i noticed it from the start


He didn’t know what to say. All he did was stare at the small figure sitting across the from from him. She was pale and eyes red from crying. He didn’t mean to make a mess of the situation. Harry just has an emotional heart and says what he feels.

“You can stop looking at me. It’s making me uncomfortable,” she turned to the side a bit to avoid his gaze. Harry didn’t respond but just continued to look at her. (Y/N) coughed and blew her nose, her throat still hurting from practically screaming five minutes earlier. Harry noticed that she started to shiver and immediately got up and got her a blanket.

“I don’t know how much longer we can keep this up (Y/N). It seems like we’re just a poison to each other,” Harry went on. (Y/N) sighed and slumped her shoulders not satisfied that they would continue to have a discussion. Harry knelt down next to her grabbing her small hand in his big one. He brought it to his lips and let them linger for a couple seconds.

It didn’t take much for her to burst out into tears again. “I just want to be able to love you without any consequences. Without any worries,” she mumbled through her cries. Harry started to feel the tears building up at the corners of his eyes.

“Listen I love you. I love everything about you and nothing will ever change that. It’s just not healthy for us to be together if this is how it’s going to be. We shouted at each other so loud I maybe be going a little def,” Harry joked. It got a little congested laugh out of (Y/N)’s mouth. You could see it in both of their eyes. They were in complete utter love. That was the truth, and everyone knew it.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. But you’re right, we have to let go.”

The tears continued and even Harry’s tears finally let go and fell down his face. He moved (Y/N) slightly over on the couch so he could sit next to her and cuddle his baby doll one last time. She rested her head on Harry’s chest getting comfortable. He kissed the top of it and stroked her hair.

“The world will bring us together again. When we’re better for each other.”

Charles started checking for a ring after Jake and Amy had been dating for a month. 

In a very un-Charles like move, he didn’t mention that fact to anyone. Sure, he pressured them. How could he not, right?? He had shipped it from literal day one. He knew they were perfect for each other. He knew they’d figure it out eventually. And Charles would be the first to notice. He’d be the first to know. 

So out of habit, he takes a look at Amy’s left hand as he strolls into the evidence lockup, bragging about escaping from the handcuffs–

He sees it.

He thought he was prepared for this eventuality. 

He is not. 

Eat For Me

{TW- Eating disorders}

David noticed.

He noticed the untouched plates of food, and the way his clothes gradually grew looser.

The way Max would stiffen at even the slightest hint that he wasn’t okay.

The confrontation started over a cup of pudding.

If there was one thing David knew, it was Max’s deep love for sweets. When he first arrived to camp, he had a sucker in his mouth and a caramel bar in his hoodie pocket. Although, as camp wore on, and after a letter from his parents, Max seemed to have lost his appetite.


Sure, he would drink water every now and again, but David knew that wasn’t enough. Max was getting tired quickly, and half the time, he seemed to weak to even leave the bed.

He started exempting Max from activities, not that the boy did them anyway. His physical appearance looked downtrodden as well. His usually plump cheeks were staring to sink in, as well as his eyes.

David would go to Gwen crying.

He would find himself at his co-counselor’s cabin, sobbing in her arms. Even Gwen was getting concerned and she didn’t even get concerned when they hired a cultist.

So, a cup of pudding was presented to Max, while all the other kids were at their chosen camps. Gwen and David sat on the other side of Max, eyes focus on the boy.

“What the hell do you want?” He asked, not as loud as the other two were used to. Hell, he even sounded weak.

“Eat the pudding, Max.” Gwen said firmly, arms crossed over her chest.

“Are you serious-”

“Max, just eat it.” She sighed, her tired purple eyes full of worry.

David was quiet, surprisingly, but his eyes were red. In fact, from what Max could remember, they’d been red for days now.

“I’m going outside.” He didn’t stand, and it was probably because he was visibly trembling.

He’s too weak to stand, David thought in horror.

“No, you aren’t, you little shit, now eat.” Gwen said with more force, holding eye contact with the green eyed child.

“Fuck off.”

“Max, please!”

Max and Gwen jumped hearing David speak for the first time since they’d cornered him.

“I can’t keep pretending not to notice. You’re getting skinny, your clothes barely fit anymore. You’re too weak to do most things now, d-damnit Max, you don’t can barely stand up because you won’t fucking eat!”

The redhead was breathing heavily by the time he was done, eyes glossed over.

“Eat please.. I.. I know you won’t be able to eat full meals for a while, but this is a start, right? Small things?”

