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Proposal of Murder

Summary:  Edward finally decides to pop the question after bringing Oswald on a trip down memory lane.

Rating: NC-17 (Graphic Depictions of Violence, Non-Consensual Grinding, Murder, Murder Smut, Sex In Blood, Unprotected Sex, Anal Sex, Rough Sex)

Authors: @endless-nygmobblepot | @mrgoldsdearie | @m4dh4ttey266 | @jessiekitty123

Word Count: 11038

Note: Finally finished the fic pass we did about a week ago! This version has far more to the story than the original. @endless-nygmobblepot and I couldn’t leave this fic without the smut and murder, so we worked together in adding it. Things get bloody and then they get sexy :D Happy reading!


Edward Nygma has mentally prepared himself for this day for weeks, battling back and forth with himself on whether or not it’s the perfect time to pull this off, but he believes he can finally overcome his fears. Today is the day he’ll take a huge step forward in his relationship with Oswald Cobblepot. Today is the day he proposes that the Penguin be his partner in life.

While it had taken weeks for Edward to prepare, he didn’t make plans to perform anything too elaborate. He didn’t get a live band or an orchestrator to sweep Oswald off his feet with a symphony of forbidden love. Instead, he wanted this to be all him and the solid white gold band he’s had hidden in his room for days. Edward wanted Oswald to just see him, only him, and know that his love for him was truly something to be astounded by. Though he had always been bad at communicating, today he wanted to try his best to make Oswald feel more wanted than he had ever felt before.

Edward stands in the bathroom, adjoined to his bedroom, and pushes his glasses back up on the bridge of his nose with a shaky right hand, then straightens his green tie in the mirror.

It was now or never.

He sighs nervously, his breath showing against the reflection in the glass. “Marry me, Oswald,” he thought to himself, running a hand anxiously through his hair. “I love you and I want to show you how much by spending the rest of my life with you,” he says under his breath, thinking that his words might read as desperation.

Maybe he shouldn’t practice what to say? Maybe he should let the moment flow naturally and say only what’s on his mind? Maybe he should back out and forget he ever thought of proposing?

“Ugh!,” he grunts, crashing a closed fist down upon the sink, shaking the doubtful thoughts out of his mind. “I’m going to do it,” he boldly convinces himself. There’s no way this day will end without him asking his lover one of the most important questions of their lives. He turns away from the mirror, takes another deep breath, and finally steps out of the bathroom.

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A quick note based on my post-Brexit experience in the UK – in the time period after the election, your biggest threat will not be Trump and his government. It will be your newly validated bigot neighbours. After Brexit, hate crime shot up by 60% in the UK nearly overnight and it still hasn’t returned to its pre-Brexit level. I imagine the same will happen in America. Be careful. No matter who they are, Trump voters are not your friends. Be safe. Your biggest enemy right now is the neighbour you went to church with and the people you pass on the street every day. Lock down. Go to ground if you have to. Look out for one another. Please, be careful.

40 Study Tips & Tricks

I thought to write down the “script” to one of my most viewed videos, with 40 study tips & tricks. It’s easier to read them and pass on the word!

Organization Tips:

1. Incorporate homework and classes in you daily planner – that will give you an overall glimpse of how your week will be about and how much time you need to spend in your studying sessions!

2. Color coordinate classes – be it notes, your planner, your textbooks or binders, pick a unique color for each class and work around the hues of that color to get more organized!

3. Make your own syllabus – if your professor doesn’t provide a syllabus for your class, try to make one before the school year working around your given textbooks or other given material.

4. Make study guides – make a study guide from your syllabus and draw before each topic two boxes: one for a midtest and one for the final test. When you have one of these tests, check the boxes when you’ve finished studying the chapter so you won’t miss anything!

5. Reference your material throughout – most of the times, we students work with in-class notes, textbooks and a syllabus. Since we get small bits of information here and there it’s important to reference every page throughout all your material so you can quickly access your information without having to flip endlessly through pages!

6. Keep a dashboard nearby – Whenever you use a notebook or a binder, make a dashboard on the first page with post it notes so you can quickly scribble any questions, homework or page numbers. When you get home, you just need to open your dashboard and attend those notes.

7. Print any tests, exercises and exams you can find – keep those in the end of your binder. These are perfect to practice before exams and tests because they really reflect what you will be tested about. Set an alarm clock for the deadline and start working on those!

8. Condense – organization disappears when you have too many of everything. Working with more than one planner in your life will make everything chaotic. If you think you need a second planner because you don’t have enough space to write in the first one, it’s because you don’t have available time as well. Don’t fool yourself and set achievable goals!

9. Customize your textbooks – most of the times, textbooks are formal books where information is hard to come by. Make your own tabs and write every chapter on them so they stick out – flag any charts, tables or graphics. Everything needs to be incredibly accessible!

10 Print a special planning sheet before finals: Organizing your studying by chapters and/or topics before finals is tremendously important since it lets you organize the amount of time you dedicate to each subject,

Study Sessions and Time Management

11. Save at least one afternoon or one morning a week for intensive studying. These is your “life-saver” – when you get so full of homework and projects that you can’t incorporate them into your daily academic routine, one free afternoon to organize your school life will really come in handy! Make an appointment with yourself!

12. Prepare in advance – although most professors may not ask you to prepare a class in advance, if you have the means to, go ahead. Grab a sheet and make a summary of the chapter your class will be about. Write the major topics and key information and take that guide to class. When your professor repeats previously studied information, you will be able to understand everything much better!

13. Never leave something behind – Even if you have a more light class, where professors don’t request homework or any side projects, don’t let that fool you! Be disciplined and be your own professors! Make your own projects and learn everything you can so you can nail those finals when they arrive.

14. Write your questions – most of the time, in a heavy study session, we come up with tons of questions and sometimes we just leave them behind. Write them down in your dashboard or a small notebook and ask your professors (personally or via e-mail). You can also ask your schoolmates in a facebook group created for that purpose!

15. Set an alarm clock and reward yourself – even if you study during an entire afternoon your studying will be pointless if you don’t take regular breaks. Set an alarm clock for one hour/one hour and a half and then take a 15 minute break. Never study for more than 2 hours straight! Even if you don’t notice, you’ll get less and less focused.

16. . Make a list – before each study session I like to grab my notepad and write down everything that I need to do before my session ends: the chapters I need to read, the pages I need to go through and the homework I need to complete. Sometimes I even write theses lists when I’m in college so I’ll have more determination to complete those tasks once I get home.

17 Work on the least interesting thing first. There are always classes or projects that we like the least – and those are the ones that we need to tackle first. You will start your studying session concentrated, which will let you go through the worst tasks faster.

18 Print, print, print. try to print everything you can and never study from your computer. Having your PDF files printed at hand will let you concentrate better, highlight and write some notes in the margins. You can take these everywhere with you and even turn them into small guides for future classes!

