i now feel a little closer to

We slept so close I
can still hear you
breathing in my 
dreams and your 
hair was dipped
in the morning
light and I can
still see your wrist
draped across the  
sheets and I still
trace the pattern of
your handprint across
my palm. And please
come closer, I miss you 
every time my hand is
not in yours.

And I never understood
why flowers tangled their
stems around each other
even if it meant they both
could suffocate, but now
I finally understand. It is
about being as close as
possible, about learning 
every little crease in their
petals, every place their
roots have touched, and
never feeling alone. And
someday on a rainy
afternoon, with our legs
entangled around each 
other and our bodies
so close we breathe in 
rhythm, I hope I will 
finally stop missing 
—  Requested // Close is never close enough. 
The List

This is from a request I got AGES ago from @gallifreyansass. I’m sorry it took so long, dear!

Summary: Sam finds your sexy “to do” list, and ends up breaking the bed.

Word Count: 1700

Warning: Smut, some dirty talk

A/N: Hope you enjoy it! Feedback always appreciated! Tagging @saxxxology and @gecko9596 because they asked :)

“Come on, Sam, just…please? I need more.” you whined, squirming beneath him, locking your legs around his waist and pulling him closer.

Sam pushed just a little, just enough to let you feel him, the head of his cock just barely inside you. Teasing. And you were gonna bite that damn smirk right off his face if he didn’t really fuck you right now.

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Let’s talk about the [near] kiss

If there are people still disappointed about the (near) kiss, let’s take a closer look at this scene. 

We start with intense clutches and eye contact. Please notice how CLOSE they already are.

But they get closer, and Hannibal / Mads parts his lips a little more.

They continue getting closer and Will / Hugh smiles. Just look at that little smile. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

BUT HOLD ON because they get even closer and Hannibal / Mads bends his head a bit more too.


And then Will / Hugh shies away and looks down, while Hannibal / Mads still watches him.

But they continue getting closer, and at this point, they’re almost pressing their foreheads together.

I don’t know about other people, but this feels so powerful and intimate and intense to me. The embrace shown on the finale was already perfect, but this? This is the cherry on top of the cannibal cake. 

Cuddles with Derek

“Cuddle with me Derek, I’m a bit cold.” I fake shuddered, hoping that he’d give into my lie. 
“You’re in two thick blankets, I can think you can manage without being in my arms.” Derek chuckled deeply.
He looked like he had just woken up, hair disheveled with his sweatpants dangerously sitting a little too low on his waist. Sleep was slowly taking over me again and I drifted off for a few minutes before feeling the bed sink next to me.

Huge muscle arms found their way around my waist and pulled me closer. I felt slow, warm breaths on my neck and a bit of scruff scratching me softly. “I thought you didn’t want to cuddle werewolf?” I smirked, not yet turning around to face Derek. “You made me change my mind baby, now turn over so I can kiss you.” Derek said while smiling into my neck. I laughed before rolling over to face him.

 “I love you Derek”
”I love you so much baby girl” 

(Just something I wanted to write, I’ve never written a Derek imagine before lol) 

This “then and now” segment is a little closer to my heart. The top picture is Lindy when she was 21 years old and we weren’t even married. The bottom photograph is our daughter Ashtyn at age 2 - walking the same meadow.

When Lindy and I were dating and we visited the mountains - we stayed in the houses you see on the left. Eventually, we got married up here and we ended up staying in that same home. We have fond memories of napping and exploring this meadow and being able to bring our daughter here years later is really special.


“I didn’t know if I had the enthusiasm or capacity to revive [Scully]. It took Chris a few conversations to finally convince me, but working with David again has made me feel very happy about going back. It was the right time….David and I are a lot closer today than we ever were doing the series or the films. We’re both a little older have a little more perspective that probably comes from being parents and going through different struggles in our lives. Now we see that it’s easier to support each other and enjoy our friendship.—Gillian Anderson (x)

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Olicity – From Private to Public Display of Affection – Part 1/4


We will all agree that the crossover between The Flash and Arrow was a massive success. If the two episodes focused on the cooperation between the two teams and on what it takes to be a hero, these episodes showed a considerable change in the dynamic between Oliver and Felicity. It made me realize how differently Oliver and Felicity interact in the crossover. They are closer but more apart than ever, they share so much but talk so little. I wanted to go through the episodes we have had so far, covering the three seasons of Arrow broadcasted so far and reflect on what can be seen from the outside, how Oliver and Felicity physically express their feelings to each other and how they have transitioned from a really private to an obvious public display of affection. This meta will be a three-part article, each one of them covering a different season. Let’s start now with Season 1.


