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Do you think Prompto gets red easily since he's pale? Like sunburns, bright blushing, visible indentations from lying on something, skin turning blotchy from hot water, & noticeable red marks from when something injures or messes with his skin? Since he has freckles, do you think he gets excited, annoyed, or feels indifferent from getting new ones? Do you think the others find these issues funny? Just curious because I personally experience these things, & I wonder how you think he handles it.

Well, believe it or not, I have freckles all over my nose and cheeks. I have some randomly everywhere else. When I find new ones, it confuses me. Like,“ where did you come from??”
And oh man don’t get me started about the sun.

So my guess is, Prompto would probably not care for his freckles. He’d be bummed when he found more haha. Yes I think he may sunburn a bit but really all he does is just get more freckles. I can totally imagine him saying something to Noctis one day. Something along the lines of,“ dude… you’re face is so clear and smooth. I’m so jelly.”

Noctis would raise his brows in confusion,“ what?”
Prompto would sigh,“ You know… I’ve got all of …. this goin’ on,” he’d say as he’d gesture to his face.
Noctis would smile,“ And what’s wrong with that?”
Prompto would blush,“ uh… um..” he’d stutter,“ I uh… well they’re…” he’d begin.

Noctis would pinch his cheek,“ …Cute. Now could you cut it out?”

Prompto would scratch his nose… embarrassed. His cheeks had become a bright shade of red. “Uh yeah. Ok, Noct.”

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Any sense of a glimmer of feeling from Nick or is it purely platonic? Any doubts about Reagan at least?

I think the fact that not only did he notice something was wrong with her when no one else did, but that he genuinely wanted to help her in any way he could, shows that there are deeper feelings there that’s more than just friendship. 

And regarding Reagan, I wouldn’t say there were “doubts” necessarily but she’s clearly trying to pressure him to be something he’s not and he’s starting to feel that pressure, if that makes sense.

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It’s great! I love the doot doot part. :D

I know I had heard the song before, but I wasn’t familiar with the lyrics, so instead of “fingers on my buttons and now you’re playing,” at first I thought Ed sang, “fingers on my butt and now you’re playing.” And I was like oh gosh, that’s explicit isn’t it? And I was revising my whole understanding of what “touch of your love” really meant… until the second time he said it and I realized it was buttons. But, you know, aside from that one briefly startling thought that the entire song was about experimenting with anal sex, I really enjoyed it! 

Ed’s hair looked nice too, didn’t it? That was the first thing I noticed as soon as I started watching. I don’t know why it looked different from normal… like, I’m not sure if he got it cut recently or if he’s specifically done something to it (like maybe combed it?) but whatever it was, I really liked it. Especially the back and sides. I love his hair this length. 

You could really tell how hot it was in there though! Like when he put on his glasses and said he hoped they didn’t fog up, and then they definitely did. 

Anyway, he sounded amazing like usual. I always love seeing Ed in the live lounge. I was just thinking about how I hope he continues to play Bloodstream during his tour this year, and since he did it this morning, I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s a sign. :) 

Sorry I have been away for so long! I will be trying to adjust my schedule a bit so I can write more for you all. Here is some Oikawa angst to celebrate. Also I am a mess today, emotionally. It’s short, but it came from the heart yo.


“Oikawa-san! Can you wait a moment?” You asked as the students started pouring out of the classroom. Oikawa turned, as he turned you noticed a look of disgust as he quickly formed his perfect smile. You gulped slightly and grabbed the roster. You walked over and handed the paper to Oikawa. He merely looked down, sighed, and then looked back up to you.

“Can’t you do this for me ____-chan?” He smiled once more. You felt your cheeks heat up as he looked into your eyes. You nodded slowly, then walked back to your desk and sat down. Oikawa waved goodbye cheerfully and walked out of the classroom.

You looked down at the roster that was supposed to be completed by the ever popular Oikawa. You hated how he made your heart skip, and then beat faster than normal. You were normally alright at dealing with his type, but Oikawa was special somehow. You sighed and an hour later you finished the roster. As you were leaving the school you noticed Oikawa outside of the volleyball practice gym, talking to more girls. You rolled your eyes and walked home.

