i obviously fell in love with david when i watched this

Musical Screening Q&A

 HUGE thanks to @jjosh-lyman​ / johnsfkennedys (twitter) for sending me her audio recording from the post-screening q&a. ** Please note: the first few minutes are missing and I transcribed this to the best of my abilities **

1. What’s it like working with Ginny?

Josh: It’s been… It’s been.. What has it been?

Ginny: Magical? (Audience laughs)

Josh: (laughs) It’s been magical.  No, it has, it’s been–

Ginny: The best thing that’s ever happened to you! (Audience laughs)

Josh: It’s been, it has been a magical situation. You’re working with another actor who knows you so well. You can be very vulnerable, you can be very open, you can be very brave, you can do all those kinds of things. So yeah, it’s a real gift.

Moderator: I’m feeling the feels, y’all, are you?

2. What is your favorite Disney character or movie?

Adam: This will sound phony, but it is Snow White. (Audience goes aw) 

Ginny: Right answer again!

Adam: It’s true!

Josh: I’m really glad we came to you.

Adam: It was the first movie that I remember seeing as a child and it clearly made an impression.

Ginny: I really like Zootopia because of um– (Audience laughs - can’t hear the rest of her answer) An equally savvy answer would be that we’re very partial to Winnie the Pooh. Pooh was my very first boyfriend and Josh, here, read the entire first Winnie the Pooh book to my belly when I was pregnant with my eldest and that was the first movie that Oliver saw. Then we accidentally bought Sterling Holloway’s house and he was Winnie the Pooh (note: he was the voice actor), so that’s kind of a crazy story. So yeah, Pooh’s got a whole thing. There’s a whole three-line of Pooh in our lives.

Josh: Or we stalk him. (Audience laughs)

Moderator: How about you, David?

David: I am fond of Maleficent and the whole Sleeping Beauty thing.

Moderator: Eddy?

Eddy: I’m gonna go with Alice in Wonderland and just because I like it. (Audience laughs)

3. Back to the musical, even though the songs are new and original, do you take inspiration from the Disney characters the actors portray?

Adam: It’s more like we’ve taken inspiration from the way our actors have realized these characters on the show. You know, we use the disney movies and animated films as a jumping off point, but every one of them has made it their own. So when we started this process, they sat down with Alan and Michael and we really all tried to work together to tailor everything specifically to who these characters are on our show and those guys did an amazing job with the songs and these guys did alright singing them. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: The idea was each episode has the tone of the character so a Snow/Charming episode is different than a Rumple. I think Alan and Michael really captured kind of the character, they were fans of the show, and then the tone & inspiration for each one.

David: Also it was about returning to a S1 feel for all of these characters, which speaks to how we were introduced to them and what the actors brought to those characters, kinda going to really the heart of when we met them and putting it into song.

Moderator: Awesome. So deep. (Audience laughs)

4. For Josh & Ginny, if you could be any other character besides the one you play currently on OUAT, who would it be?

Josh: I’ve always said Rumplestiltskin for sure. Just because Bobby, the actor, gets to play such a huge range. I just think that would be a whole lot of fun.

Ginny: I would be Henry because I wouldn’t have to wear a wig and that would be the closest I would ever get to playing Harry Potter. (Audience laughs)

5. What’s your Disney favorite ride or attraction?

Ginny: Haunted Mansion.

Josh: Pirates.

Eddy: Pirates! Haunted Mansion too, it’s close.

Josh: I also like Indiana Jones.

Adam: It’s a tie between Pirates and Star Tours. There’s like 94 possibilities.

(Someone said Space Mountain - can’t tell who. Maybe David.)

Eddy: The Buena Vista Commissary. There’s a salad bar like right down Dopey Ave. (Audience laughs)

6. Which characters were the most exciting to create a song for?

Josh: (clears throat loudly) Answer honestly!

Alan & Michael (note: I can’t tell which is which): I mean, Zelena was… Yeah.

Josh: Alright, nice to see you (note: I assume he gets up halfway as a joke)

A&M: We had to test you there.

Eddy: It’s hard to say who.. It’s like your favorite child.

Ginny: Us obviously. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: I think, for us, it was really just exciting to do as many as we could. You know, I think we weren’t sure how many songs we could take on, we weren’t sure we could do any of it and, you know, literally these guys wrote 7 original songs and they started meeting in December so… if you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, Alan & Michael~

Moderator: Anything to add, David?

David: Nope. (Audience laughs)

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Scandal Review 6.02- 'Careful What You Wish For, Love.'

Oh this episode will go down as one of my favorites for many, many, many reasons that I will explain later. I decided to do this review different only do to this episode being filled with such goodness nearly every scene. This is a complete scandal episode review from every scene that I loved.

We start this episode off at the Republican National Convention where Mellie is giving her speech about women having a seat at the table that was once exclusive for men only. The speech makes an impression on everyone but more so Marcus who is moved to tears by Mellie’s speech….* sips tea* Marcus looking at Mellie the same way Olivia looked at Fitz when he publicly declared:

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-Uh, I miss my babies when their only troubles was that he was the President.

Mellie celebrates her victory and thanks everyone for all their help but as Olivia is barking orders, Marcus isn’t paying her any attention but instead Marcus lingers around and whispers in Mellie’s ear “told you so."  A spark is ignited and Olivia caught it right away warning Mellie once Marcus left.

"Mellie be careful with Marcus, I see the way he looks at you.”

Mellie is excited about Marcus better yet anyone looking at her that she’s blushing and wanting to know in detail just how he’s looking at her but Olivia nips that quickly reprimanding Mellie.

“Senator, he’s young, he admires you, he works for you. Don’t.”

 It’s the “Senator” that gets me. As we all know when Olivia is looking to distant personal life from professional life she will constantly redirect by using their title “Governor Grant, Mr. President, Attorney General, etc.” Mellie is know different.

Olivia is watching her life being played out right in front of her with Mellie and Marcus and the sight is unnerving for many reasons which is why she tells Mellie to leave Marcus alone. Because Olivia too was young and she admired and fell in love with the President that she worked for. Olivia has seen this story but this time she wants a different ending.


There is a flashback to the night of President Elect Vargas murder which actually gives good details once you’ve seen the episode.

Once again Olivia is back at the White House trying to get Fitz to investigate Cyrus for being at fault for killing Vargas but the entire time Olivia is rambling and arguing with David and Abby he’s just sitting their watching her cause he knows baby girl is on a witch hunt and it’s just best to let Olivia get her crazy out, but she doesn’t let up when Fitz told her he already had the FBI look into it causing Olivia to refer to them as “scrubs”

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Now, who is in the FBI and what has the FBI done to Olivia to make her recoil and through such shady shade. And just like that we find out when Broad/Emily walks in with her natural hair and melatonin popping.

DAMN! The look Olivia gave Fitz when she heard broad’s voice… oh shit! Now, I am more curious as to whether Olivia has ever discussed “Angela” with Fitz cause the look she gave Fitz seems to tell me that Fitz might be aware of their past and oh do believe these two successful black women have a past. But Broad walks in throwing equal shade at Olivia and not giving a shit that the President is in the room, but Olivia once again “attempting” to separate her personal life from her professional calls the Broad “Ms.Webster.” but she just responds with “Olivia”

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Now, this woman hasn’t been in the damn oval for a hot minute and her ass is throwing some serious shade, she needs check herself before Olivia Fucks her up. Olivia mockingly tells Angela that she means no offense “obviously” but ole broad ain’t with that fakeness and calls Olivia out.

If looks could kill, this girl would be eight feet under and Olivia would still be bashing her with a chair until she was another six feet more. I know she has dealt with Olivia before but she hasn’t dealt with this Olivia- this Olivia is a b613 thug, she killed the Vice President. The tension in the room is felt by everyone but Fitz moves past is, asking Angela who is the director of the FBI have they found any substantial evidence pointing at Cyrus and the SECOND she moves closer to Fitz, Olivia subtly blocks her path to him. Sorry, Ma’am thats as close as you will be getting to my boo boo.

YESS! I love a petty and jealous Olivia. Angela/ Emily/ broad just doesn’t know how crazy and low Olivia will stoop when she feels someone is trying to take something or someone that belongs to her. But, wait a minute…I thought she was over Fitz. Anyways, Olivia and Fitz are arguing in front of everybody and I have this distinct feeling that Olivia relished having Angela in the audience with a front row seat at the ‘Olitz Chronicles’ but I caught Angela’s eye pop out when Fitz mention the house in the woods blowing up… uh oh, besides Olivia and Fitz’s entanglement it seems Angela is connecting the dots quickly. Fitz moves in very close to Olivia and tells her that the election is over and that she needs to let it go. Olivia is down right appalled that Fitz is letting this go but Abby knows this won’t stop Olivia if anything it will encourage her to keep going which she tells Fitz who orders her to get him a confession so that they can move on because Vargas funeral os tomorrow.

Olivia isn’t ready to move on and she most certainly will not back down. The question I have for Olivia is what are you fighting for- are you fighting for your life that you desperately want back or are you fighting for power or maybe both. I think time will answer this question for us.

Ex- Lady gang

My, my, my these two have gotten close and I mean like best friend kind of close with both of them bashing their same ex husband. Olivia and Mellie are on the phone talking about that bastard Fitz who’s giving Cyrus the oval. Olivia has found a companion in Mellie where they bash the men they love and share a glass of wine but Mellie doesn’t let it take first place in her life because when Fitz said Teddy was asking for her, she stopped what she was doing and went to see her son.

Sike! It wasn’t Teddy but Fitz tricking Mellie and Cyrus, telling them to come up with a plan save America. Boy, I love me some Presidential Fitz. Cyrus tells Mellie to become his Vice President but Mellie goes on her tirade about being “equipped” and that she’s “experienced” ….Mellie needs to go to sleep with all that foolish cause she is not qualified nor was she a suitable candidate either with her 1.2 months of governmental experience…Mellie, kick rocks! Cyrus tells Mellie that he’s innocent this time and that’s he’s not the bad guy in this situation; Olivia is. But Mellie isn’t with that and turns down Cyrus rejection cause she knows Olivia is the good guy and she already paid her members fee to the group.

Mellie and Marcus

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Abby summons Jake and the first thing he brings up is that he 'hears’ Olivia is on a war path for the body in the cabin… hoe, how you know this.  Abby being a big red dog wants this case closed down so she hires joke to handle it for her. Because she knows Jake doesn’t want Mellie to win. Ugh, Abby. I thought you learned by now not to cross Olivia and then you help the command fam by getting a written confession by the hands of Jake. I see you Abby and I am not impressed with this constant need to flex your power because you know in a matter of months you will be once again powerless.

 Marcus catches Mellie in the White House and runs to see if she’s okay. Wow. We get it Shonda, Mellie and Marcus are paralleling Olivia and Fitz’s relationship. How Fitz would run to Olivia to see if she was okay and that he missed her. (2X08) Mellie tells Marcus not to pretend that he cares for her when he is just like every man she has ever loved, they never chose her. Now, Mellie is right though. Fitz never chose Mellie and Andrew most certainly didn’t either so when it comes to the love department Mellie is constantly looking for someone who will love her and choose her. To be honest, I actually feel and understand because Mellie is like all of us looking and wanting a love that can be life changing so I understand her quest for something real when all her life she has believed that pretending is real.