The season 1 of Arrow sets up the basis for Oliver and Felicity relationship. Not necessarily as a couple straight away but as two people who get to know, trust, appreciate and understand each other. The beauty of their relationship in Season 1 lies in the intimacy and privacy of their budding interaction.


Two main scenes are typical of this dynamic in season 1. When they first met in 1x03 and when Felicity gave him the notebook in 1x12. Two crucial scenes for the development of their relationship, two moments they share in private, far from anyone who could know them. Being away from anyone’s sight makes perfect sense as Oliver tries to keep Felicity as far away as he can from his nightly activities in order to protect her. The less she knows, the safer she is.

Rewatching the 1x12 scene makes me realizes how natural, intuitive their attraction with each other is. Oliver thought straight from the beginning that there was something about her, Felicity felt like she could trust him without knowing him. They are attracted to each other despite any logic, any rational explanation. They try to explain it but they can’t, they just feel it. Their faces and looks speak for themselves. No physical contact is necessary to build the beginning of their journey together.

Their relationship in Season 1 relies on this. Two people feeling something, without really understanding what and without being able to put a name on it. If Oliver keeps his (physical) distance with her, it seems that the IT girl is growing on him. Oliver can’t help smiling when she’s around.

Then arrives the inevitable moment when Oliver divulges his secret identity to Felicity. Weirdly enough, this episode where Oliver is shot by his mother and where Felicity saves his life is the first episode where they touch each other. The first time Felicity lays her hands on Oliver, it’s literally to save his life. There’s no explanation required about the highly symbolic meaning of this fact. It’s in this episode that Oliver touches Felicity for the first time as well, when she agrees on being part of the team until they find Walter.


This, funnily enough, looks almost out of character when you know (with a three-year experience) the strength of their chemistry. Hold on guys, where is the complicity in this hand shake?! Where’s the heat?! This moment is however crucial in Oliver and Felicity relationship as Oliver purposefully resets their connection. Felicity is not a stranger anymore, she’s not a girl he can smile at and charm with his charisma. She’s a member of his team and as such, she deserves respect and protection.

For a few weeks, there’s no display of affection from any of them. They enter a total different dynamic in their relationship. They can’t let words or looks betray what deep down they may start to feel for each other. They are part of a team now and as such, they need to put some distance between them. The danger and the emergency of their mission take over and both of them lose the innocence of the first moments of their story. Like everyone does. It gets serious and there’s no place for bright smiles and long gazes.

As soon as Felicity joins the team, she’s exposed to danger and her life is threatened. In Dodger, the only sign Oliver shows towards Felicity is the well-known eyebrow lift but never during this episode has he expressed any sign of affection.

He always focuses on the mission more than on the members of his team. This makes sense as Oliver needs to shift his habits. From a solitary vigilante, he turns slowly into a leader. He cares for the members of his team but never can he show them how much he care for them. He can’t express his feelings, he can’t be weak. Oliver from season 1 is not an Oliver trying to figure out what is going on in his heart and in his head. He’s a vigilante who has a mission and only the mission matters. Felicity is not yet a love interest to him but a valued member of Team Arrow. Trust and consideration take time to develop between the two of them and it’s not without a few divergence of opinion.

The distance that Oliver puts between him and Felicity finds his paroxysm in the Return of the Huntress. In this episode, we understand the extend of the danger Felicity is potentially exposed to and the reason why Oliver doesn’t want her to get too close to him. At that very moment of their story, I can’t see Oliver seeing in Felicity a partner. Not just yet. This is too new, too fresh, he hasn’t evaluated the importance of her contribution and her impact in the team. This said, it’s pretty understandable. We have to remember that Felicity was only a temporary member of the team until they find Walter. Oliver couldn’t invest much hope and expectations in her when she could leave at any time. He couldn’t rely on her, create a need when he could lose her at any time.

During this scene, Oliver literally shouts Felicity out. Literally. He yells at her and tells her to leave. His purpose is to keep her safe, to keep her away from the danger and Helena. Unfortunately, by doing so, he loses control and shows Helena that Felicity matters, that he cares about her. He opens the door to his vulnerability.

When Helena finally attacks Felicity to learn when her father is being kept, Oliver lets his emotions take over and for the very first time, he cups her face. Out of relief. He makes sure that she is alright, that she’s not hurt. For the first time, he touches her to make sure she’s safe. This is a really intimate gesture. Touching someone’s face and allowing someone to touch your face is a sign of trust, of a form of intimacy between two people. More than just allowing him to reach for her face, Felicity grabs his hand. This sums up pretty well their relationship in Season 1. He cares and fears for her when she seems indubitably attracted to him.