Max was practically in shock from hearing him, but he nodded slowly. His hands moved almost automatically as he opened up the pudding cup, which was still surprisingly cold. He hesitated, glancing from the spoon to the cup. His green eyes moved up to David and he paused, pained by those sea green eyes.

He stuck his spoon in the chocolate, nervousness bubbling up in him, because he was so hungry, but he would lose all this progress.

Or was it even considered progress? This was spite, spite against his parents, parents who didn’t care.

Maybe he was showing his spite the wrong way.

He took a bite.

bellezzarue  asked:

Any advice for young artists on how to get commissions?

Advertise yourself.

I’ve done commissions since 2009, long before Tumblr, my experience comes from there, not here. When I started out, I sold my art for $1, and even 50cents (it was really crappy back then too so I didn’t see my art worth much). I went from Gaia Online to Deviant Art to Furaffinity to Artists&Clients, posting and sharing my listing everywhere until someone noticed. I made like what…$5 - $12 a month for how many bundles of drawings..? 

I was lucky I started really young and was more confident back then, so I easily put myself up for work without anxiety and all that. The more I advertised myself the more chances there were for people to find me, and the more people can recommend others.

If you stop advertising yourself, then people are gonna stop finding you.

Tate’s SO Being A Witch [HCs]

Request: “Could you pretty please do a head cannon for if Tate found out you are into witchcraft?” - Anon

Count: 15-ish

A/N: I want to write an imagine based on this now whoops

  • Tate would probably notice little things you do with your magic, but never question it.
  • Something like opening a jar, folding a blanket, or making someone do something for you that’s eerily convenient. 
  • He wouldn’t be able to stop his mind from wondering exactly what was happening, though.
  • Being a witch wouldn’t even cross his mind.
  • After coming up with his list of weird, irrational theories, he’d start keeping an eye out for anything to confirm his suspicions.
  • He wouldn’t find much, obviously. You had learned to be cautious with your abilities.
  • Honestly, he’d probably go google “how to know if someone is a witch” and “how to be a witch.”
  • Upon collecting a weirdly large amount of knowledge on the subject, he’d start dropping hints.
  • Like, saying that he read a book on witchcraft and how interesting it is.
  • Then, he’d randomly blurt out witch-related facts at the worst possible moments. 
  • And when that plan fails, eventually he’d just ask you, straight up.
  • Once you confirmed, he’d be very curious in the “real” witchcraft.
  • He’d be fascinated and curious, but he would still respect your boundaries.
  • If you didn’t want to do something, he wouldn’t ask again until he was certain you’d be comfortable with it.
  • Overall, he’d be down for having a witch SO. 
Story time

So I’m in the toilets at the market I work at washing my hands minding my own business, and I notice this young girl at the taps looking me up and down scowling. Note I’m wearing my hair down and have a illusene tshirt on. So I’m like

“Is there a problem?”

And she just says

“Are you a fucking Jhullsen?”

And I’m like

“Geez, what gave it away?” Because I have zero chill when it comes to smart arse teens and she starts going off her nut at me, screaming, literally screaming all the usual

Jhullsen is abusive, racist blah blah blah. Now she’s so loud her mum comes running in from outside to see what’s going on.

I just turned around and said

“I don’t know who you think you are but how dare you talk to me or anyone like that.”

Her mum just hit the roof at her, telling her off in front of about ten other market workers for her yelling, swearing, having the nerve to yell at an adult she doesn’t know like that…

And then he Mum finished with the classic line…

“What did you think was going to happen with Illusen and Jhudora?! Of course that’s what’s going on!”

So she not only embarrassed herself, she got in major trouble and found out her Mum ships Jhullsen …

It was a great start to the day.

November 10

They begged me to stay til our team got back from the symposium in Italy, then they begged me to stay til the end of next schedule instead of my original two week notice. Which would have been approx 3 more shifts. I told them, just til Nov 10 since I’ll be in Seattle for most of the next week.

I said yes.

I am so freaking stupid.

They fired our director the day after I put in my notice. This place is going to Hell in a handbasket and I’m ready to go.

I am currently going to be losing money til I start my new job because my new job is a raise.

What. Was. I. Thinking? This place is never going to change. This place SUCKS.

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hey there ! First I want to start by saying thank you for the amazing blog and second I wanted to bring a certain detail to light hoping to hear your thoughts on it and how it ties it to theories. In the little buddy camera clips from the first episode I noticed, along with many others , that there was a time and date at the corner . What I don't know that others have noticed is that the date reads 2017! Wasn't this a BACKSTORY , I'M SO CONFUSED ~💕

Thank you! 💖 And also, that is an excellent point. The dates do read 2017, and the story is certainly an origin story… Maybe Teamiplier didn’t want to pin down an exact year (so that it could be held in any year), so they just used 2017? But then, they could just have easily used “XXXX” for the year.

