i o n l y eat so like whatever i guess


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  • Reading books to each other.
  • Wearing his circle frame glasses.
  • Being up a 2 in the morning eating ramen or ordering take out.
  • Having matching sweater paws.
  • Buying him oversized sweaters as gifts because he loves them.
  • Mingyu being around all the time.
  • Likes to cuddle a L O T.
  • Him hiding his face in your neck all the time.
  • Subtle matching, like same color scheme or the same shoes just different colors because overly matching is “cheesy”.
  • Fighting over characters in books.
  • When you guys get in a fight he would spoil the ending of a book your reading.
  • Rarely any fights tho.
  • Him wanting to do random couple youtube challenges.
  • Tries to do your makeup but kinda fails.
  • Morning texts and Night texts.
  • Hugs all the time.
  • Stealing kisses.
  • You shiver a bit and he automatic gives you his sweater or jacket or shirt. whatever he can give you.
  • Knowing he’s mad at you when he has his typical blank face.
  • Shows up at your house just to nap next to you or with you.
  • Seducing him by wearing his sweaters and nothing underneath.
  • Lazy days.
  • Hanging out with Seventeen.
  • Him being a soft shy dork.
  • Not much pda but, quite a bit of action when alone with you.
  • Waking up in his arms.
  • Getting a whole bunch of ‘i’m sorry’ texts because he forgot to call you in the morning.
  • Comfortable silence.
  • Knowing he’s tired when he mumbles things against your shoulder. 
  • Finding Mingyu on your couch when Wonwoo has to work.
  • “Should I make you breakfast, Gyu?”
  • Tall bb.
  • Leaving hickies on his collar bones.
  • Catching him looking at you fondly.
  •  Him telling you E V E R Y T H I N G about his day.
  • Piggy back rides.


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Pizza Boy!Vernon

a/n: for sunflower anon! hope you don’t mind that i made it bulleted!! also this is like my second time writing a bulleted scenario so pls have mercy on me i’m trying to expand my capabilities  

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• okay but like does anyone remember that jonas brothers song
• i fell in love with the pizza girl ,,, now i eat pizza every day,,,
• BC that’s what i think it would be like if vernon was your pizza delivery boy
• okay from the beginning
•you’re a university student and exams have been destroying your happiness lately
• you want to die basically
• like you work so hard at your job and at studying that you NEVER get a break and it’s so,,, stifling,,, you just want to graduate and LEAVE
•so when you finally get a day without exams where you can just chill, you order pizza
• because why not??
• and since you’re ordering it online it has that lil box at the bottom that asks for special instructions
• at first you were gonna write the classic “send ur cutest delivery boy”
• but you didn’t really feel like fixing you hair and outfit to impress some pizza boy that probably wasn’t even cute in the first place tBH
• so you go with your second option: “pls tell me a quality pizza pun when u arrive. thx.”
• most of the time those pizza places don’t even pay attention to the requests unless it’s like an allergy mention or smth so u don’t really expect anything
• when someone knocks on your apartment door you get up and head over w ur money
• you probably forgot that you even requested a pun lol
• you open your door to see a really cute delivery boy with a smile on his face

• “Why was the pizza shop not doing well?”

• u pause bc first of all what the heck
• then you remember your request and you excitedly ask him why
• so the boy just sort of gives you this dorky, satisfied grin and answers
• “They just weren’t rolling in the dough.”
• cue crickets
• bc like it was a good joke but it wasn’t /that/ good
• suddenly he’s embarrassed and red and he’s like “rlly let me try again i have better puns i prOmiSe!!!”
• since you’re feeling nice you let him try again
• “okay okay what did the angry customer give the pizzeria owner?”
• “wut”
• “a pizza his mind.”
• “that one was worst than the first one tbh”
• “NO WAY my puns are good”
• “mediocre at best”
• and the pizza delivery dude is not expecting a tip at this point bc you’re so freaking brutal abt his jokes that he searched the internet for on such short notice
• “pls im a college student w debt just have mercy on me”
• and now you’re actually giggling a bit bc did he think you weren’t gonna pay him??? like some kind of hooligan???
• please,,, you have class
• so you like hand over the money w his tip like “what’s ur name pizza boy”
• “it’s vernon”
• “makes sense. u look like a vernon”
• “is that an insult?”
• so he leaves and you’re happy bc of your pizza but also you’re kinda sad bc,,, dang,,, the pizza boy was cute and you didn’t even get his number,,,
• gUeSs yOuLL hAVe tO bUY mOrE pizZAs!!!1!11!1
• so that’s what you do and you don’t rlly know what to put under the special request to make sure you get vernon so
• you just kinda
• “send the boy with horrible puns pls”
• and everyone once again knows this is vernon bc no one tells horrible puns like he can
• so he’s back and you take more time to study his face bc he’s handsome obv 
• like just imagine his black hair tucked under a red pizza cap,, and his eyes are really dark in contrast to his boyish smile like wow. a visual.
• “who did your eyebrows?”
• “uh,,, myself? wait what does that mean??? what do they do to your eyebrows?”
• so you explain eyebrow beauty to him
where is this going destinee pick it up 
• and during this time he’s actually pretty fascinated but then gAsP he forgot to open with his pun!!!!!
• “What’s the difference between a pizza and my pizza jokes?”
• “…”
• “my pizza jokes can’t be topped!”
•“pretty sure they can be topped”
• “next time i’m going to conveniently forget your garlic sauce”
• “who said i was going to call you again, delivery boy??”
• hE cAnT wIN
• lowkey thinks you’re cute so he puts up with ur incessant teasing
• “what’s ur name anyway?”
• “y/n”
• “well, y/n, since we’re friends now do you wanna listen to my mixtape”
• he’s already pullin out a blank cd with some horrible handwriting on it
• nd you accept it but like,,,, what are you supposed to do???
• thank him??,??,,?
• anyway vernon leaves bc he is on the job and has to deliver other pizzas before they get cold ya know
• so,, since you’re bored,,, you listen to the mixtape while you eat ur pizza
• and like some of the songs are lowkey cringe but some of them are highkey good
• now what do you do
• tell the pizza guy you like his rap??
• is that too far?? like he said you guys were friends but,,,,,
• the next time he comes you tell him that you rlly liked his mixtape and behold!!!
• lil vernon is blushing!!! bc you’re one of the first people to compliment him on his songs and it makes him super happy and mushy inside like what a dweeb
• you and vernon keep this delivery boy/customer friendship or whatever up bc it’s fun and you guys kinda sort of think each other are cute
•like ObViOuSlY bc vernon is a d o r a b l e
•and you’re practically an ANGEL
• *20 starts playing*
• anyway yeah one day you’re craving pizza again so you make your order
• and when it asks for any special instructions
• you type in
• “send the cute pun boy”
• as a joke but gET THIS
• so like while you wait for vernon to arrive u r freaking out and sWeAtiNG bc vErNoN cAnT kNoW yoU liKe hiM !!!1!1
• that’s weird !!!!!
• your doorbell rings and you’re shaking as you open the door bc you’re sure you’ve just ruined ur friendship w him
• but like when you open the vernon is just,,, leaning against the doorframe,,, w a smirk on his lips and red ears to match his cap,,,,
• “you…called…me…cute…”
• nd suddenly he’s getting closer to you and his smile is widening like where did he get this confidence from???
• skkahdhs and just when you think he’s going to kiss you he whispers
• “d’you wanna hear another pun?”
• but you gotta keep ur composure right so you reluctantly nod like yeah vernon!!! listening to your stupid puns is how i want to spend my time!!! definitely not kissing you!!! that’s for sure!!
• but this meme:
• “How do you know if you’re in love?”
• nd you stutter out a lil “what” bc is this just a joke or is he on to smth
• and he kinda smiles shyly and opens his pizza box
• “if they steal a pizza your heart!”
• you look down and the freakin pizza is shaped like a heart and has “will u go out w me?” written in pepperonis
• and it’s so cheesy
hehe get it?
• that you can’t help but laugh like “ofc i’ll go out w you dork”
• and you invite him in to share the pizza
• luckily you’re his last stop for the night so the two of you can stay up all night talking and laughing and sharing puns over pizza
• goals tbh

Surprise, surprise

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pairing: hyungwon x [y/n]

genre: fluff

word count: 1476

a/n: i hope you guys enjoy this! i apologize for any grammatical errors, and gif is not mine


It was just another day for the boys to laze around their dorm. Bodies were sprawled on the cold, wooden floor and shirts were stickily wrapped around their bodies as the summer heat had them sweat buckets. Eyes were shut tight, only to have them flutter open after hearing Hyungwon giggling to himself, totally unbothered by the heat waves.

