i now have a phrase for that

the phrase “Big-Daddy’s-Life-Hackin’-Secret-Tricks” just appeared from thin air in my brain and now i can’t get it to fucking leave. i don’t have time for this

psychoelectric replied to your post “[[MOR] This god damn Yuri on Ice name discourse is pissing me off…”


Yuri on Ice is EXTREMELY well-researched. EXTREMELY. To the point where I often pause as I watch the show just to appreciate simple things like accurate Russian text and scenery in the background. Russia NEVER gets this treatment in British or American TV. I also smile a little when I hear the characters say little Russian phrases!


Oh wow, that is so cool! :D

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1, 17, 11?

hardcore OOC:

1. Who is your favourite character? Why?

I mean…. 

Do I need a reason?

11. Who would you want to date/be friends with? 


  17. Do you have a favourite piece of meta? Give us a link! 
i’m having existential crisis because I’m not able to decode the phrase “piece of meta”. Failed as a translatologist. kill me now.

I love how, because of that “Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure” Onion headline, “cinnamon roll” has become a commonly accepted phrase for “a character who is cute and kind and typically gets more pain in canon than they deserve”.

Like, we didn’t have a real phrase for that common phenomenon (wubbie maybe, but that has negative connotations ie “this character has been wubbiefied by the fandom”) and then someone used a screenshot of a headline from a satire news website to describe it, and then everyone else was like “yes good let’s use this”. You couldn’t make that shit up. I bet there are people who use that phrase now who didn’t even see that headline.

Language is evolving right before our eyes in a very weird and beautiful way and I am very very sorry for future linguist who have to puzzle this shit out.  

Shit people have forgotten about the Bush Era:
  • Free Speech Zones, which were a real thing and not a plot element in a particularly ham-handed dystopian novel.
  • The phrase “hidey hole.”
  • Watching a budget surplus become a massive deficit that was bigger than it even looked because the White House was just like, “Okay, we’ll just not put the wars on the books and just ask for more money for those every few months.”
  • The sheer number of times Alberto Gonzalez said, “I don’t recall,” to Congress regarding war crimes and human rights violations.
  • “…now watch this drive.”
  • Mission Accomplished.
  • “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence,” “yellowcake uranium,” Condoleeza’s “mushroom clouds” fearmongering, and all the other bullshit we were fed to get into Iraq.
  • The President of the United States said so many stupid things that there were one-a-day calendars consisting of an individual quote for each day of the year. They didn’t all have the exact same quotes.
“I’m just exploring all my options”

You have no options. Voting for a third party candidate is effectively throwing your vote away. It’s a BINARY CHOICE

You are going to get us all killed.
You are going to get us all killed.

You might not remember what happened last time, but I do. Leftists swore up and down an Al Gore Presidency would be “just as bad” as a Bush Presidency. That was the EXACT phrase they used.

“Al Gore is a corpratist,” they said.

“I want to vote for something instead of against something,” they said.

Now, over a decade later, the entire GLOBE is still trying to correct what was done during the Bush administration–global financial collapse, SCOTUS nominees, TWO endless wars, drone strikes, the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, Isis, DICK CHEYNEY.

Open your eyes and see how the tide is turning. For the past 10 years, there’s been a steady rise of right-wing ideology and politics. There’s UKIP and the Brexit, France and their damn neo Nazi Marine Le Pen, whatever is happening in Brazil right now. Canada only just ousted a leader who muzzled scientists who spoke about climate change!

And now we have the possibility of Trump. Trump who, as of this moment, has a 38% chance of winning according to Five Thirty Eight. Not 38% of the vote. 38% chance of winning. Those aren’t terrible odds. They’re better odds than rolling a specific number on a die, 16.68%. 

Do you understand that we have a chance to flip the Supreme Court for the first time since the 60’s? 

