i now the last one is a dream but

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Hey Jakei! I saw Underverse Part3 the day when you published it😁 I have just one question, you didn't forget someone in it? Like.. Dream? Because on Underverse the last Part2 we see him behind Cross in this world, he wanted to help Ink and the others and he doesn't here now Soo.. ^^' But your work and the work of all the team are just fabulous, awesome, perfect!! Really! Worth it to wait for this publishment! However, I wanted to cry at the end, it's horrible what's happening TwT on the video!

Hehehe don’t worry I didn’t forget him :P
I didn’t want to draw him just for appear in one scene…
He will have his moment in the next part. Ye 

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Oh my god I had a dream last night? Flash and Blue were at a carnival just on a daddy daughter date or something. It was super cute & I don't remember a whole lot except at one point it got really windy and blue was scared the wind was gonna blow her away. That's what I get for looking at ur blog before I sleep lmao

omggg that’s super cute ??? and totally canon now, thanks for giving me free ideas! :>

The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - The one with the bunny - SN:12x11

Just a year ago things were so different.

Last year

I didn’t have pink fairy lights hanging in my room.
I didn’t have roses on my table.
I didn’t have a dream catcher above my bed.
I didn’t own half as many books as I do now.
I didn’t have a typewriter on my desk.
I didn’t have blue headphones on my bed.

Last year

I didn’t want to stay here, I didn’t see the point of making it home.
I didn’t think I was worthy of flowers, let alone roses, unless someone else bought them for me.
I didn’t sleep enough for any dreams to catch or nightmares to shun.
I had forgotten and cheated on my one true love.
I didn’t think my words for worthy enough to be printed.
I saw music as a necessity not beauty.

Last year
I didn’t love my life.
I didn’t love myself.

This year
I don’t love my life.
I don’t love myself.

I tried.
I still am.

—  creatingnikki 

Even the love that I thought would last forever faded away
Now even those common friends are leaving
As we age, I guess we become adults
Why am I so worried

People stay in the past today as well
The world spins fine without me
I think I am immature since I am still young
Why am I so foolish

The days when I was happy without anything feels like yesterday
Sure, I’ve come too far, I can’t remember it
Since it’s my first time for everything, I rush and am excited
Those memories from that time still feel like a dream to me
Where am I right now
I am going back to you as I sing this song
If I can see the beautiful you once more,
We will have our last dance as we listen to this song
Remember this moment until whenever
Just one last dance

Becoming a faded light among the stars
You also become a star and signal
Since I’ve become alone I must look lonely
Why do I keep tearing up

The days when I was happy without anything feels like yesterday
Sure, I’ve come too far, I can’t remember it
Since it’s my first time for everything, I rush and am excited
Those memories from that time still feel like a dream to me
Where am I right now

I am going back to you as I sing this song
If I can see the beautiful you once more,
We will have our last dance as we listen to this song
Remember this moment until whenever
Just one last dance

The music keeps playing
Give me a chance, I’ve been waiting here
Please just once
I promise
It won’t be that long

As I sing this song
As I sing this song
I will go back to you
If I can see the beautiful you once more,
We will have our last dance as we listen to this song
Remember this moment until whenever
Just one last dance

Last night when we danced as I held your hand
Your beautiful shining one last smile
An ecstacy with no differentiation for colors
It doesn’t fit with the world I’ve seen and felt
Last night when we danced as I held your hand
Your beautiful shining one last smile
An ecstacy with no differentiation for colors
It doesn’t fit with the world I’ve seen and felt