“Well, aren’t you giddy for such a weather like this?” Kihyun muttered with his eyes fixated on the phone that was being wrapped around the younger lad’s fingers. “Yeah, why are you so giddy?” Wonho exasperatedly heaved out a sigh as he transfers his gaze to Hyungwon, who was now staring at him with eyebrows furrowed.

“I have a girlfriend.” 

Upon hearing the older lad’s response, Kihyun couldn’t help but let out a fruity laugh. The others were practically bewildered by what they’ve heard, only to have their eyes looking at Hyungwon, begging him to confirm such announcement. “Are you serious?” Minhyuk gaped.

“I am.” Hyungwon nonchalantly replied as he continues to type away on his phone, replying to your messages. “Wait… I don’t think he has a girlfriend.” Changkyun glanced at Hyungwon’s facial expressions and gave his own theory an approval, “Yes, I don’t think he has a girlfriend! Just look at that smile!” 

“Yeah… are you playing a simulation game or something?” Minhyuk queries while looking at Hyungwon with such suspicion. Hyungwon was the last person whom they’d expect to get into a relationship and just hearing such remark just had them thinking that he was just pulling their legs, especially when they kept on teasing him about not being able to get a girlfriend.

“Oh c’mon guys, I seriously have a girlfriend! See!” Having enough of their doubts, Hyungwon got up from his seat and showed your messages to them, only to have them laughing at him, telling him that he was just bluffing or downloading random applications that can generate such messages.

“Alright, alright, you have a girlfriend.” Shownu quickly dismisses the conversation and proceeds to place his whole body in front of the fan, making everyone groan since he’s taking all of the fan.

Comeback week was fast approaching and all of the members have been very busy rehearsing at the studio. Hours were spent with nothing but with constant practicing. Sweats were poured and pants were heard. All of the boys had their bodies sprawled over the moist wooden floor, and nobody dared to speak up as they enjoyed the sweet sensation of not moving any limbs.

However, Hyungwon, on the other hand, was busy fiddling with his phone when Jooheon noticed a figure outside of the door. The sound of knocking echoed throughout the whole room and all of their heads were turned towards the door, only to be greeted by your beautiful smile.

“H-how may we help you?” Shownu stammered as he didn’t expect the boys to have any visitors for the time being. “Oh, you’re here!” Hyungwon happily beamed, lifting his tired self off the couch and wrapped his arms around you, his sweaty shirt sticking on your arms. “Guys, I want you to meet my girlfriend, [y/n].”

The boys couldn’t help but gape at the sight of Hyungwon’s smug smile as his arm wrapped around your waist. You were there. YOU ARE REAL. Literally real. R-E-A-L REAL. “Hello, it’s nice to finally meet you guys. Hyungwon has been talking about you guys recently.” 

“You’re not lying,” Kihyun muttered as he quickly motioned all of the boys to stand up and give you a bow, introducing each and one of them with surprise and confusion written all over their faces. “What brought you here to our studio, [y/n]?” Jooheon queries as he follows you with his eyes, watching you place two big bags on the floor with a big smile plastered on your face.

“I brought you guys some lunch since I know you guys have been practicing non-stop without eating any snacks.” you chimed as you flashed each and every one of them a smile. “You cooked us all of these?” Hyungwon asks as he looks at you with eyes round like saucers. “Yep, since you’ve been whining that you’re really hungry. Don’t be shy, I made each one of you bentos and you get your own bento boxes.”

“Omo…. thank you so much, [y/n]. Wow, we never really thought that Hyungwon had such an amazing girlfriend.” The boys quickly gathered around you and received the bento boxes that you handed to them with such care. The smell of savory dishes filled the room and before you know it, everyone started to dig in, moaning at how delicious it was.

“This is really delicious, [y/n]!” Changkyun says with his cheeks filled with rice and side dishes. “I’m glad that you like it.” you shyly smiled and continued eating. “Babe, you do know that I’ve been craving this since last week?” Hyungwon asks you as he leans closer to you with a big grin on his face. “I know, Hyungwon. You told me a million times that you wanted to eat that.” you couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute your boyfriend was. 

For the past few days, he kept on telling you how delicious your marinated pork ribs was and that he wanted to eat it, which you took matters into your own hands. “Can you come again tomorrow?” Hyungwon pleads, arms now wrapped around you, making you burst out laughing. “Alright, I will. What do you guys want to eat for tomorrow?”

“O-omo, it’s alright. Oh my, we can’t have you wake up really early and have you cook a lot of dishes for us.” Kihyun stammered, hands scratching the back of his head as he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for his own member. “Yah, Hyungwon, stop making [y/n] do all of these work.” Wonho scolded, only to have you giggling at your pouting boyfriend. “It’s alright, Kihyun. I don’t want you to work yourself on preparing food and cleaning the house for these boys, especially this one right here.” you elbowed Hyungwon and had everyone laughing at how red Hyungwon has turned.

“And, I want to cook for you guys since I know how much you guys have practiced and worked to have such an amazing comeback. So, please, let me cook the food that you guys want to eat for tomorrow’s lunch.” you explained and received a couple of ‘aww’s’ and exaggerated reactions from Jooheon, Wonho and Minhyuk. 

“Anything would be fine, [y/n]. I bet anything that you make would be delicious.” Shownu added with the others nodding along to the words that he just said. “Alright, I guess I’ll just surprise you guys tomorrow,” you muttered and placed the cover of your bento box, closing it with a big smile.

“Thank for the meal!” everyone exclaimed, handing you all the empty boxes as you placed it back on the bags that you have. “You’re welcome. I’m glad you guys loved it.” you watched them rub their full bellies, having your heart swell with happiness. “I guess I should get going now. I’ll see you tomorrow, guys, babe.” you finally bade good bye and waved at them.

As you walked towards the door, Hyungwon stopped you from your tracks and pulled you into a tight hug, making everyone groan. “I love you.” Hyungwon cooed as he gazed down, staring straight into your eyes. “I love you too. I’ll see you again tonight or will you be practicing?”

“I’ll try to go to your apartment tonight…” Hyungwon muttered softly, only loud enough for the two of you to hear. “Alright, I better get going now.” You said, giving him a slight tap on the butt, making him grin at you. “Take care, okay? And give me a call or text once you arrive home.” Placing a chaste kiss on your lips, you tugged on his chest, making him deepen the kiss but only to have the two of you pull away when Shownu cleared his throat.

“Uh… g-guys… I’m so sorry to interrupt but we have to practice now…” Shownu was blushing, his eyes quivering as he tried to avoid your gaze. Laughing your heart you, you nodded and gave Hyungwon a peck on the cheeks before bidding goodbye.

“You can do this, guys! Fighting!” you giggled and finally left the room, leaving Hyungwon with a couple of teasing gazes at him. “You really have a girlfriend huh?” Changkyun shakes his head and returns to his position with a shy smile. 

“Well, surprise surprise, I can get myself such an amazing girlfriend while all of you can’t.” Hyungwon smugly beams with a big smile crossing his lips. “Whatever!!” all of the boys yelled in unison, making Hyungwon burst out laughing.

But then, I can say that you’re lucky to have such an amazing girlfriend.” 

Fate? - Bucky Barnes x Reader (soulmate au)

Word Count: 2546

Request: Can we get some Bucky meets his soulmate fluff? Thanks

Warnings: F L U F F (with a dash of swearing… just a little bit tho)

Author’s Note: happy valentines day! i hope yours is better than mine. enjoy some soulmate fluff ;)

Song Featured: I’ll Take Care of You 


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SVT Flower Boy Cafe  -  Jeonghan

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summary; suddenly your saturday afternoon turned beautiful thanks to a  mr yoon jeonghan 

genre; fluffy as fuck…..or a baby bird whatever one you want to choose

a/n; hello! i’m not feeling that well but i’m producing shit by the truck load thank you for requesting anon!! also i love jeonghan a lot wow 


-ahhhhh saturday 

-nice weather

-and a nice day to….

-be dragged to a flower boy cafe by your friend because she loves webtoons and the concept of flower boys like ouran 


-yeah you weren’t into them though 

-they’re just a bunch of really good looking dudes in flower crowns who are payed to act cute and flirt with you

-so being dragged to one wasn’t exactly that you wanted to do on a nice day,,,,

-but your friend said that if you go with her……..she’ll pay for your drinks and the thing you eventually eat

-holy shit sign me up

-at the time it sounded great

-then you realised that there wasnt a change of plans and you were still going to the cafe


-so there you were

-realising that you were being conned (kind of)

-you and your friend were just about to head in 

-when the dude at the door asked if she had made a reservation

-your friend then replied with a 

-”yes we do!! it’s y/f/l/n and y/l/n”

-”alright come on in”

-w a i t     a      f u c k i n g       s e c o n d 

-you what now 


-”how long have you planned this for….?”