The next day you walked over to Oikawa’s desk and handed him a stack of papers. He glanced at the papers and then looked up at you. He gave you his famous perfect smile… however, all you could think about was the girls that he messes with. You turned away and walked back to your desk. You had your own stack of papers to go through.

Once you finished you looked over at Oikawa, he was close to being done as well. You set your stack on the teachers desk. You turned and walked towards the door. Oikawa stood up and set his stack on the desk as well. You hesitated slightly as you opened the door. Oikawa quickly closed it before you could walk out. You looked up at him and gulped slightly.

“Are you upset with me, ___-chan?” He frowned slightly. You shook your head slowly. Oikawa tilted your face towards his with your chin. He leaned closer to you, his lips close to your ears. “I wouldn’t want you, of all people, to be upset with me.” 

You felt your face heat up, you were embarrassingly red. He pulled away and opened the door for you. You turned slightly to look out of the hallway, which just seemed to be a nuisance now. You felt almost as if you wanted to stay in this room with Oikawa forever… However he walked out first. You placed a hand over your chest and took a deep breath.

The next morning you walked up to your locker to change shoes. You looked up and saw Oikawa with Iwaizumi. You felt yourself smile a bit. You slowly raised your arm to wave, however it was as if you were invisible. You sighed and walked to your classroom. 

The day seemed to drag on, more so than usual. You wanted so desperately for that bell to ring. You wanted the time alone with Oikawa again. You weren’t sure when it happened, but you were completely entranced by him.

The bell rang, you walked to his desk and handed him a stack of papers. He looked at you apologetically.

“___-chan, I’m sorry to ask.. I have practice today, would it be okay if I skipped out today?” You looked away slightly, disappointed. Oikawa noticed and smirked slightly. “I will make it up to you, I promise.” You blushed slightly, giving him a faint nod.

Oikawa made his way out of the room. You sat down and began to finish the work that was left behind. About an hour or so later, you finally managed to finish. You stood up, placed the papers on the teachers desk. As you were leaving, you passed the practice gym. You heard some noises from inside.

Practice should have been over by now. You slowly opened the door and peeked inside. You saw Oikawa practicing, and it was breathtaking. You could see him becoming frustrated as he practiced his new serve. A cold win swept by, shoving the door open and it slammed against the wall. Oikawa dropped the ball and looked over at you, a look of pure hatred in his eyes.

“What the hell are you doing here?! Get out, go home!”

“i-I’m sorry, I heard a noise and I thought-”

“No one cares what you thought! God, you are so dense. Nobody likes you, so get the hell away from me!” You felt your eyes well up, and you ran away as fast as you could.

“Seriously? You screamed at her?” Iwaizumi walked in from the other side and threw a volleyball at Oikawa’s head. “She has been nothing but nice to you.”

“Shut the hell up… She was annoying.” Iwaizumi punched Oikawa and shoved him onto the ground.

“Don’t call her annoying! You arrogant piece of trash!” Oikawa furrowed his brow angerly at Iwaizumi.

“You like her… Don’t you?” Iwaizumi’s eyes widened slightly, he let go of Oikawa’s shirt and looked away. “You do?!” Oikawa burst out laughing. “She is not worth your time, trust me.” Oikawa thought for a moment. “I can prove it.. even after what I just did to her, I bet she will still chose me over you. Like all those other vapid, narcissistic girls who hang around me.”

“If you try to hurt her, I won’t hold back next time.”

“Let’s just see what happens.” 

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Didn't the showrunners change or something part way through the season for Shadowhunters? I thought I heard that, idk I could be wrong but if it did I was just wondering if that might be a factor in why Malec suddenly isn't communicating the way they did earlier in the season.

yes, I think the showrunners officially changed when they were filming 2x05 (please don’t quote me on that) and suprisingly, that is when i noticed things started going downhill for malec from there. apart from their date and the fire escape scene, malec has been feeling just off. they stopped communicating, i think the bigest factor being alec completely dismissing magnus’ insecurities and him being vulnerable in 2x07. like i don’t know if it was bad writing or something but it made me feel uncomfortable af. and this episode was fine, like i wasn’t expecting major malec scenes but i was expecting for them to at least talk about their relationship, especially after taking such a huge step. i don’t know, it just feels like we got such a big development during s1 and the first episodes of s2 and now when they are together it’s like nothing, nada. i’m sorry but that’s not how it works and that’s not the malec relationship we want. their “thing” has always been healthy communication, but now they’re being writen as if all the problems they were facing before just completely vanished after they got together, which is not true at all, especially if you look at the 2x09 promo…

Coming Out??

