i now just want to watch pride and prejudice

Hi all! So in mid-December I finished watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and LOVED it! It made me want to immerse myself in all things Austen again though! So this January I will be doing just that!

“Jane-uary” is going to be my month of Austen! Specifically of Pride and Prejudice (because again, I am now OBSESSED with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries). So here is what I will be reading this month:

  • “The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet” Bernie Su & Kate Rorick
  • “Impulse & Initiative” Abigail Reynolds
  • “Pemberly” Emma Tennant
  • “Longbourn” Jo Baker
  • “Death Comes to Pemberly” PD James

Ahhhh I’m so excited! If you guys decide to some Jane Austen or Austen-based fction, please let me know! And let me know what you’re reading! I’ll be using the hashtag #Janeuaryreading. It’s gonna be a good month :)

Happy reading, and happy new year cupcakes!!

honestly wtf am i doing with my life? Its 6am and i’ve been watching youtube videos of storms at seas and now i just want a cruise/ship/pirates/titanic au for all my OTPs……… Like i m such a S L U T for the sea no joke