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I just saw your post about different eras for THIHV. Now I wish someone wrote a Pride & Prejudice AU of THIHV. Dammit Elena! Why must you give such good ideas that make me crave more! GAHHH *flails*

If it makes you feel better, I might do some silly doodles for it. THIHV Pride & Prejudice AU would be SO WILD THO, can you even imagine…*fondly reflects on my delighted suspension of disbelief while watching pride & prejudice and zombies*

Tag Along -- Part 3

May I request a Slash oneshot where he chases the reader but she isn’t a groupie and does not want to be thrown into a trash can after giving him a nice blowie, but Slash is actually seriously smitten? Ty

Okay so this is the last part of this short series. This part was soooo hard for me to write because I wanted it to end perfectly. It’s honestly the reason I’ve been so slow on requests because I’ve had the worst writers block. But now that this is out and I’m on spring break I’ll be getting to everything much quicker. I hope you guys enjoy!

“Favorite book?”

You had just been served your food, and Slash had decided playing 20 questions would be the best way to spend your time eating. Of course he didn’t ask you if you wanted to play, but you figured it was better than sitting in silence.

“Uhhh… Pride and Prejudice, probably.” You nodded as you responded, watching as Slash shoveled some of his eggs into his mouth. You wondered if all rock stars had zero manners, or if he was a special case.

“Really? I think we got assigned that in school but I never even bought it.” Slash seems surprised, and you refrain from asking if he’s ever even read a book in his life.

“That doesn’t surprise me. Should I even ask what yours is?” You said with a smile, unable to deny that talking to Slash was at least entertaining. He didn’t expect you to treat him like a rock star, and you had a feeling he didn’t even consider himself one. It didn’t negate all of the other notions you had about him, but it made him tolerable.

“Probably not.” Slash chuckled to himself, his eyes on you as he took a sip of his coffee. When he’d ordered you’d told him it was kind of late for coffee, but he’d said he wanted to remember as much of tonight as possible. You hadn’t argued after that.

“Okay, favorite…” Since it was your turn, you tried to come up with something you genuinely wanted to know about the other. You figured he got asked the same kind of boring interview questions all the time, so you wanted to ask something you knew he didn’t really get the chance to talk about.

“Actually, no favorites. Tell me what you’d want to do if you weren’t in a band.” You spoke curiously as you cut into your pancakes, uncrossing your legs underneath the table. In the process you accidentally nudged Slash, and before you could say sorry he had nudged you back. “And stop trying to play footsie with me.” You grinned, and Slash rolled his eyes.

“You started it.” He accused, followed by a short laugh. You noted that he laughed kind of like a little kid, and you had to admit it was pretty cute.

You shook the intrusive thought and wrinkled your nose, your tone attempting to convey seriousness. “No changing the subject, you’re up.” You didn’t know when you’d become so interested in the game, but it was better than letting Slash try and flirt with you.

“Honestly, if I weren’t doing this I’d probably be dead.” Slash’s tone is serious, and you couldn’t help but feel confused at his confession and sudden switch to something so serious.


“I mean honestly, that’s not me being dramatic.” He shrugged, setting his mug down once he’s downed all of the coffee. You watched his features curiously as he attempted to come up with an explanation, setting your fork down as you waited.

“I’ve always been searching for something to make me feel alive, and sometimes almost dying does that.” It’s all he says for a moment, and you could tell he’s doing his best to not sound stupid.

“Not that I’ve had a bad life or anything, I mostly haven’t. I’ve just always been a thrill seeker. When I was younger I used to ride bikes with my friends, and that wasn’t too bad but I found myself attempting to do things that I wasn’t ready for. I’m really surprised I never snapped my neck or anything.” He chuckled softly to himself, and you tilted your head, intrigued by his spiel.

“As I got older it was drinking, cocaine, heroine, and I told myself that it was all part of the club scene. All part of being a musician, you know? But the truth is I would have found that stuff either way. Even if I never played, I would have ended up in a club and somebody would have offered it to me. And I’d do it and I’d love it like I always have and I’d have nothing to live for. And I’d be dead.” His speech isn’t slurred anymore, and you had to admit that you found his honesty endearing.

“What’s different now? You’re not exactly sober.” There was no sarcasm in your tone this time, as you were genuinely interested.

“What’s different is that getting up on that stage is like… better than any drug I’ve ever done, you know? I still do ‘em, but I’ll never let them kill me. Because no amount is worth getting to do what I love every night, no high or buzz will ever be worth that. And if I feel like they’re starting to kill me I have a reason to kick it.” Slash shrugged, as if what he’s talking about is totally normal or should make sense. It of course doesn’t make sense to you, but in a weird way you still kind of understood what he was trying to say. It’s weird and twisted up in the mind of someone who doesn’t live in the real world, but it’s still his truth and you had to appreciate that.

“So your occupation would be… dead?” You grinned, now teasing the other as you purposefully reach out to nudge his leg with your foot. He smiled at you from under his hair, and you looked away before your brain can come to the conclusion that he has a nice smile.  A beautiful smile even. Those were thoughts you didn’t need.

“Guess so.” The guitar player spoke just as the waitress comes to drop off your ticket, and you both reached for it. Slash got to it just before you did and you sighed, realizing you hadn’t actually brought your wallet with you.

“I’m paying and you aren’t paying me back. You already don’t like me so kick and scream all you want.” Slash nodded, reaching into his skintight jeans to pull out a wad of crumpled up cash. He counted out what you guys owed along with a nice tip, setting it down before looking back over at you. “Ready?”

