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you know the phrase, "you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide"... Why would dinah delete her snapstory if there was nothing special about it? there's DEFINITELY a girl making out with someone on the back seat, not necessarily camren but my heart was born delusional... i think that dinah wasn't paying attention to what was going on behind her when she recorded it and now i love her even more

Captain dinah everyone

Why Me

I’m a 22 year old college student, no I’m not, I’m a 60 year old grouchy cat lady. Or at least it feels like it. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have had it since I was 16 months young.

Growing up with such an annoying, chronic illness was much different than the way my peers grew up. I grew up with doctors being my family, with shots, pills, vocabulary and understanding of things like vitals and inflammation. Oh, and more shots.

Referring back to my peers (and the initial thought of this writing) there is one simple phrase that separated me from them. That phrase? “Why me?” It may sound selfish for me to think this way, but when I hear a friend ask “Why me?!” when dealing with a bad grade or an annoying-to-listen-to work problem is, well, it’s shitty to me.

I have been in between medication after medication for about half of a year now. All seemingly worse than the last. I’m to the point of wincing when putting my shoes on and having to take a break after climbing a flight of stairs. So, excuse me if i’m wrong but… why me? Why do I have to deal with this everyday pain? This never ending walk to doctor appointments? It doesn’t seem fair.

After everything, however, I can say that I am a much stronger person than I would be without RA. I know at the end of the day that this is something I have, and with that being said it’s something I have to be careful about and deal with properly. I am lucky to have an almost indescribable support team behind me. Whether it is my medical family, my honest family, my friends, boyfriend. I do have more than a lot of other people and for that I am beyond grateful.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Why me? Because I can handle it.

i’m so glad that the phrase “cursed image” became a common term because it so concisely yet precisely describes that very vague but deep discomfort that we get from an image that looks a very *certain* way that we can’t put our finger on. we just know it makes us feel viscerally uneasy. i’m so glad we have a term for that now


Printable To Do Lists!

each takes up half of a letter sized sheet of paper and have lines with no checkboxes, in case one of your entries takes up more lines. the line height is a bit shorter than college ruled paper.

these lists come with three handlettered headers - a simple “to-do” and two different motivational phrases, “if not now when?” and “do it now.” 

all of them can be downloaded in pdf format, two per page, from a dropbox folder here


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thank you for using these (if you do) and i hope these help your productivity! :)

a list of things cisco ramon has absolutely without a doubt said/done to his beautiful bisexual boyfriend barry allen

-you know what? fight me [and barry just raises an eyebrow really cockily as if to say, for real?] [and cisco gets this huge grin like hes Ready for the challenge] What? You think i cant take u/?? you r  Sorely mistaken my man
-listen here, pal,
-[walks in to find barry doing something weird] not today. [opens mouth and holds finger up as if about to make a point, but closes mouth and lowers hand] Nope.  Not Today [leaves]
-ok, first of all, yikes,
-[ambushes him with a hug] that was literally So Cool but Never do that again
-[wakes barry up in the middle of the night] do you think i’d look hot with a beard
-calls him babe, constantly
-works random corny pick up lines into casual conversation and acts really casual as if he hasnt done it on purpose or said anything unusual… like barry will be snackin on some trail mix™ and cisco will be like hey,,, babe,, you got any raisins? .. and barrys will look at him a bit confused but be like ?yeah?, and give him a handful,,, and then cisco will be like… how bout a date? and shove the raisins in his mouth really smirkly like he is the Smoothest man that ever lived
-gets his wisdom teeth out and is high on anaesthetic and just constantly does not stop reassuring barry that he loves him, and barry’s just tryna like strap him into the car but cisco keeps looking at him in the eyes and going “you know i love you right?” , very concerned and genuine, and barrys like yeah i know and cant stop grinning and cisco just keeps staring at him and barrys like “you okay there, bro” and cisco just sighs really heavily like hes in such deep thought and just goes “yeah, i just, love you so much.” And barry’s like “oh yeah?” and he’s like “yeah, maybe even Too much.” and barry just keeps prompting him like “oh really?” bc hes enjoying it A Lot
-says with utmost sincerity, “i know it’s sort of corny, or whatever, but like, whenever i’m scared or alone i always think, what would barry do? y’know… the flash saves people everyday but… you’re my hero, barry.”

Meditation: Be Kind to Yourself

A three-step contemplation to give yourself the compassion you need (and deserve).

  1. Put both hands on your heart, pause, and feel their warmth. You can also put your hand anyplace on your body that feels soothing and comforting, like your belly or face.
  2. Breathe deeply in and out.
  3. Speak these words to yourself, out loud or silently, in a warm and caring tone:

This is a moment of suffering.
Suffering is a part of life.
May I be kind to myself in this moment.
May I give myself the compassion I need.

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I [23m] just discovered prostate stimulation... and I prefer it to sex with my GF. Like, by a lot. Help? • /r/sex
First. Sorry for the way I wrote this. Writing it this way I'm really embarrassed by all this and it was the only way I could convince myself that...

