i notice things so much and write them down on my project idea notebook

How I Got Straight A’s in My First Year of University

I was so proud of myself when I received firsts (that’s A’s for those not attending uni in the UK) on all of my assessments in my first year at university. Here are some tips for y’all to try at any point in university. They may be specific at times to my experience—my degree is in the social sciences and humanities, and I’m studying in the UK—but I did try to make them more generally applicable, and hopefully they should be helpful to someone out there.

Part One: Everyday Study Routine

  1. Before the start of the academic year, try to get in a little bit of preparation. See if there are any syllabi or reading lists posted online. You don’t have to pour over them, of course, but do attempt to do something, and have a basic grasp on what will be covered in your classes.
  2. Go to all your lectures and seminars. Unless you absolutely have to miss class because you are ill or have an important obligation to take care of, it’s really important to attend your lectures every day. (Note: if you are struggling with mental or chronic illness or a disability, don’t beat yourself up if you keep missing class. Please take care of yourself.) You may be tempted to just look at the PowerPoint presentation online, but it’s much more effective to be there in person. Often the lecturer may include information or extra explanations which are not included in the presentation. It will also allow you to process the information aurally as well as visually, and you will have the added benefit of taking notes too. You may also be able to ask questions.
  3. Do all the pre-reading for lectures. I know it’s tempting to put it off, but try to work it into your daily routine (because you will have reading to do every day). Inevitably, there will be times where you slip up and don’t have time to finish. If this happens, make sure you catch up on it at some point, because it’s very important to solidifying the concepts you are learning about. Also, the more you read in general, the better you will become at reading (and also writing).
  4. Take diligent notes (for both your lectures and pre-reading), and keep them organized. I prefer to handwrite in a notebook, as it helps me synthesize information rather than just typing it out verbatim—but it is totally up to you. If you do use a notebook, make a table of contents on the first page, where you write the date, topic, class, and page numbers of each set of notes you take. I think it’s a great idea to include your own thoughts and opinions in notes, or linking concepts you are learning to concepts you already know about.
  5. If you have the time, make sure to be reading books/essays/articles and engaging with ideas outside of your regular syllabus. This is one of the most important techniques (in my experience, at least) when it comes to writing essays and answering exam questions. Evidence of wider reading around a topic is a great way to boost the credibility of your argument. It also does wonders to solidify and broaden your conceptualization of certain ideas you may have covered in your classes.
  6. Where possible, try to contribute (as much as you feel comfortable) in seminars. If you are very quiet and reserved, that is totally okay too. I’m with you. But it has helped me tremendously in the past year to push myself to speak up more often in seminars. Talking in seminars allows you to clarify concepts and engage more deeply with the material being discussed (and it might impress your seminar tutor too, though this is secondary to the learning in my opinion).
  7. If you have some nerdy-ass friends, talk with them about your ideas and what you’re both learning in your courses. I can’t tell you the number of essays I’ve written which actually have blossomed out of conversations I’ve had with friends, where they’ve exposed me to topics I’d never heard of before or broadened my view of a concept. Learning from each other in a casual and fun setting is amazing!

Part Two: Assessment Time

  1. When you are given notice about big assignments coming up, such as essays or group projects, try to start working on them ASAP. Trust me, I know how hard it is. This is coming from someone who has dealt for years with chronic procrastination issues and nearly didn’t graduate from high school because of it. But you must start planning as soon as you possibly can, because the due date will come screaming up and before you know it, it’ll be the night before the deadline and you won’t have a clue what you’re writing about. Work it into your daily schedule if you have to. One great tip is to write down the deadline as being earlier (say, a week earlier) than what it actually is. This will prompt you to start earlier than you normally would have.
  2. Do a shitload of reading, widely, from multiple sources. Read everything you can on the topic you are doing your assignment on. For a basic literature review, this means looking through at least 20+ sources. That doesn’t mean carefully perusing each one front to back; it means looking through all the relevant literature to find a few great sources which will really give you a coherent argument and a big picture of the topic at hand.
  3. Keep your sources organized. I use Paperpile, which is a Chrome extension that allows you to save and organize academic sources. I make a folder for each assessment I am working on, and anything I find relevant to my topic, I save it to the folder. This will be a life saver for you when you actually go to plan your paper and also do the referencing.
  4. Content is important, but perhaps even more important is your argument and structure. This mostly applies to essays, but you can apply it to other types of assessments too. Try not to structure your argument in terms of blocks of content—e.g. Paragraph 1 is about Topic A, Paragraph 2 is about Topic B—but rather in terms of how you are laying out your argument. Make sure each part of your essay flows into the next, so that you are, for example, setting up a kind of dialogue or narrative between the different sources you’re using. Also ensure that any point you are making clearly relates back to your main thesis.
  5. If you’re a perfectionist like me: train yourself to remember that there is no such thing as perfect. Try to imagine what the perfect essay would be like. Can you imagine it? It’s probably pretty difficult, right? That’s because there is no such thing as a perfect assignment. Remind yourself of this, constantly. Tell yourself that you will be okay with just doing your very best. If you think about it logically: handing in something that is perhaps not your best ever, but handing it in on time and doing pretty well, is infinitely better than attempting to have a “perfect” essay but handing it in late and failing the assignment.

I hope this helped some of you! Best of luck and happy studying this year—go knock ‘em out! xo

dec. 26, 2016: what NOT TO DO vs. what TO DO as a student

hey, everyone!!!

after rambling on and on about my first semester as a high school junior in this post, I have decided to compile a list of tips (if u can call them that) of things you should think of doing versus things you SHOULD NOT DO, LIKE, EVER as a student! i’m planning on following these things during the upcoming semester.


  1. Study everything the day before your exam. First of all, it’s just too much stress. Plus, there’s no way you’ll be able to remember everything while testing. Just, don’t do it. I had done this multiple times last semester, and I just never want to experience something like that ever again. Here is a way to break your study time/material into chunks. Here is another way.
  2. Eat nothing in school. (Unless it’s Ramadan or something.) You need to eat, you’ll feel dizzy and weak and your health will be negatively affected without (HEALTHY) food. That happened to me. What I (generally) take to school are a few crackers, my own homemade cheese ‘dip’ (or some Babybel/string cheese), yogurt, and a little candy bar.
  3. Spend too much time in the bathroom/shower. This is THE WORST thing I do to myself…this is my “go-to” method of procrastination. I just shower or spend time in the bathroom for, like A LOT OF TIME per day. Just take this as a little piece of advice from me: don’t spend time you could be practicing for that math test, badly singing Whitney Houston songs. Just don’t. Your future self will thank you.
  4. Study continuously for prolonged periods of time. I HATE sitting down for a long time, oh my gosh. My back hurts, my butt hurts, I start to get drowsy. Refer to tip #9 of the “Do’s” for a solution.
  5. Start a TV show during the school year. Unless you have PERFECT time management skills, just don’t get hooked into a TV show. I’m 99.98% sure you’ll binge-watch and regret your life. I’m really glad I didn’t start watching Gossip Girl last semester, and I’m not gonna do it this next semester, either.