From this episode, the dynamic changes slightly again and both of them starts to allow a bit more space for each other in their respective lives.


Salvation deepens the status of their blossoming relationship. As Oliver and Felicity get to work with each other more closely, they get to know each other as well. They learn to know the difficulty of their mission and the consequences of it. Consequences on their private lives, on their minds and their hearts.

Felicity admits she doesn’t have anyone but can’t see herself sharing her new life with anyone. Oliver’s face is pretty reflective of his situation. Once more he keeps Felicity at distance. He doesn’t show her any form of indulgence or compassion. He lets her deal with the harsh consequences of seeing someone die by herself.

By the end of the episode, something shifts in Oliver’s mind. Felicity is not only a person who helps him. She’s a woman with emotions and for the first time, she triggers something in him, she harnesses this tiny bit of humanity that is left in him. Oliver touches Felicity’s shoulder and defines what will be their signature gesture, their very own way to express their feelings, to tell what the words can’t express.  By physically reaching to Felicity, Oliver lets her in. As her partner. Why at this very moment? Maybe because he saw the impact of the life that they lead on her, maybe because his sister almost lost her boyfriend that night, maybe because he realized she was not like him, resistant to emotions, or  that she needed him as much as he needed her.

If Felicity and Oliver’s partnership is now firmly established, it doesn’t mean that any of them would demonstrate any of their relationship in front of anyone. Yes, Diggle was there when Oliver touched her shoulder for the first time but it doesn’t mean that Felicity has any space in Oliver’s life. Felicity is part of Team Arrow but her connection to Oliver Queen is inexistent.

The Undertaking reminds us of that point really harshly. When Felicity interrupts Oliver and Laurel’s conversation, she confuses herself in excuses and states that she is nobody. At that point, this is very true in Oliver Queen’s world. Oliver Queen has no reason whatsoever to have a Felicity in his life. He’s a billionaire, back from the dead. Why would he reach out to an IT girl other than to set up his internet router? Oliver Queen and the Arrow are two separate personas and Felicity understands this. She’s not a part of this, of his world.

The Undertaking is once more one of these episodes where you can see a significant shift in Oliver towards Felicity. Through the episode, Felicity goes from “nobody”, to “partner”, to “friend”. For the first time in the history of Olicity, Oliver publically shows his connection with Felicity.

If the fact that she is his partner is not a new thing, she now enters his world, Oliver Queen’s world. As opposed to the Laurel moment, Oliver steps forward and introduces Felicity as his friend. Not as Walter’s employee. He legitimates her presence in his life. Considering that Oliver has worked hard to separate his two lives, this is a sign that the two sides of his life start to slowly merge into a complete blur that will lead to the well known identity problem in Season 3.

As the season 1 arrives to an end, we understand that Oliver is still deeply attached to Laurel. We understand as well that Felicity, if any proof was needed, has quite a crush on Oliver. Who wouldn’t fantasize on this Apollo with an immense heart and an intense look? In Darkness on the Edge of Town, Felicity gives away her attraction to him as she babbles in his arms.

The intimacy of the situation is noticeable as our two characters have never been that close to each other. We foresee the difference of feelings between the two protagonists : Felicity can’t hide she’s attracted to him in some way when Oliver is completely stoic. As usual, Oliver is focused on the mission and doesn’t give much away. And his heart and mind are still stuck with Laurel. He still hasn’t realized he is in the wrong and that this relationship won’t bring anything good to him. To be fair, this shows us that Oliver from season 1 is clearly different from the Ollie who left on a boat 5 years before. Oliver could totally take advantage on Felicity’s inclination for him. That’s something that Ollie could have done. But our Oliver cares for his partner, he cares for her safety. He doesn’t want to ruin anything between them and keeps things pretty straight forward.

Felicity shares these very same emotions for Oliver. She deeply cares for him and as Sacrifice kicks off we understand that she’s ready to do anything to protect Oliver. If no mention of his name is done, Felicity openly shares her vision of the Arrow with Captain Lance. She sees him as a hero and would do anything to ensure his safety, to make him reach the purpose of his crusade. She’s a now a connection to the Arrow for Captain Lance, connection that she doesn’t deny. She would prefer be arrested than giving him to the police.

Later, in the episode, when Oliver is about to fight his last battle against Merlyn, we catch a glimpse of what Oliver and Felicity relationship is at the end of the season. A pure trust, an infinite friendship and a limitless partnership. All of these go through the look they exchange.