19. If you finish ahead, don’t quit. Perhaps the time you’ve saved for your study session has come to an end way before you have planned. That doesn’t mean you should stop right now – Take that time to review what you’ve learned so far or prepare other classes ahead of time!

20. Study in an organized space – make your own studying corner – bring everything you will need, from textbooks, binders and notebooks, to a cup of coffee and your computer. Keep them neatily organized on your desk so everything is at hand and on sight. Put on some soft background music (links down below) and adjust the lightning.

In class notes

21. If your professor provides PowerPoint slides before each class, print them (six or four per page) and bring them to class. Write in the margins and more throughout information in the back so it’s all condensed and tight. This is where you’ll take your notes. If you prefer to write on lined paper, think about copying some ruled paper to the back of your printed slides.

22. If your professor asks you to prepare your class in advance, try to make a small guide for each class. Open the comments column in MSWord and print the pages with that column. When you go to class, incorporate the in-class notes in that column, next to the relevant information so everything is nice and condensed.

23 If you are in a information-heavy class, try to adopt the Cornell method, which is the best, in my opinion, when you need to be a fast writer. There’s a video right here on how to use this method.

24. If you are in a bits-and-pieces class, which is that kind of class where the professor just gives a few key points and then gives practical examples or makes you work in group, try to adopt the box method – you can draw these boxes yourself or make them with post it notes – these are way more visual and perfect to memorize information.

25. Write in-class flashcards – if you don’t have flashcards around, make tiny flashcards on the top of your notes, where you cover the definitions you’ve written with the name of the definition. Each time you open your notes, try to remember the hidden definition. Automatic studying, every time!

26. Participate in class – nothing better than to be actively involved in your class discussion. For most of us, shy creatures, participating can be dreadful – but once you get out of your box, you’ll see how participating really makes you understand the subject!

27. If you have any questions during class, raise your hand and ask them. If your professor doesn’t like being interrupted, write them down and approach them in the end of the class. Sometimes, the little things we don’t understand are exactly the ones that come up on the final exam!

28. Ask for examples. Examples are probably the thing that makes your brain connect the information faster. If your professor isn’t keen on providing examples, suggest your own and see if your answer comes up right. Sometimes, examples are the thing that really makes us understand our material and our definitions, since they transform formal information into relatable events.

29. Sit at the front. It sounds too straightforward but sitting at the front really makes wonders. You won’t get distracted by what you classmates are doing, you will focus on the professor, who is right in front of you and you will resist the temptation of going to Facebook and Instagram during a boring presentation.

30. Write a brief summary at the end of the class. During those five minutes where everyone is dismissed and leaving the room, write a brief summary of that classes’ key points in the back of a page – this is fundamental in the Cornell method but can be used in any other method as well.

Finals Guide

31 Skim through your material two times: at first, you should start by studying your material starting from the end. The last lessons will be fresh in your memory and it’s very important to reinforce your knowledge on these while you can. In the second reading, you should start from the beginning, as usual. It’s important to make these two readings so you can go through the information in a much more flexible way.

 32. Make a mindmap of each chapter. A mindmap is a chart that relates key words and important information, making it easy to understand the relationship and hierarchy between such key words. Use colors and images to memorize your material better. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my video on how to make mindmaps!

33. Read each of the titles and try to say out loud its contents, explaining each concept and the relationship between them. Imagine you are the teacher and are lecturing that subject to a crowd. If you skip any of the subjects, do it all over again. The more you repeat, the better you will memorize.

34. It’s time for some flash cards!  Write the topic or the title on one side and the meaning or the explanation on the other. Try to cover as many topics or titles as you can and go through your cards while memorizing as best as you can each of the concepts. Try to do it backwards if you have time to do so!

35. On the day before the exam, skim through your mindmaps and flash cards again and always try to study while talking. Saying your content out loud will force your brain to relate information in a much more cohesive way and you’ll memorize everything much better.

36. Read the entire exam from top to bottom. Underline or circle any important words that you think will be crucial in you answer. After that, calculate how much time you should spend answering each question: this simple calculation will take only twenty seconds and will help you organize your time. Try to save five minutes at the end for revisions.

37. If you are solving a written exam and not multiple choice, try as much as possible to organize each answer in a structured way, saving two lines just to present your line of thought and writing each different argument in a different paragraph. Draft a conclusion at the end to underline the centre of your answer. Sometimes softly underlining some keywords is important to make your professor notice that you’ve correctly given importance to certain concepts.

38. Use these symbols for each question: one dot if you aren’t sure of the answer, two dots if you are sure of your answer and a circle if you are completely unaware of your answer. Start by answering any question with two dots; after those are all answered, go on through the two dots question. Leave the circle questions to the end – and ALWAYS answer them! Even if you don’t know what they’re about, who knows if you will be able to come up with something right?

39. Review your test one final time – many times, we make a lot of mistakes under stress and now is when you should spot them and amend them. This can be the difference between a B and an A!

40. Don’t take this too seriously – school is an important aspect of our lives but it isn’t everything. Failure comes many times and these failures can even drive you away from something that was simply not meant to be. Don’t stress out because everyone goes through the same!

me and @poppypomfrey​ were talking and hc that lily like. REFUSES to call sirius by his last name no matter how casual she’s tryin to be bc one time she saw him flinch when avery said ‘hey, black!’ and so now she calls him by literally any other colour 

  • “eat shit cyan’
  • “Maroon I got your test mark’
  • “Cornsilk here use my hair-tie’
  • “Aquamarine stop fucking DRAWING on my CHARMS NOTES” “that’s nice periwinkle’
  • “crimson omg do you remember last night when melanie griffiths called you a shit-eating asshole because i do and it was excellent’
  • ‘turquoise pass me a bagel’‘’tan i literally bet you ten gaellons that gramophone isnt spelt ‘grammar phone’ you absolute arse’
  • “oi orange! tell potter to met me by the fourth floor staircase!”“violet hold my beer i KNOW i can flip of this table”

【新しい刀剣男士公開 千子村正(せんごむらまさ)】
[New Sword Announcement] Sengo Muramasa


An uchigatana designed for battle with a terrifying ability to cut forged by the founder of the Muramasa school (Sengo Muramasa). His mysterious behavior might come from the story about being long regarded as a bewitched demon blade. He’s a source of worry for Tonbokiri, who is also a work of Muramasa.

CV: ????

「huhuhuhu。どうしましたか? 脱ぎまショウか?」

“Huhuhuhu. What’s the matter? Shall I undress?”

Note: It’s said that Muramasa was a violent swordsmith who passed his tendencies onto his blades, such that they became bloodthirsty and could incite bloodlust in their wielders.