  1. Invest in a planner or start a bullet journal. I’ve used both methods. Just get any cheap old notebook, or, if you can afford it and you want to, splurge a little and just record all upcoming events and everything you need to do. You don’t have to spend 1229834 hours decorating your planner/bujo like the perfect ones you see here on tumblr. Maybe add a little color code, a little doodle here and there. Just decorate it however you want (or don’t!!!) as long as you’re not taking away precious study time. I personally have a 2017 planner that I’ve recently started to use, so I’m just gonna stick with that, tbh.
  2. Designate a day per week/two weeks to just review past/current material taken in a particular course. Okay, in the past I’ve been too lazy to actually do this, but I AM gonna start doing this next semester. I’m probably leave the weekend for physics and chemistry, and maybe Sunday for biology…I think I’m gonna make a specific post about that later.
  3. Stay hydrated! Oh my gosh, this one is so important. Whenever I don’t bring a water bottle to school, I end up cranky, sleepy, and suffering from a headache. For those reasons, I think it is always a good idea to take a water bottle with you to school.
  4. Find time to exercise. It is rather hypocritical of me, a lazyass slob, to say this, but you pretty much ALWAYS have SOME time during the week for a workout. Even once or twice. Not gonna lie to myself anymore.
  5. Do as much “homework” as you can in school. I have a total of 45 minutes of break per school day, so I’m going to use those to do work. The only problem I have is finding someplace I won’t be distracted by my friends. I think I’ve got that covered, though.
  6. Organize your binders/folders/whatever frequently. Just do it and YOU WILL NOTICE A BIG DIFFERENCE in how quickly you finish your tasks. I have an expandable file folder in which I keep any papers/notes/stuff I write or receive throughout the week, and then after the end of the week I spend time filing them into big binders for each subject.
  7. Maintain a clean and tidy room + desk. I literally CANNOT focus if my study area is messy. My grades DROP. It’s hard to study when you have an area the size of a large textbook to do work in, and a pile of papers/clothes/BOTH at your feet. I advise you to tidy (which does NOT mean redecorate) your desk before your study session, just to get some more space to think and do work.
  8. Join some kind of school club/extracurricular activity. Joining my school’s Model UN has given me so much joy and I’ve met so many wonderful people. I really advise you all to join something!! Just remember, manage your time wisely!!!
  9. Use the Pomodoro method to study. It’s simple yet effective. Try it and you’ll understand what I mean. I’ve especially aced a ton of memorization-based tests because of this method.
  10. Start working on projects early. Not only does this reduce stress levels, it also may help you boost your grade! If you experience any issues, you can just write your question(s) down on a little sticky note and ask your teacher instead of panicking at 1 AM!!!!

Good luck to us all!!! <3 Rawan

not a crush

requested by: @tonight-couldbeforgettable

summaryYou and Peter are always in competition with one another to see who’s smart enough to come out on top. But once you get paired with your “enemy” for a large project, you find out that there’s way more to Peter Parker than meets the eye.

pairings: peter parker x reader 

word count: 1.7k 

a/n: this was the cutest shit to write y’all, i’m telling you. i missed writing fics with my precious peter in them. xx

You twirled your pen restlessly in between your fingers while listening intently for your chemistry teacher to announce who got the highest grade on the test last week. You had studied for hours, weeks on end, to come out on top of this one–you were not going to let Parker take it from you this time.

The two of you had all of your classes together, much to your dismay. You were always the best, always the smartest, until this semester started and this kid began giving you a run for your money. Every class became a contest to see who was better.

Your eyes flickered over to where he sat in the row next to you, and he was just as on edge as you were–his hands tightly gripped the edge of his desk. Before you could return your gaze to the front of the class, his eyes suddenly moved to meet yours.

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I just finished high school, so I thought I would share some little things that I’ve learned over the past four years and help you to know what to expect! I’ll tell you all about:

  • How to get a good GPA
  • How To take notes
  • Good study habits
  • What supplies you really need
  • How to handle the first day of school
  • How to make friends
  • Dealing with stress
  • Time management 
  • Getting your life together
  • The things nobody tells you 
  • + a ton more, so keep on reading!

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Distractions pt 4

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6  || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12 || Pt. 13

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: Work shouldn’t be a place littered with distractions…but how could that be when you were working with one?

Word Count: 2547

A/N: idk how the whole making music process works…so sorry if my portrayal is inaccurate 

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“Hyung, hold on. You forgot this.” Jimin handed the brown leather bound lyric notebook to Yoongi. Jimin always knew that Yoongi carried it around, “You can’t keep on misplacing things, hyung. Remember what happened to Namjoon-hyung?” He snatched the book from the younger’s hand,

“Jiminie, I’m not going to forget something as important as a passport.” Yoongi scoffed as he headed out the front door of the dorms,

“Hey, hyung? Where are you going anyway? We have a meeting later…”

“Just…uh…I’m just going out for some fresh air. I’ll meet you guys at the studio later on.” Jimin knew his hyung well and he could tell that something was up. However, Yoongi wasn’t going to just tell Jimin that he was going to meet with the younger’s favorite girl group. He felt like Jimin would continuously nag him to let him tag along…that and because he didn’t want him to see a certain somebody. 

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What I Like

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Excited chatter fills the room as students trickle in for the first day of class. Spirits are high, outfits are cute, hair is neat and makeup is perfect; you give it a few weeks until everyone is miserable and dressing in sweatpants with messy hair and no makeup. But until then you’re stuck at the front of the room, quietly waiting for the professor to enter and bring some semblance of order to the chaos.

You have no interest in public speaking and you don’t plan on going into the business field but you have a social science slot to fill and you heard from your business major friend that this class is an easy A. However, she failed to mention exactly what was required of the class and the moment the professor passes around the stack of syllabi, you’re only a few seconds away from getting up and leaving.

“I’m sure that many of you have heard that this course is an easy A,” the professor laughs as he takes his place at the front of the room, “and I’ll concede that this is true. If you are capable of working with another person.” There’s a mix of groans, cheers, and noncommittal hums before the professor motions for silence. “I know,” he laughs, “some of you are incredibly excited while others are incredibly annoyed. Either way, if you stay in this class then you have to work together. The last day to drop is next Friday. If you’re going to drop, I ask that you do it sooner rather than later. I’m going to announce your pairs today and if your partner happens to drop, we’ll figure something out. And you did hear me correctly. I will assign the partners, I want you to get to know a stranger. If you’ve met your partner before, that’s fine. If you’re best friends and have known each other for years, let me know and changes will be made. I’ll call roll and then we’ll get started.”

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Closer - Archie x Reader

Archie x Reader request 

Reader: Y/N 

This was a quick idea that came to mind after someone requested with something that didn’t have to do with Jughead as the romantic entanglement. Hope you guys like it. 

Word Count: 1250

You sat there waiting for the bell to ring, doodling in your notebook. You looked up as your eyes were drawn to the bright red hair in front of you. He turned around, “Hey, do you have an extra pencil?” This had become a weekly occurrence, enough that you already had an extra pencil handy. You handed it to him.

Biology was rather just a run of the mill class. And with the exception of the time Cheryl Blossom had admitted to know something about Jason’s murder, not much else was exciting about it. 


The final bell rang and you couldn’t help to notice that Ethel, your lab partner, was absent. While looking back up from your drawing, you had noticed that Cheryl wasn’t in class either. You gave a slight exasperated sigh knowing what the teacher would do next. 

