of Jill’s shenanigans. She either on a rampage in cowboy hat or yelling at children. I’m gonna need Jill to have a tall glass of shut the fuck up.


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Damon X Reader.

Reader feeds with Damon after becoming a vampire. This is part two to Turning. I just liked the idea so much I felt it needed another part. Hope you liked it and thank you much for reading! :) 


It’s been months since I turned and I’m oddly okay. Thanks to Damon I have not killed anyone which is amazing. My main problem is braking things but I have not broken anything a two weeks which is wonderful. Mainly what has helped with the hunger is training. If I thought I was a good hunter before I’m the best now.

I slowed my morning run when I got to Damon’s house. I may live here but I still see it as his home. Walking threw the door I pulled the headphones out of my ears and wrapped them around my neck.

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On a serious work-related note for a moment, I just want to talk about animal shelters and the non-expected animals in them, i.e. not cats and dogs.

We always have a plentiful supply of rabbits and ferrets (some areas have “wild ferret problems” Swansea is one, oddly. I am aware there are those who consider this an incorrect use of the word ‘problem’). We also have birds, frequently, and all sorts of other rodents. This is because, although these animals get donated to us, very few people think of getting rescues among these species.

I’ve done this. You think of rescue centres and you think of cats and dogs. “Budgies” does not occur. Nor “rats”. When people want these animals, they either go to a breeder or they go to a pet shop. They don’t think of rescuing one. I think that needs changing.

But, also, when people sign up to volunteer at shelters, we have a huge overabundance of people wanting to walk dogs or socialise cats, and no one ever wants to volunteer to socialise the rats or the rabbits or the ferrets or the birds (or, indeed, clean them out; but if you volunteer at a shelter you’ll be doing that anyway, wherever you get put for the day.)

Like, right now, we have a parrot. When I first arrived, we had an African Grey. We’ve got two rats. We’ve got a handful of budgies and cockatiels. We’ve got about twelve ferrets.

None of these get the socialisation they need. The sad fact is, shelter workers push themselves to the limit each day just to make sure everything is clean, fed and medicated. There literally isn’t time for the Animal Care Assistants to do all of the socialising that they’d want, and that the animals need. This is a particular problem for the rats and the parrot, because their high intelligence means they’re bored out of their skulls. Which means they become less and less socialised - less and less suited to being pets - and then fewer people would want them anyway, and the vicious cycle continues.

Anyway, I have two points I would like to make out of this:

  1. If you’re thinking of buying a new pet, regardless of species - no matter how unusual, even if it’s the Pygmy Shrew or a tortoise or the lesser striped manticore or something - please check local shelters first. It may well be there’s nothing to suit you. As much as I’m advocating you look, I am absolutely not advocating that you definitely get something from a shelter regardless of suitability, because the last thing anyone needs is an animal being brought back again because the owners couldn’t get on with it. But make it the first place you check, that’s all.

  2. If you are someone who has experience with pets who are birds, rodents, reptiles, unicorns, anything that’s not a cat or a dog - please consider volunteering at your local shelter, and offering your services. Talk to a parrot for an hour. Give a budgie some puzzles. Play with some rats for an hour. Throw squeaky dog toys for ferrets for an hour (they love that). Let rabbits climb on you. Whatever.


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What would jack look like if he actually looked like a jackal insted of a dog?

This is quite an interesting ask, and this’ll be quite fun to do.

I admit it that I did mistake Jack for some sort of floppy-eared Corgi instead of a Jackal, his mother didn’t look like a Jackal either, she looked more like a Wallaby, oddly.

Time to pull out some reference images of Jackals:

1 2

Notable features: Long snout, triangular ears, golden brown coat with a dark grey and white pattern down its back. long bushy tail, white underbelly.

Fixed some of the anatomy problems especially the arms, except the legs which I can’t figure out how many joints are in there.

Tried out two versions with one having pointy ears and the other one floppy ear.

Not really an analysis post, but still this was quite fun to do and interesting to see Jack being drawn after an actual Jackal.