The story of OPs erotic journey is more beautiful than anything I have ever attempted to write. Please read it. It’s got everything: comedy, suspense, religious imagery, literary references…and he gets some good, enlightening advice in the thread, as well – he now knows about 7,693 new kinks and just seems super chill with them all existing.

10/10 for one commenter’s phrase: “My prostate is lonely”

I sincerely hope OP found happiness with his girlfriend…and if not, I hope he lives in the Seattle area.

Your Arms Wrapped Around Me and This Moment

u can ask me what this is but i guarantee u i have no idea i don’t even know if i like this one but i liked the concept and took my best shot

it’s not terribly long but i threw it under a read more just in case

i need to be stopped

“I just…knew.”

Amy hates that phrase.

There is no logic behind it. There’s no solid proof, no incontestable facts. While intuition and instinct are both important and vital, they’re hardly reliable sources on their own. The phrase would never hold up in court, is all she’s saying; she can practically see Sophia scoffing in her head.

“Mama, how did you know Papa is your alma gemela?”

“I don’t know, niña, I just…knew.”

Honestly, she still doesn’t know what she was expecting as an answer. But it certainly wasn’t that.

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killjoy language I haven't seen mentioned much:

“undergrad”-someone escaping bat city and on the path to becoming a killjoy

“killologist” (brb laughing) a studied killer I guess??

“plus one”- as in, “it’s all kinds of plus ones!” probably meaning “it’s so cool!” it could refer to a status boost.

“ghoster”- ray gun

“bonus track”- as in, “you’re screaming bonus track right now!” seems to be synonymous with “you look hot,” but as for how the phrase originated, I’ve got nothing.

“mom and dad are coming home”- radio code for “incoming dracs/scarecrows.” could refer to any location, but seems to reference the nest. any time a killjoy makes jokes about “mom and dad” they’re typically referencing BLI.

This started out being a post about my drafts and ended up being about Secular Witchcraft

Just took a lot at my drafts and there is just so much detritus. Just half answered reblogs, things I was too tired to respond to, and a bunch of stuff that doesn’t even belong on this blog and got placed there accidentally.

The stuff I didn’t have enough energy at the time to respond to is what bothers me. Was it really important? Is it important now? I have no idea.

One of them used the phrase “secular and non-secular witchcraft” and that just really irks me. Stop saying that! It shows you have no understanding of the history of modern witchcraft or the origins of secular witchcraft. If you are talking about witchcraft in general just say witchcraft. Secular witchcraft is just another style of witchcraft in a big giant field of kinds witchcraft.

And fighting my normal tendencies to just be succinct with my posts and then having a bunch of other people fill in cracks with things I didn’t mean I will say this:

Our modern understanding of witchcraft comes out of the middle of last century with the rise and increasingly public version of witchcraft in the form of the religion Wicca, a religion that includes witchcraft. Were there other people practicing witchcraft? Sure, but Wicca grew and transformed over the years lending to the conflation of witchcraft and Wicca and the two words ended up being used interchangeably, which they are not the same at all. Wicca is a specific pagan religion, witchcraft is a practice the can be used with religion, without religion, or as a religion.

Not only did authors of books use the word Wicca and witchcraft interchangeably, but they also insisted that witchcraft could only be religious or used in relation to religious ritual. Which, I believe that has to do with their personal magical mechanics and paradigm that deity through religion is the only way to make the magic work. I happen to believe that there are multitudes of ways to make the spellcraft work and to practice witchcraft.

For many many years books on Wicca and Wicca flavored books on witchcraft were all you would find and almost the only kind  of books being published so that witchcraft=Wicca=religion was the contemporary understanding of witchcraft. That’s pretty much all their was.

I started studying witchcraft over 10 years ago and that’s all I could find. Book after book after book on witchcraft which were really books on Wicca. I tried it, it wasn’t for me. I did searches online for agnostic and atheist witches and at best, didn’t find much. At worst, I found people screaming on the internet about how there is no such thing and that it could not exist because the gods are what made the magic work. If you can imaging this vitriol made me terrified to go into any shop to ask about it because I thought I would get the same reaction. Even a few years ago I was getting annon hate on this blog telling me that atheist and agnostic witchcraft was an abomination and corrupting the minds of the youth. True Story.

So, I examined all I had learned and built up my own practice. I found the term secular witchcraft right here on tumblr. Secular witchcraft just means witchcraft without religion. That’s all. It says nothing about your belief, just about your practice of witchcraft. This is why I qualify myself as being an agnostic secular witch. Secular witchcraft is its own form of witchcraft, its own variety of witchcraft. Some people are sea witches or storm witches or green witches, I’m a secular witch.

While I’m at it, there’s no one way to secular witch. There are no books to teach you how to be a secular witch. All of the secular witches I know have built their own practices. They are incredibly personalized and DIY practices built from the ground up with the knowledge and skills of the individual witch. It is not and easy thing to do. It takes time and experimentation and examination of all you learn about witchcraft.