“Y/L/N! Andrews! Your partners today and for the assignment”. 

Archie turned around and gave a slight smile before grabbing his books and joining the seat next to you. 

You could feel your nerves tense up. Here was the new star of the football team and one of the nicest guys forced to talk to you for at the next 50 minutes and for predetermined time after. You had a crush on Archie for as long as you could remember. You could pinpoint it back to the 6th grade. Back when it was just one classroom and you were assigned to sit with each other. You would help him with his math and he would make slight little jokes with you. 

As he sat down, you couldn’t shake the nerves of how he made you feel. The class passed by in a haze, with you just trying to focus on the sheet in front of you. And then you were given project proposals on a presentation that each partnership would have to present the following week. 

Archie quickly looked over the sheet, “do you want to do this at my place?”

“Uhhh sure”, the few words barely tripped out of you mouth. 

“Okay. Will today work? I’ve got a game tomorrow”, the next bell rang and everyone around you started to grab their stuff. 

You slowly got your books together, “Yeah, that should be fine”, you were trying to find some confidence in your words. 

“Alright, I’ll find you after school”, Archie gave another smile and a slight wave and then headed of class. 

It was the end of the day, and the last bell had rung. You were at your locker putting away your books, slowly trying to prepare yourself for Archie’s. You had to get out of your head and you thought, “just focus on the assignment and you’ll be fine”. 

“Ready?”, you looked behind the door of your locker and there was the flame red hair in front of you once again. 

You nodded, “yep”. You just kept thinking that you probably had to get more than one word out if you were actually going to do the assignment. You made your way out of the school with Archie about one step in front of you along the way. 

A few moments went by when Archie finally decided to break the silence. “So…how’s your art going?”, he gave a slight smile while looking to you. 

You tried to match his step now and while slightly amazed that he had remembered. “Good. There’s a student show next week but I’m still deciding what paintings to choose”, you returned a similar smile. Your turn to talk - “How’s the music?” 

“Going well, I think. I’m writing everything down now and I’m trying to get more creative with my lyrics”, you could tell he was happy to talk about it. 

For some reason you blurted the word, “Poetry”. 

Archie looked a little confused, “what?” 

“You should read some modern poetry, it will get ideas flowing and you can get more complex lyric structure ideas ”, you felt a little nervous again. 

“Oh. That’s not a bad idea!”, Archie seemed a little chipper now. “So. Is there something you’re working on now?” 

“Uh yeah. It’s this contemporary mash up of ideas put together. The main color scheme has a lot of reds and warm tones but it’s a mixture of this thing in my head,” Your hands were expressing your words now. “It’s like a combination of a galaxy, a black hole and then lightening but also has this cellular texture to it”. Your realized you were rambling. “It’s just something abstract that I couldn’t get out of my head….” 

“I get that”, Archie seemed a little surprised by how much you were talking but nodded along to it. “Sometimes I get a lyric in my head and it bugs me until I can get it down on paper and have a tune to it”. He gave a bigger smile. 

You were finally at Archie’s as he unlocked the door and headed back to the kitchen. You followed suit. He placed his backpack on the counter and you plopped yours in a chair, digging out your science notes and the paper with the project on it. 

“So who do you like?” Archie seemed chipper again while you lightly blushed.

“…what?”, you weren’t sure what he was talking about. 

“Artist wise. Like, who’s your favorite painter?”. His curiosity seemed natural.

“Oh”, you were trying to keep your cheeks calm now. 

“Probably a tie between Egon Schiele and Chuck Close….I suck at portraits so I envy them and their style for it”. 

He gave a small laugh. “I have no idea who those people are”. 

Your giggle followed his laugh. “Here”. You popped out your phone and showed him artwork from both of them. 

“Wow. The size of his stuff are crazy!”. He had your phone in his hand now.

“Yeah he has this whole pulley system to hoist himself up”, you showed him a photo of how Close structures out his paintings. “See?” Suddenly you realized Archie’s whole body was hovering over you. 

Your face got slightly blushed again. His face looked back at yours, his eyes intent into your pupils. Suddenly his eyes looked to your lips for a second. He looked back up and then back down to them again. Before you knew it, Archie’s lips were on yours, his hand slightly around a side of your neck. The kiss was long, but sweet, sincere even. You just felt his gentle lips on yours. 

“Uhhh…Arch?”. Upon the words heard you both split your bodies away from each other in a flash. 

“Dad! Uh…hi! We’re just working on a project…” his eyes drew back to you and you were beating red. 

“Yep. That’s exactly what that looked like….uh and you are…”. 

“This is Y/N…”, Archie slightly gestured his arms to you. You gave an awkward wave. 

 “Oh I remember you. You were in elementary school with Archie right?”, Mr. Andrews hadn’t seem to catch the motioning that Archie was doing to get him out of the kitchen.  

“Yep…that’s me”, your eyes barely looked at Mr. Andrews. 

Finally realizing that Archie was embarrassed “Well I’ll be in the den if you two need anything”. He grabbed his stuff and headed to the other side of the house.

Both Archie and you looked at each other and gave a small laugh simultaneously. “Well that was memorable”, Archie’s hand was slowly trying to reach yours now. 

 You smiled down at his hand, “that it was”. You gave a gleeful smile again.

Anchor (Liam Dunbar)

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this idea was one I’ve had for a while and honestly, I’m proud I’m posting two days in a row lol.  with all the love you’ve shown The One Where You Find a New Home, I decided to write something new for you guys!! hope you enjoy xx

warnings: none

Brett Talbot.

That boy sure is attractive, but he makes any girl run the opposite direction when he opens him mouth.  And I have the huge misfortune of seeing him today after school.  Devenford Prep is playing Beacon Hills and I can’t wait to watch my friends kick their asses.  There must be something in the water over at Devenford that has made them believe going to a private school somehow makes them superior.  They act all cocky, like nothing and nobody can touch them.

Snapped out of my angry inner monologue, I see Liam opening him locker and walk over.

“So, Nine, you ready for the game today?” I say, with a wiggle of my eyebrows.  But instead of the grin I had expected back, all I get is a half-hearted shrug.  “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I forgot my science project at home, my water spilled in my bag and soaked my notebook, and I don’t want to see Brett’s stupid face today,” he finishes with a frustrated huff.

I put my hands up in surrender.  “Woah, slow down.  It’s going to be okay and I know you’ll do fine.  You’ve beaten them before and you have some help with… well… you know,” I say, referring to the heightened senses that come with being a werewolf.  “I’ll be in the stands, cheering you on!”  I say, with too much enthusiasm and head to my next class.  I hope my little speech helped.

After what seems like the longest day of my life, it is finally time for the game.  Although I’m just here to watch, I have butterflies in my stomach and can’t sit still, too worked up with anticipation.  I decide to head to the water fountain, just to have something to do to calm down before the game.  Liam seemed nervous enough and with chemo signals, the last thing he needs is my anxiety overwhelming him.  I step down from the top of the bleachers.  Then, humming and slightly distracted, I walk right into a rock-hard chest.

“Hey, beautiful,” and with those words, I immediately roll my eyes.

“Not today, Talbot.”  I try to scoot around him, but he steps to the side, once again blocking my way.

“Come on, babe, just talk to me.”  With this, I notice a player on the field raise his head in our direction and recognize Liam.  Brett continues, “You can even go out with me after the game.  I want you as my prize.”