 Olivia needing the footage and information from the FBI decides to have dinner with her old school nemesis Ms. Webster. The two congratulate one another on being mature adults now…* sips tea* yeah these two probably went to school together and constantly competed against each other. Olivia and Angela bond and share stories about what it means to be a successful and powerful black women and for that I salute Shonda and I also agree with their relationship as it is a constant in most black Women’s lives. Instead of us seeing another black women as our sister or ally we see them as our enemy whose trying to take something from us. Yas, Shonda ; I see you and I hear you, sistah.

picture: @emilythornes

Olivia makes a simple comment about the President being lucky to have her and much to her surprise, Angela immediately starts blushing causing Olivia’s head to jump up and look at her with a pointed expression. Olivia doesn’t keep this knowledge to herself but quickly exclaims “oh” because she’s at a lost that Angela has a thing for her man. Angela down plays her attraction for Fitz saying “she would never, they go way back.” And all Olivia can do is chuckle because she knows Angela and  knows that Angela is after her man after all he is “attractive, magnetic, charismatic.” You know what, for a guy Olivia doesn’t love and is completely over she used quiet a bit of adjectives to describe Fitz, and Angela agreed that Fitz is all those things but she would never do that to Olivia. And for the first time since the dinner Olivia lets out a sigh of relief that Angela isn’t after Fitz  with an eased “okay”  but then Angela said “unless you give me the green light”


Can we take a moment to appreciate the gift that is a petty and jealous Olivia Pope. She is the gift that just keeps on giving. Broad is playing with fire and she wants Olivia to give her the green light so she could date her ex boyfriend who just so happens to be the most powerful man in the world and the same man Olivia is still very much hung up on… Olivia ain’t going to give you no green light so you can walk away with her prize, nope. Olivia is going to you a black eye instead of a green light; ok Ms. Thang. I love this entire dialogue and undertone of this scene because it says so much without giving much away. Angela, asked Olivia if she has feelings for him or anything but instead of answering Olivia agrees that Angela should ask Fitz out, especially “if he says yes, then of course.” Olivia being extra shady and petty with that jab because Olivia doesn’t think Fitz would go out on a date with Angela. I’m not sure why Olivia would think that Fitz would declining Angela’s offer, maybe Fitz is aware of their past or maybe she feels that Fitz isn’t into black women but either way Olivia does a good job at pretending and selling Fitz to Angela a with plastered fake “great” smile.

What the hell is Olivia doing. Olivia is playing with fire, she came to this dinner hoping to get something out of it and she did but she never counted on Angela getting something in return. Instead of walking away from the dinner feeling victorious, you can see Olivia regretting her decision to have dinner in the first place because nothing is going as she planned and hoped for. Makes you wonder why the hell this is all for. Be careful what you wish for, Olivia. Olivia is thinking she is handling and shutting down this case but the only thing she is doing is opening the door for more people to enter. Man, I am completely happy and pleased with Angela’s involvement in this storyline cause Olivia needs to gain some perspective.

I love the contrast between Angela and Olivia. Angela is wearing black and white. Olivia is wearing all black. And my friend Jane mentioned Angela drinks white wine and Olivia drinks red. Completely opposite people with similar goals and wants. I am here for this development.


Abby is really flexing that power with her red jacket, she sitting in the chair at the FBI like she’s running the place, and well… she is. Abby was able to stop the director of the FBI from entering the interrogation room. SHIT. Talk about a blow to the ego and the gut. Nothing shocking but Jake walks out with a signed confession. Yawns. Fast Forward. Cause ain’t nothing scary about labia lips.


Louise has finally joined Thelma at their headquarters where Olivia is finally able to have a glass of wine with her friend but Olivia isn’t really into drinking right now nor is she interested in talking about election. Their are more pressing matters to discuss like how Broad is trying to get into their gang and steal their prized boo. I love that it is clearly troubling Olivia that Angela is wanting to make an attempt at Fitz. Now, Let’s be clear. Fitz is the only man that Olivia has ever truly chosen and loved without being influenced by outside forces. Olivia and Olivia only choose Fitz. This moment is distressing for Olivia considering that Angela is equally accomplished and beautiful and worse of all she very well might have it all if she gets Fitz. But before Olivia could even begin to talk here comes meek David.

Shonda is testing me. Why is she bringing David’s ass to OPA to ruin what would have been an excellent moment for Olivia to talk about her feelings and the past. Sigh. David comes to OPA crying about the republic, blah, blah, blah.

Olivia goes to the White House to see Fitz but Big Red has that door locked and she’s not for Olivia coming in and killing her vibe. And actually uses Olivia’s own words against her.


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 Marlie and Me

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Mellie calls Marcus and tells him about Cyrus wanting her to be his VP and basically asking for advice on what to do. Once again we get the parrels to Olivia and Fitz’s relationship and their dynamic, even to this day Fitz still wants Olivia’s help, he even asked Olivia what to do with the presidency which he threw in her face- not cool by the way but still these two people have such a foundation with one another that it’s almost second nature to seek their counsel. Before hanging up, Marcus tells Mellie that he would choose her but she just has to choose him. Aww.But still. Fast Forward.

We flash back to the campaign and the Ex-lady gang is sitting on the couch plotting together until Olivia looks at Mellie’s blissful gaze and she knows what better yet who Mellie has done because their was a time when Olivia too had that same look. Mellie describes her moment with Marcus as a catharsis, how she’s been reborn under his magical touch because she sees now how beautiful and bright life is after living in the dark for so long. Mellie is a believer. And the thing she believes in, is love.

There is no mistaking how the screen pans to Olivia’s saddened face at the mention of love. Love is the one thing Olivia wants desperately yet she denies herself the privileged of knowing what love feels like. Instead of relishing in the warmth of love, Olivia feels compelled to run from it and go back to safety and anonymity of the dark. Mellie, tells Olivia that she has gone so long without love that she misses it. And it’s painfully clear that Olivia too misses the comfort familiarity of love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When Olivia finally decided to embrace her relationship with Fitz and to feel the warmth of his love on her skin, it changed her. So when Mellie asked Olivia.

picture @dontfrget

“Is this what you felt with Fitz? Because if it is. I understand. You should have It. I should have it. Everybody should have it. It’s happiness. I’m happy”

This statement is completely underrated. Mellie is telling Olivia that if she loved Fitz  then she should never deprieve herself of the fulfillment that comes with love. The heart hungers for affection and as humans we suffer enough as it is, why must we add to our suffering when we can be happy. For years Mellie has degraded and cheapened Olivia and FItz’s love often referencing to it as tawdry affair but now Mellie is able to sympathize with Olivia in a way she never has before. She sees now. Mellie has now given Olivia her blessings to be with Fitz if he makes her happy. The beauty of this dialougue is that Mellie doesn’t shy away from love but she welcomes it with open arms, open legs and with an open mouth. Mellie is in love and she’s not afraid of it which is the exact opposite of Olivia who had love but ran from it. Olivia tells Mellie she’s happy for her but the look in her eyes tells a different story.

 Olivia has lost too much and she can’t bear to lose her closest friend now. Everyone is growing up and moving on with their lives except Olivia. Mellie’s bad habits mirrored Olivia’s where Olivia felt half way decent about herself because Mellie never required her to look at herself in the mirror and fix herself but now with Mellie seeing baby Jesus and the light, Olivia would be losing her too which would leave Olivia completely and totally alone. The idea isn’t pleasing to Olivia and so she does what she does best, she fixes the problem. She plants a story in Mellie’s head about Marcus using her to advance his career and that he has been in scandals, etc. But Mellie doesn’t fall for the bait, she’s seen the light.


Abby needing to one up Olivia and keep her power goes to Mellie’s office and tells her that the reason Marcus got the job at the White House was because Olivia wanted to break them up. They flash back to the campaign, Olivia tells Abby that she needs for her to give Marcus a job because he has something going on with Mellie and she can tell that it is more than just a fling. Abby remarks that Olivia wants her to break them up the same way she broke up her and David. Yes. Abby! Someone needs to remind Olivia that she is playing with peoples lives and relationships and she doesn’t get to say who stays together and who breaks up just because she wasn’t brave enough to fight for her own relationship.

Upset and rightfully so, Mellie walks up to Olivia’s apartment and ask her if she gave Marcus the Press Secretary  job and Olivia’s response was all Mellie needed to know. She’s completely shocked that Olivia would stoop this low, especially after everything they have been through. Mellie can’t believe that Olivia is the one person  that has successfully destroyed every relationship that she has ever had. Mellie asked the question we are all dying to know “why are you doing this?” “What is wrong with You?” The answer is quite complex; Olivia destroyed Mellie and Marcus’s relationship because misery loves company and Mellie leaving her would require Olivia to look at herself and her actions , and that is not something Olivia wishes to do. But also I think when Olivia looks at Mellie and Marcus she sees her and Fitz and what they were like when they first met and fell in love. Olivia was trying to change history and erase her memories of her and Fitz had someone interfered with their relationship and broke them up. Like Olivia said in 5X03:

“If I never laid eyes on him then I wouldn’t have fallen in love and he wouldn’t have fallen in love. That may have made for two more lonely people in the world, but also a lot less pain and heart ache…is the coming of two people worth all this destruction, all this attention. If it was a choice who would choose this kind of love. So I wish we never met. But we did. And I tried and failed and tried again and failed, to hide, to stop loving him but I couldn’t, I was weak.- Olivia Pope

Part of me feels like Olivia was trying to see through Mellie what life would have been like had she stuck to her plan and not been weak and fallen in love. Olivia probably feels she was sparing Mellie the pain but the thing about it is, that Mellie wants to feel and she’s not afraid of it but welcomes the sensation. Rowan controls Olivia’s relationship but that doesn’t give Olivia the right to control everyone else’s.  Olivia echoes commands words when making her point about how Marcus would have caused a scandal and is a political nightmare but more than that; Mellie doesn’t get to have both. 

You get to be powerful, you get to change the world. You don’t get to be vulnerable, or weak, or compromised in any way, by any one. You said you wanted the oval, Mellie, and it was my job to get it for you. There are sacrifices.

Mellie doesn’t get to have love, and be 'weak, vulnerable and compromised. Mellie gets to be 'powerful, and change the world.’ Mellie can’t have both and she can’t see that, the same way Olivia couldn’t either so Olivia made a call to steer them in the right direction. Granted, this is Olivia’s own feelings about the impossibility of having it all. Mellie rightfully pissed off tells Olivia that she’s going to take Cyrus’s offer to be Vice President now that they are over and wishes Olivia good luck getting back into the White House, because without Mellie, Olivia is all alone.

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Now that’s what I call a read. Ironic, that Olivia tried desepareatly to keep Mellie and she still ended up leaving her. Olivia’s nightmare came true she’s all alone now with no choice but to look at herself.

 Dejected and depleted Olivia goes to OPA where she tells Quinn and Huck to wrap up this case because they no longer have a candidate. This conversation quickly turns to Quinn’s looming engagement where Olivia very obviously projects and stresses to Quinn that she should get married because:

"He somehow loves you and you somehow love him. And you’re looking for excuses because you are scared. What is stopping you from accepting something some people never have? What? Share. your. life. because you’re not tethered to power, because you live below the radar, because you are free from it, because you can. You are being offered normal, maybe even happy.The fact that you are questioning whether you should take them , frankly is annoying… Live, you get to live and love and be happy. Do you know what some people would give for it.”

Quinn concedes and Olivia feels slightly better now that she has steered Quinn in the right direction.

The scene picks up with Frank Vargas funeral. Touching scene with Marvin singing in the back how the good die young, fitting scene but a somber one considering Frankie would have down this fictional realm some good.

Mellie walks into Oval but is stopped by Charlotte saying that President Grant is in a meeting . Both Mellie and Olivia are adjusting to having boundaries in the White House that they both once ruled. Mellie walks into the oval and waits for Marcus to show up and he does but Mellie isn’t there.

Instead Mellie returns to Olivia and ask Olivia “did it hurt this bad when you left Fitz?” After a long pause Olivia finally answers “yes” handing Mellie a glass of red wine. The two sit down on the sofa but Mellie is looking at Olivia and you can tell that she knows something is wrong with Olivia but once again we are interrupted with Huck this time.

Here’s the thing. Mellie and Marcus are not Olivia and Fitz, not even close. But for years Mellie has wanted answers, as to why her white, successful, powerful husband would chose a black women over her. Mellie has tried to make sense of their relationship and has asked Fitz before what it felt like to be so hot for someone that you could barely breath. Mellie has cheapened their relationship every chance she got but it’s only now after experiencing something that feels real with Marcus that she sympathizes for olitz and their forbidden quest of being together. Finally, Mellie understands why once you go black you never go back. So throughout the episode, Mellie would asked Olivia, is this what she felt because she needs confirmation that if she feels this way for Marcus then she can only imagine what Olivia felt for Fitz. Mellie is desperate for love and honestly I want her to have it  because like she said, everyone deserves it.