Translated by: kristinekwak

ok but is no one going to talk about phichit’s dream of having his own ice show






Trigger warning- child abuse.
Spending time cuddling this silly goose today.
Last night, for the first time, I woke up and hyperventilated. I had a horrific dream that I’d left her with an unknown babysitter (obv would never do) and they’d abused her. People don’t talk much about child abuse because it’s distressing but, I was very badly physically abused by my stepmother (not the amazing gorgeous one I have now) for 8 years from 7-15 and as that level of abuse would, its traumatised me. Whilst child abuse isn’t the norm (thank god), it does happen and I think I’d like to talk about it more. Nobody helped me because they didn’t want to seem nosey or thought it wasn’t their place. As the child with broken ribs and bruises carefully left where clothes would hide them, I wouldn’t have cared if someone had been nosey or stepped in. I wasn’t in a position where I could help myself, abusers are incredibly controlling and manipulative- I needed other people to help me.
I’m not a victim of my abuser but I’m still, on occasion, effected by her and what she did to me.
If you suspect someone is being abused, mistreated, whatever you want to call it, speak up. Talk to people. You can email the samaritans or confidentially call childline.
After a good cry and a lot of love from Liam, I feel ok. Not great because what’s usually deeply buried feels very fresh, but ok and ready to enjoy my day, because I can, because she didn’t win. I did.
Be aware of abuse and help stop it. ❤️ http://ift.tt/2fRS8S0

I need to focus and concentrate on what I’ve worked so hard for over the last 5 years. I’m constantly overwhelmed by anxiety and fear that if I don’t buckle down now, in a few years time, I will be in a shit position with a head full of regrets, and all the people who have sacrificed and put their life aside for my dream will leave me. I’ve been so disrespectful, not putting in 100% in this venture because I’m mentally elsewhere, but fuck alla that. You only have one chance in life, and the universe surrounds you with many opportunities to reach it but over the last 3 years I’ve allowed myself to become distracted and a victim of procrastination. It sucks and I’m disappointed in myself. I let my guard down, I allowed life to interfere with my vision and tbh shit has just been a blur lately.
Love, death, debt, family issues, illnesses all of this shit, constantly, no breaks, one after the other. It’s too much. This year I’m minding my business and I’m focusing on myself. We are all adults and I’m not putting my shit second ever again. We are all accountable for our lives. I hustle and grind so hard, i don’t have anyone to fall back on, I don’t have avenues and options, if I don’t work I don’t eat, I depend solely on myself, and so do you! We are stronger than we believe and I have the utmost strength to get myself through anything. I have created an amazing life for myself by following my dreams and I will always encourage and support my loved ones to do the same, but I’m no longer allowing anything to stress and distract me. Im beyond focused. So if you think that I’m going to lose my shit over nonsense you must be crazy. My mother was born in a shack in South Trinidad, I have so many people to prove RIGHT. My fucking family over there are rooting for me! All of my cousins are doing great things, we are making our parents proud! So anything that costs me my peace is too expensive because it means losing my future, losing my family’s happiness, losing my business, losing my life and nothing is worth that. I’d rather die.
2017 is the year to be selfish, to focus on self improvement and to encourage prosperity. Nothing else.


here she is….the love of my life…….afsdjklg i meant to make this YEARS ago and today i thought about it again like “OH MY GOD I NEVER…..I NEVER UPDATED MY DOLOROSA SPRITE……ITS BEEN YEARS!!! so yeah i owe it to 16-17 year old me to make this

here you go you gay teenage fuck. sincerely, future ashley. now all my dreams have been realized and i can finally die 

everyone i was talking to today wanted to be SURE i had not forgotten about this one, so don’t worry, i didn’t:

this is a remake of my old dolorosa sprite (which i made before act 6!! back when we had to make our OWN ancestors sprites like cave men):

(the original porrim sprite is by @chazzerpan of course)

pretty sure listening to female led metal while i slept last night made me want to do this so yeah i basically made this because of my lesbian astral visions. which, ironically, is also why i suddenly care about hs ancestors again, but i think i already told that story? 


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How would Ignis react if he got corrective eye surgery so he could see again and he sees his s/o for the first time?

I had originally planned to write a whole one-shot for this and everything, but this has been sitting in my inbox for a good while… so I’m writing it now.