I scoff.  “No thanks, but maybe after Beacon Hills wins, I’ll consider giving you a pity handshake.”

“Don’t be like that, I’ve seen you looking at me and I want you to know, you can always come to our side of the bleachers and wear my extra jersey.  You’d look great in it,” he says with a wink and I have to use all my strength not to get sick right in front of him.  He makes the mistake of putting his hand on my hip and that’s when I see Stiles and Scott rushing over to huddle around Liam.

“Excuse me, Brett.  This conversation has been tons of fun, but I have to go.”  Running over, I see Liam’s eyes through his helmet.  They aren’t bright blue anymore, but a sickly shade of yellow.  I mutter curses under my breath, looking to Scott for instructions.

With panic in his eyes, he tells me to take Liam inside, away from anyone who could realize what he is.  I nod, grabbing Liam’s arm and taking him where I’ve been with Scott before, in a similar situation to Liam’s: the boy’s locker room.  Arguably the smelliest and dirtiest place in the school, it seems to be the place to go when one needs separation from the world, which describes what Liam needs if he wants to avoid wolfing out.  

“Get out of here,” Liam mutters, eyes shut tight and hands balled into fists.  I see blood dripping to the floor, meaning his claws are out.

Cautiously, I respond, “Liam, just-”

“LEAVE!” he interrupts and lets out a terrifying growl.  He rams against a set of lockers, leaving them dented.  “Please, go right now before I hurt you.”

To this, I shake my head.  “You won’t hurt me, Liam.  Just listen to my heartbeat.  You can control this.  You need to control this.”  I take a few steps towards him, resting a hand on his shoulders heaving with heavy breaths.  He whips his head up towards me, eyes still yellow.  I take his hand and put it on my chest, right above my heart.  “You’re okay, just focus on the steady rhythm of my heart and breath.  You are safe and everything is okay.  There is nothing to worry about, nothing to be angry about, and nothing to fear.”  With this, he closes his eyes and sighs.  He opens them after a few minutes of silence and I am relieved to see they are back to being beautifully blue.

“Thank you.  I think you’re my anchor.  You brought me back when I thought I’d turn,” he sheepishly says.  “It’s just… I mean… When I saw you talking to Brett, hearing the things he was saying, I got so angry an-and jealous.”

I put a hand on his face and run my thumb across his cheekbone.  “Don’t worry about it.  I love you, idiot and I will happily take on anything that comes with being an anchor.  We should probably let Scott and Stiles know you’re alright, though.”  I take his hand that has since healed from being punctured with his claws and we walk back to the field together.

“Where THE HELL is Dunbar?!” we hear Coach say, obviously angered he’s missing one of his best players.

“I’m here!”

“Well, what are you waiting for?  Get on the field and score us some goals!”  Jeez, I don’t know how these players deal with such a loud coach.

Before the whistle blows, Liam looks over at me.  I wink and whisper, “Kick Talbot’s ass,” to which I get a thumbs up.  This game sure is going to be interesting.  I giggle, shaking my head, and crossing my fingers and shout, “Let’s go Beacon Hills!”

anonymous asked:

Headcanon: (pre-stony) Steve always catches Tony staring at him while he draws. Then, one random day, months after the staring kinda dissipated, Steve finds a big sheet of paper. Huge. He unrolls it and Finds a gorgeous drawing of himself made entirely out of shapes. It looks like several blueprints layered over eachother to make a stunning version of himself. Tony obviously did it. He asks Tony about it. He kisses Tony as a thank you. Stony occurs. :):):)

Steve figures the staring thing is just because he happens to be in Tony’s line of sight when the man gets lost in his own thoughts. It happens often enough that he doesn’t put too much thought into it. Even if the way Tony stares at him makes him a little hot under the collar. He just chalks that up to wishful thinking.

He figures his notion is confirmed when Tony’s staring gradually dwindles, thinking that maybe Tony has finally solved whatever problem was bothering him enough to constantly lose focus the way he did. 

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continuation of the ODSS-1b fig newton story

the person who sent in those other asks was totally right so ive continued my earlier story some to reflect that. i might write more in this same vein? im not sure. this is sorta… idk, it’s not the Best thing but it sure is a thing, and at least i remembered to save it this time lmao

The first time you notice them is probably a Thursday. You’re just guessing, though; you’ve been in the library for a long time. They’re in the psychology section, which intrigues you, so you walk up behind them silently. They have their index finger on the spine of a book titled “Dissociative Disorders: a Guide” which you’ve read and don’t like, so you tell them so,

“That one doesn’t have reliable sources and contains lots of misinformation.”

They flinch, and drop the other books they’re carrying. As they bend down and scrabble to pick them up, they also duck their head, hiding behind a thick curtain of dark hair.

“Oh, sorry,” you say, and kneel down to help them. Oops. You hope they never think to call that in. You’ve been here for practically Ever, you should have this down by now.

“I’ve got it,” they say suddenly, severely, almost sounding scared.

You catch a glimpse of a tattered notebook before it disappears behind a Chemistry textbook. When they’ve finished gathering their stuff back up, they don’t look at you, but still ask,

“Um… How do you know the book is bad?” 

“I’ve read it,” you tell them, “and I was in a position where I needed accurate information, and it lead me to Make a Deal that maybe wasn’t the best choice.” 

They look up at you then, dark eyes striking and intense, and say,

“You made a deal based on the information in a book on dissociative disorders.”

It’s not quite a question, but you nod anyway. You narrow your eyes at them, and they dip their head to let their hair cover the left side of their face back up. They’re still looking at you with the other eye, and you’re beginning to suspect they’re in a similar situation to where you were upon arriving at Elsewhere University. They’re a freshman; you can tell because a copy of the orientation brochure is sticking out of their Chemistry textbook.

“I can recommend a better book if this is for a class project…?” you let your voice tilt up at the end of your sentence to make it into a question, and they hesitate, before shaking their head.

“It’s maybe a little bit personal.”

You nod, because that’s what you thought.

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Guardian (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongdae / Baekhyun

Rating: PG 

Word Count: 2,735

Summary:  You keep seeing the same guy everywhere you go. In the coffee shop, on the streets, in your philosophy class. It’s getting to the point where you think he’s stalking you - only to realize that maybe there’s something much more mysterious at play here. (AU: Chen is your guardian angel)

Originally posted by galaxychen

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english is difficult

summary: peter has a crush. said crush is the daughter of playboy, billionaire and philanthropist; tony stark. 

a note: this is pre civil war typa thing so tony and peter have not formally met yet. also, hey! i haven’t posted in ten years, what’s up my dudes? :) 

“did you finish the english thing yet?”

this had become routine for them, facetiming till the early hours of the morning. a lot of the time they did their homework together, or they just sort of talked until one of them fell asleep.

y/n sat at her desk, hair messy with a facemask on (peter thought it was funny), mindlessly browsing the internet, “yeah, it was easy. i like writing. when you like something, it’s a lot easier.”

peter didn’t know the first thing about poetry or writing, so he was struggling. the project was open ended, meaning you could write whatever you wanted and about whatever you wanted. short story, poetry, novella, pretty much anything.

“okay,” peter tore out yet another page from his notebook, crumpling it up and throwing it behind him, preparing to start fresh on a new page, “but i have no idea what to write about.”