Olivia spots Fitz on the Truman Balcony and with a deep breath she walks out to face him, only this time he’s not alone.

Fitz has taken Broad to the Truman Balcony where Olivia declared her love for him. This sacred monument has been tarnished, and Olivia feels the weight of this betrayal though it isn’t really.

picture: @dontfrget

I can’t . This hurts my heart and though I enjoy watching Olivia squirm and hear the ticking of the clock. This has to be a mighty fall and bruise to her ego especially when she told Angela to “go for it” if he says yes. Olivia, never expected Fitz to actually say yes. Granted, we don’t’ why Angela is there but from the looks of It, Fitz and Angela are looking pretty close. When Olivia saw them together I love that Olivia pulls her cape tighter around her chest in hopes of shielding herself from the visceral stab to her heart at the sight of the man she loves moving on with his life without her. And I peeped those dark green purse and gloves, Olivia is rocking with that envious face.

picture: @dontfrget

Olivia is mad as hell and disgusted by what she just saw. Olivia is literally seething with such hidden jealously and anger. Olivia Pope is ticking. And when she turned her eyes on Angela, boy oh boy. Angela, please believe me when I tell you that you are in danger. If Angela thinks Olivia is going to step aside and let her walk away with the only man she has ever loved then she has another thing coming. Better yet the fact that Olivia has access to Fitz’s private chambers and is allowed to come and go as she pleases should speak volumes. When it comes to Fitzgerald Grant, Olivia Pope will always find her way to get close to him somehow. Watch out people, Olivia is out and she’s not going to be backing down.

The video Olivia hands Fitz, is of Frankie yelling at Cyrus and vowing that he would remove him from his ticket and that over his dead body will he allow Cyrus to be his Vice President. Now, this evidence still yet to be proven and I’m still not sold on Cyrus being the murderer but the play on words. Yikes.

After showing the video, Olivia gives Abby a knowing look. Yup, bow down big red cause Olivia Pope took you back to school. Olivia moves rather close to Fitz and asked him almost intimately whether they should call the Justice Department now, which causes Fitz to bark at Abby to call David.

 Olivia after successfully stopping Angela’s groove and having Fitz make Abby call the Attorney General to look into Cyrus as being a suspect.

She’s back bitches, and she came to slay.

Olivia Pope is getting into formation.

Side Note:

This episode exceeded my expectations tremendously, less plot and more character driven narratives are always my preference and this episode delivered on so many levels. BRAVO. BRAVO.

 - and don’t think I didn’t peep olé dad on Olivia’s coffee table smiling at his 'ultimate predator’. You really are Rowan’s child, Olivia. Do better.

-ready to get the backstory on Olivia and Angela’s relationship, and watching Olivia foil Angela’s plan.

-Me calling Angela ‘Emily’ is because of a story I’m writing that takes place in season 6 so you’ll hear that name from time to time for my own joy in pissing people off.

-But can we salute Olivia on this continued growth because she is seeing the error of her ways, and is trying to get her life back. She’s doing everything she can but I don’t believe Olivia has contemplated what life would be like post-Fitz.

 Time is ticking. And just like Olivia and Fitz; Mellie and Marcus are far from over and I enjoy their relationship as it seems to correlate with Olivia’s own with Fitz.

Awesome episode, for me a thousand times better than the season premiere. 

Until Next Time…


A Canon Divergent set sometime in the future after Emma and Killian are married.   A series of one-shots centering around a CS pregnancy. Currently, plans on for several parts; Pregnant, Pregnancy, New Baby, and Sleep, however, if you have an idea send it on over.  Each part will have 2 parts. Here is part 2 which is Killian’s POV.  If you missed Emma’s POV you can find it here. 

Pregnant - Killian’s POV     

Can be found on FF. Net

word  count ~4600           Rating - K+

Killian looked out the window, watching his Swan climb into that yellow contraption she liked and drive off down the road.  Sighing at her stubbornness, he turned to the kitchen where Henry was finishing his usual morning Pop-Tarts, “You need anything else, lad?" 

"She okay?” he asked instead.

“Aye lad, she’s fine.  Just being Emma." 

"Stubborn, you mean?" 

Killian laughed, "That she is, but I was thinking more along the lines of ‘savior’ Emma. The Emma who doesn’t like to burden others with what she perceives as a problem.”

Henry sat there a minute contemplating what had been said and finally as if accepting there was nothing he could do, cleaned up his plate and ran upstairs to get his things for school.   

Killian wiped down the table, grabbed his jacket and walked the lad to the bus stop. “See you after school,” he called as Henry climbed on. 

As the bus drove around the bend, Killian felt a vibration in his pocket and pulling out his phone, was surprised to see Emma’s mother’s picture flashing on the screen. “Milady, is there trouble?”

“No, Killian, nothing like that.  I just wanted to tell you what happened with Emma as she just left Granny’s." 

"How was her appetite today?  Lately, it’s been hit or miss, with days where she eats well and then turns a pale shade of green and dashes off to the lavatory.”  

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I Don't Wanna Live Forever

“I’m literally getting on my car, Charlie. I’m coming.” Adam rolled his eyes as he opened the car’s door and got inside. He hung up the phone, throwing it in the passenger’s seat with a sigh. Why did Charlie have to make him leave the house and put his track on hold for a meeting?

He drove through the streets, glad there wasn’t much traffic. The faster he got there, the faster he could leave.

He stopped at a red light, getting his phone so he could check on something while he waited for it to turn green. Once it did, he went ahead and in the moment right in the middle of the road, a car hit him full speed. He felt everything spinning around him, his mind no longer cooperating with him, he felt frozen. Hitting his head, he blacked out, waking into unconsciousness. Everything was black.

Taylor was just flipping channels when his name came on. She rolled her eyes, figuring it was probably nothing and there the images started rolling in. His car was wrecked. A wave of panic rushed to her hearing that he was rushed to the hospital. Was he okay? Of course not, he’s in the hospital but it could just be to get a check up, nothing major. But with his car looking like it was, the car she had been in many times, there was no way he was okay.

She had to remind herself that she wasn’t close to him anymore, that she couldn’t just jump in the car and walk into the hospital to know if he was okay so she decided to wait. But it the worry that had settled into her brain was taking over and she couldn’t even think about anything else. He had to be okay. She hated to admit that she cared about him but she did. You can’t love someone so deeply and not care about them even after they hurt you.

It was now two in the morning and she was wide awake, sitting up in bed, phone in her hand, desperately trying to know if there was more information about the accident. It wasn’t doing any good, she had a flight early in the morning, back to Nashville.

She got out of bed, taking a few deep breaths because her mind was going into an endless spiral and she needed it to stop. She needed it to stop because the possibility of him being hurt badly or worse…that was terrifying. Utterly terrifying.

It was four in the morning when she decided to call Adam’s phone and it rang about four times before the call was taken. But it wasn’t Adam on the phone. It was Charlie making her even more worried.


“Tay!” Charlie breathed out. “You know about it?”

“The accident? Yeah it’s all over the news. How is he? Is he okay? Is he hurt.” She fired her questions, albeit afraid of the answers.

“It’s bad, Tay. I’m trying to get hold of his parents and friends but I don’t know, I…I can’t…it’s all my fault. I made him come to the meeting. It’s my fault.” Charlie rambled, emotion thick in his voice.

“Charlie, you’re not making any sense! Calm down and tell me what happened!” Taylor raised her voice slightly.

“He’s unconscious. They say he hit his head. He was on his way over to a meeting I made him come to and some crazy ass dude just went pass a red light and hit his car pretty bad. They say he broke his leg but his head is the worst.” Charlie told her and she shut her eyes taking a deep breath.

“It’s not your fault, do you hear me? It’s the other guy’s, okay? Charlie, I need you to calm down so you can call Pam and David. Or maybe call Sophie.” She said to him, trying to stay calm. From the way Charlie sounded, she knew it really was as he said, bad.



“I know you guys broke up and all that but can you call Adam’s parents?”

“Charlie,” she sighed. “I’m not sure I can do that. Either way, I’m leaving tomorrow, well today. I was just worried about him.” She but her lip, running a hand through her hair. If she was being honest, she just had to make a call and cancel the flight. She had nothing having to do with work for a few days and the thought of having to call Adam’s parents, especially his mother who had been so lovely and kind to her after her and Adam had broken up made her the least bit uncomfortable because she knew they’d fly over and she would cancel the flight and she’d go to hospital and she’d be with them and more importantly, with him.

“Okay.” Charlie frowned. “I’ll promise I’ll call you if there’s any news.”

“Thank you, Charlie.”

Despite her efforts to stop herself, she cancelled the flight and stayed in LA. In case anything happened, she’d be close and although she didn’t really want to face it, she was concerned.

Charlie had stayed in the hospital the whole night, waiting for Adam to wake up and the doctors had told him it wouldn’t take long. They had also told him that there was a possibility of memory loss which worried him a bit but at least he was out of danger.

Sitting on the chair next to Adam’s bed, Charlie noticed him move his finger making him jump off his seat.

“Adam?” He called out carefully. Then pushed the button to call the nurse.

After a few basic questions, like his name, age, date of birth they left him alone with Charlie.

“My head feels like it’s about to blow.” Adam mumbled, trying to sit up.

“You me scared there, mate.” Charlie chuckled softly and watched as Adam shut his eyes sighing. Then after a second, his eyes shot open and he looked around the room.

“Charlie, was Taylor with me? Where is she? Is she alright?” Charlie’s eyes widened at his question.

“She wasn’t with you. Why would Taylor be here?” He questioned, confused.

“Because she’s my girlfriend, Charlie and I almost died, she’d be worried.” Adam explained and Charlie stood frozen for a second, not really knowing what to say.

“Right, yeah. I’m just gonna go have a word with the doctor okay.” He nodded his head, walking towards the door.

Memory loss. He had no recollection of the last six months. So no break up, no fighting, no online outburst. All gone from his memory. So in his mind, Taylor was his girlfriend and they were happily in love which would be hard to break it down to him so Charlie didn’t know better than to call Taylor.

“Hi, any news? Is he alright?”

“Good news is he’s awake.” Charlie told her.

“Thank god, that’s great.” Taylor breathed out a sigh of relief then quickly realized there was something else. “Okay, what’s the bad news?” She gulped.

“I…” Charlie cleared his throat. He was afraid of what her reaction would be. “He doesn’t remember anything that happened in the last six months.”

“The last six months? You mean…” she gasped. “He doesn’t remember…”

“Your break up, yeah he doesn’t.” The silence on the other side of the line worried Charlie. Obviously this would be a complicated situation. After all Taylor and Adam had gone through, how the mistakes they had made had become almost irreparable, this would be hard. “Taylor, say something, please.” Charlie murmured.

“You need to tell him.” She snapped. “You need to tell him what happened. I don’t care.”

“It’s gonna break him.” Charlie warned.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s the truth. It’s reality.” She sighed.

“I think it’s better if you’re the one to tell him.” Charlie said.

“What why?” She questioned.

“Because you were there. You know what happened, I don’t. Adam doesn’t really open up about that time. He didn’t say much when I asked about it.”

“This is great. Just great. I haven’t seen him in months, Charlie. Months. Do you know how hard this is for me?” She sighed. She could feel herself overthinking it. It would be the first time she saw him ever since they broke up and she’d see the man she loved, not the one she had left but the one she fell for.

“Taylor, please, I can’t do it. I don’t know how. You have a way with words, you can make it easier on him. I just…please.” Charlie begged her.

“I’ll do it.” She decided. “But I’m not sugar coating it, okay? I’m telling him the whole story. I know it’s going to hurt him but I can’t do it any other way.”

She entered the hospital, the nervous feeling becoming bigger by the second as she knew she was a second closer to be face to face with Adam. She walked up to the reception.

“I’m looking for Adam Wiles?” She spoke gently with a smile.

“Name.” The lady behind the desk asked, busy with whatever she was doing on the computer.

“Taylor Swift.” She told her quietly not wanting to attract attention. The lady looked up from her computer, her eyes going wide.