There is a long history of moralizing in modern witchcraft. I get that the idea of putting the Wiccan Rede or the Three Fold law/rule thing front and center, repeatedly saying they are not Satanists and don’t even believe in the devil has been some sort of respectability politics as a way to calm the public and make witchcraft more acceptable. However, there are so many ways to practice witchcraft and, yes, some are Satanists and some work with demons. So what? Let’s not erase practices just because they differ from our own. Along with that respectability politics sort and moralizing I’d also like to say that Secular witchcraft is no some cop-out for people who just want to be amoral and do magic. Secular witchcraft is not just people who want to do magic with out consequences and it is not just people who like the witch aesthetic, although I will say that aesthetic does play a part in my personal practice. What’s wrong with that?

I say all of this because I want you to understand what I mean when I say “non-secular witchcraft is not a thing” because it isn’t a thing. Secular witchcraft came out a need for a name for witchcraft without religion because pretty much before that term existed, there was no other popular understanding of witchcraft. What I’m saying is that no one says “sea witchcraft and non-sea witchcraft” when talking about every other kind of witchcraft. Please just accept secular witchcraft as just another kind of witchcraft, because it is. And if you feel the urge to say “non-secular witchcraft” just say plain old “witchcraft” instead. It will do the job just fine.

now I just imagine Hoseok replying with ‘important business’ to everything

jin: Can you do the dishes?
Hoseok: No, I have important business.

Jimin: Hyung, can I borrow your face lotion? I can’t find mine.
Hoseok: No, it’s important business.

Yoongi: This verse feels off, I think we should change this sentence. You have any ideas?
Hoseok: Important business.

staff: Where were you Hoseok? The show is starting soon!
Hoseok: I had important business.
Hoseok: … 
Hoseok: I went to the toilet.

so today i worked with two little boys who were yemeni refugees and couldn’t speak english and the school administrators were so frustrated cause we have no esl teacher or any translator and so they were just….there…..and not understanding anything……………and idk how no one thought of this before but i used my tablet and google translate to talk to them and you should’ve seen their faces when they figured out that they could talk to me and they were honestly the sweetest and silliest kids i’d ever met and i love them so much????????

Scullery Prince || Closed


Kastar hummed softly as he wiped down the kitchen surfaces - only the night cook and him working at the moment, now that the main meals of the day were done and finished.

The night cook was busy sorting the pantry, the soft sounds of her counting and marking what was needed emanating from a door on the other side of the kitchen.

A louder sound - footsteps certainly not of elven origin - made him look up, as the door opened to reveal a dark-haired (and rather handsome) dwarf.

“Mae l’ovannen~!” He greeted warmly, giving a small bow. “Can I help you?” He spoke in the common tongue now - not sure whether the dwarf would speak Sindarin, and speaking little of it himself; having only picked up some key phrases so far.

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A while ago a mod mentioned a really clever word/way to describe the panic attack typing. Then someone send in an asking saying what it was and now I'm having the hardest time remembering what the word/phrase was. Do any of the mods remember?

i think it was “typerventilating”

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So, I don't know if you're into this ship or not, but what about Kindaichi having a list of Kunimi most hated phrases/things (similar to the BokuAka one) and the way to deal with them all?

I l o v e kinkuni bless

Also Kindaichi is def 100% as attentive as Akaashi, but he’s more obvious. When he and Kunimi first became friends, he outright just asked him what he liked and disliked and wrote it down. As they grey up, the list became pretty useful, and he started writing his own observations down. The “list” is almost a full notebook by now (though that may be because Kindaichi writes largely). 

Kunimi knows about the list, and one day he writes “Has a crush on Kindaichi Yuutarou” in it while he isn’t looking. Kindaichi has a heart attack when he opens up to add another observation, and he actually screams in the middle of practice lmao

The Truth that Came with the Rain

I’ve made another. Daiya no Ace has conquered my life, lol. This one’s a MiyuSawa, inspired heavily by the chapter of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi where the two main characters talk underneath an awning while it’s raining. But I went in a different direction– so no smut in here. Just fluff. :D

I hope you guys like it!


“I love you, Sawamura Eijun.”

It seemed to be Miyuki Kazuya’s favorite phrase in the world now. He would say it at every possible opportunity. Whether it was breathing it into Eijun’s ear as Miyuki stood up to wash his plate after eating, or saying it behind his glove after Eijun had made a fairly spectacular play during a game, Miyuki seemed to have absolutely no problem saying those words.

Eijun glanced over at Miyuki, who was talking,to Furuya about controlling his monster pitches, not even bothering to look at Eijun.

That was probably the most frustrating thing of all about this. Despite being so ridiculously lovey-dovey whenever they were alone, Miyuki always returned to his snarky, jeering tanuki self as soon as there was anyone looking. He never gave any indication at all to anyone else that he had special feelings for Eijun. And he took his job as catcher, captain and cleanup very seriously, even though whenever he told Eijun “I love you”, it just seemed like Miyuki was playing with him.

Eijun picked at his food, trying not to look at Miyuki, sitting right across from him. Because sometimes he’d look at the captain, and he’d be laughing at something Kuramochi had said. And sometimes he’d look at him and Miyuki would be looking right back at him. And Miyuki would immediately grin his fox-like smile, and Eijun would feel his face heat up, just from the memory of Miyuki’s words.

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