“pretty much anything. the project has no theme, no nothing. go crazy.”

“crazy isn’t really in my repertoire, of well, anything,” he sighed, “english is difficult.” 

“okay, i’ll help you. just write about something you love. that’s easy enough is it not? you could write about how much you love sandwiches for all i care. just write down the thing you love at the top of the paper,” she paused, waiting for him to do so, “got that?”

peter looked down at his paper, where he messily wrote y/n, “yep.”

“okay, so now write down all the reasons why.”

the way her smile could light up times square, how she fiddles with her jewelry when she’s nervous, how shy and giggly she gets when i compliment her, her eyes….

“slow down there bucko, i’m sure that’s enough.” she laughed. peter kept writing out his reasons and couldn’t stop himself, he had so many. after filling up half the page, he placed his pen down.

“there. i think that’s good. now what?”

“take all those things and make it into a poem. a free verse one, meaning it doesn’t have to rhyme or have a specific form.”

“okay, i think it got it,” peter started scribbling out random lines and verses, “this is easy.”

she could only wonder what he was writing about, he seemed pretty focused on it. his tongue was stuck out ever so slightly as he wrote down the words on the page, she thought it was adorable.


she was surprised, “really? that fast?”

“yeah, your advice really helped.”

“that’s good.” she smiled.

her smile could light up new york city in the dark

“y/n!” tony’s loud voice shouted, “did you plan on going to sleep anytime soon? you have school in the morning, or this morning i should say.”

“oh my god, is that your dad?”

in the background of the video, peter saw tony standing in the doorway. crap, he’s definitely gonna find me and throw me in a dumpster or something. tell me again why i thought crushing on tony stark’s daughter was a good idea. 

she looked behind her, seeing him looking less than impressed, “yeah, uh, i’ll see you tomorrow.”

she turned back to her laptop, lightly smiling at peter before she pressed end call and slowly closed the lid. she waited a moment, hoping tony would just walk away, but she could still feel his presence behind her.

“just friends huh?” 

“yep.” she dryly said, keeping her back turned. 

she had no idea how long he had been standing there for, it could’ve been for the last hour and she honestly wouldn’t have noticed.

“just friends.”

e n d 

another note: bad ending? some things never change. 

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly do a Jeremy x reader soulmate AU where they can't see colors until they touch and it's really fluffy and it's a time line of their relationship and they get married and have kids and grow old together?? Thank you!

u said have kids so its a female reader ik i usually write gender neutral stuff im soRRY

oh and i didnt rly have any ideas for how i wanted this to start so lol enjoy

my masterlist!

Warnings: expensive headphones, swears (OBVIOUSLY), jer is rude to bb michael :(, mikey talks abt SUCKING DICK, and thats it i think??

Word count: 1,815

Jeremy muttered curse words under his breath as he watched Rich rub the back of his neck, flustered at the adorable reaction Michael gave him. Rich had gifted a large bouquet of flowers for Michael, who expressed his gratitude by peppering his boyfriend with kisses.

After saying goodbye he sat back down next to Jeremy and didn’t notice his state “Jeremy, aren’t these flowers so pretty? God, Rich is just the nicest guy and-”

“I wouldn’t know, I can’t fucking see them,” Jeremy pouted.

Now Michael knew what’s going on, “Oh, listen, Jer, you know you’re basically my brother, but you gotta stop sulking every time you see a happy couple!”

“Oh, shit, sorry. Did I offend you? I didn’t realize you’re so deep on Rich’s dick you can’t even be sensitive towards your best friend’s feelings anymore,” Jeremy snapped.

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Control Ch. 5

Phew, I can’t believe it’s out after all the crack posts from last night, this was so hard to write… anyway, throw me in that angst pit, gurl…this story is taking a whole new turn next week!

Hope you all like this, though!

“And what are C & R’s expectations with this new project, Mr. Han?”

“Well, I found out recently that cats are almost idolized in the internet. If you look at Youtube’s most watched videos of the day, there’s always at least one with a cat. So creating a cat social media, a space when cat lovers and cats can exchange experiences, felt natural and following what’s trending along the virtual space.”

“I see. C & R has been releasing more and more cat projects each month. Is there a special reason for that?”

“No particular reason. I just like to engage the company on fulfilling and entertaining projects.”

“Alright. Now let’s move on to some more personal questions, shall we?” Ugh… we shall not! “How do you see personal relationships in a work environment?”

“I try not to be too strict, since I believe worker’s productivity is not directly correlated with their personal relationships.”

“Interesting. So you believe that’s why RFA has been doing such a great job at hosting fundraisers and parties even with the end of your engagement?” Yes, Jumin knew exactly that’s where this reporter was trying to get.

“RFA isn’t only about me or the guest’ coordinator. It’s a work with a team formed by seven members. My personal relationships or… past personal relationships don’t really influence our work here.”

“And what about C & R? I heard she’s working here as an intern for publicity?”

“Yes, the agency I’m interning at has this project when we’re assigned to work for a few weeks in a real company, with real marketing and publicity campaigns. And C & R should be praised for engaging in this kind of project that allows internships on experiencing the work market at its fullest.” Your voice can finally be heard in the business room you set for the reporter to have an exclusive with C & R’s director.

Jumin doesn’t even look at you, but he knows what you’re trying to do. He wants to believe the reason you’re changing the subject is to do your job as a PR and put C & R in the spotlight rather than some employee’s personal life. Or… maybe you’re trying to avoid being in the spotlight yourself. Either way, you two are on the same side, at least for now.

“Yes, and I would like to talk more about C & R’s projects like this partnership with universities.” He says stoically.

“We can, later on. But right now, why don’t we talk more about personal matters? What do you have to say about rumors about your sexuality rising again after the end of your engagement?”

“I’ve never heard about those rumors.” Yes… he heard. But he cared for them as much as he did before you came along. The only difference was the constant reminder of you in his life.

“Well, there are rumors about you being gay, that’s why it didn’t work.”

“That’s not true.” He doesn’t need to look back to know you took you eyes out of the notes you were writing to pay attention on him. “I…”

“Mr. Han’s sexuality isn’t relevant on C & R’s projects. But since we’re on that topic, you should know C & R is one of the pioneer companies in the country implementing LGBTQ friendly guidelines, such as expanding benefits and health insurance to same gender couples and offering paying internships for transgender people. You can find more about it in an upcoming website we’re preparing.”

“Interesting, but…”

“I think you have enough material for a great story, and your editor will probably agree with me. Tell him MC sends regards.”

“Do you know my boss?”

“He’s a pretty famous editor, isn’t he? I think everybody knows him. Still… don’t forget to send him my regards, okay?” you smile sweetly. Jumin wonders how many fake smiles like this you can give on a day. How many of them were reserved just for him? “Well, your time is up.”

“Can I just have a few more questions?”

“Can he, Mr. Han?” you ask, looking straight at him. The way you address him as Mr. Han gives him an electric shiver.

“I’m afraid not. I have some business matters to go over right now.”

The reporter nods, getting up of his chair. Jumin notices how he quickly glances at you, waiting for you to walk him to the door. Oh… another fool impressed by your true cordiality and fake sweetness. Another idiot expecting too much from a woman who can’t give nothing more than lies and persuasive smiles.