-”since they announced the flower boy edition of the cafe…”

-”which was……?”


-”oh my gosh im being conned”

-so this other dude showed you to your seats and the whole place…..actually looked pretty sweet

-like it wasn’t too girly and stuff but the flowers and the ribbon was nice

-”so why do we need reservations for this place….?”

-”it’s pretty popular for a couple reasons….people want to take photos for instagram–”

-”stop and hold that thought…”

-you interrupted

-you….saw him



-blonde hair

-cute glasses 

-awesome outfit and flower crown

-he looked….so beautiful….

-”i guess it’s popular because of the good looking guys too….oh you ready to order?”


-order? bitch you were too busy looking at that other person to look at the menu

-what the fuck he was so good looking though

-you accidentally……stared at him for too long

-he noticed 

-fuck you snapped out and all you could see was…..his sweet sweet smile

-you jolted with your cheeks matching the colour of the flowers on the table

-you then saw him approaching slowly

-you decided to take this as a game of hide and seek 

-as you decided to hide your face into your menu 

-”hey welcome to the cafe i’m jeonghan and i’ll be your waiter today.”

-wow such a silky smooth voice

-that name……was so pretty

-like him!!! 


-rolls of the tongue doesn’t it?

-you hid in the menu even more

-that gave you time to scan the menu and actually figure out what you want to order

-so with a deep breath

-you look up from your menu and regain your confidence and smile to him just like


-and he’s just there like

-jeonghan on the outside: (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

-jeonghan on the inside: (• ω •) a m    i    a b o u t    t o    r i s k    m y    j o b j u s t    t o    g e t    h e r    p h o n e    n u m b e r    b e c a u s e    i     t h i n k    s h e s     a b s o l u t e ly    a d o r a b l e     y o u     f u c k i n     b e t      i       a m 

-wow he really thinks your cute 

-”you two ready to order?”

-”ah yeah i’ll take the caramel latte and the strawberry shortcake….y/n what are you gonna get?”

-”i-i’ll have the bear…….latte and the rila-pancakes?”

-”good choices”

-you then realised…..this place is quite empty 

-there were only a couple of groups of girls seated

-and a load waiting outside…

-you shook it off though 

-you could see your order right there on the counter

-and who should bring it over

-than the guy who served you


-”one caramel latte and strawberry shortcake for a gorgeous smile”

-he said putting your friends order down onto the table

-he then turned to you 

-”and one bear latte and rila-pancakes for a bear-y beautiful girl”


-oh that was smooth but really bad at the same time

-you were kind of a sucker for puns……

-but wait he called you a beautiful girl…..how sweet

-like the latte and the pancakes! 

-your friend’s order was really cute too!!

you both had little foam bears that jiggled when you wiggled the cup! 

-and the pancakes were in the shape of that really cute bear! rilakkuma! 

-the shortcake had a small strawberry with cream and it looked so nice !!


-knock knock whos th

-it’s jeonghan again!!

-”how are you two finding the deserts?”

-”they’re really nice right y/n?”

-”y-yeah! they’re really good. the drinks are really cute too!”

-”i made them with you in mind that’s why they’re so sweet and cute”

-you on the outside: (ノ≧ڡ≦) 

-you on the inside: (●‿●✿) i want death and i want it now this is too cute for real words…..HE is too cute for real words help me 

-wow he really was good with his words!! 

-your cheeks were getting more vibrant with every word he said

-he was so cute wow

-you couldn’t stop repeating that in your mind

-he kept on coming round every 5 or so minutes after visiting other tables

-but stayed the longest when he was with you and your friend

-everytime the puns got better and better and by the third pun you were in tears because they were so bad and so good at the same time

-he also did aegyo too 

-you had the same smile on when he did it but inside you were cringing like  bOIIIIIIIII


-you couldn’t take it it was sweeter than your drink and pancakes


-he even came over with a polaroid camera and took a photo with you wow he was so cute


-at the end when you were getting your bill and stuff 

-you found that there were little sweets and candies with it!!!



-you had this one burning question that you had to ask your friend though….

-”hey…..would it be too much to ask for jeonghan’s number??”

-”a little…a lot of these boys have to keep business and pleasure separated….besides i’ve seen so many people in cafes like this crash and burn because they tried to get phone numbers but they couldn’t…”


-you didn’t exactly want him to risk his job…..yeah he’s nice but you didn’t want him to lose his job because you may or may not now fancy him 

-yeah you weren’t going to risk it

-hey! don’t give up hope!

-maybe you’ll see him in the streets or even at college! hopefully

-you two said goodbye to the staff and jeonghan 

-but before you two left……..something amazing happened

-jeonghan ran outside to grab you for a second

-”sweetie you forgot your picture….be sure to see me again soon ok?”

-”will do jeonghan”

-you said cooly even though you were dying on the inside

-you then saw him blow you a kiss resulting in you catching that said kiss and putting it on your cheek

-walking along the street your friend had asked you what you forgot

-and you showed her the polaroid

-she smiled but noticed there was writing on the back

-you read over it and your face became red like a cute little tomato 


-”what does it say??”

-well………………………………………………….what did it say???

-”hey cutie ! i don’t know you very well but that can change! message me sometime ok?”

-and left his number

-next thing you know you have his number in your phone

-and his name in your phone 

-flower cutie ❀

-maybe this flower boy cafe experience wasn’t so bad……?

-“wow it was only a matter of time………..”

-”it wasn’t time……just luck…”

-”well this good luck streak you have……i’m using it diligently”

-”don’t you fuckin–”

-”we’re going to another one next week”


Every Me And Every You - Ten

It was a good few weeks before you and Reid were able to make plans to play again. One of those weeks had been spent on a case in Seattle, and when your down time had come around, Spencer had already had plans to visit his Mom for the weekend.

You’d been more disappointed that you thought you would have been and as you’d dropped Spencer off at his apartment on the way home that nignt, he’d noticed.

“Hey, next two days we get off are ours okay.”


“And use the weekend. I’m betting you’ve not played with any of the things I’ve bought you have you?”

You hadn’t and you told him so.

“Okay so tomorrow, when you’re doing your housework, try doing it with the eggs in. You’ll need to lube them up to get them in, unless of course you have a play before hand. And tomorrow night, I’ll be back at my hotel by 8pm, it’ll be 11pm here. You can always call me and I can talk you through doing some things.”


“Yes…. Things.”

“Crap…. When you told me you’d be out of town, I made plans to go out with Penny and Emily.”

He licked his lips, thinking.

“Okay. Well, we could still play a game of sorts if you like?”

“We can? I’m not fucking going out wearing those love eggs inside of me Spencer.”

“Not with those two you’re not. I meant more of a power game. I tell you what to wear, what to eat and what to drink.”


“I won’t be able to keep checking my phone all night though, they’ll get suspicious.”

“That’s fine, I’ll only require updates every thirty minutes. We can set a rule. If you don’t text every thirty minutes, that’s one strike of punishment against you for next time.”

“Spanking again?”

“Not necessarily. I might add them up and turn them into a larger punishment. Like five strikes equals an hour of you sitting naked with your legs spread, not be allowed to move or speak. Or five strikes would equal one flog. Or maybe, ten strikes would equal half an hour of you riding my mouth.”

You bite your lip feeling that familiar throbbing between your legs.

“How… How is that punishment for me?”

It certainly didn’t sound like it would be.

“Punishment doesn’t always equal something painful Y/N. Just something that not everyone likes to do. You’d be surprised at how many girls would balk at the term ‘sit on my face’. But…. Have you ever had so many orgasms that it’s become painful? Because it definitely can. I’m not sure I could make that happen in thirty minutes but I’ll give it my best shot.”

You guessed he was right. You’d always associated punishment with pain when you were thinking about the BDSM scene. But thinking back to when you were a kid and did some thing wrong punishment then didn’t always equal a smack. In fact it rarely did. More often than not, it was a removal of your dessert or being told to go to bed at an earlier time or having your favourite toys taken away from you. As you got older it meant having your cell confiscated or being grounded.

“So erm, say if I miss the thirty minute deadline a lot, would that mean that I wouldn’t be allowed to go out with Pen and Emily again for a while?” you asked trying to be coy.

“You’re catching on quickly Y/N. That’s exactly what might happen. I need to go, there’s an earlier flight I can get on this evening if I hurry, and you’re proving to be a distraction. I’ll text you tomorrow okay.”


And he had, at around 11am when you’d got back from grocery shopping you had a message from him.

“Got those eggs in yet Agent Y/L/N?”

You hadn’t, but only because you’d been out of the house.

“Not yet, I’ve been running errands. And please don’t call me Agent when you’re talking about stuff like that. It’s been easy working with you so far, and you’re the one who said you didn’t like blurring the lines.”