“Oh hi! It’s you, wow!” The woman chuckled.

“Yes,” she looked at the woman’s tag, reading it. “Jessica. His room?”

“His friend warned us you’d be coming. He’s in room 105.” She smiled.

“Thank you.” She nodded.

As she entered the elevator with people with nervous looks on their faces, much like hers. She started thinking about the reasons these people were here. Births, sickness, visiting people. She wondered the reason for their nervousness, wondered if it was anything like hers. Then her mind travelled to Adam. She had been preparing her speech all the way to the hospital. She’d tell him why things went wrong what she felt on her end and what he had told her on a very long conversation after all the mess, what he had felt. She’d tell him about how they both screwed up, what lead to them breaking up in the first place and why she left.

She saw Charlie standing by the door on his phone. She called out his name and he looked up, smiling. Giving him a hug, she opted for asking how he was instead of going straight for the Adam topic.

“I’m good.” Charlie answered. “You?”

“I’m okay, I think. I’m not sure how I feel right now.” She sighed and Charlie bit his lip.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled. “I know it’s hard for you. It’s just that none of us really understand what went down and you can tell him everything.”

“I know.” She nodded. “Should I go in?” Taylor questioned, staring straight at Adam’s room in front of her as she took a deep breath.

“You ready?”

“Might as well get it over with.” Taylor shrugged.

She opened the door slowly, admittedly scared of what she would be faced with. He was there, sitting up in bed, looking a little beat up but not too much. His lips spread into a huge grin that took over his face.

“Babe!” He called out and felt her heart drop. God, she hadn’t heard that in ages.

“Hi, Adam.” She murmured, looking a little awkwardly standing by the door. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m better now. Where’ve you been? You must be worried sick. If me having a cold gets you worried I can’t imagine what you felt.” He chuckled and she felt like she was in a wicked dream. She felt as if she was in the past and she desperately wanted to tell him the truth because she couldn’t handle this Adam. The old Adam.

“It’s okay.” She cleared her throat. “Um, I…when are you free to leave?”

“A couple of days and I’ll be home.” He smiled softly. “What’s up with you? You’re off.” He noted and shifted setting down her purse on the chair next to his bed. “Not even a hug?”

She felt trapped, a little breathless as she heard his voice almost like a distant thought. “We need to talk.” She choked out.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, looking at her as her eyes travelled anywhere but him. “Babe, come on!”

“Don’t call me babe!” She snapped and he looked taken back by her reaction. “I’m sorry, that’s not how I wanted to go with this.” She took a deep breath, shaking her head, trying to clear the mess inside her head.

“What the hell is happening?”

There was a pause, silence taking over because she needed to gather her thoughts and he was waiting for an answer.

“You lost your memory.” She began. “You have no memories of what happened in the last six months. You’re missing a lot, Adam!” Her eyes widened a bit as she talked.

“Are you joking?”

“No.” she breathed out, finally looking back at him.

“How different can things be?” Adam furrowed his brows and Taylor felt her heart sting in her chest. He had a lot coming his way.

“We broke up.” She mumbled after a few seconds, playing with her hands. She didn’t want to look at him. Didn’t want to see the look she had hoped to see when she left him. Not that she liked seeing him hurt but it would’ve meant that if he was hurt then he cared.

He didn’t say anything, trying to take in the new information that had fallen into his hands. So they weren’t together? She wasn’t his girlfriend anymore? He felt his heart break as it sunk.

“Was I the one who broke up with you?” He asked a bit hesitantly. She shook her head, the silence making her want to run off. “Okay” He whispered. “Oh my god…” she saw tears welling up in his eyes and her heart broke just like his was breaking.

He felt as if his world was crashing down. The floor breaking beneath him and he was free falling into a never ending hole. His heart breaking in a million pieces. She had broke up with him. He didn’t have her.

“I’m sorry. I know it’s hard but I had a few reasons to leave you.” She gulped down the lump in her throat, playing with her fingers.

“What did I do?” He asked her quietly, sniffling.

“Well…” she took a deep breath. “You pushed me away, started spending more time in the studio and ignoring every attempt I made to spend time with you, at least that’s what I felt, like you just stopped caring but you just took it for granted that I’d never leave.” She shook her head, the memories becoming all too vivid in her mind, memories she had tried to ignore. “It felt like you didn’t want me anymore. You stopped trying, stopped coming to big events with me, you got jealous every time a guy talked to me for more than a minute, we had a few big fights and you accused me of cheating on you at the MET Gala. I hated it, hated the way you talked down on me like I was just something to pick up and play around and then drop it whenever you felt like.” She laughed bitterly and he could see the pain evident on her face as she relived those moments in her mind. How in the world was he capable of hurting the woman he loved most was beyond him. “I just wanted you to love me so I tried, I even declared my love for you on national television and still, it was all the same. I tried too much, I tried to fix what was broken beyond repair and you didn’t even notice me when I felt like I was yelling at you to love me again, you just stared blankly as I packed my suitcases and left.”

“I didn’t- I didn’t try to get you back?” He asked her, wondering what made him turn out like that.

“No.” she shook her head. “You Just ranted on social media about how terrible I was.”

He almost choked. “I did what.”

“Well I did throw it that I was seeing someone after you at your face but goddamn it, you won the golden medal for how petty a person can be.”

“You- you were seeing someone? You broke up with me for someone else?”

“No!” She told him immediately. “He was just there. He was a rebound.” She assured him, not even knowing why she felt the need to do that. “And you were pissed about it and also the fact that I confirmed that I wrote ‘This is What you came for’ so yeah…”

“Wow…I really am missing a lot.” He whispered burying his face in his hands.

“I know this is hard, trust me, it is for me too but you needed to know and I couldn’t pretend.” She mumbled, watching him uncomfortably, wanting to leave as soon as possible and at the same time, she wanted to comfort him, tell him it was okay.

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s just…I don’t know how I could’ve done something like that, it’s a bit unreal.” He breathed out. It felt as though someone was crushing his heart, stomping on it repeatedly in hopes to cause more pain. “Are you okay now? Is it better?”

“It’s okay, you can never ask for too much. It’s not the best but I guess it gets better.” She shrugged and he nodded.

“Anything else that happened I should know about?” He asked, smiling softly trying his best not to break down.

“About us? We’ve covered all the basics I think.” She pondered for a moment. “Well, I’m not sure how to explain what you felt but I could…try?”

“That would be nice, yes.” He nodded.

“What you told me was that you didn’t feel like anything was wrong until the MET gala after we had this huge blown out fight, you said you were too caught up on everything you were working on and you just couldn’t make time for me or you forgot or something. Then you started to feel like you were losing which was the truth so you took me out to the Bahamas again to fix it and everything so we decided to split there or I guess I did, you just went along. Then a month later I started seeing someone for fun because I needed a distraction, he was nice but you were hurt by it. You said it felt like I was telling you I did cheat on you since the guy was the reason for our fight and who I hung out with a bit at the MET. Then I guess we just started throwing things at each other’s faces out of spite. You said shit about me online, I walked around the world with him.” She found herself laughing a little bit at the situation. “It was ridiculous, really.”

“It sounds ridiculous and nothing like us.” He runs a hand through his hair, trying to make sense of everything.

“That’s what happened to us.” She frowned.

As if remembering something, his eyes widen. “Do we talk to each other again? After all that?” He questioned and she smiles at this, nodding.

“We do make up, sort of. We have a civil conversation about our feeling and we agree to be friends. All is well.” She chuckled.

“Just friends?” He mumbled quietly, hoping she hadn’t heard him.

“Yeah, it’s not like we could just go back so um…yeah.” If she was being completely honest with herself, she knew deep down that her feelings for Adam were buried within her, still there and they had never gone away but actually bringing herself to be vulnerable again was terrifying and besides, Adam had shown no signs whatsoever of wanted to get back together when they talked. “Listen, I have to leave now. I have a meeting in a couple of hours.”

“Oh. Yeah that’s fine!” He nodded, forcing a smile. She stood up and for second, pondered hugging him goodbye but decided against it so she just waved, smiling at him.

“I hope you get better, Adam. Maybe I’ll visit or something, sometime.”

“That would be nice, yeah. So I guess, I’ll see you.”

“Take care! Bye!”

And with that he was left alone with his thoughts. He had lost her. He had broken her heart and he knew one thing for sure, he was going to get her back. No matter what.

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A few thoughts on the Framework arc...

I haven’t really spoken out that much about this current arc of Agents of SHIELD, and more specifically, the FitzSimmons storyline. This is mainly bc I’ve really enjoyed it. But the level of disappointment coming from this fandom has gotten me thinking about how we perceive the show in general, which is why I wanted to explain my point of view. Hopefully, this may help others enjoy it a bit more as we move into the final two episodes of the season. 

To put this into context, I watch quite the variety of shows across different networks. AOS is my fave, but I also devotedly watch Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, and How to Get Away with Murder (besides a shitload of others that aren’t so dark, lol), but these are the shows I’m going to be discussing alongside shield. 

For me, AOS is doing something that not many shows can get away with - telling a highly complex story across 22 episodes of television with a production value of some major movies. But AOS is not on HBO, or Netflix, or cable. It’s on network television, and that is where I let go of unrealistic expectations. Not my expectations for the quality of the story, oh no. I’m talking about the expectations of what a show of this caliber is capable of doing under those circumstances - 22 episodes on a major network. 

For shows like GOT or Mr. Robot, where the networks basically worship them (legit - I think USA Network will let Mr. Robot get away with anything at this point), the creators and writers have a lot more freedom. For Mr. Robot, creator Sam Esmail directed the entirety of season 2, and they’re even pushing back season 3 bc he wants more time to develop the show to make it better. GOT was pushed back to summer bc of the current story arc, plus the creators David and Dan have a lot of sway as far as how the story unfolds. (and although I don’t watch it, Westworld is doing similar work, and they literally stopped production for months to write the final four scripts to figure out a better story for the entire series.)

In other words, they have time - time to write intricate stories, where every detail is thought out, so fans can rewatch the episodes to catch everything they missed, where everything actually connects

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The Appeal of Sherlock Holmes

So a couple of days ago @materialofonebeing messaged me, saying that we shared the same 6 months anniversary in the Holmes fandom and asked the excellent question as to what might have been so appealing about it that we’d both fallen so quickly in love with it all.

I don’t have an answer, but I thought it was an awesome question to extend to all of you as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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CC new cast review-Friday 26th 2017

On Friday the 26th of May 2017, I was lucky enough to see The Cursed Child for the third time, this time with the new cast. I was sat in E3 stalls, the best view I’ve ever had. Here are my thoughts.



Theo Ancient: Albus Potter

Now, Albus is possibly my favourite character thanks to Sam’s previous portrayal. He is brilliantly layered and a very interesting character to watch, so naturally I was intrigued to see what Theo would bring to him.

Theo’s Albus is considerably different to Sam’s in several ways. He plays him much younger and vulnerable, which I adore. He was quite nervous at the beginning, but it was only the second time they had performed so nerves were inevitable, but he soon settled into the swing of the audience and the stage and took over completely. I really liked his acting. He reminded me very much of Christopher from TCIOTDITN; he captured his innocence and vulnerability so well! Not to mention his relationship with Samuel Blenkin (Scorpius) on stage was just so lovely to watch.

If there’s one thing to critique Theo on, it would be to work on the relationships with Harry and Ginny. This goes for the actors of Harry and Ginny too, but with time I think they will be perfect. At the moment it just felt like actors acting rather than the characters we know and adore. Despite this, Theo has a lot of potential and will be perfect soon enough!

Samuel Blenkin: Scorpius Malfoy

As a fandom, we were all really nervous about who was going to play Scorpius. He’s a fan favourite, and we were so lucky to have both Anthony and James play him in the original cast, and they were extraordinary. But never fear, Scorpius is in very safe hands!

Samuel is different to the previous actors, but he has kept the essence of Scorpius very much alive. He was absolutely hilarious, delivering his iconic lines perfectly and the audience immediately warmed to him. He plays Scorpius much geekier and more nervous, which I loved, and developed little mannerisms that had everyone smiling (always fidgeting and using his hands a lot). Not only was he hilarious, but he managed to break our hearts in the library scene. I was sat quite close so I could see their faces perfectly, but you could feel how broken he was after his mother’s death and it genuinely almost made me cry. He was just spectacular.