Remember all that Civil Rights shit from the 60’s? Do you know what happened to it, why it didn’t usher in a new age of equality like MLK’s Dreamers hoped? The Burger Court happened to it. The Burger Court is the conservative-majority Supreme Court that came into power in the backlash following the 60′s. With that Court came a conservative jurisprudence that would last for generations. It was the Burger Court that stymied de-segregation efforts, and created ‘white flight’ by ruling that de-segregation orders couldn’t be extended past district lines. It was the Burger Court that laid the groundwork for Citizens United, when they ruled that corporations could spend money in politics. Everyone was so shocked when SCOTUS ruled corporations are people and money=speech. Well, thank the Burger Court!

Now, for the first time in SEVERAL DECADES there is an opportunity to flip the Supreme Court. We haven’t had a liberal jurisprudence since the 60′s. And look at what’s coming down the pipe–anti trans laws like HB2, Affirmative Action, housing rights, repealing Citizen United, immigration, abortion, gun control, police brutality, climate change, etc. 

I am begging you to vote Hillary. And tell others to vote Hillary. I won’t quibble over whether her policies are better than Trump’s (they objectively are) or whether or not she is a better person than Trump (that’s…more subjective). The SCOTUS nominations should be reason enough. PLEASE don’t make me live through a Trump administration. Please don’t do this again.

Literally everything about Batman is so much better when you think about all the little behind the scenes things that must have happened to make Bruce such a goddamn dad

Like yeah he’s really bad with change and his communication abilities are really lacking due to being extremely heavily isolated and traumatized for the majority of his formative years, but like

I am at least 99% convinced that all the bat-named things like the batmobile, batcomputer, batfridge, etc., were originally normal phrases like ‘the car,’ ‘the computer,’ etc., but then Robin showed up he started calling them bat-things because he was nine, and Batman went along with it.

It’s too late to turn back now. Too late to make excuses to anyone. He’s committed. Nightwing doesn’t say anything. The other Robins have no idea. No one has any idea.

Everyone thinks Batman is legitimately obsessed with bats.

No, he just wanted his cave to be child-friendly, and when it turned out Robin #1 really liked the bat idea and thought it was cool enough that it should be incorporated into everything, Batman fucking incorporated it into everything. He just wanted to make the kid happy, damnit

His son is terrible at naming things.

Spoon Theory & “Appropriation”

So since Tumblr decided to drop this the first time that I posted it, here’s a briefer version of this:

I’ve been seeing it go ‘round the internets that ‘using the spoon theory when you are not disabled is appropriation.’

Lemme be the first person to say that a) that is not a universally-held view in the spoonie community b) we don’t have any universally-held views, c) I actually think that view is actively harmful and d) I’m not interested in arguing about it, just please stop saying “this is so.”

This is not so. You are not the gatekeeper to who can or cannot use a word. Unless you are the writer of the original spoon theory essay, you cannot say who can and cannot use that phrase.

Now, on to why I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

1) As neologisms become more common, they become more useful. If an able-bodied friend says “I’m running low on people spoons, can we skip the next thing?” I say “sweet, yes, I was feeling the same thing, let’s go home and watch TV.” Those able-bodied people are speaking my language, and they understand what I mean when I say spoons, and that’s because they’ve taken the time to figure out what that phrase means and how it works and how to use it. HOO-FUCKING-RAY.

2) Using “appropriation” in relation to a word that is younger than my middle dog is, uh, not good, y’all. Appropriation is for white people wearing dreadlocks and girls at Coachella wearing bindis and fucking Chief Illiniwek and the Redskins. Appropriation is for Whole Foods putting peanuts in collard greens and white girls with no training or appreciation painting their hands with random hearts and flowers in henna and buying cheap-ass turquoise jewelry made in China rather than getting it from Native artists. 

Spoonie culture is a baby culture. (Note: this does not apply to all disabled culture, for example D/deaf culture is pretty long-lived.) We should maybe just chill the fuck out before we start yelling appropriation! because yes our problems are many but people using spoon theory to describe how tired they are is not one of them. 

3) AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: By saying “able-bodied people should not use this,” you are setting yourself and other visibly or openly disabled persons as gatekeepers for the use of this term. You are saying: “you better be out about your disability or you can’t use it, because we’re gonna drag you/call you out about it.”