For years I have identified as Bisexual, and honestly I wore that label like a security blanket even though it didn’t feel right. For the past few months I’ve started thinking, what if I wasn’t? What if I’m not this? And thinking about it terrified me.
I started noticing how awkward I was in male relationships, I blamed it on my social awkwardness when I knew it wasn’t.
I started noticing how when I thought about my future, it was with a girl.
With the help of a friend of mine, I have come to the conclusion that I am gay.
This is something that has been on my mind for a while. I always felt as though I had to wear a label to be valid, to be taken seriously when in reality that is further from the truth. If you don’t want to label yourself that’s fine, don’t feel pressured to.
Also, if you’re panicking because you thought you were one thing when in fact you think you may be something else, don’t freak out. There is no sell by date on your identity, you’re questioning for a reason and it doesn’t make you any less valid than you were before.
Just remember that you are you, nobody can change that.
You are as valid and as equal as anybody else out there.

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No but okay still thinking about that inkheart au and nursey def accidentally brings dex to life when he's sleep talking and wake up in the middle of the night to noises in his kitchen and thinks somebody fucking broke into his house so he grabs his hockey stick from college and comes out swinging and knocks dex the fuck out and then whole dex is unconscious notices how much he really looks like the character from his book and then he realizes he just assaulted his god damn main character

That’s the most classic Derek Nurse move ever I swear to god????
Ok but I’m gonna start writing this thing today NGL and that’s gonna happen ok ok

Honestly the start of my day was shit. Things kept going wrong, I heard some sad news, and I’m just not feeling well. But I come home from tech and start watching mr green bean and his laugh in Sword With Sauce #4 just made me smile and laugh and lift my mood by 90% and I’ve had the impact before of his videos but today I really noticed it. So thank you @therealjacksepticeye for being a beacon of joy 💕 I hope you’re good man and I I hope you have a good day/evening ☺️

I’m someone who has pretty much always been comfortable with using the word queer.  For myself, and more broadly.  And that’s not going to change, I think.  When I was younger I certainly thought that anyone who didn’t like it had to be some kind of uptight reactionary.  However, as my circle of friends and acquaintances broadened I realized that this wasn’t true.  And that, frankly, had I been born in another time or place or had not been a cis woman I might have a very different experience of and relationship to being called queer.  This is not to say that everybody who is older than their mid twenties or isn’t from a big coastal American city or is a gay man or a trans woman hates it.  I mean, obviously!  Who do you think started reclaiming it!  But I have noticed that those who aren’t comfortable being called queer have a much stronger reaction.  I still call myself queer, I still use queer to describe art and movies and organizations and people.  But I am more mindful of when and where I do it – not because I think it’s a bad term to use, but because I became more sensitive and more compassionate.

And when I see somebody on the Internet talking tough, about how when someone asks them not to use “queer” they want to grab that person’s face yell at them and call them a “little shit” and I think, really?  You want to call the middle-aged trans lady in book group a little shit?

I don’t think they do, of course.  But the problem with the Internet is that it encourages us to speak in broad strokes.  Queer is always a slur, and terrible, and should not be said in public.  Queer is never a slur, and anyone who isn’t comfortable needs to get over it already.  I guess my hope is that all of us, no matter what our preferred terminology for ourselves is, try to be more respectful, sensitive, and compassionate.