Lunafreya Nox Fleuret ; The Passing of the Oracle

Context; Okay, so we’re playing a Dungeonworlds game, where we have a rogue, a wizard, a ranger, and a cleric (me). Our rogue was sold out by this guy but agreed our rogue to go with the other thugs to find out what the thieves guild people wanted, telling us to meet him later. We decided to listen but he also told us to keep watch on the little rat that sold him out. So. I figured I’d pass the time interrogating this guy. (Note: I’m not really a charismatic type.)

Cleric (me): “Tell us what you know.”
Thug:“I mean, I would, but my boss would kill me.”
Me: “Who says your boss will find out.”
Thug: “You hear about the killing part? Not risking it. Your friend might fuck me up when he gets back but I know him, he won’t kill me.”
Me: “What about me?”
Thug: “Huh?”
Me: “You don’t know me. Maybe I’ll kill you. I’m an immediate threat right now, after all.”
*Rolls to intimidate but rolls low.*
Thug; “Look, I know you’re trying to be scary. But you’re a cleric. You’re not gonna hurt me.”

Me (OOC): “Shit! Can I cast a spell on myself to look dead and see if that helps?”
DM: “No, the situation has to physically change to warrant another roll.”
Me (OOC): “Is that so?”

Me: “Hey, [ranger], can I borrow your dagger?”
*Handed the dagger.*
Me (OOC) “Alright, I am going to go stab him in the shoulder.”
The DM looks at me and laughs a bit. “Alright.”

Thug: “HOLY FUCK. YOU JUST STABBED ME. Oh gods, that hurts.”
Me: “You want to doubt me? I am your immediate threat. I’m the one with the knife. I am the one who decides your fate. Not your boss, not [rogue], me.”
Thug: “But you’re a cleric! You can’t do that!”
Me: “I am a cleric of the god of death. So either, you tell me what I want to know and I heal your shoulder in exchange, or I kill you and force your spirit to be more compliant.”

I rolled really high and I’m pretty sure he was gonna piss himself if I rolled any higher. Needless to say, he was a lot more obedient after and he told us everything!

5-note patterns

Wow, I feel like I’m betraying my nation and leaking a state secret by posting this. You won’t find this anywhere else on the internet. It’s trick passed around in my band pyramid and I have interesting stories about how it reached me.

Basically, when you’ve got sixteenth-note runs that are tripping you up, or you sound uneven and not very fluid while playing them, this trick will solve your problems. So, here’s what you do, step by step:

  1. Break the sixteenth note passage into blocks of 5 and start with the first block, as shown in the 1st measure of this sheet
  2. Play those 5 notes in the rhythm pattern of the 2nd measure. Repeat 10 times– just like that, don’t go on yet.
  3. Move on to the next measure’s pattern. Do that, and just that: 10 times.
  4. Rinse and repeat, until you’ve down all the rhythm patterns on this sheet. 
  5. Voila: you sound 100x better!

This technique is most effective when you combine it with the “up 4, down 2” metronome trick. So, play each rhythm pattern 10x at say, 100bpm. Then play it 10x at 104bpm, then at 102bpm, and then 106bpm, etc.

This should work for all woodwinds, and sometimes for piano. I don’t play brass or strings though, so I’m not sure– but it could!

Chapter 177: The RAINSTORM that came with the RAGING WIND

Note: NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!, in the comments or anywhere on this account. We have not finished reading the novel. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes/comments are highly appreciated. 


Hi everyone, ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳᵞ for posting a bit later than I had previously stated. I actually dozed off a couple of times; can’t keeps eyes open anymore. Gonna pass out now, have a good day~ ꒰◍ᐡᐤᐡ◍꒱

Translator: Sae    

As always, THANK YOU for reading and enjoying the journey with our boys:

GU HAI & BAI LUO YIN   ꒰๑*‘ᗜ’*꒱*›◡‹꒱꒱


Chapter 177: The RAINSTORM that came with the RAGING WIND

Someone was trembling with fear and anxiety for the entire morning whilst a cloud of darkness loomed close by. Even when he was in the lavatory, he kept glancing left and right, afraid that if he was not careful enough, his own family jewel would disappear. Once the afternoon rolled by and classes were dismissed, he did not wait for this supposed retribution to happen.

Could it be that I thought wrong?

You Qi silently tidied his belongings but by a twist of fate, his eyes fell on Gu Hai for a second. Gu Hai lowered his head and fiddled around with something. You Qi stood up and walked toward the doorway; he was scared witless with every step he took for the fear that a fierce tiger would violently pounced and clawed him. Keeping himself aware of his surrounding, he finally made it all the way to the door unscathed. He sighed as a sense of luck overtook his thoughts.

Fortunately, I didn’t get beaten. Fortunately, their relationship is unexpectedly normal.

Once the school bell rang, Yang Meng immediately dashed toward class 27, preparing himself to watch the drama unfold.

But, You Qi merely walked out of the classroom intact.

“Hey!” Yang Meng shouted in order to get You Qi’s attention.

With an honest and bright expression, You Qi walked over.

The moment Yang Meng saw You Qi drawn in that kind of mood, he immediately knew that the situation was probably not what they had surmised.

“How was it? Did you give the coat?”

You Qi nodded his head, “Yeah, I gave it.”

“Did Gu Hai look anxious to you?”

Turning slightly to the side, You Qi glanced inside the classroom, “So far, nothing yet.”

An inquisitive look dotted Yang Meng’s face, “Did you say every word according to what I’ve taught you?”

“Of course.” You Qi said very calmly. “I’ve said it word for word.”

Yang Meng frowned, still feeling a bit concerned. “Did you say it in front of Gu Hai? Are you sure he heard you?”

“I’m sure.” You Qi deliberately lowered his voice and move closer to the side of Yang Meng’s ear, “Initially his complexion changed when he heard it.”

“What happened afterwards?” Yang Meng blinks were raging with inquisitiveness.

Unperturbed, You Qi pulled out a sheet of tissue and blew his nose, “I didn’t have the nerve to look afterwards.”

Yang Meng rubbed his chin and retired to cogitate. Suddenly, someone patted him on the shoulder. As he turned around, he discovered that it was one of his former classmate.

“Have you been well? The friend cheerfully looked at Yang Meng.

At first, Yang Meng did not understand what was going on but a few seconds later, he noticed that this friend was glancing and winking at You Qi repeatedly. It was only then that he understood the meaning behind it.

“Fucking great you bastard!” In truth, Yang Meng’s small mouth was quite ferocious.

That friend was still cheerfully poking fun, “It’s fine. Don’t take it to heart or feel pressured. I’m a very open-minded person. I wish the both of you all the happiness. Fighting! Fighting! Fighting!” After that cheerful outburst, he enthusiastically waved his hand in the air.

Yang Meng’s face immediately darkened.


On the road, You Qi casually hummed a tune. His smug appearance now, was completely different from yesterday’s; simply put, they were practically two different people.

