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So much salt it could fill an ocean: my not-so-luzly thoughts on JJ pulling a whoopsie

So Reygate is still ongoing. At its current pace it shows no signs of stopping and is poised to consume the whole internet like a black hole of hysteria. Hence this is a current event I’ll prob have to comment on again sometime in the future.

Work is so busy atm I’m basically bleeding from my eyeballs and writing this during my break. So this post will be short, disjointed, and severely lacking in depth. I apologize preemptively. During what free time I could find, I’ve been watching the Reygate drama unfold on multiple sites. The fallout is immense. Tumblr is melting down. Forums are melting down. Twitter is melting down and people are out for JJ’s blood. I have not seen this level of existential angst since Jar Jar Binks first graced the big screen, and I’ve gotta say: if JJ’s comments were designed to “generate interest” (why would you want to generate interest this way, there was already a TON and this drama is overshadowing Rogue One), then this has probably gotta be The Stupidest Viral Marketing Campaign to ever Viral Market. All it’s seemed to have done is give JJ a headache and put him in an untenable position. His clarification exacerbated this.

Lo, my disjointed thoughts:

I’m not going to cover the sequence of events that have transpired over the past 24hrs because I don’t have the time for it. Other people have already done it. You can find one such transcription of said events here.

I will add my 2¢ on the comments themselves, because i think the context behind them matters.

JJ’s original comment on Rey’s parents:

“Rey’s parents are not in Episode VII,” he told the audience. “So I can’t possibly say in this moment who they are. But I will say it is something that Rey thinks about, too.”

JJ’s clarification on Rey’s parents, from the same EW! article:

UPDATE: After the Q&A, EW caught up with J.J. Abrams and he clarified his comments. The director says he was only trying to point out that The Force Awakens builds up the mystery of Rey’s parents without resolving it. “What I meant was that she doesn’t discover them in Episode VII. Not that they may not already be in her world,” Abrams said.

So, some things:

  • The question “who are Rey’s parents” was asked by a child. This happened in a live audience, with live reaction times, so as stated I think the notion that JJ’s original statement was a marketing/deceptive ploy is kind of suspect. Pablo’s tweet and Daisy’s trolling erode this notion even further:
  • Tbh JJ’s original statement comes off as too truthful to me, and too straightforward, which is probably why he had to backtrack. Like I look at that statement and I see the sort of thing you would say to a child. The sort of avoiding-outright-saying-the-truth way of speaking that will confuse a 12 year old, but is easy enough for adults to put two and two together. That’s exactly what happened, and both fans/skeptics came to the same conclusion (initially). Honestly I’m more interested in Daisy’s cats at the moment, because shit is going down there and I hope she doesn’t get in trouble for it.

#Bless the Salt, #Cat’s out of the bag

JJ’s clarification is weird, but also laughable doublespeak. I’m gonna break it down as succinctly as I can:

The director says he was only trying to point out that The Force Awakens builds up the mystery of Rey’s parents without resolving it.

We already knew this. TFA already did this, purposely. It is literally THE topic everyone’s been discussing since TFA dropped. So him restating it is basically meaningless. It doesn’t detract from his original statement or take away from the fact that he outright said “Rey’s parents are not in Episode VII.”

I always say there’s intent - what you plan to put into a statement - and then the reception to that intent, and how it’s perceived. If you put something out there that is that straightforward and that blatant, saying something we already knew (i.e. “TFA builds up the mystery of Rey’s parents without resolving it) will not negate the first except by saying “I was high on PCP, your honor.” I mean these are two separate things.

“What I meant was that she doesn’t discover them in Episode VII. Not that they may not already be in her world,” Abrams said. 

So “she doesn’t discover them” can be taken multiple different ways, and at this point its pretty much pick-your-poison. Once again, its one of those blatant doublespeak phrases that’s not giving us anything we didn’t know before.

  • “She didn’t discover them” could mean Rey’s met them, but hasn’t “discovered them” yet (i.e. clued in), but with the “Rey’s parents are not in Episode VII” comment, Pablo’s tweets about Kylo, and Daisy trolling, I find this highly doubtful.
  • It could also mean Rey hasn’t physically discovered her parents yet, or they’re people mentioned in the Star Wars EU (think books and tie-ins), but not the movies themselves.
  • It could also mean Rey is Rey Rey Binks, granddaughter of a unicorn, for all we know (at this point). Again, nothing new here except doublespeak.

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  • “Not that they may not already be in her world“ could either mean the world of Star Wars as a whole, someone we’ve met in passing, or again, someone from the EU. 
  • At this point I’m not too concerned about any of this. I have very low expectations for Star Wars to begin with, but JJ’s secondary comment screams of damage control, so I’m kinda meh on the whole thing.
  • I feel like JJ’s been put on a sacrificial altar for saying this, though, because his second comment places him in an untenable position. No matter what happens now, he’ll be accused of pulling another Khan. If Rey actually is a Skywalker, his comment “Rey’s parents are not in Episode VII” will be used as an example of him lying about an obvious plot device in bad faith. No one will ever believe him after this.
  • If Rey isn’t a Skywalker, his clarification will be seen as an unnecessary obfuscation of the facts in order to generate buzz (in bad faith). Again, no one will ever believe him after this, either.
  • Poor JJ. I feel for ya, man.
  • Pablo, I feel for ya too. You have the patience of a saint.
  • Daisy, your troll training with Mark Hamill is coming along nicely. #The Salt is Strong with this one, and I am pleased.

Lo, more disjointed (completely inane) thoughts:

  • There is literally so much salt right now that it could drown an ocean

This gif:

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  • No matter what anyone says or does, professional or fan, believer or skeptic, opinions are now so entrenched that no one will be swayed until #stuff happens on screen. Pablo called us on it.
  • E! has a Bothan spy amongst us. Show yerself.

For those of you who raged that Rey “not being a Skywalker” means that there’s no Skywalker in Star Wars, and JJ has committed the #Sin of All Sins, #how dare he do this, may I present to you Kylo “My Middle Name is Ashes” Ren:

Literal Skywalker, canon nephew of Luke, and Grandson of Anakin/Vader through his mother. #Stop downplaying matrilineal bloodlines 2k16

(Thanks to my fellow salt miner for the pic).

  • For the reylos: I get the saltiness, considering the sort of reception reylo gets online. I really do. I’ve see a few people purposely invading the other tags though, just to crow about this. Ngl I have mixed feelings about this tactic.
  • On one hand I get the anger 100%, but on the other we’ve been dealing with tag invasion for months, and it’s not fun. It’s kind of miserable. I’m of the mind that you don’t respond to the wambulance unless the wambulance comes bursting through your front door, demanding you do x, y and z in your own home. So like, I think its okay to point out the lulz, a la this video, but purposely seeking people out is kind of meh. THAT SAID: I don’t aim to police how you express your anger, and I get it. This is simply my personal opinion after watching salt all day. So like, ya’ll continue to do you. It just ain’t my cup of tea, I guess I’m saying.
  • Contrary to the insults that have been hurled my way in the past 24hrs, I am not a Rey Kenobi stanner, nor am I doing/saying any of this for shipping purposes. I’m an EU fan and humble salt miner who happens to be open to all “Rey X” theories that make narrative sense (I’ve covered why I don’t think Rey Skywalker/Solo would before). Those are my true Star Wars factions.
  • When the Ep 8 team said they’re going to “take risks” I wonder if this is what they meant. If Rey not being a Skywalker IS the risk, because honestly the fallout from one off-handed comment by JJ is reaching legendary levels. It will make Fandom Wank history.

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That’s all for now.