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um hi I just started animating and its super hard like wow!! you put a lot of work into your animations and they always look so beautiful! you're a huge inspiration to me (actually you're one of the people who inspired me to start animating) and I just really want you to know I look up to you and your art is incredible!!!! thank you for existing

Heya! Yes, yes it is. ^^; I’m glad people are happy and inspired from my lil’ bitsy animations in this small blog cx (I never actually expected I’d be noticed lerl) And oooh- here’s a bunch of advice for you to remember when starting out~

1. Remember why you started
2. Enjoy the entire process of animating and take your time (Yeah, from the storyboard to the sketching, outlining, tweening, coloring and etc. Sometimes you want to get over it. But don’t rush art!) That would include making sure you’ve planned everything out carefully (Or else you might get stuck somewhere) and going back and forth (playing animation, looking at each detail carefully from time to time)
3. Have lots of fun!

Omg, I blabbered xD Anyway, there’s no ‘proper’ way to animate, so just go with whatevers comfortable with you~ Thank you too for the lovely ask! Thank my mom for bringing me unto this world nyehe. Have a great day and you’re welcome 030 💛

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☺ ✔ ✌ ✘

munday fandom and headcanon meme

☺ what is your favourite aspect about your character?

     His conviction. From the start of the game (hell, from before the start of the game), Miles is dead set on taking Murkoff down, and in spite of everything that happens, he’s determined to fight until the bitter end. I think that’s admirable, honestly. Obviously not in the sense of diving recklessly into something without having any clue of what you’ll be up against, but in the sense that he refuses to give up. He’s tossed around, beaten, has a couple fingers hacked off, spends the night running for his life, literally gets drop-kicked by the Walrider, and yet… he keeps getting up. He keeps going. A fully armed firing squad isn’t even enough to stop him – he hauls his ass off the ground and out of the asylum, and even manages to save Waylon on his way out the front door. His moral conviction is something I really love, too. Miles was willing to throw away his career for the sake of what he believed to be right, and he’s pretty much willing to die for the sake of stopping Murkoff. Again, perhaps not the smartest mindset, but the way he sticks to his guns is one of my favorite things about his character.

✔ what do you think of the fandom’s general interpretation of your character?

     My feelings are solidly… mixed, to be honest. On the one hand, I think the fandom does a great job with his humor and his brashness and his intense independence, but I feel that his empathy and compassion are often lost in favor of making him an abrasive asshole. His sarcasm and cynicism are fun, but I don’t think it’s reflective of the coldness I sometimes see him saddled with in the fandom. I mean, the guy empathizes with Chris Walker, arguably his main antagonist throughout the game, and yet people often seem to think he’s callous and uncaring? I wish people paid a little more attention to his full range of qualities.

✌ what is your favourite fandom created headcanon for your character?

     That he’s alive and totally not dead haha nOPE. Although who knows, maybe this’ll be proven canon on Wednesday.

✘ share an unpopular opinion you have related to your fandom or character

     Okay another one I got this.

     I don’t see Miles as being quite as revenge driven in relation to Waylon as a lot of post-asylum fanworks portray him. Again, I think people sometimes forget that Miles is all about standing up to injustice, and that he’s not just a bitter people-hating reporter that got dragged into this mess unwillingly. Do I think he’s got a bone to pick with Waylon? Absolutely – I’ve written as much in a couple different rps now. But do I think he’d go so far as to harm Waylon or fuck with him in a truly malicious way? Not really. I think he’d place blame on Waylon without really meaning it – it’s more of a way to help him cope as it gives him something to think about/focus on other than his own internal issues. But deep down, he understands why the email was sent, and he can’t bring himself to actually hate Waylon for it.

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Omg you do attack on titan! Can you do a sick Eren (during his time when he first joined the scouts) with a grumpily caring Levi (not romantic plz)?

I sorta did sick, feverish Eren falling while riding on his vertical maneuvering equipment and falling and getting a concussion. Hope that’s okay

See tags below


He didn’t feel in tip top shape that day but he knew the team couldn’t afford to lose a member, so he went along anyway.

He regretted it once they started traveling through the trees. He felt hot and could feel his vision getting blurry. He was already out of breath from exhaustion after ten minutes.

Levi seemed to notice he was falling behind, and called out to him to keep up. Eren tried to speed up but his coordination seemed to be affected by his exhaustion.

He nearly missed one of the trees but caught himself and latched onto another one. He was so tired even the highly active soaring couldn’t keep him awake. He found himself dozing off and nearly rammed strait into a tree before opening his eyes and dodging to the side before he collided with it.

