i now feel a little closer to


Iggy: “I THIIINK we’re dating?

Uh, do people usually ask the other person if they’re dating or not? Like I said I’m not very interested in romance, or good at it for that matter…

Either way, after this, we’ll have our answer.

Which is yes. The answer’s yes. Did I make that clear enough or?”

Thomas said all the 4 parts of the love square will head in the same direction because they work together as a whole. This means LB/CN will get closer, such as Marinette/Adrien. 

I can’t even imagine the CONFUSION my two little babies will have after like 3 seasons in which they’re falling for a different person while they see the one they already love catching feelings for them and they’re like “WTF why now? Why is Ladybug being so flirty with me now that I think I have feelings for Marinette?” or “Is Adrien blushing? But… I kinda like Chat now, you’ve got to be kidding me”

That would be both hilarious and painful for us.

please consider this:

  • blue sargent stretched out in the backseat of the camaro, listening to richard gansey go on about the perseids as he places a blanket on the ground (”oh, and I read earlier that this year’s meteor shower will be double the size of previous years thanks to the gravitational pull of jupiter!”)
  • blue and gansey sitting on the blanket (blue eases her back against gansey’s chest and he wraps his arms around her waist) to watch the meteor shower
  • blue feeling a little bit closer to the stars every time she sees them cross the sky above them
  • gansey and blue kissing “under all this” because now they can, they finally can, and with every kiss, he feels more and more alive (bonus: both of them smiling mid kiss!!)
  • blue sargent and richard gansey feeling utterly and completely and totally happy right there in the middle of nowhere
In Your Arms

Written for day 5: Sleeping: Thurs Aug 11th

Summary:  Emma can’t keep her distance any longer. She learns Regina never wanted her to.


She didn’t want to smother her. She didn’t want her to feel obliged in any way. She wanted her to be allowed her space if that’s what she needed, and in the beginning she’d thought it was as simple as that; as wanting to still keep a part of her self separate.

But they’ve been together a while now, and this is the first time she’s woken in the night to hear her crying. This is the first time she’s dared to close the gap between them, unspoken boundaries be damned.

Emma inched a little closer, resting a tentative hand on the other woman’s arm and feeling her tense, then relax.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.”

Her voice rarely sounded as timid as in this moment.

Emma shifted impossibly closer, pressing her chest up against Regina’s back, curling her legs up and into the space behind her’s, and slowly snaking her arm around her waist for a hug.

She felt her tense once more, anxious as to if she was infringing or not.

“Is this okay?”

“Yeah, I just… I’m not… used to it.”

“Being hugged?”

“Not like this. Not in bed.”

“But… do you like it?”

She stayed quiet for a moment, but Emma felt her press slightly back into her, a hand slipping into hers to hold it in place.

“Do you like it?” She turned the question back on her, instead of answering it herself.

“Of course I like it. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I just… didn’t think you’d ever want to.” She finally confessed.

“I always want to, Regina, but… you always move away and I guess I- I wanted to respect your space. Is this why you’re upset? You didn’t think I’d ever want to?”

She felt Regina’s hand grip her own a little more tightly.

“Nobody else ever wanted to. Not since Daniel and that was so- short lived.”

“Nobody else ever wanted to snuggle up to you in bed?”

“Not once they’d got what they wanted from me, no. They never usually even stayed.”

“Not even Robin?”

She felt her tense briefly at the mention of his name.

“He had Roland to think of. It would have been unfair of me to expect him to stay.”

Not wanting to focus on the past, and eager to make progress and make something more positive come from Regina’s revelation, Emma pressed a soft, lingering kiss, to her shoulder.

“Well, I’d be happy to hug you like this every night, if you’d like me to too?” She offered. “Or, there are other positions, if you think they’d be more comfortable.”

Regina let out a laugh.

“Always eager to try new positions, Miss Swan?”

Emma laughed then too.

“Eager to try everything with you.” She said sincerely.

They were quiet for a while, before Regina’s sleepy voice whispered one last thing.

“I want to sleep like this in your arms, always.”

“Then always, you shall.”

She’d fallen to sleep not long after that.