“Yep.” You sighed dramatically, standing up and sliding your way out from under the table the two of you had shared. “And I don’t dislike you. I just… don’t think you’re God.” You shrugged, sweeping your hair off of your shoulder as the two of you start to walk back to the van.

“I don’t think I am either.” It’s all he says, and you know that he means it. You didn’t say anything else as you walk, swirling the keys around your finger somewhat nervously, and it suddenly hits you how tired you are.

Once you let out a yawn Slash holds out his hand, his fingers wiggling for the keys. “I can drive. I’m good now.”

You look over him suspiciously, but figure he hasn’t acted intoxicated since the two of you got your food. You handed the keys over to him, content to walk over to the passenger side and enjoy the rest of the drive.

Once you were both inside you told Slash the name of the apartment complex you lived in, fully intending to give him directions the entire way there. But the van was nice and warm and the radio is playing softly and Slash actually drove surprisingly well so before you knew it you were passed out, your head resting against the window as you slept.

Some time later you were being poked in the arm and you groaned, shaking your head as your eyes fluttered open. You were greeted by a smiling Slash, who looked pretty proud of himself as he gestured towards your apartments. “Totally got here without your help. Took a really long time, had to ask a few homeless people, but we’re here.” He grinned, and you rolled your eyes as you made yourself sit up.

“Thanks.” You let out a yawn, forcing yourself to wake up as you knew you still had an exam to study for. You pushed your door open, looking back at Slash warily. “I bet nobody is ever going to believe me when I tell them I had breakfast and got a ride home for you. Without sleeping with you.” You smirked, making sure you have everything with you as you postponed saying goodbye.

“I wouldn’t believe I’d be willing to do it until tonight.” Slash grinned himself as he let out a yawn, his hand coming up to rub at his eyes.

“I think you’re a nicer guy than you give yourself credit for.” You considered your options for a moment before reaching out to move the hair from his eyes, wanting to see his full features. You thought that he shouldn’t hide his face as you leaned in to press your lips to his cheek quickly, pulling away before he can respond. “Thank you.” It’s all you said before you got out, your feet hitting the pavement as your arm pushes the door shut.

Slash waited until you were inside before driving off, and you thought to yourself that it’s odd you wish he hadn’t. It made you like him even more.

It had been over a month since you saw Guns live, and the more time passed the more the night Slash drove you home seems like a dream. You hadn’t bothered to tell anyone about your night, mostly because you wanted to keep it a clean memory, not dissect it with your friends or have to answer a million questions about it. You had to admit that part of you wished it had ended differently, but you figured it’s all for the best.

You were just getting home from class when you heard your phone ring, and you sighed as you threw your bag onto the couch. Your roommate wasn’t home, and you were hoping you could just take a quick message before heading off to shower.


“Hey… uhhh… It’s Slash.”

“Uhm, what?”

“Yeah, sorry it took so long to call. It took me forever to find your number. I had to track down the apartment complex and harass the landlord.”


You smiled.

“Hey Slash.” 

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Hi all! So in mid-December I finished watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and LOVED it! It made me want to immerse myself in all things Austen again though! So this January I will be doing just that!

“Jane-uary” is going to be my month of Austen! Specifically of Pride and Prejudice (because again, I am now OBSESSED with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries). So here is what I will be reading this month:

  • “The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet” Bernie Su & Kate Rorick
  • “Impulse & Initiative” Abigail Reynolds
  • “Pemberly” Emma Tennant
  • “Longbourn” Jo Baker
  • “Death Comes to Pemberly” PD James

Ahhhh I’m so excited! If you guys decide to some Jane Austen or Austen-based fction, please let me know! And let me know what you’re reading! I’ll be using the hashtag #Janeuaryreading. It’s gonna be a good month :)

Happy reading, and happy new year cupcakes!!

*:・゚Ƒυη/Rαη∂σм Ƭαg


  • NAME: cina
  • BIRTHDAY:  october 20th
  • ZODIAC: libra
  • HEIGHT: 154.9cm ( yes yer girl is smol )
  • SEXUAL ORIENTATION:  heterosexual
  • FAVORITE COLOR: i dont have a particular, but I choose white.
  • FAVORITE BOOK:  Pride & Prejudice ( until today! I just love Austen so much ) 
  • FAVORITE ARTIST/BANDS:  Hozier, FKJ, Daniela Andrade, Coldplay, Kodaline && etc because i cant mention everything. 
  • HOGWARTS HOUSE: sorry. not very familiar with the Harry Potter series ( its because it’s a ban book in the house so… )
  • RANDOM FACT:  i learned to play the piano when i was about 7 years old, because it’s a legacy thingo in the fam, then picked up the uku & guitar at the age of 9 & 10.
  • WHEN DID YOU CREATE THIS BLOG:  this blog is actually from last year & i just tweaked up a few things to make it reusable so… too tired to make a new email & blog. but if you ask about how long i had this with the url multitudinouss, it’s probs this year in March? 
  • DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS:  yep! i used to have a THG rp blog & played in a few group royalty rps, tho either of them are already extinct or archived.
  • WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR:  i used it for my photos because im v fond of photography at that time, because hipster was a thinggg!!
  • DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASE:  not a lot, but im happy to answer them! It just makes my day, gives me the hype that people actually have the effort to drop stuff in my inbox.
  • WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL:  i think the answer is v obvious on this one, becausee multitudinous means numerous, evident on the multiple muses so…

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