Not only would it blur the lines, but if he started calling you Agent, you’d end up calling him Dr Reid and for some reason you’d already found that hot before this little…. whatever this was had started.

“Apologies, point taken. Are you home now then? If so, put them in.”

“How will you know if I do or don’t?”

“That can be applied to the whole of today. How will I know if you wear what I tell you, or eat and drink what I say later. Trust. I trust you to behave.“

Behave… Because if you didn’t….

You shivered.

You took your phone into your bedroom and opened the draw you’d piled all of the items he’d bought you into, searching for the love eggs and the lubricant he’d slipped into the basket.

Pulling your jeans and underwear off you sat on your bed and assessed them, reading the instructions.

Okay. Wash them first. Back up off the bed and into your bathroom, washing the silicone balls with warm soapy water and carefully drying them. Back to your bed.

The instructions suggested that inexperienced woman lie down to insert them, and to be careful with the amount of lube you used. After all, the easier they go in, the easier they’ll come out.


Although Spencer had referred to them as love eggs, they were actually more spherical in shape, reminding you of the old stress balls which people would hold in the palms of their hands and rotate. Except these were connected by a pull cord and one was heavier than the other

The instructions advised to insert the none weighted ball first, followed by the heavier one.

You pumped a small amount of lubricant into your palms and rubbed them together, before rubbing the eggs between your hands. See how you go with this much, you can always add more.

Laying back, you spread your legs and pushed gently.

The feeling was weird, almost like something you shouldn’t be doing alone, but you managed to push them in without too much discomfort, the cord hanging loose.

The instructions said to practice your kegal exercises laying down first to get used to the sensation.

Alright. You did, squeezing the muscles you’d use if you needed to stop peeing mid flow.


The squeezing pushed the balls against your sweet spot, sending a pleasant sensation through your core.

People went out wearing these?

Okay… Let’s try to walk around.

You sat up carefully and pulled your underwear and jeans back on. They didn’t slip out when you stood up but you felt definite movement and as you started to walk you were sure you could hear them knocking against each other.

Paranoia perhaps?

“They’re in. It feels weird.” You texted Reid.

“Good girl. Have fun and let me know when you’re getting ready for later.”

You got on with your afternoon, tidying the house and putting away your laundry.

When you were sitting down, you could barely feel them. It was no more noticeable than when you wore tampons when you actually had the occasional period.

When you were walking around and vacuuming for example, there were a few instances where you’d grabbed the edge of a table or chair as they knocked into each other or against a certain sensitive area inside of you. If you felt them slipping, you squeezed on and off a few times and that seem to push them higher, but each time you squeezed, there was that sensation again, juddering against your g spot.

How people wore these all day long and didn’t end up a quivering mess you didn’t know.

When it got to four o clock, you lay back down on your bed and texted Reid to say you were taking them out as you needed a bath and to start getting ready. You were meeting Garcia at an Italian restaurant at seven, and Emily was picking you up on the way.

“Okay. Do something for me? Take a picture of them and send it to me before you wash them.”

Huh? Why?

It became clear though as you pulled them out and then lay them on your bed. The silicone coating was glistening, from your own personal lubricant.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

You took a picture and sent it.

Taking them into the bathroom with you, you dropped them into the sink and filled it, before running a hot bath and climbing in.

Spencer’s reply came twenty minutes later as you were washing your hair.

“I’m very jealous of those eggs, Y/N.”

Fucking hell, man. You almost dropped the phone in the tub.

Pushing it far out of dangers way you combined on with your bathing regime, getting out and wrapping yourself in a towel, smelling of the coconuts body wash you’d used.

Going into your bed room, you surveyed your closet before remembering that Spencer was dictating your outfit to to tonight.

“So what am I wearing then?” You messaged him again.

“If this is your attempt at starting kinky phone sex, I believe it’s meant to start with me asking you to describe what you’re wearing, with the answer hopefully being nothing.”

“No you douche, tonight. What am I wearing tonight?”


“Are we playing?”

“If there’s strikes to be earnt this evening then I’d say yes. But to make things clear, we’ll start when you get to the restaurant okay.”

“Good, so I can call you a douche up until then.”

“I suppose.”

“Lol. Now what am I wearing tonight?”

The reply came a few minutes later.

“Do you still have the jade coloured sundress you were to Rossi’s Fourth of July party two years ago?”

“I do.”

“That, with that black cardigan with the green buttons you wear to work sometimes. Sheer black panty hose and your black heels with the silver buckle. The matching green bra and panty set we bought. Wear your hair half up, half down with simple make up, no lip stick only clear gloss. Pictures please.”

“I thought I was only supposed to wear them with you?”

“You wear them when I tell you to and I’m telling you to. It’s either them, or no underwear. And that dress is pretty thin material.”

“I’ll wear them. I’ll send a picture when I’m done.”

You got ready, blow drying and straightening your hair and following his instructions. When you were done you surveyed yourself in the mirror. He had pretty good taste, you looked nice.

You took a few photos, one of you fully clothed, and another two showing the underwear you were wearing, your dress lifted up and the v of the top half pulled down to prove you’d followed his instructions to the t. You pressed send, just as your buzzer signalling that Prentiss was outside sounded.

Collecting your purse you went down to meet Emily, climbing into the cab besides her.


“Hey! You look nice,” she greeted you.

“Thanks, so do you.” You felt your phone buzz, tilting the screen slightly when you saw it was Spencer.

“Very nice. Beautiful and sexy in fact. Just remember one thing. Whilst we’re embarking on this little road to discovery, you are mine. You’ll attract attention dressed as you are, because you look stunning. But until you call this off, I’m the only one who will be allowed near your body, I’m the only one who you can think about fucking, the only one who is allowed to make you come other than yourself. You are mine. Understood?”

Loud and clear.



“Good. Now let me know when you’re at the restaurant. I’ll expect a text every thirty minutes, even if it’s just a message to say ‘checking in’. That will do. Miss a check in and that’s a strike. Understood?”

“Understood.” You locked you phone and slipped it back into your bag.

“Everything okay? You look a bit flushed.” Emily commented.

“Fine! All good. Just a little warm.” You made a show of winding down the window slightly.

Tonight was going to be interesting.

Catching Murphy, Part 4

Warnings: Swearing, possible nsfw content
Word Count: About 3338
Summary: You, Miss (y/n) (y/l/n), had a crush on Connor Murphy for years, from a distance of course. You had always been too shy to approach him, and the fact around school that he was an aggressive stoner caused you to become even more shy. One day, in history class, your teacher decided to assign a project and assigned everyone a partner—you and Connor were partnered together. Could you two grow close during the project and remain close? Or will Connor go back to ignoring you after the project comes to a close?
A/N: I apologize if Connor is a biiiiit OOC… ;-; Obviously takes place in an AU where Connor is alive
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11


You hesitantly took the joint and brought it up to your lips. A thought crossed your mind: This is kinda like indirectly kissing Connor Murphy!! That thought had your breath catching in your throat and your heart skipped a beat. Again, not even 24 hours ago you would not have even dreamed that a situation like this was remotely feasible—yet here you are about to get an indirect kiss from Connor. Because of a fucking joint. Your body started shaking out of both nervousness and embarrassment? Could you actually do this? Take the hit, take the indirect kiss, and not do something stupid like blurting out something along the lines of your feelings?

No, getting high isn’t like getting drunk… right? you thought to yourself. Might as well do it and see. Let’s see if I, (y/n) (y/l/n), can handle an indirect kiss from C-Connor…

The joint touched your lips and you, no holds barred, took in the deepest breath. Connor’s eyes widened at how big a hit you just took. “Wow, calm down, you fucking dork. That’s way to big a hit for a newbie like you!” he exclaimed.

You knew that holding in and/or swallowing a hit was supposed to get you higher than just immediately breathing out, so you did just that. Your body immediately rejected the smoke, causing you to cough. Not that slight cough, oh no, you doubled over, hacking up a lung coughing. You fell back onto Connor’s bed, your head actually fell onto his stomach and your eyes focused on the ceiling. He had taken the joint from your hands as you started your coughing fit. Connor grabbed the water you had brought for yourself and handed it to you. He told you to drink some water and you listened to him, you sat up and gulped down some water, biting back more coughs. When you were done with drinking for the moment, you sat down the glass and laid back down, resting your head on Connor’s stomach. “Hope you don’t mind,” you said, looking up at him.

He shrugged and answered, “I don’t really have a fucking option. My bed would be the best place to chill while you’re high. Now, if you get really fucking annoying, I will shove your fat-ass onto the floor.”

Laughing, you answered, “I won’t be annoying, Con!”

“I don’t know how you are high, dork, you’ve never been high. And your dumbass decides to take a huge hit like you did,” he sighed, “you’re probably gonna get really annoying.”

