i nuovi ultraviolet

Copper and Amethyst Winged Liner

This was a really fun look to do.

I wanted to do a high-impact liner look using rich metallics instead of the usual dark or glittery shades.

You can choose to use gel-liners (stronger color and ease of application, if you use a good formula) or pigments (more variety and customizability, but less long-wearing and messier to work with).

For this exact look, you will need:

1. MAC Fluid Line in Rich Ground, a rich copper.

2. I Nuovi Ultraviolet dust used wet. (You can use MAC Macroviolet Fluidline.)

3. Dramatic tapered lashes that are longer at the outer corners.

4. Flat liner brush (below). Don’t use the super-fine ones to draw a strong, firm line.

External image

Step 1: Starting with a clean face and primed lids (I actually forgot primer here and added it later), apply a strip of surgical tape** to the corner of your eye, following the line of your lower lid. - **If you use normal tape, it might hurt or pull on your lower lashes when you try to remove it.

Step 2: With a small liner brush (I find paddle shapes to be much easier to work with than the ultra-fine liner brushes), apply the copper liner in two steps.

  • from the end of your eye up along the tape, making sure the line tapers to a point
  • from the outer corner inwards to the centre of the eye, again tapering to a thin point inside

When you’re done, the line should be thickest at the outer 1/3 of the eye.

Step 3: With mixing medium or water, apply an amethyst pigment or liner to the inner half of the lid, overlapping with the copper in the center.

Step 4: Remove the tape, and apply the rest of your makeup, including mascara. (If you need to neaten the liner, just use a dry cotton swab.)

Step 5: Skip this step if you want to wear the look for day, and just add a tiny bit of black at the lash line . Otherwise, go for the biggest lashes you have and slap them on. (Note that if you are wearing big lashes, the liner should be thicker and more dramatic than if you are not.)

Et Voila. You can try this with other color liners. But just note the following:

  • Very light metallic colors may wash out your lash line. Remember lots of mascara, black liner and/or false lashes for definition.
  • Colors that are too close to each other (gold and copper) will not stand out from each other. This makes the look just a little less fun (I feel) than contrasting shades like purple and copper.
  • If one shade is darker than the other, make sure the darker one goes on the outer ends.
  • Test colors out on the back of your hand to see what you like best!

Have fun!