Jamie Glover: Harry Potter


I have to say that I had fallen in love with Jamie Parker’s portrayal of Harry, because he understood the character right through to his bones. New Jamie was who I was most nervous for.

Jamie Glover plays Harry much quieter than Parker, which made quite a nice contrast to his fiery and explosive Gryffindor temper. I only wish he emphasized his temper more, however. Theo has clearly worked hard on his sly Slytherin temper through his actions and words, but I almost wanted more anger from Glover. It felt like it was all at the same pace, and he often overlooked some of Harry’s best lines (“and you’re still talking to me?” “there’s plenty you’re good at, albus!”) I did enjoy watching him on stage, but he needs time to develop and understand the character a bit more. I missed Parker’s screaming as well, the nightmare scenes felt a little anti-climactic, and I wanted more of a reaction than just quiet sobbing when he watches his parents die.

Despite this, he was wonderful in the scenes with Dumbledore. He almost regressed to teenage Harry again and it brought a tear to my eye.

Rakie Ayola: Hermione Granger


Likewise, I was very comfortable with Noma’s Hermione, and as she is my favourite character I was intrigued to see a new portrayal. And I really enjoyed it.

She plays Hermione much brighter than Noma and I can’t tell which way I prefer, the schoolgirl Hermione that we grew up with still exists and it was lovely to watch. One scene where she shone considerably was the first alternative reality, instead of being stern and cruel, she was almost hysterically evil. It was really fun to watch, and Theo’s reaction helped the both of them act off one another, and it worked fantastically. The scene where she meets Ron on the staircase was particularly tear-jerking, you could tell that she was really holding back from sobbing. Not to mention the bit where Rose jumps into her arms later in the play, honestly one of the most emotional parts of the production. Rakie held on to Helen for dear life and tears happened. It just hits you how wonderful Hermione truly is.

Thomas Aldridge: Ron Weasley


I wasn’t worried about a new Ron as I had complete faith in the casting team that they would find someone as funny as Paul, and they absolutely did.

The only thing that bothers me in TCC in general is that Ron’s character is only for comedic purposes rather than the brave lion we knew from the books, but I suppose it worked for comic relief. Despite this, Thomas was wonderful. He portrayed the lines so well and almost always got a brilliant response from the audience. Like Rakie, the staircase scene in the first alternate reality was so beautiful. You could feel the love radiating from the stage. One moment I had never realized before was in Act One Scene Two, where he gives James a bag of sweets secretly to stop him from taunting Albus about the thestrals. It was such a Ron thing to do.

Emma Lowndes: Ginny Weasley


It’s safe to say that we all fell in love with Poppy’s Ginny, and so I was hoping to see the same portrayal this time.

Emma plays Ginny much more like the feisty book Ginny which was nice to watch, but she was missing the motherly stance that we all felt at home with. She did warm up towards the end, particularly in Act Four Scene Nine, but I wish we had seen this throughout her performance. She just needs time. Also her relationship with Ron wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be; the accents were a big signifier of this. Emma herself is from the north so deliberately had a RP accent, however it didn’t match with Ron, whose dialect was less perfect. They just need to work on their relationship a bit more, because I would not have known they were siblings had I never read/seen Harry Potter.

James Howard: Draco Malfoy


Obviously James had had experience as Draco in the previous cast, so I was assured that he would be fantastic. And he really was.

Like Samuel Blenkin, James really understands the complexity of his character and it was so lovely to watch. He kept the pride of the Malfoys whilst giving Draco every bit of recognition and justice that he deserves. He was particularly brilliant in the duel scene and was hilarious when he mocked Harry in the EGM. His relationship with Scorpius was lovely as well, every time they almost hugged it really pulled at our heart strings, so when they eventually embraced towards the end it was so beautiful. They were holding each other when watching Lily and James’ death, and I think at that moment it was like they had also seen Astoria die. I was sobbing.



Annabel Baldwin: Delphi Diggory


I had only ever seen Esther as Delphi before and quite enjoyed her portrayal, but there was always something missing, and so I was most excited to see Annabel.

She started off so well that I almost forgot who Delphi actually is. She reminded me very much of Tonks, out of the ordinary and bubbly, but you could really tell how manipulative she was over Albus. I suppose Annabel’s height works better for the “I’m flattered” line, as she does actually look older than the boys. But she really stole the stage in Act Three Scene Sixteen, where she changed so quickly even I was petrified. She was pure evil, and so terrifying. I genuinely don’t have the words to say how impressed I was at her performance. What I really liked was her range of vocal expression in particular, something Esther sometimes lacked towards the end, and it was really exciting to experience. I’m so glad this is her permanent role now.

Helen Aluko: Rose Granger-Weasley


I like Helen as much as I like Cherrelle as Rose. She was really sweet and showed signs of the fiery Gryffindor within her, but I wish she had exemplified that a bit more. If Rose had a bigger role in the play, then I wouldn’t have any complaints! She looked very, very suspicious as young Hermione towards the Durmstrang Scorpius and Albus, which was a lovely hint to how it created a ripple in time.


April Hughes: Moaning Myrtle/Lily Potter Sr


I have to talk about April because she was just fabulous as Myrtle. She had developed her voice so perfectly that it was an almost identical match to Myrtle in the films, and she was so active and girly on the sink. I was laughing the entire way through, and everyone loved her.

Elizabeth Hill: Madam Hooch, Aunt Petunia, Dolores Umbridge


I also have to talk about Elizabeth because of how good she was. You could really feel her upset and guilt when she was at Lily’s grave as Aunt Petunia, and her relationship with Mackley as Dudley was hilarious.

What was most impressive was her Umbridge. She was bloody spine-chilling. She really exaggerated her laugh and you could feel the whole audience sink into their chairs.


David Annen: Uncle Vernon, Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort

I’m not a fan of Snape for many reasons but I actually really liked Annen’s performance. He delivered the lines perfectly and even I felt some sort of attachment to him. (Did I really just sympathise with Snape?!) The patronus scene was stunning, as usual.

He was also very good as Lord Voldemort, he really took his time walking downstage and through the audience and it was quite horrifying to watch.

Minor roles that deserve recognition:

Tom Mackley: Wonderful as ever. Totally deserving of speaking roles, and was really fun to watch on stage. I think he yelled “Fleur Delacour, give me more!”, to which he said was “weak” at stage door!

James Phoon: Brilliant. You could tell he was enjoying every moment on stage, and was really wonderful as Craig.

Martin Johnston: Station Master earned lots of laughs. Looks fabulous in a dress.

Rupert Henderson: Really fun as James Potter and kept the “Daaaaaadd” alive. Also brilliant as Cedric.



In general, the cast just need time to perfect everything. The performance ran smoothly considering how little time they had to rehearse and run tech, but they will get better in time.

The polyjuice scene wasn’t as smooth as with the previous cast but that will come with practice.

During the Cycle song (my favourite part of the play, admittedly), Theo’s wand had split slightly when it was in the floor. We only noticed because we were so close. When they eventually pulled it out, the splintered bit flew across the stage. Also the puff of smoke was a second too late with the lighting and music. Live theatre, everyone!

Jamie Glover needs to work on his shouting, his voice broke a bit when he said the iconic “Sometimes I wish you weren’t my son” line, which affected the atmosphere a bit.

Theo was lovely to watch when seeing Lily Potter with baby Harry, he almost couldn’t help himself when he walked up to her and waved. It was heartwarming.

Seeing Dumbledore for the first time, where he is stood upstage and walks down to his portrait, is one of my favourite parts of the play. The audience always has the same reaction, everyone gasps and suddenly feels at home, and it makes me cry every time. I’m tearing up even thinking about it.

They have a new Krum chant and I can’t remember it! Something along the lines of “I love Krum, you love Krum…”. I miss the original one L

Stage Door:

Stage door was really quiet, it only went up to the corner so some of the actors had the time to talk to us for quite a while. (Also I can’t remember the exact order of who came out!) Everyone signed my programme and I got photos with the majority.

Emma came out very quickly, I think she was in a rush so I only asked for a signature and told her she did a good job and she was very kind!

Rupert was really friendly and asked if we enjoyed the play (I was stood with friends who had seen the play the day before).

I was a bit excited to see James Phoon (not to mention I had had some wine which made me even friendlier than usual, oops) and I think I gave him a hug. God damnit, tipsy Immy. Nevertheless, he was so friendly, I complimented him on his performance and his drag, to which he was SO HAPPY. He gave me another hug before moving on.

James Howard was lovely as usual and looked so happy when I told him how much I adored his Draco.

Martin is my new favourite person. He said he was going to come out with a new fashion line.

Barry is just so lovely and friendly, I got to compliment him more at this stage door than at cast change which was really nice!

Thomas was so grateful for the compliments, you could tell how much he loved playing Ron and he said we were very kind.

Jamie was sweet, he seemed quite shy but was happy at our comments nonetheless!

April is just the cutest thing ever. She was so excited when we told her she was just perfect as Myrtle and was so lovely!

Rakie was SO lovely. We all praised her and she said she had big shoes to fill before saying she’s very good friends with Noma and will tell her that we miss her, but Hermione is in good hands!

Henry Rundle was super friendly and was really happy we enjoyed the new cast.

I had heard that Theo is quite shy but we got him talking. He came over with a big smile on his face and I essentially gushed at how wonderful he was. He was so happy. I asked which Hogwarts house he is in, to which he laughed and said that he thought he would be a Hufflepuff but is a Ravenclaw on Pottermore. He says he thinks a lot, but he identifies as a Hufflepuff! (Yaaaasss) He was so kind and friendly.

Tom Mackley was great as usual, and we had a full on conversation with him for honestly a good few minutes. My pictures with him are hilarious, we were laughing at something my friend said.

Samuel was just the sweetest guy. I gushed to him about how bloody brilliant he is, and he looked so surprised and grateful. It was as if he wasn’t expecting much of a reaction, but we told him how impressed we were with his performance and that we are so glad Scorpius is in good hands.

Annabel had friends at stage door so I didn’t ask for a picture as I knew she was in a rush, but she signed my programme and I told her she was brilliant and bloody terrifying, to which she said “I think I’ll take that as a compliment!”

To anyone about to see the new cast, or to anyone that is a bit apprehensive, give them time. They didn’t have nearly as much rehearsal time as the original cast (who also could rehearse in the theatre itself, so they had all the time to perfect it all!) and only had 4 days of tech, so they have done considerably well! All I can say is go in with an open and fresh mind and embrace the new portrayals of characters, and remember that actors only get annual contracts so you can’t get attached to the ways characters are performed! Just give the new cast time, and when you see them just be as friendly as possible in the audience. Our audience was quite quiet (except for myself and my internet friends sat in front of me who laughed at everything), so give the new cast a metaphorical warm hug and they will be so thankful.

Of Course.

Derek x Reader Derek and reader are dating. Y/N is being threatened by a violent unsub that can’t be caught so she’s instructed by Strauss to leave the BAU until they catch the guy. The whole team is sad and mad. She leaves but gets kidnapped and the team watches her get tortured via online live webcast. When Derek finds her some fluff happens? 

Thank you to @prenup-queen for the amazing request x

Whew this is a long ass imagine but I’m actually pretty proud of it! I hope you like it!xx

“No, I’m not leaving.” You looked from Strauss to Hotch both of whom watched you pace the room.

“Y/N it’s for your own safety, this unsub is extraordinarily violent and has made several references to you directly. If you won’t leave for your own safety think of your team” Strauss motioned to the group standing in the bullpen watching your exchange through the glass “If he can’t get to you he will go for them. Leaving is the best chance.”

“I don’t want to. This is all I have. Hotch? Please tell her, I’m safer here, surely? I’m with the top team in the FBI; I can live in a safe house with Derek or I can just move in with Derek. Please!” You fought back the tears. This unsub was dangerous and you knew it, but leaving the BAU would break your heart.