Sensing this obvious change in the atmosphere, Yang Meng narrowed his eyes toward him while a disdain look fell on his face. “Hey you, do you have to go that far? Even if their relationship is normal, it doesn’t mean Yin Zi likes you. Huh?”

You Qi still maintained an optimistic attitude, “At least it proves that there’s still a chance for me!”

Yang Meng glared at him, then firmly issued a warning, “Let me tell you, if Yin Zi doesn’t have that kind of interest in you, you better not hurt him!”

“Do you think I have the ability to hurt him?” You Qi’s handsome cheeks glistened beneath the bright sunlight. He was that kind of person. The master of being unshaken even when others were to pursed him to the point of spitting blood.

“If he’s really not interested in me, there’s no use in putting my life on the line!”

“Then, what are you pleased about?”

You Qi continued to walk leisurely, “I figured out he’s single!”

Yang Meng truly admired You Qi’s ability to amuse himself. He turned toward him for a quick look. Although, it was forbidden for a man to fancy another man, Yang Meng thought that this did not hinder You Qi.

Is there a need for such a handsome guy to go this far huh? There’s so many women to chase after, yet you just had to make things hard like this? If Bai Luo Yin is genuinely moved by him, this would be a great loss to all the girls in the school!

You Qi bumped against Yang Meng’s shoulder, “Let’s go. Your buddy is going to take you out to eat.”

Yang Meng didn’t have a chance to respond when suddenly a strong burst of wind blew by. His mind was written with great alarm as he swung his head around, which caused a whooshing sound to mold in the air. A middle school student had quickly swept by, kicking his skateboard along the road and leaving behind a menacing view of his back.


Yang Meng’s heart was still jumping wildly.

How can a skateboard scare me like that? Could it be, I’ve been anxious all along? Why do I keep feeling as if something is going to happen?

His gaze shifted toward You Qi who also had frightened and doubtful expression in his eyes.

So, I’m not the only one that felt the ominous air looming whistled by.

After walking quietly for a while longer without any mishap, You Qi patted Yang Meng’s shoulder again. “False alarm.”

Ahead there was a huge corner that they needed to go around. Feeling an imminent force linger, Yang Meng’s heartbeat suddenly quickened. But, once they turned pass it, there was no one there; even the underbrush did not reveal any wandering swordsmen.

A burst of throbs ruptured inside of Yang Meng’s chest.

Did I watch too many action movies recently?

“Dude, do you have any cigarettes?”

Yang Meng and You Qi’s footstep halted simultaneously. They practically turned their heads around at the same time before becoming stiff as a corpse.

Behind them stood a row of men; each one tall, bold and exuding a powerful aura. You Qi was over 180 cm, but standing in front of them, he had to look up as well.

After a long while, You Qi hesitatingly answered, “No, I don’t smoke.”

The robust man furthest to the left unexpectedly fished out a lighter; the flame immediately charged toward You Qi’s face. You Qi took a sudden step back to evade it, but he accidently stepped on a nearby lid, nearly causing him to fall back with his face staring at the sky.

“I have a lighter but no cigarette, what should I do?”

Yang Meng was frightened until his face turned a pallid watercolor. Compared to You Qi, his strength was a bit more limited.

His voice became a bit distorted as he spoke, “How about I go buy you a case?”

“There’s no need to.” The robust man put his lighter away and put on a face smile as he looked over at You Qi, “I’ll simply beat it out of you.”

Both of Yang Meng’s legs trembled as his smile faltered like a wild chrysanthemum withering during the eve of autumn.

“I can go, right? I was just accompanying him. We’re classmates….and we just happened to bump into each other……”

Another strong looking man pulled Yang Meng’s collar causing Yang Meng’s feet to immediately leave the ground.

“Sorry, little brother. Together the four of us are call, ‘None shall live.[1] Unfortunately, today you’re out of luck. You just had to walk with him. Remember this clearly for later. Involve yourself with things you’re supposed to and things you’re not supposed, don’t add to the trouble.”

Five seconds later, a murderous howl broke out in this tranquil corner.

“Boss, can you not hit my face?” You Qi shouted, “I still have to go to Beijing Film Academy for an interview!”

“Between hitting your face or fucking your ass, you can only choose one!”

“Then you can just hit me.”


Once they returned home, the two sat facing each other. Gu Hai’s hand hit the table before he looked at Bai Luo Yin with an insincere smile.

“Say it yourself. Don’t wait for me to force it out of you.”

Without any fear at all, Bai Luo Yin spoke, “What do you want me to say?”

Gu Hai raised his chin up slightly, “Say whatever there is to say.”

“I don’t think there is anything to say.”

A shot of flame stormed out from the depth of Gu Hai’s eyes, but he quickly suppressed it.

“Then tell me, where did this coat[2] come from?”      

“We bought it together.” Gu Hai clenched his fist, causing his knuckles to crack.

“Are you forcing me to get rough?

Bai Luo Yin’s expression changed, “Don’t you know everything already? I stayed at You Qi for a night and forgot my coat there.”

The blasé expression that sealed Bai Luo Yin’s face made Gu Hai’s blood flowed backwards from head to toe.

“You stayed for a night? Just one night?”

Since things have reached this stage, Bai Luo Yin thought that there was no need to cover the truth up anymore.

“More than one night. I stayed so many nights, I don’t even remember clearly.”

All of Gu Hai’s patience and calmness were pushed to the peak; it was already on the verge of exploding out its cage. Any slight carelessness on his part, it would have tread out of him like a ticking bomb already.

“If You Qi didn’t let it slip up and I didn’t ask you, you had no intention of telling me?”

With an expressionless face, Bai Luo Yin merely said, ‘Yeah.’  

Gu Hai’s fist smashed the table; a distinct crack formed at Gu Hai’s hand and spread out all the way toward Bai Luo Yin’s hand. Bai Luo Yin’s expression changed abruptly. A second later, Gu Hai furiously lifted him up and threw him firmly on the carpet nearby.

“Bai Luo Yin, aren’t I too good to you?” Gu Hai straddled Bai Luo Yin’s body with a livid and ashen complexion stringing along the lines of his stern face. His emotions were raging like a torrid storm gone gravely out of control. “Do you want to fucking run wild? I only left for a little over 20 days and you ran off to someone’s else bed. If I were to leave for two years, are you going to fucking forget who I am?”

“Gu Hai, what are you saying? Are those even human words?” Bai Luo Yin was also lit with anger, “I didn’t tell you because I thought that it wasn’t necessary! What do you mean running to someone’s bed? Do you think that I’m a female cat? That I’ll go into heat the moment I see a male!! You Qi is a guy, and I’m also a guy, what’s wrong with two guys sleeping together? Before I met you, I don’t even know how many guys I’ve slept with already. Do you want to fucking look into all of them?”

