i normally dont draw in this style

     [ Just realized that I never posted this here~ but fun fact, this is the very first drawing of Professor Kukui I ever did lol way back before the games even came out! 

     Surprisingly… I still kinda like it haha! ]

we are made from broken parts. we are broken from the start.

i’ve always wanted to draw alice, but really didn’t expect it to turn out like this angsty haha.

jk pandora hearts is one of my fav series, so i’ll probably draw a “proper” fanart one day u w u 

Normally I dont do well around fellow Vietnamese artists because most of them are really snobs, or care for anatomy too much, or disregard those that draw in different style (that’s not artistic or so so); and also because I’m highly concious about the very fact that my drawing is not all that great. I quited before because I was so disappointed about my art (lol) and the comment I got from some mighty artists too. 

However, recently I got to meet with those that very famous in Vietnamese comic community, and I have to say that I was wrong. Those that draw exceptionally like them never look down on me, they just say that as long as I have style that’s totally fine. You keep trying, and you will surely can do it. I thought that those people will surely ditch me, but they said that my story is great and it’s entirely subjective about whether my drawing’s a beauty or not. As long as I love what I do, don’t have to question myself too much about it and just do it. For sure they appreciated what I do, and they knew about my pen name. 

I have never felt so energized my entire life, I mean to be acknowledged by those that I really look up to because of their skills, its a new feelings. Here I thought I will be ditched in Vietnamese comic community forever because I will not follow Japanese style and so on, I was actually accepted. 

I’m very lucky.



So umm i realised because they are elements we can have a Steven Universe type fusion/bonding between Hydrogen and Neon.

This is the ion Neonium, that’s the real name for the compound btw i didnt make that up, AKA (NeH)+ (i think they should wear flip flops. I also considered putting them in a deerstalker but it didnt look good) 

Technically because they dont bond normally (because Neon has full electron shells and they dont actually react together) Neonium should’t be a separate entity but w/e this is mainly an excuse to draw in this style again with a funky character. A more apt representation of (NeH)+ is probably Neon carrying Hydrogen.

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How come you never talk about your one character that was I think half Chinese that you talked about once in your how u draw eyes video? By the way your style is breathtaking!!!! ;P

…cuz people dont ask about him lmao nah nah HONESTLY I don’t talk about my normal human ocs a lot. Mace and Jules are the only normal human ocs I still SOMETIMES talk about lol. 

Also you’re talking about Emery lol in case u wanted his name and here are a few random facts about him:

  • -He is Bisexual
  • -He identifies as a male but doesn’t really care about what gender other people think he is (if someone referred to him as “Miss” he won’t bother to correct them)

  • -He’s kinda socially awkward and won’t talk to you unless you talk to him first.  

  • -He is an ASMR artist on YT. Has a big following online but never shows his entire face so no one bothers him irl   

  • -He is much smaller than his younger brother (Stonewall) and most people assume they are boyfriends, not brothers. 

Drew my friend Kaitlyn as a ghost type gym leader. Had some fun messing around a new line art and coloring style. She’s gonna draw me as a bug type gym leader in return. Hype to see how it turns out. 

I’m trying a different style to normal on this one and I like it a lot so far. I just dont know what to do next. Work on the face? Highlights? Deepen the shadows? How many colours should I add.

Im leaving it here for tonight and give it a shot tomorrow. Thank fuck for digital art and being able to just duplicate this project if I want to go a different route

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Im just wondering, why do you draw john and sherlock looking so young?

Its hard for me to draw older people, everybody just looks like a teenager in my style… though I do love that soft innocent look it gives the characters too. I dont know, I’ve gotten some asks complaining about some nsfw drawings of mine because Sherlock looks too young to them, though I never actually try to make him look that young, i just really like him looking soft and pretty. Most of the time those drawings look normal to me because I’m used to it. 


Would you guys be into reading my webcomic….?

spookyratdad  asked:

Hi! I really dont like how my art looks, and I was wondering how i would go about changing my style? Im sorry if this is a stupid question, but i'm just really not sure /: Thanks!

Hi enchantedghosts! This is not a stupid question, at all!

There are many ways of trying to figure out what kind of art style you wish to make as you try to experiment. It’s totally normal in wanting to change the way you draw, and there are many tutorials that will help you try out new things! For starters, it’s always great to start looking for the art styles that you particularly like. Whether it’d be:

and there’s so much more and it’s all up to you! Don’t be afraid to use references to help you better improve in your artwork! Every skill in art takes practice and the more you do it, the more you exceed in your artwork. 

Overall, the very best thing to change your artstyle is to see in which path you’d like to go in. If not, make a few shapes and put them together and see where it leads you! I’m sure you’re a very talented artist and we will all cheer you on with whatever creation you’ve made. Go with something that feels right and comfortable to you, but try, try, and try again until you get it right!

I wish you the best of luck!


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can you do a tutorial about how you draw people?

i wasnt sure if you meant process or specifically drawing people, so here is a process gif i made in case you were curious, and for drawing people i dont really have a “set way” to do it i just???? dO IT??????

but generally, to draw people, its important to have a grasp on anatomy and proportions. i mean im not perfect at it but i have a pretty good idea of it?? (i took a figure drawing class and it was a 10/10 experience u learn a lot when u do it; if u have the chance to take a figure drawing class i HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!) use lots of reference pictures too, like photos or anatomy books (artistic, not medical altho i use medical ones to study skeletal structure, which is also v helpful). also use yourself as a reference!!! if ur drawing an arm and dont know if it can bend a certain way, bend ur arm to see how a real arm moves!!!! sometimes if the anatomy on a drawing gets tricky, i will literally get up and pose out the drawing.

in actual drawing, i feel like its very important to sketch out the drawing using geometric shapes.

im a little more literal than i lead on but this is what i basically mean. i draw circles for heads and round body parts, and i also use them for joints in the body. the head i sketched is a circle and triangle, and a real head is obviously not that shape, but it works to get the main idea of the shape down. when you sketch, you want to get the main idea down, so you dont need details (yet); just the main shapes.

now granted my anatomy isnt perfect or anything but you have to remember that im heavily stylized as well??? i mean. do NOT use stylization as an excuse for bad anatomy!!! but like dont draw an arm twice as long as a normal arm and say “thats just my style!!!” no. arms usually fall between like mid-thigh ish, give or take a centimeter or two. but basically what im saying is that if youre drawing people, fictional or not, its important to have an understanding of anatomy. it has to be believable, you know what i mean?? like if i drew this picture and gave oropher legs twice as long as regular legs, it wouldnt look “right”. i dont think im explaining this well but i dont think people have 6 ft long legs.

other than that its also important to just keep practicing. its a really cliche thing to say but thats basically it. also use books, pictures, yourself, and other humans as references on how to draw people!! this wasnt really a tutorial rather than just me talking, but i hope this helps!!!!