“You don’t have a choice Y/N. The paper work has been put through. You will be put into witness protection until we believe it is safe.” Strauss nodded at you and Hotch before walking out of his office. You stood open mouthed and angry.

“Really? Witness protection?” Hotch nodded silently “This is Bullshit!” you stormed out of his office and into the arms of Derek.

“What’s happening?” he whispered into your hair, holding you tightly.

You pushed yourself out of his hold you turned to face the team who looked on in anticipation.

“I’m leaving. Well going into witness protection. And there’s nothing I can do about it.” You watched their faces. They looked angry and upset.

“They can’t do that!” Emily spoke at Hotch, who stood in the doorway.

“I’m coming with you” Derek wrapped his hand around your waist and kissed your head.

“No you’re not Morgan. And I’m afraid they can.” Hotch received a glare from everyone in the team.

“I have to go alone. If this bastard hurts any of you I won’t be able to live with myself.” You turned to face Derek “and I’m going to miss you.” You hugged him tighter “I love you”

“I love you too.” Bringing your lips to his for a moment you forgot everyone else was with you.


The first 10 days in the safe house had been extremely lonely. Witness protection meant no communication with anyone in your normal life. You missed the team but you missed Derek the most. After dating for almost 2 years a day without talking to him felt strange and unnatural. The safe house was empty and grey, you’d managed to sneak in a few old photographs but they did little to brighten up the house.

Having been stuck inside for the 10 days you’d become bored of watching Friends reruns on TV you remembered a phone box you’d seen on the way. It was about a 40 minute walk but though times call for desperate measure.

After a long walk you’d managed to clear your head and figure out what you were going to say when you got hold of Derek. Stepping into the phone booth you sighed as the phone began to ring.

“Hello?” Derek’s voice was warm and comforting.

“Derek.” You breathed.

“Y/N? Oh it’s so good to hear your voice! Wait, What are you doing? You’re not supposed to be calling me?”

“I know, but it’s so hard, I’m so lonely. I miss you.”

“I mi…” the phone went dead.

“Derek? Derek?” You hit the machine with the palm of your hand. in a plea to continue the phone call you began fumbling with the change in your pocket. You tried to push the cash into the slot; with each coin that returned your frustration grew. “NO! Come on! Please.” You threw the phone at the machine and turned to leave.

As you stepped out onto the street something wrapped around your face, covering your mouth. As you struggled another hand latched around your waist keeping you stationary. Slowly you remembered the smell, Chloroform. Your eyes widened and you tried to scream. Your vision began to fade and your limbs became weaker. As quickly as it occurred you fell asleep.


“Baby Girl. Can you track where this call came from?” Derek handed Garcia his phone.

“Of course! Chesterfield near Richmond? Why?”

“Y/N made a call from there and I think she’s in danger.” Derek looked upset.

“No, no I’m sure she’s fine! Get Hotch and I will call everyone in.” She stood up and pulled him into a hug “She will be fine.”

Garcia’s computer began to flash and beep. She pushed Derek out from her and looked from screen to screen.

“No. no. no no no no no!” Garcia began to tap on keys, and unplug monitors.

“Babygirl whats happening?” Derek held the blonde by the shoulders calming her down.

“Someone has hacked my server! All I can do is click on the link. Morgan what do I do?” Garcia’s makeup ran down her face.

“The link; what is it?” Derek centred Garcia’s focus. She opened the link and gasped. “Y/N? Y/N! Garcia that’s Y/N!”


You spat out the blood that had pooled in your mouth. The taste of iron plagued your tongue and the vision out of your swollen eyes began to return.

“Why…are…you…doing this?” You said through ragged breath.

“Because the look-a-likes can only get you so far. I watch you on TV every week talking to the public, telling them how to be safe. I wanted to try you, see if you practice what you preach and quite obviously you don’t.” He walked around you, slowly, bringing his face close to your ear causing you to flinch “I hacked your servers, I know what happened to everyone of your team members. And guess what, I want you to understand their pain. Shall we start with Dr Spencer Reid? I didn’t realise how hard Dilaudid was to find until this.” He pulled out a full needle.

“No! NO!” you shook your head and did as much as you could to escape him but it was no use. The sharp scratch of the needle halted your movement and sound. You let your head drop backwards as the world around you faded to black.


“Spence.” JJ watched the young agent assess the screen. He stood wide eyed and silent watching your reaction on the screen. His breath was heavy and he began to sweat.

“Oh Y/N, I’m so sorry!” he wiped his eyes.

“JJ, take Reid outside for some air.” Hotch stood between Reid and the screen obstructing his view. “We’ve got Richmond PD at the safehouse and Garcia is going over the CCTV footage from her journey to the phone.”

“You shouldn’t have sent her away.” Derek muttered under his breath.

“We did what we thought was right.” Hotch looked sympathetically at him.

“The woman I love would’ve been safe with me but you and Strauss sent her away. Alone!” Derek threw his chair backwards and stormed out of the room.


“Next up Emily Prentiss, I can’t exactly resurrect you like she was but I read about a brand?” as he pulled out the cattle brand, you managed to flick your eyes open just enough to catch his eye.

“I hope you rot in hell.” He grabbed you by the hair and pulled your head to the side, pushing the brand against your shoulder.


“I can’t just sit here and watch this anymore! Please give me something Babygirl!” Derek looked helplessly at her.

“This man, our unsub, grabs her and puts her into the back of this taxi. I tracked the number but it’s not a real taxi. The car isn’t even registered.” Garcia looked defeated and tired. She looked at Derek who smiled at her appreciatively “But I found where they might be. The signal is coming from a house here in Quantico. It belongs to David Brookes, 46, retired policeman. Forced retirement.”

“SUV’s. Now!”


“Jennifer Jareau was subjected to multiple forms of torture but perhaps my personal favourite was the waterboarding.” With every assault he became more violent. The beatings in between had made it harder and harder to stay awake.

“Please. Please stop.” The towel was draped over your face and the water came pouring down onto you.


“Prentiss, JJ, Rossi; take the back.” Hotch sent the swat team with them whilst Derek, Spencer and him took the front door.

“David Brookes! FBI open up!” Derek called out waiting only seconds before kicking the door down. They swung round each room checking they were clear; after the rooms had been cleared out they headed towards the small garage at the very end of the back yard.

Derek once again kicked the door down, he was on a mission and he was going to find you.


There was a clattering from outside distracted David. He swung round quickly and grabbed a shotgun from the shelf.

“Derek! He’s got a shotgun!” you hoped he could hear you. You didn’t need him running in and getting shot. David stood behind you aiming the shot gun over your shoulder.

The sound of a gunshot made you jump. But it wasn’t from the gun next to you, it was from further away. The gun dropped off of your shoulder and landed next the Daniel’s body. Pulling your head up to where the gunshot had come from you saw Derek aiming through a small gap in the boarded up windows.

Within second the door burst open and the sight of your team was blissful. You began to cry involuntarily as each restraint was removed. Derek walked towards you and grasped you in his arms, holding you close to him. You rested your head against his chest, feeling it move you with every breath. He laid you on the bed in the ambulance and sat next to you, holding your hand and stroking your hair.

“I was so scared I was going to lose you. When you were sent away I realised how hard it was to be without you, and then when you were taken I couldn’t stand the thought of not having you near me. I love you Y/N and I know that I have to be with you forever. This isn’t the most romantic of settings but will you marry me?”

“Of course, I love you too.” You used everything you could muster to nod and smile. Crying with joy Derek placed one chaste kiss on your forehead.


Huge Allegiant spoilers in case you haven’t read it!

For: @relientsk

Imagine: Being in love with Four, and comforting him after Tris’ death.

All your life you’ve lived outside the fence, watching the lives of members of the factions in Chicago. At age 15, you joined your parents as a worker in the control room of the Bureau, one person in particular caught your eye during your shifts. Your heart hurt at the sight of poor little Tobias Eaton being beaten by his father in his home in Abnegation. You watched the change happen in Tobias over the one and half years before he transferred, it almost seems that he was preparing himself to transfer. You were surprised when he had chosen Dauntless, however this made you even more attracted to him, you had never met this guy, but you watched his life, you watched him go from Tobias, a timid, beaten, Abnegation boy, to Four, a strong man, who was one of the most courageous people you’d ever seen. In all honesty, you had fallen in love with Tobias, and you had fallen hard. So hard, that you were completely heartbroken when you had to watch him and Tris share their first kiss, when you had to watch him fall in love with another girl.

Now he stood in front of you, alongside Tris, Christina, Peter, and a few others, and you didn’t know whether to feel excited that he was here, in front of you, or to be jealous that he was here with Tris.

Over the course of a few months, you and Tobias became close friends, since you already knew him so well, he wasn’t afraid to open up to you. Tris clearly didn’t like that you spent time with her boyfriend, but you could see how much they loved each other, you never had the intention of getting between the two of them. Sometimes it really hurt seeing them together, but you were happy because Tobias was happy.

After the death of Uriah, Tobias had gone back inside the fence, along with Peter, in order to execute some sort of plan with his mother and father. Here, Caleb was supposed to go into the weapons lab, however, Tris decided to go in his place. Tris survived the death serum, but was shot my David. Once Tobias came back, he was absolutely devastated.

A year has passed since Tris’ death. Tobias decided to continue living outside the fence with frequent visits inside. You currently sit with him on the balcony of your apartment. A month ago you and Tobias had shared your first kiss on this balcony, you were madly in love with Tobias, and he really did like you, but he obviously still had a large place in his heart for Tris, and no matter how much he wanted to be with you, he couldn’t help but feel guilty. Though she was gone, he still felt like he was betraying her.

You take his hand and both of you just stare off into the distance, watching the sunset for a while; it is actually quite peaceful, you finally decided to break the silence, “You thinking about her?”

“N-no, I’m not,” He lies, you sigh.

“Tobias, I know you still miss her, you don’t need to lie to me.”

“I’m sorry Y/N, but I really can’t stop thinking about her,” He looks down, unable to make eye contact with you.

“It’s okay Tobias. I want you to know that I’m still the same Y/N that I was when you first came here, you can still open up to me and talk to me. I know you miss her Tobias, I know that you’ll always have a special place in your heart for Tris, I understand that,” He still refuses to look at you and you sigh, “I also know that I will never be Tris, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. This is something that I didn’t tell you. The first time I saw you were when you were 15, I instantly wanted to get to know you better, and at some point within the time that I started working to the time that you transferred, I fell in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for the past three and a half years.”

He finally looks up to you, “W-what, I know you had feelings for me, but I never thought they were that deep?”

“I know I sound dumb, but I really love and care about you, all that I ever want is for you to be happy. I know Tris is gone, and I know that you’ll never forget her, but would she too have wanted you to move on? How do you think she would feel seeing you mope around like this? Even if I’m not the one that you make you the happiest, I don’t care if moving on means being with someone else. I love you Tobias, and that means that I want you to be happy.” Tobias instantly leans in and kisses you passionately.

“I love you to Y/N, and I want to be with you, I just need a little more time,” You move closer to him and he wraps his arms around you.

“I know Toby, I know, and I’ll always be here if you need me.”  

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Team Free Will and Disney

Originally posted by 4-ever-destiel

Pairing: TFWxsick!friend!reader
Word Count: 821
Warnings: Nothing
A/N: This came to mind because my 6 year old brought something home from school. And we all ended up sick. And miserable. I’m basically like the reader, wanting cuddles, Disney, and nothing but curling up on the couch.

“Y/N!” Dean yelled. “We’re back.” He dropped his bag right inside the door. “Y/N?” He tried again. Sam and Cas walked in behind him.

You trudged out from the living room, wrapped in a blanket. Your face was all they saw. “Hi, guys.” You sniffed. You felt like your head was going to explode, every time you swallowed you felt a shooting pain in your ear, and your throat was scratchy. “How was your hunt?”