Gu Hai’s face darkened as a sinister aura stuck the atmosphere. His voice was rough and merciless as it slipped out.

“Before being with me, I don’t care who you’ve slept with, but now that you’re with me, sleeping with him is out of the question!”[3]

“What do you mean out of the question?” Bai Luo Yin’s words aggravated the situation; he was practically pouring oil on fire. “You won’t let me sleep at home alone, you won’t let me sleep with other people, then tell me, how am I supposed to sleep? What differences are there between You Qi and Yang Meng? Isn’t it just a small bird and a big bird?[4] It’s okay if I sleep under the same blanket as the small bird, but if it’s with the bigger bird, we must’ve messed around?”

The anger that devoured Gu Hai from the inside out caused Gu Hai’s lips to tremble. “You slept under the same blanket with him?”

“Yeah, not only that, I also slept naked. There are even more exciting things, do you want to hear it? That day I drank a lot and even lost consciousness. When I woke up the next morning, my underwear was gone. This is the great habit that you’ve created! Don’t you have this crazy sickness where you like persecuting yourself? Don’t you take pleasure in imagining it all? Today, I’ll give you enough space to do just that. Think whatever you want to think, I won’t say a fucking word!”

A scarlet red color burned Gu Hai’s eyes; it was already impossible to make out any of his emotions.

“Bai Luo Yin, you’re playing with fire. Do you know that?”

Bai Luo Yin suddenly laughed grimly, “Gu Hai, you’re not the only one that has grown a brain! If everyone in the entire world thinks the same way as you do, then I can also imagine things for a moment as well. You and Gu Yang were secretly abroad for quite some days?”

“That’s my brother.” A note of austerity seemed to have landed on Gu Hai.

Looking squarely at him, Bai Luo Yin kindly reminded him, “I am also your brother!”

Gu Hai forcibly gripped Bai Luo Yin’s neck as a dark mass crowded his vision. Like the king of hell demanding someone’s life, his hand flew out and pulled Bai Luo Yin’s leather belt. Without undoing the belt buckle, he directly snapped it off.

“Bai Luo Yin, if you recognize your mistake, this matter will pass!”

Under Gu Hai’s grip, Bai Luo Yin’s face twisted abnormally, causing his pupils to enlarged. A cold and gloomy light reflected in his intense eyes, leaving no room for any trace of compromise to lie within them.

In a fit of anger, Gu Hai tore away Bai Luo Yin’s pants and hissed in a loud roar, “Believe it or not, I’ll fuck you to death now?!” [5]

“What reasons do I have to not believe you?” Bai Luo Yin’s eyes revealed a sense of sarcasm in them, “Didn’t you fuck me half dead once? I’ll lie here today and take a good look. You can persist and fight to accomplish this one-time goal of yours now, otherwise, once you’ve lose this opportunity, it won’t come back again.”[6]

Gu Hai’s hands shook violently. He had attempted to retrieve his senses from this wild intoxication countless times already, but every time, Bai Luo Yin’s unyielding demeanor destroyed it all.      


Translator’s note:

[1] None shall live – the idiom is ’片甲不留[piànjiǎbùliú] which means, “not a single armored warrior remain,”; “utterly destroyed”

[2] coat – previously Yang Meng said that Yin Zi left a coat at his house, but somehow the author changed it to ‘clothes’ when You Qi gave it to Yin Zi. I kept it as coat since ‘clothes’ is vague and doesn’t stay true to what Yang Meng said.

[3] Sleeping with him is out of the question! – you can’t sleep with him!

[4] Isn’t it just a small bird and a big bird? -鸟[diǎo/ niǎo] I’m not sure if the author is using diǎo [penis] or niǎo [bird].

[5] beat/fuck – actually, I’m not sure if he said ‘fuck’ or ‘beat’ because the character they use ‘干’ is slang for ‘f***’ but can also mean ‘beat’ and a bunch of other things. [anyone knows? Please enlighten me T^T]

[6] once you lose this opportunity, it won’t come back again. – [不然过这个村就没这个店了] or for [机不可失,时不再来] meaning ‘opportunity knocks but once.


Are you addicted?

The original novel is written by Chai Jidan

We do not own any of its content, we are translators and editors

DAY 78/100 OF PRODUCTIVITY! time’s passing too quickly 😭😭 can it pass slower? ? i still need time to g et my shit together,, but at the same time i can’t wait for O’s to end, aHAHHAA. anyw, i (finally) organised my lit notes!!! yAY 🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊 press on everyone! lets all conquer our eoys/O’s/promos/A’s well!


Isaac x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Um is Isaac in there?” You asked as one of the boys came out of the changing room, clutching the note from reception in your hands.

“Yeah he’s the only one I think so just go in.” The boy muttered with a smirk and you nodded, shyly pushing into the room and looking around.

“Isaac?” you called out and jumped when he answered.

“What’d you want?” You asked as he finished getting dressed, chuckling when your cheeks flushed and you turned around so he couldn’t see.

“I’m sorry the boy I asked said it was ok to come in!” You yelped.

“Yeah well it is a boy’s changing room, did you need something?” He asked again and this time you shot your hand out to give him the note without looking at him.

“That huge Derek Hale guys at the front desk with Boyd and Erica.” You mumbled and smiled awkwardly at Danny who frowned as he passed.

“Ok thanks, could you tell them I’m on my way up?” He asked and you nodded, scurrying to the door. “Hey (Y/N)?”

“Yes!” you mumbled and turned back, trying not to stare as he pulled his jersey off and grabbed a clean t-shirt.

“It’s cute when you blush.” He smiled when you let out an involuntary squeak and your eyes widened as you blushed again and hurried out of the room.

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{PART 12} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson, Jinyoung & BamBam)

Genre: Angst, slight fluff

Summary; Jackson and Jinyoung go through with setting their plan in motion - while Jaebum begins to fall apart from the inside out.

Please note that this series contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating.

{Part 1} // {Part 11} {Part 12} {Part 13}

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

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Little Avenger

Pairing: Avengers x reader

Summary: you were to meet the avengers that day. They had heard you were good but they were surprised to see you in person

Author’s Note: I wanted to write a teen reader x avengers for a long time and I finally did. It will have other parts and would even have eventual peter x reader. It’s more of an introduction parts and has one of my most favourite tropes. The reader’s powers are energy manipulation. It’s funny and fluffy. Hope you like it! ( I couldn’t find a proper gif so)

Warnings: swearing maybe?

Word Count: 1558

PART - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Originally posted by a-less-ordinary-life

Everyone was sat in the conference room, getting impatient with every passing minute. They had heard a lot about you and were finally going to meet you that day. Bucky was sat beside Steve arguing with Sam while Steve read your file, tony and Clint were engaged in a paper ball fight, Wanda was talking with Natasha as she made some objects float around, Pietro was zapping in and out of the room and Bruce and Thor were discussing something like the only adults.