  • When Iggy’s s/o told him that the team working on the reconstruction of the Citadel had found a way to bring back his eyesight, he was in disbelief. 
  • “This… this isn’t a dream, or some joke, right?”
  • Of course not. His s/o wouldn’t joke about something like that.
  • Ignis is in absolute shock. It’s been fifteen years since he last saw something – last saw anything. He’s extremely excited but, undeniably, he’s scared. He doesn’t know why, but the matter still stands.
  • When he recovers from the shock, he reaches out to his s/o, pulls them close, tucks his head into the crook of their neck, and cries. His s/o gets really nervous, because did they do something wrong? But then they hear him. He’s thanking them over and over and over again.
  • After the operation, Ignis realizes why he was scared. What if it doesn’t work? What if his eyes were too damaged and they couldn’t do it? What if the world is simply too bright for his eyes to handle and he has to keep them closed, and thus remain blind anyways? 
  • He doesn’t open his eyes immediately when he wakes up. He finds the call button, summons a nurse, and asks for his s/o. He wants the first thing he sees to be them.
  • There’s a shuffling in the room and Ignis recognizes the steps to be his s/o’s. He reaches out to them, and he doesn’t realize that he’s shaking until his s/o takes his hands. 
  • His s/o kisses his hands, then his forehead, then his scars, and then his lips. They tell him that the lights aren’t on, there’s just candles, and that he can open his eyes. They’re right here for him, just like they always have been. They squeeze his hands tightly.
  • Ignis opens his eyes. He has to squint, because even the candlelight is still too bright for his newly recovered eyes, but he blinks once, twice. 
  • He locks eyes with his s/o. He sees them smile. He sees the sheen of their hair. He sees the tears in their eyes. He feels tears coming to his own. He can see.
  • “(Y/N),” He mutters, and his voice is shaking, “You’re beautiful. You’re absolutely beautiful.”
  • He reaches up, he touches their face, and finally, he’s able to match a precise image to everything he’s been feeling since he met his s/o. He’s just gotten the use of his eyes back, but he’s already mastered the look of absolute adoration for his s/o.
  • He kisses them, and at some point during that he starts crying again, and his s/o’s there to hold him, and they’re crying too. They’re both so happy.
  • It takes Ignis some time to rehabilitate from the operation. His eyes are still extremely sensitive to light, so he wears darkened lenses for an extended period of time while his eyes adjust. There’s frequent headaches, since his brain tends to get overwhelmed by all the detail it’s suddenly registering again. 
  • Though the recovery process is a bit harrowing at times, Ignis couldn’t be happier. He treasures the sight of everything now more than ever, all the colors around him, all the lights, the sunrise (which is just how he remembers it), everything… 
  • But his favorite sight is his s/o.

One of those long overdue commissions I finally could complete. I am working on my backlog as I also picking up my commissions at last, hopefully can progress with everything fluently now.

The character belongs to her respective owner and second attempt to do it. The original concept I first did simply became toxic in my eyes and never could befriend it and after a time I just started to hate it. After 2 years going over developing my artistic skills and approach I managed to build from scratch a lot better idea I could easily work with. 

Thank you those who were company of mine during streaming this one!


the mortal instruments: clary fairchild

So I lied to you last night. I said I just wanted one night with you. But I want every night with you. And that’s why I have to slip out of your window now, like a coward. Because if I had to tell you this to your face, I couldn’t make myself go. I don’t blame you if you hate me, I wish you would. As long as I can still dream, I will dream of you.

- Jace Lightwood


Here it is at last - all the Sanses! :D
…Well, not all of them, but twenty-four at the most. XD

I had lots of fun drawing and coloring every single one, even if it took me hours to complete. But now I can sit back and admire this beauty. XD Hope you all like it!

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I just remembered that last night I had a dream where once you got old enough you were expected to get at least one surgery where you’d become a furry and like the degree of furriness was up to you so some people were human but just like, with horns or cat ears or something but some people were just full on deviant art ocs and I’m kind of reeling right now from this memory

#93 “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”

Negan isn’t a kisser.
You don’t know if it was different in his past, but now he isn’t.
Sure from time to time during the sex he presses his lips on yours and conquers with his tongue your mouth, but never in-between.
You understand that. If you had five husbands you wouldn’t kiss them either.