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Heyyyy guys i wrote a thing, it’s a mod jackcrutchie thing that’s been kind of spinning around up somewhere in my slowly disintegrating brain… so heeyyyyyy if you wanted to read it, that would be nice. Love to you all! :D

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A/N: 100 followers! (Deep breaths) not freaking out, not freaking out

http://let-there-be-imagines.tumblr.com/post/125892070848/p-httplet-there-be-imaginestumblrcompost12 ~Part 2

“Why do you want to come?” Regina asked from the ship. You rolled your eyes. You were only in Storybrooke for a little bit, having no idea how you got there. When you escaped from Neverland, you never expected that you would be taken to The Land Without Magic. 

You responded calmly, “I assume you guys want to take an expert of Neverland.” Pan might have taught you how to reply sassily, but he also taught you valuable lessons of Neverland. 

 Emma agreed, “Yeah, we’re taking Hook.”

“Oh, yeah. I’m sure Pan would just leave his jungle and fight you guys in the water,” you replied sarcastically, “I am just offering a back up plan in case the vengeful pirate with a passion for rum doesn’t work out." 

Mary Margaret added, "Y/N has a point. We’re going to be someplace that we know nothing about. It might help to have someone experienced with us.”

You saluted. “First Lost Girl at your service.” David silently laughed at that. 

Emma thought for a bit before deciding, “Fine. Whatever gets us to Henry quicker.” They let you on the ship. Hook looked at you suspiciously. Being part of the Lost Boys, you and Hook had fought against each other. You just ignored him and wondered how Neverland had changed.

Rumple approached me. “You were there for a while." 

"Yeah,” you agreed, “I knew Bae.” You smiled a bit at the memory. “I remember you coming for him. I am truly sorry." 

"Do you remember who you were before you came to Neverland?” Mary Margaret joined the conversation. 

You sighed, “No clue. Neverland will do that to you and I was one of the first.” Your lips turned down. “Pan assumed that I had tricked the Shadow, but I don’t know why the Shadow took me.” The crew fell silent and in no time, Hook was guiding us towards the portal that the magic bean conjured. 

A magic bean was how you escaped Neverland the first time. It was a bit ironic that it was your way back. The magic bean only took you so far and we had a little bit left to sail. You stiffened when you saw the dark island. It had changed since the last time you were there. Something was dying. Maybe the island?

Rumple had left the group, insisting that he had to do something alone. You led them into the jungle until they wanted to sleep. Knowing that you had a restless night ahead, you volunteered to keep watch. 

Leaning against a tree with your dagger, you couldn’t help, but feel at home. Ironically, you grew up here. You stayed the same age, but you weren’t the same person when you left. The sound of children crying sent a chill down your spine. It meant that you were still lost. 

Emma seemed to hear it too and got up. She saw you and whispered, “Do you hear it too?” You nodded gravely. “What is it?" 

"You’re not gonna like it.” Emma looked at you until you finally said, “It’s the sound of kids crying. It means that you’re lost." 

She gripped her sword. "I’m going to take a look around.” You nodded lazily.

Emma walked around before a boy appeared before her when he obviously wasn’t there before. “You hear that, too?” He asked, “Emma, right? I wonder why they can’t hear the crying." 

She held her sword carefully. "Who are you?" 

"Oh, did I forget to introduce myself?” the boy smiled a bit, “I’m Peter. Peter Pan." 

Emma immediately back him up to a tree with the sword against his neck. "Where’s Henry?”

“You’ve got fire,” Pan stated amusingly, “I like fire. Y/N can tell you all about that.” She looked at him. “I knew she was back the minute she stepped onto this island and this time, she’s not leaving Neverland.”

Emma came back with a blank parchment paper. “He loves playing games,” you noted, “Pan said there’s a map. It’s like making the game more difficult. He believes that it’s too easy." 

She tried everything and Regina decided to use her magic. As you followed them, you stated, "Pan doesn’t appreciate cheaters." 

"Yeah, I can care less what Pan appreciates,” she snapped, “I just want my son back.” The locator spell on the map lead the group to a clearing. There was no one there until Emma saw someone that appeared to be Henry with his back turned. 

Pan in Henry’s clothes turned around and smiled. “Hi, Emma.” When Emma asked where Henry was, he walked around tauntingly. “You broke the rules. That’s not fair,” he listed, “Bad form. Can’t say that I didn’t expect this from Y/N.” He stopped in front of you, matching your glare. “You were always one to break the rules." 

"I guess old habits die hard, Pan,” you sneered, “Now give Henry back to us." 

"Can’t do that. Cheaters never win.” The Lost Boys ran in, crying and whooping. “Watch out for their arrows. They’re laced with dreamshade." 

"Y/N?” A familiar voice asked. You turned to see George, a good friend of yours. You smiled weakly as the younger Lost Boys began chattering excitedly. 

“Boys!” Pan yelled and they immediately stopped. You gripped your dagger tightly and the battle started. Pan approached you and made his dagger appear. “This is your fault,” he stated, “If you never left, Y/N…" 

"Everything would be all right?” You began blocking his attacks skillfully. It was like training except both of you were actually trying to maim the other. Before either of you could inflict any real damage, an arrow grazed your leg and you fell to the ground. 

Peter froze and whistled, signaling to retreat. The group rushed to you and looked at the wound. You passed out from the pain. Your veins enlarged and Hook said sadly, “Y/N has dreamshade in her. She’s dying.”

defending nine

i have seen some unexpected nine hate recently and i really wanted to rant about dismiss some of the arguments i read…

  1. the ninth doctor was not cruel or mean. he could be unforgiving and ruthless, yes, but he was not mean. his less forgiving moments were perfectly understandable and often linked to the emotional trauma that nine experienced following the time war. it is part of the doctor’s character to be ruthless at times, as we see with ten in ‘the runaway bride’ and because of this he ‘needs someone to stop him’, as donna says.
  2. the ninth doctor was capable of happiness and joy and he was not solely shaped by his negative emotions (which if anything, for me, transformed the hero figure of the doctor to a more relatable person with his own problems and feelings). we see him be genuinely happy all the time because rose is the person who opens him up and makes him feel better, the person who allows him to heal slowly. his catchphrase is fantastic so he obviously isn’t solely an angry/moody doctor and he is always finding reasons to smile (or smirk at least)
  3. he was a genuinely funny, witty doctor just as the others are- that’s a large part of the doctor’s character- and i never saw him as simply silly or goofy. in my opinion, he has some of the best lines in the new who series- his great sense of humour was one of the main reasons i loved watching him as a child. i mean: “i give you… air from my lungs” “what are you gonna do? moisturise me?” “lots of planets have a north.” “that won’t last… he’s gay and she’s an alien” he was so funny!
  4. he was not a skippable doctor. as david tennant himself said, christopher eccleston’s portrayal of the doctor was what set the whole new who series off again, what brought doctor who into the next generation and what began the successful franchise of today. he even brought a northern accent into doctor who (literally he was the first properly northern one) *cheers for representation* while he didn’t stay for as long or act alongside modern special effects, nine’s acting and plots were brilliant and worth just as much as any of the other doctor’s.
  5. he definitely cared about others. i feel like a lot of people have the misconception that he ‘only saved the world because he had to’ or that ‘he didn’t really care about humans at all’. he cared about many of the people they encounter,for example, in ‘the empty child’ he seems to really care about nancy and the kids she looks after. i believe that despite his personal issues, all incarnations of the doctor have the basic tendency to care for others- that’s why he’s always saving worlds and rescuing civilisations and defeating terrible creatures and running a lot- because he wants to, because that’s the sort of time lord he is.
  6. and of course he loved rose deeply. the way that they look at each other and the way that they speak to each other alone makes it obvious. if you even need evidence…in ‘dalek’*, the dalek (who has seen into rose’s mind) calls her ‘the woman you love’, he thinks she is beautiful in ‘the unquiet dead’, he gets jealous of both captain jack and adam, and he values her more than anything else: “i could save the world but lose you” and ultimately it was nine that rose fell in love with in the beginning.

[*don’t even try to argue that he sacrifices her to kill the dalek because he doesn’t, he thinks she will make it to the gate and when she doesn’t he is distraught but rose knows it is not his fault- when he has the second chance he saves her]

i could have said this in less words but basically i love nine, especially because i got into doctor who through him, and i really wanted to put out some nine positivity because he is so often criticised and underrated when he was fantastic. (sorry)

Neverland Renaissance 2.0 Prompts

General prompts : 

  • life on the Jolly Roger : diners, cleaning
  • life on the camp : searching for food, Hook shows Emma how it’s done, sleeping arrangement :)) 
  • taking showers in the Neverland lake 
  • getting dressed / getting nakey 
  • “um it’s totally your time to watch the camp”
  • “David, Emma and Hook are gone together again.”
  • Pan loves tricks. He messes around with Killian’s mind and he makes him fall into an unconscious state, making him live his worst fears. Emma uses magic to get inside of his head where she face both Killian and his fears and she realizes she’s the only one who can help him through it.
  • Emma eats a poisonous fruit by accident and Killian is the only one who knows how to take care of her
  • Mermaid’s are common in Neverland: the same kind of mermaid who tried to deceive  Charming in 1x13 is now taking Emma’s / Hook’s form to deceive Killian / Emma
  • Pan and Hook moments 
  • Digging into Hook’s past on the island 
  • taking an aspect of the Peter Pan’s book and putting in our Neverland

Sentences :

  • “I would never hut you intentionaly”
  • “I beg you pardon but why the fuck are you laying on top of me ?”
  • “It’s a tale of two lost boys who only had each other to get through the day, a quite depressing one really Swan.”
  • “I never meant to fall for you.”
  • “I would do it all over again.”
  • “Sorry Swan, but you were bloody jealous of me and Tink.”
  • “I don’t want you to go back to being just a story again. ”
  • “You’re the first person who seems to care about me for who i am and i’m not sure i can handle it.”
  • “If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t leave you on top of that beanstalk.”
  • “Why ?” “For you.”
  • “Your eyes are the most soothing ones I have ever met.”
  • “I’m not in love with him.”
  • “The fact is, I could totally fall for you and it’s freaking me out.”
  • “You smell good though.”
  • “How are you not hot in this thing ?” (“I’m always hot.”)
  • “You just had to ask : I would have followed you anywhere.”
  • “See, this is exactly why I shut up about Hook’s appearance.”
  • “There’s no choice to make.”
  • “It’s you.”
  • “You are not alone.”
  • “Sometimes the night gets a little bit too dark for me, that’s when I like to search for your eyes. They always calm me.”
  • “Do you ever get used to it ? To their cries ?” “You get used to everything.”
  • “Now sleep.”
  • “I’m keeping you safe.” “I don’t need you to.” “I know, but it’s quite appreciable, sometimes, to have a shoulder to lean on.”
  • “This place can be our little heaven.”

Under the cut prompts by episode (from 3x01 to 3x11)

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The World Fell Down

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Labyrinth/Jareth the Goblin King & Sarah

Rating: PG (for feels)

Original Idea: A tribute to the Goblin King himself - David Bowie - in honor of his passing, and my own love of Labyrinth.

Notes: “There’s such a sad love, Deep in your eyes…” We’ll miss you, Goblin King.

“The World Fell Down”


It had been thirty years since Sarah’s run in the Labyrinth—Almost exactly, she thought to herself on an early morning in January of 2016 as she found herself back in the Underground. There was fondness, fear, and regret coloring her memories of when she was fifteen and accidentally wished her half-brother Toby away to the goblins.

Sarah thought that the Goblin King would outlive her by several centuries. He was Fae—and the Fae were supposed to be mischievous, powerful, and most of all, immortal. But…

The Goblin King—Jareth himself—was lying on a grand mahogany bed, obviously ill. He looked the same as he had thirty years ago—strange blond hair, some of it long, some of it short in an orb around his head; mismatched eyes, one blue, one brown; pointed canine teeth that made a terrifying sneer when he was angry; sharp, knife-like face; and of course the eccentric clothing. Though his attire was remarkably subdued due to his weakened state.

“Long time,” she remarked, a sad sort of smirk toying on the edges of her lips.

He gave her a sad grin in return. “The blink of an eye,” he countered, voice raspy but fighting to stay strong.