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As an AFAB demigirl whose only connection to being a girl is little more than "I was raised that way and I don't care, so that works since gender just seems kind of ???" and who's just now realizing there's a word for someone like me (part girl, part apogender), I feel uncomfortable calling myself nonbinary, let alone trans. Since my feelings are closer to apathy than passion and I'm femme, I feel like I'm appropriating the struggles of "real" non-cis ppl. Just needed to get that off my chest

Your feelings are valid, and you are in good company.  It’s unfortunately very common for folks to feel like they are not nonbinary enough or not trans enough.  However, I want to stress that anyone who does not identify 100% with their assigned gender can use the label “trans”, and anyone who does not identify 100% as a binary gender (male or female) can use the label “nonbinary”.  It would seem that you fall under both of those, so you can feel more than welcome to use either or both if you choose to do so.


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In Yoongi's new mixtape , he opens up about mental issues and honestly, I am so proud of him. I know how difficult opening up can be especially if you're as private of a person as Yoongi is. But, not only that; but to know someone I look up to and someone I care for dearly knows what its like to go through what I am going through as of now, is really amazing. It makes me feel closer to Yoongi as a person.

Honestly Anon same for a really long time i said that Yoongi is basically my long lost brother and that we are similar in many many aspects. And this mixtape didn’t disappoint it only made me love him even more and i thought that’s not possible 

How you said knowing that someone you respect and love so much goes through the same things as you makes it at a little more bearable, he’s the person i look up the most in this life, not my family not anyone him i want to be a person min yoongi would be proud of and i want one day to be able to say it to him personally 

He’s making me not give up on music and do what i want i love him for that i love him for opening up to us i love him for every single thing that he does

He has a heart of gold and loves everyone so much …he’s so precious i really can’t and i understand everything he went through so so much he can’t even image

I’m so proud because he’s doing it he’s going towards his dream and i want him to always be happy and proud of what he’s doing

I want him to never doubt it anymore 

I’m so sorry for this long rant but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH i can’t even say it in words i’ll just cry some more anyway i did this for the past hours 

Seeing you today really made me happy. I hardly get a chance to actually talk to you, but the fact that we kept holding eye contact and smiling so blissfully at one another. I had a chance to hold your hand for a couple minutes, feeling the softness of your fingers as they laced themselves into mine, it gave me the adrenaline rush that I missed so much. And when we kissed, god, I missed the way our lips moved. How I would feel your hands hold onto me, and a little tug here and there would make me pull you even closer. You didn’t want to stop, it was like a goodbye. It hurt so fucking bad once our lips disconnected. I watched you saunter away, and right there is when I felt my heart break into two. I won’t be able to watch you walk away for the last time when the time comes, so right now, let’s just live in the moment and see where it takes us. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, my love.
—  S.V// @Sempiternal.Poet on Instagram
hearts and bones

you take two bodies and you twirl them into one / their hearts and their bones / and they won’t come undone

when i was newly pregnant, i remember looking at a diagram that depicted the way my organs would be rearranged to make room for our growing baby. it was amazing and terrifying to me. (pregnancy is a celebration of one of the most incredible things your body can do, while you are seemingly reminded of every unpleasant bodily function, all the time.) as i got further along, i would lie on my left side and could feel my heart beating closer to the skin. it was a visceral reminder of everything i was doing to keep us both alive. i know that everything has slowly worked its way back to its original place on the inside, but i’m not sure my heart will ever be the same.

now my heart beats outside of my body. my little heart coos at me in the mornings, flashing the world’s greatest gummy smile. she has learned to hold up her head and is working on sitting. she recognizes the voices of mama and daddy and bluesy hippo, and is instantly calmed by the music of paul simon. (specifically “you can call me al”. it is bizarre how easily this works, but i am not looking that gift horse in the mouth.) when we took her to daycare this morning for the first time, she looked steadily around the room with her serious face on, taking it all in. only mama cried. on the way home, i drove carefully, willing myself to make it without turning around. i watched the clock until noon, and then called to check in. (she is fine. of course she is fine. only i am not fine.)  

i know that this is how i will feel for the rest of my life - that a little part of me is making her way in the world independent of us. it is what you want for your children, of course. that they can exist, thrive even, apart from you. there were moments during my maternity leave that i looked forward to this, to my “freedom”, but now i think it all went too fast. (and i know that this is also how i will feel for the rest of my life, that it is all going too fast, as i watch her grow from baby to toddler to little girl and beyond.) this is another change in a year full of them, a new normal to get used to, just when i had grown accustomed to the rhythm of our baby days. and i will get there. and in the meantime i will give us all time to adjust. but for now i am aching for the weight of my girl in my arms, and i am counting down the minutes until i can press her sweet face to my heart once more.