Fury was seeing it all and took in a deep breath, the avengers initiative didn’t include him having to deal with superhero children.

‘can you all behave like adults?’ he stood up from his chair and all eyes landed on him. Clint’s paper ball landed on him and he glared at him. ‘she’s going to be here any minute-.’ He was beginning to say the sentence he had been saying for the past 15 minutes before tony interrupted him.

‘oh don’t give us that again!’ he folded his arms.

‘yeah, we’re the avengers we’ve got shit to avenge.’ Natasha looked at him and everyone agreed.

‘okay! I heard that but, if you’d just- ‘fury’s phone buzzed and he took a breath of relief when he read the message. ‘she’s here. where’s peter and vision?’

‘vision kind of drifted away and parker had some project to complete.’ Clint said.

Everyone straightened up, they were curious and exited to know who was going to be joining them now.

‘Steve, tell them about her.’ Fury sat down. ‘I am way too tired for this shit.’ He muttered.

‘alright,’ he got up. ‘so, she’s good at fighting and with weapons, she can also use energy to do whatever she wishes…’ he furrowed his brows as he read the last sentence.

‘I insist you hand us all your weapons.’ They heard a faint voice from outside.

‘I won’t.’ You folded your arms.

‘let her in.’ Clint shouted. You smiled at the agent in front of you.

‘can I go now?’ you tilted your head. He clenched his jaw but nodded with a smile. you pushed your glasses above your nose and walked in.

Everyone was surprised to see you, all of them had varying expression of disbelief on their face. they expected a girl but…older. you were wearing a black hoodie and ripped black jeans. A sword was strapped at your back securely and your clothes had some budges around you signalling you had more weapons; you weren’t looking like a normal teenager. Natasha smiled for she could sense you would be nice to have around.

‘everyone, this is (y/n) (y/l/n). she’s 15 and will be joining you.’ fury introduced you to them and you waved.

‘hello, it’s nice to meet you all.’ You smiled.

‘from now on she will be training with you so, be nice to her.’ He stated simply and left.

‘hi (y/n), how are you?’ Natasha smiled brightly as she offered you her hand to shake.

‘hi!’ you chirped. ‘I am good.’ You shoved your hands in your pockets again.

‘it’s a child!’ Thor’s voice rumbled through the room as he recovered from his shock.

‘everyone can see that.’ Bruce whispered to Thor.

‘well, before we talk more, would you mind putting all your weapons here.’ Natasha patted the table.

‘oh, okay.’ You took a deep breath. You first placed your sword on the table, took out the knives from your boots and the two guns strapped to your waist. Everyone’s eyes grew wide seeing the variety of weapons you had placed on the table.

‘all of it.’ She folded her arms.

‘fine.’ You muttered. You took out a tiny pistol tucked in your jeans and two mini explosives from your hair. Natasha looked at you with suspicion. You understood what she meant.

‘can all the men look away.’ You put a hand on your eyes making Wanda and Natasha chuckle. The guys obeyed and faced the wall.

‘were do you have it stuffed kid?’ tony asked facing the wall.

‘I have two explosives and a poison bottle in my bra.’ You said in angry voice as you reached for them. Everyone snickered or laughed except Thor and Steve, they looked down. You kept them on the table and took a step back.

  ‘that’s it! You raised your arms. ‘the blades in my shoes are fixed I can’t put them here.’ You folded your arms.

 ‘you all can look now.’ Wanda said and the guys turned to you again.

  ‘how did you stuff it all in there?’ Bucky examined a dagger.

  ‘one of my talents.’ You shrugged.

‘hey, what about your powers?’ Wanda asked.

‘well, I can’t explain them just like that.’ You scratched your cheek. ‘I can show you.’ you looked at everyone trying to get a look of approval.

‘go ahead.’ Steve said.

You took a deep breath and moved your hand to summon your energy. All eyes were on you as a red light seemed to form in your hands. You made an orb and opened your eyes. ‘I can do anything with it.’ The orb floated in your hands. ‘I can read others energy, control people or any living being, I can extract their energy, I can channel my energy through inanimate things and do stuff with them, it’s weird I haven’t figured it all out yet.’ You juggled the orb.

‘what do you mean by extract their energy?’ Bruce leaned forwards.

‘I can kill them. You see, life is a form of energy, when I extract it from someone I kill them and that energy kind of feeds me.’ You explained.

feeds you?’Clint said in disbelief.

‘um, yeah, but I don’t do it with many people. It makes me stronger and I get high on it.’ You looked down.

 ‘you can also read energy?’ Sam asked.

‘yes, I can read minds and I can tell what kind of power a person possess.’ you made the orb vanish. ‘for example,’ you looked at Wanda. ‘you can read minds, alter it, and… you also possess telekinesis.’ Your eyes turned black as you read her. ‘and,’ you turned to Pietro. ‘I do not fight with my glasses on I wear contacts.’ You said.

‘sorry.’ He muttered

‘so what you can do with your powers has wide boundaries little one?’ Thor stood up and looked at you.

‘yes sir.’ You said.

‘you need not call me that.’ He smiled brightly. ‘I am Thor, of asgard.’ He said.

‘I am sorry, I have a habit of calling others either sir or mam.’ You shoved your hands in your pockets.

‘now that you will be staying with us, you can call us by our names.’ Natasha kept a hand on your shoulder.

‘that would be nice.’ You smiled. ‘it’ll be like having a family again.’ Everyone melted hearing that.

‘you are so cute’ Wanda pulled your cheek.

‘I am not cute.’ You kept a hand on your cheek and glared at her.

‘alright, let me show you around.’ Wanda held your hand.

‘I get my own room?’ you furrowed your brows and stood there as Wanda tried to pull you.

‘of course, where else would you stay?’ tony questioned and you shrugged.

‘I am pretty strong, little lady, you can’t make me budge until I want you to.’ You looked at Wanda and everyone laughed.

‘will you come, please?’ Wanda loosened the grip of your hand. You started to follow her before you stopped and she groaned.

‘I will get my stuff back right?’ you cocked your head out of the gate.

‘yeah. Go with her now.’ Natasha smiled and you left.

‘I like her already.’ Natasha faced the others.

‘yeah, she seems like a nice girl.’ Clint said.

‘you connect with her?’ Bruce’s eyes softened as he looked at her. She nodded.

‘I can relate to her.’ She said.

‘I still can’t believe it how she fitted it all in her clothes.’ Sam looked at the weapons.

‘you still are the shortest in the team.’ Tony said making everyone snicker.

‘you shouldn’t have said that stark.’ She looked at him.

‘uh-oh.’ He said before running out of the room. She ran after him cussing.

You looked around the facility in awe. You had never been in such a nice place, and now you would be staying here.