In the last nights something changed.
At first you thought you dreamed when you felt his lips on yours.
But in the following nights he did it again.
Only a soft kiss and his thumb which strokes almost lovingly over your cheek.
“Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” You asked him one morning.
Negan didn’t replied, just looked at you for a second before he left.

Afraid that he wouldn’t come this night you’re lying in your bed. Quickly you close your eyes as the door opens and then you feel him.
This time a little longer.
“Why?” You whisper.
“Is it a fucking crime to want to kiss his first wife?” He asks back and you shake your head.
“Good. Sleep now.” He says, this time more softly before he puts his lips one more time on yours.

[ENG TRANSLATED LYRICS] Nayoung, Yoojung, Jieqiong - Self-composed song "LINE" @ IOI's TIMESLIP Concert

Apparently this was composed by Nayoung and Jieqiong and lyrics were written by Yoojung.

This was first revealed at their TIMESLIP concert and we don’t know if it will officially release. 

[1/24/2017] This has been edited after looking up fancams of their live, and looking through IOI’s DC GALLERY



During these cold days, we have become one. 

We are together for our last, thanks to the warm memories. 

We made a promise to meet each other again and we are now separating…


Our first meeting, do you remember? 

I still can’t forget it, not even a single thing…

Everything has changed and everyday was a continuous dream. 

In our past days we laughed, cried, and felt every emotion. 

We ponder trying to match the puzzle, and a film of our past grazes by…

Unknowingly, a lot of our memories are being brought up inside my head and I close my eyes to it… 


Since I know there’s an end… 

Since I know I’ll be in more pain compared to the others… 

In such a short time, we unbelievably got into a relationship so deep that we could’ve dropped into it. 

I can’t even imagine this being the end… 

Even if I beg and cry… 

A miracle won’t happen… (won’t happen) 


My heart aches but it’s already gone. 

Let’s look at each other from afar. 

A-yo, a-yo, a-yo

I’m not prepared yet, but love is already sending me away… 

Even love songs that I thought were eternal has their backs turned in front of my eyes… 

A-yo, a-yo, a-yo

Remember this endless love oh oh…


Just like how flowers wither, we will probably lower our heads. 

And as the flowers bloom, we will probably be restlessly running. 

Around the time the flower petals fall, I wish it will be us laughing… 

When it’s time for us to miss each other, I wish we will meet 

“In The Same Place”… 


“When The Cherry Blossoms Fade” tears fall…

“Drop Drop Drop (Knock Knock Knock)”

“Hold On” even if you “M-Maybe” leave me like this… 

Wherever you are “I Love You” even if years pass by “I Remember You” 

I miss your warm chest… 

Even if the tears block me once more… 


My heart aches but it’s already gone.

Let’s look at each other from afar.

A-yo, a-yo, a-yo

I’m not prepared yet, but love is already sending me away…

Even love songs that I thought were eternal has their backs turned in front of my eyes…

A-yo, a-yo, a-yo

Remember this endless love oh oh…


A heart-trembling first showcase. 

Now it’s a heart-saddening last concert… 

The words ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you’… 

Even if we say it a hundred times, it’s not enough… 

Even if we say it a hundred times, it’s not enough… 

Even if we say it a hundred times, it’s not enough… 


(If you look carefully, she lined up the first letters of each sentence to spell out I.O.I vertically in Korean and made fitting lyrics for each sentence.)

아 (Ah) Even if I want to rewind the time…

이 (Ee) Now it’s irreversible… 

오 (Oh) I think your face will… 

아 (Ah) Glitter again tonight…

이 (Ee) You, who is already getting distant, I want to grab onto you but… 

Don’t cry, we are 'IDEAL OF IDOL’ who was happy because it was YOU…


My heart aches but it’s already gone.

Let’s look at each other from afar.