I’m laying in bed trying to go to sleep, and of course my mind wanders off to old memories. I remember in bio class I pretended like I couldn’t see the board just so I can move my seat closer to yours. I hated not being near you and I would try to find little ways to get closer. Now you’re going to a new school and you won’t be as close. I’m just scared that I’ll miss you too much and I’ll never get over these feelings.

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Today, I wrote a suicide note. I've been depressed for quite a while, and I get closer to ending everything every day. Reasons to live feel like chains holding me down as opposed to a light at the end of the tunnel. I've never particularly enjoyed life, even when I was little. It was fine because life was easy; but now it's hard and doesn't feel worth it anymore. I'm still here because I don't want to hurt the people around me, but my desire to die is starting to outweigh that. where's my hope?

Before you read what I have to say, tear up that suicide note and throw it away, out of your room, out of your house, out of your existence. Remove that energy from your space completely, it’s not the direction in which you should be focusing on. 

I want you to re-focus and re-channel your energy, you’re going to put closure to that chapter of your life and turn the page to a new chapter, a new beginning. This new chapter deals with facing the fears and worry of the previous chapter in order to progress into a happier and more relaxed you. This is where your true journey begins, anything in your room that does not bring pure/happy thoughts remove it from your space, it’s time to de-clutter your life, ridding it of toxic energy and replacing those spaces with love, support, joy, serenity, security, trust and excitement. : ) Your life is really and truly whatever you want it to be, with a little patience and determination thrown in, anything is possible. So for this week, and I mean it, I want you to take your time and go through your room, weed out anything that no longer needs to be in your space, while you do this I want you to take your time and examine your thoughts, weed out any thought that no longer needs to be in your mental space, while you do this I want you to examine your emotions, weed out any feelings that no longer needs to be in your heart. It’s time to free yourself of the heavy load in order to welcome the beauty, love, serenity, joy, friendships, lovers, experiences, support and happiness that is waiting to take its place in your life. : )

You’ve never enjoyed life yet because you’ve never truly embraced it, you’ve never given it a chance, you’ve never truly given yourself a chance. You’re going to begin today August 22, 2016 .. a re-birth, cool huh. : ) What foods do you want to try, what activities are there that seem incredibly crazy but fun that you’ve never tried before, music festivals, amusement parks, do you want to try something different with the theme of your room? Have you ever gone hiking? Have you ever gone to Universal Horror Fest which is coming up? A concert for a particular musician you’ve always wanted to see but haven’t yet? Any movies that came out this year that you want to see? Visit some clothing stores you’ve never walked into, you might be pleasantly surprised. Then there’s getting to know more about yourself, I guarantee there are hidden talents within you waiting so badly for you to discover them but because you’re not spending your free time getting to be in awe of how epic you are, you’re not discovering them. The list is endless! The saying a lot can happen in a day much less a year is true!! I seriously want to hug you and then shake you, then again I’m 5′1 and 110 lbs so I’m not so sure how strong that shake would be but i’m sure it would still be a pretty good shake. YOUR LIFE IS WAITING FOR YOU TO LIVE IT, shake off the fears and limitations that are holding your beautiful soul back and if you want me to help you with removing each one, one by one I will. It’s time to go exploring, you also meet the funniest and craziest people when you start this journey too lol. 