‘and this is your room.’ Wanda stopped and opened the door to a room.

‘whoa, I love it.’ You grinned.

‘my room is on the next floor; your room is on the same floor as Natasha and Bucky. If you need anything feel free to ask.’ She was blabbering on until she noticed you weren’t paying all that attention to her. ‘(y/n)? you with me.’ She waved her arm in front of your face.

‘yeah, I heard it all. Hey Wanda, would you judge me if I do something?’ you looked at her.

‘no?’ she squinted her eyes a little.

‘great!’ you jumped on the bed. She chuckled at your childishness. You sat up with a pillow in your lap. ‘I love it here.’ Your hair were a mess and you had a goofy grin on your face.

‘I am glad.’ She ruffled your hair. ‘rest now, I will call you when it’s time for dinner.’ She left the room.

You took a deep breath and lied on the bed. You were so happy to finally be around good people. You could finally use your powers for something good and not to hurt others or be someone’s personal weapon. Your eyes started feeling heavier, maybe it was the soft bed, or the warmth of happiness that lulled you in a peaceful sleep after so many tough nights.

Wrench FBI Audio Logs *spoilers below*

So, I replayed through the game to get to the FBI section of the game to be able to note down all the info about the audio logs regarding Wrench. So, for those who wanted to know, below you will be able to read all of them! :D They are not perfectly transcribed but I did my best! 

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You’re an idiot

Request: hello! can i request something? the reader is new to peter’s school and they start talking and then the reader starts to have feeling for peter but he likes liz, times passes and peter realize that he likes the reader back? can it be angsty&fluffy? sorry if its too much!

Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader

Warnings: angst and fluff!! (I’m pretty bad at angst so forgive me!!)

Notes: I’m the worst at writing that is all xoxo

Sophomore year was supposed to be my hardest year – it was supposed to be hard for me to make friends, everyone had already known each other from the year before, then there was the fact of me being too shy, to the point that I’d rather shove myself into a locker than attempt to even a single ‘hi’ to anyone looking at me. The key phrase here is ‘supposed to’ – Peter Parker made everything that much easier for me, the moment I walked through the door.

I walked into the school building seven minutes after the final bell rang, my anxiety crept up to me knowing I’d have to walk into an already-started classroom and interrupt the teacher, I took my time walking down the hall, heading to my classroom. I turned around hearing someone running behind me, but before I could glance at the person their body slammed into mine and threw us on the floor. I ended up lying on top of the person who collided into me, their hands wounded around my waist. I heard a mumbled ‘shit’ and finally looked down at the person who bumped into me – a boy, a cute boy, with brown hair and brown eyes and very – very – strong arms.

“Shit, I’m sorry – I just, I’m late again. I – I didn’t see you! I’m sorry.” He rushed to lift both of us up, his arms still around my waist. I glanced down and looked up at him, my cheeks almost as red as his – I’m assuming. “Sorry – again.” His hands immediately left my waist as one landed on his hip and the other carded through his hair. I looked down at my schedule, realizing I had no idea where I was going. I looked back up and smiled softly, feeling bad that he was so embarrassed.

“It’s cool, but to make it up to me you can show me where room 304 is?” He smiled widely and nodded quickly. “Sure! I’m going there anyway! AP Physics, huh?” I nodded as he held his hand out to me. I shook it and we went on walking.

“I’m Peter. Uh – Peter Parker.”

“(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).”

“Are you serious? How did you get a better score than me?” Peter threw his arms up drastically, signaling between both of our papers. I rolled my eyes and laughed as his gaze fell forward again, watching where he was walking.

“I only score two percent higher, Peter. Don’t be ridiculous. I could tutor you if you want.” I teased him, shoving him slightly. When he didn’t say anything, I turned around to look at him. He looked like he was in a trance, his pace lagging a couple of feet behind. I tried to follow his gaze, my eyes falling onto Liz Allen. I rolled my eyes and quickened my pace, trying to get to catch up to Ned at his locker so I didn’t have to mope over Peter being an oblivious idiot.

Since Peter and I met sophomore year, we’ve been inseparable since. Getting to know someone for two years was fun, but when it came to harboring a crush on said person for almost two years was exhausting, and having to watch them like someone else was just ridiculously pathetic – especially when you didn’t do anything to stop yourself from liking them.

“Hey Ned!” I bumped his shoulder slightly with mine as he shut his locker. He smiled down at me. “Where’s our third musketeer?” I rolled my eyes at the mention of Peter, nodding toward Liz, who was now speaking to Peter. I looked up at Ned again to catch him rolling his eyes, too. “That kid is painfully stupid.” My eyebrows pulled together in question.

“What are you talking about?” He shot me an incredulous look. “What?”

“Oh, come on! You and Peter have been destined to fall in love since he threw himself on top of you two years ago,” my cheeks flared a little, also growing a little irritated that Ned knew that I liked Peter and Peter didn’t.

“Shut up,” I shoved him again, “he didn’t throw himself at me, he bumped into me… hard.” Our conversation was cut short as Peter rushed up to us, out of breath.

“Did you guys see that?” He rushed out, giving us exasperated looks when we shrugged our shoulders, “Liz was talking to me! Like, actually talking to me! We had a real conversation!”

“Oh? About what?” Ned leaned against the lockers, shooting Peter a non-believing look.

“Well, it was – well, I mean it was about the school campaign,” I laughed lightly as Ned rolled his eyes, “but! But, we talked about strategy for, like, four minutes!” Ned started walking out the door as we both followed him. “Anyway, she also got my number.” This caused Ned and me to stop in our tracks, wide-eyes and mouth-gaping at Peter as he gave us a cocky smirk.

“How’d you swing that, Romeo?”

“I told her that if she ever needed help with the campaign, I’d be happy to lend a hand.” I huffed before starting to walk back to my apartment.

“(Y/N)! Where’re you going?”

“Home! I’ll see you guys on Monday.” I sighed dramatically as I felt Peter’s hand clutch mine, ignoring the tingling sensation it shot through me. “What?”

“We’re still on for tonight, right? It’s movie night.” I smiled slightly as he mentioned our bi-weekly movie night. He stuck out his bottom look in a weak attempt to shoot you a pleading look. Your smile widened as you nodded. “Good, I’d be extremely sad if you ditched our date.” My cheeks flared a little at the word ‘date’, knowing he used it loosely. “See you tonight!” He pecked my cheek before walking back to Ned. I continued to smile as I walked to my apartment.

“Alright, which is next? Back to the Future or Peter Pan?” I looked behind me to see Peter reaching for his phone as it vibrated.

“Hm, surprise m – holy shit!” I jumped from his sudden outburst.

“Jesus, Peter! What’s wrong?” I saw him collecting his things frantically, causing me to worry as I reached to grab his jacket from him.