A-yo, a-yo, a-yo

I’m not prepared yet, but love is already sending me away…

Even love songs that I thought were eternal has their backs turned in front of my eyes…

A-yo, a-yo, a-yo

Remember this endless love oh oh…

- Translated by: Yubseyo

  • me: god i LOVE sleeping, it's so nice!!! i love my bed!!
  • me: sleeping is great and healthy! plus you get cool dreams out of the deal
  • me: Oh My God *insert friends name* why were you up so late?!
  • yet
  • me: *stays up until 3 on school nights*
  • me: alright just one more video,,,3 hours later
  • me: *at 1 AM* hmm...now seems like a perfect time to contemplate my existence!

Anon Requested:  100 with Yoongi please >_< and thanks in advance (smut x fluff please)


Pairing: Yoongi (Suga) x Reader

Word Count: 1582

“I had the weirdest dream about you last night and now I can’t help but imagine what you’d look like naked.”

There you were, lying down on his bed watching tv. This wasn’t anything knew to you, you always came over whenever Yoongi had a break from his hectic schedule. But you were a lot more reluctant to come over when he called you.

All you and Yoongi ever did was relax, you two would always just watch tv in his bed and usually fell asleep, nothing more. Nothing more has ever happened and you had never thought about pushing anything. Sure you’ve thought what it would be like kissing him but never in a million years would you actually try and do it. Yoongi’s obviously thought about it too, him being more reluctant to try something but you’ve never given any sign that you wanted him too. Sure you two fell asleep in the same bed and occasionally cuddled but that’s as far as it ever went. 

Now his arm was wrapped around your shoulder while you two laid down in bed, head resting against his chest. This was normal so why did your skin burn every time his hand moved on your arm? Why did your stomach feel tight and heart thumping against your chest? 

Oh right. The dream.

You just had to have a stupid sex dream about your best friend and now you can’t get what he looked like out of your head. You groaned slightly catching the attention of Yoongi.

“Okay what’s wrong? That’s the seventh time you’ve groaned in the past hour.”

Guess you weren’t as quiet as you thought.

“We promised to be completely truthful with each other, right?” This caught the attention of Yoongi, he sat upright causing you to sit up also and look at him. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion while his eyes scanned you causing chills to run down your spine. You internally groaned at how he could do this to you, and you didn’t know if you liked it or not.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” 

“Okay I’m going to tell you something but it’s really embarrassing. You can’t laugh at me. And if you do-”

“I’m not going to laugh at you, now tell me what it is.” Yoongi said lightly chuckling to himself seeing how flustered you were. Your cheeks began to turn a shade of pink as you groaned once again. You looked anywhere but at Yoongi, eyes soon landing on your fingers which had became a lot more interesting than the boy in front of you.

So I had the weirdest dream about you last night and now I can’t help but imagine what you’d look like naked…” You mumbled but he had clearly heard it and even though he said he wouldn’t he began laughing, but he wasn’t laughing at you he was just laughing at the words you had spoken.

“That’s it? That’s why you’re so upset?”

“It’s not that I’m upset. I just am frustrated that I had that stupid dream.” You groaned for probably the hundredth time that day, hands coming up to your blushing face. You sighed into your hands once you heard the silence that filled the room. The silence was soon interrupted by a shuffling in front of you, you didn’t dare look up, knowing you your face could be as dark as a tomato.

“(Y/N) look at me.” Yoongi’s voice seemed closer, you refused to raise your head, a quick shake of the head gave him an answer. “(Y/N).” Yoongi’s voice grew deeper and you soon felt his hands wrap around your wrists, tugging them away from your face. Once your hands were away you had no choice but to look at him. 

Raising your head your eyes locked with Yoongi’s, a smirk placed on his face. Your eyes trailed down and you realized what the shuffling was. There he was, stripped to nothing but his boxers. 

“Y-Yoongi, what are you doing? Why are-”

“You wanted to know what I looked like naked didn’t you?” You didn’t have to look at him to hear the smirk that was plastered on his face. Your body shifted slightly back as your eyes stared at him widening in size. Nothing was being said, you couldn’t utter a word, what could you say? 