“This is bad.” Eren thought. “I’ve got to snap out of this.” He tried to force himself to stay awake but all of his muscles seemed to be working against him.

He felt weak and his arms and legs were shaking. “Come on Eren. You’re not so weak as to falter from sickness.” He tried to convince himself.

He tried to focus on nothing else except flying through the air. He went quite a while without incident and was in fact doing very well, until he felt a sneeze coming on.

“No, no not now.” He tried with all his might not to sneeze but it came on without his consent.

The sneeze was so violent and offsetting that he missed the next tree and felt himself falling backwards.

He looked around for another tree to hook onto but his eyes were watering, obstructing his vision.

“Eren! What are you doing?” He heard someone yell, and Levi made to turn around and tried to catch him, but he had been too far ahead of Eren.

Eren fell to the forest floor below with a smack. He landed on his back, knocking the wind out of him and slamming his head against the ground.

Levi landed a few feet away from him gracefully and ran up to Eren. “Moron. What were you doing daydreaming!” He scolded.

Hange and the other team members landed one by one. Hange went up to Levi looking down a Eren. “Is he alright?” She asked.

“He’s out cold.” Levi said, rolling his eyes. He smacked Eren’s face lightly. “Hey, brat. Wake up.”

Eren groaned and tried to open his eyes, squinting. He let out a small cough, breathing unevenly. “I-uchh-can’t- breath.” He said between gasps.

“You just got the wind knocked out of you. It’ll go away shortly.” Levi told him. “Are you hurt anywhere else?” He examined Eren.

“My- head-ach.” He winced. “It’s killing me.”

Levi stood up, wiping dust off his knees. “He’ll be fine.” He told Hange. “But I’m not sure he’s fit to fly.”

Hange sighed. “I guess we’ll be setting us camp here tonight?”

Levi looked around, examining the landscape. “It’s not flat enough here. Let’s move about a meter away.”

“And you intend to carry him?” Hange asked Levi, pointing at Eren.

Levi sighed. “It can’t be helped.”


Levi lifted Eren up on his back and began trekking through the forest. Eren was wheezing and it was difficult for him to breath in that position. Not to mention with each step Levi took his head throbbed.

The motion made him feel nauseous as sharp pangs pierced through his skull. “Levi.” He wheezed.

“What is it brat?” He asked grumpily.

“I think I might be sick.” Eren said with urgency.

“Not on me you’re won’t be.” Levi said, immediately dropping Eren to the ground. He only fell a foot and a half, but the sudden motion sent his head toiling. He clutched it in pain, feeling dizzy. He leaning forward and started to dry heave painfully.

“Hurry it up brat we’ve got to start setting up camp before it gets dark.” Levi looked away with his arms crossed.

Eren swallowed dryly, once the motion stopped the nausea slowly faded. Unfortunately the pain in his head did not. “I’m okay.” He told Levi.

Levi glanced at the ground, raising his eyebrows when he saw nothing there. “You better not puke on me or you’re dead.” He cautioned, lifting Eren on his back again.


They managed to make it to a spot Levi was satisfied with without incident, and laid out a stretcher for Eren to rest on while they set up camp. He tried to rest because he was already exhausted, but the pain in his head was too great. He rolled on his side clutching it in agony. It was so bad that he broke into a sweat and couldn’t help but moan.

Levi went over to him and squatted beside him. “You’ve probably got a concussion. You should stay laying down for the next twenty four hours.” He said, sounding annoyed. “Hey, Eren?” Levi snapped his fingers to try to get his attention.

Eren looked up at him with droopy eyes, taking his focus away from his head for a moment. His eyes were glossy and he was pale.

“Wow you look like shit.” Levi said indelicately. “If you were sick you shouldn’t have come. Now look what you’ve done, you’ve put us behind a day.”

Eren was already angry enough at himself without Levi barking in his ear.

“Do you still feel nauseous? We just set up camp here I don’t want it smelling like vomit.” Levi asked.

Eren swallowed, nodding, and Levi brought him bowl and set it beside him. “Get some rest. The sooner you recover, the better.” He ordered. But just as Levi turned around and started walking away, he heard Eren retching into the bowl. He clenched his fists angrily. “That damn kid.”