“Liz texted me! She wants me to come over to help her with something.” I dropped his jacket on the ground in front of the door. I turned around and gave him what I assumed was a disapproving look. “What?”

“You’re ditching movie night to help Liz with a stupid campaign?”

“I – come on, it’s not stupid.”

“Peter, it’s a high school campaign – will it matter next year?” He hesitated before rolling his eyes at me.

“Come on, you know I like Liz.” I threw my hands up. “What?”

“Why? Why do you like Liz? Is it because of everything you don’t have in common? Is it the fact that you’re both nothing alike? Is it because she’s friends with everyone who torments you everyday? Hm, you’re right, Peter! What’s not to like?” His mouth was open as he stared at me with wide eyes. His face contorted to one of anger after a beat of silence.

“You know what? Screw you! God forbid I like a girl who isn’t you, right?” My whole demeanor changed as my shoulders slumped and I looked at him like he had two heads.

“Get out.”


“Go! Go hang out with Liz, go jump off our roof and swing off into the sunset together for all I care! Just – just, get out!” Both of our breathing was the only thing that was heard in my small living room. We both stood and stared at each other, waiting for the other to break the silence. Finally, he walked up to me, picked up his jacket and slammed the door after leaving.  I walked to my couch, dialing Ned and asking him if he could come over.

I fell asleep at around eleven o’clock, eventually crying myself out against Ned before he tucked me in and left. I woke up to the sound of light tapping on my window. I looked out to see none other than the friendly neighborhood asshat. I looked at my clock and saw it read 11:26. I opened my window but didn’t let Peter in. “What are you doing here?” He reached up and pulled his mask off, showing a sheepish smile on his face.

“Can I come in?” I looked outside into the quiet – and cold – streets of New York before moving to the side and allowing Peter to step in.

“Okay, why are you here?” I looked up at him to see him playing with his fingers. He sat on the edge of my bed, placing his mask down on my bedside table and patting the spot next to him. I sat on the desk chair instead, waiting for him to speak. He looked up and sighed at my choice of seating.

“I’m such an idiot.”

“That’s one word for you.” I heard him chuckle, cursing myself when I felt myself smile faintly at the sound. He stood up and kneeled in front of me.

“I’m so sorry,” his hands came up to unfold my arms, “what I said to you – god, that was such a dick move. I – I just, shit, I don’t even know. I thought I liked Liz –” “Thought?” “Yeah, I don’t like Liz.” His hands began blindly playing with my fingers.

“If you don’t like Liz then why did you ditch me?”

“I don’t know, I really thought I liked Liz. But, then I got there and I couldn’t even stand being in the same room alone with her for more than forty minutes. I kept thinking about how we didn’t have anything in common, and how badly her friends have treated me, you know she didn’t even try to apologize when I brought that up to her.” He stood up, pulling me with him, him leading us to my bed. “I just kept thinking about how much I’d rather be with you.”

“Peter,” I stopped talking when he shook his head.

“No, please, just let me get this out.” I nodded for him to continue. “It took me actually being with Liz to realize that the only person I’d want to be around is you – like, I want to be with you, all the time if I could. Liz is cool, but,” his right hand came to rest on my cheek, “she isn’t you. And, I don’t know why I ever thought she could be.” My breathing hitched as he leaned toward me. “Would you totally hate me if I kissed you right now?” His voice was brought down to a whisper. As soon as I shook my head his lips were on mine. Both of his hands rested on my face, pulling me impossibly closer. His hands dropped to the back of my neck, tilting me upwards to deepen the kiss.

“Peter,” I sighed into him as he pulled away. His breath hit my face as he rested his forehead on mine.


“You are an idiot.” He laughed slightly before nodding. “But, I wouldn’t like you any other way.” He pecked me again before pulling away completely, smiling widely at me.

“Good, you’re kind of stuck with me now.”

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i was thinkin bout holsom as per usual but like?? rans studying late at night and holts is sorta leaving him alone bc he’s close enough to coral reef mode and he doesn’t want to entirely destroy their friendship by disrupting the ecosystem but he looks over at their shared desk after like… a few hours, it’s about 1am probably but he hasnt checked the time in a while, and rans is just sorta passed out with his face planted on his notes and his textbook with a page half turned under his cheek and his hands still almost on his laptop… Holster takes just a second to look at his ridiculous smart beautiful boyfriend and he loves that he can call him his boyfriend and then he gets up and pulls the spare blanket down from the top bunk and drapes it over rans’ shoulders and doesn’t try to get him out of the chair, that’ll only wake him up, and he gently kisses his cheek and plans to probably go run and get coffee for him tomorrow morning good lord

I have said it before but I’ll say it again: if people having a conversation in their native language bothers you then you’re racist. period. and don’t you dare say it’s because you’re paranoid or anxious. you’re racist. when it comes to discomfort based on not being able to understand another language. when you’re a bystander and not apart of the conversation and you are bothered by it or think it sounds “harsh” then maybe you need to evaluate why it is that it’s bothering you. and don’t you dare use your anxiety as an excuse. I’m so tired of hearing white people rationalize their xenophobic attitude with their mental illness! this isn’t gym class, your signed doctors note isn’t getting you a free pass here. you don’t think we get anxious every time we speak our mother tongues in public? we risk being victims of racial violence every time we slip into our native tongues in a public place. you know how many times I’ve decided not to speak to my mother in our language because a white person was already eyeing us suspiciously? miss me with your xenophobic excuses and just come to terms with the fact that you’re racist. 

mini concept: everyone from the post sdr2 cast leave sticky notes that say ‘kamukura yas queen’ and ‘memes’ on hajime’s cottage door whenever possible.

bonus #1: every time they pass by hajime, they whisper ‘yas queen’ under their breath.

bonus #2: to get back at nagito for the post it stunts, hajime whispers ‘why you gotta jam’ into his ear whenever they’re making out.

In Time

REQUEST from @lili-alvarez:

i had an idea for like if y/n (low key almost typed my name lol) has a big speech coming up for one of her classes and she’s super shy and stutters a lot and is getting really anxious about it and harry tries to help her and all that jazz and you can sorta figure out the rest from there?? 

Thank you again for this request, my love! I hope what I’ve come up with will suffice. xx 


It’s the night before the big speech and you’re so nervous you’re shaking - barely able to hold your note cards steady as you read over them for the millionth time. Your chest is tight, you’re short of breath and hot tears are welling in your eyes. All you can think is that this would be the worst fucking time for a panic attack because if you can’t maintain the wherewithal to pull an all-nighter you can kiss your passing grade in History class goodbye.

“Cuttin’ yeh off after this one, my love. M’serious this time,” Harry is saying, completely oblivious to the anxiety settling over you as he comes in from the kitchen.

Until he sits the umpteenth mug of coffee he’s made you on your desk and gets a good look on your face, that is.

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