His eyes roamed over your body, eyes flickering back to yours every couple seconds. Your body tightened, nerves racking up instantly. Yoongi scooted closer to you, hand resting on your thigh. If you could have just exploded right then and there you would have. Your breath hitched in the back of your throat, eyes still on Yoongi’s. His smirk returned to his face once he saw how nervous you really were. 

“Don’t think you’re the only one who’s had a dream like that.” Your eyes widened once again but normalized once you realized what he said.

“You mean you’ve-”

“Dreamt about fucking you? Oh yeah, it’s been a couple of times actually.” Yoongi’s voice grew deeper as his hand ran up your thigh resting on your hip. His other hand soon going to your other side and pulled you in closer with a quick tug. 

You two were only inches away. Your heart slammed against your chest, the anticipation of what you wanted to happen next killed you inside. 

“Yoongi I-”

Before you knew it Yoongi’s mouth was on yours enveloping you into a kiss. His hand traveled along your back quickly slipping under your shirt in the process. You weren’t nervous anymore, you didn’t feel the tightness in your stomach all you could feel was the urge to take it further. You wanted more and you knew Yoongi did too.

You never knew you had wanted him so bad until his hands were on you. His hand rested on the small of your back while the other slipped under your shirt to rest back on your hip. He flipped you on your back, body looming over yours but looked at you with caution,  the confident boy you had called your best friend had a look in his eyes you couldn’t yet describe. 

“Are you sure?” You soon understood. He was nervous as well as you. He didn’t show it but you both knew each other was a mess of emotions inside. Not wanting the friendship you had now to be ruined by this, but still you nodded your head and he immediately brought his lips back down to yours. His hands traveled up your stomach leaving goosebumps in his trail, impatient hands tugged on the hem of your shirt signalling you that he wanted the piece of clothing off. Breaking the kiss you pulled the fabric off and threw it on the ground bringing your lips back to his. He slowly trailed his hands to your back you arched your back allowing him to unclasp your bra, which he did in no time at all.   

He’s everywhere up your back and on your arms and within a second he deepens the kiss making it rougher and showing all emotion you never knew he felt. A low growl came from Yoongi as his lips darted for your neck, anxious hands brought down the the button on your jeans, undoing it and bringing your zipper down. He yanked your jeans down along with your underwear breaking the kiss for another moment to fully take them off . He soon pulled down his boxers revealing what you had only dreamt of..literally. His length was hard and rested against his stomach. His eyes gazed down at you and suddenly you felt very naked. Yoongi made his way back down to you slowly spreading your legs to place himself in between. He hovered over you, eyes on each other. 

“There’s no need to be nervous.” He whispered bringing himself back to your lips. He lingered a bit, wanting to take a moment to take it all in. Take in the fact that he was kissing his best friend, taking in a moment of what was happening and he couldn’t be happier. 

His lips made his way back to your neck leaving little love bites here and there. You let out a small moan which had only turned him on more than he already was. You gasped as you felt his fingers enter you slowly. His fingers moved at a steady paced curling his fingers instantly hitting your g-spot. You grasped his shoulders and let out a loud moan. Sitting up more Yoongi had adjusted himself at your entrance giving you one last look, you nodded giving him the indication that you were ready and most of all okay with it.

He entered you gently, the last thing he wanted was for you to be in pain. Once stretched around his length he began to thrust into you, moans came from both yours and his mouths. His thrusts were quick and strong and you to feel pressure build up in your stomach very quickly. His lips found their way back to yours as he began pounding into you harder than before. Your walls tightened causing a groan to slip out from his mouth. His rhythm became erratic and you felt your orgasm rip through you. Your body trembled as Yoongi continued to rock his hips into yours until he quickly approached his climax wrapping himself up with you as you both released the pressure that was inside of you. 

He rolled off to your side, only the sounds of heavy breathing and almost immediately Yoongi’s laugh filled the room. 

“So was that better then your dream?”