You’re precious and you’re loved and you’re awesome and you’re talented and SOO much more but you have to find out what that so much more is and it begins with stepping out of your comfort zone, it doesn’t have to be a huge step, baby steps are pretty amazing too. By the end of this week I want you to have discovered something new and maybe even “Wow, seriously?! Me!” about yourself and I want you to message me, if you haven’t discovered something by the end of this week, saddle up again because another new, fresh and un lived week begins again after that. It’s time to start trying new things, surprise yourself! <3 

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Also fun thing to imagine: cuddling up with one of the boys and then sleepily tracing patterns on your skin lazily and humming studio ghibli songs and pulling you closer onto their lap bear hugging you so you feel like in a safe little cave

Omg, I crave this right now. I’m extremely sleepy right now, so I bet that being in the warmth of their arms would feel amazing. I’d cuddle with any of them all day. :) This was so cute, I hope I dream about this tonight.

-Admin Lana

I love these overdramatic nerds :)

As Utena gets closer to the final duel, the world around her begins to sit on edge, anticipating the revolution. Nothing in particular has changed that we’ve been shown - except for Utena herself, and now that I think about it all of the duelists, and Anthy. Each major player if reaching the end of their character arcs, for better or worse, and when that is complete there will be a revolution. But, and I think this is the reason for Juri’s feeling of foreboding, the result of the revolution will (or should) hinge on which path Utena’s arc takes. If she ends as a prince, perhaps she will effect some change she wants to see herself. If she ends as a princess, Akio will choose the revolution he wants (and things will return to the way they were, one way or another). In the end, Utena takes a third path and creates a real change. But the tipping point of it all is character: in the end none of them could revolutionise the world, but only themselves and the people around them.

Haven’t written in a while, honestly haven’t had much time where I wanted to give up a nap for writing haha I spend more time on the road than I do in any of my classes, but it’s getting better. Most of my teachers are cool, I’ve never really liked English teachers and of course the one I have has her own book and knows 6 languages and saves children (none of which are bad obviously, but it’s true you have to be a little narcissistic to be a teacher). I have class every day but Sunday and have work tonight which might feel weird since I haven’t been in a while and just gave my notice…..but whatever, I’d like to find somewhere closer at a place that actually cares about me. It feels good knowing I don’t have to pay anything out of pocket right now, tho. Some people in one class already said they like me and want me in their group for projects so that felt good. Sucks being a transfer and commuter because I feel like I can’t really get involved on campus, hopefully that changes.

Honestly, I’m just waiting for the part where all of this is routine and I’m in the zone and comfortable and it’s Fall and beautiful and cold…

Is it Fall yet? Is it bad a bought pumpkin spice fudge stripes yesterday?

Anyway, hopefully I have time to write something?

Maybe some prompts will get me going? (Yes, I am still doing those other ones from that list going around)

** shout out to gizmobot😚

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So I think I'm falling for a guy who I only know over the internet. We've been friends for quite some time now and we've been getting steadily closer because we're both going through similar problems. And I might be reading everything wrong but I think he might like me back and I'm not sure what to do. >.<

I think that if you’re comfortable enough with it you should hint at or even ask him about how he feels. most of the time if you have a feeling that they like you, they probably do!!! so I say go for it and if you’re not comfortable with it maybe just act a little more flirty than usual and see how it works out?¿ I’m sure things will work out and I hope the best for both of you ♡

Favorite lines from MITAM

Hey Angel: I come alive when I hear your voice, it’s a beautiful sound, it’s a beautiful noise.

Drag Me Down: I got a river for a soul, and baby you’re the boat.

Perfect: And if you like going on secret little rendezvous.

Infinity: Now I’m one step closer to being, two steps far from you.

End of the Day: Just me, her and, the moon.// And down came the lightning on me.

If I could fly: I’m missing half of me, when we’re apart.

Long Way Down: We sailed an ocean, but drowned in the waves.

Never Enough: I don’t need my heart, you can break it, you can break it.

Olivia: This isn’t the stain of a red wine, I’m bleeding love.

What a Feeling: In her eyes there’s no lies, no lies. There’s no question, she’s not in a disguise.

Love You Goodbye: My heart’s already breaking, baby go on twist the knife.

I Want to Write You a Song: I want to write you a song, one as beautiful as you are sweet.


Temporary Fix: Now I can be your vice.

Walking in the Wind: This is not the end, I’ll see your face again.