No one - not you, not me, not anybody else - gets to check anybody’s Cripple Card ™, unless it’s the police literally checking to see if I have my wallet card for my disability placard with me. No one does. No one gets to say “nah, you’ve only got anxiety, you’re not disabled enough.” No one gets to say “you have to disclose your disability or you do not get to use this term.”

Because that’s basically what the upshot of this is: unless you are openly out as disabled, you will not be able to use this term without fear of repercussion – and this site especially is fucking heartlessly beastly sometimes. We eat our own, especially in this baby community of spoonies where we should take best care of each other. 

So, tl;dr: please stop saying ‘this is appropriative’ like we had some spoonie meeting and decided on it, because we didn’t; use of a term makes it more accessible; appropriation as a term doesn’t actually belong to us, we should kinda stay in our lanes here; and please think through what it means when you say ‘no one able-bodied should use this.’ It means you’re saying you feel like you get to determine who can use a term, therefore who is disabled enough, therefore you’re gonna be checking Cripple Cards™ at the door.

No you’re not. 

(Yes, I realize some disabled persons feel Cripple is a slur. I use it as a word of pride. I will not star it out. If it offends you, I’m sorry for the hurt that causes you, but I will not stop using it.)

Things to say to yourself to keep you going
  • You know WHAT, I am going to do this thing right about NOW  [accompany this with slamming your palms on a desk for extra emphasis and determination]
  • In the grand scheme of the universe, such a superficial detail as this one is not significant enough to dissuade me from the path I have established for my own future [the fancier words you use the better]
  • This situation calls for urgent action, we will need to construct a highly exhaustive plan to keep the enemy at bay (a plan involving these English essays and this physics laboratory report) [put your elbows on the desk and the tips of your fingers together you know the pose]
  • In this fast-paced capitalist society where time is money, I, an aspiring successful businessperson, do not have the time OR the money for lounging about [pretend you’re wearing a suit. wear an actual suit if you can]

This article includes the phrase “mercifully fully clothed” and that is the best comment I’ve read about Boris in a while.

The notion that Mr. Trump voices ideas that his supporters are “afraid” to express, vital truths lost to the scourge of political correctness, has been a rhetorical through-line of his campaign. Mr. Trump says exactly what he thinks, his fans gush — about immigrants, about Muslims, about women — a bygone pleasure now denied most Americans.

It’s an odd construction. Once you say, “He says what I’m afraid to say,” and point to a man who is essentially a 24/7 fire hose of unequivocal bigotry, you’ve said what you’re afraid to say, so how afraid could you have been in the first place? The phrase is a dodge, a way to acknowledge that you’re aware it’s a little naughty to be a misogynist xenophobe in 2016, while letting like-minded people know, with a conspiratorial wink, that you’re only pretending to care. It’s a wild grab for plausible deniability — how can I be a white supremacist when I’m just your nice grandpa? — an artifact of a culture in which some people believe that it’s worse to be called racist than to be racist.

@leurauxe I saw your tags on the delinquent Iwa drawing… and … my hands moved on its own

But srsly tho school prefect oikawa HEAD PREFECT OIKAWA this image will never leave me ever again


“‘Bye Felicia’ has taken over timelines, making the popular phrase from the classic 1995 hood film, Friday, a viral mainstay. Even shows like ESPN’s Olbermann or VH1’s program of the same name have cashed in on the meme-able phrase.

Now, meet the woman behind Felicia: actress/photographer, Angela Means, who played the role of the nagging woman in Ice Cube and DJ Pooh’s flick. In the film, Felicia (Means) tries to borrow something from Craig (Cube) after bugging Smokey (Chris Tucker) to use his car, only to get the response, ‘Bye Felicia,’ which Means says was born of improv.

‘Cube uttered the words based off what I gave him as an actor,’ Means said in a phone interview with Vibe. ‘I don’t think that was actually in the script. That’s what the vibe was and we went with it.’” Camille Augustin, Vibe 

“The cultural phenomenon that is ‘Bye Felicia’ may have reached peak popularity in recent years – but its ascendance began exactly 20 years ago.