Sarah rushed to his bedside and knelt next to him. He gave a cough from somewhere deep in his lungs that sounded wrenching and painful. Her hands hovered over him, unsure of what to do but yearning to help. “It’s too late for that, Sarah,” he commented, trying to keep his voice as strong as possible. Another cough.

“Tell me what I can do,” she pleaded.

“Nothing. There is no way to save me from this.” He coughed again, longer and harder. Sarah watched, desperate. When he stopped, his eyes turned back to her.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

He shook his head. “I always watched over them, you know,” he murmured.

A forlorn grin tilted up the corners of the woman’s lips. She didn’t have to ask who “they” were. She knew exactly who he was talking about. “I know,” she remarked. “They aren’t very good at keeping secrets.” Her twenty-year-old son David and her seventeen-year-old daughter Jennifer used to come home from playing in the park together all through their childhood telling tales of a strange man with yellow hair saving them from shenanigans—like the time Jen slipped on a stepping stone across the creek and a black glove caught her and steadied her—or the time David had boredly tried to wish his little sister away to the goblins and the man gave him a small crystal to show him what would happen if he followed through, making him change his mind.

That got a weak chuckle out of the Goblin King. “You keep that spark of magic alive in your Jen, you hear? She’s every bit as magical as you are and twice as optimistic. And your David. He’s got a lot of his father in him, but he’s got more of you. Make sure they always have that sense of magic.”

A single tear slipped down her face from her left eye as she nodded. “I will,” she promised.

Jareth lifted his hand and wiped the tear from her cheek. “Don’t cry, Sarah-mine,” he murmured. “Just promise me one thing.”

“Whatever I can,” she replied.

“Keep the magic alive. The Power is within you.”

She nodded again. “Of course I will.”

He smirked, that impish, dangerous smirk. “Good. The world isn’t falling down yet, Sarah-mine. And tell Toby that I’m proud of him.”

Toby was the twenty-nine-year-old father of a four-year-old son—whom he’d named Jareth for reasons he’d never quite known. Sarah smiled. “I will,” she promised. Jareth grinned, closing his eyes tiredly, and rested his hand on the side of her face, peeking his eyelids open to look at her. There was something akin to longing in his expression. He blinked a few times, breathing labored, and pulled a slightly wider grin.

“I always loved you,” he commented, voice raspy. Another tear slipped from Sarah’s eye and he wiped it away with his thumb.

“I loved you too. I was just too young.”

“Yes, I know. And then you moved on. Told everyone that it was the crazy fantasy of a child. Met your Paul.” A fit of coughing wracked his body. “But you never forgot your adventure. Never stopped believing in magic. And that, Sarah, was the most important thing I could have ever taught you. That was how you showed your love.”

“Don’t go!” she breathed.

“Your wishes won’t save me, love, as much as you may hope. It’s no matter, though. My time ruling the Underground is over. But the Labyrinth will find a new ruler. It may be you. It may be David. It may be your Jen. I, personally, am rooting for her. It’s about time this dusty old place chose a queen.”

His attempt at humor made Sarah grin sadly, eyes still welled up with tears. “Don’t go,” she repeated, forehead crinkling as she blinked tears down her face. She wiped them off herself and rested her forehead on Jareth’s chest and sobbed. She could feel his wheezing breaths as his fingers weakly toyed with her dark—but graying—hair. He was the strange hero-but-villain of her childhood. The story she adored above all the others.

“I must, Sarah-mine. But do not fret. Perhaps, one day, our paths will cross again, as they did so long ago.”

“The blink of an eye,” she quoted. Another weak chuckle escaped the Goblin King’s throat—followed closely by a heart-wrenching cough dredged up from the depths of his lungs.

She looked up from his white cotton pirate-style shirt, tear tracks staining her time-worn face. Apart from the pale sheen to his skin, and the gaunt, hollow look to his cheekbones, he looked the same as the first time she saw him when she was a fifteen-year-old drama queen. So much had changed, but so much hadn’t.

She wasn’t sure which one was worse. They both hurt.

Jareth wiped her tears again, this time with his sleeve. “Do not cry, Sarah-mine.” He smiled. “There’s such a sad love… deep in your eyes—a kind of pale jewel… opened and closed within your eyes…”

“I’ll place the sky… within your eyes…” Sarah joined in, remembering the words from the bubble ballroom from so many years ago.

“As the pain sweeps through—makes no sense for you—every thrill is gone… wasn’t too much fun at all… but I’ll be there for you-ou-ou… as the world falls down!” they sang together, both of them with raspy voices—his from illness, hers from tears.

“Do not weep for me, my dear. You will always be the babe with the Power. My world may be falling, but your world has not fallen down yet. And I will be there for you until it does,” he whispered. He took her hand and squeezed it. She looked him right in the eyes—their different colors both glimmering with the mirth and mischief and wicked humor they had always shone with. He gave her a genuine smile.

His face and hand went slack as a he heaved a final breath and sighed into peaceful sleep, never to wake again.

optomisticgirl  asked:

"I don't know what you were thinking but you, me, and your ego are not fitting in that bed!" - obviously some bed sharing... and I wouldn't say no to some smut??? Congrats on the milestone, darling!

A/N: Smut and humor, it’s what I do best ;) 

Bed Head

“Come on, Swan! This will be fun!”

“I don’t know what you were thinking but you, me, and your ego are not fitting in that bed!”

He had the nerve to smirk at her while she stood by her bed in her parent’s loft. The previous day, Killian had been attempting to cook dinner but accidentally left the chicken in the oven too long. The result was smoke cloud so massive that once the oven was turned off and the ruined chicken was taken out, they had to ventilate the entire house. David offered to let them stay at the loft for the night, since Emma’s “room” was basically untouched. They had shelves and cupboards, so her tiny twin bed remained.

“It’s nice and cozy, love,” he teased, patting the empty space on the bed with his hook, enticing her to join him.

Emma stood still, crossing her arms in front of her in defiance. “I’m not coming over there.”

Killian’s eyes bored into hers, the intensity of his gaze making her stance falter slightly. “Swan, we have to house to ourselves. Before your parent’s return from their evening out, I suggest we make the most of our time.” He capped off his plea with a raise of his eyebrow, a move he knew all too well was a weakness of hers.

Emma eased her arms out of their stiff position in front of her as she sidled up to the side of the bed he was occupying. “Well, when you put it that way…”

Within seconds, Emma was straddling Killian, her jacket and shirt coming off her body in flash. Still in her jeans and her emerald green satin bra, she rocked back and forth on Killian, squealing in delight as she felt the his cock harden beneath her.

“Swan…I need to touch you….” was all Killian said before he deftly opened the button of her jeans with his right hand (he had become an expert at removing her clothes). His rough, callused fingers hurriedly dipped into her panties as he sought out his favorite treasure. Both of them gasped as the pad of his thumb ghosted over his sensitive clit. “You’re so hot, my love. But I wonder how wet you are…” Keeping his thumb on her clit, he slid his index finger lower, dipping it into her molten heat. “You’re soaking for me, darling. Do you need ne to touch you? To fill you up?”

“Oh god, yes.” Killian used his upper body strength to flip them over so that he was now on top. Removing her panties in one swift movement, he returned his hand to her dripping core, adding another finger inside her while his thumb remained rooted on her nub. He started slowly, easing his digits into her, taking in the feeling of her warmth. Then he picked up the pace, and which each thrust, Emma’s cries became louder and louder. He felt her walls fluttering around his soaked fingers; he knew she was close.

“That’s it, Swan. Come for me. I love watching you let go.” Emma’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as her back lifted up off the bed. Her orgasm took over her entire body, but Killian loved looking at Emma’s face as she fell. When she opened her eyes again, Killian said, “By all the gods, you are the most beautiful creature on this earth.”

Emma blushed as she responded, “And you tend to talk too much when what I need you to do is get naked.”

“Far be it for me to deny the request of a beautiful lass such as yourself.”

As Killian lifted himself off the bed and went to remove his jacket, they heard the sound of a key entering the lock of the front door. Killian immediately rushed to lie on the bed with Emma so that her parents wouldn’t be able to see him standing. David and Snow entered the loft, still gushing over their date.

“That crème brulee was absolutely divine. I’ll have to thank Killian for the recommendation for the dessert.”

“You could thank me now, Majesty,” he whispered, earning warning look from Emma, telling him to shut up.

They must not have been as quiet as they hoped, because David asked, “Did you hear something just now?”

“No. Why?”

“I thought I heard someone talking.”

“Yeah, it was me talking about our incredible date. And now, we have the house to ourselves. No kids, infant or adult.” Snow sauntered over to her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a passionate kiss. Their moans carried all the way up to Emma and Killian as they lay in her bed listening to her parents making out.

“You know? It is very rare we get there kind of nights. I guess we should make the most of them,” David mentioned between kisses. “What do you say I go put the eyeliner on?”

It took everything in Killian’s power not to laugh, not only at David’s statement but at the look on Emma’s face.

“I think I might like that. And what should I wear tonight?”

“I think nothing would do.”

Emma was mortified at the thought of listening to her parents in the act, but she couldn’t reveal her presence, especially in her state of undress. Luckily–or unluckily–for her, Killian made the decision for her. In his booming voice, he yelled down from the bed, “Oi, mate! I’ve got some eyeliner you could borrow!”

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A while ago i decided i wanted to receive prompts for one shots, or drabbles or whatever came to mind. I thought no one would actually send prompts, since i’m a nobody in this fandom, and there are much more talented writers out there. But much to my surprise, i did receive a request. And it made me really happy, because someone thought i was good enough to put their idea into words. That person was @pumpkinspicecandy​ and this is the original ask (x)

So obviously, i said yes. And i know it took me a while, but i finally wrote it, and although i know it can be better, i’m quite happy with how it turned out. I know this prompt has been used many times before, and i know a lot of people have done a better job at this than me, but i just couldn’t resist when i got asked to write it. I’m a sucker for Daddy!Killian. So @pumpkinspicecandy here you have it, and I hope you enjoy it! I hope it is what you expected, tho it might be a bit short. Let me know what you think.

Btw, English isn’t my first language so i’m sorry if there’s any mistakes.

Request: “Could you do a future fic Killian comforting his kids after a nightmare?”

Read on AO3 and Fanfiction.net

It was Emma’s night shift at the sheriff station. David thought it might be a good idea to cover the nights, just in case Grumpy decided to drink more than he was allowed to (and let’s face it, everybody knows how much that dwarf loves to cause trouble). But to do that, they needed to hire more people, so until they found the right person for the job, the night shift had to be distributed between Emma and Charming.

That’s how Killian found himself alone in their king sized bed in the middle of the night. He was reading one of the books Henry had told him about, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Apparently there were 6 more books after that, and 8 movies to watch, so both Emma and Henry had convinced him to read them before watching the movies because “they are so much better”. Not that he would know, but he couldn’t deny anything to either of them.

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NOTE: I felt I had a duty to fulfill. Here is that duty, all 2100 words of un-proofread glory. Mostly just me typing out my feelings. This sticks to canon but I’m not ruling out AU-where-Ziva-is-alive-and-everything-doesn’t-suck stuff in the future. These guys were always my favourite muses. 

It was the seventh hour of the thirteen-hour flight from D.C. to Tel Aviv, and Tali had been crying since halfway through the sixth.

The little girl was fussy, fidgety, and exhausted. Tony felt much of the same, but he was the grown-up now. And in truth, he had no clue what to do. She wasn’t hungry, and refused attention to the little screen on the back of the seat in front of her that had until recently kept her occupied. Funny faces or games were no longer welcome.

Tony was starting to get nervous; the people around them were quickly losing their patience. Their sympathetic gazes, initially offered so freely to the obviously struggling single father, were turning icy and hard. He rubbed his hands over his face, over the deep lines around his eyes and the stubble forming around his mouth and chin. With a kid, things just took longer. The little things, like shaving and, well, sleep, sometimes had to be sacrificed.

And he was okay with that. He just wished she would stop crying. It was a reminder of his deep fear of his own inadequacy as a parent – one that would likely plague him for years to come. But more than that, it was a reminder that Tali was unhappy. Of all the things in the world, he wanted that the least. And right now, he was the only one with the power to fix it.

That is, the only living one.

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