I think they might have used 2017 as the year simply because it IS this year, and the specific dates (with the day and time as well) of the footages are supposed to come into play as a story element, and they didn’t want us to get too caught up with what the year could possibly be (rather than focus on the larger plot at hand). That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, though… But with that in mind, what does everyone else think? - Em


Dear @taylorswift.

I am Griesel van Heerden, a 18 year old boy from South Africa.

I sent you a tumblr message saying that I want to ask you advice, but I don’t know if I should.

The thing is all my life I hated myself because of who I am. I was stuck in this dark place in my mind for so long. When I was 12 years old I started noticing that I was different from other guys. They made fun of me because of the fact that I was different and that I expressed myself in a different way than the. I hated sports and I hated the things that your typical type of guy would like.

Over the years I was bullied a lot. I was called a faggot, gay, pushed around and people started making comments of the fact that my mom left us. In all that bullying I was struggling with the fact that I am gay.

Last year on the 23rd of August, I came home in tears, I was afraid and it felt like my body was busy falling apart. So I went to my room, put in your album and listened to the song Change. It was at that moment I really felt like it was time to come out so that was what I did. I started accepting myself for who I am and if it wasn’t for that moment of listening the song, I don’t think I would’ve ever come out.

Now for the advice. Even though I am out, I still feel like I can’t be myself to the fullest extent. I am afraid of being judged for even being in a relationship and I don’t know what to do. I push away people in my life because I am afraid of what other people would say and I don’t know what to do. If you could help me with anything, anything you can think of that will help me, please do.

I love you Taylor.

@taylornation @youareeinlove @t-swift @swiftsecrets @swiftgallery @swiftstvles @wildestdreamsforswift @taylor-swiftfacts


I’m taking this as an NSV……

On Monday I had to go and see my doctor about my blood pressure meds again. I walked in and she looked at me shocked and said “WOW you’ve lost even more weight since the last time you were in.” I was in to see her 6 weeks ago. Today I wore a dress that I love that I haven’t worn since last fall. It was actually slightly loose. I walked into work and one of the housekeeping staff stopped short and said “WOW, are you losing weight?” I was so shocked that people have noticed as I look in the mirror and don’t see weight loss. The scale also doesn’t show weight loss but I know that my measurement at the gym were slightly down from a few months ago. I also think that I am starting to tone up which makes a difference. Either way I am taking both of these comments as NSV’s. 😊


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Can I request a young Jiraya?? Where he's got a crush on some girl and keeps it a secret but people start to notice because he stops being pervy?? Thanks!

Of course! I had fun writing this :) I hope you’ll like this too!
– Admin Vann

↳ Jiraiya | Safe For Work

     A small flush crept up to Jiraiya’s face, his eyes meeting hers from the distance. The crowds of villagers quickly broke his gaze away, he watched as she disappeared into the crowd. He looked down and he wanted to internally slap himself in the face, he was supposed to strut his way towards her and try to start a conversation– not stare at her from afar and look like he was fresh from the oven! At least he remembered her name. He remembered talking with her a few days ago, and Jiraiya immediately cringed at what he knew came next; while they both conversed, his persona was foreign. He completely acted differently towards you, the way his heart fluttered in his chest while he talked with you and there wasn’t a single trace of perverseness coming from him. He was simply awestruck.

    Tsunade raises a brow at Jiraiya, who’s now sitting on the chair with his eyes staring at nothing. She nudges Orochimaru softly with her shoulder, she leans in to his ear and whispers. “Hey, do you think Jiraiya is acting pretty strange right now?”

    “It’s about that girl, [Name]. He likes her.” Orochimaru whispers back, Tsunade nods her head in understanding. It was obvious Orochimaru followed them, she didn’t need to ask any questions about that. “Is that so? I thought Jiraiya would talk about her with excitement.”

  Tsunade leans her back against the couch, as curiosity gets to her. She decides to let the question slip past your lips, her expression showing her genuine curiosity while Orochimaru’s resting in the corner, sparing Jiraiya one small glance before he goes back to holding and feeding his snakes. “Is it true you like [Name]?” As Tsunade questions the young man, he raises a brow at his teammate and a small chuckle emits from his throat.

  “Where did you get that idea from?” Jiraiya lets out a small chuckle, his eyes travels to the window across from him; growing dazed by each passing second.

  “So is that a yes?”