You only shrugged and stared at the ceiling fan spinning above you. All of the sudden, every moment you made felt slowed and your nerves felt fried. Your mind felt hazily and buzzing. A smile made itself across your lips, a large, shit-eating grin. Connor offered you another high and you shook your head, “Nah… I’m good… you take the rest…” you said, your voice lower in pitch.

Connor laughed a bit at you and said, “Okay. You doing o-fucking-kay, dork?” He then took another hit after saying that.

“Yeah, I think I am. I feel really… relaxed…? And incredibly happy? Like, it makes me happy doing this with you, Connor. I-I mean, can you believe it—Connor Murphy, the really attractive, really aggressive stoner and me, (y/n) (y/l/n), the teacher’s pet getting high together? I never even thought that I would ever have the guts to talk to you; you seemed so distant all the time, and it made me really shy. A-and I’m already hella shy to begin with,” you began rambling.

“You think I’m attractive?” he asked.

You looked up at him and said, “Yeah. Is that even a question, Connor? I’ve always find you really attractive, all high school I’ve wanted to approach you, but I haven’t built up the confidence to do so.”

Connor looked down at you with raised eyebrows. He was surprised that you would find him attractive, that anyone would find him attractive in the slightest. In fact, he couldn’t believe you found him attractive. “No way you find me attractive,” he said, almost in a pouty voice.

You rolled over onto your side, your face and body facing him, and looked at him. “I do, Murphy. Seeing being so lonely around school makes me just wanna hug you and love you. Because you need it!”

Connor rolled his eyes. “You’re so fucking dumb,” he laughed.

“That’s a lie. I’m really smart, Con. I am the teacher’s pet for every teacher I have had. Plus, I just singlehandedly finished our history project. So you take that back.”

“You’re book-smart, not smart in everything else.”

You laughed and closed your eyes, “Be that as it may, now that we know each other, we can help each other get smart in every way. If you wanna, Con. If not, oh well, more for me. I can always go get Jared Kleinman to help me out.”

That made Connor laugh, “You seriously think Jared could help you with anything?”

“Well, yeah? Isn’t a sex fiend or something?”

“So all you want to learn is sexual stuff?” he asked with a smirk.

Shrugging, you answered, “Not really. I wanna learn a ton of stuff! But I’m still just a virgin in everything, really. Don’t I have to be… devirginized or some shit?”

Connor raised his eyebrows and asked, “Well, you’ve smoked weed for the first time now, what else is there?”

“Getting drunk and having sex. BIG MILESTONES that I have yet to experience,” you laughed out.

“You haven’t had sex?” he asked.

You looked directly into his eyes and you shook your head, answering him, “It’s obvious that I haven’t had sex yet? Firstly, who the fuck would have sex with the teacher’s pet? Secondly, I’ve always been too shy to talk to guys, meaning the only people I associate with are cunts—I’m sorry, I mean girls. Does that answer your question?”

Connor hummed and said, “Well, I can easily fucking rectify the whole you being a virgin thing, if you want?”

It only took a second for your frazzled brain to understand what he had just said. You shot up, sitting on the edge of his bed. “WHAAA?!” you exclaimed, “Did you, Connor fucking Murphy, just suggest that we have sex while we’re high? And what’s worse is that we don’t know each other! Con, are you being fucking serious?”

He laughed and answered you, “Yeah, I’m fucking serious. Unless you wanna have sex when we get kind of drunk. Which we are definitely doing at some point.”

Sitting there, you gaped at Connor and his offer. “B-but… a-aren’t you a virgin, t-too?”

“God no, I lost my virginity to a female drug dealer about freshman year. I still occasionally have sex with that dealer, but that’s only when I have no money and need weed,” he answered.

“Wow, I didn’t know that stuff,” you said. But, taking in his offer, you think long and hard. Even though you were high, you didn’t want to just give your virginity to your crush without getting to know him really well. Because you still kind of wanted to try to be more with Connor Murphy than just a fuck, since that was what you wanted since seventh grade. “Maaybe we could get to know each other more? Before we jump to having sex? I want to know the person I lose it too, if you can understand that. It’s really nice of you to offer right now, but I can’t, in good conscious, have sex with you without getting to know you better. After that, I guess we can be friends with benefits, if you want?”

“Oh my god,” Connor laughed, “you really are a fucking dork, (y/n)!”

You pouted and crossed your arms. “What? Is there something bad about wanting to get to know the person I could possibly fuck?”

“I guess if I want your virginity, I have no fucking choice,” Connor said with a shrug. “But don’t expect me to be any different to you at school.”

“Oh, I don’t. But I do want you to introduce me to your friends, Evan Hansen and Jared Kleinman. Just so I have more friends that are guys.”

“They aren’t even my friends,” he lied.

“You can’t lie to me, Connor. I see you three talking at school, I know you’re friends.”

“Whatever. You’re an idiot, you have a class with Evan. You just never noticed because he’s such a quiet moron,” he said.

You blinked, “Really? I do? What class?”

“English. I only know because that doofus always tries getting me to talk to you, saying how you seem like a nice girl who could get me to change my act. That baby-face always tells me how bright your smile is, and how cute you are when you’re animated about something.”

You blinked again, unable to believe what you were being told, “Really? Evan payed that much attention to me, for you?”

Rolling his eyes, Connor answered, “I fucking guess so. I told him I didn’t fucking care. I didn’t want a relationship with some dork who’s known around school as a teacher’s pet—especially one who I know from history class and seems like she knows everything.”

“You really thought that about me, Con? Just because I was so shy?” you laughed.

“I thought you didn’t really talk to guys because you thought you were better than us,” he shrugged.

“Oh my god, NO! I just got too shy when I even thought about talking to guys. I got anxious that I’d say something dumb or come across as being a bitch. And I just wanna be friends with guys, I’m sick of being friends with only girls.”

Connor smiled, “You dumb ass, you don’t come off as a bitch. You’re really interesting, especially when you talk about Ancient Egyptian history.”

You blushed, “Thanks, Con. I’m really passionate about Ancient Egypt. Been interested in it since I was young. Remember that movie with Brendon Fraser and Rachel Weisz? The Mummy and The Mummy Returns? Yeah, well those were my inspiration and sparked my love of the Ancient Egyptians. And it worries me how bad off modern Egyptians are, too.”

An hour passed and you and Connor stared talking about your home life. It was you who brought it up, asking him why him and his family don’t get along anymore, and you opened the can of worms. Connor went on and on about how his parents thought and treated him like lost cause, like he couldn’t be any different—which really pissed him off. Like, who’s parents just give up on their child who has issues like “Oh no, you’re not worth it, you’ll never get better, there is no point in even trying”?

“I’m sorry about that, Con. That’s terrible. I can assume Zoe’s no better, right? She just feeds them this ‘you’ll never get better’ shit, right?”

“EXACTLY! She’s a bitch who can’t be on my side even once!”

You sighed, “That’s gotta be rough. Having your whole family against you. I can’t imagine what that’s like.”

Yet another hour passed and you two were talking about even more things. This time, it was mainly you opening up about just how inexperienced you truly were. “Like, Connor, I have never kissed a guy before. Never made out with anyone. Never had someone tell me I’m beautiful… that I’m worth anything but my mother. All I have is friends who have tried to get me to talk to the guy I’ve crushed on since seventh grade, and even they don’t call me beautiful. I’m just pretty to them. I-I am scared that my chub will scare away anybody that might possibly like me. I-I’m just a chubby nerd who’s a nobody… nobody will ever wanna be with me.”

You didn’t realize how your breath got short and you started to have a bad trip. Suddenly there were voices in your ear, laughing at you.

“You’re so fat, (y/n). They should change your name to Fatty.”

“You’ll die alone. Don’t try and fight it, fat-ass!”

“How could you even think that you had a chance with Connor Murphy? Fatty having a chance, hell fucking no.”

You combed a shaky hand through your hair and you laughed mirthlessly. Everything is gonna be fine, me. Get a grip. I’m starting to give myself a bad trip, you thought to yourself. “L-like, can you see someone being with me, Connor? Be honest,” you said, not knowing how your voice broke.

Connor noticed what was happening to you and he sat up beside you. “Hey, hey, (y/n), don’t be so hard on yourself. Chub is never really a big deal. You just gotta… kinda own it, you know? So what if you have a bit of fucking chub. It adds fucking charm.”

“You’re just saying that. Chub doesn’t add charm! All it does is give bullies a chance to bully me for no reason! I’m gross and again, I’m a teacher’s pet! I don’t know how to live! I’m always so shy and tense about everything,” you started freaking out. “I-I’m gonna die a lonely old virgin! WHO LIVES WITH WAY TOO MANY CATS!! I’m gonna die never knowing the embrace of a man! Knowing the feeling of my crush’s lips against mine! All because I’m too goddamn scared to tell him anything!”

