i obviously have a thing for oval shapes

Things I noticed from "The Answer"

•Obviously Garnet’s original design was way different. To me, it looked more like what you’d expect a fusion to be: a direct mash-up of two characters traits. (Multicolored hair, aspects from both outfits) my theory on this is the more you fuse/ more time you spend fusing, the more you form you own identity. (I.e. Garnet having a more original outfit)

•Pearl’s pearl appeared more “rounded” to me. My theory on this is during the Gem War, since Pearl poofed so many times to save Rose, her gem became more oval-shaped, and “defective.” (Jasper saying “some lost defective Pearl.”)

•I believe Blue Diamond had her own Pearl, with her gem on her stomach. My theory is only very important gems have Pearls, making them “fancy servants.”

•Additionally, Blue Diamond’s Pearl’s pearl was completely round, backing up my previous “defective due to reforming” theory.

•There are classes of Gems, as Ruby was a common soldier, but Sapphire was a rare aristocratic. Diamonds are obviously the highest class (that we know of) while Pearls serve higher class gems.

•Rose Quartz was referred to as “Rose Quartz” and not Pink Diamond like many fan theories thought. Although, the theory could still stand, as it is possible that after Rose rebelled she was stripped of her “Diamond” title.

•Blue Diamond’s gem shape is different from that of the blue gem found in the lighthouse, which many thought was Blue Diamond, possibly ruling out that the lighthouse gem was Blue Diamond.

•Sapphire had a Blue Diamond insignia similar to Lapis Lazuli’s, possibly meaning Lapis is under the authority of Blue Diamond.

•The three Rubies fusing into one bigger Ruby confirms that if 3 of the same gems fuse, they only get bigger, not change design. Also, the similar personalities and unchanged design of the Ruby fusion could mean that all Gems of the same Gem act the same under normal circumstances.