    “Mind your own business, Tsuna,” he leans back against the couch, his eyes slowly closes before he drifts into a soft nap. “That was the quickest he fell asleep,” Tsunade says, bemusedly and she’s also having that amused expression growing onto her face. “Orochimaru, you better not place your python on Jiraiya again.”

    “That was unintentional, but okay,” Orochimaru replied, he walked toward the open door and he met eyes with Tsunade, again. His expression was empty like a blank page, sometimes she can never read Orochimaru through his heavy barrier separating him and his emotions. “Let’s visit that restaurant you wanted to go while Jiraiya sleeps,” Orochimaru said coolly, “If we irritate Jiraiya, he can get pretty ferocious.”

     Tsunade shrugged and she then nodded, following Orochimaru as they both left Jiraiya to his slumber. Well, they thought he was fast asleep.

    “They’re so damn loud,” Jiraiya whined, groggily. He lazily sat up from his resting position, his eyes bored into the windows. “Are they going to the restaurant in the middle of a storm, well that’s nice.” Jiraiya spent a few minutes of talking to himself, but his talking soon paused when he heard his stomach growl. With a low whine, he walked his way toward the fridge and a heavy sigh left his lips. It was empty. The loud noises of the rain meeting the ground filled Jiraiya’s ears, the only thing protecting his head was his arms. He grumbled out incoherent words until the feeling of the rain pouring down onto his arms stopped. 

  “Fancy seeing you here, Jiraiya,” The male turned around to meet the woman who made his heart churn, in a positive way. By instinct, he moved away, only for her to move forward; shielding Jiraiya from the rain with her umbrella. “[N-Name]? It’s nice seeing you here too!”

   “I think I heard your tummy growl a few seconds ago. Do you want to go somewhere to eat?” [Name] questioned, Jiraiya could obviously feel the sincerity from her and it just made him fall for her even more. Jiraiya’s cheeks were a warm red, and he nodded his head in response. “Maybe we can go to the restaurant that’s across from us,” he suggested, “let’s go check if it’s open.”

     “This will be my treat,” she grinned softly, “you can order whatever you want and relax.”

“You’re so kind.” He couldn’t control his mouth and he let the word fall smoothly from his lips. Flabbergasted, he turned away from her for a few seconds before he looked back to [Name]; finding a warm red on her cheeks. He couldn’t deny the fact she was too damn cute, she looked away and huffed softly, she felt the heat radiating onto her cheeks even more.

“I-I’m glad to hear that from you, Jiraiya,” [Name] slightly stuttered as she stuffed her face in the menu. Jiraiya softly chuckled.

Howlr Chapter 6 IS UP

Hi, friends! Me and @partialtopotter just wanted to let you know that her fic HOWLR has just been updated! So chapter 6 is up!

Read chapter 6 here

Start at the beginning here

This is such a great chapter! We have the squad attending the ball, a feisty Hermione, immobile (yes immobile) Neville, sneaky Ginny, hilarious-as-always Ron and even a cameo from Millicent Bulstrode! 

Excerpt in which Timothy Morcott is not the most handsome of fellows and Draco and Harry had both noticed that

Howlr Messaging:

Greenviper: I have another confession to make… I am Timothy Morcott.

Prongs: Sod off.

Greenviper: Haha Salazar, could you imagine?

Prongs: I’d rather not, if it’s all the same. I prefer my mini appetizers to remain in my stomach.  

Greenviper: Tsk tsk. So shallow, Prongs. What would Godric say?

Prongs:  And if things were reversed?

Greenviper: Oh, I’d drop you like a Snitch on fire. But I’m supposed to be the bastard.


“So I’m a Sylveon now instead of an Umbreon…” Giro was walking around the shore of Alola, walking on his own, sulking about the fact that he’s now a Sylveon. He was thinking about what a certain person would think of him if the two would ever meet. A few hours later, he noticed another Sylveon! Maybe they could help him with his problem. So, Giro walked towards them curiously and started talking.

“Uhhhh, hello? You’re also from Kanto, right?” Giro said to the other Sylveon.

so did i ever tell you guys the story of how a reylo attacked me?

it was a beautiful summer evening, i was on my way home from my local market when this 40 year old got on the bus with her 3 kids and sat down next to me.

i noticed her staring at my “finn is the male lead fuck kylo ren” shirt.

suddenly she started yelling “are you a fucking anti?”. the whole bus was looking at us. “yeah” i replied. that’s when she started kicking and hitting me but then all of her kids said “mom…reylo is a shitty abusive ship that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and you should probably delete your tumblr and stop arguing with teenagers online.” she broke down in tears.