It was a long night for Eren and by default, Levi. Eren was confined to a tent and Levi was stuck with the task of tending to him.

He had hoped that Eren would sleep through the night but he was not so lucky. Eren couldn’t sleep because of the pain in his head and he was wracked with chills as he was struck with a fever.

“Levi.” Eren said with a hoarse voice.

Levi knew the drill. By this point, Eren was too exhausted to even hold himself upright. So Levi pushed him into a sitting position and held a bowl under Eren’s chin as he started to gag. He spit up bile and water that they had forced him to drink to stay hydrated. He coughed weakly, and Levi cursed, concerned about not having enough water for the other members.

He worried that if Eren didn’t get better soon, they would run out of water and have to transport him in his condition. A plan that Levi did not want to have to set in motion.

Unfortunately that’s what it came to, because Levi knew that if they couldn’t get Eren more water, then he had a serious chance of dying. They carried him on the stretcher and slowly walked back to base.

Being carried on the stretcher was torturous to Eren, as the motion aggravated his head and made him even more nauseous. The entire way he moaned about them putting him down but Levi refused, knowing they had to get back as soon as they could.

By the fourth time Eren leaned over to vomit, he spewed all over Jean’s shoes.

“What the hell!” Jean jumped back in disgust, letting go of the stretcher. Eren rolled off the bed and onto the ground, crying out in pain.

Levi turned around to see what the fuss was about and was furious at what he saw. He gathered Eren up, put him back on the stretcher and took Jean’s spot begrudgingly.

Eren coughed and tossing and turning, making him harder to carry.

“You better keep it down or else.” Levi threatened, and Eren’s whimpering got quieter.

By the time they reached base they had wasted almost all of their water trying to keep Eren hydrated and his fever down. Everyone was relieved to no longer have to worry about supplies.

“Take Eren inside and get him some iv-fluids.” Levi ordered, but as Eren went passed him on the stretcher, Levi felt something tug on his trousers. He looked down to see Eren looking up at him. “Thank you Levi.” He whispered, with as much strength as he had left.

And maybe I didn’t realize
I was in love with you before
because it is something
as natural as breathing;
you do it completely subconsciously
but once you start thinking about it,
you notice
that you’ve been doing it all along.
—  // a poem of love
So, I noticed a thing about our favourite Russian

See here a screenshot from episode 10 where Viktor is shown with his medals 

Hmm, that one in the centre seems to be quite prominent from the rest.. I wonder…


Having figured out the dates, Viktor would have been freshly eighteen years old right here (the men’s finals took place at the start of February). So we can take the assumption that this was his first Olympics. And that boy won gold. And with the way it’s displayed, prominent and at the centre of his chest, it appears to be the one he’s most proud of? How adorable??? 

(also I’m now assuming that he won gold at both Vancouver and Sochi - considering how he was at the height of his career during this time) 

(canon three time Olympic gold medallist confirmed)

Bonus: Imagine fourteen year old Yuuri’s reaction

how old are the cool kids post

the cool kids cameos from this episode and steven being less than 1 in this flashback really help with getting a more accurate age for the cool kids in present time… if you notice, both sour cream and buck have missing baby teeth; like i said in my sour cream post, children don’t typically start losing their top teeth, particularly their central incisors (front teeth, like what buck seems to be missing) until around 6 or 7 years and their lateral incisors (top teeth next to their front teeth, like what sour cream seems to be missing) until around 7 or 8 years. presently, steven is 14 years old and if we assume that the cool kids lost their baby teeth at the standard expected ages, they may be anywhere from 20 to 22 years old (19-23 can also be possible). this would mean that they are definitely not minors, are possibly legal adults or at the very least college-aged. they are literally grown ass people y’all