The entire season 1 for Olicity is built around this : meaningful looks and partnership. Through an entire year, our two favourite characters learn to know each other, to trust each other, to rely on each other and to care for each other. As Oliver’s love life is past complicated, Felicity stands still and tries not to divulge anything of her burgeoning feelings. This is made easier by an Oliver who keeps his distance with her, trying to protect her from the darkness and danger of his life. However, they start developing signs of affection that will become theirs later on : long, eloquent looks and light touches. As much as they have kept their relationship private and somehow secret, the end of season 1 is indicative of the bonds that have been developed between the two. As sure as Oliver is about to see his life changed forever by the undertaking, he can now rely on someone new in his life, someone who will be there for him no matter what, someone who will prove him that he can be loved and love in return.

“I have a feeling David and I will be much closer after the series is done and we don’t have to be with each other daily. We can come back together for a second feature four or so years from now.” – GA, Movieline ‘97

“Back in the day, there were times we couldn’t stand each other. We went through a hugely turbulent time. We became famous together. We got careers together. I think we lost our minds a little bit. I think we went a little crazy. Having gone away for a while, we both appreciate each other and forgive each other for what happened. It’s like a real friendship with real history.” – DD, NY Post '16


feels about that scene:

1. gif: omg the way she just grabs him like I’m yours and I want the world the see it PLEASE SHOOT ME IN THE FACE THEY ARE SO IN LOVE

2. gif: Ryan and Espo are all like “yo mom n dad are gonna make out lets watch and make them feel uncomfortable” also the way she gets on her tiptoes to get closer to his eyelevel (which she still isn’t because of their absolutely adorable height difference)

3. gif: I can’t because bahahaha, look at their faces when mommy and daddy tell them they need some private mommy and daddy time omg they are such a cute family of little idiots i love them so much

4. gif: NOW KISS okay I’m okay with you guys being cute all day n stuff but some makin out would be nice to see which is why I FREAKIN CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEEEEEEEK ASDFGHJKL

my favorite lines

Hey Angel - Do you know the reasons why, we look up to the sky
Drag Me Down - I got fire for a heart
Perfect - If you like having secret little rendezvous
Infinity - And now I’m one step closer to being two steps far from you
End Of The Day - Just me, her and the moon
If I Could Fly - For your eyes only, I’ll show you my heart/ I can feel your heart inside of mine
Long Way Down - Built a cathedral but we never prayed
Never Enough - Lips so good I forget my name
Olivia - The summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation
What A Feeling - What a feeling to be a king beside you somehow
Love You Goodbye - Unexplainable love that only we could understand
I Want To Write You A Song - Everything I need I get from you and giving back is all I wanna do
History - I realize that without you here, life is just a lie
Temporary Fix - Let me touch you where your heart is/ Let me be your good night
Walking In The Wind - And you’ll find me in places that we’ve never been for reasons we don’t understand
Wolves - Your beauty could start a war
A.M. - Break these clocks, forget about time

So I saw this post about Solas calling Lavellan “da'len.” in fics and I feel like someone should explain why that isn’t good.

Da'len is NOT a term used for a friend. It literally translates into “Little child.” It’s used by elders, or keepers, mainly to address someone lower than you.

Now, Solas DOES call Lavellan da'len when they first meet but he stops as they get closer because he does not see Lavellan as someone lower than him. He calls them either Lethallan/Lethallin” Or Vhenan. 

rekindle the flames

Collab with my potato n-a-d-h-i-e!:) 
You can look forward to her amazing comic at the end of the week!!

A little nalu late night talk while they’re on the road!
This gets quite angsty in the beginning but has a happy ending, I swear!
I just felt like Lucy still has a lot of surpressed feelings and thoughts inside her that she needed to let out at some point.

Their little campfire had long turned to glimmering coals when Lucy awoke.

It was quiet, the silence only disrupted by occasional snores from her two friends. The day had been hot, but now that the sun was gone, the night air had turned fresh, and Lucy shivered, wrapping the thin blanket around herself tighter as she sat up and shuffled closer to the remnants of the fire.

Reluctantly freeing one arm from her safe space and bringing it out into the cold, she picked up a small, crooked branch and started poking the ash. And indeed, it flared up a little, sending small sparks into the air. But it was not enough to light the fire.

Lucy sighed, hugging her legs.

She still couldn’t grasp what had happened - it all seemed so unreal.

When she had woken up this morning, it had taken her a moment to reassure herself that Natsu and Happy were actually back, and it had not just been a dream. But reality had quickly caught up with her when she had heard the marching troops in front of her flat, and then everything had happened so fast, her mind could only recall it in a haze.

