i now just want to watch pride and prejudice

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I just woke up and I found my two friends laughing at the death of the objects in the Beaty and the beast when they turned into a lifeless objects, I really cried when they died but waking up almost at 3:00 am finding someone is laughing at a death you cried about is not a nice thing to see, so have you ever cried about a character death and somebody else laughed about his/her death ? or how much did you cried about this character death ?

Awwww, shucks that must have sucked anon! I can’t say I remember my friends/family ever laughing at a death that I also wasn’t laughing at, BUT my friends did betray me once when they started laughing during ‘Pride and Prejudice’ while I was crying ;(

It was that scene right at the end where Mr. Darcy meets Elizabeth on the bridge and he stutters while confessing his love to her. I MEAN COME ON! Mr. Darcy, who has trouble connecting easily with others and expressing himself is putting his heart on the line (again, I might add, she rejected his proposal before) and telling this woman he adores to forgive the actions of his family, show her how much he cares for her and has tried to right past wrongs, and he’s stuttering because he’s so emotional - I’m crying because I feel for him so much and my friends are bloody laughing!! How! dare!! you!!! D:< 

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Hey what are some of your favourite (non-Marvel) movies? The weather is absolutely miserable where I am right now and I just want to curl up on the couch and binge watch stuff!

Ahh miserable weather sucks but it is perfect movie weather!

•Harry Potter
•Stuck in Love
•What’s Your Number
•How To Be Single
•When Harry Met Sally
•Cinderella (2015)
•Princess and the Frog
•Beauty and the Beast (either version tbh)
•Love Actually
•13 Going on 30
•Bridget Jones’s Diary
•Pride and Prejudice
•Before We Go
•500 Days of Summer

•The Martian

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I've been scrolling on your blog for like an hour now and it's put me in a Mood I want to get in my fave lingerie and put on Hozier on my record player and bake and drink green tea and do a face mask and watch Pride and Prejudice because that's my fave movie and ugh I just want to do it all now I love this blog so much

oh my god this made me so happy thank u angel i hope u do all those things and have an amazing day

Hi all! So in mid-December I finished watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and LOVED it! It made me want to immerse myself in all things Austen again though! So this January I will be doing just that!

“Jane-uary” is going to be my month of Austen! Specifically of Pride and Prejudice (because again, I am now OBSESSED with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries). So here is what I will be reading this month:

  • “The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet” Bernie Su & Kate Rorick
  • “Impulse & Initiative” Abigail Reynolds
  • “Pemberly” Emma Tennant
  • “Longbourn” Jo Baker
  • “Death Comes to Pemberly” PD James

Ahhhh I’m so excited! If you guys decide to some Jane Austen or Austen-based fction, please let me know! And let me know what you’re reading! I’ll be using the hashtag #Janeuaryreading. It’s gonna be a good month :)

Happy reading, and happy new year cupcakes!!