Wolves: Your beauty could start a war, as you walk in the door.

A.M.: There could be a World War III going on outside.

So the best thing ever just happened. 

I work out five days a week; three at the gym, two at a park by my college, and tonight was a park night. As I’m finishing up my run, I start doing a five minute walk to cool off when I look up from my changing my music. I realize I’m about to walk past this guy on the grass next to the track doing push ups (and not well). He notices me getting closer and starts to stand up. I smile politely as I begin to pass him, when I feel his hand come down on my ass.

I rip my earbuds out and turn around to face him. The smug little grin on his face had me so fucking ready to punch him in the jaw…but instead I said “Now that you have my attention, can I help you with something?” He bites his lip then sticks his tongue out to lick it while looking me up and down, and all I could think about was cutting it out with the pocket knife in my jacket, and shoving it up his ass. Before responding, he started walking forward so that he could essentially stand over me, as he was taller, but I just stood my ground and watched patiently. 

His response? “Just wanted to feel up that ass, baby. Couldn’t let such a sexy slut like you walk by without getting a feel for myself.” I smiled, pretending to be flattered, before taking a step and closing the distance between us. I asked him how old he was, looking down while I messed with the zipper on my jacket and feigned shyness, when I heard him say 18. And that’s when I thought of the perfect thing to say.

I looked up then, standing on my tip toes so that my mouth was right by his ear, and said “That’s sweet…you’re legal now and think you can get anyone you want, right? Maybe when you figure out how NOT to be an absolute idiot and grow up, you’ll find someone who doesn’t mind putting up with your bullshit. As for me? You could never handle me, even if you tried.”

Then I stood back, soaked in the look of shock on his face, before moving to the side of him to finish my walk. But not before slapping his ass and finishing tearing him apart by saying “Great effort though, baby. Have a great night.”


So apparently I have no goals, I have no aspirations. That was one of the reasons I was dumped earlier this month. Well, I’m here to defend myself, because now I feel disrespected. You see these three pictures? They were taken as I was in my way down to meet my mom so she can take me home from a wonderful and productive day at my internship. I was ecstatic when I got to the car. Why was I so happy? Because I have goals. I have goals that I am getting a little closer to reaching.

I am a singer. I was put in a position where I was told that I needed to know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. 16 now, and at the time, I was conflicted, because none of the practical, “normal” careers caught my interest. My ex told me he didn’t like that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Because I want to be sure I will have a stable financial life, I am still searching for a career choice in which that will be given. AT SIXTEEN. I feel as though I should be allowed more time to view my options. I mean there are students half way through their college educations that still don’t have an idea where they want to go in life.

Anyways, I would like to share that I have a good feeling about my career in music. The day those pictures were taken, I sang for an artist/photographer/videographer, my mentor, and my mentor’s colleagues. With the help of a great mentor, fellow interns, and the connections I’ve made and still have yet to make, I know I will reach my goal of singing for the world and making it a happier place, even just for a second.

So ex? Please kiss my ass as you read this and feel stone cold regret in your heart. It only gets better from here. Catch ya in a few years, after you’ve realized the mistake you made 😘

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It also seems kinda early? Like, the chapter is little less than a week away, but still closer to a week than not. I feel like it’s weird to have spoilers so early, but idk??? And yes, plot matters (stares at JL, possibly Kubo, all the other authors who have Messed Up). And lol, what alternate reality hellscape are we living in? Is THIS the Upside Down? Who fucking knows now???

I was under the impression it was coming out tomorrow like it does regularly? However, I’ve also seen people say it’ll come out on Monday. If that’s the case, I find it odd for spoilers to be floating around now. But, if it’s business as usual, then, it makes sense for spoilers to be out today.

After all these mess ups, I’m getting trust issues. Also, I can already feel the rage-filled rant/essay that I’ll have to write if all this stuff is legit. 

It’s like we’re living in the Supernatural crapsack world, but without the demon hunting. Or we’re through the looking glass…minus the tarts.

May as well post this here. Finally got together with my cowriter to talk about Candace’s design. We’re getting a little closer, but still not quite there.

Right now she’s based on a river birch which has layers of bark in different colors.

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