“Mario and I had been friends since the age of six. We were from the same small town in the countryside. We always kept in touch. We’d occasionally get coffee together. I knew he was gay but we never talked about it. It just didn’t come up. He never volunteered the information and I never asked. I felt that I was being respectful. At one point, I began to notice that his face was changing. He started to get very thin. But I never asked about it. Maybe I thought that he’d feel I was invading his privacy. Mario could get offended very easily. He was like a volcano. Maybe, subconsciously, I just didn’t want to get involved. When I finally knew for sure, it was too late. I visited him at the hospital the day before he died. I could only look at him through a glass window. He was covered in blankets. I felt like such an idiot. I could have asked him at any time. I could have said: ‘What are you hiding from me? Are you sick? Are you afraid I will reject you?’ Then we could have hugged each other and cried together. We could have maybe even laughed at the situation. But we never got to do that. Because I never had the balls to ask.”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

It was a kiss not just a hug...a breakdown

Some people are still assuming it wasn’t a kiss, but a hug. I understand why some would be so skeptical, I do. So here is a scene by scene, blow by blow breakdown of the scene explaining why I believe it was a kiss. Images included.

I’ll touch upon:

1- “If it’s a kiss why didn’t they land with their mouths together?”

2- Head position

3-Reactions (from Yuri and others)

4-Fitting the text (+ “But Yuri denied a kiss earlier!”)

5- The framing of the scene

6-[Blank space for further arguments I only notice later]

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you received an invitation to a dinner party hosted by one of your more popular mutuals. you want to get to know them better, so you go.

sandwiched between 2 of your mutuals-in-law, you pick off the pineapple from your pizza. you start to think that coming to this party was a bad idea. that fact solidifies itself when your eyes meet with someone across the table: its an ex mutual. you softblocked them a week ago because they were talking shit about your top comfort character. you hope that they still havent noticed that you softblocked them, but their eyes are drilling holes in you. a cold sweat drips down your neck.

one of the mutuals-in-law tries to start a conversation: “so i started watching that new anime… i think im kin with the blue haired one,” they say. the other mutual-in-law turns to look at you. “me too,” they say. the mutual you softblocked says from across the table, “me too”. you stare down at the pile of pineapple on your plate. “m-me too,” you choke out.

coming to this party was a terrible idea

Stay Close to me and the “banquet verses”


Originally posted by randomyelly

I was listening Stay close to me (Again ahahahah I’m obsessed with this song) and suddenly I noticed a thing…

 As I said in my previous post, and as it was confirmed by Kubo-sensei, This song is related and represents Viktuuri relationship

Originally posted by thranduilings

 but there were these sentence in the lyrics I was never abled to understand plenty…until now 


“Orsù finisca presto questo calice di vino/Come now, let’s empty this glass of wine soon
Inizio a prepararmi/I’ll start getting ready
Adesso fa’ silenzio/Now be silent.”


“Questa storia che senso non ha/This story that makes no sense

Svanirà questa notte assieme alle stelle/Will vanish tonight along with the stars

(Btw between these lines there is also the part in which the singer refuse the love)

Previously, when I made the first analysis, I had not enough information…

 "Why should Viktor sing about the end of a love story, if he hasn’t met Yuuri yet?“ 

 This was the kind of question I made myself… but listening this song now, after episode 10, everything is clear.

I think Viktor in this few verses was singing about the banquet… 

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He was telling us about a single night, a party night in which there is wine, alcohol

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and people celebrate

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and specifically THE END OF THIS SINGLE NIGHT.

A night in which for the first night he experimented something as love and life.

 So he speaks with his lover, directly… 

he know that the banquet has to end. (Come now, let’s empty this glass of wine soon)

He know that has to prepare himself to the end of this night.( I’ll start getting ready ) 

After that there are the verse of reluctance, in which he doesn’t accept the love…(  With a sword I wish I could cut  Those throats singing about love…) 

 And in the end we have the dramatic truth: This love will end with the sun’s rising. ( This story that makes no sense  Will vanish tonight along with the stars)

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But Viktor suddenly doesn’t accept it..

 he call his lover, he is waiting for him… he want to see him another time, so they together can fulfil their story ( If I could see you From hope Eternity will be born )

Important is the fact that in the duet version These Verse are not included… there is no more the horrible fear of losing their love with the end of the night

For this VIKTOR WITH THIS EXIBITION was dancing for Yuuri, He was calling him, was asking him for a chance, 

to dance again together, 

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to experiment life together


to fall in love together…again. 

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And Yuuri skating on Stay Close to me was responding to his call…unconsciously 

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