i almost felt bad for her but then john boyega showed up, bought me a sandwich and told me he loves antis. anyways, later that night daisy ridley rawed me in a denny’s parking lot and everyone clapped.

as it stands now, the one closest to figuring out that shiro is a clone is actually lance.

hear me out-

everyone else seems completely oblivious so far. maybe keith is slightly suspicious of the circumstances behind shiro returning –he spends a lot of time trying to reason his way through it– but he doesnt question that this is real shiro. even when shiro uncharacteristically and repeatedly shuts him down, he doesn’t ever stop to consider whether this is actually shiro. (keith thinks shiro’s criticism is his own fault, but that’s another topic entirely.)

lance has noticed something off about him from the beginning, even if he isn’t yet sure what it is.

otherwise, he would have gone to shiro with his insecurities in s3, not keith. keith even asks lance why he decided to go to him, specifically. 

lance says, “well, i mean, you’re the leader now, right?” but idk, that doesnt really sound like an entirely convincing reason to me.

and then in the last episode- lance says they need to get out off of naxzela, but shiro shuts him down and it. pisses. lance. off. shiro dismissing lance puts voltron in danger- it puts the entire team in danger. when they get back in their lions he literally growls. he is that frustrated.


i think that’s the moment when lance realizes that shiro (regardless of whether he’s the real one or not) is not the right leader for voltron. keith would have listened to him. even though we haven’t had much of a chance to see keith really lead voltron, from what we have seen in s3 e5, he is much more responsive to the team’s input than shiro is. and now lance realizes that. now lance knows that shiro isn’t the right leader for the team- at least not right now.

i want him to side with keith. i want lance to start keeping a more critical eye on shiro. and over time, i want him to notice all the little things shiro/kuron does that don’t add up. i really want lance to be the first to figure out. and the way things have gone, i think he’s already starting to piece it together. 



Thank you so much for the support! I’m honestly happy that this many people are interested in this blog! Running it has been a fun ride from the very beginning, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Also, I reached a moment right now in which I feel like I’m breaking through with my art style and process, and getting closer to what I want to do – so all the more reason to celebrate!!

- Mod

Update: now with a canon!Katsuki edit (x)


#bouncing together to the rhythm

maybe i’m asking for too much but if “it devours” also manages to tell us how carlos fell in love with cecil from his own point of view i will literally leave this plane of existence and subsequently reach nirvana

I remember when I was younger I’d watch shows like Hannah Montana, iCarly, Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, etc and I’d lowkey wonder why I never saw anybody on TV that looked like me. The only Indian character I knew was Baljeet from Phineas & Ferb, and he was a stereotypical nerdy Asian. I wondered why my skin was so much darker than the pale characters in most of the TV shows that I watched.

Then I got older and started watching The Office and saw the character Kelly Kapoor. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t gotten really excited when I noticed an Indian character on an American show. I would live for the few minutes of screen time that Kelly Kapoor would get in every other episode. Seeing an Indian on TV made me so happy.

Then came the hilarious Tom Haverford on Parks & Recreation, one of my favorite characters of all time. And yet, another Indian character that made me feel represented. I’d get so excited whenever he had screen time.

Now it’s 2017 and we got Quantico, Master Of None, iZombie, The Good Place, and other shows that have South Asian characters. I feel so much better than I did when I was younger. I actually get to see myself on TV. Representation freaking matters. I hope that if I have kids, they won’t have to wonder why they don’t look like the people they see on TV.

We still have a long way to go. We need more black characters, latinx characters, Asian characters, gay characters, trans characters, etc so no one feels left out. The only people that say “representation doesn’t matter” are those that have always been represented.

This is why we need more shows with characters that are minorities. Everybody deserves to be represented. All races, religions, and sexualities should have a place in television.

Mystic Messenger Shitty List of Blogs [20.05.2017]

Okkay! I hope it’s at least a bit useful! Here some basic info:

  • Mind that I don’t know all the blogs that exist, no one sent me any links so I assumed that you trust me lol.
  • Some blogs I may have not included because they’re no longer active (max 2 weeks since the last update).
  • I also tend to avoid blogs that reblog much much much more than post their own stuff, keep that in mind as well~
  • The blogs may include other fandoms/kind of content as well! The list may include SFW blogs along with NSFW. No one forces you to follow a thing, but if you click the link and see… well, things… I’m sorry but innocent;;

Scenario/Headcanon/such blogs:

@yandereshit (of course XD)
@mysmegifscenarios (as the title says!)

Art blogs:


Roleplay blogs:



MysMe AU week: @rfaauweek
MysMe Vanderweek ♥: @vanderweek
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Official Cheritz blog: @cheritzteam