“Why do I think the last part of that interview won’t be published due to some editor’s conflict of interest?” he asks you.

“Because you think too much. You’re thinking when you should be thanking me on saving your ass and bringing C & R to the 21st century with the LGBTQ guidelines. You’re welcome.”

“Is the editor your client, MC?” he asks, getting up and watching as you gather your tablet and notebook, getting ready to head out of the room.

“The list of my clients is a confidential matter that has nothing to do with RFA and this internship. So I see no point in talking about it. Now… can we talk about my performance as a PR so I can fill out this form and send to my boss?”

“I swear I have no idea what your boss was thinking when she assigned you to intern here.” He sighs, rubbing his eyes with his index and thumb.

“Me neither. But since it can’t be helped, we should extend your little promise on acting professional and not getting in the way of my work to this internship too.”

Oh… did you really have to mention that day when you cornered him in that hallway? The images from that day pop in his head, making him feel what he could describe probably as disgust. At himself, mostly. He signs the fill out form quickly and hands to you, catching a glimpse of a soft smile, maybe a true one? How many of these were directed only to him?

“Thank you. Oh, and if you need someone to work on that website I mentioned, I know someone who can help.”


“Hum… I was thinking about someone from college, but yeah… I guess you can ask Seven if it suits you.”

“Oh, I bet he suits you much better.” Your eyes lock to him. The same look he gave you after you slapped him in the break up night.

“And by that, you mean…?”

“I saw you two in his car after we… talked during that RFA gathering. It’s none of my business who you choose to lay down with, but…”

What is he talking about? Oh… that night, yeah…


“Don’t worry, I mean ride as in a lift… in my car.”

“Yes, I got it. My mind is not that much in the gutter, Seven.”

“Ouch! Okay… so uhm… are you okay?” that’s controversial…

“Yes. Why?”

“Just making sure you understood my reasons on voting for you to stay, even though it was against you will.”

“It’s fine. You just reminded I need to see thing in the bigger picture. Jumin and I are… insignificant comparing to what RFA can do for people. Thank you for stopping me and my selfish actions.”

“Don’t mention it. And you and Jumin aren’t insignificant, but I’m glad you two talked.”

“Well, uhm… to be honest, we didn’t talk much, but I guess you can say we find the common ground.”

“What do you mean, you didn’t talk? You were talking before I got here and right now, weren’t you?”

“Not exactly. We, uhm… had… sex?” yeah, that moment in the bathroom doesn’t really count as sex…

“Oh… oh, okay. Are you… are you okay? I mean… were you okay with…? Did you want or…?” oh god, what is he trying to insinuate.

“Yes, Seven. I… it was very… rough, but he didn’t… force himself on me or anything.” Maybe more on the other way around?

“Good. So I won’t judge, then.”

“Thank you. I know you never do, even when you… found out about…”

“You being a domme? Yeah… won’t judge either, it’s not like I have the most regular job in this group either, right?”

“I guess… thank you, Seven. I… must say I really misjudged you when I showed up in the chat room.”

“I’m pretty sure you didn’t. But don’t worry about that, MC. I’m just trying to make sure everything is bearable for you since none of this is your fault.”

“Well, it is sort of my fault. I shouldn’t have been naïve and trusted that hacker…”

“Ah yeah, the hacker…” he looks away as he is remembering something. “Anyway, can I drive you home?”

“No, thanks. I… I have another place to be at.”

“I see. Have a good day at work, then.” He smiles as he gets inside his car.


“I know I don’t owe you any explanation, but I didn’t even get inside his car that night.”

“I don’t really care, MC. You said yourself that there is no pointing on talking about subjects that don’t concern your internship or RFA.” He feels like smirking as he sees your frustrated expression, he really got you right now, didn’t he? “Just make sure you don’t break another RFA member’s heart with your lies and slaps when he founds about your little ‘job’ ” Again, the air quoting…

“Okay, you need to stop doing that. It is my job, not my ‘job’, okay? I paid for my studies with that, I paid for my house with that, I was going to pay for my wedding dress with that!”

“Things I would be more than glad to pay for you.”

“Yeah, take away my financial independence and what’s next, Jumin? Controlling what I can buy? What I can wear? What I can have? Controlling me? Like you were trying to do when you… trapped me?”

“I see we’re still fighting like six months ago and can’t pass through that.”

“Yes, I guess not.”

“Fair enough. Just answer me this, please.”


“Were you really planning on paying for the dress of our wedding with the filthy money you make out of hurting editors and corporate heirs?”

Unbelievable… he is unbelievable. For months you regretted and thought about what could you have done differently, that slap… the way you basically accusing him of wanting to hold you as hostage or something… right now, you regret everything you did from the beginning… like falling in love with him, in the first place.

Your phone rings, taking you aback. You clear your throat, realizing your voice as almost braking like you were about to cry. Cry for this man you’re no even sure you know anymore, so how everything he says make you feel this heavy pain?

“Seven, hi! Yeah, uhm… yes, I’m about to leave, actually. Really? Okay… I would love a ride, then. Okay, see you in ten minutes.” You gather your stuff. “The dress was the last thing I was buying with that money, I was going to retire from domming after we’d get married. See you tomorrow, Mr. Han.” and you smile as you walk out of the room.

Jumin contemplates the loneliness and silence after you leave. Yes… he was used to being lonely for most of his life, but there is a huge difference in being lonely by his own choice, and being lonely because somebody left him.

You left him. You left him that night, and you left him today, but you couldn’t just snap at him or humiliate him making him almost cum with the simple brushing of your fingers against his pants, no… you had to remark how he hurt you. How hurt you are, just as much as him.

And this was very cruel of you.

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Title: Distinction of a Name
Fandom: Servamp (Age AU)
Characters: Mahiru, Kuro, and all the kids.
Summary: The five times Mahiru was called mom, and the one time he learned why.
Notes: @crazyanime3 - taking a break from the longer project, so I thought I’d write some random age au fic for you =) This idea has been on my mind since Lily called Mahiru “mom” <3

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Interview: Kaj

Today we’re joined by Kaj. Kaj is an awesome up-and-coming writer and a former actor. They’re writing blends a number of different genres, though they write quite a bit of fantasy. Kaj used to perform as an actor in the theater and hopes to return at some point in the future. They’re clearly and enthusiastic and dedicated artist, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to them for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I am a writer and used to be an actor.

Acting was fun, my favourite parts so far (I’m hoping to get back into it one day) were Horatio in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Mrs. Erlynne in Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan. It was just my school’s drama club, but we had the reputation of doing a pretty decent job.

Writing is mostly an outlet for a lot of feelings, for things I think about, and sometimes just plain stress relief. I write basically everything. I started out with Harry Potter-ish fantasy, then crime stories, urban fantasy, and my most recent project is some kind of Fight Club inspired tragedy. -Ish. Actually, I just start writing whatever comes to my mind and see where it takes me from there. I never know what’s going to happen in a story until it happens. Party because of that (and because I keep getting distracted) I never finished one of my “big” projects. I do fine with short stories, but actual novels are usually abandoned somewhere along the way. But maybe my current idea will work out. Being almost ten chapters deep is quite a step forward for me.

What inspires you?

I started writing at a young age (I hardly remember a time where I haven’t been writing), so I have no idea anymore why I started writing in the first place.

