i now need a flower crown au

Stayed up half the night talking about Jehanparnasse w/ @boldly-going-back-to-bed and this is what we came up with:

Grease-inspired AU starring Greaser!Montparnasse and Cheerleader!Jehan. Also background Enjoltaire and Eposette. And a tiny bit of Courferre.

Jehan insists on wearing their flower crown to practice even though it just keeps falling off when they jump around too much. Montparnasse is walking by when Jehan’s crown falls off and he picks it up and hands it back to Jehan, blushing slightly, before making his escape.

Cheerleader Cosette jokingly teases Jehan about their crush on Bad Boy Mont but Jehan just retorts that Cosette isn’t exactly subtle about her crush on Eponine.

One day Montparnasse, Eponine, and Grantaire are hanging out at the local shake shop and Grantaire teases them about their pining over cheerleaders, which earns him a smack in the head because he’s head over heels for Enjolras, who founded the school’s Human Rights Club.

Grantaire attends every meeting just to moon over Apollo. He contributes every so often only because Enjolras has threatened to kick him out if he’s not going to participate.

Grantaire tells Montparnasse and Eponine that they should join the club because Jehan and Cosette are members.

He even sneaks pictures during the meetings and Snapchats them to Ep and Mont. He’s almost been caught several times but he passes it off as using Snapchat to “promote the club.”

Montparnasse has learned to only open R’s Snapchats in private because one time he opened one in front of his Patron-Minette friends and it was a picture of Jehan with the puppy filter and the noise that came out of Mont’s mouth was /not/ a noise a Bad Boy makes. He tried to play it off as a hiccup. It didn’t work and now he lives in constant fear of what he’ll no doubt be blackmailed into doing.

Eponine meanwhile has taken to waiting around in the hallway for the meetings to be over so she can attempt to talk to Cosette. Ep is intimidating enough that no one interrupts their conversations but R makes fun of Eponine later because she just kept stuttering and acting ridiculously nervous the whole time she talked to Cosette.

“You know she likes you, too. Why don’t you just go for it?”
“Remind me why you haven’t asked Enjolras out yet?”
“Because Apollo doesn’t /like/ me. That’s different, thank you very much. This isn’t about me. Ask Cosette out or I’ll do it for you!”

Eponine asks Cosette out the next day, stumbling over all her words and barely able to get the question out. Cosette gets the gist and accepts.

One day Mont opens his locker to find a folded up piece of paper has been stuffed inside. It’s a poem that he’s never heard before written in what looks suspiciously like Jehan’s handwriting.

Mont spends his next class trying to write a poem for Jehan. He struggles because he just keeps looking at Jehan’s poem and blushing but he gets it eventually. He asks Eponine to put it in Jehan’s locker because it would be too obvious if he did it himself.

Jehan keeps Mont’s poem taped to the inside of their poetry notebook. They still don’t ask each other out which leads to even more teasing from Eponine and R. Both Jehan and Montparnasse keep getting “anonymous” flowers and poetry in their lockers.

They both blush a bit when they pass each other in the hallways, knowing that the poems and flowers are from each other. One time the hallways was so crowded that their shoulders brushed together and Mont turned bright red before bolting down the hall away from Jehan.

By this point Eponine and Grantaire are about to cry because this mutual pining is just too much. They corner Jehan in a meeting and ask what they think of Mont, even though it’s obvious. Jehan admits to liking him and R and Eponine come up with a plan.

They drag Mont to the next football game that Jehan is cheering at and afterwards the cheer squad holds up signs asking Montparnasse out for Jehan.

When this happens Mont can’t help the excited noises that escape his mouth as he throws himself at Jehan. It takes him a good minute to calm down enough to say yes. If anyone in the school mentions Mont’s show of emotions he gives them a /look/ and threatens to bury them under the football field.

Jehan starts regularly wearing Mont’s leather jacket (which is too big for them) over their cheer outfit. Montparnasse is a little fuzzy over the fact that they don’t really match but Jehan looks so cute with their flower crown/leather jacket/cheer outfit combination that it’s okay.

No one in the school dares to bully Jehan anymore out of fear that Mont will literally kill them. This is an unforeseen bonus for Jehan, who is used to being picked on.

Every so often Montparnasse can be seen with a small flower on his jacket or tucked behind his ear. Somehow this makes him even more intimidating. He’s got this look that says “I dare you to make fun of me or my cute af datemate.”

Now that Eponine/Cosette and Montparnasse/Jehan have paired off, Eponine decides it’s time for R to get his Apollo.

Montparnasse, Jehan, Eponine, and Cosette all invite Grantaire to the shake shop. R protests that he doesn’t want to be a fifth wheel but they drag him along anyway.

Conveniently, Enjolras happens to be there with Combeferre and Courfeyrac, feeling very much like a third wheel. The groups end up mingling together, leaving Grantaire and Enjolras to talk while the rest of the couples flirt.

No one is quite sure how it happened but by the end of the night R and Enj were found making out up against the jukebox.

The couples all go to prom together and Montparnasse and Jehan win Prom Royals by a landslide. No one’s sure if people voted for them out of fear or love… Mont is okay with either. He’s just happy to be dancing with Jehan while wearing matching crowns.

The crown matches Mont’s outfit, of course. It doesn’t, however, match Jehan’s dress-suit mixture. Mont almost had a heart attack when he first saw the outfit but he secretly thinks it’s adorable. The crown only adds to the effect. That and the corsage that Mont bought for Jehan made of of their favorite flowers.

After graduation Jehan is worried about what will happen to their relationship but it turns out that Mont got accepted into the same college as Jehan and they go off to university together and live happily every after.