But now, here she was. On the road. With Natsu and Happy.

The sound of rustling sheets ripped her from her thoughts.

Natsu groaned lowly, and for a moment she felt bad that she had confiscated his sleeping mat. But the moment passed immediately. It was the least he could have done, after packing such horrible clothes for her. She deserved some comfort.

A few seconds of silence passed as she stared at the glimmering heap in front of her, her thoughts drifting off to darker corners of her mind. Corners she didn’t necessarily want to visit - she’d spent enough time there the last months. Why couldn’t she just simply be happy, now that they were back?

She knew, of course. It would take more than one day of carefree banter to heal the wounds a year of loneliness had left in her heart. Not even Natsu could do that.

What he could do was storm back into her life, grab her and rip her out of the routine she had built while he as gone. Just like that.

When a hand settled on her shoulder, she jumped, surpressing a scream. But instinct was faster, and she whirled around without thinking and sent her fist flying. It hit him square in the face.

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It’s a gradual change [Daryl’s arc]. It’s a progression; his relationship with Beth, too. They’re always doing this sort of like chocolate thing: ‘Here, here, it’s delicious. Oh, psych!’ and they take it away…. These characters get harder as it goes on. They have more experience with loss and grief. Everyone’s in fifth gear right now…. You know, Beth was kind like this little flame at the end of a long dark tunnel, and he was getting closer and closer, and it was getting warmer, and then someone blew it out. You know, they took my chocolate again….The whole Daryl and his thing for Beth…I always saw it as if he didn’t understand those feelings. He might have felt them, but he was sorta hopeful; that with those feelings there might have been hope there. Down the line. And it was taken from him. Same as with his brother…taken. Found his family in the prison…taken. I mean, over and over and over again. That happens to all of us.

Norman Reedus, Horror Hound [magazine] (Sept/Oct 2014)

p. 8

As The Years Go By (5/5) Complete

Blaine moves into the house behind Kurt’s, they grow up together as best friends and then more. 

~8,600 words, R overall.

part one / part two / part three / part four/ on AO3

The treehouse is tiny now, both of them stretched out inside two sleeping bags zipped together, heads at one end and feet pressed to the opposite side, taking up all of the available floor space and then some. Kurt shifts a little and bangs his elbow on the wall, curses and scoots in closer to Blaine. The hair on Blaine’s leg tickles against the hair on his own.

“How did we spend so much time up here? It feels like it’s gotten smaller,” Kurt says. Blaine smiles fondly down at him, features softly glowing in the flickering candlelight. 

“I think we grew.“ He rubs the pad of his thumb over Kurt’s chin. “Do you want to go inside?”

Kurt shakes his head, Blaine’s thumb slips to the corner of his mouth. “No, this is romantic. Claustrophobic. But, romantic.”

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"Live in Mekakucity SUMMER’13" Booklet - Jin's Message

Translation of the message that Jin wrote in the booklet for the “Live in Mekakucity SUMMER'13” DVD booklet. Thanks to reijyo for sharing the scans!

I thought it was a really nice message–with a little humor at the beginning and end; overall, it’s about how his views of summer have changed as he’s grown older, and again how they’ve changed because of the concert.

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One week out.

“I’m not training for almost, not quite, or maybe. Each rep, each set, each step. Closer to victory. So, on I fight- me vs. me. Leaving nothing on the field…” –Erin Stern

- I’m not nearly at my peak right now- I’m slightly dehydrated and haven’t had many carbs the past few days, so I’m feeling a little flat.
- Finally less bloated thanks to some aggressive medical intervention (above and beyond the miralax from yesterday)… ahh, relief.
- My to-do/to-pack list has started. This is helping me prep for next week without having any major surprises in the process. Those are going to happen regardless.
- Today must be “take off work without a sub day”. I’m currently covering a 6th grade English class and Matt has 19 teachers out at his school.
- I could not be more excited to pick A & T up from school today. I just need some relaxing time with our little family. I’m craving it. I need to rejuvenate.
- Despite the tiredness, hunger, and sore muscles, I’m getting pumped. Ready to roll into peak week with confidence.

You know what sounds really good right now? You. You and me, together. Together under the sheets where we’re cuddling each other so close because the cool breeze from the fresh autumn night gave us goosebumps. I want to feel your force pulling me closer to you because you want me right up against you. I want to have my legs intertwined with yours while our hands are still locked. I want to hear you snoring and feel the little breaths on my shoulder. I want to then wake up and look at you to admire your raw beauty in your most delicate and fragile state, and think to myself how much I love you. Because God, I really do.