“I’m sure if you fucking talk to him, he wi—”

“No!” you snapped, “No he won’t understand shit, Connor! He’s such a fucking loner, he would’ve barely noticed me if we hadn’t been forced to do something in a class we share! And even then I still get really fucking anxious talking to him, I get worried I will blurt out my feelings and the he will find me weird and just ignore me for the rest of my life! I want him in my life, Connor. I have loved him from afar for SIX fucking years and never once have I talked to him until literally 12 hours ago!”

“Fucking talk to him, (y/n)! Look, I’m not the one who can say shit, I barely talk to anybody about how I feel, why the hell do you think I smoke as much as I do? But, holy fuck, you need to tell the guy how you feel for shit’s sake! And for the record, you’re really letting go for the little teacher’s pet you are.” He pushed himself off of his bed and added, “Now, I’m going to get you some more water. Okay?”

You looked at him and nodded, “O-okay…”

Connor left is room, with your glass in his hands. “Oh my god, I didn’t know how much shit she had pent up. I wish there was a way to help her get her good trip back, but she may be too far gone on the bad track for me to help her back. Fucking dumbass,” he mumbled to himself.

He never thought that at the beginning of the day that he would she the school’s teacher’s pet getting so high that she was no longer relaxed—and in fact was going on a bad trip. He combed a hand through his long hair as he refilled your water. “She’s a fucking idiot. She shouldn’t’ve taken such a big hit. God, she’s probably asleep in my bed right now,” he said to himself.

His parents had gotten home a while ago and since fixed themselves dinner. He opted to stay upstairs with you, because you were so high you really shouldn’t be shown to the public right now. Connor sighed and decided to head back upstairs to his bedroom, where, like he said, you were probably passed out in his bed. You were pretty high and really needed to sleep off some of said high. It was already 7:30-ish and he was pretty sure that your mother would not let you stay at his house for the night because you got so high.

Sure enough you were in his bed, curled up under his covers. You were reveling in his scent, the smell bringing you out of your anxious state and chilling you out. “It smells so nice,” you muttered to yourself. You were surprised that the smell of you crush would chill you out so much, but it sure did.

“If only I could fucking tell Connor how I feel it would be so much fucking easier! I could finally get the kiss I’ve always wanted from him,” you said silently. As you took in a deep breath of Connor’s scent, you relaxed into his bed even more.

You closed your eyes and just imagined what it would be like if you could tell Connor how you felt. ”Connor Murphy, I like you… and have had a crush on you since seventh grade. If it’s not too much to ask, do you think we could try I dunno… going on a date?” You sighed and said aloud, “Yeah, if only it was that easy…”

“If only what was that easy, you dork?” came Connor’s voice as he entered the bedroom. “Is my fucking bed comfy enough for you?” Connor asked as he neared his bed.

You nodded and covered your lower face with his comforter. “It is… it smells like you, and it, for some reason, relaxed me.”

“So, you’re not tweaking out? No more freaking out?”

Shaking your head, you answered, “Nope. Not anymore.”

“Thank fucking God!” he exclaimed in relieve as he sat down on the bed. “You coming down, Dorkarella?”

“I dunno… maybe?”

“Well, can I at least lay in my own bed?”

“Y-yeah! I don’t mind,” you said and made room for him in his bed. You blushed as he slipped into the bed beside you. You wouldn’t mind spending the night here, beside your crush. In fact, that’s really what you wanted to do. Closing your eyes, you sighed out in content.

Connor looked at you and just shrugged. She’s being a fucking dork again, he thought to himself. He watched the ceiling and was calm until he felt you snuggle up to him, then his eyes went wide and he almost choked on his spit when he heard you say his name? In your sleep?! There was no way you had fallen asleep that fast.

What was happening in your sleep that made you say Connor’s name?

TAGS: @defenestrate-yourself-please @saturdayschilddrivesmewild

I HAD TOO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS PART! If I didn’t cut myself off, it would’ve been so much longer and I gotta do something for my mom real quick.

Time Is Not Enough

Originally posted by knfie-edge

Pairing: Peter Parker x Barnes!Reader
Summary: Basically, after a HYDRA mission gone right Bucky, your brother, finds your cryotube containing oneself (You have a mutation which controls earth particles/nature) , he brings you home and introduces you to the team, most importantly Mr Parker… Now this is set during Infinity War, so no spoilers as I have no clue in what the storyline will be…
A/N: I’m back with a BANG, don’t sue me…
Word Count: 1400+

“Go fish…” My big bro said to me after I asked for a 3, “Have you got any 2’s?” I shook my head. 

“Go fish…” God we were bored… We could’ve been watching something on the big grey rectangle thingy, but when Bucky tried to turn it on he got scared when the lady in the wall started talking to him… So now we are both sat cross-legged on my bed with a deck of cards wondering how long the team will take getting the takeout pizza.

“Buck… How long are they gonna take?” He shrugged.

“God knows… but if they take any longer I might commit…” I laughed and shook my head.

“Ditto Bro, ditto…” I sighed dramatically and flopped backwords onto my bed and closed my eyes. My peace was disrupted by a knock on my bedroom door. 

“I’ll get it…” I muttered, Bucky nodded and packed the cards away. I opened the door to see a surprised looking Liz Allen. 

“I’m sorry, I thought this was Peter’s room…”

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#10 Auston Matthews

Hi could you please do an imagine where you’re Auston’s best friend and he helps you through a sleepless night and maybe you realize you like each other? Thank you!

warnings: swearies bc I have a potty mouth

Idk what this is but at least the last bit is cute

song suggestion of the day: Laid by james (cover by catfish and the bottlemen bc i cant stop listening to them atm)

Originally posted by hockeyfanatique

It hadn’t been a great week if you were being honest. This wasn’t your first restless night but at least tonight you could find a little comfort in snapchatting Auston. He’d had the opposite problem and had pretty much just slept for three days straight so it was nice to talk to him again.

‘You look tired.’

‘wow thanks.’ you replied.

‘maybe you should sleep its already 11.40′

you laughed at that. It was cute how he’d say little things like that. He was always looking out for you and you appreciated it.

‘Maybe you should. Weren’t you trying to get back to a normal sleep pattern?’

‘don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon’ he replied. ‘but seriously, you look exhausted.’

‘fine I’ll go to bed if it’ll make you shut up about it.’ you replied, knowing that he was not going to let it go anytime soon if you didn’t.

After tossing and turning for what felt like hours, you were scrolling through instagram looking for something to do when Auston messaged you.

‘thought you went to sleep’

‘you stalker.’ you replied with a small smile. ‘can’t sleep’

he sent you a sad face. ‘why not?’

‘idk. Just can’t’

‘im coming over.’

You rolled your eyes at that. ‘no you aren’t. Go to sleep Auston.’

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Kindergarten Days (Yoon Jisung)

『Author’s note: Awe can you imagine Jisung as a dad? That’s so cute!

Request: “Hiii I saw you don’t have anything for Jisung from Wanna One so can I request a scenario when it’s his daughter’s first day of kindergarten and you’re the teacher and he starts to like you because he’s a single parent”

Group: Wanna One

Member: Jisung

Type: Fluff❥』

Jisung woke up and noticed the day was bright and sunny. It was his daughter’s first day of kindergarten and he wanted to make sure it was a good day. Truthfully he was scared, his daughter was going to her very first day of school! Jisung tried to mentally prepare himself for this day but it was no use.

He sighed as he got out of bed to get ready for the day. Then he went to go wake up his daughter. “Jiyeon, it’s time to wake up” he gently shook her. She opened her eyes “oh, hi daddy!” The five year old excitedly. “Guess what day it is?” Jisung gave her a smile “Is it my first day of school?” “You’re so smart!” His daughter gave him a grin showing she was missing two of her front teeth.

The little girl got out of her small bed. “What should you wear today?” Jisung murmured more to himself than his daughter. “Can I wear my pretty pink shirt?” Jiyeon asked excitedly “Anything you want, Princess” Jisung patted his daughter’s head before picking out a pair of jeans and shoes that would match. After Jisung helped her get dress he sat on the floor with hair ties, different types of hair clips, bows, and a brush.

“What should we do?” Jisung murmured again. “I want a bow!” His daughter said pointing to a pink bow that would go with her shirt. “Okay, let me brush out your hair” Over the years Jisung finally learned how to do his daughter’s hair without it looking like she had just gotten out of bed.

When he was done, they both walked into the kitchen to eat cereal together. Jisung sighed he was going to miss them being together all day, his job allowed him to work from home whether it was filing papers or simply typing whatever he needed to. “Daddy, is it time to go yet?” Jiyeon was practically jumping in her seat.

