i noticed this on my rewatch of going home

I recently rewatched Digimon Tamers, and, as always when rewatching a series from my childhood, I notice new little details.

For example, Beelzemon. He is a demon in design and, at first, behavior. But once he is defeated through the power of friendship (made manifest through biomerging), he breaks down, realizing what he’s done and why it’s wrong.

And then, when he returns home to his tamers, and they welcome him back with awkward kindness, he has to go out and save the only other people to be nice to him- the main characters. And because he is now fighting to protect, to save, he changes. He is no longer a mere demon- he is a fallen angel, given his wings by the faith and love of a small child.

And when he’s finally there, trying to save Jeri and at least attempt to make up for murdering Leomon, he knows, in that moment, what true strength is. And he calls upon Leomon’s spirit, and he uses Fist of the Beast King, Leomon’s signature attack, to break through.

There is something very powerful about that- about a character who went from imp to demon to fallen angel, who knows that his sins can never be forgiven, but who still tries to make up for them.

Tamers was honestly an amazing series, largely because it didn’t really have evil digimon, just digimon with different perspectives. The darkness type was a hero in the end, the virus type was the main character’s partner, and the initial villain was literally one of the digimon gods. Oh, and who could forget permanent death?

Compare that to Adventure, which had villains who were almost exclusively darkness-type digimon and virus-type digimon. Which had a main cast made entirely of vaccine-type digimon. Which literally did not allow any character to die even when they died, save for villains, for no given reason. Even Adventure 02 had a cast of only vaccine and data types, and villain digimon who were exclusively darkness types and virus types.

Nash Grier - The interview


I had a huge surprise for Nash and couldn’t wait to see his reaction. Since we started dating a year ago I was avoiding every kind of appearances in the media in connection with him, since back then I was the star of an upcoming comedy and people wanted to know everything about me, but I wanted to keep it professional and I wasn’t willing to talk about what was going on between us. We got a lot of offers about interviews and stuff, but I didn’t want to put our relationship out to the public, so I turned everything down and focused on my work while Nash did the same. It was mostly my decision, because he had nothing against talking about us to people, but he respected my will and kept everything to himself.

Deep down I knew he wanted to talk about it, he wanted to mention it in interviews and share it with his fans, so two weeks ago I agreed to do an interview with Ellen and I wanted it to be a surprise for him. I told him to not make plans like a week before the airing date, and I was supposed to go over. I was planning on just casually make him sit down and watch the show with me, then he would see me come on screen and he would be totally all over the place that I broke my silence.

I bought takeout on my way to his place and I couldn’t be more excited, but when I arrived I was the one who was surprised. Sam, Hayes, Gilinsky and Madison were in the apartment, having fun with playing just dance on the TV.

“Hey baby,” Nash greeted me giving me a kiss on the lips after taking the bags away from me.

“Uh, hey, did I miss a memo? I thought it’s going to be just the two of you,” I said raising my eyebrows. Not like I had a problem with the guys, but the timing wasn’t the best.

“Oh, it’s just a random get together. Hope it’s not a problem,” he smiled at me unpacking the food.

“Well, actually, I had plans for us,” I admitted hoping he would get the hint.

“I’ll make it up to you, baby. Sorry, Gilinsky is in town for only two days.”

I sighed knowing how rarely he got to see his friends lately. It hurt that my surprised was ruined but I didn’t want to ruin his fun either, so just sucked it up and pretended like it was nothing. But even though I didn’t want it to be seen, Nash noticed something was wrong.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked nuzzling his nose to my cheek while Madison and Sam were dancing.

“Nothing,” I said putting on my best fake smile.

“I can tell something is bothering you.”

“No, it’s really nothing. We can talk later.” I kissed his cheek and standing up walked to the kitchen to get something to drink.

Was I a terrible girlfriend because I wished the guys would go home so we could watch the interview? I was really excited to see his reaction, but now I had to tell him myself and he could only rewatch it online.

I poured a glass of soda to myself and started to sip it slowly, not wanting to go back just yet, but then I heard something that caught my attention. It was… my voice. I went back to the living room and found the guys sit on the couch staring at the TV where my interview was on.

“Why did you turn the game off?” I asked with wide eyes.

“Babe, the better question is, why didn’t you tell me you were going to be on Ellen?” Nash asked turning to me while they were playing the trailer of my new movie on the screen.

“Well… It was going to be a surprise, but the guys came over and I thought I would tell you later.”

“Did you announce something important or why did you want it to be a surprise? You’d been on Ellen two times.”

“Just watch it,” I shrugged nodding towards the TV. The trailer was over and Ellen turned to my TV-self with a smile.

“So, Y/N, it’s quite exciting, I can’t wait to see it in the theaters!”

“Thank you,” I smiled back at her.

“Okay, let’s talk about how things have been going lately. What are you up to when you are not shooting an amazing movie?” she asked.

“Well, I just like to spend time with my loved ones, I spent a few weeks with my family earlier this month, and I also spend a lot of time with my boyfriend,” I said, just like we agreed I would say before the recording.

“That would be Vine star, Nash Grier, am I right?”

“Yes,” I nodded smiling and the audience started to cheer and clap hearing his name. Nash turned to me with a questioning look but I just gestured towards the TV.

“It’s great to hear you talk about him, since you hadn’t really say that much about your personal life.

“Yes, I like to keep these things to myself and focus on the professional side of my life, I would love to get attention because of my work rather than because of who I’m dating. This is why we agreed on keeping it low-key.”

“But here you are, talking about him freely. Is this because of something special, or just because you just feel like you are ready to share something about your private life?” Photos started to pop up behind us on the big screen, paparazzi photos of us our in LA, kissing at the airport and from that one time we appeared on the red carpet together.

“It’s nothing special, I just thought I would…” I was searching for the right words.

“Give the fans what they want?” Ellen helped me out.

“Exactly. As much as I would love to keep most of it to myself, I know I can’t do that. These people are the reason why we are where we are now, and I thought they deserve to know something.”

“Glad to hear it!”

She asked me about how we met and if we had any plans for the future, and I told her that we are just enjoying what we have and don’t to rush anything, since we are both young. Then she changed the topic.

The interview was soon over and I was nervous to see Nash’s reaction. He stood up and stepped to me with a confused look.

“This is why you were all bummed? Because you wanted me to watch the interview?” he asked putting his hands to my waist. I nodded. “You should have told me baby.”

“I didn’t want to ruin your fun.”

“This would have never ruined. I loved it.” Pulling me closer he kissed my forehead. “Thank you, I love you,” he whispered as I hugged his body tightly.

“From now I’m okay with talking about us. But don’t give too much away, my manager would kill me,” I warned him laughing. He chuckled nodding.

“Alright, we wouldn’t want that,” he said before pressing his lips to mine.