And for the individual stories, it depends. My first big project was obviously inspired by Harry Potter. In general, it often happens that I read a book (or fic or watch a movie etc.) and get an idea about what might happen if you took /that/ element and spun it another way.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

As I said, I don’t remember when and why I started writing. But I think it’s safe to say that my love for books might have something to do with it. As soon as I could read I was hardly ever seen without a book. I think we sometimes got assignments in school to do some creative writing and I kinda noticed how much fun that is.

As long as I’ve been writing stories I also wanted to be an author – as in, a published author. And I still hope that one day I might be able to finish one of my bigger project and actually get it published. But since I have a “real” job, writing is and will always be a hobby.  

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

There are definitely a lot of queer characters in all my stories, but I don’t think that counts. Another constant, I think, is that my protagonists tend to be thrown into some kind of trouble so I can just watch them react. They hardly ever make the first step in the stories, it’s usually something that happens /to/ them. Reactions interest me, because there are so many ways to react to the same situation and every character behaves differently.

Also, many – if not most – of my stories /don’t end well/. Idk why, but tragedy always intrigued me. So, death and violence could probably be counted as “recurring themes”.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

1. Don’t stop. No matter what kind of art you produce, keep doing it. Write short-short-short stories in the notebook on your phone. Write some sentences on the back of your homework and see if it takes you anywhere. It will get messy, you will have loose ends /everywhere/ and the amount of abandoned stories will grow daily, but that’s okay as long as you keep writing. And if you have an idea for a novel, try and work on it whenever you can. You can write the first chapter on your computer. Maybe you get an idea for the next chapter at work – scribble it down on whatever piece of paper you can find. Try to outline the plot in your head when you’re in the supermarket.

2. Don’t beat yourself up about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s not Shakespeare. It doesn’t have to become a novel. It’s okay if you can’t write on your wanna-be novel every day. It’s okay to let stories sit on the shelf for weeks. And it’s okay to abandon stories.

3. Don’t let the muggles get you down. Don’t let anyone talk shit about what you write. Or about the fact /that/ you’re writing. You do you.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I’m asexual. I didn’t realize until a couple of months ago, because I never gave much thought to it. I experience very strong sensual attraction, which is probably why I never thought about being ace. Only when Tumblr made me realise that sexual attraction actually means looking at someone thinking “I want sex with you” it dawned on me that I might not experience that.

I’m also pretty sure I’m aromantic. This one’s a bit tricky though, because I’m also hella romance-repulsed and I can’t quite tell if I’m not interested in romance with anyone or averse to the thought of a romantic relationship itself.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I haven’t encountered any prejudice. But that’s mostly because I’m not out in RL, and I usually don’t connect much with other writers on the internet. The only people who know about me being aroace /and/ me being a writer are close friends, most of them queer. So, I’m in a pretty good place when it comes to that.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

Being asexual = not liking/having sex. I mean, it’s kinda true for me, since I’m also trans/nonbinary/agender and dysphoria makes it kinda impossible for me to undress in front of anyone, let alone have sex with them. But there are many aces out there who enjoy sex, and the orientation isn’t defined by the behavior.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

It’s going to be okay. You’re not broken. You’re not alone. And no matter what exclusionists say, you DO belong in the LGBTQIA/Queer Community.

There are many people out there who feel like you do, and just because society tries to tell us we must always want sex with basically anyone, that doesn’t make them right and you wrong.  

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

On my http://daughterofhecata.tumblr.com/ blog there’s a page where you can find http://daughterofhecata.tumblr.com/stories my stories. It’s just a tiny bit of my work, because most of it is in German (my first language). Maybe I’ll add some of the German short stories as well, I’m not sure yet. I also have accounts at ff.net and AO3, but I rather not link them with my Tumblr because I’m honestly not too proud of that stuff.

(In shameless self-promoting: Janus is my favourite story so far; it’s actually the longest story I ever finished. Also, once in a lifetime I did plan ahead and outlined the story before jumping into writing.)

Thank you, Kaj, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

Professor Scamander and the Horned Serpent – Chapter 2

Newt Scamander has agreed to teach briefly at Ilvermorny, following the school’s decision to allow him to lecture the students about magical creatures as an elective class. Here he meets a girl in her final year, who belongs to the scholarly house of Horned Serpent. She drives Newt crazy, and the two get into a lot of mischief behind the backs of both the students and staff.

Pairing: Next Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1346

Warnings: Large age gap between characters (Newt is around 30, reader is 18)

A/n: this is so damn fun to write! also, please let me know if you would life to be tagged in future chapters :)


“Amelia?” You called out to the group of girls waiting outside of the classroom. You seemingly appeared out of nowhere, startling the girls. Amelia emerged from the group, smiling brightly at you.

“You made it! How’re things going with the time turner?” She asked.

“It’s a bit tricky, but I’m sure I’ll get the hand of it.” You sighed, tired from all the classes you had already been to today. You had been to twice as many as the average student. Luckily, Professor Scamander’s class was your final one for the day. The door creaked open, and the tall man beckoned for the students to enter.

The room had tall ceilings, with a swirling pool of smoke at the top, projecting faint images of magical creatures, great and small. You hastily brought out your notebooks and quill as you sat at a desk, as well as the issued textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, written by none other but Scamander himself. The room looked more like a lecture theatre compared to your other classes, probably for the reason that there would be little practical work allowed. This fact was enough to make most students reluctant to join the class, because it meant a lot of reading and writing was involved, compared to their other, more interactive subjects. You loved this type of studying, so it didn’t bother you much, but it did trouble you that since this condition was off-putting to most students, it meant only the most relentless Scamander obsessed girls signed on for the class. You could only really spot one boy in the class as your eyes navigated around the room, but he was eyeing Mr. Scamander like a piece of meat, so no hope there. There was another girl you recognised from your own house, and you knew she was probably another person here with the intent of just learning. Apart from her, everyone else in the class seemed to be there with impure motives, making you roll your eyes exasperatedly.

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Impasto | Chapter One

Author’s Note: @your-miss-right I thank blame you entirely for this inspiration, as well as this post that started it all. Professor Namjoon, everyone. Not sure how many parts yet. Tagging @jinhyong, @park-jimeme who wish to be so.

Genre: Fluff 

→ two




  1. the process or technique of laying on paint or pigment thickly so that it stands out from a surface, to convey high emotion.
  2. a technique of painting unabashedly proud to be textured, existing to show off brush and palette knife marks

Black coffee in one hand and a new leather bag slung over his shoulder, Namjoon’s patent shoes clicked upon the cement pavement as he walked; the blissful autumn morning sun shined upon his skin, basking him in a wonderful warmth. For all intents and purposes, today was beautiful, and nothing could possibly go wrong.

But the nerves that were going haywire inside his brain said otherwise.

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“Love is Dead”  ~  Draco x reader

“can you do an imagine when the reader and Draco are in potion class and they are studying Amortentia potion and Draco and reader get paired and when they cant smell anything they freak and start sayings things like “ well if you wouldn’t have drowned yourself in honeysuckle and rain body spray maybe we would be able to smell’ and the other says something similar and the house that they are in realize they ran out of whatever they smell like and stuff (sorry its long i geniunly feel bad)” ~@smallangrygryffindor

HI! So sorry for taking a million years to get to your request! I have been so tired since I got back from Orlando, my sleep schedule is completely turned around (it’s literally 4AM, and I’m still up), and I go back to school on Monday… I’m screwed..