…As the world examines the meaning behind the ‘Friday’ phrase, the actress who portrayed the role of ‘Felisha’ in the urban cult classic, Angela Means Kaaya, is leveraging her voice to make a difference in society. (According to IMDB, Kaaya’s character’s named was spelled as ‘Felisha,’ but the ‘Bye Felicia’ meme appears to modify the film’s original spelling.)

Since starring in Friday 20 years ago, Kaaya shifted her attention to raising her son, Brad Kaaya – who is the starting quarterback for the University of Miami football team – and leading her own photography company.

These days, the Michigan native is attempting to raise awareness for the importance of early childhood development via her organization, ‘Angie’s Kids.’Brennan Williams, Huffington Post 

Read more: Vibe

Read more: Huffington Post

Photo Credits: Angela Means, New Line Cinema

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I've heard a good advice that says 'Take the book you love and read it like writer.' I have this book now and I wanted to ask just how exactly do I take it apart? I want to have some kind of plan to tackle it and understand why exactly I loved it and why I still remember it as something great. I want to learn but I'm not sure how.

How to Read Like a Writer:

1) Pick a scene. Any scene. If you’re writing an action-packed story, you might pick an action scene. Or maybe you just pick a scene that stuck out to you.

While you are reading the scene, highlight words and phrases that stick out to you. We’ll come back to this later.

Now answer the following question:

  • What happens in this scene? Why does this happen?

For example, in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, there is a scene in which Harry, Ron, and Hermione get caught in some vine things as a security measure. Hermione is the first to fall through. Why? Because she knew what to do and remained calm so that the vines would not grab her like they did her friends.

2) Reread the scene and answer the following question:

  • Why does the author make this happen?

What purpose did this scene have? Did it show character traits? Did it expand world building? Did it further the plot? Did it increase the action? Decrease the action? Start the action? Was it used as a threshold from one (metaphorical) world to the next?

3) Reread the scene and make a list of any new information that is given to the reader and everything that happens.

  • Why was it presented in this order?

If you switch around the order of a few things, does the scene cease to make sense? Is an info-dump created? Does the presentation affect pacing and mood? Note the relationship between the release of new information and the events of the scene. What happens when?

4) Go back to your highlighted words and phrases.

  • Why did you highlight these words and phrases?

What thoughts and feelings did they evoke? Were you reminded of anything? Was the language vivid? Can you spot any literary devices? Is there a rhythm to it (read it aloud)? Have you learned new ways to say things?

Once you’ve answered that, replace those words and rewrite those phrases with synonyms. How does the scene change?

Now change them again, but with the intention of making the scene grittier, or faster, or lighter in tone, or alliterative. How does it change the scene?

Switch around the original words and phrases. How does a change in juxtaposition and diction change the scene? Why is it better that a certain phrase is phrased a certain way?

5) Take general notes on all your favorite books

  • What is the POV? What is the tense? Does the POV change? Are most of your favorite books in this POV and/or tense?
  • On average, how long are sentences or paragraphs?
  • Are there a lot of main characters? Very few main characters? Lots of minor characters and only a few main characters?
  • What characters do you connect with most? What do they have in common (e.g., they tend to think about the world in a similar way)?

Guys…If Homeworld is running low on resources…then….


I thought at first that this meant that they used ‘useless’ gems as tools, like Lapis but now I’m starting to think that they do something much MUCH worse and if I’m right Peridot had every right to be terrified at that moment.

I’m mostly focusing on Peridots phrasing here;

“They can’t make Gems like they used to” 

She doesn’t say ‘they don’t make Gems like they used to’, which would suggest that they lack the quality and are poorly made, she says they can’t.
They can’t make Gems like they did before because they don’t have enough resources and are struggling with what they do have and so have to settle for less.
But what if it isn’t just the function of the gems she’s talking about?
What if she’s talking about the actual process of making gems.
What if the whole Gem production line is collapsing because they just can’t find the materials to make a sufficient quantity and quality of gem?
….What if they have a back up plan involving ‘unwanted’ gems?

Peridot’s are made from Peridotite. Other gems will also have been made from other chemicals, minerals, and such…meaning that they are a walking talking resource of materials.

Harvesting could be something very horrifying indeed.

Sometimes I feel like theme makers have no rights.