He checked the time to see it was seven fifteen, school didn’t start to seven thirty five. “I guess going early won’t hurt, go get your book bag.” The little girl quickly abandoned her seat from the table and went to go put on her book bag, which just had a folder, three pencils, and a notebook since Jisung wasn’t sure what to buy.

Jisung let out a laugh as he saw his daughter tangled up trying to put on the straps. After helping her they made their way out to car and Jisung buckled her up into her car seat.

The car ride there was full of laughs and singing. As they got to the school Jisung had a sad feeling again. There was only five minutes before school started. His heart felt heavy, Jiyeon on the other hand was as happy as she can be. “Where’s my class?” Jiyeon was holding onto her father’s hand. “I’m not sure” Jisung said trying to remember what the paper said

“Do you need help?” You asked Jisung who was right in front of your classroom with a confused face. “I can’t remember her classroom number” he admitted sheepishly. “That’s no problem at all, what’s her name?” You asked giggling at him. “Yoon Jiyeon”

You looked through your list, she was the last one to check in. “Oh, found her, she’s in my class” you said happily Jisung look relieved, you seemed like a nice teacher, he also blushed at the thought of how pretty he thought you were.

He broke his train of thought when you bent down in front of Jiyeon. “Hello, Jiyeon. I’m Miss. (Y/L/N), I’ll be your teacher! There are other kids in the classroom if you want to go play while I talk to your dad.” Jiyeon’s face lit up when you mentioned other kids.

She gave her father a hug but Jisung wouldn’t let go. “Daddy, you’re going to make me late!” The little girl whined. Before he knew it Jisung started crying. “It’s going to be okay Daddy. I’ll see you after school, okay?” His daughter comforted him. “Okay. I’m sorry” Jisung wiped his tears. “I’ll be right here waiting for you when you get out. I love you!” “I love you too!” Jiyeon called out to him before rushing into the classroom excitedly.

You handed Jisung a tissue. “Most of time it’s the kids who cry” you joked. “She’s just growing up so fast” “Understandable” you giggled at him again. He lightened up after hearing your giggle.

“Pick up time is at twelve thirty and you just have to wait out here. I’ll send home a paper that explains everything we’ll be doing this year including field trips and award ceremonies and things like that” you explained.

“O-okay. Can you make sure she stays safe today and she behaves. Which I’m sure she will, Jiyeon is a very nice girl and she catches on very fas-” Jisung kept on talking but you interrupted him.

“Mr. Yoon? Is it?” You asked. “You can call me Jisung” “Jisung. I can assure you everything will go great today. If you excuse me I have to get back in there with the kids.” You bowed to Jisung and Jisung slowly made his way slowly to this car.

As you got all the children settled down you kept an eye on Jiyeon all day. She was a kind little girl, she was friendly, she liked to answer questions, and she helped a lot during clean up time. You knew she was going to be a good student. After getting to know the kids and painting for the first day, the bell to go home rang rather quick.

Jiyeon was trying to put on her backpack but was having a bit of a struggle. You let out a smile as you went over to her, “do you need help?” “Yes, please” the little girl answered. You quickly untangled her then went to the door. “Please stay by me and let me know when you see your parent or whoever is responsible for you.” You told the kids who were lined up at the door.

Of course Jisung was the first person you saw but his daughter was at the back of the line. The children said bye to you as they left one by one. Jisung ran to Jiyeon and picked her up, “I missed you, Princess!” “I had a lot of fun today, look I made a painting for you.” Jisung put down his daughter and took it from her hands. He couldn’t really make out what it was but that didn’t matter, “I love it” he smiled. You were closing the door when Jiyeon ran up to give you a hug.

“Thank you for today Miss. (Y/L/N)! It was so much fun. I can’t wait for tomorrow.!” You hugged her back. “Thank you for enjoying today, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow either” you smiled. Jisung came up to you. “Was she good today?” “Of course she was, she even got a sticker for best helper!” You said pointing to Jiyeon who was showing it to her father with a proud smile.

“You were right when you said she catches on fast. I know she’s going to be a pleasure to have in class” you said goodbye to both of them then went to go clean up the classroom.

You looked at her ‘Get To Know Me’ page and saw the basics. Then when it came to family all she had written down was “Me and Daddy”. It was no wonder Jisung was so worried about today. They were all they had for each other. You weren’t sure why but that hurt your heart for some reason

Jisung gladly listened to his daughter talk about her day then asked her questions. When they got home he hung up her picture on the refrigerator. He thought back to how kind you were and how you didn’t judge him when he got a little worried. Jisung knew that he was going to be happy whenever he saw you and he could say the same for his daughter

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Let’s Play A Game

Summary: Jo calls the Winchesters to town to help her with a case. They don’t know you know about the supernatural world, so when they come to question you, you decide to have a little fun.

Word Count: 1489

Warnings: None

Version en Español: Let’s Play A Game

“Did the Winchesters get here last night?” You asked your friend Jo when she came into your bar in the afternoon.

She smiled. “Yes they did.”

“Do I get to meet them? From the pictures you showed me, I wouldn’t mind getting up close and personal with them, if you’re catching my drift.” You fixed her drink and set it down in front of her. Since most people were still at work, the bar wasn’t busy, so you fixed yourself something as well and hopped over the counter to sit next to her.

“They’ll probably be coming in later to question you, since the last murder was just down the street.”

“And do they know about me?” You asked. She shook her head and you grinned even wider. “Perfect. Can I play with them? Will they be wearing their suits? I do like a man in a suit.”

With a nest of vampires nearby, you shouldn’t have been so perky. But Jo had been telling you about the Winchester brothers for years and you were excited to meet them.

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Ties that Bind pt. 9: Mended and Whole

The sequel to Never Say Never

Pairings: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader (again! yay)

Warnings: This might make you cry so go read this in a secluded area

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: I decided to release this a day early because of my 12 Days of Christmas Event starting tomorrow.

Heads Up: @blackwidovv @colt-eleven-impala-sixtyseven @theartofwriting-imagines @valynsia @missallpony1234 @thecynicalnerd @heismyhunter @waywardimpalawriter @misspadfoot02 @flowercrownsandmetallicarms @livforthegames @i-had-a-life-once @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @rachelle-on-the-run @justarandombanana @emilyinbuffalo @jade-cheshire @anitavalija @amazing-fandom-freak @meganlane84 @lostinspace33 @thatawkwardtinyperson @hollycornish @cookiedough1830 @minaphobia @sebatianstanisbae @buckyslion @buckyb-avengers @allyp1023 @deanskitten @chisatowa @snakesgoethe @your-puddin @lilasiannerd
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Bucky entered the room cautiously. He was greeted with the scent of freshly baked cookies, a scent he once loved. He felt serene. His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. He squinted and tried to orient himself. He saw the food that Natasha had previously mentioned and his eyes moved to your second nest. He slowly approached your nest and found you curled up still and facing the wall,

“Y/N,” Bucky whispered. Slowly you turned to face him. Bucky gasped. You were completely pale, you had dark circles under your eyes and your lips were completely chapped,

“What are you doing here?” you whispered, “You should be out there…happy…”

“Y/N,” Bucky crouched beside you. He slowly reached for you. You pulled away.

“You shouldn’t be here,” you said weakly.

Bucky looked around the room, it was just like it was when he left almost five weeks ago.

“I’m here to get my stuff,” he cleared his throat.

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Author’s Note: my first barry allen imagine! i had a great time writing this, hope you enjoy! feedback would also be well appreciated :)))

Summary: While finally having a day off at S.T.A.R Labs, what better way to spend it with Barry Allen?

Tagging: @jxx-n @fangirlnyxx @spiderparker-peterman @littlemissvicki @catching-fire-in-the-wind

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“Check mate.”

Barry scoffed, totally surprised at your sudden move. “You read my mind! Not fair.” He said while crossing his arms.

You shrugged, “Don’t care.” You winked, “Now, let’s see what else your mind is telling you.” You smirked.

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Stargazers - pt. 3

Originally posted by newdscamander

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Ravenclaw!Reader (eventual)
Prompt: Based on this (x) and this (x) imagine!
One shot( ) or Chapter (x) (part 1) (part 2) (part 4) (part 5)
Word count:
Warnings: just a bit angsty, i hope.
A/N: Reminder that, even if Leta is mentioned to be a taker, she must have been pretty nice or at least persuasive to capture Newt’s heart. At lease in my perspective. As I mentioned in the previous note, I think this will be a 5 part season? of a series. Maybe. I’ve also taken the liberty to give the reader curly hair, not wavy, because I feel it doesn’t get enough love. Think Merida a bit, I guess? No worries, it’s color is whichever you desire it to be! Sorry if there’s any errors! Hope you enjoy!
I haven’t read all of the books yet, but I know spagyric is like plant alchemy. Also, since nothing has been mentioned about Leta‘s experiment, besides that it went wrong, I’ll be taking that into my own hands (haha wish me luck, fudge, srry if it doesn’t make much sense in the future tho) Also did i mention I suck at angst? bc I feel like this chapter is utter crap and i am s o rry .
Reminders: Elizabeth is your friend’s name and Leta is in Slytherin.