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this, like all of the requests I get, and never apologize for making your request so long! I LOVE long, detailed requests! They are so much easier for my brain to piece everything together! 

Again, I loved writing this so much! It was so fun! I hope you enjoy it as well!😊😘

  • y/n - your name
  • y/l/n - your last name
  • y/h - your house


Y/n groaned as she rolled out of bed. She always hated getting up early and going to learn something she didn’t intend to use in her future career. Thinking about all of her classes made her head ache. Usually, she’d feel better after breakfast. Today wasn’t going to be one of those days. Missing breakfast had it’s disadvantages.

Her eyes were already drooping by the time she walked into Arithmancy. Somehow, she still managed to keep herself awake by doodling in her notebook. She could get the notes later anyway. 

After class, she headed toward the dungeons for Potions. It was never quite the same since Snape had been promoted to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts, but at least she still had Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy had been her best friend since day one. They’d been assigned to do projects together, she helped him with quidditch, and they even sometimes just made fun of the ‘Golden Trio’ together (just to get a good laugh when they needed it most).

Y/n sat down with Draco and the other Slytherins in her Potions class and immediately laid her head down on the table.

Draco nudged her side. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” he joked, chuckling a bit.

She groggily sat up with a sigh.

“You alright?”

Y/n shrugged. “I’m exhausted.” she breathed. “And, I’m starving.”

He gave her his usual smirk. “Missed breakfast again, huh?”

She nodded, yawning.

Turning around, Draco dug into his bag and pulled out an apple, just to place it on the desk they were sitting at. “Here. This should hold you over until lunch.”

With another yawn, she smiled slightly. “Thank you.”

At last, Professor Slughorn arrived and everyone gathered their material for the day’s lesson.

“Today, class, we’ll be taking a look at Amortentia and its effects. But, do not ingest it. We’ll only be focusing on the scent’s effects.”

As student’s were paired together, the shuffled around the room to find their partners.

“Miss y/l/n, you’ll be paired with Mister Malfoy.”

Both of them gave a very visible high five for two reasons: 1.) they didn’t have to get up, and 2.) they had always worked well together.

Y/n started to feel a little better after eating a bit the apple Draco had given her. She felt more awake as well, which helped a lot when they started brewing their potion.

“So what do you think your’s will smell like?” Draco asked, stirring the liquid around.

“Maybe if you’d wear a little less of that Acqua di Gio cologne I got you last Christmas, I may be able to find out.” she joked.

He gasped sarcastically with a fake look of offense. “Well, the same goes for you.” he carried on. “I mean, I’m surprised you haven’t run out of that Honeysuckle Rain body mist yet. And you’re strawberry lipgloss? How can I even smell that from here?”

They eyed each other for a moment, and without any warning, they burst out laughing as loudly as they possibly could.

“LOVE IS DEAD!” y/n roared.

Draco softened his laugh a bit. “Well, you can’t smell ghosts.”

His comment made y/n laugh even harder, and how it was possible was beyond her knowledge. The whole class was staring at them at this point.

“Sorry, guys…” y/n said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Draco nudged her side again. “Don’t apologize. It was funny!”

Y/n sat in the library that evening, copying down notes from her Arithmancy class earlier that day. She tried to focus on taking them, but something in her mind just didn’t add up.

‘Why couldn’t I smell that Amortentia potion?’ she thought to herself. ‘What does this mean?’

She got up from her seat and headed to the y/h common room, only to realize when she got there, she had run out of her perfume weeks ago. Knowing that the Slytherins had quidditch practice, she ran down to the pitch to watch the remainder of it.

“Hey, y/l/n!” Draco beamed, carrying his broom and the snitch. “Came to watch me, did you?”

She giggled at his cheeky attitude. However, she quickly became more serious. “Actually, I, uhh… needed to talk with you about something important.”

“If it’s about today’s Potions class, I have no idea how you were smelling my cologne.”

Y/n tilted her head a bit as he sat down on the bleachers beside her.

“I ran out of that stuff a couple of weeks ago.” he continued. “I just remembered before practice. I’m pretty sure after a few washes, it would have faded away.”

Biting her lip, y/n looked away from him and down at the green grass.

“Now… what was it you wanted to talk about?”

Her heart started beating faster and faster. “Umm…”

She looked back at him, and noticed things she hadn’t really noticed before: how pretty his smile was, with his perfect, sparkling-white teeth; his bright, grey-blue eyes and how they gleamed in the sunlight; his hair, a bit messy (because of his quidditch practice), but in a good way…

She was brought back to reality by Draco snapping his fingers.


“What? Oh!”

He grew a bit concerned for her. “You haven’t been acting yourself today at all. Are you feeling alright?”

Y/n nodded. “I’m fine. I just… umm… about today’s Potions’ lesson…”

“What about it?”

She took a deep breath before continuing. “I ran out of my perfume, too.”

Draco looked taken aback. “Really?”

She nodded once more. “Yeah… I didn’t realize it until I was copying Arithmancy notes.”

They remained silent for a few moments, looking at the ground below them.

“You know…” Draco murmured, breaking the quietness between them. “I’ve always, sort of, fancied you…”

Her heart fluttered at this. “I should probably come clean, too, I guess…” She sighed. “I didn’t just smell your cologne in that potion.”

“Well what else did you smell?”

She bit her lip before answering. “Apples and a broomstick handle.”

He smirked lightly. “I guess I’m not the only on who feels this way then.”

“I guess not.”

Slowly, Draco slid his hand over hers and stroked her pinky finger with his thumb, intertwining his fingers with hers soon after. Y/n bit her lip once more, looking at their hands. Draco, on the other hand was staring at her. Suddenly, he kissed her cheek.

She giggled softly and turned her head to face him. They inched closer without realizing it, and soon, they were nose to nose.

“What would happen if I just kissed you right now?” Draco whispered, staring at y/n’s lips.

“Why don’t we find out.”

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her closer and placed his lips on hers. All of the tension and stress from the moment prior to this left y/n’s body. It was the most amazing feeling she had ever felt. She draped her arms around his neck and smiled as she kissed the blonde boy back.

They pulled away from on another gently, still gripped in each other’s embrace.

“Who knew that Potions would be the reason we confessed our feelings for each other?”

Y/n shrugged lightly. “Well, I’m glad I took it this year.”

Unscripted - Part 2 (Kai)

Back after a really long time, I’m sorry ;; But good news, I’ve ultimately decided on five parts instead of the initial three I had in mind. 

(You’re improvising at this point but hey, so is he.)

Chanyeol’s studio is a complete luxury. Not only does it include total sound proof walls and up-to-date recording equipment, but also extra open space with vertical mirrors and polished floors for dance practices. You never understood why Sehun always went through great lengths—such as buying Starbucks every weekend for the other boy—to get some time in the studio.

The room is massive. He can do his theatrical sessions without any interruption. Everything’s clean and bright, neatly tucked away, sunlight spilling through the blinds in patches.

You’re in the middle of wondering why you’ve only visited this gorgeous room now when there’s a series of short knocks at the door.

Keep reading