Why? Let’s see, theme makers generally have to:

  • answer things in their inbox politely on a regular basis
  • fix bugs on their coding as soon as possible
  • post codes on a regular basis (before people start going into the inbox and demand that they do so)
  • do all of this, as well as juggling whatever commitments they have in real life, such as studying, or having a job, or actually having a life.

In addition, here is a general process that goes behind making a theme:

  1. Plan the theme. Draw inspiration from various places, make sure you’re original enough, or just whack it and sketch something out.
  2. Open the tumblr customiser, and start translating the idea into code.
  3. Fuck something up, then spend ages trying to fix it, only to then break something else and end up having to fix that, too.
  4. Debug the code and add your credits, trying to make sure that people can’t delete them too easily.
  5. Code meta options into the theme and painstakingly design a colour scheme that works, while making sure that your booleans are all properly coded, that your colour options all work, and that common add-ons (music player, updates tab, freehostedscripts, etc) don’t fuck up when you install them.
  6. Make previews. Find appropriate posts of each post type to reblog, look for suitable header/sidebar/background images, photoshop accordingly if needed, test dimensions.
  7. Write feature lists and options, customisation notes, theme documentation, etc.
  8. Post the theme, ensure that your screenshot shows off the best parts of the theme, tag it appropriately, submit it to relevant places, etc.

And yet, many theme makers also have to:

  • deal with things like people removing the credit and other people stealing their coding
  • deal with customisation questions that they don’t want to respond to, or questions about things that have been asked over and over again and are written on the FAQ
  • deal with rude people demanding that their answer their message and/or fix their bug right now, at once, immediately
  • deal with even ruder people telling them off for being rude when the question was on their FAQ or in the theme documentation
  • deal with people demanding that they re-publish ______ theme that has already been revamped/deleted

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My entire life just flashed before my eyes.

I need to stop writing porn on my phone.

My auto-correct now corrects the word “good” to “good boy”, “don’t” is now, “don’t stop, please don’t stop”, and “my” tries to offer up the phrase “my cock in your mouth.”

And a new one I’ve just discovered while attempting to text a family member, “need” is now “need you inside of me”

So every text is now like playing Words With Friends except the game is actually Russian Roulette with the very probable outcome of a fully loaded sex phrase and lemme tell you I have never been so thankful I stopped to look at what I was typing before I hit send.


Printable To Do Lists!

each takes up half of a letter sized sheet of paper and have lines with no checkboxes, in case one of your entries takes up more lines. the line height is a bit shorter than college ruled paper.

these lists come with three handlettered headers - a simple “to-do” and two different motivational phrases, “if not now when?” and “do it now.” 

all of them can be downloaded in pdf format, two per page, from a dropbox folder here


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if you post anything with these, please tag me in them! i’d love to see how you’re using these, and of course i wouldn’t mind being credited since there is no watermark.

thank you for using these (if you do) and i hope these help your productivity! :)


「 東京喰種 」
❞ Touka Kirishima ❞

Phew… ten images in a row, I have never did this before. It was quite stressful, but now when I see them all together it makes me quite happy. This project is dedicated to my winged beauty, Touka Kirishima. I actually wanted to add some text phrases, but I decided against ist. It’s better this way; I leave it up to your imagination. Maybe I’m gonna edit a Kaneki edition someday.

Here are some thoughts I had while editing:
━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━

Like a bird. I simply love her winged Kagune. It’s more a symbolism. “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.”

Grief & Loss. Quite important.

Little Brother. Suffering/Pleasure contrast. Ayato’s smirk… boy, you need the 103 bones treatment.

Yoriko. I love Yoriko-chan! And she is so important to Touka-chan. They share a cute and unique friendship.

First Love. Because it’s true. Look at these cuties! ♥

Family. I actually cried while editing. Ishida-sensei, please bring them all together again!

Darkness Eyes. More hunter themed, I guess. But she would be a breathtaking midnight beauty as well.

Broken Strings. “There are days every now and again I pretend I’m OK, but that’s not what gets me.” The shipper feels, though.

Rabbit. Pretty self explanatory, I guess.

Self-doubt. “How can something like this be beautiful?”