The sheets were cold against your skin, only serving to further your dread and making you shiver. No matter how fuzzy they were, you could only thrash about, trying to find a more comfortable position. No successful attempt was achieved that night – no, morning.

Besides astronomy, and the general enjoyment you got from learning, one of the things you enjoyed the most was a good night sleep. It bothered you greatly how the boy you were now friends with seemingly put a stop to both specific pleasures. It was unfair, but he didn’t even know the effect his actions were having. Yet after hearing him agreeing to Leta’s demand, your world had started to get a little bit bleaker. That’s how you found yourself in your current state, unnerved under the covers of your bed a few hours after eavesdropping on their conversation.

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The signs when cooking for themselves
  • Aries: "okay stay calm, dont burn anything, dont burn any-- AH FOOK IT STUPID EGG JUST COOK YOURSELF"
  • probably can cook. Probably.
  • Taurus: "is there instant noodles somewhere...? no? Ah da m n..."
  • they know how to eat, maybe not so much how to cook- but they can make a decent meal with minimal(?) damage y u p
  • Gemini: "im so hungry, but i dont wanna cook, but im so h u n g r y-- "
  • and they end up buying junk food from the nearest 7/11
  • Cancer: "it's my turn to cook !! : D" five minutes later- "SCREAMS I DROPPED THE PAN WHAT DO I DO-"
  • they refer to a handwritten secret recipe, passed down from generations to generations of ancestors-- you know what i mean
  • Leo: "this is gonna be S OOO tasty- and its gonna get a ton of likes on instagram for sure-"
  • they buy pre cooked food and heat it up, and then take instagram worthy pics, put a filter, and say they 'cooked' it themselves
  • the smart ones who refer to cookbooks-
  • Libra: "guess im eating out tonight- L O L "
  • nope. no cooking. Not with all the washing up they have to do later.
  • Scorpio: "i guess its time to make my super sinful, super high calorie, super top secret meal : ) "
  • they proceed to make that one sinful meal they have been craving for a g e s AND it tastes hella good (cuz they made it themselves)
  • they dont understand the concept that pouring water over oil on fire will not help the situation. On the bright side, at least they can alsways order pizza.
  • Capricorn: "...okay how was this done again-- *accidentally adds too much salt* l.. Dang it."
  • They also use recipe books, but they wanna make the stuff exactly like how they are used to eating it
  • Aquarius: "This is mah house, and these are mah rules-- i aint usin no dang cookbook. Cookbooks are for sissies"
  • they cook whatever seems right with whatever ingredients they have at the moment
  • Pisces: "okay lets see... I'll just microwave this and that-- and oH SHIT I LEFT THE BLENDER LID OPEN AH SH I EEEETTYTTT"
  • Theres always that one time where they nearly leave a metal spoon in a bowl and chuck it in the oven--
The 100 College AU: summary below

Summary-Could you do an AU for me? one(like a modern one) where they’re all in university and Bellamy and his ‘friends’ are a year older but Y/N has some classes with him, and he likes her/she likes him kinda thing and he watches her from afar but whenever he is around her/talks to her he’s nervous and takes it out wrong? Like he’s a jerk lol. You can make up the rest, long one plz?•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Bellamy’s POV:

I sat eating my lunch with a couple of the guys, they were talking about basically nothing. I was staring at Y/N, she was doing some homework across the yard under a tree. The light was illuminating her beautiful hair, the way it perfectly framed her face.

“Bellamy? Who are you looking at?” Murphy spoke up to me, pulling me back to reality.

“Hey! That girl right there,” Miller spoke up and pointed towards Y/N, still oblivious we were talking about her.

“I understand why you stare, she’s hot Bellamy,” another guy laughed and lightly shoved my shoulder.

I rolled my eyes, I couldn’t let them know I liked her. How much I like her, they’d mock me for it and just end up telling her.

“No, she’s younger than us. I think by a year,” I struggled and drank from my bottle of water.

"Still, she doesn’t look that young if you know what I mean,” Murphy laughed and made a motion that nobody should ever make.

"Nah,” I laughed nervously

Then, the guys went back to talking about football. As I continued staring at the glorious beauty that was Y/N.

Next, the bell rang indicating it was time for classes to start and I grabbed my stuff. Leaving the guys sitting there.

You walked into biology, placed your books down, and sat down. You were about 7 minutes early to class, so you got your supplies out and rested your head on the desk.

"Okay Class!” Your professor practically skipped in with a huge cheesy smile of his face.

"I’m taking attendance,” he declared and took out a clip board.“

"Zoe Monroe!” He called out and Zoe awkwardly raised her hand.

"Clarke Griffin, Monty Green-” he continued and you sat patiently awaiting your name to be called.

"AM I LATE AM I LATE!” Bellamy Blake hollered and he sprinted in the room.

"Another second and you would have been Mr.Blake, please take a seat,” he smiled and Bellamy marched towards the seat in front of you. The boy had an obvious blush on his face, weird.

"Y/N Y/L/N,” he concluded and you raised your hand.

"Let’s get started,” he laughed and dropped the clipboard onto his desk.

"Open to page 37,” he instructed

3 hours. 3 long horrific hours of listening to a small old man talk about biology, which literally could have been summed up in 30 minutes.

As you jumped out of your seat and began gathering your possessions, you noticed Bellamy. The poor boy was sitting at his desk with his hands covering his face in defeat.

"Umm, Bellamy?” You started and he slowly looked up at you.

Bellamy’s POV:

“Umm, Bellamy?” I heard Y/Ns sweet voice and it echoed through my head. I slowly turned my head towards the beautiful girl.

‘Okay, I have to be smooth, but not too smooth. Plus I needed to be kind, but not cheesy. Crap.“ I thought and slowly ran my hand through my hair.

"Hey baby,” I smirked over confidently and thought it was a good start. However, the look of disgust and confusion on her face made me second guess myself.

“Are you alright?” She said taken aback by my comment. I decided to take a new approach towards winning her heart.

“I’m fine! What do you need?” I spit and stood up to tower over the girl.

Yea, I ruined it.

“I thought you needed help,” she said calmly.

“Princess, I can take care of myself. Even if I needed help I wouldn’t want it from you!” I said while my brain screaming at my mouth to shut the fuck up.

Then, the sassy glare turned into pain and embarrassment. Tears started to form in the corner of her eyes. Great, now I’m the guy who made a younger girl cry.

“Y/N,” I murmured and softened my glare, but she was already gone

“I’m telling you he was an absolute dick,” you spit walking towards your friends.

It was around 10:30 PM, and you all gathered in yours and Octavia’s dorm for drinks. You walked toward them holding a six pack of chilled beer.

“That doesn’t sound like him,” Octavia declared as you sat down next to her on the love seat. She opened her beer while everybody else reached for one.

“Well, I don’t have many experiences to help you with your troubles,” Lexa laughed, obviously already tipsy. She grabbed Clarke’s hand and squeezed tight, looking at her with love.

“But, I did see him looking at you across the yard today while you ate and did homework,” she continued

“Yeah I saw that too!” Raven giggled, bouncing on the bed, as if she just discovered something huge and unknown.

“Calm down!” Octavia laughed and stuck a piece of gum in her mouth.

“O,” Raven started obviously ready to pull the sarcasm out.

“I am majoring in technology! Mechanic stuff and smart people and algebra and crazy shit!” Raven continued waving her beer bottle around in the air.

“You are majoring in something involving swords!” She laughed. She was clearly drunk too.

“Alright, whatever you say,” Octavia smirked and nodded her head.

“I think Bellamy likes you,” Octavia continued and adjusted her feet on the seat next to you.

“No way in hell! I told you what he said,” you replied taking a sip of your beer.

“Y/N, Bellamy has a hard time showing his feelings. Like, he doesn’t like emotions so he shuts them off and it’s hard for him to reopen the factory. He’s been doing that ever since mom died,” Octavia’s smirk turned into an expression of grief, remembering her mom.

“Maybe you’re right-” you started rubbing Octavia’s arm.

“OH MY GOODNESS IF YOU GET MARRIED WE WILL BE SISTER IN LAWS!” Octavia hollered suddenly happy again.

“I’ll speak with him tomorrow,” Octavia declared raising her now empty beer bottle in the air. Which caused everybody to erupt in laughter.

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Part 2 coming soon🔥